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                                                             your calen
                                           Mark M ay 16th on                                       “T.J.’s          Gift”
                                                                                                   When & Where is
                                                                                                   this happening?
                                                                                                      May 16th, 2007

     Our 20 year old son &
                                        Gala Evening...
                                       program is presently            all of this?” We are shar-
                                                                                                                 Polo Park
     brother, T.J. Wiebe was           available to Grades 7 to        ing this with you, be-
     brutally murdered on              12 in the Louis Riel            cause we know that you      Our hopes are to sell 1,000
     January 5th, 2003.                School Division.                care! The media is con-       tickets at $75.00 each,
                                                                       stantly telling us what      raising $40,000 or more!
                                                                       drugs are doing to our        The fabulous 7 member
                                                                       kids and our streets, and          jazz ensemble,
                                                                       we are trying to stop it at           “Mindset”
                                       What do these
                                                                       the grassroots and at an    will be entertaining during
                                       programs do?                                                   the gourmet 4-course
                                                                       early age. Kids listen to
                                        educate young                other kids! While vast      dinner, and the unique 13
                                         people about the              amounts of taxpayer dol- member dance orchestra,
                                         various drugs and             lars are spent on law en- “Legacy, The Bunkowsky
                                         their true effects            forcement and confine-             Family Band”
                                        help change the              ment of criminals, we do        will be providing the
                                         attitudes that                not spend near enough of      incredible dance music
      Floyd & Karen Wiebe with a         make it seem                  our money on educa-          throughout the evening.
       picture of their son outside      “cool” to use drugs           tion and prevention.
          the Law Courts building.
                    (Winnipeg Sun)      help young people            TJ’s Gift & Your Gift
     As a result of this horrific        feel confident in
                                         their abilities to say        TJ’s Gift is the name
     tragedy, a special fund,                                          we have chosen to
     the “T.J. Wiebe Educa-              “No!” to drug use
                                                                       represent our gala
     tional Awareness Fund”,            address the social           evening. Your gift,
     was born. The purpose of            norms that make it            is your presence and
     the fund is to provide              seem that it is “OK”          support of this most               Mindset
     financial assistance to             to use drugs                  worthy cause.
     students participating in
     programs that promote                                              Floyd, Karen, Stacey
                                       Why am I being told                     & Chad Wiebe
     drug abuse awareness
     through peer education;           all of this?
                                                                    FOR TICK
     in other words, students          You might be asking,                 ETS:
     educating students. This          “Why am I being told       694-SHO
                                                                         W                       Legacy, The Bunkowsky Family
                                                                                                   Band -
        Memorial Website:

                                                                                         Who do I contact?
                                How you can help…                                         Floyd & Karen Wiebe
                                  Tell everyone you know what we are doing                       253-9768
   We have had wonderful
     support from many                with “T.J.’s Gift” and encourage them to                      OR e-mail
people that share our vision.         attend this soon-to-be-annual event.
Over the past four years, we                                                         
                                  Purchase tickets for your family and friends
 have noticed that if people                                                               We will deliver your tickets
                                      and attend the event. (a tax receipt of
have had their lives touched                                                              and/or pick up your donation
                                      approx. $40.00 will be issued. Final amount TBA.
 by crime or drugs, they get
                                      Cheques payable to “Louis Riel School Division)       of a silent auction item
involved right away, as they
 understand too closely, the      If you can’t attend, but know you want to                   Thank You!
  need. Please do not wait            support this cause, please “buy” some “non-
 until that happens to you...                                                               Thank you for your support
                                      attending” tickets and receive a tax receipt
   You now have a                                                                         in this endeavor. Together we
                                      for 100% of your donation! (Call 253-9768)
   chance to help                                                                            will fight the chain-hold of
                                  Donate or help us obtain a generous prize to           drugs over our youth and the
 kids educate kids...
                                      our “Silent and Live Auction”.                        horrific results they bring to
                                                                                           families and the community.
                                               SLETTE             R
                                    M ARCH NEW

                                Gala Evening...
 Corporate tables of 10
    are available to
                               17 Corporate Tables so far!
     companies and             Click on each logo to see their websites...
  government agencies
    for $1000 each.
   These tables have
 reserved seating, table
 recognition, advertising                                                  Saffrons
 at the gala and in our                                                   Restaurant
newsletters in thanks for
 their incredible support.
Please support all of these
 businesses and people as
    you know they care!

                                                         & Transfer

     Sam Katz         Dave Chomiak      Gary Doer   Christine Melnick   Raymond Simard
        Mayor                 MLA        Premier          MLA                  MP

                            For Purchase of             Gala Sponsors:
                       Corporate Tables, contact:         Sound            Audio
                                                        Production       Equipment
                         Floyd or Karen Wiebe           Provided by:    Provided by:
                                today at
   Dan Vandal
                             253-9768 or
 Wpg. Councillor 
                                         SLETTE                   R
                              M ARCH NEW

                         Gala Evening...
   Tickets are $75.00 ($40.00 tax receipt)
  We will reserve tables for you upon request.
          CLICK ME to read what TJ’s Gift is all about!
      Contact Floyd or Karen Wiebe today at
         253-9768 or
        Polo Park                                                     Polo Park
         May 16th, 2007
   Cocktails 6:00—Dinner 7:00
        Great Auction Items!!!
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ITEM                                                               DONATED BY
Ladies Diamond Dinner Ring (Appraised at $3,895)             Universal Jewellers
Chef’s Table Dinner Party for 8 ($1,100 value)                         CanadInns
Framed Original Oil Painting                               artist Ingrid McMillan
Framed Original Oil Painting                             artist Peter Suderman
5 Framed & Unframed Numbered Prints                           artist John Bristow
2 Framed Numbered Prints                                  artist Guy St. Godard
Framed Original Native Artworks from various artists            Larry & Leta Lee
Soapstone Carving(s) from artist George Arlook                  Larry & Leta Lee
Plus: 3.0 MP Digital Video Camera, Homemade Quilt, Homemade Star
Blanket, 4 Season Homemade Wreathes, Golf Shirts, Sweatshirts, Holiday Inn
Gift Certificate, 2.5 MP Digital Video Camera, Photo Frames, Delta Winnipeg
Gift Certificate, Disney Collection, Man’s Bracelet, Cooler, Curves Gift Certifi-
cates, Candle Basket, Avon Basket, Men’s & Ladies Bicycles… and more...
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