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					Friday & Saturday, April 15th & 16th, 2011 – Phonograph Auction – Sale begins at 9:00 A.M. – Doors Open at 7:00 A.M.

1400rw. Book - 5 various books on Music and Music Collectibles.
1401hd. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph, Model C, C reproducer w/crank. SN-808964
1402hd. Cylinder Records – 25 total.
1403rw. Book – ―Phonographics‖, Schwartzman
1404b. Phonograph – Victor 1 w/Exhibition reproducer, rear mount 16‖x9-1/2‖ brass bell horn & crank. 100% original. SN-4249.
1405hd. Record Cabinet – Herzog bow door record cabinet with one interior shelf and bun feet.
1406rw. Books – Old Gramophones and Veteran Talking Machines by Jewell
1406-1o. Phonograph – Victor R disc machine w/front mount black horn, Exhibition reproducer, record screw, & crank. SN-6354.
1406-2y. Roller Organ – Gem wooden cob roller organ w/one cob. Broken crank.
1406-3y. Roller Organ Cobs – 10 total. One lot
1407b. Nipper – Paper Mache‘ example, 34‖ tall, manufactured in the 1950‘s +/-.
1408hd. Phonograph – Edison Fireside Combination Type, Model A with ―K‖ reproducer and crank. SN-15529.
1409rw. Book – Silver Anniversary Collection, Regina music boxes, etc. Selected Articles.
1410b. Phonograph – Victor III phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, nine (9) panel black morning glory horn, crank. SN-39311.
1411rw. Book – Spreek Machines, Harry Belle.
1411-1y. Sign – Victor 40th Anniversary advertising sign (1898-1938). Rare ―Forty Years of Leadership‖ sign showing trademark
        model and Nipper.
1412hd. Phonograph – Columbia ―BI – Sterling‖ disc phonograph w/ornamental ring, Analyzing reproducer, very good oak spear tip
        style horn and dealers plate ―metal tag‖ on front of machine. Nice.
1413hd. Record – Diamond Disc – ―Holiday Greetings from the Bunch at Orange‖

1413-1b. Vogue Record – R753
1413-2b. Vogue Record – R779
1413-3b. Vogue Record – R780
1413-4b. Vogue Record – R777
1413-5b. Vogue Record - R785
1414hd. Vogue Record – R733
1415hd. Vogue Record – R707
1416hd. Vogue Record – R725
1417hd. Vogue Record – R772
1418hd. Vogue Record – R775

1419hd. Phonograph – Columbia ―N‖ coin-operated cylinder phonograph, complete & excellent w/nickel horn.
1420hd. Record Cabinet – 5 drawer oak cylinder record cabinet with pegs.
1421b. Phonograph – Victor II ―Humpback‖ w/Exhibition reproducer, brass bell (20‖x13-1/2‖) horn, and crank. Nice SN-13826.
1422rw. Book – The Illustrated History of Talking Machines.
1423b. Phonograph – Victor P – ―Pre-Dog‖ disc phonograph with anodized metal plate, Concert reproducer, leather elbow and front
        mount brass bell (18‖x11-1/2‖) horn. SN-5229. 100% original including the anodized record screw. Nice.
1424rw. Book – Collecting Phonographs and Gramophones, and the Compleat Talking Machines
1425b. Nipper – Vinyl older composite Nipper 10‖ dog with painted eyes. Made into a bank with slot under tray.
1426rw. Books- The Compleat Talking Machines and The Phonographs - Morena
1427b. Phonograph – Victor E rear mount machine w/Exhibition reproducer, brass bell (18‖x11-1/2‖) horn and crank. SN-69094.
1428rw. Books – The Complete Talking Machines and Rebuilding the Player Piano and Music Collectibles
1429b. Nipper – Cast iron ―His Master‘s Voice‖ figure.
1430hd. Phonograph – Edison Triumph ―Combination Type‖ (Model F), 2/4 minute ―O‖ reproducer & excellent oak Music Master
        cygnet horn. A fine example. SN-90973
1431rw. Books – Tin Foil to Stereo (hardbound) and Victor Book of the Opera
1432b. Nipper – Cast 13-1/2‖ iron Nipper figurine. Large and fully cast iron figurine. Heavy
1432-1y. Phonograph – Columbia BI disc phonograph with nickel plated morning glory horn.
1433hd. Record – Diamond Disc – Edison ―Let Us Not Forget‖
1434hd. Record – Diamond Disc – Edison ―Let Us Not Forget‖
1435b. Music Box – Regina 8‖ disc music box w/single comb. The machines plays very well and has 9 discs. Shipped from factory in
        1904. There is one broken tooth.
1436rw. Book – Tinfoil Phonographs, Rene Rondeau
1437b. Nipper Snow globe – Manufactured by the Atlas Crystal Works. No water in globe, otherwise correct.
1437-1p. Phonograph – Victor II disc phonograph with original smooth oak horn. Very nice.
1438rw. Book – Victor Data Book by Robert Baumbach
1439b. Nipper – Cast iron bank, nearly 6‖ tall.
1439-1y. Phonograph – Columbia BII disc phonograph with large nickel plated morning glory horn.
1440hd. Record Cabinet – Oak single door cylinder record cabinet w/4 slide-out shelves all w/pegs.
1440-1z. Elbow/Connector – Horn connector for back bracket and screw-in horn
1441b. Phonograph – Aretino disc phonograph correct except for reproduced 3‖ spindle with green morning glory horn.
1442rw. Book – Reed Organ; Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding; Portfolio of the Early Phonograph by Schlick
1443b. Phonograph – Busy Bee ―Grand‖ (Oneill-James Co., Chicago) disc phonograph with red morning glory horn.
1444rw. Book – Collectors Guide to HMV Nipper Souvenirs
1445hd. Phonograph Needles – Pfanstiehl (Swiss) steel phonograph. Nearly a full original box.
1446hd. Books – A Portfolio of Early Phonographs, Schlick and History of Music Machines, Drake
1447hd. Book – Dusting off a Little History – Spring Type Phonographs, Sitter.
1448b. Phonograph – Edison Fireside Model A unit (2-4 minute) w/K reproducer, Fireside horn, crane, crank & cover. SN-91892
1449rw. Book – Vogue Picture Records - Curry
1450hd. Phonograph – Victor E phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank & Victor 9 panel black morning glory horn. SN-59601
1450-1z. Reproducer – Edison Diamond B reproducer
1450-1y. Columbia C (―Commercial‖) Motor and cabinet complete, except missing reproducer and piece of lid molding.

1450-1b. Vogue Record – R774
1450-2b. Vogue Record – R710
1450-3b. Vogue Record – R771
1450-4b. Vogue Record – R732 ―Factory Reject‖
1450-5b. Vogue Record - R718
1451hd. Vogue Record – R746
1452hd. Vogue Record – R781
1453hd. Vogue Record – R760
1454hd. Vogue Record – R722

1455b. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 oak case cylinder phonograph.
1456rw. Book – Dischi Di Sogno, Elisabetta e Paolo De Angelis, Hardbound book on Vogue records
1457b. Phonograph – Bell (metal case) disc phonograph with inside horn.
1458rw Books – Guinness Book of Recorded Sound; Put Another Nickel In; The History of the Musical Box;
1459hd. Phonograph – Victor V w/Exhibition reproducer, crank & Victor oak spear tip horn. SN-35746.
1460hd. Record Cabinet – Herzog bow door cylinder record cabinet with interior pegs.
1461b. Phonograph – Edison Standard ―Banner‖ with C reproducer, red morning glory horn w/Babson Bros. decal & RARE Chicago
        Easy Style horn crane.
1462rw. Books – Jukeboxes – 1900 – 1990; Wurlitzer Jukeboxes 1934-1974; Jukebox Restoration
1463hd. Phonograph – Edison Fireside, Combination Type, Model A, w/H reproducer, & crank. SN-34577.
1464b. Phonograph – Stewart round disc phonograph. Complete
1465rw. Books – Wurlitzer Jukebox by Botts; Juke Box ―Saturday Night‖;
1466b. Phonograph – Victor V disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer and large brass bell horn measuring 20-1/2‖ x 30‖ long.
        SN-19560. Complete.
1467rw. Book – Fonografi e Grammofoni
1468hd. Phonograph – Columbia BKT cylinder phonograph (2/4 minute) with Lyre reproducer, 6‖ mandrel, crank, connector and
        excellent mahogany smooth horn. Very nice.
1469rw. Book – Dank U, meneer Edison; and Ma Collection De Phonographes A Cylindres, Par Jean-Paul Agnard; The City of
        London Phonograph & Gramophone Society
1470b. Phonograph – Columbia AK (Early Version) w/embossed ―Columbia‖ wooden tone arm, black bell horn, leather elbow, and
        crank. SN-39136.
1471rw. Books – The Victorian Palace (SanFilippo); The Talking Machine; Phonographs and Gramophones
1472b. Phonograph – Edison Standard Suitcase (4 latch) with Automatic reproducer, S crank, and all brass (15‖) horn, shaver and
        cover. SN-S26767.
1473rw. Books – When Music Was Magic, Kurdyla Collection; The House on the Rock; Talking Machines (Science Museum)
1474b. Brass bell (21‖) horn with leather elbow.
1475hd. Phonograph – Excellent Edison Concert Opera, Model A, Type SM, mahogany case cylinder phonograph with excellent
        mahogany cygnet horn. A beautiful anodized machine. SN – 4414
1476hd. Record Cabinet – Columbia oak 6 drawer cylinder record cabinet with claw feet and Lyre decoration on the sides of the
        same. No pegs. Would work very well w/an Opera or larger cylinder machine
1477b. Phonograph - Victor ―O‖ w/correct ―O‖ reproducer & correct rear mount 8 panel morning glory horn. SN-2445. Nice.
1477-1z. Adapter to play 78 rpm records on a Diamond Disc machine. Marked Pat. Pending 6-B
1478rw. Phonograph – Edison Gem (Model B), with C reproducer, crank and Edison Gem horn. SN-20688
1479b. Radio – Philco Tombstone Model 38-93B table model radio. Late Version. Works.
1480hd. Record Cabinet – Oak 6 dr. cylinder record cabinet w/claw/talon & ball feet with pegs inside ready to be installed. Nice.
1481rw. Books – Collector‘s Guide to Vintage Coin Machines; Jukebox Art; Vintage Jukeboxes; Record Guide by Docks.
1481-1y. Business Machine – Edison Business Machine, Electric.
1482rw. Needle Tins – 34 different framed needle tins in oak shadow box frame. Nice
1483rw. Needle Tins – 36 different framed needle tins in oak shadow box frame. Nice
1484rw. Needle Tins – 36 different framed needle tins in oak shadow box frame. Nice
1485hd. Phonograph – Columbia ―BII‖ disc phonograph w/ornamental ring, crank & excellent oak smooth wooden horn. Very nice.
1486rw. Book – Musical Automata, Catalog of the National Museum
1487b. Radio – Philco Superhetrodyne, Model 19B, Cathedral radio.
1488b. Phonograph – Busy Bee cylinder phonograph with conical black gold band horn, reproducer and Busy Bee crank.
1489b. Wooden Horn – Wooden slatted horn for rear mount phonograph with original tag ―The Victor Distributing & Export Co.‖
1490hd. Phonograph – Victor ―MS‖ disc machine w/Exhibition reproducer, crank & excellent oak Victor spear tip horn. SN-9414
1491rw. Box of empty cylinder record boxes.
1492rw. Excellent group of over 25 reprints of catalogs and related music machine material. One lot
1492-1u. Phonograph – Edison Suitcase Home. This machine has a Super rare Black man reproducer, National Phonograph
        Company, and beautiful decal.
1493rw. Large box of Organization (Sound Box, MBSI and others) monthly publications.
1494rw. Large box of catalogs including Christies and other reference material.
1495hd. Phonograph – Victor I phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank & brass bell horn. SN-65242-?.
1496b. Horn – Nice 21‖ morning glory horn for use for Fireside type machine by TCT
1497b. Horns – 2 brass bell witches hat horns.
1498rw. Phonograph – Columbia BY disc phonograph w/dust ring and mahogany wooden horn. A very nice example.
1499b. Horn – Small auxiliary style morning glory horn for small machine.
1500hd. Phonograph – Victor VV-XXV ―Schoolhouse‖ disc phonograph with oak smooth wooden horn.
1500-1u. Rare Fan – Edison Fan. Brass blades and rare Edison motor.

1500-1b. Vogue Record – R740
1500-2b. Vogue Record – R730
1500-3b. Vogue Record – R744
1500-4b. Vogue Record – R714 (Vogue Second)
1500-5b. Vogue Record - R761
1501rw. Vogue Record – R785
1502rw. Vogue Record – R786
1503rw. Vogue Record – R782

1504rw. Phonograph – Columbia ―HG‖ cylinder phonograph with 5‖ mandrel. Second style.
1505mm. Record Cabinet – Oak single door record cabinet with carving on the door.

1505-1b. Vogue Record – R758
1505-2b. Vogue Record – R724
1505-3b. Vogue Record – R708
1505-4b. Vogue Record – R754 (Vogue Second)
1505-5b. Vogue Record - R726
1506rw. Vogue Record – R781
1507rw. Vogue Record – R780
1508rw. Vogue Record – R734
1509rw. Vogue Record – R735

1510mm. Phonograph – Victor V disc phonograph (oak cabinet) w/black morning glory horn, and Exhibition reproducer. No crank
1511rw. Books and catalogs on machines, record catalogs for sale, etc. 2 box lots to be as one.
1512rw. A large box of MAPS ―In the Groove‖ publications. One lot.
1512-1u. Phonograph – Harmony disc phonograph with red morning glory horn.
1513mm. Record Cabinet – National or Columbia cylinder phonograph with pressed carving and pegs.
1514b. Phonograph – Columbia Q cylinder phonograph with filigree key, reproducer, very nice bedplate and red small morning glory
        style auxiliary horn with cover.
1515b. Horn – Large blue morning glory horn.
1516rw. Phonograph – Edison Concert (Model A) cylinder phonograph w/36‖ all brass horn, floor crane, recorder and reproducer,
        crank and volume control on tiz-it. The machine has a casting break on the back.
1517b. Radio – Philco ―Junior‖ Cathedral style table model radio.
1518b. Phonograph – Edison Laboratory Model diamond disc phonograph
1519b. Phonograph Key – Edison E key in script.
1519-1z. A RARE pair of New Old Stock (N.O.S.) anodized handled for an Edison Opera. Excellent
1520mm. Phonograph – Victor II ―Humpback‖ disc phonograph with rear mount brass bell horn, Exhibition reproducer and crank.
1521b. Edison ―Old Couple‖ cylinder record figural displays depicting old man and woman listening to phonograph thru tubes.
1522b. Phonograph – Edison Standard, Model A (2-4 min.) with K reproducer, crane, cygnet horn and crane.
1523b. Edison ―Bust type‖ bank
1524b. Edison plaster 10‖ bust
1525mm. Phonograph – Victor E disc machine w/front mount brass bell horn, Concert reproducer, record screw, crank
1526b. Sign – Antique Columbia Grafonola ―Don‘t Get Up – it stops itself. S.E. Tooze, Eastport, ME. 23-1/2‖ x 17-3/4‖ high
1527b. Phonograph – Edison Gem (Model C) w/C reproducer (excellent 100% bedplate) & conical gold band horn, crank & cover
1528b. Nipper – 14‖ plaster Nipper statue
1529b. Nipper – 14‖ plaster Nipper statue
1530mm. Phonograph – Victor IV disc phonograph w/mahogany smooth horn, ex. Reproducer and crank.
1531b. RCA Limited Edition Diecast ―Modified Stearman Biplane Coin Bank. 1 of 5000
1532mm. Phonograph Works – Edison Amberola 1 floor model phonograph works – Appears to be complete except reproducer.
1533b. Phonograph – Edison Fireside B cylinder phonograph w/H reproducer & faux grain wood re-painted cygnet horn and crane.
1534mm. Cash Register – National Cash Register, Model 216 in copper finish. SN-697240.
1535mm2. Phonograph – Berliner ―Trademark‖ phonograph w/early reproducer, record screw, leather elbow, crank & all brass horn
1536hd. Phonograph – Edison ―Spring Motor‖ cylinder phonograph with ―C‖ (automatic) reproducer, shaver, rare ―National
        Phonograph Company‖ crank, recorder in original box and all brass witches hat horn. SN-26543
1536-1z. Elbow – Victor old horn elbow for larger horn.
1537h. Phonograph – Brunswick Model 200 floor model phonograph.
1538b. Sign – Antique double sided porcelain Columbia Records sign
1539b. Ladies Home Journal Advertisement – Columbia Grafonola
1541b. Radio & Speaker – RCA Radiola 60, early Superhetrodyne radio w/Radiola Model 100-A radio loud speaker. One lot.
1542b. Phonograph – Edison Gem (Model D) Maroon Gem cylinder phonograph with K reproducer and maroon two-piece Fireside
        horn, very good bedplate. Complete.
1543b. Sign – Metal RCA Authorized Dealer sign, 15‖ wide by 19‖ tall.
1544b. Sign – Porcelain ―The Twin Gramophone Records, Sold Here‖ 22x17-1/2‖
1545mm. Phonograph – Edison Fireside (Model B) cylinder phonograph with metal cygnet horn and crank. SN-104316.
1546hd. Record Cabinet – Oak 6 drawer cylinder record cabinet with pegs ready to be installed.
1546-1p. Phonograph – Victor ―P‖ disc phonograph with Concert Sound Box and black and brass horn.
1547b. Radio – Philco Cathedral Model 37-89 table model radio
1548b. Display Case – Columbus oak frame slanted glass front display case measuring 5 ft. wide by 4 ft. wide with sliding doors.
1549hd. Phonograph – Berliner Gramophone, Type A, disc phonograph w/vertical crank, Automatic Berliner Sound Box, record
        screw, leather elbow and black horn. SN-8548.
1549-1b. Vogue Record – R738
1549-2b. Vogue Record- R767
1549-3b. Vogue Record – R712
1549-4b. Vogue Record – R734
1549-5b. Vogue Record - R772
1550rw. Vogue Record – R745
1551rw. Vogue Record – R744
1552rw. Vogue Record – R736
1553rw. Vogue Record – R746
1554rw. Vogue Record – R747
1555rw. Vogue Record – R748
1556rw. Vogue Record – R750

1557hd. Phonograph – Victor II disc phonograph w/brass bell horn, Exhibition reproducer and crank. SN-20209?
1558rw. Needle Tin – German ―Furstein‖ single tin with 5 interior compartments.
1559rw. 6 different needle tins including a wooden needle box
1559-1p. Phonograph – Victor E disc phonograph with rear mount black and brass horn.
1560rw. Needle Tin – 5 different
1561rw. Needle Tin – 5 different
1562b. Music Box – Mira 7‖ hand crank disc music box w/single comb. There are two broken teeth (buts sound good) & 12 discs.
1563b. Display case – Moore‘s Fountain Pens, won‘t leak. 16x16x42‖ with shelves.
1564b. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition ―Long Throat‖ disc reproducer.
1565mm. Phonograph – Victor E w/ front mount brass bell horn, Exhibition Reproducer, metal tone arm, record screw,
         crank. SN-41534.
1566mm. Cash Register – National Cash Register, Model 310 nickel cash register. SN-711342
1567b. Sign – Columbia Records antique painted ―record disc‖ sign. 11‖ diameter
1568mm2 – Phonograph – Very RARE Edison Model C-1 floor model Radio Phonograph Combination in walnut cabinet. All
        original and complete. Extremely rare: less than 8 known to exist (including one at the Edison National Historic Site). All
        others have had extensive restoration work. A great opportunity.
1569w. Music Box – Regina 15-1/2‖ double comb disc music in a carved oak case. Excellent
1570mm. Phonograph – Victor II “Humpback” w/Ex. Rep. w/Victor MG horn and crank. SN-9502.
1571b. Phonograph Crane – Floor crane
1572b. Crane for Cygnet horn phonograph.
1573b. Adjustable foot bracket for phonograph crane.
1574b. Reproducer – Edison ―O‖ 2-4 minute cylinder reproducer
1575mm. Phonograph – Victor O disc phonograph w/Victor yellow rear mount horn, crank and reproducer
1576m. Reproducer – Edison C reproducer
1577b. Phonograph – Edison Concert cylinder phonograph with 5‖ mandrel and automatic reproducer. Complete and working. The
        bedplate needs pin striping.
1577-1z. Excellent antique flexible recording mouthpiece and hose.
1578h. Phonograph – Edison S-19 floor model phonograph.
1579m. Reproducer – Edison ―N‖ reproducer
1580mm. Phonograph – Edison Fireside (Model A) phonograph w/crank, K reproducer & oak cygnet horn. SN-20218
1581b. Needle Box – Zon-o-phone paper mache‘ 2 compartment needle box
1582h. Phonograph – Edison C-19 Special floor model diamond disc phonograph.
1583m. Reproducer – Edison C reproducer
1584b. Phonograph – Victor P-3 disc phonograph with front mount brass bell (14‖x10‖) horn, wooden tone arm, Exhibition reproducer,
        and crank. SN-4933.
1585hd. Record Cabinet – Oak 6 drawer cylinder record cabinet with claw feet. No pegs. Very nice
1586m. Reproducer – Victor (Rebuilt) long throat Exhibition reproducer.
1587b. Phonograph – Columbia ―AB‖ Macdonald cylinder phonograph with cover, 2 & 5‖ mandrels, aluminum early horn, reproducer
        and key. Original finish – nice. SN-754454.
1588b. Edison Employee Badge – C72000
1589b. Edison Records lapel pin.
1590mm. Phonograph – Zon-o-phone Model A (glass side) disc phonograph with all brass horn and crank. Nice.
1591m. Reproducer – Edison ―S‖ reproducer
1592h. Phonograph – Edison LU-37 floor model phonograph with reproducer and crank.
1592-1z. Back Bracket – Edison back bracket for cygnet horn crane.
1593hd. Phonograph – Victor V disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, crank & Victor oak spear tip horn. SN-46954A.
1594rw. Needle Tins – 5 different – Some full
1595rw. Needle Tins – 5 different
1596rw. Needle Tins – 5 different
1597rw. Needle Tins – 5 different, some full
1598b. Phonograph – A ―Pristine‖ condition Victor R with metal tone arm, hold down screw, Rare Exhibition Junior reproducer, and all
        black bell front mount (14‖x10‖) horn and slotted crank. SN-14643.
1599b. Nipper – 9‖ paper mache Nipper with painted eyes.
1600mm. Phonograph – Edison mahogany Opera (Model A) cylinder phonograph w/Mahogany Cygnet horn. A nice unit.
1601b. Stroh Viola in good complete condition with original decal. A good rare item.
1602b. Phonograph – Columbia AJ disc phonograph (First Style) with brass bell horn, top wind crank unit, record screw, etc. A very
        nice example.
1602-1z. Edison gear shroud for cylinder phonograph.
1603ra. Phonograph – Edison C-250 floor model diamond disc phonograph
1604b. Child‘s phonograph – Nifty Nirona child‘s phonograph complete with crank and silhouette of children around drum
1605mm. Phonograph – Victor III unit w/Exhibition reproducer & Victor 9 panel rear mount horn. No crank. SN-42832
1606b. Stroh Violin – Incorrect horn on the unit.
1607b. Phonograph – Edison Gem – Model A – cylinder phonograph with Automatic reproducer, conical gold band horn and
        phonograph key. A nice machine.
1607-1z. Adapter – Fletcher adapter unit for playing 78 rpm records w/reproducer.
1608mm2. Phonograph & Matching Cabinet – Victor 6 on matching Herzog cabinet. Classic Victor with gold corner columns, with
        matching gold corner columns on this outstanding base cabinet. Rich mahogany wood throughout, including spear tip horn. A
        super phonograph ensemble.
1609b. Needle Tins in a 5 tin sleeve – All full and new. Songster, etc.
1610s. Phonograph – Victor Schoolhouse (Model VV-XXV) w/nice oak smooth horn, Victrola No. 2 reproducer & crank. SN-18818
1611b. Needle Tins – 4 Different Pyramid Needle tins – Choice. All different.
1612b. Needle Tin – Victor Needles 1000 HMV tin.
1613b. Phonograph – Columbia B ―Eagle‖ cylinder phonograph with aluminum horn and filigree key. SN-89912.
1613-1z. Reproducer and Tone Arm – Victor Exhibition reproducer and tone arm for outside horn machine.
1614w. Music Box – 18‖ Paillard Sublime Harmonie cylinder music box, plays 8 tunes, has double mainspring & an inlayed case.
1615mm. Record Cabinet -Nice large 6 drawer oak cylinder record cabinet – No pegs
1616b. Sign – Columbia Records disc sign, 18‖ diameter. A porcelain example in excellent condition.
1616-1p. Phonograph – Victor D disc phonograph in a fancy carved oak cabinet with a super nice original oak spear tip horn
1617b. Nipper – 13‖ Nipper paper mache dog with painted eyes
1618h. Music Box – Mermod Freres cylinder music box in oak carved front and paneled lid case. The music box plays 10 tunes,
        and has a tune indicator. It is a coin operated machine w/coin drawer on end, the cylinder is 11-1/2‖ long & there are no
        broken teeth. Discussed on page 57 of Q. David Bower‘s book on Automatic Musical Instruments.
1619m. Reproducer – Small Columbia cylinder phonograph reproducer
1620mm. Phonograph – Columbia cylinder phonograph w/witches hat nickel horn. SN-277822
1621b. Mikiphone needle tin
1622b. 3 Recast keys (Victor V, Edison Script E and Edison Dolphin), one lot.
1622-1p. Phonograph – Victor IV disc machine w/original mahogany spear tip horn and unusual dealer decal.
1623h. Roller Organ – Concert Roller organ with two wooden cob.
1623-1y. Coin Operated Phonograph – Columbia ―BS‖ coin-operated cylinder phonograph. Runs great.
1624b. Salesman Sample Case for Needles and Needle Tins for Marschall Nadeln. 17 tins and a card of needles. A nice item.
1625mm. Phonograph – Victor M disc phonograph w/Exhibition Reproducer, Smooth oak horn, crank, Nice. SN-38258
1626b. Cabinet – Excellent Herzog (No. 712) oak 6 drawer cylinder record cabinet with wooden pegs, claw feet and fancy pulls. Nice
        original finish. Pictured in Fabrizio and Paul‘s book – Antique Phonographs, Gadgets, and Gizmos on Page 112.
1627b. Sign – Columbia Records, Accredited Dealer – Rectangular yellow, red and black. 30‖ long x 20‖ high
1628h. Ukelin – A stringed instrument with case.
1629rw. Phonograph – Columbia Type A, (Washington) cylinder phonograph with flared bell horn, reproducer and crank.
1630mm. Record Cabinet – Herzog oak bow front single door cylinder record cabinet
1631h. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph with ―C‖ reproducer, 2-4 minute gearing & crank.
1632mm. Record Cabinet – Pooley mahogany record, two tier slotted interior for disc records. Mint condition
1633mm. Record Cabinet – Oak cylinder record cabinet, 5 drawer w/brass pulls – missing pegs.
1634mm. Phonograph - Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph in a Babson Bros. Floor model cabinet. SM-139423
1634-1z. Adapter and Reproducer – Symphonic Orthophonic reproducer w/adapter.
1635mm. Phonograph – Victor VI machine w/a large paper mache horn & Exhibition reproducer. No crank. SN-4547
1636b. Unusual record-lite unit in original box with battery, etc.
1637b. Walsh‘s No. 4 Universal Attachment
1638hd. Phonograph – Victor II disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer and brass bell horn. SN-24000
1639b. 2 Victor HMV embossed needle tins. One. Lot.
1640mm. Phonograph – Edison Home w/”O” 2/4 reproducer, Edison No. 10 cygnet horn, no crank or crane. SN-394714
1641b. Sign – Columbia Records porcelain disc sign. 12‖ diameter.
1642b. Sign – Columbia Graphophone ―Leaders In Quality‖ 11-3/4‖ x 11-3/4‖
1643h. Phonograph – Victor IV disc phonograph w/mahogany spear-tip horn & Orthophonic reproducer. Good original condition.
1644b. B&H Needle cutter in original box
1645hd. Phonograph – Edison Triumph cylinder phonograph w/repeater w/reproducer bracket for cygnet horn (no reproducer),
        crank. No horn. SN-66985
1646b. Duster – HMV English wooden palm duster
1647b. Duster – HMV French wooden palm duster
1648b. Phonograph – Columbia AJ (Late Style) with Columbia reproducer, crank and large brass bell (11-1/2x19) horn.
1649b. Victor Needle cutter
1650mm. Phonograph – Edison Amberola A-1 floor model cylinder phonograph. Excellent example. SN-1823
1651b. HMV Victor Speed Indicator
1652b. Phonograph & Record Cabinet – Edison Triumph beveled front cylinder phonograph with ―O‖ (2-4 minute) reproducer and
        Oak Music Master cygnet horn AND a matching beveled front oak 5 drawer cylinder record cabinet with pegs, bail pulls and
        Queen Anne legs. Always used together by the owner (and an excellent match) it will be sold as a package.
1653b. Pub Sign – ―Come in for a Demonstration of the latest Victor disc Talking Machine‖
1654b. 2 Sets of scissor type needle sharpeners
1655mm. Phonograph – Victor III phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer & Oak spear tip horn w/crank, nice. SN - 8727
1656rw. Needle Tins – 5 different
1657rw. Needle Tins – 5 different
1657mm2. Phonograph – Edison Opera in a mahogany cabinet and mahogany cygnet horn. A beautiful package.
1658rw. Balance of needle tins and packets including 6 tins.
1659b. IM Pointmaster - Sharpening needles
1660mm. Phonograph – Victor D “fancy” phonograph w/smooth oak horn, crank, Exhibition reproducer. SN-373
1661b. HMV needle cutter in original box
1662b. Child‘s Phonograph – Bing Kiddyphone complete with box, machine, horn, reproducer, needles & circus graphics.
1663h. Roller Organ – Celestina paper roll organ w/one paper roll and crank. ―Aeolian Organ & Music Company‖
1664mm. Cash Register – National Cash Register – Model 316, brass cash. SN-1042973
1665mm. Phonograph – Victor I disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank & brass bell horn. SN-37483
1666b. Phonograph Toy – Tango for Two.
1667hd. Record Cabinet – Oak 5 drawer cylinder record cabinet with pegs.
1668b. Wooden Cylinder Record Cabinet Pegs – 43 total.
1669hd. Phonograph – Edison Triumph (Model E), 2/4 minute cylinder phonograph with ―O‖ (2/4 minute) reproducer, excellent oak
        Music Master cygnet wooden horn, crank. SN-85016.
1669-1z. Reproducer – Victrola 4 reproducer.
1669-2z. Reproducer – Victrola 4 reproducer.
1669-3z. Reproducer – Victrola 4 ―A‖ (gold) reproducer.

1670rw.   Vogue Records- R751
1671rw.   Vogue Records – Set – Intermediate Set of ―Learn to Dance the Rhumba.
1672rw.   Vogue Records – Set – Study in Blue in original album.
1673rw.   Vogue Records – Set – Beginners Set of ―Learn to Dance the Rhumba‖
1674rw.   Vogue Records – Set – Beginners Set of ―Learn to Dance the Rhumba‖

1675mm. Phonograph – Victor I disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank and brass bell horn. SN-10620
1676b. HMV Salt and pepper shaker in box
1677b. Phonograph – Victor II disc phonograph with black 9 panel rear mount horn, Exhibition reproducer, crank and nice oak tiger
        striping on cabinet. SN-40768B. Lyons and Healy dealer tag.
1678b. Child‘s Phonograph – Wondrola hand crank child‘s phonograph by the Wilkins Toy Company w/instructions in box.
1679rw. Phonograph – Columbia BFT (New Peerless) cylinder phonograph w/6‖ mandrel, crank, back bracket, tone arm and
        connector, and a great oak screw-in smooth horn. Excellent.
1680hd. Record Cabinet – Oak 4 drawer cylinder record cabinet with pegs.
1681h. Music Box – Stella No. 80 disc music box in an oak cabinet. It plays a 9-1/2‖ disc (three discs w/machine), has a duplex
        comb, in very good condition. On page 118 of Bower‘s book.
1682b. Phonograph – Puck ―lyre base‖ cylinder phonograph w/flared bell spun aluminum (10‖x9‖) horn, winding key & reproducer.
1683mm. Cash Register – National Cash Register, Model 5, walnut case with 25 keys and ―John Mellema‖ on plate. SN-76354.
1684h. Harpeleik stringed instrument in carrying case. Good condition.
1685mm. Phonograph - Columbia BI “Sterling” disc phonograph with nickel MG horn, crank & Analyzing reproducer
1686b. Pub Sign – Modern wooden sign ―The Mason‘s Talking Machines with flexible arms, new improved flowered horn.
1687b. His Master‘s Voice wall sculpture with Nipper and the phonograph.
1688rw. Phonograph – Pathe‘s ―Perfecta‖ phonograph. 2 mandrels, key, flared horn, and reproducer. Good decals.
1689h. Roller Organ – Concert wood cob roller organ with one cob and crank.
1690mm. Phonograph – Victor MS (Rigid Arm) phonograph w/brass bell horn, threaded elbow, record screw, Concert
       reproducer & crank, Excellent. SN-5078.
1690-1z. Reproducer – Edison “C” reproducer.
1691b. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder Brown Wax (Chocolate) Record – Soldier‘s of the Queen 588 - is on the box.
1692b. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder Brown Wax (Chocolate) Record - Banjo Solo – on the box
1693b. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder Brown Wax (Chocolate) Record – Cornet Solo – on the box
1694b. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder Brown Wax (Chocolate) Record – Welsh Recital – on the box
1695rw. Phonograph – Columbia ―BO‖ (Invincible) cylinder phonograph with reproducer, crank and all brass horn. SN-290774
1696b. Assembled wooden sign with large Edison diamond disc labels
1697b. Antique Porcelain sign – Shows 3 separate logos ―Columbia‖, His Master‘s Voice‖, and Angel‖----- Records.
1698h. Phonograph – Edison black Gem cylinder phonograph with horn, crane, ―H‖ reproducer and crank.
1698-1z. Adapter and Reproducer – Adapter attachment (gold) with reproducer for playing 78 rpm records.
1699h. Phonograph – Standard, Model A, disc phonograph with red rear mount horn, Analyzing reproducer and crank.

1699-lb. Vogue Record – R719
1699-2b. Vogue Record – R737
1699-3b. Vogue Record – R707
1699-4b. Vogue Record – R760
1699-5b. Vogue Record - R746
1699-6b. Vogue Record – R747
1699-7b. Vogue Record – R711 (Scarce) and R-713 / 32 on reverse
1699-8b. Vogue Record – R732 and R732 / 13 on reverse
1699-9b. Vogue Record – R732 / 13 and R713 on reverse

1700mm. Phonograph – Victor II “Humpback” w/rear mount Victor 9 panel horn, Exhibition reproducer & crank. SN-26773
1701mm. Cash Register – National Cash Register – Model 130 nickel cash register. SN-463550.
1702m. Reproducer – Large Columbia cylinder phonograph reproducer.
1703rw. Phonograph – Columbia ―BQ‖ (Rex) cylinder player w/back bracket, tone arm & connector, red screw-in m.g. horn & crank
1704h. Crane – Complete horn crane with slide and foot.
1705w. Music Box – Swiss 13‖ cylinder music box with 6 bells that plays 12 tunes and has an excellent inlaid case
1706m. Reproducer – Excellent Anodized slide-in cylinder phonograph reproducer, marked 2624.
1707rw. Phonograph – Victor III disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, crank and Victor oak smooth horn. SN-24706 (?)
1708m. Parts – Screw, horn rubbers, horn elbow parts, cygnet horn crane springs & holder, a good lot
1709s. Phonograph – Heywood Wakefield Perfektone floor model disc phonograph in a wicker case.
1709-1z. Reproducer – Early Edison reproducer. The unit is complete including stylus, but it needs to be reassembled.
1710s. Phonograph – Victrola VE12-15 E – Electrola floor model radio and phonograph. SN-2809. No reproducer.
1711mm. Cabinet - Victor IV small phonograph stand in mahogany
1712b. Phonograph – Kalamazoo Duplex complete with linen covered brass bell horns, horn cradle, crank, horn support, double horn
        correct reproducer and very good stenciling and decal on the machines oak case. Also a reprint of the ad promoting the
        machine that is framed will go with the machine.
1713b A pair of correct reproducer elbows for a Kalamazoo Duplex
1714s. Record Cabinet – Low profile drop-front disc record cabinet with vertical dividers for records.
1715m. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer in box
1716rw. Phonograph – Columbia ―N‖ cylinder phonograph (spring motor), reproducer, crank. SN-44156.
1716-1z. Victor floor model gold complete tone arm and bracket.
1717b. Phonograph – Child‘s hand crank phonograph w/decal of elephant and inside horn.
1718m. Reproducer – Edison C reproducer in H box
1719s. Phonograph – Columbia Graphophone BC ―Twentieth Century‖ cylinder phonograph w/7‖ mandrel, medium size brass bell
        horn, crank, cover and correct reproducer. Excellent.
1720mm. Record Cabinet – Very nice 6 drawer solid oak cylinder record cabinet w/glass pulls and claw feet
1721b. Phonograph – Columbia AH (First Style) with off-set crank and brass bell (20x11‖) horn and excellent filigree tone arm.
1722m. Reproducer – Edison Diamond Disc (nickel) reproducer.
1723jl. Phonograph – Edison S-19 floor model diamond disc phonograph
1724s. Phonograph – Columbia A.B. McDonald cylinder phonograph w/2‖ & 5‖ mandrel, key, reproducer, cover & brass bell horn
1725mm. Music Box Gum Vendor - Regina Style 18- combination music box & Pepsin Gum vending machine in
        oak case- 12-1/4” disc size.
1726s. Phonograph – Thorens (Switzerland) Cameraphone is a metal case with green alligator finish.
1727b. Phonograph – Columbia BKT cylinder phonograph (2-4 minute) w/Lyre reproducer and 8 panel nickel rear mount horn and
        crank. SN-83834. A nice complete unit.
1727-1z. Horn Support – Columbia horn support for outside horn machine.
1728b. Phonograph – Kompact portable Cameraphone style phonograph. Plaza Music Company.
1729s. Phonograph – Colibri box shape portable Cameraphone style phonograph. Complete
1729-1z. Reproducer – Victrola No. 2 reproducer with original box.
1730s. Phonograph – Mignonphone Cameraphone style portable phonograph w/folding leather horn
1730-1z. Reproducer – Victrola 4 ―A‖ reproducer.
1730-2z. Reproducer – Victrola 4 ―A‖ reproducer.
1731rw. Phonograph – Victor IV (mahogany) disc phonograph w/brass bell horn, Exhibition reproducer & crank. SN-40202. Nice
1732m. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition reproducer
1733s. Phonograph – Peter Pan Gramophone box case Cameraphone style portable phonograph
1733-1z. Adapter and Reproducer – For playing 78 rpm records. Marked Patent Pending.
1734b. Phonograph – Round Miki-phone portable machine WITH the rare leather carrying pouch. Complete except for resonator.
1736hd. Record Cabinet – Oak cylinder record cabinet with 6 pull-out shelves, ball and claw feet and automatic doors. No pegs

1736-1b. Vogue Record – R739 (Rhumba)
1736-2b. Vogue Record – R782
1736-3b. Vogue Record – R755
1736-4b. Vogue Record – R745
1736-5b. Vogue Record - R725
1737rw. Vogue Records – R721
1738rw. Vogue Records – R722
1739rw. Vogue Records – R723
1740rw. Vogue Records – R724
1741rw. Vogue Records – R725 and R726 on reverse

1742rw. Phonograph – Edison Home (D Model) cylinder phonograph with ―K‖ reproducer, crank
1742-1z. Reproducer – Victor Orthophonic (gold) reproducer in original box.
1743b. Phonograph – Mikkyphone square case portable disk phonograph with red Bakelite on the crank.
1744m. Reproducer – Very good Symphonic reproducer, Symphonic Sales, NY
1745s. Phonograph – Cameraphone (England) wooden case portable disc phonograph and Bakelite ball horn
1746rw. Phonograph – Columbia ―BK‖ (Jewel) cylinder phonograph w/reproducer, crank and good aluminum witches hat horn.
1747m. Reproducer – Edison Model K, Combination 2-4 minute reproducer
1748w. Musical Rocking Ship, clock and windmill diorama under glass dome. A scarce example.
1749s. Phonograph – Mikiphone round portable disc phonograph with original leather case and horn.
1750mm. Phonograph - Victor V with Exhibition reproducer, Oak spear tip horn – No crank. SN-40373
1751h. Records – 15 Edison diamond disc records.
1752sb. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 w/grill.
1753s. QRS Playasax with one roll. Made by QRS – DeVry Corporation.
1754b. Phonograph – Columbia AU disc phonograph with open works, black bell horn and original crank and quick release
        reproducer. SN-333
1755b. Rastus in box with mechanism. Has directions in the original box.
1756b. RCA Victor – HMV Salt and Pepper in original box
1757h. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph.
1757-1z. Reproducer – Edison Diamond ―B‖ diamond disc reproducer.
1758s. Phonograph – Language Phone disc phonograph with rear mount screw in 8 panel morning glory horn.
1759s. Phonograph – Excellent Modernola round case floor model phonograph with lamp in a mahogany cabinet w/shade.
1759-1z. Reproducer – Edison ―R‖ (4 minute) cylinder reproducer.
1760rw. Phonograph – Edison Triumph (Model D) cylinder phonograph with ―O‖ reproducer, Edison No. 11 Triumph cygnet horn, crank
        and an unusual on/off switch. SN-53349.
1761b. Needles – Nearly a full box of packets of RCA Victor Chromium Needles
1762b. Phonograph – Excelda (Switzerland) portable brown case Cameraphone.
1763jl. Phonograph – Edison S-19 floor model diamond disc phonograph.
1764s. Phonograph – Rishell oak case floor model disc phonograph, complete
1764-1z. Reproducer – Edison Model S – 2/4 minute cylinder reproducer. Scarce
1765mm. Phonograph - Victor E (Rigid Arm) w/brass bell horn, threaded elbow, crank, record screw, nice. SN-38318
1766b. Child‘s plastic ―Playola‖ hand crank phonograph
1767o. Needle Cutter – Wade No. 2 needle or fiber cutter
1768h. Phonograph – Cameraphone – Incomplete – No turntable, tone arm or reproducer.
1769b. Phonograph – Columbia BNWM disc unit w/rear mount smooth MAHOGANY horn, crank, and ornamental turntable ring.
1769-1z. Reproducer – Edison ―O‖ (2/4 minute) reproducer.
1770b. Phonograph – French Mignonphone portable camera style phonograph withfolding leather horn and needle tin
1771b. Duo-Tone cactus needle sharpener in original box
1772s. Phonograph – Thorens wooden case box style portable phonograph.
1773rw. Book – A complete manual of the Edison phonograph, Tewksbury; Edison Disc Phonographs, Frow; Record Collecting;
1774o. Combination Attachment for an Edison Triumph Phonograph, Model phonograph in original box.
1775mm. Phonograph - Victor P w/large front mount brass bell horn, threaded elbow, reproducer, crank. SN-15289
1776b. Unusual child‘s disc phonograph, hand crank with horn, and Silvertone reproducer pm a cast iron base.
1777b. Child‘s Twirl-a-toon hand crank disc phonograph
1778s. Phonograph – Excellent and scarce Pathe‘ medium size portable Cameraphone style phonograph
1779mm. Phonograph - Victor Eldridge R. Johnson, Type C, disc phonograph w/brass bell horn, concert rep.,
         crank, complete. SN-5734
1780rw. Antique Catalog – Edison Gold Moulded Records, American Selections.
1781s. Phonograph – Columbia ―AK‖ (first style) front mount disc phonograph w/‖Columbia‖ aluminum horn support, brass bell horn,
crank, horizontal ribbed case and crank.
1782rw. Book – Fonografi E Grammofoni – Phonographs and Gramophones; Piano Servicing Tuning and Rebuilding, Reblitz
1783b. Phonograph – Columbia BFT (2-4 minute), 6‖ mandrel, 4 spring machine with Lyre reproducer and excellent 9 panel – rear
         mount nickel horn and crank. No cover.
1783-1z. Reproducer – Brunswick Balke Company (gold) Orthophonic reproducer.
1784b. Phonograph – Peter Pan (A 3078) portable Cameraphone style phonograph
1785mm. Record Cabinet - Oak music box cabinet- One top dr. & 2 base dividing for music box disc storage
1786rw. Book – Wurlitzer Jukeboxes, Volume II. Frank Adams and Jukebox ―The Golden Age‖
1787rw. Book – Edison Blue Amberola Recordings, 1912-1914.
1788s. Phonograph – Columbia ―AG‖ cylinder phonograph with reproducer and 5‖ mandrel.
1789b. Rare Cabinet – Salter double bow front mahogany disc record cabinet with claw feet, lions head and original felt interior. A
         wonderful example.
1790b. Phonograph – A great Victor ―6‖ disc phonograph with mahogany spear-tip horn. This is the early model with pivot turn-table.
         The machine has an Exhibition reproducer, slotted crank. Original finish. SN-4771
1791b. Phonograph – Child‘s Pygmy-phone brown case disc phonograph
1792s. Roller Organ – Chautaugua wood cob roller organ with 5 COBS.
1793mm2. Regina Automatic Changer – A fine Regina 20-3/4‖ automatic changer in mahogany cabinet. The rare, and best
         sounding, intermediate size of the Regina changers. Beautiful mahogany cabinet. Complete with 12 discs. Cabinet style 31
         shown on Page 200 of Q. David Bower‘s book ―Encyclopedia of Automatic Music Instruments‖. A great machine.
1793-1mm2. Regina Discs – Regina 20-3/4‖ music box discs. Quantity of 12. One lot.
1794s. Phonograph – Claxtonola ―Golden Throated‖ floor model phonograph. Has reproducer, but the adapter swing is damaged.
1795b. Phonograph – Pre-dog M with metal tone arm, Concert reproducer, record screw, front mount brass bell(19-1/2‖x11-1/2‖) horn
1796b. Phonograph – Child‘s Fairy Melodio‘s Gramophone child‘s machine
1797b. Phonograph – Baby Child‘s disc phonograph – No reproducer otherwise complete
1798b. Phonograph – Genola Child‘s disc phonograph with Nursery Rhyme graphics and red horn.
1799b. Phonograph – Child‘s plastic Marx disc phonograph with inside horn.
1799-1z. Reproducer – Edison ―C‖ reproducer
1800b. Phonograph – Victor Junior disc phonograph with Concert Junior reproducer, Junior black bell (14x8-1/2‖), and slotted crank.
         Nice decal.
1801b. Edison Oil Can, never used. T.A. Edison, Inc.
1802w. Music Box – Swiss cylinder music box, 10 tune with 3 bells that have butterfly strikers. Very good.
1803s. Record Cabinet – Oak 2 door record cabinet with 5 sliding shelves and 200 pegs w/key
1804b. Phonograph – Columbia AO cylinder phonograph with all brass 31x17 excellent horn with nickel crane w/cover and crank.
1805b. Capitol Bakelite needle dispenser – brown.
1806b.  Kacti Needle pointer in container with duster.
1807s.  Phonograph – Columbia ―HG‖(Home Grand) cylinder machine w/5‖ mandrel, reproducer, crank & all brass horn. SN6076
1808b.  Dust-Off Delux in box with directions
1809b.  Phonograph – Edison Home ―Banner‖ cylinder phonograph (2-4 minute) with ―K‖ reproducer and a Edison 10 panel cygnet
        horn with crane. The bedplate looks new and is excellent. SN-220124.
1810b. Cabinet – Herzog 5 drawer cylinder record cabinet with claw feet. The unit has original pulls. No pegs.
1811b. 2 Victor Oil bottles in shipping containers and a tube of Victor Grease in carton
1812s. Phonograph – Columbia Graphophone AJ (second style) disc phonograph w/front mount brass bell horn, leather elbow,
        aluminum ‖Columbia‖ embossed horn support & tone arm & Columbia reproducer.
1813b. Birch Needle Sharpener in box
1814b. Victor brass belt buckle
1815mm. Phonograph – Excellent Victor Victrola oak floor model disc phonograph.
1816b. Set of Dancers including Rastus and the Boxers with motor. Very good.
1817rw. Phonograph – Edison Triumph (Model D) cylinder phonograph w/‖O‖ (2/4 minute) reproducer, crank, a wonderful Music
        Master oak cygnet horn with crane. SN-75010. An excellent unit.
1818s. Cylinder Records – 37 Edison Blue Amberol cylinder records.
1818-1s. Cylinder Records – 33
1818-2s. Cylinder Records – 25
1818-3s. Cylinder Records – 25
1818-4s. Cylinder Records – 31
1818-5s. Cylinder Records – 35
1818-6s. Cylinder Records - 12
1819s. Phonograph – Columbia ―AJ‖ disc unit w/front mount black horn, reproducer, crank & Columbia horn support & open tone arm.
1820rw. Book – Music Machines American Style; The Recordings of Enrico Caruso
1821rw. Book – Treasures of Mechanical Music box, Reblitz and Q. David Bowers.
1822jl. Phonograph – Edison B-19 ―Chalet‖ diamond disc table model phonograph.
1823jl. Record Cabinet – Disc record cabinet used with above machine.
1824sb. Phonograph – Brunswick Model 217 floor model phonograph with original sales receipt.
1825mm. Phonograph - Victor II “Humpback” machine w/rear mount Victor horn, Exh. reproducer and crank SN-43358.
1826hd. Record Cabinet - Antique 6 drawer cylinder record cabinet w/original hardware, no pegs.
1827sb. Phonograph – Edison Home (Model A) cylinder phonograph w/‖c‖ reproducer, and shaver. No horn. SN-H127756
1828rw. Vogue Records – R730
1829rw. Vogue Records – R731
1830rw. Vogue Records – R732
1831rw. Vogue Records – R732 and R732/13 on reverse
1832rw. Vogue Records – R733
1833b. Phonograph- Victor ―Z‖ disc phonograph with reproducer, Black bell (14‖x9-1/2‖) horn, slotted crank, and wooden tone arm.
        Excellent. This machine came from the Timothy Goon Estate Collection.
1833-1z. Reproducer – Edison Model B cylinder phonograph reproducer.
1834s. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph w/C reproducer , morning glory horn, crane, and crank. SN-313232.
1835-1sb. Record – Edison 12‖ long play record - #30002
1835-2sb. Record – Edison 12‖ long play record - #30003
1836b. Phonograph – Edison Gem (Model B) w/flip-over 2-4 gear, K reproducer, black Gem two-piece horn and crane and crank.
1837b. Mirrored sign of lady listening to phonograph – ―Everyone Loves The Edison Phonograph.
1838b. Advertisement Framed – ―Every Home Should have a phonograph this Christmas
1839w. Music Box – Reginaphone Model 250 – 15-1/2‖ serpentine case mahogany with double combs and complete phonograph
        mechanism including turntable and tone arm.
1840mm. Disc storage - Excellent Regina music box stand w/shelf & disc storage behind 2 doors w/applied carving and
         changing tray.
1841hd. Record – Diamond Disc – Edison ―Let Us Not Forget‖
1842rw. Book – Clockwork Music by Ord-Hume; The EMI Collection; Talking Machines, Chew
1843b. Excellent porcelain sign – A Barber Shop porcelain post sign ―Modern Service‖ – 8‖ wide x 48‖ tall
1844b. Reprint Poster – Edison phonographs and records. Edison records echo all over the world.
1845b. Barber Sign – Good antique porcelain Barber Shop flanged two-sided sign.
1846rw. Books – Pathe‘ Records and Phonographs in America, 1914 -1922
1847rw. Book – The Patent History of the Phonograph 1877-1912, Koenigsberg (red)
1848rw. Book – Edison cylinder records – 1889-1912, Koenigsberg, (brown)
1849rw. Book – American Phonograph Design Patents, 1897-1916, John Maeder
1850mm. Phonograph - Victor XVI “L Door” floor model phonograph in a fumed green oak cabinet. SN-15002
1851b. Sign – A good porcelain bowed front Barber Shop sign w/mounting bracket. 24‖ tall x 15‖ wide.
1852s. Phonograph – Reproduction of a Victor style phonograph (Asian) marked Lodphone
1853mm. Disc Storage - Regina oak single one door cabinet for divided storage of music box discs
1854b. Phonograph – Victor E disc phonograph with front mount brass bell (14x10‖) horn, record hold-down screw, PRE-DOG and
        completely original. SN-35478.
1855b. Set of 8 swizzle sticks in original box with various ―record discs‖ on each.
1856b. Ristocrat 5 Cent table top juke box with bubble see-through.
1857sb. Phonograph – Edison C-150 floor model C-150 oak diamond disc phonograph w/grill. SN-SM105400
1858b. Phonograph – Pathe‘ Duplex Wizard Style Flip-Top cylinder phonograph with regular and salon mandrels w/aluminum spun
        horn, etc.
1859rw. Book – Dusting off a little history, spring type phonograph, Sitter
1860rw. Book – Edison, Lambert, Concert Records & Columbia Grand Records and Related Phonographs. Copeland & Dethlefson
1861rw. Book – Cylinder Lists – Columbia Brown Wax, Columbia XP, Columbia 20th Century BC, and Indestructible, Gracyk.
1862rw. Book – A Big Book About Phonographs, Gracyk
1863b. Phonograph – Edison Triumph ―Banner – Model A‖ cylinder (2-4 minute) phonograph with ―O‖ reproducer and Edison 11 panel
        cygnet horn and crank.
1864jl. Record Racks – 3 - Choice
1865s. Phonograph – Victor E disc player w/Exhibition reproducer, record screw, crank & front mount brass bell horn. SN-21196
1866jl. Books – Including ―Uncle Josh‖ and ―Look for the Dog‖, 3 total. One lot.
1867sb. Phonograph – Standard ―a‖ disc phonograph w/crane and TCT morning glory horn with roses. S216163
1868b. Cabinet – Herzog Art Furniture Company offered this record cabinet as ―No. 710‖ bow front cylinder record cabinet. This
        example is in original mint finish. Pictured in Fabrizio and Paul‘s Antique Phonograph Book ―Gadgets, Gizmos, and
        Gimmicks‖ on page 110.
1869j. Phonograph & Cabinet – Victor VV-VI disc phonograph w/ Victor No. 2 reproducer & oak record cabinet. SN--F1858447
1870jl. Record Set – Ginn and Company Music Appreciation Set with 2 cases
1871s. Rare Phonautograph – Extremely rare ―Phonautograph‖ machine made by Leon Scott (Frenchman) in approximately 1857.
        This particular machine (the first and only one that we have had the opportunity to offer) comes from the Collection of Craig
        Stoner. He acquired it when a museum was closed and the items were liquidated. This machine is a great opportunity to add
        to your collection something that most have never had an opportunity to purchase.
1872b. Phonograph – Victor MS (Nice) disc phonograph with Oak spear-tip horn, Exhibition reproducer, and crank. SN-11731.
1873jl. Little Wonder Records – A box of Little Wonder Records with a 100 records in all.
1874s. Phonograph – Columbia Disc ―Improved Sterling (BII) disc phonograph with large 8 panel nickel rear mount horn, crank, dust
        ring and Columbia reproducer.
1875j. Phonograph – Edison Standard ―Combination‖ machine w/ ―H‖ reproducer, crane & blue morning glory horn w/pink roses.
1875-1CJ. Phonograph – Victor Victrola VV-100 floor model disc phonograph in mahogany cabinet. Very good. SN-83759.
1875-2CJ. Record Brush – Nice Columbia Grafonola‘s and Records brush. M.E. Rubinowitz, Litchfield, Illinois

1876b.   R776
1877b.   R764
1878b.   R720
1879b.   R726
1880b.   R733 (Vogue Second)
1881b.   R722 (Factory Reject)
1882b.   R748
1883b.   R778

1884s.    Phonograph and Desk – A very rare Columbia Graphophone Grand (GG) cylinder phonograph with 5‖ mandrel in the
        Columbia oak cylinder top desk with wreath carvings on sides and 10 drawers in desk. This is in excellent condition and one
        of the highlights of the auction.
1885mm. Music Box - Regina Style 50 serpentine mahogany music. SN-50011008.
1886jl.   Horn – Edison Standard 10 panel morning glory horn with original paint.
1887s. Concert 5‖ Brown Wax Records – 5 total in original boxes.
1888mm. Phonograph - Edison Gem cylinder phonograph (black) w/reproducer, key and cover. SN-G77468
1889s. Records and Piano Rolls – 24 cylinder records in boxes and a number of player piano rolls.
1890s. Case & Records – Very good pegged antique cylinder record suitcase with 36 Blue Amberol & other records.
1891y. Phonograph – Victor E disc phonograph with rear mount black and brass horn.
1892sb. Phonograph – Edison Fireside ―A‖ cylinder phonograph w/‖H‖ reproducer.
1892-1z. Recorder – Edison ―Gem‖ recorder.
1893RN. Phonograph – Edison Amberola Model 75 floor model cylinder phonograph in mahogany cabinet. Mint. SM-3512
1894s. Phonograph – Victor Junior Gramophone with front mount Victor Talking Machine maroon horn & Exhibition reproducer.
1895RN. Cylinder Records – 30 Edison cylinder records.
1895-1RN. Cylinder Records – 17 Edison cylinder records.
1896b. Book – Collection Guide to His Master‘s Voice Souvenir, Petts & Edge
1897s. Phonograph – Victor M disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer with rear mount brass bell Victor horn. SN-31509
1898RN. 2 Cylinder record reamers.
1899RN. Box of 78 rpm disc records and 3 Edison diamond disc records.
1900mm. Phonograph - Victor III machine w/Exhibition reproducer & Victor 10 panel rear mount horn w/crank. SN-45103

1901rw.   Vogue Record – R707
1902rw.   Vogue Record – R708
1903rw.   Vogue Record - R710
1904rw.   Vogue Record – R711/713
1905rw.   Vogue Record – R712

1906b. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph (4 latch) with Automatic reproducer, shaver, flower morning glory horn with
          white roses and clamp-on footed crane. SN-H27246
1907RN.Disc phonograph adapter to play large hole United records, another adapter, and
1908RN.Needles – 9 packages of new needles, etc.
1909s. Phonograph – Large disc phonograph in paneled and beaded mahogany case with excellent Music Master rear mount smooth
          mahogany wood horn. Reproducer marked Pat. In U.S. and Foreign Countries. No other markings found.
1910RN. Music Box – Nice Regina Style 40 floor model disc music box in mahogany cabinet . This double comb machine is in
          excellent condition (no broken teeth) and includes 10 discs. SN-4000194. Shipped Dec. 5, 1907.
1910-1RN. Music Box Discs – 11 Regina 15-1/2‖ music box discs.
1911s. Phonograph – Columbia mahogany desk phonograph, Regent model – Very good condition
1912sb. Phonograph – Edison 4C long play diamond disc phonograph w/2 reproducers. Very good unit.
At this point we will finish selling from the catalog for the first day. We will then go to the back room where we will be selling
phonograph parts, cabinets, floor cranes, and lots of other items.

          End of First Day – End of First Day – End of First Day – End of First Day – End of First Day – End of First Day

                          Beginning of Day Two - Saturday’s Auction, April 16, 2011 – 9:00 A.M. sharp!
                                                   Doors open at 7:00 A.M.

1913CJ. Musical Carousel – Excellent modern musical carousel produced in by Ron-Car Ltd. In Tennessee. Original cost was $1,200.
        SN-061. Documentation paperwork included.
1914s. Phonograph – Librola ―Library Table Phonograph‖ by Seeburg Manufacturing Co., Jamestown, NY. With ad dated 1/15/21
1915mm. Music Box Stand - Very nice 2 door mahogany music box stand w/drawer & changing pull-out tray w/claw feet.
1916b. Sign – 24‖ round Columbia Records porcelain disc sign.
1917jl. Box of 57 record pegs from store with advertising.
1918RN. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph (Model D) w/‖O‖ (2-4 minute) reproducer, excellent Cygnet horn and
        crane. SN-721292.
1919jl. 18 disc record albums. No records. One lot.
1920b. Phonograph – Edison Concert cylinder phonograph with 5‖ mandrel, drawer, original chip brush, shaver and recorder and
        automatic reproducer – SN-C147 EARLY NUMBER - A great original machine with cover.
1921b. Horn – All brass large horn – 54‖ long
1922b. Horn – All brass Large horn – 36‖ long
1923b. Horn – All brass Large horn – 31‖ long
1924b. Horn crane – Adjustable tripod style floor horn crane
1925mm. Music Box - Regina (Style 9) 15-1/2” disc music box, in ornate press carved case w/crank. SN-39223. Nice
1926b. Horn crane – Clamping footed crane
1927b Horn – Victor brass bell 19‖ horn with threaded brass elbow.
1928s. Phonograph – Zon-o-phone Concert Grand oak disc phonograph w/large red 11 panel morning glory home.
1929RN. Visconia reproducer for playing Edison diamond disc records on Victrola‘s.
1930b. Phonograph – Mahogany ―Trademark‖ Berliner disc Phonograph by the National Gram-o-phone and Typewriter Ltd., with
        Concert style reproducer, record screw, ―Angel and Record‖ decal, nickel front mount (17-1/2x 9-1/2‖)horn, leather elbow,
        wooden tone arm. SN-LG1646.
1931b. Book – Phonographics, Arnold Schwartzman – Excellent photographs.
1932RN. Phonograph – Victor Victrola VV-XI oak floor model disc phonograph. Excellent. SN-707824. Pristine w/‖V‖ key & brush.
1933mc. Phonograph – Harmony table model disk phonograph in oak cabinet.
1934b. Tortoiseshell needle holder and duster; Grease containers and Oil; One lot.
1935mm. Record Cabinet – Rare & ornate mahogany two dr. record cabinet w/2 tier interior w/4 columns & claw feet
1936b. Cast iron Nipper ―HMV‖ record holder.
1937j. Phonograph – Edison A-250 oak case diamond disc floor model phonograph – SM-14400. ―Tagged Wallace Brown‘s
        Phonograph Shop, Detroit.
1938j. Clock – Capehart lighted wall advertising clock.
1939j. Roller Organ – Concert wood cob roller organ 26 wooden cobs including Christmas music.
1940b. Set of Dancers including Rastus and the Boxers with motor. Very good.
1941j. Phonograph – Pathe‘ Actuelle walnut floor model disc phonograph.
1942s. Phonograph – Victor IV with Exhibition Reproducer, excellent Music Master wooden mahogany rear mount horn and crank.
        The horn is the same style as the one on lot 1909s.
1943b. Child‘s Records – Record Guild of America – 7 total.
1944b. Phonograph – Victor VV-XXV ―Schoolhouse‖ disc phonograph with Victor wooden horn. Excellent tiger stripe oak and fine
        condition. SN-12382. Being produced later this machine has the Victrola decal on the inside of the lid. It also has a dealers
        tag ―Everhardt Hays Music Company‖, Wichita. One of the cleanest Schoolhouse examples we have had to sell.
1945b. Sign – Porcelain oval sign measuring 19x26‖. His Master‘s Voice……..The Gramophone Company, Ltd.
1946o. Ads & Decal – 2 large Victor promotional ads and a modern Columbia Graphophone decal.
1947mc. Phonograph – Standard ―Model A‖ rear mount disk phonograph with flowered morning glory horn.
1948jl. Records – 42 total Comedy records including 18 Uncle Josh, Black Crows and other similar examples.
1949o. Magazines – 1902-1924 Harper‘s monthly Magazines and Popular Electricity (one with Edison‘s pictures on the same)
1950rw. Phonograph – Edison Opera (Type SM), Model A cylinder phonograph with excellent mahogany cygnet horn, slide-in
        Anodized reproducer and ―L‖ Anodized reproducer. SN-2899.
1951b. Mirrored Sign – His Master‘s Voice…The Right Partner, A smooth Floor and the Victrola
1952j. Phonograph – Edison Home Banner, 4-latch cylinder phonograph w/early reproducer, shaver & brass bell witches hat horn
        and 5 cylinder records.
1953jl. Calendar – ―Blues Images‖ calendar
1954b. Phonograph – Victor RARE Type B disc phonograph with ―Fighting Fish or Dolphin‖ (not Fleur-de-lis – See picture), wood tone
        arm, leather elbow, reproducer marked ―C‖ on side (similar to Berliner J reproducer), record screw, slotted crank and brass
        bell (14‖x10‖) brass bell horn. An excellent machine. SN-21176.
1955b. Book – Official Price Guide to Music Collectibles
1956mc. Phonograph – Columbia ―BNW‖ disk phonograph with rear mount black morning glory horn.
1957b. Shipping Crate Side from Victor machine .
1958b. Nipper Snow globe – Manufactured by the Atlas Crystal Works. Good
1959j. Phonograph / Radio – Capehart Amperion Model 140-18H combination floor model phonograph and radio. SN11498?
        Includes instruction book and records.
1960mm. Record Cabinet - Excellent mahogany disc cabinet w/bowed sides & top, claw feet w/2 slotted tiers & drawer.
1961j. Shipping Crate side panel fro Capehart Amerpion machine above.
1962b. Phonograph – Victor early MS in the Victor IV style oak cabinet. Exhibition reproducer and excellent smooth oak Victor horn.
        Nice example. SN-17471
1963b. Sign – Small ―His Master‘s Voice‖ 8x10+/- porcelain sign
1964b. Sign – Small ―His Master‘s Voice‖ round sign depicting Nipper and the machine.
1965j. Phonograph – Brunswick Model 117 floor model phonograph w/Ultona reproducer. SN105016.
1966b. Book – Sounds of the Century, The Fabulous Phonograph, 1877-1977. Roland Gelatt
1967b. Phonograph – Victor I (Large case Model) disc phonograph with rear mount morning glory horn (9 panel – 17‖x17‖) with
        Exhibition reproducer, crank. SN-26436C. Excellent.
1968b. Books – Veteran Talking Machines, Jewell and Hand-Cranked Phonographs, Maken.
1969mc. Phonograph – Edison Amberola ―6‖ cylinder player in a mahogany cabinet
1970j. Music Box – Regina Style 10 Duplex double comb 15-1/2‖ disc music box. The machine has 23 discs. Very good.
1971j. Table – Oak circa 1910 table used with the above music box by the owner.
1972b. Phonograph – Victor Type D – Fancy and Early Model – with large smooth oak horn, Concert reproducer, and crank.
        Complete unit. SN-6562. Excellent.
1973b. Fantastic Cabinet – Herzog disc record cabinet ―No. 820‖ in oak, measuring 35‖ tall x 17-3/4‖ deep x 17-3/8‖ wide. First
        shown in the August 1907 Talking Machine World publication. This model survived for at least on year. Pictured and
        described in Fabrizio & Paul‘s Antique Phonograph Gadgets, Gizmos, and Gimmicks.
1974j. Paper Roll Organ – A rare & beautiful Mechanical Organette Style #3 in walnut case. This paper roll unit is a pump organ
        styled case that is enclosed. Measures 2‘9-1/2‖ tall x 3‘+ wide x 1‘6-1/2‖ deep. I have not been able to find this specific
        machine in my books.
1975mm. Phonograph - Columbia AQ cylinder phonograph with key, gold band conical horn and reproducer. SN-39223
1976j. Light Bulb Display – An interesting group of working antique and collectible clear and colored light bulbs.
1977b. Phonograph – Berliner (American) Trademark disc phonograph with side brake, record screw, slotted crank, and all brass
        (15x9‖) horn, ―J‖ reproducer – dated Feb. 19, 1895. An excellent example. SN-17288.
1978mc. Cylinder Records – 142 Black Wax & Blue Amberol cylinders. 2 Boxes. Choice
1979mc. Display Cabinet – Small wood & glass display cabinet. 19‖x8-1/2‖x13-1/2‖.
1980b. Phonograph – Victor IV disc phonograph in mahogany cabinet with Exhibition reproducer, crank and smooth Victor mahogany
        horn. Excellent. SN-29120.
1981b. Records – A good group of 8 albums with records of various labels.
1982mc. Phonograph – Columbia ―Favorite‖ oak case disk phonograph.
1983mc. Cabinet – Oak cylinder record cabinet w/pegs. The cabinets holds 125 cylinders.
1984CJ. Music Box – Regina Style 13 (Page 188 in Bower‘s book) is a 15-1/2‖ single comb disc music box. The machine is housed in
        a mahogany cabinet, has no broken teeth, and the original Regina lithograph. A nice machine. 10 discs.
1985b. Phonograph – Victor C disc phonograph (PRE-DOG) with Concert reproducer, record hold down screw, brass bell horn and
        leather elbow. SN-11064.
1986jl. Battery Jar – Edison battery jar with porcelain top.
1987CJ. Regina Discs – 15 Regina 15-1/2‖ music box discs
1988mc. Phonograph – Harmony oak case table model disk phonograph.
1989RN. Records – 5 Uncle Josh cylinder records.
1990mm2. Phonograph–Edison Triumph Model F. The rare ―F‖ model has an ―O‖ reproducer, original oak cygnet horn & horn crane
1991j. Orchestrion – Seeburg ―KT‖ orchestrion with original ―Seeburg Eagle‘s‖ stained and leaded glass front . Excellent working
        condition & restoration. Pictured on Page 607 of Bower‘s Book of Automatic Musical Instruments.
1992s. Phonograph – Victor III disc phonograph w/Victrola No. 2 reproducer and rear mount black Victor 9 panel horn. #12654
1993mc. Phonograph – Climax internal horn table model disc phonograph. ―Climax made records before Columbia started pressing
        discs.‖ A scarce example.
1994h. Music Box Discs – 4 – 8-3/4‖ discs.
1995b. Phonograph – Eldridge Johnson A disc phonograph with Eldridge Johnson (14x9-1/2) horn and Eldridge Johnson reproducer.
        There is a slotted crank and leather elbow. The machine the original intact celluloid tag ―The Gramophone‖ manufactured by
        E.R. Johnson, Philadelphia, PA. Patented in US and Foreign Countries. SN-1433. A very nice example.
1996h. Music Box Discs – 7 – 12‖ +/- Regina music box discs.
1997h. Music Box Discs – 2 discs each 11‖ (Regina & Polyphon)
1998h. Music Box Discs – 22 - 13-5/8‖ discs. One lot.
1999w. Music Box – Capital Cuff Music Box, Style A , in a cherry case with 7 cuffs. A rare and excellent example.
2000mm. Phonograph – Victor Victrola ―VTLA‖ in mahogany cabinet. Excellent. SN-9471.
2001m. Reproducer – Edison ―O‖ 2/4 minute cygnet horn reproducer
2002h. Antique Glass Photographic Slides – Over 100 glass slides in a carrying case including photos of Victorian picnics, ocean and
        timber scenes, and even colored slides of flowers, etc. A great group.
2003ra. Phonograph – Rare Brunswick ―Cortez‖ console model phonograph with wooden front interior record albums. Very good
2004ra. Phonograph – Edison A-100 oak case floor model diamond disc phonograph. Disassembled.
2005rw. Phonograph – Columbia ―BS‖ coin-operated cylinder phonograph. This one is in near mint condition.
2006m. Reproducer – Edison ―K‖ combination 2/4 minute. Rebuilt
2007mc. Phonograph – Sonora fancy console disc phonograph in a nice carved & figured walnut cabinet with a wooden tone arm.
2008mc. Phonograph Cranks – A variety of phonograph cranks. Choice.
2009mm2. Rare Phonograph – Edison ―School‖ Model. The very rare version of the Edison Opera made for use in schools. Metal
        Cabinet (original paint), with original stand and new boxes. This is only the second one we have had the chance to sell.
2010mm. Disc Cabinet - Nice mahogany Regina music box stand and disc storage cabinet w/changing pull-out tray

2010-1b. Vogue Record – R770
2010-2b. Vogue Record - R750
2011rw.    Vogue Record – R732/13 and R713/32
2012rw.    Vogue Record – R714
2013rw.    Vogue Record – R718
2014rw.    Vogue Record – R719
2015rw.    Vogue Record – R720

2016m. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer, 4 minute
2017b. Phonograph – Berliner (American) disc phonograph w/top brake, slotted crank, celluloid tag, record screw, black bell (14x9-
        3/4‖) horn (SN-25353?. Pat. Date on ―J‖ reproducer is Feb. 19, 1895
2018o. Elbow – Victor elbow for Victor I or small rear mount horn phonograph
2019o. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition reproducer
2020mc. Phonograph - Busy Bee cylinder phonograph. Missing reproducer, drive belt and key.
2021mc. Miscellaneous – Roll of upholstery fabric with phonographs and other musical instruments in the pattern design.
2022mc. Doll size wicker rocking chair.
2023mc. Plush Nipper and Chipper with original box
2024o. Reproducer – Edison ―O‖, not complete.
2025mm. Edison Home cylinder phonograph, no reproducer – has crank. SN-67162.
2026mc. Cylinder Record Case – A case for 2‖ records that holds 72 total.
2027mc. Assortment of small phonograph knick knacks.
2028h. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph.
2029mc. Assortment of empty phonograph spring boxes
2030rw. Phonograph – Edison Triumph (Model A) phonograph in green oak cabinet w/―C‖ reproducer, shaver, crank . SN- 32631
2031o. Reproducer – Edison Model R, 4 minute reproducer
2032mc. Phonograph – Child‘s size Carola disc phonograph.

2033h. Music Box – Polyphon coin operated 22-1/2‖ disc music box. Style 6K with 16 Orchestra Bells (flat), double comb, and
        coil spring. Pictured on Page 156 of Bower‘s book on Automatic Musical Instruments. 5 Total discs going w/machine.
2034h. Music Box Discs – 6 – Symphonion 25-1/2‖ music box discs.
2035mm. Phonograph - Victor Model 260 (#10) console disc phonograph w/black oriental artwork. SN-48087
2036m. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition reproducer
2037mc. Phonograph Horns – A group of assorted phonograph horns. Choice.
2038rw. Phonograph – Columbia ―AO‖ (New Style Columbia) cylinder phonograph with long mandrel, tone arm, connector, back
        bracket, crank, and black morning glory horn.
2039o. Reproducer – Edison cygnet horn cylinder phonograph reproducer.
2040o. Reproducer – Edison Model B cylinder phonograph reproducer.
2041mc. Phonograph – Talk-o-phone ―Ennis Model‖ disc phonograph with front mount brass bell horn.
2042mm. Group of campaign buttons
2043w. Music Box – Symphonion Style No. 33a - 11-3/4‖ VERTICAL coin-operated standing or hanging disc music box with double
        combs. Pictured on page 221 Bowers book.
2044mm. Nice combination double inkwell and candleholder on footed pen rest and stamp holder
2045mm. Phonograph - Zonophone w/7” turntable, ornate horn support, rod tone arm, correct reproducer, 25” brass bell
           horn, & crank
2045a-mm. Phonograph - Columbia Baby Regent (Parlor Table Model) in mahogany w/machine in drawer. Late version.
2047o. Elbow – Elbow for rear mount disc phonograph, Columbia (?)
2048o. Bag Lot- 2 hardware pull plates from antique chest, screws, nut, misc. small parts.
2049h. Phonograph – Columbia Regal (BAF) disc phonograph with Columbia reproducer and crank. No horn
2050mm. Regina Automatic Changer – Regina 20-3/4” mahogany dragon front automatic changer w/12 discs – Original
          and in wonderful condition.
2051gr. Music Box Discs – Group of 10 Symphonion 27-1/2‖ discs – 8 new w/bells from Renaissance and 2 original Symphonion
        Imperial discs w/bells.
2052gr. Music Box Discs – Group of 10 Regina 27-1/2‖ music box discs
2053ra. Phonograph – Edison Triumph (raised panel case) cylinder phonograph with ―C‖ reproducer, crank and shaver.
2054ra. Phonograph Works – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph mechanism and motor. No case or reproducer
2055mm. U.S. Navy lapel pin, Atlanta pin, arrow/bird point, etc.
2055mm. Phonograph - Edison Amberola 75 in oak cabinet. Complete. SN-12235.
2056j.  Orchestrion – Player Piano – A great Seeburg ―G‖ player piano with a 4 panel arched stained and leaded glass front and oak
        cabinet. The unit is in excellent condition on the exterior and complete, but needs to have its mechanism restored. There are
        instructions included for complete restoration. Pictured in Bower‘s book under the section on Seeburg Piano‘s.
2057mm. Box set from Neiman Marcus of ―Bull & Bear‖ bottle stopper in silver-plate. ―The market has its ups & downs, one brings
        laughs, the other frowns, the best advice some people think, is just relax and have a drink‖
2058h. Music Box – Modern Dancing Doll 15-1/2‖ disc music box with 3 dancing dolls. This is a coin operated music box w/2 discs
        and crank. It was custom made for the owner..
2059o. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer
2060rw. Phonograph – Edison Home (Model B) with ―C‖ reproducer, crank and excellent patina on the cabinet. SN-241469
2061m. Recorder – Edison Recorder – 2 in this lot.
2062b. Phonograph – Berliner (Canadian) disc phonograph with black bell (14x10) horn w/leather elbow, record screw, decal on wood
        tone arm, Automatic Berliner Sound box patented March 24, 1903. SN-3372
2063m. Reproducer – Columbia Analyzing disc reproducer.
2064s. Phonograph – Columbia BS coin operated cylinder phonograph curved glass case and nickel horn. Nice. SN-505315

2066b.   R735
2067b.   R766
2068b.   R756
2069b.   R786
2070b.   R775

2071s.   Phonograph – Victor ―Z‖ disc phonograph with front mount black horn w/gold trim, Exhibition reproducer, crank. SN-6566.
2072h.   Cylinder Records – 18 Edison Blue Amberol records.
2703h.   Cylinder Records – 18 Edison Blue Amberol records
2074s.   Phonograph – Premier ―Upright Piano‖ style phonograph in fancy mahogany case with base storage and drawer, nice

2075mm. Regina Hexaphone – Regina Hexaphone oak case coin operated cylinder phonograph. Coin operated the unit holds and
        gives the operator the chance to play any of the 6 records. Has back board with sign. SN-1031160
2076m. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer.
2077s. Phonograph – Edison Triumph cylinder phonograph with C reproducer, cygnet horn, crane and crank.
2078o. Phonograph Cover – Excellent Cover for Edison ―Long‖ Home phonograph
2079w. Music Box – Regina 15-1/2‖ CONSOLE model, Style 40 disc music box w/short bedplate & double combs. A nice machine.
        Pictured on Page 190, Bowers book.
2080m. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer
2081sb. Phonograph – Columbia ―QC‖ key wind cylinder phonograph. SN-661534
2081-1z. Reproducer – Early Edison cylinder phonograph reproducer.
2082s. Phonograph – Victor ―D‖ disc phonograph with Oak spear tip horn. SN-7940
2083o. Phonograph cover – Very good Edison Home cover
2084m. Reproducer – Columbia Analyzing reproducer
2085mm. Phonograph - Zonophone Home ? Disc phonograph w/front mount black horn, reproducer & crank
2086o. Phonograph Cover – Good Edison Standard phonograph cover
2087s. Phonograph – Victor V disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, large brass bell horn. SN-52298. Has celluloid dealer tag
        ―Landay Bros., New York‖
2088s. Phono-lamp – Rare DISC record table model phonograph lamp with interior base phonograph, original shade frame and
        nicely redone cloth shade panels with embossed roses. Electric Phonograph Corp., New York City. Model D. SN-1037
2089m. Reproducer – Excellent Berliner ―J‖ (Johnson) reproducer, marked 18425.
2090z. Projector – Great National No. 1 Stereoptican slide projector. Made by National Pictures Service, Inc. Cinc., OH. -#5177
2091m. Reproducer – Possibly a Zonophone reproducer with neck cut off
2092o. Phonograph Cover – Excellent Columbia Graphophone cylinder phonograph cover w/very good decals.
2093b. Phonograph – Berliner (Canadian) Model F disc phonograph with all brass front mount horn, wood tone arm, slotted
          crank, Berliner Automatic Grand Reproducer patented March 24, 1903. SN-F394.
2094o. Records – Berliner 7‖ disc record – 18Y
2095o. Records – Berliner 7‖ disc record – 1759 – Abide with me.
2096o. Records – Berliner 7‖ disc record – V9191 – Josh at the Circus
2097o. Records – Berliner 7‖ disc record – 433 – Home Sweet Home
2098o. Records – Pre-Dog 7‖ Victor ―Farmyard Medley‖ and Oxford 7‖ record #514 ―Tenting to-night on the old Campground‖
2099m. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition reproducer
2100mm2. Phonograph – Victor D. Fancy carved oak cabinet with original oak spear tip horn. 12” turntable
2101hd. Record – Diamond Disc – ―Let Us Not Forget‖
2102rw. Vogue Record –R770
2104rw. Vogue Record – R771
2105rw. Vogue Record – R772
2105-1p. Phonograph – Victor ―P‖. The phonograph has a front mount with brass bell horn.
2106o. Cylinder Phonograph Part – Carriage for Cygnet Horn, cylinder phonograph
2107rw. Phonograph – Edison Home (Model A – Long Case) with ―C‖ reproducer and crank. SN-H-119605.

2108b.   R736
2109b.   R752
2110b.   R721
2111b.   R731
2112b.   R781

2113mm2. Phonograph & Cabinet – HMV (Victor) ―Model D‖ disc phonograph w/huge aluminum horn and a matching HMV
            carved pedestal cabinet. One of the most eye-catching European Victor machines, with tremendous wood-carving on
        the cabinet and pedestal. The first machine and cabinet like this that we have had the opportunity to sell.
2114m Reproducer – Another excellent Berliner ―J‖ reproducer, marked 18425.
2115mm. Music Box - Regina Style No. 10 in excellent condition. Duplex comb, plays very loud and well. Fancy
2116mm. Music box Cabinet - Mahogany music box stand (Criterion style) w/carving on the door & open changing shelf
2117h. Good red morning glory horn with pink roses.
2118h. Good TCT black morning glory horn with pink roses w/red highlights.
2119o. Sign board for Columbia coin operated cylinder phonograph w/paper insert. Good
2120mm2. Phonograph – Edison Rosenfeld ―Class M‖ coin operated cylinder phonograph in oak cabinet w/glass enclosure over
           the machine. Super rare early electric coin-op with unusual repeater.
2121m. Reproducer – Perfection disc phonograph and an early cylinder reproducer for parts.
2122s.     Phonograph – Columbia ―B‖ cylinder phonograph with all brass horn and winding key. SN-414522.
2123CJ. Music Box – Swiss cylinder music box w/6‖ very good cylinder, plays 8 tunes and has an inlaid case.
2124z. Phonograph – Edison Model A (the early style) cylinder phonograph w/shaver, early and rare Blackman reproducer in an
        oak 5 drawer record cabinet with glass case covering the machine. Carving on the front of the cabinet. SN-H10875
2125mm. Phonograph - Victor E (Rigid Arm) phonograph w/brass bell horn, threaded elbow, crank, etc., nice. SN-4348
2126sj. Music Box – Reginaphone Style 155 (Page 191 of Bower‘s book) is a double comb (no broken teeth) machine in an
        impressive serpentine cabinet with 9 panel nickel horn, and all phonograph parts. SN- 1500-194. 2 discs are included
2127sj. Music Box Disc Cabinet – An oak serpentine top modern disc cabinet that was used with the above machine. The owner has
        not refinished the base to match the original finish on the machine, but this could be easily done.
2128s. Phonograph – Victor ―MS‖ disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, crank, Oak Spear Tip Horn. SN-11866
2129sj. Cabinet – An excellent Herzog (?)oak double door record cabinet with swing-out doors and two tier slotted interior. Nice.
2130mm. Phonograph - Victor O disc phonograph w/exhibition reproducer, gold petal horn and crank. SN-10018D
2131j. Piano – Seeburg player piano with Scenic Art Glass (Leaded and Stained) front. All parts present for complete restoration
2132co. Horn – Small brass bell ―witches hat‖ horn
2133b. Phonograph – Victor D (Late Model) with excellent Spruce Music Master horn ( 21‖X25‖), Exhibition reproducer and crank
        SN-8447. Celluloid tag on front ―Jacot Music Box Company‖.
2134m. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer.
2135s. Phonograph – Edison Maroon Gem cylinder phonograph with H reproducer, crane & a maroon morning glory horn. SN-
        334263D. A beautiful restored machine.
2136h. Organ/Barrel Clock – Early 1800‘s barrel and organ clock. The dial of the clock is painted on board. There are a number of
        soldiers above the clock. The machine has been electrified. A very unusual example.
2137SJ. Zither – Manufactured by the Harmony Company, American Guitar Zither Manufacturers. The front board is cracked.
2138s. Phonograph – Berliner ―Trademark‖ with ―J‖ reproducer (#9092, funnel horn & record screw. Stamped J-6117. Excellent.

2139b.   R732 / 13 and R713 / 32 on reverse
2140b.   R713 and R711 on reverse
2141b.   R723
2142b.   R751
2143b.   R711 (scarce)
2144ra. Phonograph – Victor P1 disc front mount phonograph w/wooden tone arm, crank and correct brass bell horn with screw on
        elbow. No reproducer.
2145j. A group of Automatic Music Rolls for Orchestrion‘s, Model G. Choice/Each
2146s. Phonograph – Victor Fancy D disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank and wooden Oak spear tip horn. SN-6675.
2146-1z. Reproducer and Carriage – Edison Automatic reproducer with complete carriage/bracket and shaver.
2147ra. Phonograph – Edison Standard 4 latch suitcase cylinder phonograph. No reproducer, crank and needs work
2148ra. Cover for an Edison Standard 4 latch suitcase cylinder phonograph. Bail is there, but only one eyelit
2149ra. Horn – 16‖x31‖ brass bell Amplifying horn.
2150mm. Phonograph - Victor M disc phonograph w/exhibition reproducer & rear mount 9 panel Victor horn. SN-54086
2151ra. Horn – Small brass bell witches hat horn.
2152s. Phonograph – Columbia ―B‖ cylinder phonograph w/key wind w/small horn. SN-10364.
2153j. Antique quack medical device in original box.
2154ra. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph with ―H‖ reproducer, crank and brass bell horn.
2155m. Recorder – Edison Recorder with weight ring/bracket for cygnet horn use.
2156CJ. Bird Case – Swiss double bird singing cage standing 11‖ tall x 6-1/2‖ diameter by Reuge Music box. Sainte-Croix. Nice.
2157ra. Phonograph – Edison Maroon Gem cylinder phonograph with Combination Type ―K‖ reproducer, crank and Maroon Fireside
        two piece horn. No crane.
2158z. Phonograph – Vitaphone floor model disc phonograph w/upper case/lid inside horn. Model 75. SN-1122.
2159z. Radio – Edison floor model radio, AP-10318. Floor model radio.
2160mm. Phonograph - Victor MS machine w/brass bell horn, exhibition reproducer, record screw. No crank. SN-7057
2161s. Phonograph – Victrola VV-4-3 spring wound disc phonograph in lift top cabinet. SN-71809

5” Brown Wax Concert Records

2162jc. Edison Concert 5‖ brown wax. Excellent condition. Title on lid says #8215 ―Under the bamboo Tree‖, by Arthur Collins
2162-1jc. Columbia 5‖ brown wax. Excellent condition. Inside slip says ―The Handicap March‖, Sousa‘s Grand Concert Band
2162-2jc. Columbia 5‖ brown wax. Very good condition. Inside slip says ―Thunder & Lightning Galop‖, Gilmore‘s Band
2162-3jc. Edison 5‖ brown wax. Average. Light mold, small chip on left edge. Title on lid says ―Calantha Waltzes‖, Edison Grand
          Concert Band.
2162-4jc. Edison 5‖ dark brown wax. Average. Several mold spots & tiny surface chips. Title on box says ―Bridal March from
          Lohengrin‖, Edison Grand concert Band.
2162-5jc. Edison 5‖ brown wax. Below average. Mold spots on surface and edges. Title on lid says ―Selection from the
          Burgomaster‖, Peerless Orchestra.
2162-6jc. Edison 5‖ brown wax. Very good. Some mold on edges. Title slip says ―In the Valley of Kentucky‖, Bryon G. Harlan.
2162-7jc. Edison 5‖ brown wax. Average. Edge mold w/some spots on the playing surface. Title on lid says ―Second New Jersey
          March‖, Edison Grand Concert Band.
2162-8jc. Edison 5‖ brown wax. Below average. Inside slips says ―Hearts and Flowers‖ played by the Peerless Orchestra
2162-9jc. Columbia 5‖ brown wax. Very Good. Tiny mold spots on surface. Inside slip say Comic Song. ―You Can‘t Think of
          Everything‖. Mr. Will F. Denny.

2163mm2 – Phonograph – Kalamazoo Duplex disc phonograph with correct duplex reproducer, horns, etc. Nice decal. Original
        fabric covered brass-bell horns. Great eye appeal. A very nice package.
2164m. Reproducer – Edison K, combination 2/4 minute cylinder reproducer
2165s. Phonograph – Vitanola floor model disc phonograph in mahogany cabinet. Chicago, Illinois. Model Type 10. SN-B20966
2166z. Radio/Phonograph Case – Columbia ―Kolster‖ Viva-Tonal combination radio and phonograph. Has radio, but no interior
        phonograph works.
2167s. Phonograph – Attractive and Unusual ―Baby Grand‖ style disc phonograph with a Victor Exhibition reproducer.
2168w. Music Box – An excellent Mermod Freres Sublime Harmonie interchangeable cylinder music box with 13‖ cylinder, and 3
        cylinders with storage box. Very nice.
2168m. Reproducer – Victor gold Exhibition reproducer for Victor VI disc phonograph
2169s. Phonograph – Columbia ‖BN‖ disc phonograph w/Analyzing reproducer and rear mount repainted 9 panel horn.
2170z. Record Cabinet – Salter style mahogany disc record cabinet with padded interior slots, 2 swinging doors. Very good
2171s. Phonograph – Edison Gem (black) cylinder unit w/―C‖ reproducer and conical gold band horn, crank & cover. SN-291817C
2171-1z. Reproducer and Carriage – Edison ―N‖ reproducer and carriage.
2172z. Phonograph – Victrola VE-8-30X Credenza, walnut case floor model disc phonograph. SN-21361.
2173m. Parts Lot – (Some are recasts, many old) – including back bracket screws, gaskets, screws, brake, speed indicator, gears,
        needle cup, pulls, cover latch for Fireside, horn rubber, and 2 wood columns from a Columbia disc machine.
2174m. Gold top and base of column for Victor VI
2175s. Phonograph – Columbia Type Q cylinder phonograph with reproducer, conical horn, filigree key and painted bed.
2176z. Interesting 5 drawer cylinder record cabinet (no pegs) w/a 13-1/2‖ wide opening hole in the top for a phonograph with claw
        feet, and ornate pulls.
2176-1y. Phonograph – Edison Home – Suitcase Model. This has a brass mandrel and a National Phonograph Company crank.
        The original red decal on the lid is in excellent condition. Nice
2177m. Adapter for Diamond Disc and 78 rpm.
2178s. Phonograph – Talk-o-phone (made in Toledo) disc phonograph w/large front mount all brass horn, reproducer & crank.
2179CJ. Music Box – Fantastic and large interchangeable cylinder music box with 3 cylinders,, 6 bells, drum and 2 zithers. The box
        has three separate combs. The machine has 3 cylinders with each playing 8 tunes. The machine was completely restored by
        Al Meekins including re-pinning of the cylinders and replacement of the spring barrel. The cylinders are stored in a drawer in
        the music box cabinet. An excellent example with the cylinders measuring 14-1/8‖ each.
2180s. Phonograph – Victor VV-X floor model disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank and mahogany cabinet. SN-27141. A
        desirable machine.
2181sj. Phonograph – Victor VI disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer and excellent mahogany spear tip horn. SN-
2182m. Reproducer – Victor exhibition reproducer
2183s. Phonograph – Columbia ―AK‖ (second style) Disc Graphophone with front mount all black horn, reproducer, crank, ―Columbia‖
        aluminum horn support and tone arm. Horizontally ribbed case.
2184s. Assembled disc phonograph from barrel with phonograph inside, Exhibition reproducer & radio style outside horn.
2185s. Phonograph – Victor MS disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank 7 nice oak spear tip wooden horn. SN-5297
2186z. Phonograph – Edison C-250 floor model disc phonograph w/reproducer. No grill or crank. SM-45985
2187s. Phonograph – Columbia Graphophone cylinder phonograph with Lyre reproducer, crank, all brass witches hat horn and cover.
2188CJ. Music Box – Stella Model 84 (Pictured on page 118 of Bower‘s book) that plays a 17-1/4‖ disc. The front of the mahogany
        case is carved with a storage drawer for discs. There are 13 discs with the machine. 2 broken teeth.
2189m. Reproducer – Edison C reproducer
2189mm2. Rare Phonograph – Columbia A cylinder phonograph with a Rare Bettini reproducer and horn in a Hawthorne and
         Sheble 7 drawer cabinet with glass enclosure over the machine. A very rare and desirable package.
2190s. Phonograph – Standard ―Open works‖ disc phonograph with 7‖ turntable, all black horn, and ―fall-off‖ crank. One record
2191sj. Cabinet – Excellent Salter mahogany double bow front disc record cabinet with Lions head, claw foot, padded interior and pull-
        out side needle drawer AND matching mirrored back splash mirror.
2192sj. Phonograph – Edison Triumph cylinder phonograph with ―cygnet‖ reproducer, Hawthorne & Sheble morning glory nickel horn
        with iris decoration and excellent crane and crank. SN-47286. 2-4 minute machine.
2193z. Record Cabinet – Oak cylinder record cabinet with 4 sliding shelves and 120 pegs
2194s. Phonograph – Aretino disc phonograph with front mount green morning glory horn and large record spindle w/records
2195mm. RARE Regina Automatic Changer Disc Music Box – Regina Corona (Style 35), 15-1/2” mahogany automatic
        changer disc music box with curved glass and a RARE REGINA CLOCK in the gallery.
2196m. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer
2197s. Phonograph- Victor E ―Rigid Arm‖ phonograph w/Concert reproducer, rear mount repainted morning glory horn and record
       screw. SN-81033
2198mm. Miscellaneous crane pieces and a Columbia 5‖ brown wax cylinder record and box. Record has edge chips.
2198-1mm2. Extremely Rare American Graphophone (Columbia) Treadle Shaver. Very early and rare foot-powered machine
       Used to shave brown-wax cylinders.
2199o. Cylinder record hone made of aluminum in box.
2200mm. Phonograph – Edison Amberola A-1 floor model cylinder phonograph in mahogany cabinet. SN-964.
2201z. Television – Philco ―Predicta‖ table model television.
2202m. Reproducer – Victor Improved Concert disc phonograph reproducer.
2203s. Phonograph – ―Lyre‖ Puck cylinder phonograph, spring and key wound with reproducer and witches hat style horn.
2204z. Radio/Phonograph – Brunswick Model BR60 console phonograph w/Ultona reproducer and combination RCA Brunswick
       Radiola Super Heterodyne. SN-279625
2205z. Record Cabinet – Pooley mahogany 2 door ―Automatic‖ record cabinet.
2206s. Phonograph – Victor ―R‖ disc with Exhibition reproducer and all black front mount horn. SN-15710
2207m. Reproducer – Edison K, combination 2/4 minute reproducer
2208z. Phonograph – Columbia Grafonola Grand (Grand Piano Style) Piano disc phonograph. Looking for certain mechanical parts
       at this time.
2209h. Phonograph- Portable Cameraphone style phonograph. Incomplete.
2210mm. Phonograph - Victor IV disc phonograph, Excellent Reproducer, crank & smooth mahogany horn. SN-38326.
2211mm. Record Cabinet – Mahogany serpentine record cabinet w/5 drawers, gold pulls, 4 Corinthian columns

2212rw.   Vogue Record – R774
2213rw.   Vogue Record – R775
2214rw.   Vogue Record – R776
2215rw.   Vogue Record – R777
2216rw.   Vogue Record – R778
2217rw.   Vogue Record – R779

2218s. Phonograph – Edison Concert cylinder phonograph with 5‖ mandrel, reproducer, shaver, crank and cover. SN-C665.
2219m. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition disc reproducer
2220h. Music box – Symphonion oak case disc music box. The machine plays a 11-3/4‖ discs & has two that will go with the machine
        and crank. The machine has an off-set Sublime Harmony style double comb layout.
2221s. Floor Crane – Phonograph floor horn crane.
2223s. Phonograph – Victor ―E‖ disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, front mount black horn & wooden tone arm. SN56101.
2224s. Horn – Nice red morning glory horn with pink roses.
2225mm. Phonograph - Zonophone Model A (glass side) disc phonograph w/all brass horn & crank
2226m. Reproducer – Early Edison cylinder phonograph reproducer.
2227s. Horn – Red morning glory horn with pink roses, average condition but attractive
2228h. Phonograph – Victor VV-IX table model disc phonograph with inside horn and cover on feet w/an Exhibition reproducer.
2229s. Horn – TCT red morning glory horn with purple and yellow pansy‘s. Very nice.
2229mm2. Phonograph – Berliner Trademark Model – Brass horn and leather elbow. The package is all original.
2230s. Horn – Brass bell front mount replica horn.
2231h. Phonograph – Columbia Q cylinder phonograph w/brass horn and key wind. There are a group cylinder records in Columbia
        boxes that go with the machine
2232h. Two Victor HMV green 500 piece needle tins.
2233h. Group of disc records, various labels
2234mm. Phonograph – Columbia ―AK‖ (Second Style) disc phonograph with front mount black horn & Analyzing reproducer.a
2235m. Reproducers – 2 Orthophonic reproducers.
2236s. Phonograph – Victor Type Z disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, brass bell horn, crank. SN-12970
2237s. Horn – Victor rear mount black 11 panel horn with gold trim. Excellent.
2238s. Phonograph – Columbia ―BKT‖ cylinder phonograph with rear mount 8 panel blue morning glory horn. Complete
2239m. Reproducer – Edison C reproducer
2240s. Horn – Searchlight phonograph horn, repainted gold.
2241s. Phonograph – Victor VV-IV oak disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer and inside horn
2242s. Phonograph – Victor VV-IV oak disc phonograph w/Victrola No. reproducer and inside horn.
2243s. Horn – Large all brass excellent 56‖ horn with adjustable angle hanger.
2244s. Phonograph – Columbia ―BH‖ (?) disc phonograph with Analyzing reproducer and rear mount 8 panel blue horn.
2245m. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer
2246m. Spring and adjusting screw for holding horn to cygnet horn
2247m. Columbia broken parts for aluminum tone arm, cradle, etc.
2248m. Phonograph key for child‘s machine?
2249m. Miscellaneous lot – Horn support base, needle cup and reproducer part.
2250mm. Phonograph - Victor MS disc phonograph w/oak spear tip horn, exhibition reproducer, and crank. SN-11911
2251hd. Record – Diamond Disc – Edison ―Let Us Not Forget‖
2252hd. Record – Diamond Disc – Edison ―Let Us Not Forget‖
2253s. Phonograph – Zon-o-phone ―Concert‖ front mount disc phonograph with all brass horn
2254s. Horn – All brass 37‖ horn with adjustable hanger, and flared bell. Excellent.
2255s. Horn – All brass 31‖ horn, nice
2256s. Horn – All brass 25‖ horn, nice
2257s. Horn – All brass morning glory phonograph horn, again…very nice. 9 panels.
2258s. Phonograph – Columbia disc phonograph with black front mount horn, Analyzing reproducer and vertical crank.
2259s. Horns – 2 Horns – Choice – Blue morning glory and rear mount phonograph horn w/bracket
2260sj. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder machine w/ ―C‖ reproducer, repeater, adjustable crane & all brass horn. SN-209368.
2261mm. Music Box Discs – 10 Regina 20-3/4‖ discs.
2263s. Phonograph – Edison Fireside cylinder phonograph w/ ―K‖ reproducer, 2-4 minute, crank & 2 pc. new horn. SN-76384
2264mm. Music Box Discs – 3 Symphonion discs. 2-19-1/4‖and 1-22‖ One lot
2265z. Store Cylinder Record Display Unit on legs – Oak – Egg and Dart molding – Holds 60 cylinders
2266s. Phonograph – Standard Model A disc unit rear mount screw red morning glory horn & Analyzing reproducer. Complete.
2267s. Record – Columbia 6‖ cylinder record w/box. 85119. Excellent condition 8+
2268s. Record – Columbia 6‖ cylinder record w/box. 85023. Excellent condition 9
2269s. Record – Columbia 6‖ cylinder record w/box. 850__. The Low …… ‗ Car. Chipped inner edge obscuring writing. The
       record is excellent – 8-1/2 +
2270s. Phonograph – Columbia ―BVT‖ small case cylinder phonograph with reproducer and crank.
2271mm. Disc Cabinet - Mahogany music box disc cabinet with top drawer and base for vertical music box disc storage
2272s. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 75 floor model mahogany cylinder phonograph – SM—11774.
2273s. Columbia 6‖ cylinder record w/box. 85185. Grade 9.
2274s. Phonograph – Victor I disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank and rear mount Victor 9 panel horn. SN-42923
2275s. Record Cabinet – Cylinder record cabinet (single door) set up for 5 sliding shelves (only 2 present)
2276s. Columbia 6‖ cylinder record w/box. 85105. 7-1/2 – 8.
2277s. Columbia 6‖ cylinder record w/box. 85103. 8-1/2
2278s. Phonograph – Victor II disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, crank and rear mount (red) 9 panel horn. SN-32081B
2279s. 12 Cylinder records
2281mm. Record Cabinet - Ornate Victor VI mahogany Gothic cabinet w/2 automatic doors, columns and carvings

2282rw.   Vogue Record – R752
2283rw.   Vogue Record – R753
2284rw.   Vogue Record – R754
2285rw.   Vogue Record – R755
2286rw.   Vogue Record – R756

2287s. Phonograph – Modernola round case floor model disc phonograph in an OAK cabinet with the correct Modernola reproducer,
       crank and a modern shade. A very nice oak example.
2288s. Record Cabinet – Mahogany piano roll or record cabinet with 8 shelves and single door.
2289s. Small record cabinet with album storage
2290z. Floor model disc record cabinet
2291s. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder – Brown Wax – Excellent – Paper inside say Kentucky Jubilee Singers. Loud and Clear
2292s. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder – Brown Wax – Nightingale and the Frog. Very good.
2293s. Phonograph – Columbia Grafonola ―Princess‖ small lift top disc phonograph in mahogany cabinet with Dealers tag.
2294s. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder – Brown Wax – ―I Couldn‘t‖ Will Denny. Loud and clear. Very good Box has hole in side.
2295s. Edison Concert 5‖ Cylinder – Good box – record in poor condition.
2296s. Phonograph – Edison LU-37 floor model diamond disc phonograph. SM-23016
2297s. Columbia 5‖ Cylinder – Brown wax – Grade 5-6
2298s. Edison Concert 5‖ record – ―Marion‖ sung by Collins and Natus. Excellent.. 9.
2299s. Edison Concert 5‖ record – Brown wax ―What a friend we have in Jesus‖. 5-6
2300mm. Phonograph - Victor IV mahogany phonograph w/smooth mahogany horn, crank & Ex. Reproducer. #36378.
2300-1z. Reproducer – Columbia D-2B aluminum cylinder phonograph reproducer with center stylus.
2301mm. Phonograph - Columbia Graphophone Type S, coin operated cylinder phonograph w/brass horn. SN-20247
2302s. Over 30 empty cylinder record boxes.
2303s. Morning glory horn for Hi-Fidelty 1960‘s phonograph.
2303mm2. Phonograph – RARE Edison class M electric. ―Green‖ oak cabinet. The machine also has a listening rail. A super
       package and rare example.
2304z. Cylinder Record Cabinet – Super oak single door cylinder record cabinet w/revolving interior that has 196 record pegs.
2305s. Reproducer – Edison C reproducer in original box for H.
2306s. Record Brush – Resona celluloid record brush – The Charles William Stores - NY
2307s. Record Brush – RCA Victor celluloid red/black and gold HMV record brush
2308z. Berliner Record Case – A good oak folding cover record case. The 2 side base molding pieces are missing, but it is an easy
       fix and a very good piece.
2309z. Berliner Record – 0881G. Violin Solo
2310z. Berliner Record – 0644U. A talk on ―Drinking‖
2311z. Berliner Record – 0638J
2312z. Berliner Record – 021 ―Nearer My God To Thee‖
2313z. Berliner Record – 0892B
2314jl. Phonograph – Silvertone floor model disc phonograph.
2315z. Berliner Record – 1479Z
2316z. Berliner Record – 0611F Banjo Solo
2317z. Berliner Record – 0541Turkey in the Straw
2318FG. Music Box - Regina Model 19 - table model disc music box w/double comb (no broken teeth), 16 discs, fancy pressed
        carved case& original lithograph. #20110. From the Freeman Gray Estate in Grand Rapids.
2319z. Berliner Record – 0414N. Because by the Hayden Quartet
2320z. Berliner Record – 608Z. Casey‘s Address to the G.A.R.
2321z. Berliner Record – 0244A. Sousa‘s Band Waltzes
2322mm. Oak wooden horn - Music Master oak cygnet phonograph horn with metal elbow
2323z. Berliner Record – 0206A. Mikado March. Sousa‘s Band
2324z. Berliner Record – 0203A. Mammy‘s Pumkin Colored Coon‘s.
2325mm. Phonograph – Edison Opera Model A – Type SM – Oak Music Master horn – Excellent. SN-1485.
2326z. Berliner Record – 0200A. Serenade Moszkowski. Sousa‘s Band
2327z. Berliner Record – 053. Gwine Back to Arkansaw
2328z. Berliner Record – 0163J. ―A Hot Time In The Old Town‖
2329z. Phonograph – Edison C-250 diamond disc floor model phonograph. SM-24113
2330mm. Record Cabinet - Nice Pooley oak 2 door disc record cabinet with automatic ejection system
2331z. Berliner Record – 04+ Whistling Rufus. Mr. Len. Spencer
2332z. Berliner Record – 046 Laughing Song by Cal Stewart
2333z. Berliner Record – 305. Polacca from I Puritan 1 Clarinet Solo
2334z. Record Cabinet – Oak single door cylinder record cabinet with 3 interior sliding shelves.
2335z. Records – 7‖ – 7 Zonophone (BB9520, B9175, V9189, W9288, B9659, Q9206, A9283) and Climax 531, and Columbia 141,
        and Victor Monarch (Pre-Dog) early hand written title _____eagle, Sousa.
2336z. Phonograph – Gilbert oak console disc phonograph. Also a Gilbert wood palm record brush
2337jl. Records – 62 Children‘s picture records, plus 5 books w/record covers
2338z. Radio – Philco table top radio, model G4710. SN-AC03823
2339z. Phonograph – Perfektone disc phonograph in a Heywood Wakefield disc phonograph w/Perfektone reproducer. Some case
        damage. Complete except missing turntable.
2340z. Music Box Discs – 14 – Regina 27‖ disc music boxes
2341z. Radio – Zenith Long Distance table model radio. N155991.
2342z. Radio Speaker – Radio Speaker number 103 with tapestry front
2343z. Radio – Philco console radio, model 39-116. SN-M001534
2344z. Suitcase Type Cylinder Record Case for 5‖ cylinder records. Holds 24 records
2345z. Record Cabinet – Herzog bow front cylinder oak record cabinet w/pegs.
2346z. Early and rare suitcase for 12 records with original hearing tubes.
2347z. Phonograph – Edison B-80 oak case table model diamond disc phonograph. Disassembled.
2348z. Music Box Disc Cabinet – Mahogany single door music box disc cabinet with vertical storage.
2349z. Panatrope – Brunswick Panatrope & Radiola – Model PR-17-8 – floor model comb. phonograph & radio. SN-130016
2350mm. Music Box - Regina (Style 15) disc music box that plays a 15-1/2” disc. A coin operated machine.
2351z. Ampico Reproducing Grand Piano Rolls - 18
2352z. Same as above - 28
2353z. Same as above - 12
2354z. Same as above - 6
2355z. Phonograph – Edison Amberola V cylinder phonograph w/grill and crank. SN-4188.
2356z. Duo-Art Player Rolls - 18
2357z Phonograph – Edison Triumph ―D‖ phonograph – Has ―O‖ (2-4 minute) reproducer. A RARE MAHOGANY CAbINET &
        Mahogany cygnet horn. No crank found. The case needs to be re-glued to avoid cracking and damage.
2358z. Cylinder record suitcase with 39 records included - ONE LOT
2359z. Phonograph – Victor Victrola VV-1-70 crank table model phonograph. No reproducer. SN-3198.
2360z. Oak hanging or counter top oak single door cabinet (medicine cabinet style) with 126 pegs for cylinder records.
2361z. Phonograph – Edison B-80 diamond disc table model phonograph in disc cabinet. No reproducer.
2361-1z. Reproducer – Columbia D-1 aluminum cylinder phonograph reproducer w/stylus bar.

2362rw. Vogue Record – R758
2363rw. Vogue Record – R760
2364rw. Vogue Record – R761
2365rw. Vogue Record – R764
2366rw. Vogue Record - R766

2367z. Excellent Edison bedplate and motor. Very good paint.
2368z. Duo-Art Piano Rolls – 13 total and 2 books.
2369z. Duo-Art Piano Rolls - 18
2370mm. Phonograph - Zonophone disc phonograph w/rear mount red 8 panel gold trimmed horn w/rep. - No crank
2371mm. Radio - Philco Model 90, Super Heterodyne table model radio
2372mm. Radio - Philco Model 90, Super Heterodyne table model radio
2373mm. Cash Register – National 312 brass cash register. SN- 1101437
2374mm. Phonograph - Edison S-19 diamond disc floor model phonograph. No crank. SM-83554
2375mm. Phonograph - Victor VV-XI with Victrola No. 2 reproducer. No crank. SN-295269G
2375-1z. Reproducer – Columbia “Eagle” cylinder phonograph reproducer, aluminum.
2376mm. Phonograph - Zonophone disc machine w/rear mount oak smooth wood “Baby” Music Master horn, no crank.
2377mm. Record Cabinet – Herzog oak bow front disc record cabinet w/one shelf & orig. finish
2378mm. Phonograph - Edison Gem (black) cylinder phonograph w/crane & Edison Gem black horn w/crank. G185509
2378-1z. Reproducers – 2 Victor Orthophonic reproducers (gold). One lot.
2379mm. Phonograph - Victor D (fancy) disc machine w/Exhibition reproducer, crank & large brass bell horn. SN-459
2380z. QRS Piano Rolls - 25
2381z. Same - 35
2382z. Duo-Art - 29
2383z. QRS Rolls, Etc. - 27
2384z. QRS Rolls – Christmas – 9
2385z. Tandberg reel to reel tape player and large box of tapes. Model 64.
2386z. Box of 78 rpm records
2387z. Duo-Art Rolls – 24 total
2388z. Duo-Art Rolls – 20 total
2389z. RCA ―His Master‘s Voice‖ Nipper store drapes with logo – One pair
2390z. A pair of ―Zenith – Quality‖ store drapes.. One pair.
2391z. Speaker – Stromberg – Carlson Custom 400 – 15‖ speaker, wide range.
2392z. Speaker – RCA Radiola loud speaker, model 100-A
2393z. Speaker – RCA Radiola loud speaker, model 100-A
2394z. Phonograph – Columbia disc phonograph. The motor, tone arm, crank and reproducer are inside. No complete.
2395z. Shipping Crate Panel – Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph ―No Needles To Change‖
2396z. Phonograph – RCA electric phonograph – 45 rpm records – Model 45-J-2. SNA117102
2397z. Same as above. SN-2-10873
2398z. Phonograph – RCA electric phonograph w/cover – Plays 45 rpm records – Model 45-EY-4. SN-X064533.
2399z. Radio Horn Speakers – 2 matching – RCA Radiola Loud Speaker – Model UZ-1325. CHOICE.
2400mm. Phonograph - Victor MS (Rigid Arm) w/BB horn, threaded elbow, record screw, Concert rep. & crank. SN-3988
2401z. Radio – RCA Victor Model 8BX6 table model radio
2402z. Phonograph – Victor Victrola VV-1-90 table model disc phonograph w/Orthophonic reproducer. SN-18777
2403z. Radio – Hallicrafter‘s Worldwide Radio table model. Model TW-2000
2404z. Phonograph – Edison Standard, Model D, with ―H‖ reproducer and crank. SN-759785
2405z. Radio Speaker – Kodel ―Senior Model‖ small radio speaker
2406z. Radio Speaker – Atwater Kent ―Type E‖ table model radio speaker. SN-991231.
2407z. Cylinder Records – 24 total in boxes.
2408z. Phonograph – Edison B-60 ―Mission – Arts and Crafts‖ diamond disc phonograph w/crank. SM-1494.
2409z. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph with C reproducer and repeater.
2410z. Fisher – Series Ninety ―Gold Cascode‖ unit
2411mm. Music Box Stand- A nice music box stand w/drawer & double doors for vertical disc storage w/talon claw feet.
2412z. Ampico reproducing piano rolls – 17 total
2413z. Same – 22 rolls and an Ampico book
2414z. Duo-Art rolls – 18 rolls and a Duo-Art book
2415z. Cylinder Record – Edison ―Royal Purple‖ #29073
2416z. Ampico and other reproducing piano rolls. 42 total.
2417z. Cylinder Records – 33, partial boxes
2418z. Cylinder Records – 24 in boxes
2419z.   Cylinder Records – 23 in boxes, partial covers
2420z.   Cylinder Records – 26, partial boxes
2421z.   Group of Cylinder record boxes and covers.
2422z.   Edison Royal Purple - 29053
2423z.   Edison Royal Purple - 29030
2424z.   Edison Royal Purple - 28033
2426z. Dynakit – Stereo 70 unit
2427z. Horn – Paper Mache’ with Victor I elbow
2428z. Craftsmen 500 Ultra Fidelty amplifier
2429z. Philco television / radio channel rotary control.
2430z. Phonograph – Rare Pathephone No. 8 coin operated disc phonograph w/fancy case & moldings. Incomplete
2431z. Phonograph – Victor Eldridge R. Johnson “M” disc phonograph with Concert reproducer, crank, record screw,
       horn support and wood tone arm. SN-1548. Has long brass bell horn with leather elbow.
2432z. Phonograph – Victor Eldridge R. Johnson “M” disc phonograph case w/horn support. No works. SN-8287
2433z. Phonograph – Victor III machine, cabinet and motor. No crank, back bracket or horn. SN-2781A
2434z. Outdoor modern speaker – University Loud Speaker
2435z. 20 Edison Diamond Disc Records
2436z. 21 Edison Diamond Disc Records
2437z. 29 Edison Diamond Disc Records
2438z. 19 Edison Diamond Disc Records and a few various 78 rpm records
2439z. 40 Edison Diamond Disc Records
2440m. 16 Edison Diamond Disc Records
2441z. Horn Bell – Edison No. 11 cygnet horn bell, very good. No elbow
2442z. Mahogany stained wooden back mount horn. No elbow connector.
2443z. Music Master oak cygnet horn bell, very good. No band or elbow
2444z. Music Master oak cygnet horn with elbow, Good.
2445mm. Cabinet - Oak single door record or sheet music cabinet w/5 shelves.
2446z. Hawthorne and Sheble nickel morning glory horn with roses
2447z. Mahogany cygnet horn bell. No band or elbow. Good
2448z. 5 all brass horn, Choice
2449z. All brass morning glory horn w/9 petals
2450z. Very large Victor brass bell horn with recast elbow. 36” long x 27” diameter
2451z. Large cylinder machine horn measuring 42” long x 24” diameter, brass bell example
2452z. Standard morning glory blue horn with pink roses, an Edison horn.
2453z. TCT morning glory horn with pink roses on a blue horn. Nicer
2454z. Edison Home (11 panel) black morning glory horn.
2455z. Box lot of parts and misc. items to be sold in a group
2456z. Puritan Electrical Phonograph Pickup in original box
2457z. A large and rare group of phonograph hear tubes and multi-tube connectors – To be sold as one lot.
2503mm. Phonograph – Zonophone disc machine w/case, motor & turntable. No horn, reproducer, crank or tone arm.
2504z. Reproducer – Edison Diamond B reproducer.
2505z. Reproducers – Victrola 4 and Victor Orthophonic reproducers. One lot.
2506z. Reproducer – Edison “H” reproducer with original box.
2507z. Reproducer – Columbia cylinder phonograph reproducer, aluminum w/center stylus.
2508z. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition reproducer.
2509z. Reproducer – Pathe’ Concert disc reproducer, made in France.
2510z. Reproducer – Edison “H” reproducer
2511z. Reproducer – Edison “H” reproducer
2512z. Reproducer – All brass reproducer for disc phonographs. Unmarked.
2513z. Reproducer – Columbia Improved (?) long throat reproducer for outside horn disc phonographs.
2514z. Italian Omas (since 1925) 100 Anniversary fountain pen in redwood box with literature. Centennial of the
       Marconi Invention of the Radio, 1895 – 1995. Original cost noted at $450.00.
2700mm. Phonograph – Victor MS disc phonograph w/large brass bell horn, Exhibition reproducer & crank. SN-16598
2725mm. Phonograph – Victor V disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, brass bell horn & crank. SN-19040.
2730mm. Cylinder Record Cabinet – 5 drawer oak cylinder cabinet with brass pulls. No pegs. A nice small cabinet.
2800mm. Phonograph – Berliner “Trademark” phonograph with funnel horn, “bullet brake”, crank & new leather elbow.
2841mm. Record Cabinet – Another nice 6 dr. oak cylinder record cabinet w/large claw feet & wooden pulls. No pegs
2870mm. Record Cabinet – Very good 6 drawer oak cylinder record cabinet w/claw feet and no pegs. Nice.
3305mm. Record Cabinet – Rare & excellent mahogany cylinder cabinet w/double auto. doors & 5 pull-out shelves.
  More items still being added. This will be another exceptional auction. Make sure that you take time to look over the
descriptions and then examine all of the items before bidding on the item being sold. We have done our best to be correct
           with our descriptions, but there is no guarantee….everything is being sold in as is, where is condition.

                                                 Steven E. Stanton,
                                (517) 726-0627 evening or (517) 331-8150 cellular/days
                                   Evening email address –

                                        Stanton’s Auctioneers and Realtors
                               144 S. Main, P.O. Box 146, Vermontville, Michigan 49096
                                      (517) 726-0181 Office, (517) 726-0060 Fax
                  Email – - Website –
Sale Location & Directions -
Sale Location - One mile south of downtown on Cochran Avenue to the Eaton County Fairgrounds, turn in and go to the 4-H Building
behind the grandstand, in Charlotte, Michigan.

From Lansing - 20 miles southwest of Lansing and I-96 on I-69 to the Charlotte Exit 60, ½ mile west to Cochran Avenue, then ¼ mile
south, turn in go to building behind grandstands.

From Detroit or Chicago - Go west of Detroit or east of Chicago on I-94 to I-69 (Exit 108), go north to Charlotte Exit 60, ½ mile west to
Cochran Avenue, then ¼ mile south.

Area Hotels -

Charlotte -Holiday Inn Express, 500 Meijer Street.   (517) 541-5000. East of I-69 at Exit 60.
Charlotte - Comfort Inn, 1302 E. Packard. (517) 543-7307. ¼ mile north of I-69 and Exit 61.
Charlotte - Super 8 - (517) 543-8288. Just off I-69
Lansing - Holiday Inn West , (517) 627-3211.

Airport - Lansing Capital City - (800) 433-7300.

Additional Auction Information - We have done our best to correctly describe and identify the articles being sold; however, everything
is being sold in “as is - where is” condition. Obviously, the best way to have all of your questions answered is by your own personal
inspection on the day of the sale. If that is not possible, you may know of a friend that could examine the items for you and then represent
you in bidding for the same. If neither of these options is possible, call Stanton’s and we will do our best to answer your questions and
then execute your bid on the day of the auction. The following should be noted:

Absentee Bids

1. A 15% deposit must accompany all bids unless we have done business with you previously.
2. We execute your bid just as if you were bidding for yourself. The item will be purchased for you at the most competitive amount.
Depending on the bidding activity, you may be able to buy the piece for less than the amount of your bid. If two people bid the same
amount, the first bid received at that figure will be the purchaser.
3. No bid will be executed if an item is found to be damaged or incorrectly described.
4. Successful bidders will be contacted after the sale.
5. Full settlement will be required immediately.
6. Stanton’s can handle the shipping of items; HOWEVER, the packing, insuring and shipping charges are the expense of the purchaser.
7. The auctioneers may not be held liable for late received and/or non-executed bids.
8. No phone bids will be accepted on sale day.
9. Buyers Premium - 10% buyer’s premium will be charged at this auction.

Sale Information and Terms

A. Buyer’s Premium - There is a 10% buyer’s premium that will be charged on all purchases.
B. Terms of Sale is cash or personal check w/proper ID
C.     Sorry, No credit cards will be accepted.
B.     Everyone must register for a buyer’s number.
C.     Once the item is sold, it is your responsibility.
D. Full payment for all purchases is required at the end of each day of selling, before you leave the grounds.
E. Regarding the sale. Examine the pieces prior to the time that the item sells. Do not bid unless you are ready to be the owner of the
same. Everything sells AS IS
F. Announcements - Any announcements regarding the items being sold will take precedence over printed material. Any statements,
whether printed or oral, prior to the day of the sale or on auction day items regarding damage are made to inform al buyers that all pieces
are being sold “as is, where is” with no warranty of any kind.
G. Sales Tax - Anytime the auction of personal property is held in a facility, off the grounds of where the item originated from, we are
required by law to charge 6% Michigan Sales Tax. The only exception to this is if you have a sales tax exemption number with you or if
the item is being shipped out of state.
H. You as the buyer hereby agree to hold the Seller and Auctioneer’s harmless and agree to indemnify them from any future claim,
which shall pertain to the fitness or use of the assets being purchased or the loss of the same.

                                               For additional information contact:
                                                      Steven E. Stanton,
                                                 New Evening Phone (517) 852-0627
                                       evening email

                                                 Auctioneers and Realtors
                                        144 S. Main, P.O. Box 146, Vermontville, Mich. 49096
                                            (517) 726-0181 Office or Fax (517) 726-0060
                                                    Email -

Stanton’s Auctioneers handle the sale of fine collections of music boxes, phonographs, antiques, museum liquidations and all types,
anywhere. Contact us to discuss our service and the sale of your collection without obligation. We will be pleased to arrange a meeting
with you at your location.

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