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One of the words that have been mentioned more and more these days is human growth hormone (HGH).
HGH is one of those wonderful hormones that exist in our body and helps keep us looking radiant and
young. There are numerous reasons why someone starts to take HGH supplements. Balancing levels of HGH
will help increase over all body function, energy levels and muscle strength. The human growth hormone is
produced in the pituitary gland. It works to absorb the body’s amino acids and turn it into muscle. This helps
prevent muscle breakdown with helps increase metabolic rate and results in more energy for workouts.
Appropriate HGH levels are critical to fight aging and lose weight.

Signs of HGH Deficiency

There are many tell tale signs that a person is HGH deficient. The main list of symptoms is:

    •   Thin skin that lacks elasticity
    •   Wrinkles and sagging
    •   Decrease in stamina
    •   Decrease in sexual libido
    •   Increase in overall body fat
    •   Decrease in memory
    •   Decrease in overall kidney function
    •   Increase in cholesterol levels
    •   Thin and dull looking hair

Additionally, low levels of HGH can lead to weak heart muscles, obesity, a decrease in immune system
functions and diabetes.

Benefits of HGH

Human growth hormone offers a wide variety of benefits when it is at appropriate levels within the body. To
start, people find that there is an 82% improvement in weight loss. Wrinkles are known the decrease by 61%
and energy levels will increase by 84%. Additionally HGH is one of the most essential hormones for our
metabolism. A better functioning metabolism means that the whole body will function better. The
appearance of skin and hair also improves with HGH. The human growth hormone is also important in
maintaining and protecting the pancreas and liver. While it maintains pancreatic functions, it helps the liver to
synthesize glucose.

The only way to truly determine if you have low levels of HGH is to meet with an endocrinologist. From
there your doctor can recommended the right course of treatment. While proper diet and exercise can help
increase the benefits of HGH inside the body, HGH therapy treatments can show overall improvements
within one month.

All in all, the human growth hormone is the single most important hormone in the human body. When its
levels are imbalanced, the result is extra stress on your body. Sometimes the side effects are minimal such as
headaches and weight gain, but early diagnosis can help change the difficulties your body faces when it is
lacking HGH. With benefits such as decreasing the signs of aging and weight loss, it is hard to not see why
HGH is critical to your health. The best way to jumpstart increasing your levels of HGH is to partake in
cardio exercise at least three times per week for thirty minutes and increase fruits and vegetables in your diet.
Following these tips will put you well on your way to a happy, healthy lifestyle that really anyone can
accomplish with just a little effort.
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