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Brussels April 3, 2009 - At a gala awards presentation, Benjamin Kainz & Oscar Lundin,
Founders of “Ung Omsorg” were awarded the JA-YE Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Award 2009.

“Benjamin and Oscar really impressed the judges with their company,” said Caroline Jenner,
CEO of JA-YE Europe. “At the age of 21 and 20 respectively they have built a successful social
enterprise which employs over 400 people and is making a really positive impact on the lives of
thousands of Swedish elderly.”

The two managers of the Swedish company (which translates as Young Care) want to build
bridges between the generations and inspire young people to work in the care sector in the
future. In 2006, Benjamin and Oscar participated in the Company Programme in school and
participated in the European Company of the Year competition.          Today they are using their
experiences from that year to run their own successful company. Young Care hires part-time
workers from upper-secondary schools in Sweden.           The young people are then placed in
positions in retirement homes, helping the elderly by taking them for walks, reading the news to
them and socializing with them.

Oscar explains that the future looks promising for Ung Omsorg; “Our strategy is to grow to over
1000 employees within the next year. The market is incredibly big, but we want to grow with high
quality in all parts of our work.

“Today we have a waiting list with around 500 individuals who want to work, just in Stockholm
and in the south of Sweden, our main markets. But we want to grow all around the country and
after that also international. The statistics show that our European population is getting older and
older and need more and more social care!”

Benjamin adds; “We are a modern service company with almost no bad effects on the
environment. Our employees travel with public transport and we have an internal environmental
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policy focusing on thinking about the day after tomorrow. It's important for us to building a strong
and ethical business.”

“We are honoured to receive this prestigious award. It means a lot to us and we are thankful to JA
Sweden (Ung Foretagsamhet Sverige) for giving us the opportunity to try and test how to run a
real company whilst we were still in secondary school,” said Oscar.

Entrepreneurs are essential agents of change, driving innovation and creating jobs throughout
Europe. The 40 young entrepreneurs nominated for the award have together contributed to
Europe‟s economy by creating 737 jobs and they have generated a combined turnover of
12,436,139 EUR in 2008.

The JA-YE Europe Young Entrepreneur of the Year Competition is now in its second year and its
aim is to locate success stories from young entrepreneurs among JA-YE Alumni – to find out
what has happened to the young people after participating in a JA-YE programme.

It also shows the impact entrepreneurship education has on young students. Some of the young
entrepreneurs have been successfully leading their businesses for several years, expanding and
employing people. Other young entrepreneurs just started up their business and show a great
potential for becoming successful entrepreneurs. Their success stories are featured in the JA-YE
Young Entrepreneur of the Year Booklet.


Notes to Editors

JA-YE Europe ( is Europe‟s largest provider of enterprise education programmes,
reaching 2.9 million students in 38 countries in 2008. Funded by businesses, institutions,
foundations and individuals, JA-YE brings the public and private sectors together to provide
young people in primary and secondary schools and early university with high-quality education
programmes to teach them about enterprise, entrepreneurship, business and economics in a
practical way. The JA-YE Company Programme is recognised by the European Commission
Enterprise Directorate General as a „Best Practice in Entrepreneurship Education’. JA-YE Europe
is the European headquarters for JA Worldwide.
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