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                                                        Sunday 15th May 2005

                     Viewing: Fri & Sat - 12 noon to 4pm
              Sale day viewing from 9am Sale begins 11 am
           Postal, telephone (book lines early!) & fax bidding facility
            Low cost after sale post & packing service worldwide
         FREE PARKING REFRESHMENTS throughout the day
              This sale carries a 12% buyers premium added to
                  all hammer prices (+ vat on the 12% only)
                    ACCOMMODATION: The Norfolk Arms at Chapeltown &
                                the Rockingham Arms at Wentworth
                are the most convenient for this sale. Full listing at back of catalogue
          BBR, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley, S Yorks., S74 8HJ
                  Tel: 01226 745156 Fax: 01226 361561

Catalogue prepared by Frank, Kath, Alan Key & Alan Blakeman
                                                                                           BBR Auctions   3
Golly items                            chips & outer edge chips & rust       CHOCOLATES ENAMEL                     22. BORWICKS BAKING
                                       etc. NR £30-40+.                      SIGN. 25 ins b y 5.5 ins.             POWDER ENAMEL SIGN. 30
1. GROUP OF GOLLY                                                            ‘ROWNTREES CHOCOLATES/                ins by 16 ins. ‘BORWICKS/
FIGURES. 7 Golly musician              8. FRY’S CHOCOLATE                    AND PASTILLES’, white                 BAKING POWDER/ THE BEST
figures. Drummer, Accordian            ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 30.5           lettering on dark blue background     IN THE WORLD’, white
player, Saxaphone player, Double       ins., five boys pictured in black &   with coloured coat of arms to         lettering on dark blue back-
Bass player, 2 Guitarists. Plus        white. ‘FRY’S CHOCOLATE’              centre. ‘COCOA &                      ground. Surface chips & outer
Clarinet Player. Plus Golly            white lettering all on dark blue      CHOCOLATE MAKERS/ TO                  edge chips & rust. NR £30-40+.
Lollipop man. Plus Golly               background. Some surface              H.M. THE KING’. Outer edge
footballer. Plus Golly goalkeeper      damage & outer edge chips &           chips & rust etc. £120-150+.          23. BEV COFFEE ESSENCE
(plastic). All approx. 3 ins tall.     rust. £200-220+.                                                            ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 12
(10) NR £30-40+.                                                             16. ROWNTREES                         ins. ‘BEV/ PREPARED BY
                                       9. FRY’S COCOA WOODEN                 CHOCOLATES ENAMEL                     LYONS/ THE ESSENCE OF
2. GOLLY MUG. Ceramic mug,             FRAMED MIRROR. 38 ins by              SIGN. 24 ins by 2 ins.                COFFEE & CHICORY’, yellow,
3.75 ins tall, golly figure pictured   20 ins. ‘FRYS/ PURE/ COCOA’           ‘ROWNTREE’S                           red & brown colouring. Outer
to one side, Robertsons lorry to       in gold & black lettering with        CHOCOLATES/ AND                       edge chips & rust. NR £30-40+.
the other side. Plus 3 Robertsons      coloured coat of arms both sides.     PASTILLES’, white lettering on
golly leaflets. (4) NR £20-30+.        ‘MAKERS TO T.M. THE KING              dark blue background. ‘COCOA          24. INGERSOLL ENAMEL
Chocolate adverts                      & QUEEN’ & ‘MAKERS TO                 & CHOCOLATE MAKERS TO/                SIGN. Double sided, 28 ins by
                                       H.M./ QUEEN ALEXANDRA’.               H.M. THE KING’ to centre in           12 ins. ‘AGENTS FOR/
3. ROWNTREES COCOA                     NR £120-150+.                         yellow lettering. Surface & outer     INGERSOLL/ WATCHES &
ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 15                                                    edge chips & rust. NR £30-40+.        CLOCKS’, white lettering on
ins. ‘ROWNTREES/ ELECT                 10. FRY’S CHOCOLATE                                                         dark blue background. Surface
COCOA’, white & yellow                 WOODEN FRAMED                         17. FRY’S CHOCOLATE                   chip & outer edge rust & chips.
lettering on dark blue                 MIRROR. 30 ins by 11.75 ins.          WOODEN FRAMED                         NR £20-30+.
background. Coat of arms to each       ‘MAKERS/ TO T.M. THE/                 MIRROR. 24 ins by 20 ins.
corner & ‘MAKERS TO/ T.M.              KING & QUEEN/ FRY’S                   ‘FRY’S/ CHOCOLATE/ 300                25. BROOKE BOND TIN
THE/ KING & QUEEN;’ to                 CHOCOLATE/ MAKERS/ TO                 GOLD MEDALS & C’ in silver            SIGN. 29.5 ins by 19.5 ins.
l/hand corner. Surface chips           H.M./ QUEEN ALEXANDRA/                & red lettering, coloured Coat of     ‘SPEND WISELY/ BROOKE
retouched & outer edge chips &         100 GOLD MEDALS’, gold &              Arms to centre. ‘MAKERS TO/           BOND/ DIVIDEND/ TEA/
rust. NR £30-40+.                      black & red & black lettering,        H.M. THE KING/ H.M THE                SAVE WISELY’, white & blue
                                       coloured By Appointment Coat of       QUEEN &/ H.R.H. PRINCE OF             lettering on green & orange
4. ROWNTREE’S                          Arms to centre. NR £120-150+.         WALES’. Good. NR £60-80+.             background. NR £20-30+.
SIGN. 30 ins by 20 ins.                11. VAN HOUTENS COCOA                 18. ROWNTREES                         26. EX LAX ENAMEL SIGN.
‘ROWNTREES/ CHOCOLATES/                MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                  CHOCOLATES ENAMEL                     36 ins by 8 ins. ‘EX LAX
AND/ PASTILLES’ in white &             ADVERT. 31.75 ins by 19.5 ins.,       SIGN. 25 ins by 5.5 ins.              CHOCOLATE LAXATIVE/
yellow lettering on dark blue          little girl pictured holding cup of   ‘ROWNTREES CHOCOLATES/                KEEP/ REGULAR/ WITH / EX
background, coat of arms to each       cocoa. ‘VAN HOUTENS/                  AND PASTILLES’ white                  LAX/ PRESCRIPTIONS/
corner. ‘MAKERS TO H.M. THE            COCOA/ BEST/ & GOES                   lettering on dark blue with           DRUGS/ TOILET ARTICLES’,
KING’ above ‘MAKERS TO                 FARTHEST’. Some surface               coloured Coat of Arms to centre.      black, white & blue lettering on
H.M. THE QUEEN’ below. Outer           marks, dirt etc in its original       ‘COCOA & CHOCOLATE                    orange, pale blue & dark blue
edge chips & rust. NR £60-80+.         frame. £180-200+.                     MAKERS/ TO H.M. THE                   background. NR £30-40+.
                                                                             KING’. Surface chips & outer
5. CALEY’S COCOA                       12. ROWNTREE’S COCOA                  edge chips & rust. NR £20-30+.        27. MELOX DOG FOODS
ENAMEL SIGN. 28 ins by 20              WOODEN FRAMED                                                               ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 20
ins. ‘CALEY’S/ NORWICH/                ENAMEL SIGN. 53 ins by 10             19. FRY’S CHOCOLATE                   ins, terrier dog pictured stood on
COCOA/ A COCOA OF                      ins. ‘ROWNTREES/ ELECT/               ENAMEL SIGN. 14 ins by 4 ins.         red ball. ‘MELOX DOG
DISTINCTION’, white lettering,         COCOA/ MAKERS TO T.M.                 ‘FRY’S CHOCOLATE’, white              FOODS’ in white lettering all on
black background, cocoa packet         THE KING & QUEEN’, white &            lettering on dark blue back-          dark blue background. Some
pictured. Surface chip & outer         yellow lettering on dark green        ground. Outer edge chips & rust.      minor outer edge rusting etc.
edge chips & rust. £120-150+.          background. NR £60-80+.               NR £20-30+.                           £120-150+.

6. ROWNTREE’S COCOA                    13. ROWNTREE’S COCOA                  20. CADBURYS COCOA
ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 20              SMALL ENAMEL SIGN. 25                 ENAMEL SIGNS. 24 ins by 2
ins. ‘MAKERS TO T.M. THE               ins by 5.5 ins. ‘ROWNTREES            ins. ‘CADBURY’S COCOA/                   Speeding up payments
KING & QUEEN/ ASK US FOR               ELECT COCOA’ white lettering          ABSOLUTELY PURE/                        IMPORTANT CHANGE
                                                                                                                                               S TO
ROWNTREES/ ELECT COCOA’                on dark blue background with          THEREFORE BEST’. Plus                   PAYMENT METHODS IN
in white & yellow lettering on         coloured coat of arms to centre.      ‘CADBURYS CHOCOLATE/                    2005
dark blue background with coat         ‘MAKERS TO/ H.M. THE                  DELICIOUS/ WHOLESOME’,                  Moving toward full
of arms to top corners. Outer          KING’. Surface chip & outer           24 ins by 2 ins, both red lettering     automation of accounts
edge chips & rust etc. £120-150+.      edge chips & rust etc. £120-150+.     on white. Both with surface chips      2005 BBR is requesting
                                                                             & outer edge chips & rust. (2)         inclusion of credit card
7. FRY’S COCOA ENAMEL                  14. VAN HOUTENS COCOA                 NR £20-30+.                            details on all postal bid
SIGN. 24 ins by 18 ins, cocoa tin      SMALL WOODEN FRAMED
                                                                                                                   With the new chip and pin
pictured. ‘FRY’S PURE                  ENAMEL SIGN. 15.75 ins by             21. BROOKE BOND TEA
                                                                                                                   details coming into force
BREAKFAST COCOA/ J. S.                 6.75 ins. ‘VAN HOUTENS/               ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 20                                          in
                                                                                                                   January it is necessary
FRY & SONS LD/ BRISTOL &               COCOA’, 2 cocoa tins pictured.        ins. ‘BROOKE BOND/                                              that
                                                                                                                   ALL details are filled in
LONDON/ 4 1/2d PER 1/4 LB              Outer edge chips/ rust. £120-         DIVIDEND/ TEA’, blue & green          correctly on the Bidding
TIN 4 1/2d’ in yellow, red, black      150+.                                 lettering on orange background.       Sheet.
on dark blue background. Surface                                             Slight outer edge rust etc. NR
                                       15. ROWNTREE’S                        £30-40+.
BBR Auctions 4

5           2


                     10                                14




12                            16




21                                                                                  27




                                                                     BBR Auctions        5
28. MAGNET BISKALL TIN                SALE” “WANTED/ AND                                                      white lettering on yellow
SIGN. 13.5 ins by 8.5 ins.            “SITUATIONS”/ 12 WORDS 1/6          Enamel signs                        background. Surface chips &
‘MAGNET/ BISKALL/ 100%/               3 INSERTIONS 3/9/ HEAD                                                  outer edge chips & rust. NR £40-
WHOLEMEAL FOOD’, red &                OFFICE 170B HIGH STREET             42. ROYAL NAVY ENAMEL               60+.
black lettering on yellow, magnet     LEWES TEL 13’, black lettering      SIGN. 34 ins by 24 ins. ‘ROYAL
pictured. Good. NR £20-30+.           on yellow. Surface chips & outer    NAVY &/ ROYAL MARINES/              49. ROYAL DAYLIGHT OIL
                                      edge chips & rust etc. NR £30-      GOOD PAY & PROSPECTS                DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL
29. OVUM ENAMEL SIGN. 24              40+.                                FOR FULL PARTICULARS                SIGN. 22 ins by 18 ins. ‘USE
ins by 3 ins. ‘OVUM/                                                      APPLY TO/ THE NEAREST               ROYAL/ DAYLIGHT/ OIL/ FOR
THORLEY’S/ POULTRY                    36. W & T AVERY                     RECRUITER AT OR TO ANY              LIGHTING HEATING
SPICE’, white lettering on red        MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                POST OFFICE FOR/                    COOKING’, black lettering on
background. Outer edge chips &        ADVERT. 30 ins by 25 ins. ‘W        ILLUSTRATED BOOK                    blue background. Surface chips &
rust. NR £20-30+.                     & T AVERY/ LIMITED/                 ENTITLED HOW TO JOIN THE            outer edge chips & rust. NR £20-
                                      ENGINEERS/ AND                      ROYAL NAVY’, blue & red             30+.
30. CHURCH’S ALABASTINE               MANUFACURERS OF/                    lettering on white background,
ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins by 15             WEIGHING APPARATUS/                 coat of arms above. Surface chips   50. FORESTRY
ins. ‘CHURCH’S/                       BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND’,                & outer edge chips & rust. NR       COMMISSION ENAMEL
ALABASTINE/ FOR                       factory plus various scales &       £50-60+.                            SIGN. 21 ins by 15 ins.
REPAIRING DAMAGED                     weights apparatus pictured. Good.                                       ‘FORESTRY COMMISSION/
PLASTER, WOOD ETC’ in                 NR £60-80+.                         43. MORRELL’S INKS                  TAKE CARE/ DO NOT START
black lettering, packet pictured in                                       ENAMEL SIGN. 36.5 ins by            FIRE’, white lettering on blue
orange, green & black colouring.      37. NEWS OF THE WORLD               12.5 ins. ‘MORRELL’S INKS/          with coloured forest fire below
Very good. NR £30-40+.                ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 24           RECOMMENDED BY/ HER                 outer edge rust & chips. NR £30-
                                      ins. ‘NEWS/ OF THE/ WORLD/          MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT’,              40+.
31. LUSH & COOK LD                    BEST WEEKLY PAPER’, white           grey lettering on white
ENAMEL SIGN. 19 ins by 13.5           lettering on blue background.       background. Some surface marks      51. ROYAL STANDARD
ins. ‘AGENTS FOR/ LUSH &              Chips & outer edge rusting etc.     etc & outer edge chips & rust.      LAMP OIL DOUBLE SIDED
COOK LD/ INCORPORATING/               £20-30+.                            NR £20-30+.                         ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins by 12
JOHN BERRIE LD/                                                                                               ins. ‘ROYAL/ STANDARD/
CLEANERS/ AND/ DYERS/                 38. ESTATE AGENTS                   44. GOLDEN SHRED                    LAMP OIL/ B.P’, blue lettering
MANCHESTER & LONDON’ in               DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                 ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 10           on white background. Outer edge
red & black lettering on white        SIGN. 20 ins by 15 ins. ‘FOR        ins. ‘GOLDEN SHRED/ THE             chips & rust. NR £20-30+.
background. Some surface              SALE/ BY PRIVATE TREATY/            WORLD’S BEST/
damage outer edge rust & chips        APPLY/ R. LONGSTAFF & CO/           MARMALADE’, yellow & black          52. TEA ROSE LAMP OIL
etc. Plus Small enamel sign, 9 ins    ESTATE AGENTS/ PHONE                lettering on red background. NR     ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins by 12
by 3.75 ins. ‘BELGIAN STATE           2261-2/ SPALDING’, white &          £20-30+.                            ins. ‘USE/ TEA ROSE/
RY./ &/ MAIL PACKET                   black lettering on red                                                  AMERICAN/ LAMP OIL’
SERVICE’ white lettering on           background. Some outer edge         45. WHITE MAY DOUBLE                surface chips & outer edge chips.
black. Outer edge chips & rust.       rusting. NR £20-30+.                SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins           Plus curved enamel sign, 8 ins by
(2) NR £20-30+.                                                           by 12 ins. ‘WHITE MAY/ AND/         6 ins. ‘G. R./ PERSONS/
                                      39. WEBBS SEEDS ENAMEL              ROYAL STANDARD/ BP/                 THOWING/ STONES AT THE/
32. SUNLIGHT SOAP                     SIGN. Mounted on wood, 36 ins       LAMP OILS’, white lettering on      TELEGRAPHS/ WILL BE/
ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 27             by 24 ins. ‘WEBBS/ SEEDS/           blue background with yellow sun     PROSECUTED’, white lettering
ins. ‘£1000/ SUNLIGHT/ SOAP/          WORDSLEY STOURBRIDGE’,              rays. Surface chips & outer edge    on red. Surface chips & outer
GUARANTEE OF PURITY’,                 black lettering on white with       chips & rust. NR £30-40+.           edge chips & rust. (2) NR £20-
white lettering on dark blue          coloured chrysanthemums                                                 30+.
background with yellow border,        pictured to centre. Some            46. ELEY & KYNOCH
packet of soap pictured in red,       restoration etc, still a fabulous   CARTIDGES DOUBLE SIDED
yellow, white & blue. Outer edge      image, and rare sign. £120-150+.    ENAMEL SIGN. 19 ins by 14.5
rust & chips etc. NR £120-150+.                                           ins. ‘ELEY/ AND/ KYNOCH/
                                      40. CRAVEN A                        CARTRIDGES/ SOLD HERE’,
33. NEWS OF THE WORLD                 MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                blue lettering on yellow
ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 24             ADVERT. 33 ins by by 23.25 ins      background. Outer edge chips &
ins. ‘NEWS/ OF THE/ WORLD/            , gent smoking holding packet of    rust. NR £20-30+.
BEST WEEKLY PAPER’, white             cigarettes pictured. ‘BELIEVE
lettering on dark blue background     ME-/ YOU’LL SMOKE/ THEM             47. K. B. RADIO DOUBLE
& black lettering on yellow.          SOONER/ OR LATER’ above             SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 19.5
Surface chips & outer edge chips      with ‘CRAVEN A/ CORK                ins by 13 ins. ‘KB/ RADIO/
& rust. NR £30-40+.                   TIPPED/ VIRGINIA                    AUTHORISED/ DEALER’,
                                      CIGARETTES/ 20 FOR 1/-/             white lettering on blue
34. KENT MESSENGER                    MADE SPECIALLY TO/                  background. Surface chips &
ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 20             PREVENT SORE THROATS’ to            outer edge chips & rust. NR £30-
ins. ‘KENT/ MESSENGER/ THE            bottom right hand corner, in its    40+.
COUNTY PAPER/ OF KENT’,               original frame. £40-60+.
black lettering on yellow                                                 48. VENO’S COUGH CURE
background. Outer edge rusting        41. TRUMANS WOODEN                  ENAMEL SIGN. 24 ins by 15
& chips. NR £20-30+.                  FRAMED MIRROR. 34 ins by            ins. ‘VENO’S/ LIGHTNING/
                                      24 ins. ‘TRUMANS/                   COUGH/ CURE/ FOR/
ENAMEL SIGN. 42 ins by 9 ins.         & BURTON’, gold, red & silver       BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA/ &
‘THE SUSSEX EXPRESS/ “FOR             lettering. £60-80+.                 CHILDRENS COUGHS’, blue &

BBR Auctions 6
                                      29        32








45                                                                  48

49                               50



                                                                         BBR Auctions 7
53. ROYAL DAYLIGHT                   background. Surface chips &           by table with dog by his side.
LAMP OIL DOUBLE SIDED                outer edge chips & rust. NR £20-      Good. £80-120+.
ENAMEL SIGN. 16 ins by 11            30+.
ins. ‘USE/ ROYAL DAYLIGHT/                                                 67. WILLIAM YOUNGERS
AND WHITE ROSE                       60. STEPHEN INK ENAMEL                MULTICOLOURED FRAMED
AMERICAN/ LAMP OIL’, black           SIGN. 36 ins by 16 ins.               ADVERT. 22 ins by 14 ins. ‘NO
& white lettering on green &         ‘STEPHEN’S INK’, black                1 STRONG ALE 6d PER
yellow background. Outer edge        lettering on white & white            BOTTLE/ GET YOUNGER
chips & rust. NR £30-40+.            lettering on blue & black ink blot.   EVERY DAY/ WILLIAM
                                     Surface rust & outer edge chips       YOUNGER’S/ SCOTCH ALE/
54. ARRAN WELSH                      & rust. NR £40-60+.                   BREWED IN EDINBURGH’,
OATCAKES DOUBLE SIDED                                                      William Younger pictured. Good.
ENAMEL SIGN. 12 ins by 10            61. WAVERLEY PEN                      £120-140+.
ins. ‘WE SELL/ ‘ARRAN’/              ENAMEL SIGN. 15 ins by 11
WELSH OATCAKES/ BUY                  ins. ‘THE WAVERLEY/ PEN/ IS           68. PERRIER
SOME NOW’, dark blue lettering       A/ TREASURE’. Surface chip            MULTICOLOURED FRAMED
on white background. Outer edge      repair & outer edge chips & rust.     ADVERT. 37 ins by 13.5 ins,
chips & rust. NR £20-30+.            NR £20-30+.                           Charles Crombie golfing images
                                                                           pictured ‘RULE III’ ‘RULE VII’
55. POST OFFICE ENAMEL               62. FRY’S CHOCOLATE                   & ‘RULE VI’ in its original
SIGN. 12 ins by 11 ins. ‘GR/         WOODEN FRAMED                         frame. Good. Great golfing
POST OFFICE/ LETTER BOX’,            MIRROR. 30 ins by 16.75 ins.          scenes! £220-250+.
black lettering on white             ‘MAKERS TO T.M. THE KING
background. Outer edge chips &       & QUEEN/ FRY’S/ 300 GOLD              69. WILLS’S STAR
rust. NR £20-30+.                    MEDALS & C/ CHOCOLATE/                CIGARETTES
                                     & H.M. QUEEN ALEXANDRA’,              MULTICOLOURED
56. ENSIGN SHAPED                    gold & black & silver lettering       LAMINATED ADVERT. Motor
DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                  with coloured coat of arms above      cycle racing scene pictured.
SIGN. 24 ins by 14.5 ins.            & below. Good. £300-350+.             ‘WILLS’S/ STAR/
‘ENSIGN/ CAMERAS/ ROLL                                                     CIGARETTES’ above 2 cigarette
FILMS AND/ PHOTOGRAPHIC              63. J. S. FRY & SONS LTD              packets pictured, ‘10 FOR 4d 15
SUPPLIES/ SOLD HERE/                 COLOURED FRAMED                       FOR 6d’ PLAIN OR CORKED
ALWAYS BUY “ENSIGN” ITS              ADVERT. 22 ins by 15 ins, Five        TIPPED’ pictured below. Good.
BRITISH’, black lettering on         Boys pictured, ‘DESPERATION’,         Superb pictorial. £300-400+.
yellow background. Outer edge        ‘PACIFICATION’,
chips & rust. NR £30-40+.            ‘EXPECTATION’,                        70. MAGNET PALE ALE
                                     ‘ACCLAMATION’,                        WOODEN FRAMED
57. PEARS SOAP LARGE                 ‘REALIZATION’ ‘IT’S FRY’S             MIRROR. 33.5 ins by 21.5 ins.
WOODEN CUT-OUT SHOP                  CHOCOLATE’ with ‘THE                  ‘MAGNET/ PALE ALE/ JOHN
DISPLAY. 59 ins tall, glamorous      STORY OF FRY’S                        SMITH THE BREWERY
lady pictured with ‘PEARS            CHOCOLATE’ & ‘J.S. FRY &              TADCASTER’ in blue, black &
SOAP’ above, counter shelf with      SONS LTD BRISTOL &                    gold & silver & gold & black
Pears famous products listed,        LONDON’ in black lettering            lettering with red magnet t.m.
‘PEARS SOAP MATCHLESS                above & below. Some surface           Good. £120-150+.
FOR COMPLEXION’ below.               marks. *One of the favourite
Impressive & stylish piece. NR       showcards in my own collection,       71. HAIG & HAIG
£120-150+.                           still not an easy one to track        COLOURED FRAMED
                                     down.* £150-200+.                     ADVERT. 33 ins by 24.5 ins.
58. HARRISON & SON                                                         ‘DISTILLERS SINCE 1679/
MAIDSTONE LARGE                      64. NESTLE’S                          HAIG & HAIG/ WHISKIES’,
ENAMEL SIGN. 51 ins by 36            MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                  red, black & black & gold
ins. ‘SEEDS SEEDS/                   ADVERT. 23.5 ins by 18.5 ins.,        lettering with coloured coat of
AGRICULTURAL/ SEED/ &                little boy pictured sat up in bed.    arms, in its original frame. Good.
HORTICULTURAL                        ‘WHO SAID/ NESTLE’S/                  £60-80+.
MERCHANTS/ GENUINE &                 MILK?’, signed by ‘Hassall’.
RELIABLE CATALOGUES                  Good. £60-80+.
FREE’, white lettering on red,
picture of coloured turnips within   65. ELLIMANS
circle to centre. ‘HARRISON &        MULTICOLOURED FRAMED
SONS MAIDSTONE’. Outer               SHOWCARD. 28 ins by 16.5
edge chips & rust & surface          ins., horse racing scene titled
marks etc. NR £80-100+.              ‘FIRST AID’ SHOWS THE
                                     WAY, SO THE ELLIMAN
PEN ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by           surface marks. NR £150-200+.
20 ins. ‘ITS KEYNOTE-
THREE STYLES/ STANDARD               ADVERT. 21 ins by 17 ins.
white lettering on red               SOAP’ gent playing mandolin sat

BBR Auctions 8
                                        55                           56

53                                                           61
     57        58                  59                  60










                                                                  BBR Auctions    9
72. MURRAY’S PALE ALE               WITH/ SHELL/ FROM THE                89. SHELL WOODEN SIGN.
WOODEN FRAMED                       PUMP’, black & red lettering on      36 ins long in shape of arrow,
MIRROR (SHAPED). 44 ins by          yellow & white background.           Shell logo, red, yellow, white &
28 ins. ‘MURRAYS/ PALE ALE/         Surface chips & outer edge rust      black & ‘GARAGE’ in black
CRAIGMILLAR EDINBURGH’              & chips etc. NR £20-30+.             lettering, double sided. NR £60-
in pink & gold & blue & gold                                             80+.
lettering to middle section with    81. NATIONAL BENZOLE
black & white hunting scenes        DOUBLE SIDED CIRCULAR                90. CARS FOR HIRE
either side. Good. £250-300+.       ENAMEL SIGN. 24 ins diam.            WOODEN SIGN. 36 ins long in
                                    ‘NATIONAL BENZOLE                    shape of arrow. ‘CARS/ FOR/
73. BEEHIVE FRAMED                  MIXTURE’, black lettering on         HIRE (Gibson & Brown Hire Car
WOOLS COLOUR CHART.                 yellow & white, pictorial t.m. to    Business) with ‘GARAGE’ &
42.5 ins by 30 ins. ‘BEEHIVE/       centre, head of Greek god with       ‘PHONE 143’ in black & yellow
WOOLS/ J & J BALDWIN                winged helmet. Surface chips &       lettering, double sided. NR £60-
MANUFACTURERS/ CLARK                outer edge chips & rust. NR £60-     80+.
BRIDGE MILLS/ HALIFAX’              80+.
factory & beehive pictured with                                          91. GIBSON & BROWN
‘BEEHIVE SCOTCH                     82. MOBILOILS ENAMEL                 WOODEN SIGN. Oval shape,
FINGERING WOOLS’ chart              SIGN DOUBLE SIDED. 20 ins            19 ins by 11 ins. ‘GIBSON &
below. £200-250+.                   by 16 ins. ‘MOBILOILS/               BROWN/ MOTOR COACH/ &
                                    VACUUM OIL COMPANY                   CARRIAGE BUILDERS/
74. A A HOTEL ENAMEL                LTD’, black lettering on white       PAINTERS UPHOLSTERERS
SIGN. 31 ins by 21.5 ins. ‘A. A./   with red ‘GARGOYLE’ pict. t.m.       ETC/ TEL 143/ TUNBRIDGE
HOTEL’, black on yellow             Outer edge chipping & rust etc.      WELLS’, white lettering on black
background. Good. £100-120+.        NR £30-40+.                          background, double sided. NR
75. SUNLIGHT SOAP                   83. DUNLOP ENAMEL SIGN.
WOODEN FRAMED 3D                    13 ins by 11.5 ins. ‘DUNLOP          92. CAR DEALERSHIP
EFFECT SIGN. 4ft 10 ins by 15       ACCESSORIES’, black lettering        ELECTRICAL SIGNS for
ins. ‘SUNLIGHT SOAP/ &/             on red, black & yellow               ‘VAUXHALL’ & ‘BEDFORD’ in
SAVES POUNDS/ WORTH                 background. Chips to fixing holes    perspex 26.5 ins long, 8 ins wide.
SHILLINGS COST PENCE’ in            & outer edge rust. NR £20-30+.       Plus 2 others for ‘BEDFORD’ &
red & white lettering changes                                            ‘VAUXHALL’, 24 ins long, 17
wording from different angles.      84. FIRE WARNING ENAMEL              ins wide. (4) NR £60-80+.
£250-300+.                          SIGN. 15 ins by 10 ins. ‘IN
                                    CASE OF FIRE/ SWITCH OFF/            93. SHELL OIL CAN. 15 ins
Motoring enamels                    PETROL PUMPS/ HERE’, white           tall, large can with pouring spout.
                                    lettering on red background.         ‘1 GALLON SIZE SHELL/
76. FILTRATE MOTOR OIL              Outer edge rust & chips. NR £20-     MOTOR OIL/ ONE GALLON’,
ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 24           30+.                                 red lettering on yellow. NR £20-
ins. ‘FILTRATE WORKS/                                                    30+.
FOR/ MOTOR/                         SHAPED ENAMEL SIGN with              94. CASTROL OIL CAN. 6.75
LUBRICATION’, dark blue             hanging bracket, 27 ins by 22 ins.   ins tall. ‘WAKEFIELD/
lettering on yellow background.     ‘RAC’ with crown abover symbol       CASTROL MOTOR OIL’, red
Small surface chips & outer edge    with ‘GET YOU HOME/                  lettering on green. Plus oil can 11
rust etc. NR £40-60+.               SERVICE’ below white lettering       ins tall, oil can with flexible
                                    on blue background. Chipping         spout. ‘NUR FUR
77. AVON TYRES ENAMEL               around fixing holes to bracket.      MINERALOEL’ in raised
SIGN. 64 ins by 13.5 ins. ‘AVON     £120-150+.                           lettering. (2) NR £20-30+.
black, white & green lettering on   86. RAC DOUBLE SIDED
orange background. Outer edge       ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins square.
chips & rust etc. NR £30-40+.       ‘RAC/ AGENT’, red & white
                                    lettering on red, white & blue
78. LODGE PLUGS ENAMEL              background. Outer edge chips &
SIGN. 48 ins by 18 ins.             rust etc. NR £30-40+.
‘LODGE/ PLUGS’, black
lettering on yellow background.     87. A.A. ENAMEL SIGN.
Surface chip & outer edge rust &    Pointed end type, 30 ins by 10
chips etc. NR £20-30+.              ins. ‘MALMESBURY 10/
                                    CIRENCESTER 22/ AA/ &/ MU’
79. PRATTS ENAMEL SIGN.             black lettering on yellow                                                  Catalogue ordering.
52 ins by 18 ins. ‘PRATTS           background. Surface chips &                                                Attempting to reduce costs,
PERFECTION/ MOTOR                   outer edge rust & chips. £20-30+.                                          and stabilise catalogue prices,
SPIRIT’, black & red lettering on                                                                              BBR intends introducing a £1
yellow background. Outer edge       88. PRATTS WOODEN SIGN                                                     booking/ handling fee for
chipping & rust etc. NR £40-60+.    in shape of pointing hand, 39 ins                                          single cat. orders.
                                    long. ‘PRATTS/ FILL HERE’ in                                               This will NOT apply if you
80. SHELL ENAMEL SIGN. 54           black lettering on brown/ yellow                                           order two, or more, at any
ins by 18 ins. ‘FILL UP HERE        background, double sided. NR                                               one time
BBR Auctions 10
               72                       73




78                                                                              82


83                            84







                                                                 BBR Auctions   11
                        95      96         97                      98



       99         100












BBR Auctions 12
95. BEDFORD                          103. PLAYERS PLEASE                  ins. ‘WILLS’S/ CIGARETTES/          & outer edge chips & rust. NR
INSTRUCTIONS CHARTS                  ENAMEL SIGNS. 5 ft long, 6           SOLD HERE’, yellow lettering        £20-30+.
Vauxhall Motors Ltd, 30 ins by       ins side. ‘GET YOUR/                 on dark blue, cigarette packet
20 ins. (16) NR £20-30+.             PLAYERS PLEASE/ HERE ‘,              pictured. ‘GOLD FLAKE               117. PARK DRIVE DOUBLE
                                     white lettering on blue              CIGARETTES W.D. & H.O.              SIDED SIDE HANGING
96. SHELL PETROL GLOBE.              background, one with surface         WILLS BRISTOL & LONDON’,            ENAMEL SIGN. 16 ins by 12
17 ins tall, shell shaped globe in   damage. (2) NR £30-40+.              ‘10/ FOR/ 3d/ IN/ PACKETS/          ins. ‘PARK/ DRIVE/ 10 FOR 4d/
pale blue glass. ‘SUPER SHELL’                                            ONLY’. Slight surface marks &       PLAIN OR CORK TIPPED 5
in dark blue raised lettering.       104. PLAYERS NAVY CUT                outer edge rust etc. £120-150+.     FOR 2d’, red, white & blue
Good. NR £80-120+.                   DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                                                      colouring. Slight outer edge chips
                                     SIGN. 20 ins by 15 ins.,             111. WILD WOODBINE                  & rust, otherwise very good. NR
97. LODGE PLUGS ENAMEL               multicoloured sailor logo within     CIGARETTES ENAMEL                   £80-100+.
SIGN. 36 ins by 12 ins.              lifebelt pictured. ‘SMOKE/           SIGN. 36 ins by 18 ins. ‘WILD
‘LODGE/ PLUGS’ black lettering       PLAYERS/ NAVY CUT/                   WOODBINE/ CIGARETTES’,
on yellow background, outer edge     CIGARETTES’ on blue                  white lettering on dark blue
chips & rust. Plus ‘FINA             background with ‘SMOKE/              background, cigarette packet
SPECIAL’ 2 board adverts, 42 ins     PLAYER’S/ NAVY/ CUT/                 pictured in green, orange, white
by 21 ins. ‘FINA SPECIAL/            TOBACCO’, white lettering on         & blue colouring. Surface chips
NOW 4/7 PER GALLON’, red,            blue background to the other side.   & outer edge chips & rust. NR
yellow & black. (3) NR £20-30+.      Outer edge chips & rust etc. NR      £60-80+.
98. MOBILOIL ENAMEL                                                       112. PLAYERS ENAMEL
SIGN. 45 ins by 30 ins.              105. GOLD BLOCK PIPE                 SIGN. 34.5 ins by 22.5 ins,
‘MOBILOIL VACUUM OIL                 TOBACCO                              coloured image of bearded sailor
COMPANY LTD’, black lettering        MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                 H.M.S. EXCELLENT’ with
on white background with red         ADVERT. 15.5 ins by 10.5 ins.        ‘PLAYERS PLEASE’ below in
‘GARGOYLE’ pict. t.m. Surface        ‘GOLD/ BLOCK/ THE IDEAL              red lettering all on yellow
chips & outer edge chips & rust      PIPE TOBACCO’, gent sat at           background. Some slight
etc. NR £60-80+.                     table smoking pipe & writing         retouching to 2 corners. £120-
                                     pictured. Good. NR £30-40+.          150+.
THERMOMETER ENAMEL.                  106. PULLET PIGTAIL                  113. ROBIN CIGARETTES
45.5 ins by 11 ins. ‘BEST IN         MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                 ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 18
THE WORLD/ DUCKHAMS/                 ADVERT. 16.5 ins by 11.5 ins.        ins. ‘OGDENS/ ROBIN/
POUNDS/ PATIENCE’, green &           EXCELLENT TO/ SMOKE OR               BRAND’, yellow, blue & red
black lettering on black & white     CHEW/ OGDENS                         lettering on dark blue
background. Some corner              LIVERPOOL’, gent sat smoking         background. Outer edge chips &
chipping etc. Thermometer intact.    pipe pictured with moonlight         rust etc. NR £30-40+.
NR £80-120+.                         scene above. Good. NR £30-40+.
                                                                          114. RICHMOND GEM
Tobacco adverts                      107. PLAYERS PLEASE                  CIGARETTES ENAMEL
                                     WOODEN FRAMED                        SIGN. 30 ins by 18 ins.
100. PLAYERS PLEASE                  CARTON. 25.5 ins by 15.5 ins         ‘SMOKE/ RICHMOND GEM/
ENAMEL SIGN. 45 ins by 16            by 16 ins. ‘PLAYERS PLEASE’          CIGARETTES/ MILD MEDIUM
ins. ‘PLAYERS PLEASE/ “ITS           with Players Navy Cut logo to lid    & FULL’, yellow, blue & red
THE TOBACCO THAT                     & sides. NR £20-30+.                 lettering on dark blue
COUNTS”, red lettering on                                                 background. Outer edge chips &
yellow background, cigarette         108. PARK DRIVE                      rust. NR £30-40+.
packet pictured (faded). Surface     CIGARETTES ENAMEL
chips & outer edge chips & rust.     SIGN. 30 ins by 20 ins. ‘PARK/       115. WILLS’S GOLD FLAKE
NR £20-30+.                          DRIVE/ CIGARETTES/                   MULTICOLOURED
                                     SIXPENNY VALUE/ AT/ 10               LAMINATED STAND UP
101. CRAVEN A ENAMEL                 FOR 4d/ PLAIN 5 FOR 2d               ADVERT. 20 ins by 15 ins, Sir
SIGN. 36 ins by 24 ins, cigarette    CORK TIP’, red & black lettering     Francis Drake pictured with ships
packet pictorial. ‘CRAVEN A’         on white background. Outer edge      in background. ‘WILLS’S/
CORK TIPPED VIRGINIA                 chips & rust. NR £30-40+.            GOLD FLAKE THE
CIGARETTES’ with ‘CRAVEN                                                  CIGARETTE WITH
A/ MADE SPECIALLY TO/                109. CHURCHMANS SHAG                 PERSONALITY’, 2 cigarette
PREVENTS SORE THROATS’,              ENAMEL SIGN. 28 ins by 20            packets pictured to bottom l/hand
red & white lettering on blue        ins. ‘CHURCHMANS/                    corner, ‘PLAIN OR CORK
background below. Outer edge         COUNTER/ SHAG/ SEE THE               TIPPED’. Slight surface marks.
chips & rust etc. NR £80-120+.       NAME/ CHURCHMAN/ ON                  NR £30-40+.
                                     EVERY PACKET’, dark blue
102. ST. BRUNO ENAMEL                lettering on pale blue               116. DE RESZKE DOUBLE
SIGN. 48 ins by 12 ins. ‘ST/         background. Surface chips &          SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 15 ins
                                                                                                               Credit card charges.
BRUNO THE STANDARD                   outer edge chips & rust. NR £30-     by 15 ins. ‘QUALITY/ DE              Although BBR passes on the
DARK FLAKE’, yellow & red            40+.                                 RESZKE/ OF COURSE’ to one            2% bank charge for payments
lettering on dark blue                                                    side, ‘MINE’S/ A/ MINOR’ to          with a credit card we do not
background. Surface holes &          110. WILLS’S CIGARETTES              the other black lettering on         charge for the use of a debit
outer edge rusting. NR £40-60+.      ENAMEL SIGN. 36 ins by 18            yellow background. Surface chips     card such as Delta/ Connect.

                                                                                                                   BBR Auctions             13


124                         125


                129               130      131








BBR Auctions 14
      118. BOARS HEAD                     by 9 ins. ‘CHURCHMANS/               ‘MAKE MINE MYERS’ in white            ins tall, boxing trainer figure
      TOBACCO ENAMEL SIGN.                NOTED/ COUNTER SHAG/ IN              raised lettering to plinth. NR £40-   wearing white sweater & blue
      28 ins by 7 ins. ‘BOARS HEAD/       PACKETS ONLY SOLD HERE’,             60+.                                  trousers. ‘SID’ in red lettering to
      THE CIGARETTE ROLLING               dark blue lettering on pale blue                                           his chest, ‘BOXER/ ALES’ in
      TOBACCO’, blue & black              background. Surface chips &          132. JIM BEAM COLOURED                white lettering to black plinth.
      lettering on yellow background.     outer edge rusting etc. NR £20-      CERAMIC COWBOY                        Still a rare figure to acquire. NR
      Some surface marks etc. Plus        30+.                                 FIGURE. 13 ins tall, space to         £60-80+.
      ‘KYNOCKS/ CLEANSER/                                                      side to take bottle. ‘JIM BEAM
      SOAP’ enamel sign, brown            125. PARK DRIVE DOUBLE               KENTUCKY STRAIGHT                     140. J & B HEAVY GLASS
      lettering on yellow, 18 ins by 12   SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 16 ins            BOURBON WHISKEY’ to                   ADVERT. 6.5 ins tall, clear glass
      ins. Surface chips & outer edge     by 12 ins. ‘PARK/ DRIVE/ 10          plinth. NR £20-30+.                   with ‘J & B/ RARE’ in engraved
      rusting chips etc. (2) NR £20-      FOR 4D PLAIN & CORK                                                        lettering. Good. NR £20-30+.
      30+.                                TIPPED/ 5 FOR 2D’, red, white        133. JOHNNIE WALKER
                                          & blue colouring. Outer edge         COLOURED PLASTIC                      Guinness & packets
      119. PLAYERS NAVY CUT               rusting & chips. NR £30-40+.         ADVERTISING FIGURE. 16
      WOODEN FRAMED                                                            ins tall, familiar Johnnie Walker     141A. GUINNESS ENAMEL
      DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                 126. WILLS’S GOLD FLAKE              striding figure. ‘JOHNNIE             SIGN. 27.5 ins by 18.5 ins.
      SIGN. 22 ins by 17 ins. ‘Classic’   DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL. 15              WALKER/ SCOTCH WHISKY/                ‘GUINNESS/ IS GOOD/ FOR
      multicoloured sailor image          ins by 11 ins. ‘WILLS’S/ GOLD        BORN 1820-STILL GOING                 YOU’ in red lettering with glass
      surrounded by lifebelt. ‘SMOKE/     FLAKE/ CIGARETTES’, black            STRONG’ in red & black                of Guinness pictured all on white
      PLAYER’S NAVY CUT/                  lettering on yellow background.      lettering to plinth. NR £30-40+.      background. Good. £320-350+.
      CIGARETTES’ to one side,            Outer edge chipping & rust. NR
      ‘SMOKE/ PLAYERS/ NAVY/              £20-30+.                             134. WHITE HORSE WHISKY
      CUT/ TOBACCO’ to the other,                                              ADVERTISING FIGURES
      white lettering on dark blue.       127. DE RESZKE DOUBLE                includes all white ceramic figure,
      Outer edge chips & rust. £120-      SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 15 ins            8.75 ins tall. Plus 2 plastic
      150+.                               by 15 ins. ‘QUALITY/ DE              figures on blue plinths, 8.5 ins
                                          RESZKE/ OF COURSE’ to one            tall. ‘WHITE HORSE SCOTCH
      120. CRAVEN A CIRCULAR              side. ‘MINES/ A/ MINOR’ to the       WHISKY’. (3) NR £20-30+.
      DOUBLE SIDED HANGING                other side, white lettering on
      ENAMEL SIGN. 22 ins diam.           green background. Outer edge         135. BLACK & WHITE
      ‘SMOKE/ CRAVEN A/ WILL              chips & rust. NR £20-30+.            ADVERTISING FIGURE
      NOT AFFECT/ YOUR                                                         GROUP. 8 ins tall, rubberoid
      THROAT’, red, orange, yellow,       128. ST BRUNO ENAMEL                 black & white Scottie dogs on
      black & white colouring. Surface    SIGN. 49.5 ins by 12 ins.            semi-circular plinth. ‘BLACK &
      chips & outer edge rust etc. NR     ‘SMOKE/ ST BRUNO/ FLAKE’,            WHITE SCOTCH WHISKY’ in
      £40-50+.                            white & black lettering on blue      white raised lettering to plinth.
                                          background. Surface chips &          Good. NR £20-30+.
      121. WOODBINE DOUBLE                outer edge chipping & rust. NR
      SIDED SIDE HANGING                  £30-40+.                             136. YARDLEY’S CERAMIC
      ENAMEL SIGN. 21 ins by 14                                                FIGURE GROUP. 12.25 ins tall,
      ins. ‘WOODBINE/ THE GREAT           129. WILLS’S GOLD FLAKE              multicoloured figure group,
      LITTLE CIGARETTE’, red &            WOODEN FRAMED                        woman, boy & girl stood on
      black lettering on yellow           COLOURED ADVERT. 23 ins              fancy plinth. ‘YARDLEY’S/
      background. Outer edge rusting      by 17 ins, elegant lady in evening   OLD ENGLISH/ LAVENDAR’
      etc. NR £20-30+.                    gown smoking pictured, ‘THE          in gold lettering. Dresden
                                          MANS CIGARETTE WOMEN                 impressed mark to base. Very
      122. WILLS’S GOLD FLAKE             LIKE’ with cigarette pictured to     good example of this highly
      DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                 top r/hand corner. Good. NR £30-     impressive ceramic shop window
      SIGN. 16.5 ins by 12 ins.           40+.                                 promotional. NR £180-220+.
      CIGARETTES’, yellow, red &          130. WILLS’S GOLD FLAKE              137. BEEFEATER
      black colouring. Outer edge rust    WOODEN FRAMED                        RUBBEROID ICE BUCKET.
      & chips. NR £20-30+.                MIRROR. 22 ins by 18 ins,            10 ins tall, ice bucket formed as a
                                          cigarette packet pictured. ‘GOLD     bust of a beefeater with glass
      123. EMPIRE NUT BROWN               FLAKE/ CIGARETTES/ W.D. &            liner, red, white, black & blue
      TOBACCO DOUBLE SIDED                H.O. WILLS/ BRISTOL &                colouring. ‘BEEFEATER/ GIN’
      ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins by 12           LONDON’, yellow, red, black &        in gold lettering to base. Good.
      ins. ‘ADKINS/ EMPIRE/ NUT           gold colouring. Good. NR £40-        NR £20-30+.
      BROWN/ TOBACCO FOR                  60+.
      THAT NUTTY FLAVOUR’ to                                                   138. PLANTERS PEANUTS
      one side, ‘ADKINS/ NUT              Advertising figures                  HEAVY METAL MONEY
      BROWN/ TOBACCO/ FOR                                                      BOX. 11 ins tall, stylised Mr
      PIPE OR CIGARETTE’ to the           131. MYERS RUM                       Peanut figure wearing top hat,
      other, red, white & blue            COLOURED RUBBEROID                   black & white colouring. ‘MR
      colouring. Outer edge rust &        ADVERTISING FIGURE. 16               PEANUT’ to his hat,
      chips. NR £20-30+.                  ins tall, plantation owner type      ‘PLANTERS’ to base in white
                                          figure walking cane in hand.         lettering. NR £20-30+.
      124. CHURCHMANS                     Paper label to his chest ‘MYERS
      COUNTER SHAG DOUBLE                 RUM/ PLANTERS PUNCH                  139. BOXERS ALES
      SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins           PRODUCE OF JAMAICA’ &                RUBBEROID FIGURE. 7.75

                                                                                                                          BBR Auctions               15









               154           155


BBR Auctions 16
141. GUINNESS ADVERT.                ‘GUINNESS’ in raised lettering         POLISH’ brush. Plus hat brush
Large painted metal cut-out          to plinth. Good. NR £30-40+.           ‘J. EDMONDSON HATTER & C
advert for hanging on outside                                               CHEAPSIDE LANCASTER’.
wall (probably on a pub), 54.5 ins   149. LILLIPUT GUINNESS                 Plus ‘IVORINE’ paper knife ‘S.
tall, 70 ins wide, five smiling      CARDBOARD CRATE.                       DIXON SON BEAR LANE
faced glasses of Guinness            Containing 3 miniature bottles of      LEEDS ELECTRICAL
featured in black & cream            Guinness, ‘LILLIPUT/                   ENGINEERS’. Plus packet of
‘GUINNESS’ in gold lettering.        GUINNESS’. Plus 16 miniature           ‘THERMOZONE WOOL’. Plus
Never been used, found in            bottles. ‘HARP LAGER’,                 Hills patent ‘RAPPAR’ paper
store. Very good. An exceptional     ‘SCHWEPPES’, ‘MACKESON’,               holder. Plus ‘COLMANS
and important Guinness item -        ‘BABYCHAM’, ‘ROBINSON                  MUSTARD’ tin. Plus button
large - but a truly impressive       LEMON BARLEY’ to name a                hooks, pair of scissors, etc. NR
example. *BBR featured the only      few including 2 more miniature         £20-30+.
other recorded one of these          bottles of Guinness. (Only part
attached outside a public house      shown). NR £20-30+.                    155. GROUP OF ADVERTS etc
in Kings Lynn. £200-300+.                                                   includes ‘LION FIREWORKS’
                                     149A. GUINNESS OMNIBUS.                price list & order form for 1929.
142. BULLDOG GUINNESS                18.5 ins long, 10.75 ins tall, metal   Plus ‘GOODWINS
TIN ASHTRAY. 4.5 ins diam.           tin bottle crate formed as             HOUSEHOLD HINTS & GIFT
‘BULLDOG GUINNESS &                  colourful omnibus. ‘TAKE/              CATALOGUE ISSUED BY G.W.
BULL DOG BASS’ around                SOME GUINNESS/ HOME/                   GOODWIN & SON SOAP
outside bulldog pictured to          TODAY’ around top,                     MAKERS MANCHESTER. Plus
centre. ‘ROBERT PORTER &             ‘GUINNESS/ PRO/ BONO/                  card advert for ‘ THE PINFOLD
CO LIMITED’. Some rust               OMNIBUS’ to bottom section.            DOMESTIC DISH WASHER’.
spotting. Plus cardboard             ‘PRICE PANEL PER PINT/                 Plus Cloth advert ‘JANDOWS
Guinness bottle, 8 ins tall with     DESTINATION HOME/ PRICE                SPRING GRIP DUMB-BELL
paper labels. (2) £80-100+.          PANEL PER 1/2 PINT’ to front,          CO BURY ST LONDON W.C.’
                                     red, white, black & yellow, bar to     NR £320-30+.
143. GUINNESS CLOCK. 16              front needs straightening, grill at
ins by 14 ins., illuminated clock    front has minor surface scratches      156. GROUP OF BOXES &
perspex face, chrome metal top.      otherwise generally overall good.      CARTONS includes ‘HUDSONS
‘GUINNESS TIME/ GUINNESS/            Not seen one for some tim?. NR         SOAP’, wooden box. Plus
IS GOOD FOR YOU’ in green &          £80-100+.                              ‘COLMANS MUSTARD’
red lettering. NR £40-60+.                                                  wooden box. Plus
                                     Miscellaneous                          ‘ROWNTREES CHOCOLATE
144. GUINNESS ADVERT. 9                                                     CRACKERS’ box. Plus
ins by 6 ins., coloured laminated    150. A.A. ILLUMINATED                  ‘PALETHORPES LIMITED’
advert, bottle of empty glass of     SIGN lantern shape, 32 ins tall,       carton. Plus ‘CADBURYS
Guinness pictured. ‘GOOD FOR         metal frame with glass sides.          CHOCOLATE’ box. Plus cigar
YOU’ in red lettering. Very good.    ‘HOTEL AA’, black & yellow.            box. (Only 3 shown). (7) NR
NR £20-30+.                          NR £40-60+.                            £30-40+.

145. GUINNESS CIRCULAR               151. PACKAGING ETC. 3                  157. HUNTLEY & PALMERS
TIN ASHTRAY? 4 ins diam. ‘C.         packets of soap flakes ‘SYLVAN         BISCUIT TIN SHOP DISPLAY
MACHEN & HUDSON LTD/                 FLAKES’, ‘RINSO’ & ‘LUX’.              BISCUIT TIN with glass lid.
BEAVER BRAND/                        Plus wooden laundry tongs              ‘HUNTLEY & PALMERS’ white
GUINNESS’S FOREIGN                   marked ‘RINSO’. (4) NR £20-            lettering on red, 10 ins by 8.5 ins.
EXTRA/ STOUT/ LIVERPOOL              30+.                                   NR £20-30+.
EST 1856 ENGLAND’ beaver
pictured, orange, black & brown      152. TOBACCO ADVERTS.                  158. FEDDING MEAL CARD
& green colouring. Good. A very      Cloth tobacco adverts ‘WILLS’S/        ADVERTS. 14.5 ins by 5.5 ins.
rare piece still. NR £40-60+.        STAR/ CIGARETTES/ PLAIN                ‘ASK FOR THE NEW
                                     OR/ CORK TIPPED’, 42 ins by            FEEDING MEAL/ “WHEBAR”/
146. GUINNESS COPPER                 40 ins. Plus ‘WILLS’S/ CUT/            FOR ALL KINGS OF STOCK’,
ASHTRAY. 4.25 ins diam. ‘M.          GOLDEN BAR/ TOBACCO’,                  white lettering on red. Plus ‘USE
B. FOSTER & SONS LTD/                black & red lettering on white, 63     GREENSMITHS “DERBY”/
BASS/ &/ GUINNESS ESTD               ins by 47 ins. Plus ‘SNOW              POULTRY MEAL/ BEST &
1829 “BUGLE” BOTTLING’ in            WHITE PURE CANE SUGAR’                 CHEAPEST’, white lettering on
embossed lettering. NR £20-30+.      sack. (3) NR £20-30+.                  blue. Good. (2) NR £20-30+.

147. GUINNESS TWEEDLE                153. MIXED GROUP includes              159. WOODEN
DUM & TWEEDLE DEE                    quantity of cloth buttons on           ADVERTISING COAT
CERAMIC FIGURE. 3 ins tall           cards. Plus needle packets. Plus       HANGERS. Coat hangers, one
in brown & cream colouring.          needle cases. Plus tin containing      advertising ‘WHITE HORSE
‘GUINNESS’ in raised lettering       hooks & loops. Plus pin holders.       WHISKY’ the others from
to plinth. Good. NR £30-40+.         Plus white smock. (Not all             various tailors, drapers, clothiers
                                     shown). NR £20-30+.                    etc fromn Grimsby, Bridlington,
148. GUINNESS                                                               Bradford etc. (9) NR £20-30+.
WELLINGTON IN BOOT                   154. MIXED GROUP. Includes
CERAMIC FIGURE. 3.5 ins              Junior Shell oil can. Plus
tall in brown & cream colouring.     ‘CHERRY BLOSSOM BOOT

                                                                                                                   BBR Auctions   17
              161                                                           163



160                                     165



        169         170





  172                                                     177


                                  179               180


BBR Auctions 18
160. AVON POLISH TIN                    ‘SANITAS ANTISEPTIC                  tins. Plus pill packets etc. etc. A   by 2.25 ins., multicoloured
FINGERPLATE. 8 ins by 3 ins.            SOAP’. Plus toy metal meat           lot - only part shown! NR £20-        picture of ‘QUEEN MARY’ liner
‘AVON/ BRILLIANT/ POLISH/               mincer. Plus 2 loaf tins. Plus       30+.                                  to lid. (3) NR £20-30+.
FOR/ BOOTS/ AND /                       boxed icing kit etc. etc. A lot!
LEGGINGS’, black lettering on           (Only part shown). NR £20-30+.       Tins & packets                        178. GROUP OF TINS includes
yellow background, tin of polish                                                                                   ‘McVITIE & PRICE’ sample
pictured in green & black. Slight       166. LIBBY’S TIN CAN                 173. BERRY’S BOOT POLISH              biscuit tin, 3.25 ins diam. Plus
surface marks. NR £30-40+.              PIERCER. 2.5 ins long.               SHOW SHINE STAND. 9.75                small ‘PEEK FREAN’ biscuit tin,
                                        ‘LIBBY’S EVAPORATED                  ins tall, 13.5 ins long, 11.5 ins     2.5 ins square. Plus 2 ‘BROOKE
161. MASONS & GILLETS                   MILK’ with cow pictured. A           wide, wooden stand with tin sides     BOND BEEF CUBES’ tins, 4.5
TIN SIGN. Stand up type.                fabulous and attrasctive novelty     & front. ‘BERRY’S/ ACME/              ins & 3ins. Plus small
‘MASONS & GILLETS/                      dairy related item. Very rare too.   BOOT POLISH’, white lettering         ‘BOURNVILLE COCOA’ tin, 2.5
LIMITED/ WILTSHIRE                      NR £30-40+.                          on orange to front. ‘BERRY’S/         ins by 2 ins. Plus ‘WINCARNIS
BACON/ THE BACON WITH                                                        OIL/ BLACKING’ white lettering        INVALID BEEF CUBES’ tin, 3.5
THE DELICATE MILD                       167. KIWI BLACK CUT OUT              on blue to sides. Some surface        ins tall. (6) Spot the famous
FLAVOUR’, black lettering on            CARD ADVERT. 25.5 ins long.          chips/ marks etc. NR £60-80+.         “naughty” one? NR £20-30+.
silver background with coloured         ‘ASK FOR/ KIWI/ BLACK’ with
bacon joints pictured. Slight           Kiwi & tin of polish pictured.       174. GRENSONS                         179. HUNTLEY & PALMERS
surface marks. NR £30-40+.              Good. Extremely rare cut out. NR     ADVERTISING DOOR MAT.                 BISCUITS SMALL SAMPLE
                                        £40-60+.                             27 ins by 18 ins. ‘GRENSON/           TIN. 1.75 ins square, red, white
162. CADBURYS COCOA                                                          FOOTMASTER/ THE GOOD                  & blue colouring. ‘HUNTLEY &
CERAMIC PLATE. 9 ins diam.              168. PRICES CANDLES                  SHOE’ green & black lettering on      PALMERS BISCUITS’ with
sepia pictorial showing coaching        ENAMEL SIGN. 16.5 ins by             beige background with green &         contents. Plus Miners Defence
scene. ‘CADBURY’S COCOA/                1.75 ins. ‘PRICES CANDLES’           black border. NR £20-30+.             Mug. Good. (2) NR £20-30+.
ABSOLUTELY/ PURE/                       red & black lettering on white.
COCOA’ all on mustard glaze             Surface & outer edge repairs. NR     175. RIDGWAYS TEA TIN. 6              180. ADDINGLEYS
ground. Very good. Extremely            £20-30+.                             ins by 4.5 ins by 3.5 ins.            PONTEFRACT TIN. 5 ins by
rare. NR £60-80+.                                                            ‘RIDGWAYS/ H.M.B./ (HER               3.5 ins by 1.75 ins.
                                        169. MIXED PACKAGING                 MAJESTYS BLEND)/ TEA’.                ‘ADDINGLEYS/ LIQUORICE/
163. COLLECTION OF                      GROUP includes                       Some surface marks/ scratches.        CONFECTIONARY/ BAGHILL
BOOKS. Books on tobacco &               ‘PALETHORPES ROYAL                   Plus MIXED GROUP includes             REFINERY/ PONTEFRACT
snuff taking ‘THE BOOK OF               CAMBRIDGE’ sausages carton.          2 tins containing sets of domino      ENGLAND’ with coloured image
SNUFF AND SNUFF BOXES                   Plus 2 packets of ‘LIFEBOUY’         ‘BRITISH DOMINO’, 10.5 ins &          of Pontefract Castle to lid. Some
CURTIS’ . Plus ‘WOODEN                  soap with contents. Plus packet      6.75 ins long. Plus ‘TETLEY           surface scratches etc. NR £20-
BYGONES OF SMOKING AND                  of ‘FAIRY HOUSEHOLD                  TEA BAGS’ tin, 5.25 ins by 3.25       30+.
SNUFF TAKING’, Edward H                 SOAP’ with contents. Plus packet     ins. Plus ‘SMITHS QUICK
Pinto. Plus ‘SUBLIME                    of ‘RINSO’ & ‘OXYDOL’ soap           START BATTERIES’ perpetual            181. MIXED GROUP. Includes
TOBACCO’ Mackenzie. Plus                powder. Plus packet of               calendar, 6 ins long. Plus mug,       ‘EXCELSIOR SUN LITE
‘THE ANTI-TOBACCO                       ‘KLEENEX’ kitchen towels. Plus       4.25 ins tall ‘JUSTICE FOR            BUTTONS’ card with buttons
JOURNAL’. Plus ‘A PINCH OF              box containing (10) small bottles    MINEWORKERS’. Plus small              attached in shape of a butterfly.
SNUFF’ by Dean Swift etc. etc.          of ‘PARKLAX SYRUP OF                 white metal embossed dish oval        Plus ‘J & P COATS’ box
(12) NR £20-30+.                        FIGS’. Plus 2 bookmarks              shape, 4 ins long ‘MARKET             containing large reel of cotton.
BOOK containing large quantity          ‘BIBBY PRODUCTS’. (10)               CROSS BOLTON’. Plus                   Plus cards of linen buttons. Plus
of loose leave prints showing           (Only part shown). NR £20-30+.       ‘ROWNTREE YORK’ white                 THE LADYS OWN TOILET
industrial & agricultural scenes.                                            metal covered dish. (8) NR £20-       PIN BOX’. Plus darning tools,
(Not all shown). NR £20-30+.            170. MIXED GROUP includes            30+.                                  cotton reels, lipsticks etc. (Not all
                                        tin sign ‘MIRACLE/ ACDO/                                                   shown). NR £20-30+.
164. CRAWFORDS BISCUITS.                STILL WASHES WHITEST/                176. HUNTLEY & PALMERS
Folder containing calendar &            TRY IT! YOU’LL LIKE IT!’ 9.5         EGGSTAND BISCUIT TIN
fully illustrated price list for 1938   ins by 6.25 ins. Plus boxed          white metal consisting of 2 egg
(in colour). The quality of the 27      ‘KITI-KAT DRIVE ON GAME’.            cups & base (lid & eggcup
pages of coloured illustrations are     Plus Beetle cards. Plus Treasure     missing) stamped under base
exceptional & retain their original     hunt party game. Plus quantity of    ‘HUNTLEY & PALMERS
freshness. The folder shows signs       ashtrays ‘ALLSOPPS LAGER’,           BISCUIT MANUFACTURERS
of wear & some foxing but the           ‘BRICKWOODS ALES &                   READING & LONDON’. A rare
illustrations are hardly affected.      STOUT’, ‘DANIEL ADAMSON              tin. NR £
NR £30-40+.                             CO LTD’, ‘DOUBLE CENTURY
                                        SHERRY’ etc. Plus brown glazed       177. HUNTLEY & PALMERS
165. LARGE MIXED GROUP.                 spitoon etc. A lot! NR £20-30+.      CIRCULAR TIN, 8 ins diam,
Includes box of ‘PRICES                                                      multicoloured Kate Greenaway
CHILDS NIGHT LIGHTS’. Plus              171. HARPIC CARTON                   scene to lid. ‘HUNTLEY &
box of a ‘CALEYS’ Christmas             containing 6 plastic drums of        PALMERS’ around side in yellow
crackers. Plus boxed                    ‘HARPIC THE SAFE                     lettering with contents. (The so-
‘NUTBROWN’ pastry cutter.               LAVATORY CLEANSER                    called naughty tin - spot the 2
Plus 3 boxed ‘SMITHS’ timers.           PERFUMED’. Good. NR £20-             dogs). Plus Commemorative tin.
Plus packet of ‘ROBIN                   30+.                                 5.75 ins by 3 ins., multicoloured
STARCH’. Plus boxed O.K.                                                     image of King Edward & Queen
Creamer. Plus box of TALA               172. LARGE GROUP OF                  Mary with houses of parliament
COOKIE CUTTERS’. Plus                   TINS. Includes ‘CUT GOLDEN           to side. ‘FAULDERS HIGH
‘HILLABYS PONTEFRACT                    BAR W.D. & H.O. WILLS’               CLASS CHOCOLATE’ printed to
CAKES’ tin. Plus boxed                  tobacco tin. Plus wax polish tins.   base. Plus tin, 7.25 ins by 4 ins
                                        Plus ointment tins. Plus tobacco
                                                                                                                         BBR Auctions               19



                        186                                   189





                                                 197                      198





BBR Auctions 20
182. GROUP OF                       ‘JOHN LYONS SUPER                     SONS LIMITED KNIFE                  DRINK OR THE PUBLICAN
PACKAGING. Includes packet          DISINFECTANT POWDER’ tin              POLISH’ tin. Plus tin of ‘DAY &     VERSUS THE PEOPLE’ signed
of ‘C.W.S. TABLE JELLY’. Plus       with paper label. Plus empty tin      MARTINS WAX BOOT                    ‘R. SUMMERS 1893’. Good.
packet of ‘FOSTER CLARKS            of ‘BROWN & POLSON                    POLISH’. Plus tin ‘AVON             Most impressive image. NR £30-
BLANC-MANGE’. Plus packet           PATENT CORNFLOUR’. Plus               BLACK BOOT POLISH’. Plus            40+.
of ‘PEARCE DUFFS PUDDING            empty tin ‘PAISLEY THE SURE           brass ashtray embossed
BLANC-MANGE POWDER’.                RAISING POWDER’. Plus 2 tins          ‘BRITISH GENERAL LIFE               198. SMITH & CO LARGE
Plus 10 packets custard powder      of ‘WELLINGTON KNIFE                  FIRE ACCIDENT’. Plus ‘C.W.S.        ENAMEL SIGN. 40 ins by 30
& blanc-mange powder ‘BIRDS’        POLISH’ with contents. (8) NR         “CERES” THE GODDESS OF              ins. ‘SMITH & CO/
& ‘BROWN & POLSONS’. Plus           £20-30+.                              WHEAT CRUMPSALLS OWN                LAMBERHURST LIMD/
packet of ‘FOSTER CLARKS                                                  BISCUITS’ tin. (9) (Only part       FAMILY BREWERS WINE &
GOLDEN PUDDING’. Plus               187. GROUP OF                         shown). NR £20-30+.                 SPIRIT/ MERCHANTS’, blue
packet of Victory Sponge            ELECTRICAL ITEMS etc.                                                     lettering on white, beer label
Mixture. (Not all shown). NR        Includes 2 boxed toasters. Plus 2     192. WELLINGTON KNIFE               pictured. ‘SMITH & COY
£20-30+.                            boxed travelling irons. Plus tin      POLISH CAN. 14 ins tall,            BITTER ALE KENT/
                                    containing ‘PRILECT’ automatic        painted red with coloured paper     LAMBERHURST LTD’ in red,
183. GROUP OF                       iron. Plus Pifco hair dryer stand,    label, coat of arms style with      yellow, blue & white. Surface
PACKAGING. Includes packet          boxed. Plugs boxed apple peeler.      portrait. ‘WELLINGTON/              damage & outer edge damage,
of ‘CREAMOLA RICE                   Plus boxed Bakelit Thermos            KNIFE/ POLISH’. Plus Royal          chips & rust. NR £30-40+.
CUSTARD PUDDING’. Plus              Flask. Plus boxed ‘PATENT             Daylight oil can, 14.5 ins tall
packet of ‘BROWN & POLSON           SLICER’. Plus boxed ‘HOOVER           painted red with black lettering.   199. WHITBREADS OVAL
PATENT CORN FLOUR’. Plus            DUSTETTE’. Some of these              (2) NR £20-30+.                     SHAPE ENAMEL SIGN. 32 ins
packet of ‘C.W.S. PURE              items do not comply with                                                  across, 24 ins wide. ‘ON SALE
GROUND RICE’. Plus packet of        electrical safety standards and are   Brewery & mineral water             HERE/ WHITBREADSS/
‘LINGFORDS STRAWBERRY               sold as collectors items. (Only 2     adverts                             BOTTLED BEER’, cream & red
JELLY’. Plus 5 packets of           shown). NR £20-30+.                                                       lettering on brown background.
custard powder. Plus packet of                                            193. F. SMITH’S MINERAL             Surface chips & outer edge chips
‘CHIVERS JELLY CREAM’ etc.          188. ARMY CLUB                        WATERS LARGE WOODEN                 & rust. NR £20-30+.
(Not all shown). NR £20-30+.        EMBOSSED COPPER TIN. 12               FRAMED MIRROR. 36 ins by
                                    ins long, 5 ins wide, 2.25 ins        30 ins. ‘F. SMITH’S/ HIGH           200. LYLE LEMONADE
184. ADVERTISING                    deep. Embossed cigarette              CLASS/ MINERAL/ WATERS/             ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 20
BRUSHES. 4 advertising brushes      smoking Army major? pictured.         FACTORY - MILE END’ in red          ins. ‘LYLE/ SUPERIOR
‘SEEDHILL FINISHING CO              ‘ARMY CLUB’ below to lid of           & gold lettering. £150-200+.        QUALITY/ LEMONADE/
LTD PAISLEY’ ‘A. GAMMAN             Art Nouveau style box. Good.                                              GINGER BEER’, red & green
TAILOR & HOSIER 24 HIGH             NR £20-30+.                           194. CANTRELL &                     lettering on white background.
STREET DONCASTER’ ‘TIT                                                    COCHRANES WOODEN                    Outer edge chips & rust etc. NR
BITS’ EVERYTIME IS IT’. Plus        189. LAMBERT & BUTLERS                FRAMED MIRROR. 23.5 ins             £30-40+.
‘C.W.S. FOR EVERYTHING’.            SHOP DISPLAY DUMMY                    by 19 ins. ‘CANTRELL &
Plus boxed set of 4 shoe cleaning   TOBACCO TINS. 4.5 ins by              COCHRANES/ C & C/ GINGER            201. MARSTONS BURTON
brushes. NR £20-30+.                3.25 ins. ‘LAMBERT &                  ALE’ in gold lettering with         ALES OVAL SHAPE
                                    BUTLERS/ COARSE CUT                   coloured picture of lady & her      WOODEN FRAMED
185. LARGE MIXED GROUP.             WAVERLEY MIXTURE’. Good.              dog on a boat entitled ‘AN EASY     MIRROR. 33.5 ins across, 24 ins
Includes light bulbs in cartons     (3) NR £40-60+.                       RIDE’. NR £120-150+.                wide. ‘MARSTONS/ BURTON
‘PIFCO’ ‘OSRAM’,                                                                                              ALES’ in gold & black lettering
‘CROMPTON’, ‘PHILLIPS’.             190. MIXED GROUP OF                   195. DUNVILLES IRISH                with 3 barrels pict. t.m. to centre.
Plus ‘MARCONI’ boxed valve.         PACKAGING ETC. Includes               WHISKY MULTICOLOURED                Good. £80-120+.
Plus 2 boxed small paraffin         box of ‘JIFFY DYES’. Plus             FRAMED ADVERT. 28.5 ins by
lamps. Plus Radio battery. Plus     packet of ‘EVE TOILET SOAP’.          18 ins, group of dogs sat around    202. FREMLINS ALES GLASS
‘FLIT’ sprayer. Plus boxed          Plus Carton of ‘PONDS FACE            table drinking whisky dressed in    ON SLATE SIGN. 23 ins by 13
‘PIXIE’ long burning camp. Plus     POWDER’. Plus 2 packet of             red hunting jackets pictured. ‘YE   ins. ‘FREMLINS/ ALES’ in gold
boxed ‘ATLAS SPRAY’,                ‘SILVIKRIN SHAMPOO’ &                 SCRATCH HUNT CLUB’ above            recessed lettering on black
‘ATOMISER FOR NOSE &                ‘EVAN WILLIAMS                        stags head to wall behind seated    elephant pictured, grey with red
THROAT’. Plus bottles with          SHAMPOO’. Plus card of Blend-         bulldog, bottles of ‘DUNVILLE       banner. NR £60-80+.
labels ‘SCRUBBS CLOUDY              Rite hairgrips. Plus ‘LADY            OLD IRISH WHISKY’ on table.
AMMONIA’ SAN IZAL                   PATRICIA’ hairnet. Plus 3 mini        Good. NR £40-60+.                   203. BASS & COS SMALL
DISINFECTANT’,                      bottles of Guinness. Plus                                                 ENAMEL SIGN. 7.5 ins by 6.25
‘WADDICORS JET BLACK                ‘CLARNICO’ circular tin. Plus         196. THE OLDEST                     ins. beer label facsimilie. ‘BASS
STAIN’ etc, some with contents.                                           LICENSED HOUSE IN                   & COS PALE ALE’, black,
Plus shaving brush. Plus packet     191. MIXED GROUP OF                   GREAT BRITAIN FRAMED                white, red triangle t.m. on white
of ‘DR LOVELACES                    PACKAGING. Includes packet            BLACK & WHITE PRINT.                background. Good. £60-80+.
FLOATING SOAP’ etc etc. A lot!      containing ‘MELTONIAN                 26.5 ins by 22.75 ins. ‘YE OLDE
(Small part shown).NR £20-30+.      SUNBURN CLEANER FOR                   SEVEN STARS/ THE OLDEST             204. DEWARS
                                    CANVAS SHOES’. Plus empty             LICENSED HOUSE IN GREAT             MULTICOLOURED FRAMED
186. SHOP PACKAGING.                packet ‘MAZO FOR A                    BRITAIN LICENSED OVER               ADVERT. 27.5 ins by 20.5 ins.
Includes ‘CADBURYS/ BOURN-          BRIGHTER WASH’. Plus empty            540 YEARS’ pictured signed          ‘DEWARS/ WHITE LABEL/
VITA’ tin with paper label & with   packet ‘DOLLY 1D WHITE                Frank Greenwood. Good. NR £         SCOTCH WHISKY’ bottle of
contents. Plus’BROOKE BOND          SHOE CLEANER’. Plus 2 toilet                                              whisky with sprig of holly
DIVIDENT COCOA’ tin with            rolls. ‘JEYES HYGIENIC                197. FRAMED PRINT. 37.5 ins         pictured, ‘ITS A GIFT’. Good.
paper label & contents. Plus        TOILET PAPER’ & ‘BRITISH              by 25.5 ins multicoloured print     NR £20-30+.
‘CARBOLIC POWDER’ tin with          NO3 PERFORATED TOILET                 showing pubs & lots of people
paper lable & contents. Plus        ROLL’. Plus ‘JOHN OAKEY &             entitled ‘THE DOINGS OF

                                                                                                                     BBR Auctions 21
205. DEWARS                            FABER’ gold lettering on green         Wooden display cabinets. As
MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                   to glass doors. £150-200+.             previous lots. (2) (Only one
ADVERT. 26 ins by 16.5 ins                                                    shown). NR £60-80+.
waiter dressed in red frock coat       213. THE POST OFFICE TEA
holding tray with bottle of            VICTORIAN WOODEN BOX                   221. BURROUGHS
Dewars Whisky & glass upon it          SHOP DISPLAY PIECE. 18 ins             WELLCOME & COS
pictured. ‘DEWARS/ WHITE               by 13.5 ins. ‘THE POST OFFICE          DISPLAY CABINET. 36 ins
LABEL/ WHISKY’ in its original         TEA’ with packet of tea pictured       tall, 21.25 ins wide at base, 21.25
frame. Good. £80-100+.                 & price list to 3 sides. £300-         ins deep, glass to four sides, front
                                       400+.                                  with acid etched lettering.
206. HAIGS WHISKY                                                             ‘BURROUGHS WELLCOME &
WOODEN FRAMED                          214. ROWNTREES DISPLAY                 COS HYPODERMIC
COLOURED STAINED                       CABINET. 36.5 ins tall to top of       TABLOIDS & CASES/ ZYMINE
GLASS. 41.5 ins by 21 ins.             pediment, 31.5 ins wide, 18 ins        PEPTONISING POWDERS/
‘FAMILY/ DEPARTMENT/                   deep, glass front & sides, double      LANOLINE PRODUCTS/
HAIGS/ OLD/ HIGHLAND/                  sliding doors to rear, interior with   HAZELINE KEPLER
WHISKY’. Good. NR £60-80+.             2 glass shelves, front acid etched     EXTRACT OF MALT &/
                                       ‘ROWNTREES CHOCOLATE’,                 SOLUTION OF COD LIVER
207. PUB WINDOW GLASS?                 pediment with coloured coat of         OIL’, interior fitted with 3 glass
window panels, one with curved         arms, ‘BY APPOINTMENT’ &               shelves & side opening doors.
top, 28.5 ins by 24.5 ins.             ‘ROWNTREES/                            NR £120-150+.
‘PARLOUR’ with acid etched             CHOCOLATES’ in silver
design. Plus 2 panels 29 ins by        lettering. £600-700+.                  222. DISPLAY CASE SHOP
22.25 ins with acid etched design.                                            COUNTER DISPLAY CASE.
(3) NR £20-30+.                        215. CADBURYS                          21.5 ins tall, 42.5 ins long, 12 ins
                                       CHOCOLATE SHOP                         deep, curved glass front with
208. PUB WINDOW GLASS?                 COUNTER DISPLAY CASE.                  mirrored back & mirrored back
Window panes, 36 ins by 22 ins,        12.5 ins tall at rear to pediment,     shelf to top. £250-300+.
both with acid etched design. (2)      33 ins long, 13.5 ins deep, curved
NR £20-30+.                            glass front with mirrored back         222A. CIGARETTE
                                       with access to rear. Good. £350-       DISPENSER. 6 ft 1 ins tall, 22.5
Display cabinets                       400+.                                  ins wide, 8 ins deep, chromed
                                                                              metal cigarette dispenser.
209. FRYS CHOCOLATES                   216. CHOICE PERFUMERS                  ‘INSERT ONE 2/6 PIECE/
DISPLAY CABINET. 31 ins tall           DISPLAY CABINET. 27.5 ins              PLEASE/ LET COIN DROP/
to top of pediment, 19.5 ins wide,     tall, 28 ins wide, 7.25 ins deep,      BEFORE PULLING/ DRAWER’,
14 ins deep, glass front & sides,      glass door to front with ‘CHOICE       stood on metal stand with
mirrored door to rear, front acid      PERFUMERS’ in red, black &             enamelled section. ‘CAPSTAN
etched with coat of arms &             gold lettering on white to top of      MEDIUM/ CIGARETTES’,
‘FRYS/ CHOICE                          door, interior fitted with 3 glass     white lettering on black & black
CHOCOLATE’, base impressed             shelves & mirrored back. Good.         lettering on blue. Good. £150-
‘J. S. FRY & SONS LTD’. Good.          £450-500+.                             200+.
                                       217. SHOP DISPLAY
210. GEORGE KEMPS                      CABINET (probably drapers), 3
DISPLAY CABINET. 33 ins tall           ft tall, 6 ft long, 2 ft deep,
to top of pediment. ‘GEORGE            wooden construction glass top,
KEMPS/ LTD/ RICH CAKES’ in             front & sides, interior fitted with
gold lettering, 21.5 ins wide, 14      16 pull-out drawers. NR £60-80+.
ins deep, glass front & sides,
mirrored double door to rear,          218. SHOP DISPLAY
interior fitted with 2 glass           CABINET. 6 ft 6 ins tall, 3 ft
shelves. Good. £250-300+.              wide, 21 ins deep, wooden
                                       construction with 16 glass
211. FRYS DISPLAY                      fronted, pull-out drawers above 4
CABINET. 37 ins tall to top of         large pull-out drawers to base
pediment. ‘FRYS CHOCOLATE’             with metal handles, makers plate
& cocoa beans pictured to              reads ‘SHOPFITTINGS
pediment, 27.75 ins wide, 15.25        (MANCHESTER LTD) 39
deep, glass front & sides, sliding     SHUDEHILL MANCHESTER
double doors to rear. ‘J. S. FRY       4’. NR £60-80+.
& SONS LTD’ in gold recessed
lettering to base, fitted with 2       219. DISPLAY CABINETS.
glass shelves. Good. £700-800+.        Wooden display cabinets, 4ft 7
                                       ins tall, 4 ft wide, 12 ins deep,
212. EBERHARD FABER                    double glass doors to front,
SHOP DISPLAY CASE (pencil              interior with metal shelf brackets.
case). 18 ins wide, 4.5 ins tall, 13   (2) (Only one shown). NR £60-
ins deep, double glass door to         80+.
top, interior fitted with
compartments. ‘EBERHARD                220. DISPLAY CABINETS.

BBR Auctions 22

                      206                   207












                                                                            BBR Auctions   23
Enamels                             HEELS’. (2) NR £20-30+.             rubberoid figure of Peter Rabbit,
                                                                        16.25 ins tall, stood on green
223. BARNSLEY SHELL BP              230. BOVRIL                         base. ‘PETER RABBIT’ in gold
ENAMEL SIGN. 72 ins by 30           MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                lettering to base. Good. Much
ins. ‘BARNSLEY PETROLEUM            ADVERTS. 13.25 ins by 10.75         admired! NR £60-80+.
SUPPLIES LTD/ AUTHORISED            ins, pictures of wind-up toys
DISTRIBUTOR/ FOR/ SHELL-            featured ‘I NEED/ WINDING!/         239. BLACK BULL (WHISKY)
MEX AND B.P. LTD’, black            YOU NEED/ BOVRIL/ FOR               ADVERTISING FIGURE.
lettering on white background       ENERGY & STRENGTH’. (2)             Heavy plaster figure of a black
with coloured shell & B.P. logos.   NR £20-30+.                         bull stood on oblong plinth.
Surface chips & outer edge chips                                        ‘BLACK BULL’ in black raised
& rust. NR £30-40+.                 231. HUNTLEY & PALMERS              lettering to plinth (some wording
                                    TIN SIGN. 32 ins by 6 ins.          obscured). Extremely rar, early,
224. SWAN SOAP ENAMEL               ‘HUNTLEY & PALMERS/ THE             whisky figure. NR £30-40+.
SIGN. 60 ins by 16 ins. ‘SWAN       FIRST NAME YOU THINK OF
WHITE FLOATING SOAP/                IN BISCUITS’, yellow lettering      240. BLACK & WHITE
ABSOLUTELY PURE’, white,            on blue background. Some            CERAMIC ADVERTISING
pale blue & dark blue colouring,    rusting. NR £20-30+.                FIGURE GROUP. 9.75 ins tall,
swans pictured. Surface chips &                                         2 Scottie dogs atop plinth, space
outer edge chips & rust. Rare.      232. DRY CLEANING                   for bottle to side. ‘BLACK &
Impressive. NR £80-100+.            ADVERTS. 6 pictorial examples,      WHITE SCOTCH WHISKY’ in
                                    largest 29.5 ins by 19.5 ins.,      white raised lettering to plinth.
225. HALLS DISTEMPER                smallest 12.5 ins by 9.75 ins.      Very good. NR £30-40+.
ENAMEL SIGN. 66 ins by 26           (Not all shown). NR £30-40+.
ins, coloured pictorial sign, 2                                         241. BLACK & WHITE
printers & decorators pictured      233. CHAIRMAN FIGURAL               CERAMIC DECANTERS. 8
carrying a plant, with house in     MATCHSTRIKER. 10.5 ins tall,        ins tall formed as 2 black & white
landscape setting below. ‘HALLS     cream glazed imp like figure        Scottie dogs. ‘ROYAL
DISTEMPER/ THE OIL-                 stood on scallop shaped base,       ADDERLEY CREATED
BOUND WATER PAINT’ in red           matcholder basket to rear.          EXCLUSIVELY FOR JAMES
& white lettering with ‘SISSONS     ‘CHAIRMAN’ in black lettering.      BUCHANAN AND CO LTD
BROTHERS & CO LTD HULL’             Good. £150-200+.                    GLASGOW SCOTLAND 1970’
etc, below in black lettering.                                          printed to base. (2) NR £20-30+.
Outer edge chips & rust. NR £80-    234. CUNARD LINE SMALL
100+.                               MULTICOLOURED TIN                   241A. BLACK & WHITE
                                    SIGN. 9.5 ins by 6.5 ins., ocean    WHISKY COLOURED
226. OXO ENAMEL SIGN. 72            liner pictured. ‘CUNARD LINE/       FRAMED ADVERT (printers
ins by 24 ins. ‘OXO/ BEEF IN        CUNARD LINE TRAVELLERS              proof found in London), 20.5 ins
BRIEF’, white lettering on dark     CHEQUES/ CASHED HERE’.              by 16.5 ins, black & white Scottie
blue & red background. Surface      Good. A rare and colourful          dogs pictured. Entitled ‘GOOD
chips, holes & outer edge chips &   shipping sign. £200-250+.           SPIRITS’ with ‘BUCHANANS
rust. NR £20-30+.                                                       BLACK & WHITE WHISKY’
                                    235. MICHELIN TYRES TIN             below. Very good. Rare and
227. WOOD MILNE ENAMEL              SIGN. 14.5 ins by 5 ins.            colourful Buchanan
SIGN. 72 ins by 18.5 ins.           ‘MICHELIN TYRES’ in white &         advertisement. £120-150+.
‘WOOD MILNE/ RUBBER                 blue lettering on cream
HEELS’, white & black lettering     background, Michelin man on         241B. BLACK & WHITE
on red background. Surface          bicycle pictured. Good. £20-30+.    WHISKY COLOURED
holes/ chips & outer edge chips &                                       FRAMED ADVERT (printers
rust. NR £20-30+.                   236. RIPPON & RIPPON                proof found in London), 20.5 ins
                                    BIRMINGHAM                          by 16.5 ins., St Bernard dog &
228. THE LEAGUE OF                  ADVERTISING PLATE. 8.5 ins          small dog pictured. Entitled ‘A
NATIOANL SAFETY                     diam., black & white pictorial of   GRAND SPIRIT’ with
MULTICOLOURED FRAMED                shop premises. ‘RIPPON &            ‘BUCHANANS/ BLACK &
POSTER. 31 ins by 21 ins., John     RIPPON BIRMINGHAM’ with             WHITE WHISKY’ below. Very
Bull figure & soldiers & sailor     horse drawn omnibuses pictured      good. A similarly rare and
pictured. ‘YOU MUST JOIN/           around outside. Good. £80-120+.     colourful Buchanan
THIS LEAGUE/ THIS LEAGUE                                                advertisement to the previous lot.
OF NATIONAL SAFETY BUYS             237. AVON POLISH TIN                £120-150+.
MAKES VICTORY SURE/ GET             FINGERPLATE. 8 ins by 3 ins.
FEES’. NR £30-40+.                  LEGGINGS’, black lettering on
                                    yellow background, tin of polish
229. PHILLIPS STICK-A-              pictured in green & black. Very
SOLES & HEELS                       good. NR £30-40+.
ADVERTS. 30 ins by 12.5 ins,        Advertising figures
one with winter scene, the other
with summer beach scene.            238. PETER RABBIT
‘PHILLIPS/ STICK-A-SOLES &          FIGURE. Multicoloured

BBR Auctions 24




228         229

                  231                                                           236








                                                                     BBR Auctions 25
242. DRAMBUIE                          CROWNS/ 6D/ CIGARETTES/               ins. ‘USE/ DRAGONFLY/
13.25 ins tall, multicoloured          HULL’. Some crazing. Not seen         R. D. NICOL & CO LTD
ceramic figure of Bonnie Prince        another? NR £30-40+.                  SHEFFIELD’, blue lettering on
Charlie stood on square plinth.                                              yellow background. Surface chips
‘DRAMBUIE’ in gold raised              250. JACOB & COS                      & outer edge chips & rust etc.
lettering. Very good. NR £30-          BISCUITS. Glass & tin biscuit         NR £30-40+.
40+.                                   tin lid, 9.25 ins by 8.75 ins.
                                       ‘JACOB & COS BISCUITS’,               258. MOBILOIL SHAPED
243. DUNLOP RUBBER                     white lettering on blue & gold.       ENAMEL SIGN. Oil can shape,
BOOTS HEAVY PLASTER                    Good. NR £20-30+.                     19.5 ins by 7.5 ins.
ADVERT. 15.5 ins tall, legs                                                  ‘GARGOYLE/ MOBILOIL/ A/
wearing Wellingtons climbing           Motoring enamels                      VACUUM OIL COMPANY LTD/
over style with footprints to base.                                          LONDON S.W.1’, black lettering
‘DUNLOP/ RUBBER BOOTS’                 251. TEXACO MOTOR OIL                 on white with red t.m. Outer edge
in red & black raised lettering        ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 20             chips & rust etc. A good, rare,
above with ‘A FAMOUS                   ins. ‘DRAIN FLUSH &/ REFILL           motoring pictorial cut out enamel.
TRADEMARK’ in yellow                   WITH/ TEXACO/ MOTOR OIL’,             £250-300+.
lettering to base. Slight chipping.    black lettering on white with
Extremely rare. NR £60-80+.            coloured image of oil being           259. LUCAS SHAPED
                                       poured to centre. ‘CLEAN              ENAMEL SIGN. Double sided,
244. VELVA HAIR PINS                   CLEAR GOLDEN TEXACO’ in               16 ins by 12 ins. ‘LUCAS C.A.V.
SMALL SHOP COUNTER                     black, red, yellow & green.           NO TAX/ BATTERY DEALER’,
CABINET. 12 ins by 7.5 ins by 4        Surface chip & outer edge rust &      red & black lettering on cream
ins, wooden cabinet with pull-out      chips etc. NR £30-40+.                background, battery pictured
drawer fitted with compartments.                                             above. Outer edge rust & chips.
‘VELVA HAIR PINS ‘ & ‘                 252. JOHN BULL TYRES                  NR £40-60+.
top. Plus carton containing 6          SIGN. 20 ins square. ‘JOHN            259A. CHAUFFEURS COAT.
packets of ‘QUEEN BEES SILK            BULL/ TYRES/ &                        Original white chauffeurs coat
COVERED HAIR PINS’. (2) NR             ACCESSORIES’, black & white           (hat and person not included in
£40-60+.                               lettering on orange background        sale!). Quite an extraordinary
                                       with John Bull pictured. Surface      survivor - needs ironing, and
245. PALETHORPES                       chip & outer edge rust & chips.       placing in just the right location!!
SAUSAGES CARTON. 11 ins                NR £60-80+.                           NR £30 - 40+
by 6 ins by 4.25 ins.
PALETHORPES ROYAL                      253. JOHN BULL TYRES                  260. MOBILOIL ENAMEL
CAMBRIDGE SAUSAGES’,                   DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                   SIGN. 11.25 ins by 9 ins.
pack of sausages pictured. Some        SIGN. 15.5 ins square. As             ‘MOBILOIL ‘D’/
general wear. NR £20-30+.              previous lot. NR £60-80+.             RECOMMENDED/ FOR ALL
                                                                             MOTOR/ CYCLE ENGINES/
246. NEWS OF THE WORLD                 254. A C PLUGS ENAMEL                 VACUUM OIL COMPANY
METAL NEWSPAPER                        SIGN. 30 ins by 12 ins. ‘A C          LTD’, black & red lettering on
WEIGHT. 16 ins long triangular         OIL FILTERS/ PLUGS’, yellow           white background with
shape (for placing on pile of          & orange lettering on dark blue       motorcycle sillhouette. Outer
newspapers to stop them blowing        background, spark plug pictured.      edge chips & rust. Great
away from news vendor stands).         Surface wear & outer edge chips       motorbike image. £120-150+.
‘NEWS OF THE WORLD ON                  & rust. NR £20-30+.
SALE HERE’, blue lettering on
white. Slight surface marks. Very      255. DUNLOP TYRES
unusual. NR £40-60+.                   ENAMEL SIGN. 29 ins by 11.5
                                       ins. ‘DUNLOP STOCK/
247. CEPHOS CIRCULAR                   TYRES’, black lettering on
ADVERTISING MIRROR.                    yellow background with red
7.75 ins diam., tin surround in        border. Outer edge chips & rust.
green & gold. ‘CEPHOS/ IN              NR £20-30+.
1/3. 3/-/ THE PHYSICIANS               256. BOWLEY’S MOTOR
REMEDY’ in black lettering. NR         SPIRIT DOUBLE SIDED
£30-40+.                               ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins by 14
                                       ins. ‘BOWLEYS MOTOR
248. LAMBS NAVY RUM                    SPIRIT’, white lettering on red
PLASTIC ADVERTISING                    oil can with ‘MOTOR/
FIGURE. 7.25 ins tall, sailor sat      CHAMPION/ OILS’, white
on barrel smoking a pipe. NR           lettering on green to side. Surface
£20-30+.                               chips & outer edge chips & rust
                                       etc. NR £30-40+.
2.25 ins tall, 4.75 ins diam., white   257. DRAGONFLY MOTOR
glaze, blue print. ‘RICHARD            OILS DOUBLE SIDED
HARGREAVES/ THREE                      ENAMEL SIGN. 17.5 ins by 14

BBR Auctions 26
                               244                          245








                                             254           256







                                                                  BBR Auctions    27
261. SHELL CAST IRON                   GERM LUBRICANTS LTD/                 GREATEST MILEAGE/                   by 9.5 ins. ‘BUSES/ STOP BY
METAL SIGN. 10 ins long,               SALFORD MANCHESTER &                 COMPETITION/ OVER £500 IN           REQUEST/ FORM QUEUE
shell-shaped sign. ‘SHELL’ in red      LONDON E.C.2’, white lettering       PRIZES/ 1st £250/ 2nd £150 3rd      TWO DEEP FACING THIS
raised lettering on yellow. NR         on red & blue background. Outer      £50/ AND 7 CASH PRIZES OF           SIDE’, white lettering on blue
£20-30+.                               edge rust & chips. NR £30-40+.       £10 EACH’, black lettering on       background. Outer edge chipping
                                                                            white. NR £20-30+.                  & rust plus surface chips. NR
262. BP PETROL PUMP SIGN.              270. CARBURINE MOTOR                                                     £20-30+.
Cast metal in shape of Union           SPIRIT DOUBLE SIDED                  277. CASTROL POSTER. 30
Jack flag, red, white & blue glass     ENAMEL SIGN. 19 ins by 14            ins by 20 ins. ‘1928 T.T. RACES/    283. CAUTION ENAMEL
insert with ‘5/2d’, 11 ins by 8 ins.   ins. ‘CARBURINE/ MOTOR/              AGAIN WON ON/ CASTROL’,             SIGN. 24 ins by 12 ins.
NR £20-30+.                            SPIRIT’, yellow lettering on blue    sepia tones photographs of T.T.     ‘CAUTION/ SMOKING AND
                                       background. Surface chips &          winners sat on their motorcycles.   THE USE OF/ NAKED LIGHTS
263. BP MOTOR SPIRIT                   outer edge chips & rust etc. NR      ‘SENIOR T.T.’ ‘JUNIOR T.T.’ &       ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN
DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                    £20-30+.                             ‘LIGHTWEIGHT T.T.’ ‘TO              EXCEPT AT TIMES/ AND IN
SIGN. 24 ins by 16 ins. ‘BP/                                                KEEP YOUR/ ENGINE IN T.T./          PLACES SANCTIONED BY
MOTOR/ SPIRIT’, blue lettering         271. N.S.C. CIRCULAR                 TUNE-FOLLOW THE                     THE MASTER’, red lettering on
on Union Jack flag background,         ENAMEL SIGN. Double sided            EXPERTS LEAD/ AND INSIST            white background. Outer edge
red, white & blue. Surface chips       18 ins diam. ‘N.S.C. NATIONAL        ON -/ WAKEFIELD/ CASTROL            chipping & rust etc. NR £20-30+.
& outer edge chips & rust. NR          SOCIETY OF CHAUFFEURS’,              MOTOR OIL’. NR £60-80+.
£40-50+.                               red & white lettering on grey &                                          284. CAR & GENERAL
                                       white. Surface chips, fading &       278. CASTROL PAVEMENT               INSURANCE PERPETUAL
264. DOMINION ENAMEL                   outer edge rust & chips. NR £20-     EASEL. 39 ins by 23 ins.,           CALENDAR. Tin on card, 13 ins
SIGN. 24 ins square,                   30+.                                 wooden easel with tin sign under    by 9 ins. ‘CAR & GENERAL/
‘DOMINION’ black lettering on                                               metal grid. ‘LET US DRAIN           INSURANCE CORPORATION
blue & white petrol globe all on       272. PRATTS MOTOR OIL                YOUR SUMP/ AND REFILL/              LTD/ HEAD OFFICE, 83, PALL
yellow background. Surface chip        DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                  WITH/ WAKEFIELD/ PATENT/            MALL LONDON S.W. 1’, gold
& outer edge rust & chips etc.         SIGN. 21 ins diam. ‘PRATTS           CASTROL/ REDUCES                    lettering on black. NR £40-60+.
NR £20-30+.                            MOTOR OIL’, blue & red               CYLINDER WEAR’. NR £60-
                                       lettering on white background        80+.                                Tins
265. MOTORINE DOUBLE                   with red border. Surface chip &
SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 24 ins              outer edge rust & chips. NR £30-     279. EMPIRE LAMP OIL                285. C.W.S. LARGE CASKET
by 18 ins. ‘FOR/ LONGER                40+.                                 DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                 TIN. 6.5 ins tall, 10.25 ins wide,
SMOOTHER/ EASIER                                                            SIGN. 24 ins by 15 ins.             7.5 ins deep, multicoloured
RUNNING/ ALWAYS USE/                   273. STOCK ENGLEBERT                 ‘EMPIRE/ LAMP OIL’, red &           detailed print to lid showing
MOTORINE/ MOTOR OILS/                  CUT OUT SHAPED ENAMEL                black lettering on cream            central premises Manchester. ‘TO
PRICES’, white lettering on blue       SIGN. 31.5 ins long, 19.5 ins        background. Outer edge chips &      COMMEMORATE THE
& red background. Surface marks        wide, circular shape with red        rust etc. NR £30-40+.               JUBILEE OF THE/ CO-
& outer edge rust & chips. NR          arrow . ‘STOCK/ ENGLEBERT’                                               OPERATIVE WHOLESALE
£30-40+.                               black lettering on yellow surface.   280. SCARBOROUGH                    SOCIETY LTD 1863-1913’
                                       Chips & outer edge chips & rust.     TRAMWAYS CO DOUBLE                  portraits of presidents to front,
266. CASTROL DOUBLE                    NR £20-30+.                          SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins           with other branche premises to
SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins                                                   by 12 ins. ‘SCARBOROUGH             sides & rear all surrounded with
by 16 ins. ‘CASTROL/                   274. TEMPLE MOTOR OIL                TRAMWAYS CO/ TAKE ANY               gold & blue design. Some minor
WAKEFIELD/ MOTOR OIL’,                 DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL                  CAR FOR A TRIP ROUND                scratches/ marks etc. (one handle
black lettering on red, yellow &       SIGN. 15.75 ins by 11 ins.           THE/ MARINE DRIVE/ ON               missing). NR £40-60+.
white background. Outer edge           ‘GRINDONS/ TEMPLE/                   THE/ NEW TOAST RACK/
chips & rust. NR £30-40+.              MOTOR OIL/ & LUBRICANTS/             SAFETY FIRST’ to one side,          286. MACFARLANE LANG &
                                       SOLD HERE’, white lettering on       ‘SCARBOROUGH TRAMWAYS               CO LUGGAGE TRUNK TIN.
267. REDLINE MOTOR                     dark blue background. Surface        CO/ TAKE THE CAR TO                 5.5 ins by 3.5 ins by 2.25 ins.,
SPIRIT DOUBLE SIDED                    chips wear marks etc & outer         RAILWAY STATION/ FOR A              green with brown straps with
ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins by 14              edge chips & rust. NR £20-30+.       CIRCULAR TOUR ROUND                 printed labels. Base printed
ins. ‘REDLINE/ MOTOR                                                        THE/ ESPLANADE/ AND/                ‘MACFARLANE LANG & COS/
SPIRIT’, red & black lettering on      Posters                              MARINE DRIVE/ ON THE/               BISCUITS’. Slight surface wear
white background. Some fading                                               NEW TOAST RACK/ SAFETY              etc. NR £20-30+.
to lettering. Surface chips, outer     275. RACING CAR SHOW                 FIRST’ to the other, black
edge rust etc. NR £20-30+.             POSTER. 30 ins by 20 ins.            lettering on yellow background.
                                       ‘RACING/ CAN/ SHOW/                  Outer edge chips & rust. NR £30-
268. PEDLEY TIRES &                    OLYMPIA NATIONAL HALL/               40+.
BELTS DOUBLE SIDED                     4-14 JANUARY 1967/
ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins by 12              PRESENTED BY THE BRITISH             281. CANADIAN PACIFIC
ins. ‘PEDLEY/ TIRES/ &                 RACING & SPORTS CAR                  DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL
BELTS/ STOCKED &                       BLUE IN ASSOCIATION WITH             SIGN. 16 ins by 10 ins.
RECOMMENDED’, black                    THE EVENING NEWS’, yellow            ‘CANADIAN PACIFIC/
lettering on yellow background.        & white lettering on green. NR       RAILWAY AND/ STEAMSHIP
Surface chips fading & outer           £20-30+.                             LINES/ BOOK TICKETS
edge chips & rust. NR £20-30+.                                              HERE’, white lettering on dark
                                       276. ENGLEBERT TYRES                 blue background. Outer edge
269. GERM OILS ENAMEL                  POSTER. 30 ins by 20 ins.            chipping & rust. NR £30-40+.
SIGN. 19 ins by 16 ins. ‘GERM/         ‘ENGLEBERT CHEVRON
OILS FOR INCREASED                     CORD TYRES/ ASK FOR                  282. BUS STOP DOUBLE
“OILINESS”/ MADE ONLY BY/              PARTICULARS/ OF/                     SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins

BBR Auctions 28

                        262                               267
265                                                                                          264

                         270                               271                              272


                               275          276








                                                                             BBR Auctions     29
& SONS LTD TEA CADDY                 STARCH BY SPECIAL                      FLAKE’ tobacco tin with 2
SHAPED TIN. 6 ins by 5 ins by        APPOINTMENT TO THE                     playing cards pictured, 7.25 ins
3.5 ins simulated inlaid wood in     KING’. Some surface wear etc.          by 3.25 ins. Plus tin in shape of a
brown & cream. Base printed          NR £30-40+.                            safe, 6.5 ins by 4.5 ins., paper
‘WILLIAM CRAWFORD &                                                         label inside lid ‘EDMONDSONS
SONS LTD BISCUIT                     294. INSTITUTE OF                      TOFFEE’. (2) NR £20-30+.
EDINBURGH LIVERPOOL &                CARTON containing 12                   301. GROUP OF TOBACCO
LONDON’. Slight surface marks.       ‘SAMPLE FOR STUDY’ tins, 3             TINS. ‘MACDONALDS KILTY
NR £30-40+.                          ins by 2.5 ins., containing tea        BRAND/ CUT GOLDEN BAR’
                                     samples. NR £50-60+.                   multicoloured print, Scotsman
288. CARR & CO                                                              picured, 5 ins by 3.5 ins by 2.75
MULTICOLOURED TIN. 6 ins             295. RILEYS BUNNY-BONS                 ins. Plus 2 ‘CORAL FLAKE’
by 4 ins. ‘THE FOUR                  TIN. 4.5 ins by 3.5 ins.,              tins, 3.25 ins by 1.25 ins. (3) NR
ELEMENTS’ pictured to sides.         multicoloured print showing            £20-30+.
‘AIR’ ‘WATER’ ‘FIRE’ &               rabbit with tin of toffees & mouse
‘EARTH’. Base stamped ‘CARR          & chick etc. ‘RILEYS/ BUNNY-           302. GROUP OF TINS. ‘IRON
& CO BISCUIT                         BONS/ THE/ TASTIEST/                   TONIC PILLS’ cylindrical tin,
MANUFACTURER                         TOFFIES/ SOLE MAKERS/                  3.25 ins tall. Plus ‘D & W
CARLISLE’. Good. NR £30-40+.         RILEY BROTHERS LTD                     GIBBS SHAVING STICK’
                                     HALIFAX’. Slight surface wear.         cylindrical tin, 3.5 ins tall. Plus
289. MAYNARDS                        NR £20-30+.                            ‘ROSE COLD CREAM’ tin, 2 ins
MULTICOLOURED TIN. 8 ins                                                    diam. (3) NR £20-30+.
by 4 ins by 1.5 ins., Edwardian      296. GROUP OF TINS. Includes
lady pictured to lid.                ‘PARKINSONS ORIGINAL                   303. MONKEY BRAND SOAP
‘MAYNARDS LTD                        ROYAL DONCASTER                        PACKET. 2.5 ins by 2 ins
PERFECTION’ with                     BUTTERSCOTCH’,                         ‘BROOKES SOAP MONKEY
‘PATRONISED BY ROYALTY’              multicoloured tins showing             BRAND’. Plus ‘NATIONAL
to sides. Slight surface marks. NR   racehorses, 7.5 ins by 2.5 ins.        SELF ADHESIVE PLASTER’
£40-60+.                             Plus ‘SMITHS POTATO                    tin, 1.5 ins diam. Plus ‘ZEE KOL
                                     CRISPS’ tin in blue & white, 6         THE WONDER SKIN HEALER’
290. MACKINTOSH’S                    ins by 3.25 ins. Plus ‘BENSONS         tin, 1.5 ins diam. (3) NR £20-
TOFFEE TIN. 4 ins by 3.5 ins.        CANDIES’ tin with                      30+.
‘MACKINTOSH’S TOFFEE DE              multicoloured print showing
LUXE’ in gold raised lettering on    ‘THE QUEEN MARY’ liner, 8              304. CADBURY’S
red. Slight surface wear. NR £20-    ins by 5 ins. (3) NR £20-30+.          CHOCOLATE BOX with
30+.                                                                        multicoloured lid, showing young
                                     297. COLMANS MUSTARD                   girl laid in a hammock.
291. FRY’S COCOA                     TINS. 7 ins square with                ‘CADBURYS ASSORTED
MINIATURE SAMPLE TINS.               embossed scenes to sides,              CHOCOLATE 1LB NET’, 6.5 ins
Cylindrical shape, 1.75 ins tall.    windmill, church, mill & castle,       by 4.5 ins. Plus ‘ROWNTREE &
‘FRY’S PURE                          paper label inside lid                 CO LTD YORK’ tin, William
CONCENTRATED COCOA’,                 ‘COLMANS PURE MUSTARD’                 Shakespeare with scenes from his
gold lettering on white base         also with embossed inner lid.          plays pictured, 11 ins by 2 ins. (2)
embossed ‘FRYS PURE                  Plus simulated wood & brass tin,       NR £30-40+.
COCOA’. One with lid missing.        9.5 ins by 7.5 ins by 4.5 ins.,
(3) NR £30-40+.                      paper label inside lid                 305. PAIR TINS. ‘ANVIL
                                     ‘COLMANS GENUINE                       CARAMELS’ multicoloured tin,
292. COMMEMORATIVE                   MUSTARD’. (2) NR £20-30+.              9.5 ins by 6.5 ins by 3.5 ins. Plus
TIN. 5 ins by 3.25 ins.,                                                    ‘CRUMPSALL BISCUITS’ tin,
multicoloured tin commemorating      298. GROUP OF THORNES                  biscuits pictured to lid, 9.5 ins by
First World War with portraits of    TOFFEE TINS. One oval shape,           4 ins. (2) NR £20-30+.
war commanders. ‘LORD                red with little girl & dog pictured,
KITCHENER’ ‘ SIR JOHN                ‘THORNES EXTRA SUPER                   306. GROUP OF BISCUIT
FRENCH’ ‘SIR JOHN                    CREME TOFFEE’. Plus 4                  TINS. Includes 2 ‘McVITIE &
JELLICOE’ ‘RT HON                    oblong shape tins, 3 blue & gold,      PRICE BISCUITS’ sample tins,
WINSTON CHURCHILL’ etc to            one red & gold. (5) NR £30-40+.        3.25 ins diam. Plus ‘HUNTLEY
sides with H.M. King George V                                               & PALMERS BISCUITS’ floral
to lid. Slight surface marks. An     299. GROUP OF TINS. Includes           design tin, 8.25 ins by 4.5 ins.
attractive tin. NR £30-40+.          ‘SLIPPERY ELM FOOD’                    Plus ‘ROWNTREES
                                     cylindrical tins. Plus                 CHOCOLATE BISCUIT
293. COLMANS MUSTARD                 ‘OSTERMILK’ cylindrical tin.           FINGERS’ box, 6 ins by 3.25 ins.
TIN. 7 ins square with               Plus circular tin with nurse           (4) NR £20-30+.
multicoloured panels depicting       pictured to lid. Plus ‘CUTICURA
game birds; partridge, pheasants,    TALCUM POWDER’ tin with                307. PAIR OF TINS. ‘ROYDS
ducks & geese, also pictured are     baby pictured. Plus ‘BERINA            STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM
hares, salmon paper label inside     MALTED MILK FOOD’ tin. (6)             CARAMELS’ tin, 8.25 ins by 6.5
lid. ‘COLMANS FINE                   NR £30-40+.                            ins by 4.25 ins. Plus trunk shape
MUSTARD’ & inner lid                                                        tin, simulaed strap bound wood, 8
embossed ‘J & J COLMAN LTD           300. PAIR OF TINS. ‘COPES/             ins by 5 ins. (2) NR £20-30+.

BBR Auctions 30
             288                                  289



             292                            293







                                                        302     307



                                                                BBR Auctions 31
308. PAIR TOBACCO TINS.               315. PRICES NIGHT LIGHTS,             wooden coat hanger advertising
‘BOND OF UNION SMOKING                box containing 8 ‘PRICES              ‘WHITE HORSE WHISKY’, 17
MIXTURE’ multicoloured                “SENTINEL”/ NIGHT LIGHTS’,            ins long. Plus wooden paper
pictorial tobacco tin, 4.25 ins by    6 ins by 3.5 ins. NR £20-30+.         knife ‘THE UNITED
3.25 ins. Plus ‘BUSHRANGER                                                  ASBESTOS CO LIMITED’ with
CURLY CUT TOBACCO’                    316. FRY’S MILK                       calendar for ‘1889’. Plus hat
multicoloured pictorial tin, 4 ins    CHOCOLATE DUMMY                       brush ‘G. HASTIE HATTER
by 3 ins. Plus ‘BELLAMYS              PACKAGING. 3 dummy bars of            KIRKGATE LEEDS’. Plus small
FINE QUALITY POMFRET                  ‘FRY’S MILK CHOCOLATE’                wooden brush ‘C.W.S. FOR
CAKES’ tin, 5 ins by 3.5 ins.         featuring the famous Frys Five        EVERYTHING’. (5) NR £20-
Plus ‘GUNDILLS GENUINE                Boys images, one 5.5 ins by 2.5       30+.
PONTEFRACT CAKES’ tin, 4              ins, plus 2 3.25 ins by 1.75 ins.
ins by 2.75 ins. (4) NR £20-30+.      Extremely rare and early              326. ROWNTREES 3 TIERED
                                      chocoloate items. (3) £60-80+.        GLASS SWEET JAR. 14.75 ins
309. HUNTLEY & PALMERS                                                      tall, clear glass. ‘ROWNTREES
BISCUIT TIN. Bundle of books          317. KIT KAT PACKAGING.               CLEAR GUMS’,
shaped tin, 6.25 ins by 6.25 ins      ‘KIT KAT’ bar, 3.75 ins by 2.5        ‘ROWNTREES/ PASTILLES’ &
by 4.25 ins., biscuit tin in the      ins. NR £20-30+.                      ‘ROWNTREES/ JUICY
form of a bundle of 8 books with                                            FRUITS’ inRare to get the set
strap intact. ‘HUNTLEY &              318. LEEDS MIRRORS. Small             complete. £400-600+.
PALMERS BISCUITS                      brass framed mirrors, backs with
READING & LONDON’. Very               ‘WITH/ STONE BROS/
good. NR £80-100+.                    COMPLIMENTS/ 9 NEW
                                      BRIGGATE LEEDS’ printed on
310. CRAWFORDS BISCUIT                white. (2) NR £20-30+.
TINS in shape of a knife box,
simulated inlaid wood, 9.5 ins        319. PLAYERS TOBACCO
tall, 7.25 ins wide. Inside lid       DUMMY PACKETS of tobacco
embossed ‘CRAWFORDS/                  ‘PLAYERS NAVY MIXTURE’,
BISCUIT MANUFACTURERS/                3.25 ins by 2 ins. (3) Good. NR
TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING/              £30-40+.
LONDON’. Good. NR £40-60+.            320. PLAYERS TOBACCO
                                      DUMMY PACKETS of tobacco,
311. PAIR BISCUIT TINS. ‘W            larger packets of previous lot. 4.5
& R JACOB & CO BISCUIT                ins by 3 ins. (3) Good. NR £30-
MANUFACTURERS’ tin, 3 ins             40+.
square. Plus ‘BEE BEE
money box tin, 3 ins square. (2)      includes 3 ‘LUX’ packets, 8 ins
Good. NR £30-40+.                     by 4.5 ins. Plus ‘SYLVAN
                                      FLAKES’ packet, 10 ins by 7.5
312. ROWNTREES ELECT                  ins. (4) NR £30-40+.
TIN. 6.75 ins by 3 ins., showing      322. SOAP FLAKE PACKETS
Edwardian lady with baby in           includes 3 ‘LUX’ packets, 8 ins
arms. ‘ROWNTREES ELECT                by 4.5 ins. Plus ‘RINSO’ soap
COCOA’ to sides. Very good.           packet, 8 ins by 5 ins. (4) NR
Pretty. NR £30-40+.                   £20-30+.

313. GROUP OF TINS. Includes          323. NEEDLE PACKETS
2 ‘DAILY EPSOM SALTS’ paper           includes 2 needle packets in
label cylindrical tins, 3 ins tall.   shape of bottles of ‘YORKSHIRE
Plus ‘C.W.S EGG POWDER’               RELISH GOODALL
cylindrical tin, 3.25 ins tall. (3)   BACKHOUSE LEEDS’. Plus
NR £20-30+.                           needle packet with multicoloured
                                      portrait of King George V to
Packaging                             front. Plus card with waxed
                                      thread & needles for sewing
314. PACKAGING GROUP                  leather. Plus small boy of
Includes dummy packet of              ‘SUPERIOR SWAN BILL
‘COUNTRY LIFE SMOKING                 HOOKS & EYES’. (5) NR £20-
MIXTURE’ multicoloured                30+.
pictorial fishing scene, 3 ins by
2.25 ins. Plus box of ‘BRYANT         324. FRY’S COCOA
box of ‘BRYANT & MAYS                 advertising ‘FRYS PURE
VESTAS’. Plus box of ‘JOHN            ins long. NR £30-40+.
£20-30+.                              325. MIXED GROUP includes

BBR Auctions 32









                        316                                                     326



                                                                      BBR Auctions 33

                  330     331                   332

334                     338         335



            341                                        342          340




BBR Auctions 34
Enamels                              by 7 ins. ‘BLUE CROSS TEA/            H.M.V’ white lettering on orange
                                     SOLD HERE/ IN LEAD                    background both sides, one side
327. MAZAWATTE TEA                   PACKETS & DECORATED                   with crack to glass. Looks
ENAMEL SIGNS. 24 ins by 6            TINS’, yellow lettering on blue       superb! £200-300+.
ins., white lettering on blue &      background. Surface chips &
white lettering on red. Outer edge   outer edge chips & rust etc. (2)      341A. L.N.E.R. WOODEN
chipping & rust. Oops - no           NR £20-30+.                           FRAMED MIRROR. 21.5 ins by
picture? (2) NR £20-30+.                                                   15 ins. ‘L.N.E.R.’ in small silver
                                     335. COLMANS MUSTARD                  lettering to bottom of mirror. NR
328. ASTOS ENAMEL SIGN.              ENAMEL SIGN. 22 ins by 14             £30-40+.
24 ins by 12 ins. ‘WE                ins. ‘COLMANS MUSTARD/
RECOMMEND ASTOS/ A                   WITH/ OUR NOTED COOKED                342. WATSONS
RUBBEROID PRODUCT’, roll             MEATS PIES ETC/ AND                   ADVERTISING CHAIR. 35.5
of Astos pictured, yellow, black     ENJOY THEM MORE’, blue &              ins tall, wooden chair with
& pale blue colouring. Surface       red lettering on white                enamel back. ‘WATSONS/
chips & outer edge chips & rust.     background. Some surface              MATCHLESS/ CLEANSER/ IS
NR £30-40+.                          restoration etc. NR £20-30+.          THE BEST/ SOAP/ FOR ALL
                                                                           PURPOSES’, blue & white
329. TELEPHONE DOUBLE                336. MULTICOLOURED                    lettering on blue & white
SIDED ENAMEL SIGN. 22 ins            PRINT. Wooden framed, 30 ins          background. Small surface chip
by 9 ins. ‘TELEPHONE’, white         by 18 ins print showing little girl   to enamel at rear. The best and
lettering on dark blue               holding flowers, rabbits at her       last of the set? NR £250-300+.
background. Outer edge chips &       feet, given away when soap
rust & surface chips. NR £20-        wrappers & a penny stamp are          343. BIRKENHEAD
30+.                                 sent to ‘B. T. BABBITT/ 120           CORPORATION FERRIES
                                     SOUTHWARK ST. S.E./                   ENAMEL SIGN. 12 ins by 8 ins.
330. FIRE DANGER ENAMEL              LONDON’. NR £20-30+.                  ‘BIRKENHEAD
SIGN. 21.5 ins by 15 ins. ‘T.G.O.                                          CORPORATION FERRIES/
TIMBER GROWERS                       337. No Lot                           MOTOR CYCLISTS/ AND
ORGANISATION LTD/                                                          CYCLISTS/ ARE FORBIDDEN
MEMBER/ FIRE DANGER/                 338. EX-LAX                           TO RIDE/ ON THE FERRIES
PRIVATE WOODLANDS’, tree             THERMOMETER ENAMEL.                   PREMISES/ BY ORDER’, white
on fire pictured, black, green,      36 ins by 8 ins. ‘EX-LAX/             lettering on dark blue
orange & white colouring. Outer      CHOCOLATE/ LAXATIVE/                  background. Outer edge
edge rust & chips. NR £20-30+.       KEEP/ REGULAR/ WITH / EX-             retouching etc. NR £20-30+.
                                     LAX/ TOILET ARTICLES/
331. THOMPSONS DYE                   DRUGS’ in red, blue, black &          344. PRIMUS ENAMEL
WORKS ENAMEL SIGN.                   white colouring. Complete with        SIGNS. Pyramid shape, 12.5 ins
Double sided, 20 ins by 16.5 ins.    thermometer. Some outer edge          by 9.25 ins (shoe-shine stand
‘AGENT FOR/ THOMSONS/                rusting etc. NR £60-80+.              sides?). ‘THE PRIMUS/ BURNS
DYE/ WORKS PERTH’, black                                                   PARAFFIN/ WITHOUT WICK/
lettering on white background.       339. GROUP OF ADVERTS. 3              INTENSE HEAT/ NO SMOKE
Surface chips & outer edge           shaped card adverts, stand-up         NO SMELL’ to one, different
chipping & rust. NR £20-30+.         type for ‘MILADY TOFFEE’.             wording to the other, white
                                     Plus ‘McVITIES ROYAL SCOT             lettering on green. Chips to fixing
332. PUBLIC BENEFIT BOOT             BISCUITS’. Plus ‘RAYGLO               holes & outer edge rust & chips.
COMPANY ENAMEL SIGN.                 RED BONE MARROW WITH                  (2) NR £60-80+.
19 ins by 13 ins. ‘PUBLIC/           MALT AND CHEMICAL
BENEFIT/ BOOT COMPANY/               FOOD’, 18.5 ins to 14.5 ins tall.     345. THE DUNLEY OVAL
LIMITED/ FOR GOOD/                   Plus wooden framed folding            SHAPE ENAMEL SIGN. 8 ins
BOOTS’, black lettering on           advert for ‘NATIONAL HEALTH           by 5 ins. ‘THE DUNLEY/ PRIZE
yellow background. Slight outer      SERVICE/ WE DISPENSE ALL/             MEDAL/ PATENT NO 195874/
edge rusting. NR £30-40+.            PRESCRIPTIONS’, 23 ins tall,          SELF ACTING/ DRY PIG
                                     25.5 ins wide when opened. (4)        FEEDER/ ALFRED HERBERT
333. NIXEYS BOOT POLISH              NR £20-30+.                           LTD COVENTRY’, blue lettering
SMALL ENAMEL SIGN. 9.5                                                     on white background. Slight outer
ins by 8 ins. ‘NIXEY’S/              340. OSRAM LAMPS CARD                 edge rusting. NR £30-40+.
WATERPROOF/ BOOT                     ADVERT. 20 ins by 15 ins.
POLISH’, yellow lettering on         ‘OSRAM/ LAMPS/ THE G.E.C.             346. PUNCH ENAMEL SIGN.
black background. Surface chip       GUARANTEE’, light bulb                14 ins by 10 ins, black & white
& outer edge chips & rust etc.       pictured. Some surface wear &         pictorial detailed picture showing
NR £20-30+.                          outer edge deterioration. NR £20-     Mr Punch & his dog Toby. ‘THE
                                     30+.                                  FOREMOST HUMOROUS
334. HUDSONS SOAP                                                          JOURNAL OF THE WORLD
ENAMEL SIGN. 13 ins by 8.            341. H.M.V METAL FRAMED               PUNCH/ THREE PENCE/ ITS
SOAP/ EASY AND SAFE’,                hanging), 31 ins tall, 20 ins wide,   WIT AND WISDOM’, brown &
green, red, yellow, black & white    9.25 ins deep. ‘HIS MASTERS           black lettering. Slight damage to
colouring. Outer edge chips &        VOICE’ with dog & gramaphone          top right hand corner, surface
rust etc. Plus Blue Cross Tea        pictured above. ‘THE                  chip & outer edge chipping &
double sided enamel sign. 14 ins     HALLMARK OF QUALITY/                  rust. £220-250+.

                                                                                                                 BBR Auctions 35

                  347                 349








BBR Auctions 36
347. TUROG BREAD                        colouring with ‘HERCULES/           ins. ‘MEWS W.B. MEW
ENAMEL SIGN. 14 ins by 10               CYCLES’, black lettering on         LANGTON & CO LTD’,
ins mainly black & white                yellow background below. Outer      pictorial image of top hatted gent
pictorial featuring giant baker         edge chips & rusting. £120-150+.    holding glass of beer, map of Isle
figure with giant loaf of Turog                                             of Wight to bottom left hand
bread on his back surrounded by         355. HERCULES CYCLES                corner. Some outer edge chips &
lots of small figures. ‘TUROG/          ENAMEL SIGN. 6 ft long, 13          rust. £300-400+.
BREAD’ in black letters. Surface        ins wide. ‘YOU BUY A/
chip & outer edge chips, rust etc.      HERCULES’, orange & black
£150-200+.                              lettering & black lettering on
                                        yellow, 8 cyclists pictured each
348. VAN HOUTENS                        holding letters of Hercules.
ENAMEL SIGN. 15 ins by 10               Fabulous pictorial biking related
ins. ‘VAN HOUTENS/ COCOA’,              sign. NR £120-150+.
white lettering on blue
background with red border.             356. HERCULES CYCLES
Outer edge chips & rust. NR £40-        ENAMEL SIGN. 30 ins by 20
50+.                                    ins, pictorial sign, head &
                                        shoulders of flat-capped gent
349. LYONS TEA ENAMEL                   pointing ‘YOU BUY A/
FINGER PLATE. 10 ins by 3               HERCULES CYCLE’ in orange,
ins. ‘LYONS/ TEA/ SOLD/                 blue, yellow & black colouring
HERE’, white & yellow lettering         with cycle silhouette inbetween.
on dark blue background with            Outer edge chips & rust etc. NR
yellow border. Outer edge chips         £150-200+.
& rust. £150-200+.
                                        357. RALEIGH CYCLES
350. LYONS TEA ENAMEL                   ENAMEL SIGN. Shield shape,
FINGER PLATE. 10 ins by 3               23 ins by 18 ins. ‘RELIABLE/
ins. ‘BUY/ LYONS/ TEA’, white           RALEIGH/ CYCLES/ RIGID
& orange lettering on dark blue         RAPID’, black & white lettering
background with orange border.          on black & yellow background.
Good. £200-300+.                        Surface marks & outer edge chips
                                        & rust etc. NR £40-60+.
SIGN. 8 ins diam., lifebelt shape,      DOUBLE SIDED ENAMEL
multicoloured classic image of          SIGN. 20 ins by 14 ins. ‘DEPOT/
H.M.S. Hero sailor to centre.           FOR/ FLEET/ BICYCLES’,
‘PLAYERS NAVY CUT’ in red               white lettering on dark blue
& blue lettering around outside.        background. Outer edge chips &
Some general wear otherwise             rust etc. NR £30-40+.
good. This is an exceptionally
rare SMALL SIZED offering of a          359. A.C.U. DOUBLE SIDED
‘classic’ pictorial tin sign. Well      ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins square.
worth carefully cleaning - there’s      ‘AUTO CYCLE UNION
a lot of colour under that grime?       HOTEL’ with ‘A.C.U.’ to centre,
£300-400+.                              green & white lettering on white
                                        & green background. Surface
352. NUGGET BOOT POLISH                 chips & outer edge chips & rust.
CARD ADVERT. Cut out, stand             NR £20-30+.
up advert, 9 ins by 8.25 ins, small
boy pictured with tin of boot           360. RUDGE CYCLES
polish over one eye. ‘BY JOVE/          FRAMED WINDOW
NUGGET/ BOOT POLISH’.                   ADVERT. 15 ins by 14 ins.
Good. Great image. NR £60-80+.          ‘RUDGE NIGHT RIDER’ red &
                                        white glazed both sides to enable
353. BLUE BOY BRAND                     back lighting for night time
MULTICOLOURED TIN                       display. NR £30-50+.
FINGER PLATE. Boy pictured
holding huge jar of sweets.             361. RALEIGH CYCLES CUT
DROPS’. Good. NR £40-60+.               Double sided, 14 ins by 13.5 ins,
                                        man waving on bicycle above
Cycle enamels                           ‘RALEIGH/ THE ALL STEEL
                                        BICYCLE’, dark blue lettering
354. HERCULES CYCLES                    on yellow background. Outer
ENAMEL SIGN. 43.5 ins by 36             edge rust & chips etc. £150-200+.
ins., large pictorial sign, featuring
Hercules holding up a cycle in          362. MEW’S LARGE
brown, cream, black & white             ENAMEL SIGN. 39 ins by 30

                                                                                                                 BBR Auctions 37

                  364         365





BBR Auctions 38
363. DARTNELLS GINGER                 all time classic pictorial g.b. signs
BEER ENAMEL SIGN. 39.75               - try finding another? £320-350+.
ins by 25 ins. ‘ASK FOR/
GINGER BEER’, white lettering         ENAMEL SIGN. 21 ins by 13
on dark blue with ginger beer         ins., cocoa tin pictorial.
bottle pictured. ‘A. DARTNELL/        ‘BOURNVILLE/ COCOA/
GINGER BEER/                          ENG’ with ‘TEST THE BEST’
NORTHAMPTON’. Surface                 below in red, yellow & white
chips & outer edge chips & rust.      colouring. Some restoration.
Classic g.b. pictorial sign. Rare.    £250-300+.
                                      370. PLAYERS NAVY CUT
WOODEN FRAMED                         16 ins diam., multicoloured
ENAMEL SIGN. 33 ins by 23.5           pictorial, sailor within lifebelt
ins. ‘SMOKE/ PLAYERS/ NAVY            pictured. ‘PLAYERS NAVY
CUT/ TOBACCO AND/                     CUT’ in red & dark blue
CIGARETTES’ in red & black            lettering. Some restoration. £150-
lettering with multicoloured sailor   200+.
& lifebelt logo. Very good. Most
impressive large sign. £800-          371. HUDSONS SOAP CLOCK
1,000+.                               ENAMEL SIGN. 18 ins by 10.5
                                      ins. ‘TO-DAY/ WE CLOSE AT/
SIGN. 34.5 ins by 12 ins.             SOAP.’ Outer edge chips & rust.
‘WHITBREADS/ ALES/ AND/               A great rarity. £400-500+.
STOUT’ in black lettering with
bottle of ‘WHITBREADS                 372. AFTERNOON
LONDON STOUT’ pictured, all           DIGESTIVE TEA ENAMEL
on white background. Outer edge       SIGN. 14 ins by 10 ins.
chips & rust. £320-350+.              ‘AGENTS EVERYWHERE/
                                      THE INDIA & CHINA TEA
366. ELLIMANS                         COS/ AFTERNOON
SIGN. 20 ins by 18 ins, 2             green lettering on white. Some
coloured scenes of horse subjects,    restoration. £200-250+.
one with huntsman mounted.
‘ELLIMANS/ EMBROCATION’,              Sale end.
white lettering on dark blue
above & below. Some restoration,
still an all time classic of
considerable rarity. £350-400+.
                                      BBR’s next Antique Advertising
367. H. SAMUEL LTD                    auction will be held on Sunday 20th
ENAMEL SIGN. 22.5 ins by 13           November, athougha number of better
                                      quality items are being accepted for
ins. ‘H. SAMUEL LTD/
                                      the major UK SummerNational 2 day
WATCHES, JEWELS/ 2 GOLD               Show, and auction on July 2nd & 3rd.
FIRM’ in blue & white lettering
on orange. Pocket watch & shop
premises pictured. ‘FROM
DIRECT YOUR NEAREST                                                              Speeding up payments
BRANCH IS’, black lettering on                                                  IMPORTANT CHANGE
                                                                                                          S TO
yellow to centre. Surface chips &                                               PAYMENT METHODS IN
outer edge chips & rust. Rare.
                                                                                Moving toward full
Very colourful sign. £400-500+.
                                                                                automation of accounts
                                                                               2005 BBR is requesting
368. GREEN & LEDICOTTS                                                                                    the
                                                                               inclusion of credit card
ENAMEL SIGN. 20 ins by 15                                                      details on all postal bid
ins. ‘GREEN & LEDICOTTS/                                                                                 ding
MINERAL WATERS’ red                                                           With the new chip and pin
lettering & white lettering above                                             details coming into force
& below flying ginger beer bottle                                                                          in
                                                                              January it is necessary
in black & white pictured.                                                                              that
                                                                              ALL details are filled in
‘WELCOMED/                                                                    correctly on the Bidding
EVERYWHERE’. Some                                                             Sheet.
restoration, but again one of the

                                                                                    BBR Auctions               39
      Terms & Conditions of sale                                                       before bidding by post, or at the sale,
CATALOGUE DESCRIPTIONS                    STILL EXPECT anyone requiring                   it is important to read and fully
As much care as is practicably            to bid this way to START no less
possible is given to descriptions. Such   than £100. This is due purely to the
                                                                                       understand these terms & conditions
a task is subjective, as are terms A1/    complications of staffing this
excellent. This, to the best of our       facility..
knowledge, has no obvious major
flaws, & if minor ones, are such they     RESERVES
would not keep the object from being      ‘NR’ indicates lots without reserve.        disadvantages re. customs, & advise.
generally considered in Show              Other lots may carry reserves but this      AGENTS
condition considering age/ rarity.        is not always the case.                     In all cases BBR act only as agents
                                                                                      between Vendor & Purchaser.
IN SHORT                                  PAYMENT
Many items are of an age/ nature          Tel/ postal/ fax & floor bids are a         COMMISSION
precluding their being in pristine
condition. Some catalogue
                                          strictly legally binding contract.          12% buyers premium on hammer.                    BIDDING
                                          Purchases must be paid for before
descriptions may make reference to        taken away. All cheques to BBR              PRICES REALISED                                INCREMENTS
damage/ & or restoration.Omission of      Auctions. Overdue accounts                                                               UP TO £50 rising in bids of £2,
                                                                                      Postal buyers of catalogues receive
such does not imply a lot is free         charged 2% after 21 days.                   prices realised postally a few days          £5, £7, £10 etc. After £50 bids
from defects, nor does any
                                                                                      after each sale. Internet results:           rise in £5 steps. After £100 bids
reference to a particular defect          CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS                        generally pdf results up by Monday:          rise by £10. After £200 bids rise
imply the absence of others.              BBR accepts: Visa, MasterCard,                                   by £20, £50, £70. After £500 bids
                                          Visa Delta and Switch. Renegotiated
IMPORTANT:                                bank charges are now just a 2% levy                                                      rise in £50 steps. After £1,000
                                                                                      HELP US TO HELP YOU!
No statement in this                      for this service.                           If you spot damage or condition              bids rise in£100 steps, and at the
catalogue shall be                        It is now necessary to                      differences we have not at the sale          end at the auctioneers discretion.
                                          complete your credit card                   PLEASE INFORM A MEMBER                       NO £1 BID INCREMENTS
deemed a warranty,
                                          information on the postal                   OF STAFF!                                    ACCEPTED
representation or
assumption of liability in                bidding sheet - inc.
                                          EXPIRY DATE & ISSUE                         Postal bidders please
respect of date,
condition, size, quality,                 No. & issue date for a                      tel. if you need more
importance or                             Switch card.                                detailed, & accurate,
provenance. The ultimate                  POSTAGE
                                                                                      descriptions of items in
judge, and therefore                      Postal purchasers MUST advise how           this catalogue.
onus, is with the buyer.                  they wish items sending. Full p & p
                                          costs borne by purchaser. Following
BIDDING                                   the sale we pack, weigh, then invoice
The highest bidder is deemed the          for total amount, including p & p.
                                                                                               Elsecar Antique C
purchaser. Advances on each lot
                                          POSTAL BUYERS
determined by the Auctioneer.
                                          Packing & weighing can take one                         open for this Sale
POSTAL BIDDING                            working week+ to complete.
Performed on behalf of absent buyers      Please remain patient.
trying to buy items as cheaply as
possible directly competing with other
bids. No charge for this service.         We try to keep costs down,                      Want additional information about a particular lot, or lots?
                                          calculating packing time, plus
POSTAL BID SHEETS                         materials used. We have considerable          BBR AUCTIONS attempts to help postal bidders buy with ease, and
In the case of tied bids the first to     experience in coping with all manner          confidence.
arrive will secure. This can result in    of shapes, sizes, and fragility, but they     Catalogueing errors/ descriptions can occur which may not provide the
bidding the same price as someone         may require special boxes!                    fullest and most accurate information needed for absentee bidding.
else but NOT securing. It is in your      Bulky or heavy items we suggest               The last thing we want is for you to receive
                                          carriers rather than Parcel Force.
best interest to return forms soon as
possible.                                 If you have a preferential carrier            something which is not what you thought, and
If you tel or fax bids through you        please advise when forwarding                 we therefore request telephone calls enquiring
MUST ALSO post off the bidding            bids.
form, even though it may arrive
                                                                                        further about specific lots & condition.
after the sale.                           INSURANCE                                     We suggest you telephone, leave lot numbers you’re interested in, then call
                                          BBR can insure goods in transit               back 5 minutes later, when we will have items by the telephone ready for
ESTIMATES                                 IF REQUESTED.                                 questions.
Estimates are given purely as a guide.    UK PO rates: 75p up to £150 goods
We attempt to take into account           value, £1.35 up to £500 value.
                                          NOT done unless specifically
condition, rarity, & current market                                                     IMPORTANT NOTE FOR POSTAL BIDDERS
interests. Particular rarities, highly    requested at time of bidding. You
                                                                                        BBR GUARANTEES to buy on your behalf as cheaply as we can.
desirable, or unusual items can, and      should familiarise yourself with the
often do, exceed estimates.               P.O. terms & conditions of
                                          insurance.                                    IN ORDER TO SPEED UP PAY-OUTS BBR
TELEPHONE BIDDING                                                                       NOW REQUIRES CREDIT CARD DETAILS
ONLY telephone bids which will            OVERSEAS PURCHASERS
START at £100+ will be accepted.          Insuring goods requires declaration of        ON THE POSTAL BIDDING FORM.
If the estimate is below we would         FULL value. You decide advantages/

                 Telephone bids in: UK: 01226 745156. Fax: 01226 361561 Int: ** 44 1226 745156
                Faxing? PLEASE remember to post off your original bidding sheet as well
BBR Auctions 40

                                                                                                    Milton Arms, Elsecar
                                                                                                        traditional Sunday Lunch
                                                                                                   Catch the auction,
                                                                                                    have your lunch,
                                                                                                   pick up your lots!
                                                                                                     12 noon - 4pm

                                                                                                  advance booking advised 01226 742278

2005 remaining BBR sales agenda

May 15        Antique Advertising                     Most from 2 private collections, already looking very full!! Enamel signs, ephemera, old

cabinets, packaging, mirrors, Guinness, Showcards, Tins etc. UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20). Closing early April.

May 29        Doulton, Beswick, Wade etc                          Full range from whisky jugs & Advertising to Character Jugs & Doulton

stoneware, Animals, Storybook etc. Plus: Moorcroft, Wade, Sylvac, Carltonware etc. UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20). Closing mid April

June 12       Kitchenalia Already filling fast! Cream pots, Pot lids,           Transferred pottery, footwarmers, T G Green, Water Filters etc.
UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20). Close early April, or earlier!

July 3        Bottles, Pot Lids, Advertising, Breweriana BBR’s most important annual sale alongside the h-u-g-e
UK SummerNational Show. A dazzling array of highly desirables! The G-I-A-N-T Gosnell pot lid (see front cover BBR 103) will spearhead

a full range. Suitable entries in a.s.a.p. - see Alan at any show or telephon e. UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20).

NEW Sept 24 (Sat) Toy,   Train & Doll Full range accepted. UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20). ALONGSIDE TOY & TRAIN FAIR
Oct 2         Antique Bottles, Pot Lids Live auction action alongside the MASSIVE ‘Autumn Extravaganza’.
The full range accepted, generally gets full by about the National, with some entries already in! UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20).

* Oct 30      Doulton, Beswick, Wade UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20).                                  ALONGSIDE DOULTON & BESWICK FAIR

* Nov 6       Breweriana & Pub Jugs UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20).                               ALONGSIDE SPECIALIST BREWERIANA FAIR

Nov 20        Antique Advertising UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20).
Dec 4         Kitchenalia UK £9 (Aus $30, USA $20)

Suitable auction entries can be dropped off at BBR’s reception counter at any time during the sale,
or during normal Antique Centre opening hours - 10 am to 5 pm 7 days a week.

                                                                                                                          BBR Auctions 41
                                      GETTING TO ELSECAR
                Car. Follow brown “Elsecar Heritage” signs off jct 36 M1. Take A6135 for approx. 2 miles, turn L (Broad
                Carr Road), after 3/4 mile turn R (Armroyd `lane). Signs all way.
                Foot. Visitors’ entrance by side of Market Hotel - BBR is diagonally to your R.
                Train. Regular Rail services from Sheffield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Barnsley, & Leeds to Elsecar. From
                Station follow brown ‘Elsecar Heritage’ sign down hill to Market Hotel. Cross road & in by visitors’ entrance.
                Elsecar Antiques Centre and the NEW look ‘Coddswallop’ Museum, open 7 days a week 10am to 5pm.
                Tel: 01226 744425 to check.

                 For this sale there are NEW exhibitions in the ‘Coddswallop’ museum. Do not miss them - just part of an
                 exciting major site development.

                                                                          Antiques        BBR

                                                                                                    Elsecar Heritage Centre
                                                                   car park

                                                                    & site entrance        car park

                                                                          THORNCLIFFE ARMS, Chapeltown. Near to jct 35A M1. Elsecar 5

  ACCOMMODATION GUIDE                                                     mins. Two en suite double rooms, behind pub, colour t.v., tea & coffe
                                                                          facilities etc. £30 per night, per room. Tel: 0114 245 8942.
                                                                          TANKERSLEY MANOR. Tankersley. Tel: 01226 744700. Just off jct.
                                                                          36 M1. Elsecar 10 mins. 17 single, 23 double. -
                                                                          book online.
ROCKINGHAM ARMS. Wentworth. Elsecar 5 mins. Recently                      The WENTWORTH. Purpose built Motel style (just off jct. 36 M1,
changed hands! Tel: 01226 742075. Idyllic Yorkshire village. Elsecar 5    down rd from Tankersley Manor). Elsecar 10 mins. 42 rooms from
mins. Single rooms (not en-suite). 9 double/ twin (en suite). B & B       £41.95.
single £25, double £40.                                                   The BUTTON MILL. Worsborough Bridge (opposite Worsboro’ Mill
NORFOLK ARMS. Chapeltown. Near to jct 35A M1. Elsecar 10                  Museum & reservoir). Elsecar 15-20 mins. SANDYGATE HOTEL.
mins. Highly recommended. En Suite £29.95. Excellent food. Tel: 0114      Wath Tel: 01709 877827. Elsecar 10 mins. 3 single, 1 family, 6 twin/
240 2016.                                                                 double. B & B double £40, single £25, family £50. Ask for ‘Bottle Week-
TRAVEL INN, WOMBWELL. 41 rooms (max. 2 adults + 2 ch) @                   end Specials.’
£41.95. Elsecar 8 mins. Perfect for the July National. Tel: 01226         ARDSLEY HOUSE HOTEL. Barnsley. Elsecar 15 mins. Top class
273800.                                                                   accomodation in converted 18th c. blg - swimming pool, sauna, gym etc!.
FITZWILLIAM ARMS, Taylors Lane, Parkgate, Nr Rotherham.                   Tel: 01226 309955. 75 rooms. All en suite. Room only £100 single, £120
Tel: 01709 522744. Elsecar 10 mins: £35 double room, breakfast extra.     double/ twin, Premier £140. Week-end packages.
Highly praised as “excellent, clean and super food.”                      BROOKLANDS MOTEL. Barnsley, adjt jct 37 M1. Elsecar 20 mins.
FORTE TRAVELODGE. Stairfoot. Tel: 01226 298 799. Elsecar 15-20            Top class accommodation and new fitness suite! Tel: 01226 329100. 22
mins. 32 rooms, 1 disabled room. £42.95 per person. Little Chef &         double. 77 rooms. All en suite. Room only £65 single, £75 double. Week-
other outlets around.                                                     end packages - and more.
OLD BANK HOUSE. 85 Fitzwilliam Street, Elsecar. Comfortable,              Barnsley Tourist Office 01226 206757
friendly bed & breakfast. Tel: 01226 747960. email:                       Rotherham Tourist Office 01709 382121 £25 per person.                                        Sheffield 00114 2211900 38212

BBR Auctions 42