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MG11(T) (7/07)

RESTRICTED (when complete)

Witness Statement
(Criminal Procedure Rules 2005, r.27.1(1); CJ Act 1967, s.9 & MC Act 1980, ss.5A(3)(a) & 5B) URN Statement of Age if under 18 PC 157 Lesley O'CONNELL OVER 18
(if over 18 insert "over 18")


This statement (consisting of 2 pages each signed by me) is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true. Signature Date 7TH MAY 2009 (supply witness details)

Tick if witness evidence is visually recorded

This statement covers the period of time from 22nd March 2009 to 7th May 2009. It will deal with matters relating to Sky Nightclub, Amwell End, Ware during that time. I have been made aware that a new Security Company is now taking responsibility for all SIA matters at Sky. On 4th April 2009, at 0228 hours, a call was made to the Police that a man was going mad, he had pushed his girlfriend to the ground and was intoxicated, door-staff were restraining him. Police attended and arrested the man for affray and assault. During interview the next day he stated he did not recall fighting, but he had been drinking in Sky with his girlfriend all evening. During the weekend of 17th and 18th April 2009, an officer on general patrols, who stopped and spoke to the doorstaff around midnight, established there were 12 and 20 persons, respectively, inside the premises. On Sunday 26th April 2009, between 0036hours and 0053hours, there were 4 calls made to the Police all about an incident where 2 members of door staff had been injured, one had his ear bitten and the other had also been assaulted whilst trying to restrain a man. Whilst Police were en route to the Club, the offenders had left the scene and the injured door staff had left by ambulance.


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RESTRICTED (when complete)
Continuation of Statement/Interview of PC 157 Lesley O'CONNELL

MG11A(T) (10/04)

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There was a comment made from the owner Steve that he did not see the need for Police at all as all the persons concerned had left the scene. Officers subsequently visited the victims and are pursuing an investigation into the assaults. On 3rd May 2009, at 0152 hours, a male was seen gesturing and seemed to be arguing at the door into Sky nightclub, he was walking in and out waving his arms about, the caller said he seemed to be arguing with several others. Eventually this male got into a taxi and left the area.


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