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									                                 0950 Pro-Line Vise (page 12)

                                                                IN MeMorIAM
                                                                corporAl luKe ruNyAN
                                                                06/17/1986 – 02/17/2008

                                                                Apple Archery honors the commitment and
                                                                sacrifice made by the brave men and women
                                                                who serve our country. This year, we honor

Since 1992, Apple Archery® has supplied the                     the bravery displayed under fire by Corporal
                                                                Luke Runyan of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania,
industry’s top dealers and enthusiasts with                     who sacrificed his life during an ambush in
                                                                Baquaba, Iraq on February 17, 2008. Luke
high-quality archery service and repair tools.                  enjoyed fishing, hunting and especially archery.
                                                                His last words to his father, Marc Runyan, were
Today, we are proud to be the industry leader.                  how much he was looking forward to coming
                                                                home and going deer hunting together.
From bow presses and tools to replacement
parts and accessories, whether you are a                        Apple Archery®
                                                                SupporTS our MIlITAry
novice or a seasoned pro, we have exactly                       Please call 1.800.745.8190 for more
                                                                information about our special discount
the archery tools and equipment you need.                       for U.S. military personnel and veterans.

1   Apple Archery 2009 Catalog
our coMMITMeNT To INNoVATIoN New management at Apple
Archery® is focused on making improvements that build upon
our legacy of quality, including new innovations (like the new pro
press on pg. 4) that bring more functionality to archery products
and service tools.

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                                                                       Archery Tips by Tracy Breen Keep your
                                                                       bows and arrows in tip-top condition. >>

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                                                 To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com      2
pro SerIeS preSSeS

                                                                  1000 Apple Evolution

                                                                   Design and consulting assistance
                                                                   from Jeff Matesevac & Len Marsh.

For professionals needing the    1 Completely compresses and breaks down all bows and
                                   crossbows, including limb tip compression
fastest, most advanced bow       2 Optional add-on motor will be available early 2009
press, we engineered the brand   3 Engineered to provide the best technology, flexibility and
                                   speed on the market
new Apple evolution.             4 Rapid, easy and versatile setup, with no crossing bars
                                 5 Synchronous arm movement for equal compression
                                 6 Mounts on a stand or bench (no bench modification needed)

3   Apple Archery 2009 Catalog
pro SerIeS preSSeS

                                                        0292KA Apple Super Pro Shop Kit
                                                        The perfect piece of equipment for new pro shops. The Super Pro Shop Kit
                                                        contains most of the basic repair tools and equipment used in the archery industry.
                                                        Tune and repair your bow. Cut arrows at the convenient workstation. Whether you’re
                                                        a serious archer or just getting started, the Apple Super Pro Shop Kit has the
                                                        essential equipment you need. Best of all, purchasing the kit costs less than buying
                                                        the pieces individually.

                                                        Kit Includes
                                                           0292A        Press with Stand                                0600      Apple Pro Saw with Dust Collector
                                                           0292CK Conversion Kit                                        2009      E-Clip and Bow Axle Pliers
                                                           0030T        Tap Tool                                        2056      Bondhus Wrench
                                                           0936         Economy Vise                                    9550      Screw Kit
                                                           2061         Bondhus Site Wrench Set                         3000      Wheel Service Kit
                                                           1020         Tool Tray with Bracket                          6100      Rhino Glue (6 pieces)
                                                           9317         E-Clips (100 pack)                              M479      Glue Pot
                                                           3035         Saw Blades (6)                                  0035I     Insert Tool
                                                           M119R Latex Peep Tubing                                      Shop kits are available with any Pro Series
                                                                                                                        press. Please specify when ordering.

proDucTS The proS uSe Whether you’re the owner of a pro shop or
just pride yourself on being a professional, the Apple Archery pro Series
has the top-of-the-line presses and accessories you need to keep your
bows and other equipment in top form. All pro Series presses feature a
1,200 lb. rack-style jack, extra-wide rollers and roller boots, and a durable
powder coated finish.

                                                                                                                                PLEASE NOTE
                                                                                                                                A bow press is a dangerous
                                                                                                                                piece of equipment. You should
                                                                                                                                always follow the safety
                                                                                                                                guidelines in the instructions
                                                                                                                                included with your purchase.
                                                                                                                                As with any other piece of
                                                                                                                                equipment, a bow press is
                                                                                                                                subject to normal wear and tear.
                                                                                                                                Keep backup equipment like a
                                                                                                                                replacement jack and saw motor
                                                                                                                                handy, and consider replacing
                                                                                                                                equipment that is more than five
                                                                                                                                years old. Also, bear in mind that
                                                                                                                                our warranty only covers defects
 0291 Apple Pro Crossbow Press                                                                                                  in workmanship, not normal
                                                      PLEASE NOTE            Due to the short pull-bar configuration,           wear and tear or improper setup
 The Apple Pro Crossbow Press is designed with        this press is for crossbows only.
                                                                                                                                and use. Be sure to replace your
 a pull-bar configuration that is much shorter than
                                                      Rollers with straps 0292CK (shown)                                        presses and other equipment as
 our standard Apple Pro Series presses, to allow
                                                      sold separately.                                                          they deteriorate!
 compression of crossbows.

                                                                                              To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com             4
pro SerIeS preSSeS

    0294 Apple Dual Super Pro Extreme Press
    This versatile press eliminates walking bows and can be used for compressing center pivot bows. It also creates redundancy with
    symmetry during compression, allows for right- or left-hand adjustments, and promotes speed and ease of use during repairs and tuning.

    0292 Apple Super Pro Press
    Designed for the pro shop that demands the best. The Apple
    Super Pro Hydraulic Press features quick, easy set-up and
    allows compression of bows with even the most radical
    riser designs. The press features a two-ton hydraulic jack,
    steel-welded base and powder coated finish. The patented,
    self-locating compression bar and positive pin location resist
    limb deflection and will not slide on difficult risers. The press
    can be used on standard and parallel limb bows, and the
    hydraulic booster makes pressing parallel limb bows safer and
    quicker than ever. Each press carries a limited lifetime warranty
    on materials and workmanship; the jack and rack jack each
    carry a one-year warranty.

5        Apple Archery 2009 Catalog
ecoNoMy preSS

our NeW cuSToM-DeSIGNeD
ecoNoMy preSS

                                                                                                                   Design and consulting
                                                                                                                   assistance from Rich Shoff.

0125 Apple Edge Economy Bow Press
This all-new economy press offers limb tip and conventional compression for compound bows, and is engineered to eliminate limb
twisting. It features adjustable limb pocket posts for long and short riser bows and presses all center pivot compound bows.
The highly versatile yet economical Apple Edge is constructed from steel with a durable powder coat finish, and has a limited lifetime
warranty (see page 23).

115 Slim Limb Bow
The new Slim Limb Bow
Adaptors can be used with
the Apple Super Pro (0292)
and Apple Dual Super Pro
(0294) presses for pressing
most slim limb bows.
Recommended for Mathews
and Bear bows. Includes new
press feet.
                                                                          116K Adjustable Parallel Limb
                                                                          Bow Adapters
                                                                          Designed primarily for the Pro Shop owner who works on
                                                                          bows from multiple manufacturers, these adapters will convert
                                      114 Parallel Limb                   Apple’s 0292 and 0294 bow presses to safely press current
                                                                          and future generations of short arm parallel limb bows. They
                                      Bow Adapter                         offer the same flexibility while pressing most crossbows.

                                                                               To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com       6
pro AcceSSorIeS

IT’S oKAy To AcceSSorIze even the
best bow press can benefit from a few
key accouterments. Apple Archery press
stands, tool trays, compression bars
and other accessories can help you get
organized, save space and get the most
out of your press. Apple Archery press
accessories feature all-steel construction
and a durable powder coated finish.

                                        0290XT Apple Pro Hercules
                                        Compression Bar Jack Tube
                                        Compression bar for Pro Hercules
                                        Press (0290) with rack jack tube assembly
                                        only. Non-pivoting bar.

    0291XT Crossbow Compression Bar
    & Jack Tube Assembly
    The compression bar configuration is much shorter than our
    standard Pro Series compression bars to allow compression of
    crossbows. For use with all Apple Archery Pro presses.

                                        0293 Apple Super Pro
                                        Compression Bar &
                                        Jack Tube Assembly
                                        For use with second- or third-generation Apple
                                        Pro Hercules presses. Pivoting bar. Patented.

    0298 Apple Pro Extreme
    Compression Bar and Jack
    Tube Assembly
    Developed specifically for long riser, short
    limb bows that need to be pressed in the limb
    pocket. Not for use on stand-configuration bows.

                                        0296 Apple Super Pro
                                        Parallel Arm Assembly
                                        For use on second- or third-generation
                                        Apple Pro Hercules presses. Patented.

7        Apple Archery 2009 Catalog
preSS AcceSSorIeS

SAFETY NOTE          Apple Archery wants all you eagle-eyed hunters to
remain that way. Please wear your safety glasses when using your press!

                                                                    1020 Tool Tray with Saw Bracket
                                                                    The Tool Tray Assembly (1019) and Saw Bracket (1110) rolled into one, this
                                                                    unit has everything you need to organize your tools and mount your saw
                                                                    to your bow press. Features all-steel construction with a durable powder
                                                                    coated finish.

 1110 Saw Bracket                                                            1019 Tool Tray Assembly
 Mount your arrow saw and bow vise directly                                  If you’re short on bench space, the Tool Tray Assembly will give
 onto any Apple bow press stand. This unit                                   you a convenient place to keep your tools while working on your
 easily bolts to the legs of the stand, creating                             bow. The sidewalls of the tray are drilled to accept pegboard
 a convenient place for your saw. Features                                   hardware and the bottom of the tray will accommodate
 all-steel construction and a durable powder                                 screwdrivers and similar tools. The assembly features all-steel
 coated finish.                                                              construction and a durable powder coated finish.

                                                                                      0235 Adjustable Bow Press Stand
                                                                                      This sturdy yet lightweight stand is designed to easily
                                                                                      adjust to your comfort level. It adjusts from 27 3/4" to
                                                                                      38 3/4" and will fit all Apple rack jack and winch-type
                                                                                      presses. Features steel-welded construction and a
                                                                                      durable powder coated finish.

 1025 Bow                                                                             0292CK Apple Archery Conversion Kit
 Accessory Tray                                                                       The Apple Archery conversion kit allows compression
 Conveniently keep all your                                                           in the limb pocket area of bows which enhances the
 small bow accessories close                                                          versatility of the Apple Super Pro Press.
 at hand with this compact
 4" x 5" Bow Accessory Tray
 that easily snaps onto the
 arm of any Apple rack jack or
 winch-type press. Sold in pairs.

                                     1026 Tool Tray
                                     This 12" x 9" x 2" side-mount
                                     Tool Tray provides the perfect
                                     storage spot for your larger hand
                                     tools and fasteners, and can
                                     be mounted to the right or left.
                                     Black powder coated finish.

                                                                                   To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com   8

    0055T Nock Alignment Tool                                Prevent Saw Blade Breakage
    The Apple Nock Alignment tool will easily align          If you find that your blades are breaking repeatedly,
    nock to any fletching, which will maximize your          it may be due to one of the following issues:
    bow performance by ensuring that fletching will          1 Inferior-quality blades.
    clear all bow components. The nock sits solidly               (Always use Apple Archery blades!)
    on a hardened steel pin and the alignment finger         2 Burr or high spot on the arbor.
    can be adjusted up and down to accommodate               3 Pieces of the shaft under the blade.
    different locations and types of                         4 Arbor or blade wobbling due to a defective
    fletching. Location changes can                               motor or arbor.
    be made in 1° increments up to                           5 Arrow shaft not properly rolled into
    360°. Once the positions are                                  the blade.
    determined, all components                               6 Loose motor or guard, or guard that
    lock securely to align any number                             touches the blade.
    of arrows. Made of anodized                              7 Too much blade exposed through the guard.
    aluminum, with stainless steel
    locking screws.

                                                                                 0500 Apple Pro Saw
                                                                                 The Apple Pro Saw is manufactured with an 8,000-rpm
                                                                                 ball-bearing motor that allows faster, cleaner, cooler cuts.
                                                                                 It features a lightweight extruded aluminum base and powder
                                                                                 coated finish to prevent rust. Cord and switch are included.
                                                                                 Limited lifetime warranty.

    0600 Apple Pro Saw with Dust Collector
    This saw has the same features as the Apple Pro Saw (0500)
    with the added advantage of a dust collection system. The dust
    collection system removes harmful particles from the air and traps
    them in your shop vac. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

                                                                                                                     0505 Replacement
                                                                                                                     Motor for Apple
                                                                                                                     Pro Saw
                                                                                                                     8,000-rpm bearing-driven
                                                                                                                     motor with plug and switch.

    0499 Arrow Deburring Tool Assembly
    This tool mounts onto any saw base that is .2" or less. The
    inside diameter of arrows can quickly and easily be deburred
    after cutting to allow proper fitting and seating of the inserts.
    This high-speed steel, long-lasting, replaceable cutting tool
    can also be sharpened.

    0501 Apple Pro Stop
                                                                                 0509 Replacement
    The Apple Pro Stop is standard on our                                                                            0507
    Pro Series saws (0500 and 0600), however,
                                                                                 Lock Knob
    it is more accurate than the standard stop                                   ¼ x 20 lock knob for all            Replacement Tape
    on other models.                                                             Apple Archery saws.                 For all Apple Archery saws.

9        Apple Archery 2009 Catalog
A cuT ABoVe Apple Archery® sells only the best. each of our long-lasting
premium saws features a one-piece aluminum base for exceptionally easy
setup and use. And with a minimum of 1.2 amps, our saws have more
power than you’ll find in competing products, so they won’t get bogged
down and leave you in a jam. All Apple Archery saws use a 3" blade.

                                                                                                             0600K Arrow Building Kit
                                                                                                             Everything you need to safely and conveniently
                                                                                                             construct high-quality arrows, packaged
                                                                                                             together at one low price. You’ll be building the
                                                                                                             best arrows possible in no time!

                                                                                                             Kit Includes
                                                                                                                0600    Pro Saw with Dust Collector
                                                                                                                00351   Insert Tool
                                                                                                                0499    Deburring Tool
                                                                                                                3035    Reinforced Saw Blades (5)
                                                                                                                M479    Hot Melt Glue Pot
                                                                                                                0055T   Nock Alignment Tool
                                                                                                                6100    Glue Sticks (10)
                                                                                                                0030T   Tap Tool

 Built to Last. Our Motors All Carry                                                                         Also Available
 a One-Year Warranty.                                                                                           0500K   Arrow Building Kit: Includes the Pro Saw (0500).


                                                                              3035                                             3025G
 0402 Arbor
 High-quality arbor with replacement blade.

 Blade Selection                 Number
 For best results, match
                                                                             Apple Archery Quality Saw Blades


 your saw with the blades



 to the right. >>
                                                                             3025    Black silicon, thin type – .025" thick, 3" diameter.
 Apple Saws - 3" x 1/2"
                                                                             3025G   Black silicon, thin type – .025" thick graphite impregnated, 3" diameter.
 Easton Saws - 3"
                                                                             3035    Black silicon, reinforced type – .035" thick, 3" diameter.
 Easton Saws - 4"
                                                                             4030    Black silicon, thin type – .030" thick, 4" diameter.
 Easton Saws - low speed D/C
                                                                             4030G   Black silicon, thin type – .030" thick graphite coated, 4" diameter.
 F&S Saws - with Apple Adaptor
                                                                             4035    Black silicon, reinforced type – .035" thick, 4" diameter.
 Horizon Saws

                                                                                                    To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com            10

                                                       The Apple pro-line Vise (0950)
                                                       is one of our most innovative
                                                       products yet, with a combination of
                                                       three cutting-edge features that no
                                                       other vise on the market can match.

                                                       1 Allows both X- & y-axis
                                                         micro-adjustment and lock
                                  0950 Pro-Line Vise
                                                       2 Features full 360° bow access
                                                       3 90° tilt for mounting peeps,
                                                         silencers and serving repair
                                                        PLEASE NOTE             The patent-pending Pro-Line   Design and consulting
                                                        Vise with available adaptor plate (0723) fits the
                                                        Apple Pro Shop Kit or mounts on most benches.
                                                                                                              assistance from Chase
                                                        It features a limited lifetime warranty.              Fulcher & Len Marsh

11   Apple Archery 2009 Catalog
                                                                                                         0765 Laser Sight
                                                                                                         Adjuster Tool
                                                                                                         This unit gives you the ability
                                                                                                         to fine-tune bow sights
                                                                                                         without shooting an arrow.
                                                                                                         Simply aim the laser beam
                                                                                                         at a target and adjust the
                                                                                                         sight pins to line up with the
0722 Bow Tuning / Drawing Tool                                                                           laser dot on the bull’s-eye.
This is an extremely versatile tool that handles 10 different                                            No more losing or damaging
bow tests, measurements and settings.                                                                    arrows. Hit the target with
                                                                                                         your first shot!
01       Measure the draw lengths of all bows to
         AMO/ATA standards.
02       Set draw lengths to specific needs.                                                       INCLUDES         A laser alignment tool, alignment
                                                                                                   graph chart and graph chart mounting bracket.
03       Set adjustable draw stops properly.
04       Check and/or set up drop away rests properly.
05       Check and/or set up cam lean at full draw.
06       Check limb twist at full draw.
07       Check and/or set cam timing and synchronization.
08       Analyze cam bushing and bearing wear.
09       Check for proper let off.
10       Check for cracked limbs at full draw.
                                                                  0760 Laser Axle Alignment Tool                                 PATENTED

                                                                  Axles and cam wheels can now be checked for alignment at
                              NeW IMproVeD DeSIGN                 any position of the draw by using a laser light beam. Bows can
                                                                  be checked to see if any twisting is occurring when drawn, and
                                                                  bow cam wheels can be tested for proper alignment. This tool
                                                                  clamps onto one axle and projects the laser beam to the other
                                                                  cam wheel, where a graph chart is attached. A properly aligned
                                                                  bow has less string or cable wear, shoots smoother and with
                                                                  more accuracy.

                                                                  0901 Apple Pro
                                                                  Vise Stand
                                                                  This Apple Pro Vise Stand
                                                                  gives total flexibility by
                                                                  allowing you 360° access
                                                                  to your bow. The stand can
                                                                  be moved from one area to
                                                                  another, or it can be bolted
0936 Apple Economy Vise                                           to the floor to give total
The patent-pending economy vise has been redesigned for           stability. It features
better functionality and a more secure grip. The plastic-coated   steel-welded construction
jaws prevent damage your bow while you work, and the vise         and a powder coated finish.
allows 360° left-to-right and front-to-back rotation. All-steel
construction and a powder coated finish mean there are no
cast parts to break or bend.                                      To order kit as shown,
                                                                  order 0950K. Includes:
                                                                  1026 Tool Tray, 0901
0936K Apple Economy Vise Kit                                      Apple pro Vise Stand,
Save money by purchasing the Apple Economy Vise (0936) and        0950 pro Vise, & 0723
                                                                  Adapter plate.
Apple Pro Vise Stand (0901) as a set.

                                                                        To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com                     12

                                      Custom machine end
                                      loop hook engineered
                                      for high string tension

                                  Indirect belt drive
                                  increases motor life

                                                                                                     Adjustable positive
                                                                                                     stop block for stability
                                                                                                     under high tension

                                                                                                 Single lever tail stock
                                                                                                 locking clamp

                                                                                                          Infinitely adjustable
                                                                                                          spring tension knobs

                                                                0725 Apple Pro String Server
                                                                The completely redesigned Apple Pro String Server with new
                                                                double channel construction features infinitely adjustable string
                                                                tension up to 450 lbs. It is designed for easy spring tension
                                                                adjustment and simple string removal. The unit now incorporates
                                                                an indirect belt drive to increase motor life and a single locking
                                                                tail stop knob for extremely quick setup.

                                                                Additionally, there is a locking stop block mechanism to ensure
                                                                stability when making strings under high tension. The 0725 also
                                                                includes string starter dowels so the operator can begin the
                                                                string building process right on the server.

13   Apple Archery 2009 Catalog

                                               0700 String Jig
                                                                                               0700 & 0701 String Jigs
                                                                                               There are two string jigs available. The 0700 String Jig features
                                                                                               6" high fixed dowels with 18" in between. It easily and efficiently
                                                                                               makes string up to 75" in length and is better for stringing single
                                                                                               cams. The 0701 String Jig features 6" high removable dowels
                                                                                               with 7" in between. It is better suited to making short strings
                                                                                               and stringing double cams.
                      0701 String Jig

0700K & 0701K String-Making Kits
Save money when you buy these string-making essentials as a kit.

Kit Includes
   0700       Apple String Jig                         712       BCY #62 Braided Center Serving
         OR                                                      Material (.021 thickness, 75 yards)
   0701       Apple String Jig
                                                       713       BCY #3D End Loop Serving
   0850       Apple String Jig Extension                         (.017 thickness, 120 yards)
   DVD125 Basic String Making DVD                      714       Tornado String Serving Tool
   710        BCY Fibers Bow String Material           715       Bow String Wax
              (DynaFlight, 1/8 lb. spool)

                                                                                                                                       718 BCY #62
                                                                                                                                       Braided Serving
 710                                                                712                  713                                           100 yds. (.018" thickness)

                                                                                                                                       719 D-Loop
                                                                                                                                       1 meter, assorted colors.
710 BCY DynaFlight Spools                                            712 BCY #62 Braided                                               Yellow          Silver
711 BCY DynaFlight Spools                                            Center Serving                                                    Red             OD Green
This original Dyneema bowstring material                             This blend of braided black-and-white Spectra                     Royal Blue      Sunset Orange
features very high strength and very low creep,                      and polyester is highly durable and gives an                      Green           Dark Brown
and is suitable for compound and recurve bows.                       extremely secure grip. (.021" thickness, 75 yards)                Purple          Mountain Berry
We recommend 16 strands for compounds and                                                                                              Black           Fl. Yellow
14 for recurves, but this can vary plus or minus                     713 BCY #3D End Loop Serving                                      White           Fl. Orange
two strands depending on personal preference                         This 100% Spectra drawstring material is highly
                                                                                                                                       Pink            Fl. Green
and serving size. Order 710 for 1/8 lb. spool, or                    durable and has a small diameter to fit comfortably
711 for 1/4 lb. spool.                                                                                                                 Tan             Fl. Purple
                                                                     in the cam grooves. (120 yards, .017" thickness)
                                                                     716 BCY #24 D Loop Serving
                                                                     100 ft. polyester bowstring.

                                                                     717 BCY #62 Braided Serving
                                                                     60 yds. (.025" thickness)

0850 String Jig Extension
                                                                                                                                        714 Tornado String
Use the String Jig Extension with your 0700 or
0701 String Jig to quickly and easily make any                       715 Bow String Wax                                                 Serving Jig Tool
length string. With your string jig fastened to                      This blend of synthetic wax                                        Use this self-centering
your workbench, you can move this unit any                           and silicone penetrates string                                     axle and washer system
distance away from the jig. Remove the dowel                         fibers well, increasing string                                     for tight and uniform string
and crossbar from the stationary end                                 length. It can be used                                             serving. Fits all standard-size
of the jig and mount onto the extension.                             on all string materials.                                           jig spools.

                                                                                                       To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com      14

 M2056 Bondhus Chamfered Fold-Up Hex Set                                                                                2055 Sheath
 This top-quality, long-lasting wrench set features a comfortable,                                                      with Fold-Up
 high-impact plastic handgrip, and high-strength, heat-treated alloy                                                    Hex Wrench Set
 steel hex components. The chamfered end allows easier entry                                                            Durable, black nylon
 into socket hex head screws. Sizes include: .05", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32",                                                 strapping material with
 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32" and 3/16".
                                                                                                                        attached belt loop, Velcro-
                                                                                                                        secured hook and loop
                                                                                                                        retaining cover. Conveniently
                                                                                                                        carry an Bondhus wrench
                                                                                                                        on your belt. The wrench is
                                                                                                                        included with the sheath.

                                                                            2050 Bondhus Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set
                                                                            Our most popular wrench set features high quality and
                                                                            excellent durability at an economical price. The wrenches
                                                                            are manufactured with heat-treated alloy steel, and the housing
                                                                            is plated steel. Sizes: .05", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64",
                                                                            5/32" and 3/16".

                                          M120 E-Clip Tool Kit
                                          Save money! Buy the E-clips
                                          and tool together and get a
                                          sturdy, convenient storage
                                          case. This kit includes: 100
                                          pack of 3/16" E-clips, A-120
                                          Tool and case.

                                                                            ARCHERY TIPS BY TRACY BREEN
     A120 E-Clip Tool
     This E-Clip Tool provides                                              Keep ThINGS FreSh
     quick and easy installation                                            Under normal shooting conditions, bowstrings and cables should
     of any E-clip that fits a                                              be replaced every two years. If you shoot in a league or tournaments,
     3/16" bow axle.                                                        change your strings and cables every year.

 M2062 Bondhus Ball Hex Bench Set                                                              BoNDhuS FAMouS
 The Bondhus Ball Hex Bench Set features durable, soft, plastic-                               BAll heX SySTeM
 coated handles for comfortable use. The shafts are manufactured                               Hex ball ends allow easy entry into, and rotation of,
 with heat-treated, blackened alloy steel for rust protection. Large                           a socket hex screw, at any angle up to 25˚. Designed
 sizes come with a ball hex end in sizes 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16"                      for long-lasting life with high-strength, heat-treated,
 and 3/8". Small sizes come with a plain end in sizes 3/32", 7/64", 1/8"                       blackened alloy steel to prevent rust. Carries
 and 9/64". A sturdy bench stand completes the set.                                            manufacturer’s warranty.

                        2061 Bondhus Sight Driver Set                       MB1X12 Bondhus 12-Piece
                        This quality screwdriver set features               L-Handle Ball Hex Set
                        ball hex ends, and is lightweight with              These individual L-handle hex wrenches feature the
                        a comfortable handgrip. This is an                  superb Bondhus ball hex end, and a high-strength
                        excellent tool for adjusting sights and rests.      plastic case to keep them organized. Made with heat-
                        Sizes: .05", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8",      treated, blackened alloy steel in sizes .05", 1/16", 5/64",
                        9/64" and 5 /32".                                   3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4" and 5/16".

15        Apple Archery 2009 Catalog

980S String Silencers by the Tub                                    ARCHERY TIPS BY TRACY BREEN
Enough material to make more than 100 pairs. Comes in black.
                                                                    TAKe ’er For A SpIN TeST
                                                                    Purchase a spin tester and test each arrow. If the arrow and
                                                                    broadhead are aligned properly, the arrow will spin perfectly. If the
2009 E-Clip Pliers and Bow Axle Puller                              insert isn’t glued properly or the broadhead isn’t aligned correctly
                                                                    with the shaft, the arrow will wobble.
Solid gripping action allows axles or e-clip to be easily removed
without damage. Single-hand operation leaves your other hand
free to hold the bow or other components
(Remove and install 3/16" or 5/32").

                                                                    2065 Pro Bench Set
                  2016 Crimper Tool                                 These high-quality Eklind hex wrenches are manufactured with
                  This tool will crimp any bow cable swage.         heat-treated alloy steel. Each tool stem is 6" long to allow ample
                  Made of high-quality, heat-treated carbon         clearance to turn the handle, and has a soft plastic handgrip for
                  steel for long life. Plastic-coated handles       comfortable use. This set includes 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32",
                  provide comfort.                                  3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" wrenches.

                                                                           To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com      16

     M479 Hot Melt
     Glue Pot
     The Hot Melt Glue Pot safely
     and conveniently melts Rhino
     glue sticks. Simply plug it in:
     The glue pot heats up in
     10 minutes and can safely
     be left plugged in all day.
                                                                          175 Apple Pro Arrow Straightener
                                                                          The Apple Pro Arrow Straightener features easily adjustable nylon
                                                                          rollers that won’t kink or flatten arrows. The precision indicator
                                                                          allows accurate straightening. This unit can also be used as a
                                                                          spin tester for broadhead tuning. Heavy duty, powder coated,
                                                                          aluminum base construction.

     6100 Rhino Hot Melt Glue Sticks (5")
     6200 Rhino Hot Melt Glue Sticks (10")
     Rhino extra-strength hot melt adhesive for all points and sleeves
     provides a very pliable, strong bond for securing broadheads
     and points directly into arrow shafts. Recommended by arrow
     manufacturers. Sold individually.

                                                                          W170 Apple Arrow Straightener
                                                                          Check arrow straightness to within 1/1,000" and straighten
                                                                          the arrow without even removing it from the equipment. The
                                                                          lever post assembly is moved to one end of the base to allow
     0040 Large Spin Tester                                               a bend that is just past the tip of the arrow to be straightened.
     Check your arrows for straightness using Apple’s all steel,          This unit can also be used as a spin tester. Features powder
     precision ball-bearing Spin Tester. This product is 10"              coated all-steel construction with precision ball-bearing rollers
     in overall length and made to last a lifetime, guaranteed.           and a precision dial indicator.

                                                                          ARCHERY TIPS BY TRACY BREEN
                                                                          STrAIGhTeN up AND Fly rIGhT
                                                                          Before you begin building arrows, cut both ends of the shaft equally.
                                                                          Since straightness issues are often found on the ends of the shaft,
                                                                          cutting both ends gives you a straighter arrow.

     E-Z Insert Tool
     The E-Z Insert Tool is used
     in conjunction with our Hot
                                         0035I Insert /
     Melt Glue Pot (M479) for fast
     and easy insert installation.       Extractor Tool
                                                                          0030 T-Tap Tool
     It features a special push          Simplify your operation with
     button that opens apertures         this easy-in, easy-out insert    (8/32" thread size)
                                                                                                                 0032 Arrow
     on the side of the tool to          tool. Precision machined with    The best way to clean glue out
     allow you to remove the             a heat-treated 8 /32" threaded   of inserts! Quality machined           Cleaning / Prep Tool
     inserts from the glue pot           tip. Use with our Hot Melt       tap holder with high-speed             This tool quickly and
     and quickly insert them             Glue Pot (M479) and Rhino        steel and precision ground             efficiently preps the inside
     into the arrow shaft.               Sticks (6100).                   bottom tap.                            of carbon arrow shafts.

17        Apple Archery 2009 Catalog

                                    7000 Hex Master
                                    Sight Repair Kit
                                    An assortment of flat socket
                                    cap screws, socket set
                                    screws and flat head socket
                                    caps and nuts, with a high-
                                    quality Eklind wrench.

3000 Max Master                                                             9550 Ultimate Screw Kit
Wheel Service Kit                                                           This kit contains more than 300 pieces, including E-clips,
                                                                            shims, cable swages, shrink tubing, nock sets and a vast array
Contains (40x) .020 axle
                                                                            of the most commonly used fasteners in the archery industry.
shims, (40x) .030 axle shims,
                                                                            Packaged in a sturdy compartmentalized polypropylene box
(20x) .062 axle shims and (50x)
                                                                            with a convenient hangtag for display purposes.
3/16" E-clips.

                                                                            9550B Ultimate Screw Kit (Bulk)

Axle Shims (Packs)
Type        20       100    500
                                    E-Clips (Packs)
.010        9397     9398   9399
.020        9400     9401   9405    Size 12         20      100 500
.030        9430     9431   9435    3/16   9315     9316    9317     9318
.062        9460     9461   9465    5/32   9315hc –         –        –

                                                                            2442 Quality                          2066 Screw Kit
Cable Swages                                                                                                      With Bondhus
                                                                            Shrink Kit
Size               10       100     500           Fits                      The Quality Shrink Kit                Wrench (100 Pieces)
1/16"   CZ oval    2020     2021    2022          2 pieces of               contains a variety of swages,         A wide assortment of screws,
                                                  unsheathed cable          shrink tubing and E-clips.            nuts, swages and shrink
5/64"   CZ oval    2025     2026    2027          1 piece stripped,                                               tubing, with a high-quality
                                                  1 piece sheathed cable    2442B Quality                         Bondhus wrench.
3/32"   CZ oval    2035     2036    2037          2 sides sheathed cable    Shrink Kit (Bulk)
                                                                            A bulk amount of swages
                                                                                                                  2066B Screw
                                                                            and shrink tubing, as well            Kit with Bondhus
                                                                            as E-clips and washers.               Wrench (Bulk)

                                                                            2999 Thread Gauge
                                                                            The convenient Thread Gauge allows quick, easy
                                                                            checking of thread diameter, threads per inch,
                                                                            and length of any bolt or screw from #2 to 5/16".

                                                                                           0050R Fishing & Hunting
MD10 3-D Animal Target Stand                                                               Roller Rest
Will fit most 3-D targets. Can be left freestanding for display,                           Apple Archery’s Fishing & Hunting Roller Rest
mounted to a flat surface or staked in the ground for shooting.                            is designed for overdraw or full-length arrows.
Steel-welded construction with a powder coated finish. Round                               This product will increase arrow speed up to
steel peg is 1/2" diameter by 4 1/2" tall. Sold in pairs.                                  10fps. Solid brass body with a nylon roller wheel.

                                                                                  To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com   18

 Apple Stabilizer Washers                                                   M316R Apple Chucking Reamer
 Designed to prevent stabilizers from vibrating                             Correctly ream 3/16" bushings in wheels.
 loose and marring the bow finish, our washers
 are made only of the highest-quality rubber.

                                                                            Kisser Buttons                          Plug & Bottom Taps
     M958 Stabilizer Washers                               20 pack
                                                                            Made of flexible plastic to             Size       Part Number
     M959 Stabilizer Washers                               100 pack
                                                                            allow mounting without
                                                                                                                    2-56       256T1
     M959B Stabilizer Washers                              500 pack         removing string from the
                                                                            bow. An accessory ring is               3-48       348T1
                                                                            required to secure the button           4-40       440T1
                                                                            to the string. Black plastic,           6-32       632T1
 Standard String Peep                                                       9/16" diameter.                         8-32       832T1
 Never lose sight of your target because of                                                                         8-36       836T1
 a turned peep. These flat-backed peeps come                                 M971 25 pack                           10-24      1024T1
 in small ( 3/32"), medium (5/32") or large (3/16").                                                                10-32      1032T1
                                                                             M972 100 pack
                                                                                                                    1/4-20     1420T1
     M965 Small Standard String Peep                       10 pack                                                  1/4-28     1428T1
     M965 Medium Standard String Peep                      10 pack                                                  5/16-18    51618T1
     M965 Large Standard String Peep                       10 pack                                                  5/16-24    51624T1
                                                                                                                    3/8-16     3816T1
     M966 Small Standard String Peep                       100 pack
                                                                                                                    3/8-24     3824T1
     M966 Medium Standard String Peep                      100 pack
     M966 Large Standard String Peep                       100 pack

                                                                            Apple Nock Sets
 Apple Shrink Tubing                                                        Apple Nock Sets feature brass on the outside
                                                                            and a soft plastic coating on the inside.
 Size             Length        10 pc   100 pc     500 pc       100' roll   They adjust to any bowstring and will not slip.
 1/8 TM           1"            2032    20321      20325        2032R       The black sets can accommodate a string capacity of 12 to 14
 3/16             1"            2033    20331      20335        2033R       strings. The red sets can accommodate 16 to 18 strings.
 TM & small
 swage cover
                                                                             M948 Black Nock Sets                                20 pack
 5/16             1"            2040    20401      20405        2040R
 swage cover                                                                 M948 Red Nock Sets                                  20 pack
                                                                             M949 Black Nock Sets                                100 pack
                                                                             M949 Red Nock Sets                                  100 pack
 Apple Accessory
                                                                             M950 Black Nock Sets                                500 pack
                                                                             M950 Red Nock Sets                                  500 pack
 For easy installation and
                                                                             M951 Black Nock Sets                                1,000 pack
 securing of kisser buttons.
 Made of blackened brass.                                                    M951 Red Nock Sets                                  1,000 pack

     M955 Medium Rings 100 pack
     M955 Large Rings     100 pack
                                         Replacement                        High-Performance Buttons
     M956 Medium Rings 1,000 pack
                                         Rubber                             Put more feet per second into every shot! Apple
                                         In a 25 ft. pack or 50 ft. roll,   High-Performance Buttons increase arrow speed
     M956 Large Rings     1,000 pack
                                         this replacement rubber is         while reducing string noise and vibration. The buttons
                                         compatible with all in-line        are easily installed with the cotter pins included in each pack.
                                         peep sights that use latex
                                         tubing. We rotate our stock         M941 High-Performance Buttons with 2 pins           10 pack
                                         to ensure the freshest tubing
                                                                             M942 High-Performance Buttons with 10 pins          50 pack
                                         on the market.
                                                                             M943 High-Performance Buttons with 10 pins          100 pack

                                           M119R              25 ft. pack    M944 High-Performance Buttons with 10 pins          1,000 pack

                                           M120R              50 ft. roll    M946 Extra Hair Pins                                100 pack

19        Apple Archery 2009 Catalog
                                               replAceMeNT pArTS

                                               106 Replacement Straps
                                               5,000 lb.

                                                                                        127 Replacement
                                                                                        Rack Jack
                                                                                        Jack tube and housing for
                                                                                        the Pro Series presses.

A BoW preSS IS A DANGerouS
pIece oF equIpMeNT.
you should always follow                       125
                                               Replacement Winch
the safety guidelines in the
                                               For the Bow Tuning/Drawing
instructions included with your                Tool (0722).

purchase. As with any other
piece of equipment, a bow press                                             146 Lock Knob
is subject to normal wear and                                               5 /16"   lock knob for presses.

tear. Keep backup equipment
like a replacement jack and                                                             149 White Lithium
saw motor handy, and consider                                                           Grease 1.25 oz.

replacing equipment that is
more than five years old.                      149B White
                                               Lithium Grease
Also, bear in mind that our                    1 lb. tub.
warranty only covers defects
in workmanship, not normal
wear and tear or improper
setup and use.                                                                          112 Extra-Wide
                                                                                        Machined wider to fit
                                                                                        wide-limb bows. Will fit any
                                               110 Replacement                          Apple press that currently
                                               Rollers 4" tapered                       has a Tapered Roller (110).

                                               113 Press Roller Boot
                                               Protect your investment! Our Press
No problem. call for details. 1.800.745.8190   Roller Boot will protect any bow from
                                               damage or black marks left by press
                                               rollers. Made of soft, stretchy cotton.

                                                      To order, call 1.800.745.8190 or visit www.applearchery.com      20

ADD To your collecTIoN
The “Nuts & Bolts of Archery”
series is now available on DVD.
Still hanging on to that VhS
player? Don’t worry, all DVDs
in the Apple Archery library
are available on video as well.
call to order.

                                                                        hoW-To BooKS By lArry WISe
                                                                        By Target communications

                                                                        1217 Core Archery
                                                                        This 60-page paperback
                                                                        explains the particulars
                                                                        of shooting with proper
                                                                        back tension.

                                                                                                   1214 Tuning Your
                                                                                                   Compound Bow
                                                                                                   This 122-page illustrated
                                                                                                   paperback includes
     DVD130 Bowstring & Cable Making
                                                                                                   chapters on making, serving
     This educational guide on bowstring and cable making is                                       and repairing bowstrings
     hosted by archery expert Larry Wise.                                                          and cables; tuning single
                                                                                                   cam and super cam bows;
                                                                                                   and arrow selection and
                                       DVD100 Basic                                                shoot testing.
                                       Bow Tuning
                                       Hosted by “America’s
                                       Favorite Bowhunting              1215 Tuning
                                       Couple,” Ralph and Vicki         & Silencing
                                       Cianciarulo, this video takes    Your Bowhunting
                                       you through the nuts and
                                                                        Shooting System
                                       bolts of setting up a bow,
                                       including installing peep        This 170-page paperback
                                                                        was written for the bow
                                       sights, kisser buttons and
                                                                        hunter who wishes to
                                       silencers; installing an arrow
                                                                        tune his own bow.
                                       rest; and much more.

21        Apple Archery 2009 Catalog

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