Word Choice Lesson Plan

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					  Trait: Word Choice
            Lesson Plan- 3rd Grade
(adapted from Trait Based Mini-Lessons for Writing by Megan
                         S. Sloan)

What to do:
  1. Introduction: Introduce the trait of Word Choice and
     discuss this activity to help clarify what this trait
     means. Use page 144 in 6 + 1 Traits of Writing, as
     well as other resources you have. Here is a quick
     summary of word choice is “when the writer::
         is aware of the language”
         understands there are different ways to say
         stretches to use new words”
  2. Brainstorming: Brainstorm with students other words
     they can use that mean the same thing as Good.
  3. Reading/Modeling: Read a piece of writing aloud that
     uses the same words over and over again. For example:
     Jamie is nice. Sarah is nice. My mom is nice.
  4. Brainstorming: Tell the students that they will be
     looking for words to help spice up their writing.
     These words will be called Salsa Words. Students will
     brainstorm some words that are synonyms of the words
     they are given, such as good or nice.
  5. Student Work: Students will be divided into groups of
     three or four. They will work together to brainstorm
     and find synonyms/Salsa Words for the following words:
     Good, Bad, Sad, Mad, Nice, Said, Walk/Run, Fun, and
     Happy. Students can use a thesaurus, dictionary, the
     computer, other books and more to help find Salsa
     Words for their given word. Each group of three or
     four students will be responsible for finding Salsa
     Words for one of the nine “Boring Words”. Students
     will then type up the words they found or brainstormed
     to add to our Salsa Word Posters.