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									Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing from
Jan. 1 to March 31, 2011. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in
conjunction with the Mercury News.

For some investments, there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.


         Name                  City          Stage     Amount                Investors            Product

                                                                     Helix Ventures, Undisclosed
BioGenerics*            Palo Alto       Startup/Seed   $866,000      firm                        Products and services

                                                                     5AM Ventures, Montreux
                                                                     Equity Partners, TPG
Fourteen22*             Menlo Park      Startup/Seed   $8,036,000    Growth, Undisclosed firm     Monoclonal antibodies

                                                                     Thomas, McNerney &
Locus Development*      San Francisco   Startup/Seed   $2,300,000    Partners                     Biotechnology

                                                                                                  Women's health through
                                                                     Band of Angels,              diagnostic testing and
OncoHealth*             Palo Alto       Startup/Seed   $1,500,000    Undisclosed firm             screening

                                                                     Morgenthaler Ventures, New
                                                                     Leaf Venture Partners, S.R.
Principia Biopharma*    Menlo Park      Early Stage    $12,117,000   One                         Biotherapeutic products

                                                                     DCM, Norwest Venture         Watch that continuously
Pulse Tracer*           San Francisco   Early Stage    $9,000,000    Partners                     measures heart rate

                                                                     Morgenthaler Ventures,
Tarsus Medical*         Mountain View   Early Stage    $2,525,000    Undisclosed firm             Podiatry devices

                                                                     PrairieGold Venture          biomarkers based on
Chronix Biomedical      San Jose        Later Stage    $2,782,000    Partners                     DNA fragments

                                                                     MPM Capital, Undisclosed
Kalidex Pharmaceuticals Menlo Park      Startup/Seed   $8,500,000    firm                         Pharmaceuticals

                                                                     Essex Woodlands Health
Kona Medical            Palo Alto       Early Stage    $7,954,000    Ventures, Undisclosed firm   Medical services

                                                                     Emergent Medical Ventures, Miniaturized leadless
Nanostim                Milpitas        Expansion      $1,000,000    U.S. Venture Partners      cardiac pacemakers
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

Open Monoclonal                                                    Essex Woodlands Health       Human monoclonal
Technologies         Palo Alto       Early Stage     $4,889,000    Ventures                     antibodies

                                                                   Advent Venture Partners,
                                                                   Index Ventures, New Leaf     Therapeutic proteins for
                                                                   Venture Partners,            the treatment of
Versartis            Mountain View   Early Stage     $21,000,000   Undisclosed firm             metabolic diseases

                                                                   August Capital
                                                                   Management, Crosslink
                                                                   Capital, Dow Chemical, Duff
                                                                   Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                   Energy Technology
                                                                   Ventures, Good Energies,
                                                                   Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                   Byers, New Enterprise
                                                                   Associates, Presidio STX,
                                                                   Technology Partners,        Biotechnology research
Alta Devices         Santa Clara     Early Stage     $72,000,400   Undisclosed firm            services

                                                                   Aisling Capital, Bay City
                                                                   Capital, Beacon
                                                                   Bioventures, Kearny Venture
                                                                   Partners, Panorama Capital,
NextWave                                                           Sofinnova Ventures, Vivo
Pharmaceuticals      Cupertino       Expansion       $27,229,400   Ventures, Undisclosed firm Pharmaceutical

                                                                   Affinity Capital             Nonsurgical and
                                                                   Management, Arboretum        removable hearing
Sonitus Medical      San Mateo       Expansion       $3,024,000    Ventures                     devices

                                                                   Claremont Creek Ventures,
                                                                   Hambrecht & Quist Capital
                                                                   Management, Three Arch    Orthotic and prosthetic
Tibion               Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $10,175,100   Partners                  aids

                                                                   Canaan Partners, Kaiser
                                                                   Permanente Ventures, U.S.
                                                                   Venture Partners,         Treatment for peripheral
AtheroMed            Menlo Park      Early Stage     $3,900,000    Undisclosed firm          arterial disease (PAD)

                                                                   Johnson & Johnson, MPM       Genetic information
23andMe              Mountain View   Expansion       $9,000,000    Capital                      services

                                                                   Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                   Byers, Longitude Capital
                                                                   Management Company,
                                                                   Mohr Davidow Ventures,
                                                                   Pappas Ventures,             Cardiovascular genomic
CardioDx             Palo Alto       Expansion       $57,500,000   Undisclosed firm             diagnostics

                                                                                                Pharmaceutical research
Cerimon              South San                                     MPM Capital, Undisclosed     and development
Pharmaceuticals      Francisco       Early Stage     $130,000      firm                         services
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                    De Novo Ventures, Delphi
                                                                    Ventures, SV Life Sciences
                                                                    Advisers, Split Rock       Devices for use in the
                                                                    Partners, St. Paul Venture treatment of cardiac
EBR Systems            Sunnyvale       Early Stage    $5,000,000    Capital                    arrhythmias

                                                                                                Technology with
                                                                    Accuitive Medical Ventures, applications in cosmetic
MyoScience             Redwood City    Early Stage    $18,759,000   Undisclosed firm            surgery

                                                                    Johnson & Johnson, New
                                                                    Enterprise Associates,
NeoTract               Pleasanton      Expansion      $26,000,000   Undisclosed firm            Medical devices

                                                                    Adams Street Partners, Alta
                                                                    Partners, Endeavour Vision,
                                                                    Forbion Capital Partners,
                                                                    Gold Hill Capital
                                                                    Management, KBL
                                                                    Healthcare Ventures, Spray
                                                                    Venture Partners, Telegraph Research and
                                                                    Hill Partners, Undisclosed  development in the
PneumRx                Mountain View   Expansion      $16,244,800   firms                       medical devices industry

                                                                    Ascension Health Ventures,
                                                                    Asset Management, DFJ
                                                                    InCube Ventures, EDF
                                                                    Ventures, Emergent Medical
                                                                    Ventures, MedVenture       Implants that allow
Sonoma Orthopedic                                                   Associates, Split Rock     orthopedic surgeons to
Products               Santa Rosa      Expansion      $22,089,000   Partners, Undisclosed firm repair bone fractures

                                                                    Sanderling Ventures,
TheraVida              Mountain View   Startup/Seed   $1,300,000    Undisclosed firm            Pharmaceutical

                                                                    Flagship Ventures,          Therapeutic and
                                                                    Panorama Capital,           diagnostic products for
Alvine Pharmaceuticals San Carlos      Early Stage    $15,060,000   Undisclosed firm            celiac disease

                                                                    Essex Woodlands Health
                                                                    Ventures, Technology        Biopharmaceutical
Revance Therapeutics   Newark          Later Stage    $5,000,100    Partners, Vivo Ventures     products

                                                                    Accuitive Medical Ventures,
                                                                    Carlyle Group, Essex
                                                                    Woodlands Health Ventures,
                                                                    MPM Capital, SV Life
                                                                    Sciences Advisers, Versant
NeoVista               Newark          Later Stage    $33,785,000   Ventures                    Medical device
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011


            Name           City           Stage      Amount                 Investors             Product

                                                                   O'Reilly Alpha Tech*       San Francisco   Expansion       $1,250,000    Ventures, Undisclosed firm     Online retail store

                                                                   Benchmark Capital,
                                                                   Individuals, Trinity Ventures,
DotCloud*            San Francisco   Early Stage     $10,000,000   Undisclosed firm               Computer platforms

                                                                                                  Consumer services and
Enterupt*            Mountain View   Early Stage     $409,000      Draper Fisher Jurvetson        transactions

                                                                                                  Smartphone applications
                                                                                                  for chronic disease
Massive Health*      San Francisco   Startup/Seed    $1,645,000    Felicis Ventures               management

                                                                   Aeris Capital, EDB
                                                                   Investments Pte,               Mobile advertising
Smaato*              Redwood City    Expansion       $6,999,900    Undisclosed firm               technology

                                                                   FirstMark Capital,             Services to online game
Turiya Media*        San Francisco   Early Stage     $1,375,000    Metamorphic Ventures           publishers

Brand Informatics    San Mateo       Early Stage     $4,500,000    El Dorado Ventures             Marketing services

                                                                   Floodgate Fund, Kleiner
                                                                   Perkins Caufield & Byers,      On-demand file server
Egnyte               Mountain View   Expansion       $10,000,000   Polaris Venture Partners       solutions

                                                                   Khosla Ventures,
                                                                   Lightspeed Venture             Operator of online word-
                                                                   Partners, Metamorphic          of-mouth advertising
MyLikes              San Francisco   Early Stage     $5,600,100    Ventures                       platform

                                                                   SoftBank Capital,
Seesmic              San Francisco   Expansion       $4,000,000    Undisclosed firm               Website for video content

Utique               San Francisco   Startup/Seed    $1,069,000    Palomar Ventures               Products and services

                                                                   Individuals, Spark Capital,    Internet marketing
Vurve                San Jose        Early Stage     $4,500,000    True Ventures                  automation services

                                                                   Greycroft Partners,
                                                                   Individuals, Kleiner Perkins   Measures influence on
                                                                   Caufield & Byers, ff Asset     topics across the social
Klout                San Francisco   Early Stage     $8,500,000    Management                     Web

                                                                   Barclays Ventures,             Commodity price
Pricelock            Redwood City    Expansion       $3,999,900    Undisclosed firm               management solutions

                                                                   Khosla Ventures, Sequoia
Square               San Francisco   Expansion       $27,750,000   Capital                        Mobile payment services
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                   D. E. Shaw & Co., InterWest
                                                                   Partners, North Bridge      Monetization services for
                                                                   Venture Partners, Rho       social and mobile gaming
Tapjoy               San Francisco   Early Stage     $20,999,900   Capital Partners            applications

                                                                   Allen & Company, Atomico
                                                                   Ventures, First Round
                                                                   Capital, Google Ventures,
                                                                   Index Ventures, Khosla
                                                                   Ventures, New Enterprise
                                                                   Associates, Undisclosed      Weather risk
WeatherBill          San Francisco   Expansion       $40,250,200   firm                         management services

                                                                   Granite Ventures, Greylock   Digital content monitoring
                                                                   Partners, Redpoint           and management
Auditude             Palo Alto       Later Stage     $11,000,000   Ventures, Undisclosed firm   services

                                                                                                Sources and distributes
CleanFish            San Francisco   Later Stage     $1,200,000    TBL Capital                  seafood

                                                                   General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                   Hummer Winblad Venture
                                                                   Partners, Northgate Capital Cloud-based ad platforms
Flite                San Francisco   Expansion       $12,000,000   Group, Sequoia Capital      for marketers

                                                                   Emergence Capital
                                                                   Partners, First Round        Online link sharing
VigLink              San Francisco   Early Stage     $5,400,000    Capital, Google Ventures     services

                                                                                                On-demand financial
                                                                   Altos Ventures, Startup      Web services for mission-
Xignite              San Mateo       Later Stage     $675,000      Capital Ventures             critical applications

                                                                   Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                   Gemini Israel Funds,
                                                                   Redpoint Ventures, Spark   Online video advertising              San Mateo       Expansion       $20,000,000   Capital                    service

                                                                   Labrador Ventures, Mohr
                                                                   Davidow Ventures,
                                                                   Northgate Capital Group,
                                                                   Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Advertising technology
Rocket Fuel          Redwood City    Expansion       $6,599,900    Rosati, Undisclosed firm    services

                                                                                                Do-it-yourself online
                                                                   Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     opinion polling and
Vizu                 San Francisco   Expansion       $2,300,000    Undisclosed firm             market research

                                                                   Lightspeed Venture          Personalized product
                                                                   Partners, Palomar Ventures, recommendations for
MyBuys               Redwood City    Later Stage     $20,175,000   Rho Capital Partners        online retailers

                                                                                                Mobile advertising
Amobee               Redwood City    Expansion       $12,000,000   Undisclosed firm             services
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                   Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                   Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                   Emergence Capital
                                                                   Partners, Meritech Capital
                                                                   Partners, Scale Venture
                                                                   Partners, U.S. Venture         Online file storage and              Palo Alto       Expansion       $38,000,000   Partners                       sharing services

                                                                   Charles River Ventures,
                                                                   Greylock Partners, Madrone
                                                                   Capital Partners, TPG      Financial services to
Progress Financial   Mountain View   Expansion       $20,000,000   Growth                     Hispanic families

                                                                   Advanced Equities Capital
                                                                   Partners, New Enterprise
                                                                   Associates, SunBridge          Communication
Alien Technology     Morgan Hill     Later Stage     $2,037,000    Partners                       equipment


          Name             City           Stage      Amount                 Investors             Product

Aria Glassworks*     Mountain View   Startup/Seed    $1,750,000    August Capital Management Web-based platform

                                                                                                  Social networking
Atzip*               Menlo Park      Early Stage     $614,000      Tugboat Ventures               website

                                                                   Founder Collective, Javelin
                                                                   Venture Partners,
                                                                   Metamorphic Ventures,          Optimization service for
Boost Media*         San Francisco   Startup/Seed    $1,640,000    Undisclosed firms              online advertisers

                                                                   Emergence Capital            Social networking site for
Doximity*            San Mateo       Early Stage     $10,800,000   Partners, InterWest Partners health care professionals

                                                                   Google Ventures,               Crowdsourced and
LawPivot*            Palo Alto       Early Stage     $600,000      Individuals                    confidential legal advice

                                                                                                  Online application for
                                                                   Individuals, Kleiner Perkins   customized savings and
Offermatic*          Mountain View   Early Stage     $4,500,000    Caufield & Byers               offers

                                                                   General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                   Individuals, Polaris Venture
                                                                   Partners, Redpoint           Online social networking
Offline Labs*        San Francisco   Early Stage     $1,000,000    Ventures, Sequoia Capital website

                                                                   Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                   Index Ventures, Kleiner
                                                                   Perkins Caufield & Byers,
Path*                San Francisco   Early Stage     $8,650,000    Undisclosed firm               Online personal network

                                                                   Trident Capital, Undisclosed Online lifestyle media
Perfect Escapes*     San Francisco   Later Stage     $1,300,000    firm                         content
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                   General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                   Kleiner Perkins Caufield &     Daily deal website for
Plum District*       San Francisco   Early Stage     $8,500,000    Byers                          moms

                                                                   Atomico Ventures,
                                                                   Individuals, Mangrove
                                                                   Capital Partners,
Rdio*                San Francisco   Early Stage     $17,500,000   Undisclosed firm               Streaming music services

                                                                   IDG Ventures SF,
                                                                   Individuals, Mohr Davidow      Social network platform
RootMusic*           San Francisco   Early Stage     $3,132,000    Ventures                       for musicians

                                                                   Metamorphic Ventures,
ShopSocial*          San Francisco   Early Stage     $1,000,000    Undisclosed firm               Advertising company

                                                                                                  Information using social
                                                                                                  media such as tweets,
Storify*             San Francisco   Early Stage     $2,011,000    Khosla Ventures                photos and videos

                                                                                                  Bazaar Labs Web and
Bazaar Labs          San Francisco   Early Stage     $1,500,000    Google Ventures, Hearst        mobile applications

                                                                   Inventus Capital Partners,
                                                                   Menlo Ventures,                Online financial services
Credit Sesame        Sunnyvale       Expansion       $6,150,000    Undisclosed firm               to consumers

                                                                                                  Mobile users sharing
                                                                   Almaz Capital Partners,        moments as they unfold
Qik                  Redwood City    Expansion       $6,370,000    Quest Venture Partners         with their friends

                                                                   Adams Capital
                                                                   Management, Comerica
                                                                   Bank, Focus Ventures,
                                                                   Lighthouse Capital Partners,
                                                                   Norwest Venture Partners, Online textbook rental       San Mateo       Expansion       $40,000,200   Storm Ventures               service

                                                                                             Noninvasive radiosurgical
                                                                                             system for cardiac
CyberHeart           Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $2,166,000    Emergent Medical Ventures applications

                                                                   Accel Partners, Tiger Global Mobile application
GetJar Networks      San Mateo       Expansion       $25,000,000   Management                   downloads

                                                                   Battery Ventures,
                                                                   Benchmark Capital, Sutter      Social networking
Glassdoor            Sausalito       Expansion       $12,000,000   Hill Ventures                  company

                                                                   First Round Capital,
                                                                   Greylock Partners,
                                                                   Individuals, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                   Caufield & Byers,              Home furnishings,
One Kings Lane       San Francisco   Early Stage     $23,000,000   TriplePoint Capital            accessories and gifts

                                                                   Individuals, Sequoia Capital,
DailyBooth           San Francisco   Early Stage     $6,889,000    Undisclosed firm              Photo-blogging services
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                                                   Information on the impact
                                                                   Draper Fisher Jurvetson,        of products and
GoodGuide            San Francisco   Early Stage     $5,000,000    Undisclosed firm                companies

                                                                   Charles River Ventures,
                                                                   Redpoint Ventures, SVB          Web-based document
Scribd               San Francisco   Expansion       $12,305,000   Capital, Undisclosed firm       posting services

                                                                                                   Noise cancellation
AliphCom             San Francisco   Later Stage     $49,000,000   Andreessen Horowitz             technology

                                                                   Aisling Capital, De Novo
                                                                   Ventures, Technology            Over-the-counter
TRIA Beauty          Dublin          Later Stage     $5,312,000    Partners, Vivo Ventures         cosmetic medical devices


             Name             City        Stage      Amount                 Investors              Product

                                                                                                   Station-keeping data
                                                                   VantagePoint Capital            buoy for monitoring
Liquid Robotics*     Sunnyvale       Early Stage     $20,000,000   Partners                        humpback whales

                                                                   Lightspeed Venture              Specialized storage
                                                                   Partners, New Enterprise        appliances for the virtual
Tintri*              Mountain View   Early Stage     $17,000,000   Associates                      machine market

                                                                   Individuals, Infotech Pacific
                                                                   Ventures, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                   Caufield & Byers, Stanford
                                                                   University, Trident Capital,
                                                                   VantagePoint Capital            Lithium-ion battery
Amprius              Menlo Park      Early Stage     $25,000,200   Partners, Undisclosed firm      technologies

                                                         , Bessemer
                                                                   Venture Partners,
                                                                   Lightspeed Venture
                                                                   Partners, New Enterprise
                                                                   Associates, Shasta              Caching appliance to
Cirtas Systems       San Jose        Expansion       $22,500,000   Ventures Management             replace disk storage

                                                                   CM-CIC Capital Prive,           Product engineering
Presto Engineering   San Jose        Expansion       $6,000,000    Masseran Gestion                services and solutions

                                                                   Rockport Capital Partners,      Battery management
Qnovo                Newark          Early Stage     $4,899,000    U.S. Venture Partners           systems

ENOVIX               Fremont         Expansion       $1,883,000    Sofinnova Ventures              Lithium-ion battery

Infinite Z           Campbell        Expansion       $1,200,000    Artiman Ventures                Image display technology

                                                                                                   Fans for the insides of
Ventiva              Santa Clara     Early Stage     $3,036,000    DCM, Foundation Capital         consumer electronics
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

Deeya Energy           Fremont         Later Stage      $1,871,000     Undisclosed firm             Energy storage devices

                                                                       Oak Investment Partners,     Plastic circuits for mass
Plastic Logic          Mountain View   Later Stage      $200,000,000   Undisclosed firm             applications


             Name             City          Stage       Amount                  Investors           Product

                                                                       Index Ventures, Khosla       Commercializes
Big Switch Networks*   Palo Alto       Startup / Seed   $13,773,000    Ventures, Undisclosed firm   networking technology

                                                                       Contour Venture Partners,
                                                                       Individuals, Lerer Ventures,
                                                                       Tugboat Ventures,
Qwiki*                 Palo Alto       Early Stage      $9,000,000     Undisclosed firm             Online media platform

                                                                                                 Carrier-grade bulk SMS
                                                                       Duff Ackerman & Goodrich, messaging solutions
Clickatell             Redwood City    Later Stage      $12,000,000    Sequoia Capital           provider

                                                                       Artiman Ventures, Startup    Solutions for multimedia
Dyyno                  Palo Alto       Expansion        $2,790,000     Capital Ventures             communication

                                                                                                    Global live TV service
                                                                       Altos Ventures, New Atlantic over a broadband
TVU Networks           Mountain View   Early Stage      $1,000,000     Ventures                     Internet connection

                                                                       JAFCO Ventures,              Streaming media
XinLab                 Milpitas        Later Stage      $8,000,000     Undisclosed firm             technologies

                                                                       DoCoMo Capital, Duff
                                                                       Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                       Focus Ventures, Integral
                                                                       Capital Partners, Kleiner
                                                                       Perkins Caufield & Byers,
                                                                       Mobile Internet Capital, Pilot
                                                                       House Ventures Group,
                                                                       Sequoia Capital,               Mobile broadband
Stoke                  Santa Clara     Expansion        $17,000,100    Undisclosed firm               gateway technology

                                                                       ATA Ventures, Adams
                                                                       Street Partners, Global
                                                                       Catalyst Partners,         Carrier Ethernet-over-
Actelis Networks       Fremont         Later Stage      $4,500,000     Innovacom, Saints Ventures copper solutions

                                                                       Draper Fisher Jurvetson,     80211b wireless voice
                                                                       GGV Capital, Venrock         communication
Vocera Communications San Jose         Later Stage      $629,100       Associates                   application
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011


         Name                City          Stage     Amount                  Investors           Product

                                                                    Sequoia Capital,
Alion*                Richmond        Early Stage    $25,099,000    Undisclosed firm             Renewable energy

                                                                    Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                    Infield Capital, New
Pinnacle Engines*     San Carlos      Early Stage    $13,500,000    Enterprise Associates      Engineering services

                                                                                                 Energy solutions for
Enlighted             Mountain View   Early Stage    $3,900,000     Undisclosed firm             commercial buildings

                                                                    Rockport Capital Partners,
Solar Universe        Livermore       Early Stage    $2,750,000     Undisclosed firm             Solar power panels

Clean Filtration                                                                                 Water treatment
Technologies          Redwood City    Early Stage    $81,000        Dow Chemical                 technology

                                                                    Convexa AS, Crosslink
                                                                    Capital, Hudson Capital
SoloPower             San Jose        Expansion      $78,575,100    Management                   Thin-film solar cells

                                                                    ARCH Venture Partners,
                                                                    ATA Ventures, Vista          Voltage switchable
Shocking Technologies San Jose        Expansion      $5,211,200     Ventures, Undisclosed firm   dielectric material

                                                                    DBL Investors, Khosla
                                                                    Ventures, NanoDimension
                                                                    Management Limited,
                                                                    Navitas Capital, Sigma
                                                                    Partners, Westly Group,      Switchable electronic
Soladigm              Milpitas        Expansion      $11,493,300    Undisclosed firm             glass technology

                                                                    Israel Cleantech Ventures,
                                                                    Matrix Partners, OVP
                                                                    Venture Partners,            Management systems for
Tigo Energy           Los Gatos       Expansion      $11,075,200    Undisclosed firm             solar installations

                                                                    Invus Group, Undisclosed
Zero Motorcycles      Scotts Valley   Expansion      $6,000,000     firm                         Electric motorcycles

                                                                    Chevron Technology
                                                                    Ventures, DBL Investors,
                                                                    Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                    VantagePoint Capital        Utility-scale solar power
BrightSource Energy   Oakland         Later Stage    $201,686,400   Partners, Undisclosed firms plants

                                                                    Ambienta SGR, Keating        Recycling plant for
MBA Polymers          Richmond        Later Stage    $14,580,000    Investments                  engineering plastics

                                                                                                 Conversion of municipal
Fulcrum BioEnergy     Pleasanton      Early Stage    $75,000,000    Undisclosed firm             solid waste
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011


         Name                City           Stage    Amount                  Investors         Product

                                                                                               Video processing,
                                                                                               compression and
Marseille Networks*    Santa Clara     Expansion     $4,618,000     Kumpulan Modal Perdana     networking

Geo Semiconductor      Santa Clara     Early Stage   $1,000,000     Undisclosed firm           semiconductors

                                                                    New Enterprise Associates, Surface engineering
Svaya Nanotechnologies Sunnyvale       Early Stage   $4,798,000     Undisclosed firm           solutions

                                                                    Balderton Capital
                                                                    Management, Benchmark
                                                                    Capital, Crosslink Capital,
                                                                    Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                    Greylock Partners, Integral
                                                                    Capital Partners, New       Semiconductors for
Tabula                 Santa Clara     Later Stage   $108,000,200   Enterprise Associates       general-purpose chip

                                                                                               Products related to
                                                                    General Atlantic,          electronic design
Tela Innovations       Los Gatos       Early Stage   $4,750,000     Undisclosed firm           automation

                                                                                               Scalable flash memory
                                                                    Juniper Networks, Toshiba, array for data center
Violin Memory          Mountain View   Expansion     $36,179,100    Undisclosed firm           storage

                                                                    Charles River Ventures,
                                                                    Formative Ventures,        Semiconductor and
Samplify Systems       Santa Clara     Later Stage   $11,200,000    Undisclosed firm           systems solutions

                                                                                               Integrated circuit design
Active-Semi            San Jose        Later Stage   $2,100,000     U.S. Venture Partners      consultation

                                                                    DCM, VantagePoint Capital LED lighting technologies
BridgeLux              Livermore       Later Stage   $20,739,000    Partners                  and solutions

                                                                    CMEA Capital, Redpoint
                                                                    Ventures, U.S. Venture
Intermolecular         San Jose        Later Stage   $15,000,000    Partners                   Nanotechnology solutions

                                                                    Enterprise Partners Venture Process matching
Pivotal Systems        Pleasanton      Early Stage   $4,200,000     Capital, TL Ventures        solutions

                                                                    Alliance Venture
                                                                    Management, Individuals,   RF-to-baseband
Xceive                 Santa Clara     Later Stage   $1,473,900     Scale Venture Partners     transceiver ICS
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011


          Name              City          Stage      Amount                 Investors            Product

                                                                                                 Virtualization and security
Bromium*             San Francisco   Startup/Seed    $9,225,000    Undisclosed firm              solutions

                                                                   Baseline Ventures,
                                                                   Benchmark Capital,            Web-based photo
Burbn*               San Francisco   Early Stage     $6,999,900    Individuals                   application

                                                                                                 Transparent electrode
C3Nano*              Hayward         Startup/Seed    $3,200,000    GSR Ventures                  materials

                                                                   Benchmark Capital, Felicis
                                                                   Ventures, Floodgate Fund,
ccLoop*              San Francisco   Startup/Seed    $3,500,000    Individuals, Undisclosed firm Software

                                                                   Entertainment Media           Software for collaboration
Clever Machine*      San Francisco   Expansion       $1,565,000    Ventures                      and project management

                                                                   Bain Capital, Redpoint
                                                                   Ventures, Sequoia Capital,
Color Labs*          Palo Alto       Early Stage     $40,999,900   Undisclosed firm              Web-based applications

                                                                   Institutional Venture
ConnectAndSell*      Redwood City    Later Stage     $7,500,000    Partners                      Communication services

                                                                                                 Online flight search
Hipmunk*             San Francisco   Early Stage     $4,650,000    Individuals, Undisclosed firm engine

                                                                                                 Mobile platform and
                                                                                                 vertical market mobile
Kony Solutions*      San Mateo       Expansion       $13,370,000   Insight Venture Partners      solutions

                                                                   DreamIt Ventures, ENIAC
                                                                   Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Educational games for
MindSnacks*          San Francisco   Early Stage     $1,199,700    Individuals, Undisclosed firm mobile devices

                                                                   Highland Capital Partners,
                                                                   Individuals, NextView         Online rental relationship
RentJuice*           San Francisco   Early Stage     $6,289,000    Ventures                      management software

                                                                   Andreessen Horowitz,          Games that can be*          San Francisco   Early Stage     $18,110,000   Individuals                   played on mobile devices

                                                                   Undisclosed firm,             Game design consulting
Turpitude*           Walnut Creek    Startup/Seed    $1,000,000    Undisclosed firm              services

Aryaka Networks      Milpitas        Early Stage     $15,000,000   Mohr Davidow Ventures         Cloud-based applications
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                                                Note-taking and note-
                                                                                                sharing applications for                 Woodside        Expansion      $7,000,000    Excel Venture Management mobile devices

                                                                       Trivest Partners, U.S.
Heartflow                 Redwood City    Expansion      $6,300,000    Venture Partners            Software

                                                                       Credit Agricole Private
                                                                       Equity, Galileo Partners,
                                                                       Idinvest Partners,          Software for email data
Scality                   San Francisco   Early Stage    $6,999,200    Individuals                 storage

Spigit                    Pleasanton      Expansion      $10,252,000   Warburg Pincus              tool used by companies

                                                                                                   Applications for mobile
UpStart Mobile            San Francisco   Early Stage    $135,000      Sand Hill Angels            phones

                                                                       Gemini Israel Funds,         Software-as-a service
                                                                       Individuals, Shasta Ventures product for the work
WatchDox                  Mountain View   Early Stage    $9,249,900    Management                   environment

                                                                       Shasta Ventures             Social games for mobile
Wild Needle               Mountain View   Startup/Seed   $975,000      Management                  devices

                                                                                                   Markets capacity
                                                                       VantagePoint Capital        utilization software
Allocade                  Menlo Park      Expansion      $3,015,000    Partners                    solutions

                                                                       Founders Fund, Retro
                                                                       Venture Management,         Website development
Inigral                   San Francisco   Expansion      $4,000,000    Undisclosed firm            company

                                                                                                   Software company that
                                                                                                   protects digital photos
Memeo                     Santa Clara     Later Stage    $500,000      Foundry Group               and data files

                                                                       Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                       Lightspeed Venture          Software that transitions
                                                                       Partners, New Enterprise    data centers to cloud
Nicira Networks           Palo Alto       Early Stage    $25,900,000   Associates                  infrastructure

                                                                       Austral Capital, Madrona    3-D electromagnetic
Physware                  Mountain View   Early Stage    $6,902,000    Venture Group               solutions

                                                                                                   Energy efficiency and
                                                                       Draper Fisher Jurvetson,    system optimization
Scientific Conservation   San Francisco   Expansion      $15,650,000   Westly Group                software solutions

                                                                       BlueRun Ventures,
                                                                       Founders Fund, Ignition
                                                                       Partners, Western           Search engine called
Topsy Labs                San Francisco   Expansion      $1,300,000    Technology Investment       Topsy
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                   Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                   Hatteras Venture Partners,
                                                                   Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Internet search software
                                                                   Byers, OVP Venture         based on behavioral
Aggregate Knowledge   San Mateo       Expansion      $3,125,100    Partners                   patterns

Appcelerator          Mountain View   Expansion      $1,161,000    Sierra Ventures               Open source software

                                                                   Hummer Winblad Venture
                                                                   Partners, InterWest
                                                                   Partners, Venrock             On-demand billing
Aria Systems          San Mateo       Expansion      $2,223,000    Associates                    solutions

                                                                   Hummer Winblad Venture
                                                                   Partners, JK&B Capital,
                                                                   SingTel Innov8, Steamboat     Search and navigation
BayNote               San Jose        Expansion      $13,300,000   Ventures                      engine technology

                                                                   Battery Ventures, BlueRun
                                                                   Ventures, El Dorado
                                                                   Ventures, Mohr Davidow        E-procurement software
Coupa Software        San Mateo       Expansion      $12,000,000   Ventures                      for businesses

                                                                   Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                   Harmony Partners, Trinity  Labor-on-demand to
CrowdFlower           San Francisco   Early Stage    $6,999,900    Ventures                   companies

                                                                   Bridgescale Partners, Intel Games and applications
Digital Chocolate     San Mateo       Later Stage    $12,000,000   Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures for mobile phones

                                                                   Mayfield Fund, Riverwood      Online video editing and
Flixlab               Palo Alto       Expansion      $1,450,000    Capital                       collaboration software

                                                                                               Software as a service
                                                                   Benchmark Capital, Mayfield technology to social
Gigya                 Mountain View   Later Stage    $6,000,000    Fund                        networking sites

                                                                   Emergence Capital
                                                                   Partners, Foundation
                                                                   Capital, Greenhouse Capital
                                                                   Partners, Rembrandt         On-demand sales and
InsideView            San Francisco   Expansion      $12,000,000   Venture Partners            marketing applications

OnLive                Palo Alto       Expansion      $40,000,000   Undisclosed firm              Cloud gaming solutions

                                                                   Draper Fisher Jurvetson,      Multimedia software
Sharpcast             San Mateo       Expansion      $4,150,000    Undisclosed firm              platform

                                                                   Crosslink Capital, Highland   Video search solution
Affine Systems        San Francisco   Expansion      $5,020,000    Capital Partners              services

                                                                                                 Analytical applications
                                                                   Hummer Winblad Venture        that process customer
Birst                 San Francisco   Expansion      $7,020,000    Partners                      raw data
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                   Investor Growth Capital,
                                                                   JAFCO Ventures, Norwest
                                                                   Venture Partners, Outlook
ClairMail              San Rafael      Later Stage   $10,000,000   Ventures                     Mobile software solutions

                                                                   Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                   Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                   Byers, T-Venture Holding,  Plug-ins that provide Web
Cooliris               Palo Alto       Expansion     $9,600,000    The Westly Group           link previews

Jasper Wireless        Sunnyvale       Expansion     $10,000,000   Sequoia Capital              mobile operator

                                                                   H.I.G. Capital, Hamilton     Turnkey systems and
                                                                   Lane Advisors, Intersouth    customized wireless
LOC-AID Technologies   San Francisco   Expansion     $12,999,900   Partners                     mobile data solutions

                                                                   Benchmark Capital,
                                                                   Crosslink Capital, Duff
                                                                   Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                   Focus Ventures,              Search management
Marin Software         San Francisco   Expansion     $16,000,000   Undisclosed firm             applications

                                                                   Diamondhead Ventures,        Software solutions
Serus                  Sunnyvale       Later Stage   $1,000,000    OVP Venture Partners         provider

                                                                                                Information capturing
Evernote               Mountain View   Expansion     $8,966,000    Undisclosed firm             technologies

                                                                   Accel Partners, Emergence
                                                                   Capital Partners, Mohr
                                                                   Davidow Ventures,         On-demand personal             San Mateo       Expansion     $327,200      Undisclosed firm          Web analytics solutions

                                                                                                Software and services for
                                                                   Primera Capital, Warburg     supply chain
GT Nexus               Oakland         Later Stage   $5,753,000    Pincus                       management

                                                                   Foundation Capital, Split
                                                                   Rock Partners, Sutter Hill   Online banking security
Guardian Analytics     Los Altos       Later Stage   $11,050,000   Ventures                     solutions

                                                                   Cipio Partners, Tallwood     Software products based
                                                                   Venture Capital,             on sequential analysis
Calypto Design Systems Santa Clara     Later Stage   $2,001,000    Undisclosed firm             technology

                                                                   Alloy Ventures, Bay          Carrier management and
                                                                   Partners, QuestMark          last-mile logistics
Ensenda                San Francisco   Later Stage   $4,250,000    Partners                     services

                                                                   Adams Street Partners,
                                                                   Hummer Winblad Venture
                                                                   Partners, Partech
Five9                  Pleasanton      Later Stage   $8,600,000    International                Call center solutions

Simply Hired           Mountain View   Later Stage   $1,320,000    IDG Ventures SF              Job search engine
Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2011

                                                                                                 Security risk and
                                                                    Alta Partners, JK&B Capital, compliance management
nCircle Network Security San Francisco   Later Stage   $1,001,100   Menlo Ventures               solutions

                                                                    ABS Ventures, Masthead
                                                                    Venture Partners, Oak     Enterprise applications
Centric Software        Campbell         Later Stage   $7,500,000   Investment Partners       solutions

                                                                                              Hypertext preprocessor
Zend Technologies       Cupertino        Later Stage   $7,000,000   Viola Private Equity      (PHP)

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