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                                                       How often have you dreamed about being your own boss?
  Are you at least twenty-five years of age?           The dream is about to become a reality. Discount Cab may
  Do you have an acceptable five-year MVR              be the right opportunity if you are at least twenty-five years
  (motor vehicle record)?                              of age and have a clean motor vehicle record.
  No DUI or DWI in the last 5-years?
                                                       Have you ever had the opportunity to drive a taxicab, luxury
  No chargeable accidents in the last                  sedan or limousine for a living? Discount Cab’s professional
  39 months?                                           driver certification program outfits you with the knowledge,
  No more than two (2) moving violations               skills and tools necessary to profitably manage your very
  in the last 39-months?                               own Small Business on Wheels™.
  No suspensions or interruptions in your
  driving record in the last 39-months?
  Do you maintain a permanent residence in                 You are welcome to visit any of our driver
  the Phoenix or Tucson metropolitan area?                     facilities for a free consultation:
  Are you motivated to succeed in business
  as a taxicab independent contractor?
                                                                 DISCOUNT CAB
The Small Business on Wheels™ program                                4600 West Camelback Road
paves the way for you to generate positive cash                         Glendale, AZ 85301
flow immediately upon completion of the two-day                            (602) 889-0739
Driver Certification Program.

Discount Cab's offers several shifts; twelve (12)                       2225 West Main Street
or twenty-four (24) hours.                                                 Mesa, AZ 85201
                                                                            (480) 615-9264
Call (602) 200-5500 or (480) 615-3349 in the Phoenix
metropolitan area for complete information about
Discount Cab's Small Business on Wheels™                             2110 North Dragoon Street
contract driver certification program.                                   Tucson, AZ 85745

                                                                                                                          Taxicabs, Airport Resort & Special Needs Vans
                                                                           (520) 631-4515

                                                                                                                                                                          602-200-5500, 602-200-5505 Fax
                                                                                                                                                                            4600 West Camelback Road

                                                                                                                                                                               Glendale, AZ 85301
  You are welcome to visit any of our driver
      facilities for a free consultation:

   4600 West Camelback Road in Glendale
       2225 West Main Street in Mesa                                      Taxicabs, Airport Resort & Special Needs Vans
       2110 North Dragoon in Tucson                                              4600 West Camelback Road
                                                                                    Glendale, AZ 85301
                                                                               602-200-5500, 602-200-5505 Fax
Discount Cab's Small Business on Wheels™            EZ12                                                                                                                  JOIN A WINNING TEAM!
professional driver lease programs offer you        EARLY                                                     AP24 SKY SMART
complete freedom of choice. You determine           RISER &                                                     24-Hour Lease
the hours of business activity. You choose the      NIGHT OWL                                                                                                          Now is the time
geographic area within Discount Cab's customer      LEASES                                                A Discount Cab Airport                                       to pursue the
service region that business transactions take      12-Hour Leases                                        independent contractor is                                    dream of being
place.                                                                                                    easy to pick out of the                                      your own boss.
                                                    Start early. Work                                     crowd. A professional driver
                         The Small                  late. "No Hassle"                                     achieving financial freedom                                  Join Discount
                         Business on                12-hour shift leases                                  at one of the world's                                        Cab, "The Innovator of Professional
                         Wheels™ program            that maximize your                                    busiest airports. It is the                                  Driver Financial Freedom Programs."
                         paves the way for          freedom of choice as an independent                   peak travel season at Phoenix Sky Harbor
                         you to generate            contractor operating your very own Discount Cab       International Airport. Is there a better time to be taking   Accept Discount Cab's invitation to become
                         positive cash flow         Small Business on Wheels™ . Drive when                advantage of an AP24 SKYSMART 24-Hour Lease                  the "General Manager" of your very own
                         immediately upon           you want, take time off when you choose. Your         then now? SKYSMART offers the very popular                   Small Business on Wheels™.
                         completion of the          independent contractor account is automatically       "AdvancePay" weekly discount - It will save you              Good luck on the Road to Adventure!
                         two-day Driver             renewed upon receipt of lease payment, provided you   money and time. Ninety-eight percent of Discount
                         Certification Program.     take advantage of Discount's EZ12 program by          Cab airport independent contractors participate in the       In exchange for paying Discount Cab a
                                                    purchasing one or more leases every thirty days.      "AdvancePay" program. Get certified as an airport            lease at the end of the shift we will provide
Discount Cab offers taxicab service in the          Good luck on the Road to Adventure!                   independent contractor and watch your profits soar!          you with the:
greater metropolitan areas of Phoenix and
Tucson, Arizona (Maricopa, Pinal and Pima           ST24 STREETSMART                                      EBLP                                                            Keys to your Discount Cab…
County). In fact, Discount Cab professional            24-Hour Lease                                      EQUITY BUILDER                                                  Two-way radio dispatch services…
drivers take out-of-town trips with customers                                                             LEASE-TO-PURCHASE
across the state of Arizona.                        Freedom and flexibility                                                                                               Liability Insurance Policy coverage…
                                                    are the keywords for                                  Build your future on a solid
Discount Cab is a customer service driven           this program. Keep                                    foundation. Take advan-                                         And, we take care of the maintenance!!
organization. We want our professional drivers      possession of your                                    tage of Discount Cab's
to achieve success. This is a mutually beneficial   street division Discount                              EQUITY BUILDER LEASE-
business relationship between Discount Cab          Cab around the clock.                                 TO-PURCHASE Program.
(General Contractor) and you (Independent           Take pride in your                                    EBLP is an excellent
Contractor). Together, we serve the ground          Discount Cab Small Business                           opportunity for the budding
transportation needs of the public-at-large, our    on Wheels™ and park it in your own space at           entrepreneur to build equity in his/her Small
most valuable customer.                             home. You pick and choose the hours of service        Business on Wheels™ under the tutelage of the
                                                    for your Discount Cab Small Business on               expert small business consultants at Discount
  How many new small business owners                Wheels™ . STREETSMART rewards you with                Cab. We take care of all the maintenance - It is a
turn a profit on day one? At Discount Cab           one lease credit on Sunday in conjunction with a      worry free opportunity to make a sound invest-
     “Your Cash Register is Ringing!”               "Pick-6". That is paying in full six STREETSMART      ment in your financial future. Secure your
                                                    leases in the same calendar week. AdvancePay          position in the business world today. Join the
                                                    your STREETSMART lease weekly and achieve             ranks of progressive thinking Professional Drivers
                                                    even greater savings, in both time and money.         who make a "Total" commitment.







 STATE                                  ZIP

 I would like to receive electronic notices of other League Workshops and Trainings.

                                                                                                  Jointly Sponsored by

My check in the amount of $__________________is enclosed.                 $125
                                                                       Registration Fee
                                                                                                   1820 W. Washington Street
                                                                                                    Phoenix, Arizona 85007
                                                                                                     Phone: 602-258-5786
                                                                                                     Fax:    602-253-3874
Workshop fee includes all course materials, continental breakfast and lunch.                                                     9:00 a.m. to
No refunds will be accepted after Monday, March 18. Cancellations must be received in            E-mail:   4:00 p.m
writing to receive a refund.                                                                       Internet:

                                                          Mail Registration and Payment to:
If you have questions, please contact                   The League of Arizona Cities and Towns
Matt Lore at (602)258-5786.                                  1820 West Washington Street
                                                        Phoenix, AZ 85007 FAX: 602-253-3874
                              Developing Competencies for Dynamic Council/Manager/Staff Relationships

Workshop Overview                                       About the Workshop Facilitators                          Dr. Martin Vanacour                                   Refunds & Cancellations
“Effective and productive relationships among           The workshop will be led by a team of seasoned           Dr. Vanacour is currently                             Registrants unable to attend the workshop are
Council/Manager/Staff do not occur by accident.         professionals. Mayor Kathie Novak and Dr.                the CEO of Dynamic                                    eligible to receive a full refund by sending
Like any good relationship, they are nurtured           Martin Vanacour have been working together for           Relations, L.L.C., man-                               a written request no later than Monday,
and sustained through the deliberate efforts of         over five years presenting Council/Manager/Staff         agement and consulting                                March 18, 2002. Cancellations will not be
managers, staff and the councilmembers who              workshops throughout the United States.                  company. Prior to starting                            accepted by phone. No refunds will be issued
communicate openly and honestly, differentiate                                                                   his company, he served                                after close of business on March 18, 2002.
their roles and responsibilities, focus on mutual                                                                as the City Manager for
goals, and work diligently to establish trust and       Kathleen M. Novak, M.S.                                  Glendale, Arizona from
teamwork. In the face of pervasive social, political,                                                            1985 until January 2002.                              Date and Time
and economic change, cooperation between                                         Kathleen is currently           In addition to serving as City Manager for
elected officials and administrators is more critical                            Mayor of Northglenn             Glendale, Dr. Vanacour served as Assistant            Friday, March 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
than ever. We must work effectively together as                                  Colorado where she              City Manager for the City from 1970 until 1985.
elected officials and professionals to accomplish                                has served on the
our goals.                                                                       council since 1991.             Dr. Vanacour also serves on the Board of Directors    Location
                                                                                 She is active in the            for the Morrison Institute for Public Policy and
This interactive session will facilitate:                                        National League of              is an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State         The workshop is being held at the Burton Barr
                                                                                 Cities and currently is         University and the University of Phoenix.             Central Library, 1221 N. Central Avenue,
• Developing of political skills                                                 the Chair of the 2002                                                                 Phoenix, AZ, (602) 262-4636.
• Identifying long-range goals                                                   National League of
• Cultivating team work                                                          Cities Conference               Cost
• Exploring new leadership requirements                 Planning Committee, the Conference Evaluation
• Applying skills to be an effective elected            Committee and the Finance, Administration and            The cost for the workshop is $125. This price
  official and staff member                             Intergovernmental Relations Steering and                 includes all materials needed for the session, a
• Understanding organizational roles                    Policy Committees.                                       continental breakfast and lunch. Please let us know
• Building sustainable relationships                                                                             in advance if you have any special dietary needs.
                                                        Ms. Novak recently contributed to Working
This workshop will include time to work on several      Together; A Guide for Elected and Appointed              The workshop fee will be discounted to $100
issues the participants wish to openly discuss.         Officials, published by NLC and ICMA and speaks          per person when 3 or more participants attend
                                                        throughout the country in the areas of process           from the same city/town.
                                                        facilitation, leadership development, manage-
                                                        ment training, team building and retreat facilitation.

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