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					            Topics of Discussion                                   Awards and Personal                                          Unspeakable Joy
“Women and Money”                                                  Accomplishments
 • Women view money differently than men                  I have been fortunate enough to achieve recognition for                 Ministries
 • When you ask a women how she views money she           some of my work and activities in and around the
   will state, “security.” When you ask a man how he
                                                          Indianapolis area.
   views money he will state, “power.”
 • Women spend twice as much as men and save half           • Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union employee of
   as much                                                    the year
 • Common mistakes women make with money                    • Eli Lilly and Co. Chief Financial Officer Award
“Women and Health”                                          • Eli Lilly and Co. Outstanding United Way
                                                              Torchbearer Award
 • American women live an average of 74 years
                                                            • Instructor, Effective Presentation, Eli Lilly and Co.
     but the last 12 are dysfunctional years of disease
                                                            • Featured in Eli Lilly and Co. recruiting video
     and impairment
 •   Total muscle mass decreases 50%, age 20-90             • Featured in Eli Lilly and Co. United Way Video
 •   Strength loss 30%, age 50-70 years                     • Featured in Indianapolis Women’s Magazine
 •   1 out 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer     • Featured on the cover of Indianapolis Business
 •   Can you avoid breast cancer?                           • Feature article in Indianapolis Business Journal
 •   Prevention and early detection                         • St. Vincent radiation patient of the month
 •   How can we live life to the fullest?                   • Featured on “It’s Your Money” cable TV program
“Effective Presentation”                                    • Featured in Lilly Update
 •   Good/bad presentations styles
 •   Content, vocal, visual skills
 •   Distractions
 •   Presentations to Persuade                                        Contact Information                                               Katie Haun
                                                                                Katie Haun
                                                                                                                                   Motivational Speaker
“Unforgettable Customer Service”                                                                                         “Certified Natural Health Care Provider”
 • How to provide “knock your socks off” service                           Phone: (317) 769-6259
                                                                                                                        Indiana and Indianapolis State and City Certified
 • How to grow your business through quality service                      E-mail:
                                                                                                                                  “Woman’s Owned Business”
 • How to develop relationships with your customers                       Web:
   that turns into business                                                                                               Breast Cancer Survivor 1997 – present
                                                                                                                            Dual Citizenship U.S. and Ireland
                                                           “People helping people is the motto of the                        Final Destination – heaven
     Sport Accomplishments                                 credit union industry. Katie Haun lives                          My goal is to encourage others to strive to
 • Ran in 13 Mini Marathons                                                                                                  be all that Christ has created you to be.
 • Ulen Country Club golf champion                            that motto each and every day.”
 • 4 holes-in-one                                                                                                     “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord,
                                                            Gene Johnson, CEO Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union
 • Gold Medalist in Nastar downhill skiing --                                                                          "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give
   ranked 5th in the state                                                                                                             you hope and a future.”
 • Performance rower
                                                                                                                                          Jeremiah 29:11
                                                                  Educational Accomplishments                 Katie’s FavoriteThings
                                                         One must always try to better themselves. By doing   Juice Plus+… The next best thing to
                                                         so, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.
                                                                                                              fruits and vegetables

                                                           • Certified Natural Health Care Professional       “The news isn't that fruits            and
                                                           . Sandler Selling System                           vegetables are good for you. It's that they
                                                           • The Institute of Financial Education             are so good for you they could save your
                                                           • Indiana/Purdue University                        life.”
                                                           • Indiana Business College
  Previous Speaking Engagements                            • Women in Leadership Conf. - San Francisco        David Bjerklie, TIME Magazine, Oct. 2003
I have been blessed with the opportunity to speak for      • Completed Presentation - Chicago and
many wonderful organizations in the local and national       Atlanta (skills for presentations)               Children from ages 4-under grad can g et on Juice Plus+
area.                                                      • Completed Dale Carnegie Program                  for free. Ask me how! To order
                                                           • Eli Lilly & Co., Toastmasters
  •   National Cancer Speaker’s Bureau
  •   Stonecroft Ministry
                                                           • Certified in Microsoft Word and Excel            IonCleanse
  •   Women in Dentistry                                              Community Involvement
  •   St. Vincent Ground Breaking Ceremony               Being active in the community is one of the most
  •   Longaberger Basket Company                         rewarding experiences a person can have.
  •   Woodland Women’s Golf League
                                                         Indiana and Indianapolis State and City Certified
  •   Zionsville Presbyterian Church                                                                                                  I
                                                         “Woman’s Minority Owned Business”
  •   Baptist Bible College Church
                                                           • Model on Fox News
  •   Center Grove Presbyterian Church                                                                        The IonCleanse purifies the body more effectively
                                                           • Model for Ginny’s Fashions
  •   WNYS radio interview                                                                                    and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols,
                                                           • Model on Channel 6 News
  •   Channel 6 and 13 breast cancer interviews                                                               with little or no stress to the patient!
                                                           • Y-Me model and volunteer
  •   Women’s Health Forum
                                                           • Groundbreaking Ceremony St. Vincent Hospital     Rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints,
  •   Nat’l. Organ and Tissue Donor Luncheon
                                                           • Wellness Community Center Indianapolis           yellow-green and blotched complexions often
  •   Trader’s Point Horse Show                                                                               indicate a buildup of tissue acid wastes inside the
                                                           • Faces of Breast Cancer
  •   Hundreds of United Way presentations in the                                                             body! IonCleanse treatment $45. Group rates
      Indianapolis community                               • Race for the Cure                                available! See You Tube video on
  •   Eli Lilly and Co. United Way Kickoff                 • Speaking of Women’s Health             
  •   Eli Lilly and Co. Intl. Oncology Forum               • Eli Lilly United Way Associate
  •   Eli Lilly Oncology Coffee                            • 500 Festival Mini Marathons                      Nikken PiMag Water
  •   Eli Lilly Summer Intern Program                      • Solheim Cup Core Committee
  •   Eli Lilly and Company “Lee Denim Day”                • Ulen Country Club Greens Committee               PiMag Water Technology features several levels of
                                                           • Billy Graham Crusade                             filtration to reduce contaminants the natural way,
  •   Eli Lilly and Company “Women’s Health
                                                                                                              without adding chemicals. PiMag water also offers
      Awareness Day”                                       • Grace Community Church                           more. Details on Pi Mag system can be found at
                                                           • Zionsville Fellowship Community Bible Study

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