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									               Thank you for your interest in Just A Little Naughty!

  Just A Little Naughty® is a fast growing company located in the heart of the Midwest. Our Bath & Body Products, Lingerie &
 Leather Clothing, and Romance Enhancing Accessories are sold through a strong, independent, group of ladies and gentlemen at
                                                     private parties nationwide.
 Our Consultants cater to the improvement of a couple’s sense of romance and pleasure by educating and enriching their lives with
our exotic products and accessories. JALN is about fun and romance. Our products are tantalizing and irresistible to our customers.
  That is why the products basically sell themselves. We have access to over 12,000 products allowing our Consultants to offer a
           wide variety and something different at every party. Your customers will have no reason to go anywhere else!

  We here at Just A Little Naughty®, are in search of motivated and upbeat individuals to work with us as Independent Romance
 Consultants. Being an Independent Romance Consultant for JALN is a very exciting career! Whether you do it part-time or full-
                                        time, it's guaranteed a great income and a lot of fun!
 Your success is in your motivation, the amount of time you spend letting others know about your new business, the number of par-
         ties you conduct, and your recruitment skills. (While recruiting offers additional income, it is NOT mandatory.)

                                                       SALES OPTIONS -

Online Sales - Just A Little Naughty® offers you and your customers an opportunity to host online parties using our website. If
their home is too small, no problem, send them to our website and they can host a party via the World Wide Web! The guest count
can be limitless! You can also earn commission just by referring customers and they complete an order!

Catalog Sales - You can conduct sales as a “Catalog Sales Only Consultant” by either ‘lending’ out your catalogs to friends and
family, or you can go to the home of your Hostess and conduct a Catalog Party. You will conduct this party as you would if you had
product on hand. They browse catalogs, play a few games, win a few prizes, orders are taken, etc.
 PLEASE NOTE **Majority of home parties conducted, the customer prefers to have the demo products on hand. So you may pre-
fer to choose the below option if you are wanting to conduct home parties. Home parties also equal more profit for you.**

Home Party Demonstration Sales - 40%-60% commission. After purchasing one of our kits, you are ready to conduct home par-
ties where you will have the products actually there for your customers to touch, taste and feel. Seeing is believing and hands on
guarantees you better sales and is generally preferred by the customer.

 Since you are an Independent Romance Consultant for Just A Little Naughty, you can choose any or all of the sales options above.

    The following table shows what could be made based on 3 parties a week, 3 hours per party, at an average of $500 per party:

                   Consultant Discount     Total Retail Sales   Weekly Profit Monthly Profit       Yearly Profit
                           40%               $1500               $600          $2400               $28,800
                           50%               $1500               $750          $3000               $36.000
                           60%               $1500               $900          $3600               $43,000
                         Consultant Incentive & Appreciation

MONTHLY SALES REWARDS - When your sales reach certain levels within the month, you will have
your choice of a cash bonus or free product!

YEARLY DRAWING - Receive entry tickets for your hard work throughout the year to be entered into a
prize drawing!

rewards by recruiting!

CONSULTANT APPRECIATION - To each and every JALN Consultant, when it is your special day, either
your birthday or your JALN Anniversary, you will be able to place an order at a higher discount level.

SPECTACULAR SALES - Every month JALN gives each Consultant an opportunity to purchase many se-
lected products at a HUGE discount. Great opportunity to build your demo!

esses many reasons to book with you! Best part, JALN pays for it, not you!
1. Product discounts when party total hits a certain amount in retail. This will help boost party sales which
    means more profit for you!
2. They will also receive a year-long discount card after their party has been conducted! Compete in our
    “Hostess with the Mostest” competition.
3. Free product to the Hostess for those that have successfully completed a party booking she referred
4. Upon completion of the 5th successful party, Hostess receives additional funding (free product) to assist
    with her online purchase.
5. Your party guests can receive a free Vibe with their orders as well as be entered into our Feedback Frenzy
    Winner contest.
6. Last but certainly not least, JALN takes care of the 15% of the retail sales that the Hostess gets for her
    spending. So no sharing of YOUR profit when it comes to the Hostess Discount!

WEBSITE REFERRAL EARNINGS - Earn commission from your referred customers who place an order
on our online store! All you have to do is refer them!

CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB - Yep! Just like the banks do, JALN Consultants have the opportunity to
set aside a % of their commission to be applied to a Christmas Savings account! At the end of the year, they
will receive a check. Perfect time for Christmas spending!

NO STRESSFUL WORRIES - We here at JALN want you to succeed and MAKE MONEY! We do not
have any strict rules or monthly necessities. For a mere $10 a month, you can have your own personal web
page, use of our web store, and remain active! We want nothing but success for both the Consultant and
JALN, which is why we’ve got so many wonderful incentives just for you.

 Once you’ve joined JALN, you will be invited into our private Yahoo Group where you will see our monthly
                                        specials, competitions, etc.
                                         *Rules and restrictions may apply.
                            Why Join Just A Little Naughty?

• Access to over 12,000 products! This is huge! Repeat customers will never get bored!
• Kit contents are actual full sized products, not sample pillows and/or packets!
• 40%-60% Commission on personal and party sales! Monthly Sales of 50%-60% off for all!
• We drop ship directly to your customers!
• 100% Company paid Hostess Program! Including many additional incentives!
• 100% Company paid Party Guest monthly drawing!
• #1 in Customer Service!
• Quick receipt of orders! 7-10 business days!
• Professional colored catalogs and other business materials!
• Unique and exclusive signature fragrances created by JALN!
• Increased buying discount for recruiting!
• Business/Training manual!
• Additional recruit bonuses!
• Outstanding team to work with!
• Be your own boss, but never alone!
• Full-time income for part-time work!
• No need to have own Merchant Account!
• You make a difference in the lives of others!
• Being recognized for outstanding achievement!
• Wholesale pricing on many items all year ‘round!
• Create your own demo kit by adding onto what already comes in your kit! 60% discount applies.
• Being able to be home with the family when you need or want to be!
• Separate website where others can learn more about you and our company!
• No need to travel far distances for meetings, we conduct ours online!
• 24 Hour retail site at work for you if you so choose. Just refer buying customers!
• We do not agree with the "No Compete" clause!
• Great tax breaks for home businesses!
• Huge line of promotional (logo) merchandise!
• Free party leads! Do other companies really charge for this?! Yes they do.
• Unlimited access to our Consultants Only message group!
• Company sponsored contests and bonuses!
• Business email address!
• Christmas Savings Club opportunity!
• Birthdays and JALN Anniversaries noted and discounts given!
• Multiple party options available to you and your guests because of our extensive line of products.
• JALN always cares about its Romance Consultants, and we won't stop until everyone is happy.
• We do not repackage all of our products, rename, and call it “exclusive”.
• One on one with the company Owner.
• You will always have the support of the JALN team.
• JALN does not see it appropriate to charge you a huge monthly fee to stay “active”, nor do we see it appro-
priate to deactivate a Consultant due to a slow month.
• We are truly here for you.
                                             Kit Information:

* Our kits are not returnable, nor refundable.

* All kits are 60% discounted!

* Your commission will start at 40% regardless of kit choice.

* If you want to add more items to your kit, please view our website. Add’l items will be 60% discounted.

* Help is available if wanting/needing to earn your kit.

* Since products come and go almost weekly, kit contents will change.

At Just A Little Naughty™, success means achieving many goals. Some of those goals include independence,
    pride, security, family time, and fun. All of these goals can be yours by joining our winning team! Find
                         your career, and yourself. Let your success define who you are!

                                                 Jeanne Wokurka
                                                  Jeanne Wokurka
                                           Just A Little Naughty® – Owner
                                           Fax: 815-312-0116 (alert prior)
                                  QTY      ITEM                DESCRIPTION             RETAIL          NOTES
                                   1      GT268     Jungle Jiggler Wabbit              $   53.25         Vibe
                                   1     GT609-1    Silver Bullet                      $   12.50         Vibe
                                   1      PD1114    Waterproof Mini Mite               $   19.50         Vibe
                                   1     SE0782-04 Butterfly Kiss                      $   25.50         Vibe
                                   1      7566-2    Slippery Stuff Gel Lube 4oz        $   18.00         Lube
                                   1     SE1825-00 Rockin' Rabbit                      $   38.85    Vibe for Both
                                   1    SO3203-99E Screaming O                         $   10.95    Vibe for Both
                                   1    SE1123-14   Glitter Jelly Vibro Ring           $   26.10    Vibe for Both
                                   1    LC1009-05 Heart Warmer Massager                $   19.35       Massage
$     410.60 Novelty Retail        1    CE1058-00 Erotica Massage Oil                  $   15.00       Massage
$    -246.36 60% Discount          1     NAS1431 Anal Ese .5oz                         $   13.50       Enhance
$     164.24   Subtotal            1    CE1400-00 Cleo's Secret Cream                  $   12.75       Enhance
$      26.25 NET Items
                                   1      NW202     China Nympho Cream                 $   21.60       Enhance
$     190.49 Product Total
                                   1      NW203     China Shrink Cream                 $   21.60       Enhance
$      59.50   Materials
$      30.00     S/H               1    JEL1062-02 Nipple Nibblers                     $    8.10    Body/Enhance
$     279.99 Amount Due            1    CE1172-00 Diva Dust                            $   16.95         Body
    $280.00    Rounded             1    CE1022-01 Coochy Cream 1oz                     $    8.55         Body
                                   1    CE1009-01 Body Dew Strawberry 1oz              $    9.30         Body
                                   1    CE1650-01 Before & After Toy Cleaner 4oz       $   14.25        Cleaner
*If you want to add additional     1     SE1429-00 Silicone Island Rings               $   10.50       For Him
 novelty items to this kit pur-
  chase, any additional items      1       7465     Ben Wa Balls                       $   19.50       For Her
added will also be discounted      1     T1030007 69 Deep Throat Mints                 $   15.00        Edible
            at 60%.
S/H will be increased $10.00       1    PD6716-00 Penis Erasers                        $   24.25     NET - Gifts
                                   2       1019     Batteries AA 4pk                   $    4.00    NET - Batteries

                                                        Business Materials
                                               1 Catalogs 10pk                     $        12.50
                                               1 Lingerie Catalog                  $        13.00
                                               1 Business Cards 250ct.             $        10.00
                                              20 Pens                              $         4.00
          *Kit contents can
          be changed at any                   20 Order Forms                       $         2.00
         time due to product                   1 Manual                            $         5.00
                                               1 Logo Item                         $        10.00
                                              20 Feedback Cards                    $         1.00
                                              20 Invitations                       $         1.00
                                               1 CD                                $         1.00
                                                                                   $        59.50
                                      QTY     ITEM             DESCRIPTION               RETAIL       NOTES
                                       1      GT268    Jungle Jiggler Wabbit         $      53.25       Vibe
                                       1      9982     Silver Bullet                 $      12.50       Vibe
                                       1    PD1114-14 Waterproof Mini Mite           $      19.50       Vibe
                                       1     LL1069 Gigi Rechargeable                $     153.00       Vibe
                                       1      VMYP Mystic Wand                       $     131.25       Vibe
                                       1    ET0422-11 Chrome Classic                 $      23.85       Vibe
                                       1    SE0782-04 Butterfly Kiss                 $      25.50       Vibe
                                       1     HP2304 Dragonfly                        $      22.35       Vibe
  $   1,040.60 Novelty Retail
                                       1    SE1825-00 Rockin' Rabbit                 $      38.85   Vibe For Both
  $    -624.36 60% Discount
                                       1     9899-70 Screaming O                     $      10.95   Vibe For Both
  $     416.24   Subtotal
                                       1    SE1123-14 Glitter Jelly Vibro Ring       $      26.10   Vibe For Both
  $      36.00 NET Items
  $     452.24 Product Total           1      7566-2   Slippery Stuff Gel Lube 4oz   $      18.00       Lube
  $      59.50     Materials           1     7319-01 ID Warming Lube 1oz             $      12.45       Lube
  $      50.00       S/H               1     6662-02 Liquid Silk                     $      36.00       Lube
  $     561.74    Amount Due           1      6583-3 Heart Warmer Massager           $      19.35     Massage
      $562.00      Rounded             1     6777-00 Erotica Massage Oil             $      15.00     Massage
                                       1    NT0300-3 Anal Ese .5oz                   $      13.50     Enhance
                                       1      6779-6 Cleo's Secret Cream             $      12.75     Enhance
      Business Materials               1    NT0202-1 China Nympho Cream              $      21.60     Enhance
 1     Catalogs 10pk                   1    NT0203-1 China Shrink Cream              $      21.60     Enhance
 1     Lingerie Catalog                1     7431-52 Nipple Nibblers                 $      8.10    Body/Enhance
       Business Cards 250ct.           1      7432     Pure Instinct                 $      20.85   Body/Enhance
       Pens                            1     8280-48 Glow Oil Body Spray 3oz         $      15.00       Body
                                       1     7999-082 Diva Dust                      $      16.95       Body
 20    Order Forms
                                       1     6770-11 Coochy Cream 1oz                $      8.55        Body
 1     Manual
                                       1     6770-90 Coochy After Shave Protection   $      17.25       Body
 1     Logo Item
                                       1     6769-031 Body Dew Strawberry 1oz        $      9.30        Body
 20    Feedback Cards
                                       1     7872-00 Before & After Toy Cleaner 4oz $       14.25      Cleaner
 20    Invitations
                                       1     7999-042 Femme Fresh Wipes w/Enhancer $        25.50      Cleaner
 1     CD                              1    SE1429-00 Silicone Island Rings          $      10.50     For Him
                                       1     9900-81 Rock On for Him                 $      12.00     For Him
  *If you want to add additional       1    SE9573-10 Super Head Honcho              $      36.60     For Him
novelty items to this kit purchase,    1     9900-71 Rock On for Her                 $      12.00     For Her
 any additional items added will
    also be discounted at 60%.         1     7147-72 Extenze                         $      19.35     For Her
  S/H will be increased $10.00         1      7465     Ben Wa Balls                  $      19.50     For Her
                                       1    PD2156-23 Do It Doggie Harness           $      28.05   Position Aid
                                       1     TS3000 69 Deep Throat Mints             $      15.00      Edible
        *Kit contents can              1     7750-43 Glow Oil Edible Body Spray 3oz $       15.00      Edible
        be changed at any
       time due to product             1     9890-02 Lockable Storage                $      49.50      Storage
           availability.               1      1009  Batteries AA 60pk                $      11.75 NET - Batteries
                                       1    PD6716-00 Penis Erasers                  $      24.25    NET - Gifts
Kit A & B Contents - Novelty Items
       Not all of these items are in Kit A.
                             QTY       ITEM                     DESCRIPTION                      RETAIL       SIZE / COLOR(S Available)

                               1 DD7382            Babydoll & Thong w/DVD                       $ 38.85                           OS/Q: Black
                               1 RD7380            Babydoll & Thong                             $ 38.85                           OS/Q: Black
                               1 TD5591            Babydoll & Thong w/Vibe                      $ 40.50                            OS/Q: Pink
                               1 TD7385            Babydoll & Thong w/Vibe                      $ 41.85                       OS: Pink/Black
$ 706.05     Retail
                               1 RD6286            Babydoll & Thong                             $ 41.85              OS/Q: Magenta, Black
$ -423.63 60% Discount
$ 282.42 Product Total         1 RD6296            Babydoll & Thong w/Eye Mask                  $ 38.85                           OS/Q: Black
$   59.50   Materials          1 RD6289            Babydoll & Thong                             $ 38.85                       OS: Blue/Black
$   35.00     S/H
$ 376.92 Amount Due            1 DS7208 Babydoll & Thong                                        $ 26.85                          OS/Q: Purple
                                        Babydoll & Thong w/Purse and
 $376.00     Rounded           1 WD5715 Rose Petals                                             $ 40.50                           OS/Q: White
                               1 WD4971 Babydoll, Applique & G-String                           $ 34.50                              OS: White
     Kit C & D                                     Sheer Dress w/Attached Garters
 Business Materials            1 BD0035            & Thigh High Stockings         $ 24.75                            OS: White, Red, Black

1 Catalogs 10pk                1 RR2007            Pearl Necklace Bra & G-String                $ 21.00                 SM-ML: Black/Pearl
1 Lingerie Catalog             1 RR2005            Sweetheart Halter Teddy                      $ 27.00                        SM-ML: Black
1 Business Cards 250ct.        1 RR1545            Babydoll & G-String                          $ 30.00                     OS/Q: Black/Red
20 Pens                        1 RR1455            Babydoll & G-String                          $ 30.00             SM-ML: Black/Leopard
20 Order Forms
                               1 EM7512            Babydoll & G-String                          $ 41.85                        OS: Black/Teal
1 Manual
                               1 STH9392 Babydoll & Thong                                       $ 39.00                    S-4X: Pink, White
1 Logo Item
                               1 STH9351 Long Line Bra & Hipster                                $ 39.00                           S-XL: Black
20 Feedback Cards
20 Invitations                 1 STH9380 Floor Length Gown & Thong                              $ 45.00                           S-4X: Black
1 CD                           1 STH9459 Shapewear w/High Waist Bottom $ 27.00                                           S-4X: Black/Purple
                                                                       *If you want to add additional novelty items to this kit purchase, any
                          *Kit contents can be changed at any                 additional items added will also be discounted at 60%.
                           time due to product availability.
                                                                                            S/H will be increased $10.00

                                    QTY          ITEM           SAMPLE DESCRIPTION RETAIL                                    NOTES
                                       5        EPPWS           Pink                                $      1.85            NET - Lube
                                       5     HCE1022-05 Coochy Cream Original                       $      5.00      NET - Shaving Cream
                                       5     HCE1026-05 Coochy Cream Plumeria                       $      5.00      NET - Shaving Cream
                                       5     HCE1045-00 Crazy Girl Plumeria                         $      5.00           NET - Lotion
Novelty Items NET    $    33.55        5     HCE1045-03 Crazy Girl Seduction                        $      5.00           NET - Lotion
Novelty Items        $    24.90        5     HCE1401-02 Cleo's Cream Mint                           $      5.00      NET - Arousal Cream
60% Discount         $   -14.94
                                       5     HCE1401-06 Cleo's Cream Watermelon                     $      5.00      NET - Arousal Cream
Subtotal             $    43.51
Business Materials   $    59.50        1     GT2033FBU Penis Erasers 12pk                           $      1.70            NET - Gifts
S/H                  $    25.00        1         CE1110         Happy Penis Cream 1oz               $      8.85         Flavored Potion
Total Due            $   128.01        1      JEL1063-20 Nipple Nibblers                            $      7.50         Flavored Potion
Rounded              $128.00           1       CE4700-00 Travel Massage Candle                      $      8.55              Massage
Kit C Contents - Lingerie Items
                      Just A Little Naughty® Consultant Agreement
                                    P.O. Box 685, Beecher, IL 60401
Phone: 888-LUV-JALN Fax: 708-946-1694 Email: Site:
*Upon completion, please mail, fax or email pages 9-12, along with a copy of front/back of your ID. This is for security
         purposes that must be taken if paying by credit card. We fight against CC/ID theft on your behalf.

                  Date                                   For Office Use Only                                     JALN Item Selection
                                              Agreement Rec’d.          Referred By                                 (See Next Pg.)
                                                                                                                 *Circle Selection:
Last Name                               First Name                                Middle Initial
                                                                                                        A   B     C (Size ____) D         E   F

Street Address                                        City                                 State                Zip Code

Billing Address (if different from above)             Billing City                         Billing State        Billing Zip Code

Home Phone                      Alternate Phone                 Preferred Number for JALN Use          Text Message ___Yes ___No
                                                                                                       Number To Text ______________

Drivers License No.                           Social Security No.             Birth Date            Email Address for JALN Use

How Were You Referred to JALN? *Please specify name of who or what referred you.
_____Web Ad _____JALN Consultant _____Paper Ad _____Other _________________________________Please Specify

                 Novelty Starter Kit A         $280                                                Lingerie Kit C $292
             Product Discounted Cost $190 - Value $436                                Product Discounted Cost $197 - Value $494
                  Novelty Mega Kit B           $562                                                Transfer Kit D $128
          Product Discounted Cost Only $452 - Value $1076                         Company switch only. Must supply previous demo kit detail.

 All kit prices reflect 60% discount on retail novelty and lingerie items. If you want to add more items to any kit
      at a 60% discount, please list those items on pg. 12. Kit contents may come from 4 different locations.
                                            *Previous Adult Novelty Company Information
Company Name                                    Company Address                                                      Company Phone

                                              Affiliate Referral Program - Web Presence
$10 per month will be set up as an auto-payment via Paypal. Earn your commission with online shoppers. Instructions will follow.

                                                              Method of Payment
     Credit Card No. 1 (Check for future use.)               < Please check the CC you would like JALN to keep on file for future or-
                                                                AmEx       Disc           Cashier’s Check               Money Order
    Credit Card No. 2 (Check for future use.)
                                                                Mastercard/Visa           Paypal ID _________________________
                                                             Signature Required                                                   Total
CVV #         CC 1       CC 2       Expiration Date                                                             Kit Cost            $
                                                                                                                *S/H is
                                                                                                                included in kit
   _________ __________             _______/_______                                                             cost.

By signing this application, you are stating: “I allow Just A Little Naughty to process the                     TOTAL               $
credit card(s) listed above for this purchase as well as any future purchases.”
                                          JALN Item Selection
               (Your choice in personalized items to be included with the kit of your choice.)

          A.                              B.                              C.

                 A. Tote Bag                    B. Mouse Pad                    C. T-Shirt (S-2X)

          D.                         E.                              F.

               D. Baseball Cap                 E. Keychain                     F. Door Magnet

                                 Party Bookings
Hostess              Party                                          Hostess          Party          Relation to
Name                 Address/Location                               Contact #        Date/Time      Hostess



                         It is mandatory to have at least 3 parties booked prior to
                        acceptance of application. Your own party counts as one.
                                     Each party listed will be verified.
                    By having the support of others, you’re chances are much higher at
                                       being successful in this field.
                           Previous Company Kit Contents &/Or Add-Ons
                        *Must fill out if you are switching over to JALN from another adult novelty home party business.
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________
       __________________________________                                  ________________________________

           Please briefly explain your reason for leaving the previous company:
 Please keep in mind, any product with another company’s name on it must NOT be used while you work for Just A Little
Naughty. To continue to use such products will cause confusion with JALN Customers and this will be cause for termination
                                                       from JALN.
                                         JALN Consultant Application Cont’d.
                            Please read the following policies and procedures and sign at the bottom of form.

 1. You are entering into a Business Agreement with Just A Little Naughty®. Upon approval of your application, you understand
that you are an Independent Consultant, and Just A Little Naughty will not withhold state, federal, social security or any other tax
deductions. The Consultant shall have no claim against JALN hereunder or otherwise for vacation pay, sick leave, retirement bene-
fits, social security, worker’s compensation, health or disability benefits, unemployment insurance benefits, or employee benefits of
any kind.
2. The Consultant is responsible for all taxes/registration fees and licenses (resale) that are needed to legally start their Just A Little
Naughty® business. If you are in IL, you must obtain a Tax I.D. number from the IRS prior to placing first order. Instructions are
given in our Yahoo Group.
3. All Consultants must submit product orders to Just A Little Naughty® within 48 hours after orders have been taken unless other-
wise specified. Customers need to be kept content.
4. All orders placed will be processed in an expedient manner, however, Just A Little Naughty™ will not be held responsible for
delayed products due to a manufacturer's back order.
5. Sharing copyrighted and private JALN info to outside parties will be grounds for termination and if necessary, legal action can
and will be taken.
6. Just A Little Naughty® will not be responsible for any ‘NSF’ checks you may receive while doing home parties. You will be
responsible for handling any disputes with your customer. We suggest payment by credit card.
7. Any Consultant found to be using collected funds for any other reason besides fulfilling an order will be considered "stealing",
and will be immediately terminated. Customers, Hosts, and Just A Little Naughty® may enact legal action. In case of legal action
by Just A Little Naughty®, all proceedings will be held in the state of Illinois, and all costs from proceedings will be the responsibil-
ity of the terminated Consultant.
 8. While working as a Just A Little Naughty® Consultant, you will represent yourself as a Just A Little Naughty® Consultant. If
you are selling other products, not of the same nature (Avon, Tupperware, etc), you must inform your customers that those products
are not from Just A Little Naughty®. You are to purchase JALN products only from JALN.
9. Just A Little Naughty® materials are Registered with the United States Trademark Office, and may not be reproduced without
prior written approval from Just A Little Naughty®.
10. Under no circumstances and at no time shall a JALN Consultant disclose to any person any of the secrets, methods or systems
used by JALN in its business. All customer lists, brochures, manuals, catalogs, reports, and other such information of any nature
made available to JALN Consultants must stay within Just A Little Naughty®.
11. Just A Little Naughty® name and logo may not be used without the express written consent of Just A Little Naughty®. JALN
reserves the right for final approval to make sure of proper presentation. All JALN paperwork (specified above #10) is the sole prop-
erty of Just A Little Naughty® and may not be reproduced unless specifically agreed to by Just A Little Naughty® in writing.
12. The Consultant is responsible for making sure it is legal in their hometown to be in this business.
13. The Consultant will not sell to minors or conduct parties where minors are present.
14. This agreement is non-transferable without the express written consent of Just A Little Naughty®.
15. This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between Just A Little Naughty® and the Consultant, and may be amended only in
16. Just A Little Naughty® reserves the right to change policies and programs at any time.
17. You are agreeing to purchase and receive JALN products to use AS a JALN Consultant ONLY.
18. JALN may terminate this Agreement at any time by 10 working days’ without written notice to the Contractor. In addition, if
the Consultant is convicted of any crime or offense, finds to be conducting business as a JALN Consultant and purchasing products
elsewhere, fails or refuses to comply with the written policies or reasonable directive of JALN, is guilty of serious misconduct in
connection with performance hereunder, or materially breaches provisions of this Agreement, JALN at any time may terminate the
engagement of the Consultant immediately and without prior written notice to the Consultant.
19. You understand JALN requires monthly activity. $10 a month is necessary to remain “active”. This small amount allows you to
earn your commission from our website, gives you your own web page, and will keep you “active”.
20. Any deceptive practices will not be tolerated and immediate termination will take place.

Signature____________________________________________________ Date____________________

            By signing the above application, I verify that the information is correct and understand and accept the terms and condi-
          tions of the Consultant Agreement, polices and procedures. Upon the acceptance by Just A Little Naughty®, as a Consult-
                         ant, I will conduct my business in accordance with the company code of ethics and philosophy.
                    I understand I must have a minimum of 3 parties booked prior to acceptance and that verification will be

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