Environmental Chemistry by fdh56iuoui


									                   (QYLURQPHQWDO &KHPLVWU\

                        %DFKHORU RI 6FLHQFH                3URJUDP 'HVFULSWLRQ                 Field Chemist — Supervises field
                                                                                                technicians; packages chemicals
                                                           Environmental chemists seek          for transportation and disposal;
                                                           to understand and address            loads and unloads supply trucks.
                                                           environmental problems within        Customer relation skills are
                                                           the context of chemical systems.     essential.
                                                           While environmental chemistry
                            &DUHHU &KRLFHV                is truly an interdisciplinary        Physical Science Technician —
                                                                                                Performs technical procedures
                                                           field, the particular emphasis on
                              Environmental Chemist        examining natural systems through    related to chemical analyses
                     Environmental Field Technician        chemistry and chemical analysis      of plant and animal tissues,
                                                           focuses the graduate more firmly      soils, sediments and waters for
                                        Field Chemist      within the physical sciences. Key    environmental contaminants,
                            Environmental Specialist       features of this program include     including sample receipt, storage,
                                                           course work on environmental         homogenization, extraction,
                         Physical Science Technician                                            cleanup, digestion analysis, and
                                                           impact assessment, air and water
                      Physical or Biological Scientist     chemistry. By seeking solutions      reporting.

                                                           for such chemically based            Physical or Biological Scientist
                         Pollution Control Specialist
                                                           environmental problems as water      (Research) — Assists policy
                                  Laboratory Chemist       pollution, hazardous wastes, and     development/coordination with
                                                           acid rain, environmental chemists    other bureaus/government
                                                           help ensure a safe, healthful        agencies; coordinates research
                                                           environment for all living things.   activities and development of
                                                                                                solutions to extremely complex,
                            6WXGHQW 3URÀOH                &DUHHU 'HVFULSWLRQV                 obscure and critical problems.
                                      Do you have an …                                          Laboratory Chemist — Has
                                                           Environmental Chemist — Collects
                       interest in the environment and                                          knowledge of EPA methods for
                                                           and analyzes samples; develops
                            environmental protection?                                           volatile, semi-volatile analysis and
                                                           remediation programs, changing
                                                                                                metals; instrument proficiency,
                          aptitude in natural sciences,    production processes to reduce
                                                                                                with instrument troubleshooting
                           particularly chemistry and      environmental impact; advises on
                                                                                                a plus; good organizational skills,
                                         mathematics?      safety and emergency response.
                                                                                                attention to detail, and a will to
                   skills in planning, organization and    Environmental Field Technician —     succeed.
                                      problem solving?     Responsible for groundwater
                                                           sampling, soil sampling and other
                    ability to communicate effectively     field efforts.
                                          in writing?
                     ability to effectively organize and
                         present information verbally?
                     ability to communicate and work
                         with a broad array of people?

                                               ‡ /DNH 6XSHULRU 6WDWH 8QLYHUVLW\ ‡ /668
                                                                                   (QYLURQPHQWDO &KHPLVWU\

Degree Requirements                                  Directed Electives
                                                     (included Other Departments requirements)
Biology                              (15 credits)
                                                     BIOL230 Introduction to Soils               4
BIOL131     General Biology: Cells              4
                                                     BIOL345 Limnology                           3
BIOL132     General Biology: Organisms          4
                                                     EVRN126 Interpretation of Maps and
BIOL204     General Microbiology                4
                                                                 Aerial Photography              2
BIOL337     General Ecology                     3
                                                     EVRN131 Introduction to GIS and GPS         2
Chemistry                             (44 credits)   EVRN231 Intermediate GIS                    2
CHEM115     General Chemistry I                  5   EVRN285 Epidemiology                        3
CHEM116     General Chemistry II                 4   EVRN325 Geospatial Analysis III             3
CHEM225     Organic Chemistry I                  4   EVRN490 Independent Study in
CHEM226     Organic Chemistry II                 4               Environmental Science         3-4
CHEM231     Quantitative Analysis                4   FIRE312 Hazardous Material Management       4
CHEM332     Instrumental Analysis                4   GEOL121 Physical and Historical Geology I   4
CHEM341     Environmental Chemistry I:               GEOL122 Physical and Historical Geology II 4
             Water and Water Pollution Control 4     GEOL411 Hydrologic Systems: Surface
CHEM342     Environmental Chemistry II:                          and Groundwater                 4
             Air and Solid Wastes                4   INTD399 Internship in Environmental
CHEM353     Introductory Toxicoloty              3               Chemistry                     3-4

                                                                                                                                                              %DFKHORU 'HJUHHV
CHEM361     Physical Chemistry                   4
                                                     Students are required to satisfy general education
CHEM451     Introductory Biochemistry            4
                                                     requirements (natural science requirements are met
Environmental Science         (15-17 credits)        by directed electives courses) and free electives so
EVRN311 Environmental Law                   3        that 124 semester credits are earned.
EVRN313 Solid & Hazardous Waste             3
                                                     General Education
EVRN395 Junior Seminar                      1
                                                     COMM101 Fundamentals of Speech
EVRN425 Environmental Systems Analysis      3
                                                                Communication                      3
EVRN495 Senior Project                   1-3
                                                     ENGL110 First-Year Composition I              3
EVRN499 Senior Seminar                      1
                                                     ENGL111 First-Year Composition II             3
NSCI103 Environmental Science               3
                                                     HUMN251 Humanities                            4
Other Departments              (26-27 credits)       HUMN      Approved Humanities Elective      3-4
BUSN211 Business Statistics                  3       SOCY      Approved Social Science Electives 6-8
MATH151 Calculus I                           4                 Approved Social Science Diversity 3-4
MATH152 Calculus II                          4
PHYS221 Elements of Physics I                4
PHYS222 Elements of Physics II               4
          Directed Elective               3-4
          Directed Elective               3-4

                                                                                                            Bachelor of Science Degree:
                                                                                                            At least eight (8) semester credits in addition
                                                                                                            to courses used for general education
                                                                                                            requirements from categories of social
                                                                                                            science, natural science, computer science or
                                                                                                            These bachelor of science degree requirements
                                                                                                            can be used for majors or minors, but not
                                                                                                            general education.

                                      /DNH 6XSHULRU 6WDWH 8QLYHUVLW\ ‡ /668 ‡ 

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