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February 12, 2010                                                                                                                           The Grove City College Student Newspaper

                                                                                                                                              Are Grovers
     ‘Mr. Engineer’                                                                                                                           too perfect?
     embodies                                                                                                                                 Alexandra Omicioli
                                                                                                                                              Collegian Writer

     nerd chic                                                                                                                  Senior
                                                                                                                                                Students who worry about gaining
                                                                                                                                              half a pound, receiving an A- or failing
                                                                                                                                              to attain a high level of spirituality have
                                                                                                                                              one thing in common: perfectionism.
                                                                                                                                              These are familiar concerns for many
    Christen Vallimont                                                                                                      “Bad Andy”        Grove City College students, but help
    Collegian Contributing Writer                                                                                  Falcone won the Mr.        for perfectionism is harder to find. So Dr.
                                                                                                                   Engineering pageant        Richard Winter’s speech on perfection-
                                                                                                                        Saturday night.       ism drew a standing-room-only crowd to
      You have in your hands an article written by a
                                                                                                                            Andrew Baur       Ketler Auditorium on Feb. 4.
    real live engineer. Some of you are probably
                                                                                                                                                 A professor of practical theology and
    shocked and surprised. However, if you                                                                                                    counseling at Covenant Theological
    were in Crawford Auditorium Saturday                                                                                                      Seminary, Winter primarily addressed
    night, your perception of engineers                                                                                                       issues of self-worth and body image from
    may be so completely thrown                                                                                                               a Christian perspective. He stressed not
    off that you no longer know                                                                                                               only the importance of self-respect, but
                                                                                                                                              also community and remaining in rela-
    what to think of us.                                                                                                                      tionship with one another.
      It would be impossible                                                                                                                     In chapel the morning of Feb. 4, Win-
    to deny that the engin-                                                                                                                   ter’s British ac-
    eering stereotype in-                                                                                                                     cent and unique         PERFECTIONISM 2
    spires a certain image.
    The first that comes
    to mind is that of                                                                                                         Finding romance in Hoyt
    some guy with glas-
    ses and a calculator,                                                                                                      In an archived Collegian feature,
                                                                                                                               former editor-in-chief Leah
    who sometimes seems like he would                                                                                          Acker ’07 extols the merits
    be much easier to understand if he                                                                                         of engineering majors for love
    would just communicate in words                                                                                            and life partnership. See page 64
    instead of
    numbers.           MR. ENGINEER 3

 Winter Olympics                                              Florida freeze affects Bon Appétit menu
heat up Vancouver                                           Seo Yoon Sung
Philip Gruber                                               Collegian Contributing Writer
Collegian Writer
                                                               Due to severe crop loss in Florida this winter,
  The XXI Winter                                            Bon Appétit managers are facing difficulty in pro-
Olympic Games begin                                         viding certain vegetables for the campus cafeterias.
today in Vancouver,                                            Florida farmers lost almost 80 to 90 percent of
British Columbia.                                           their crops last month because of the prolonged
  Vancouver is the                                          freezing temperatures in the state. JonErik Ger-
first Canadian city                                         madnik, general manager of Bon Appétit since
to host the Olympics                                        2006, said that not only were current harvests
since Calgary in 1988.                                      destroyed, but also the seedlings to be used for the
The 17-day event features 15 sports, with                   upcoming crop.
both men’s and women’s divisions.                              Because the availability of many vegetable and
  While the Winter Olympics feature                         fruit items to Bon Appétit depends on crop yields
plenty of familiar competitions, includ-                    in Florida, especially during the winter season,
ing skiing, ice hockey and figure skating,                  catering issues became most challenging for the                                                                  Seo Yoon Sung
the event also gives                                        café managers. The                                       Bon Appetit is offering more cherry tomatoes this season to offset
worldwide attention            OLYMPICS 4                   weather caused some               BON APPÉTIT 3          the loss of larger tomatoes during late frosts in Florida.

     The Collegian                                      Life                                 E!                        Perspectives                              Sports
             Vol. 70 No. 12
  News....................................2      Entrepreneurship: Some          The next frontier: Action and      Single? Dating? It’s Complicated?   Women’s Basketball: Sopho-
  Life.......................................5   Grovers didn’t wait until        horror filmmakers explore            Find yourself in the Grover      more guard Megan Gebrosky
  Entertainment......................8           graduation to start their        Biblical themes in “Legion”          Relationship Flowchart, by       assists her team to another
  Perspectives.......................12              own businesses.                and “The Book of Eli.”                senior Caitlin Jenkins.          win and a 7-4 season.
  Sports.................................14            See page 5.                         See page 9.                        See page 12.                      See page 14.
2                                                                                     News                                                               Feb. 12, 2010

 Schiavo brother speaks out                                                                       PERFECTIONISM
                                                                                                  from page 1
Dani Sisto                                        flow of food and fluids. Although unable
Collegian Writer                                  to swallow, she was conscious and able to       message captured the attention of the
                                                  live with only the assistance of a feeding      student body. He placed Jesus’ parable
   Five years after the court decision to re-     tube.                                           of the prodigal son within a frame-
move Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube, the na-           Many people speculate that her hus-          work sure to make students think.
tion still remembers the ugly legal battle        band’s decision was motivated by the large        “The story of the prodigal son is a
that ensued. After seven years of fighting        sum of money set aside for her healthcare       tale about two lost kids,” Winter said.
in court, her husband won the right to            fund.                                           The youngest son had no regard for
allow Schiavo, severely brain-damaged at             Schindler avoided a detailed description     authority in his life, desiring only
the age of 26, to die from dehydration            of his sister’s appearance soon before her      what would make him free. The elder
and starvation.                                   death, but compared it to photographs of        son was filled with anger and bitter-
   Grove City College students had the            concentration camp victims at Auschwitz.        ness, believing that his brother should
opportunity to relive the controversy                “It [gave] me chills to hear him speak,”     have to suffer and pay the conse-
when Schiavo’s brother Bobby Schindler            senior Chris Kellner said. “I can easily        quences.
spoke in Crawford Auditorium on Feb.              picture myself in that situation because I        Winter challenged students when he
2. Light Advocates, the campus pro-life           have a sister.”                                 compared many of them to the older
group, brought Schindler to share his sis-           Schindler’s love for Schaivo motivates       brother. Winter said, “They think
ter’s story and how it exemplified chang-         him to share her story, even though he          they have to earn God’s love, but it is     students to check themselves.
ing American attitudes toward right-to-           is not a professional speaker. “I’m not         harder to return from this place than          Unhealthy perfectionists set stan-
life and disability rights.                       a lawyer, I’m not a doctor - I’m just a         from obvious sin.”                          dards beyond their reach, strain to-
    Schindler emphasized that his sister was      brother,” he said.                                 In the afternoon, Winter discussed       wards impossible goals and find their
still responsive – despite her vegetative            “I can see his intense love of family,”      the signs and symptoms of eating dis-       best efforts are never good enough.
state – when the courts ruled to cease her        junior Jess McCall said. “He left the secu-     orders with a group of approximately        On the other hand, healthy perfec-
                                                  rity of his teaching job to travel and speak    30 female students. The women also          tionists pursue excellence, rejoice in
                                                  about this issue.”                              discussed their concerns and struggles      their skills and appreciate a job well
                                                    Schindler also related Schiavo’s struggle     with one another.                           done.
                                                  for life to the issue of abortion. Schindler      “As Christians we believe that in           Winter’s solutions for overcoming
                                                  believes that his sister might still be alive   a relationship with God, all of these       perfectionism revolve around the idea
                                                  had it not been for the landmark legaliza-      things like food, sex and body image        of a healthy community.
                                                  tion of abortion in 1976, which altered         will fall into their right place,” Winter   He explained that the optimum
                                                  the public’s view on sanctity-of-life issues.   said.                                       environment for change comes from
                                                     “I appreciate the way he relates his story     The discussion came to an end with        a relationship with God, relationships
                                                  to the downward direction our culture           the understanding that honesty is nec-      with people, and from experiencing
                                                  has taken since abortion was legalized,”        essary in overcoming these issues.          true acceptance and grace.
                                                  junior Annie Steward said. “It has become         “Healing occurs only in relationship.        “It is about having a community
                                                  a culture that tends to value life only         It is in relationship with God, but also    of people that love us and accept our
                                                  when it’s convenient.”                          with each other,” Winter concluded.         failures,” Winter said.
                                                     Schindler is currently working with            Winter ended with a lecture on              Winter’s popular lectures were
                                                  the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation,         perfectionism that outlined his book        well-received and thought-provoking.
                                                  established by his family to develop a          “Perfecting Ourselves to Death: The         Perfectionism affects a large percent-
                                                  national network of resources and support       Pursuit of Excellence and the Perils        age of the students on campus, but can
                                     Dani Sisto   for the incapacitated who may be fac-           of Perfectionism.” He pointed out           still be overcome. For students further
Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo,        ing life-threatening situations. For more       the differences between healthy and         interested in the topic, his book is
addressed the campus last Tuesday.                information, visit         unhealthy perfectionists, allowing          available in the campus bookstore.

BON APPÉTIT                             During the first week of
                                     school she received only a few
                                                                             More citrus items will come
                                                                             from the West Coast.
                                                                                                              we need to do in the cafés,”
                                                                                                              Germadnik said.
                                                                                                                                                    will return to providing items
                                                                                                                                                    from Florida as soon as they
from page 1                          boxes of tomatoes, and last               The managers and chefs are        One of the key philoso-            become available in late April.
                                     week, she received only one             also trying different menus to   phies for the Bon Appétit             “That’s if they don’t get any
vegetables’ prices to go up          box.                                    find a way to save the limited   management team is “to bring          more cold weather,” he said.
while overall quality went              Bon Appétit managers are             items and use them sporadi-      the highest quality food and             Dealing with catering issues
down. Tomatoes, peppers,             giving their best effort to pro-        cally throughout the week.       service to [their] customers,”        during this cold winter is not
cucumbers, zucchini, let-            vide the limited items as soon          “They come out with differ-      as their website states.              easy for Bon Appétit manag-
tuce, asparagus and broccoli         as they become available and            ent ideas to replace those to-      In the midst of the difficul-      ers. However, they are deter-
were among the most affected         to supply them in good qual-            matoes that might be used in     ties they face, Germadnik said,       mined to make no compro-
items.                               ity. They have been monitor-            a certain type of dish,” Ger-    “Quality is the main thing we         mise when it comes to quality.
   For Bon Appétit manag-            ing produce availability week           madnik said. They also provide   look at.”                               “Bon Appétit is ... not go-
ers, providing six-by-six inch       by week. Snyder said that by            cherry tomatoes in replace-         Florida producers are in the       ing to put something out just
sandwich tomatoes is one             the middle of February, items           ment of sandwich tomatoes.       process of regaining products         because it’s something that is
of the most difficult tasks.         such as tomatoes, peppers and             “I did some postings on        again. After about 100 days,          considered [a] standard item,”
Donna Snyder, chef manager           cucumbers will come from                myGCC so that students,          more harvested products will          Germadnik said. “If the qual-
for Mary Anderson Pew Café,          other areas such as southern            faculty, and individuals on      become available and the              ity is bad, we wouldn’t serve it
said, “I haven’t had tomatoes        Texas, southern Arizona and             campus see some of the           price of quality items will go        to our customers.”
in MAP this week.”                   the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.          information based on what        down. Germadnik said that he

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Feb. 12, 2010                                                                    News                                                                                         3

                                                                Engineers share
                                                                  hidden talents
                                                                             “Mr. Engineer” dazzles
                                                                              and entertains Grovers

MR. ENGINEER                        names of the Jonas Brothers?”
                                    stumped many competitors,
from page 1                         who looked as if they would
                                    much rather be challenged with
   Sometimes we engineers em-       calculus. However, the confu-
brace this stereotype, either to    sion provided endless amuse-
seem mysterious and enigmatic       ment for audience members,
or just to have some fun.           who were especially entertained
   Every year the Society of        by references to imaginary el-
Women Engineers (SWE) hosts         evators and “Monty Python and
the Mr. Engineering Pageant,        the Holy Grail.”
where a select group of men            Nerd jokes abounded as the
leave Hoyt Hall of Engineer-        event shifted to free-response
ing behind in order to show         questions, which had been
the rest of the campus what it      posed by fellow students over
truly means to be an engineer.      previous weeks and drawn from
Nominees compete in events          a hat for each contestant. Many
including a nerd-wear fashion       years, a few questions draw seri-
show, a trivia quiz, and a talent   ous, thought-provoking answers.
exhibit.                            However, this year the luck of
                                                                                                                                                                         Kevin Hanse
  This year’s talent show fea-      the draw brought questions that
                                                                        Senior David Stitt and junior Kirsten Rodgers demonstrate for the male engineering majors “How to
tured everything from a reprise     made serious answers impossi-
                                                                        Talk to a Girl,” suggesting that the engineer will be more at ease if he thinks of the girl as a computer.
of freshman Daniel Eby’s Saint-     ble. Take freshman Pat Neville’s
Saëns cello solo to freshman        question: “While hang-gliding,      from the moment he entered
Zach Wontrop’s swing dancing.       you were sucked up by a hurri-      riding a power scooter, and
Each act wowed the crowd and        cane and dropped in the Arctic      his performances throughout
showed many surprising new          Ocean - state three assumptions     the competition were no less
sides to these eight men from       you make about the situation        entertaining.
Hoyt.                               and how you survive.”                  Senior mechanical engineer
   Senior Justin Kabonick of-          Each contestant answered         Scott Reinbold took the title of
fered a skit playing on common      one such question, hoping to        first runner-up, no doubt in part
engineering stereotypes. Others,    win the judges’ laughter and        because of his answer to the
like sophomore Luke Wilhelm’s       the points that were likely         question “On a scale of 1 to 10,
dramatic reading of Bill Watter-    to go with it. This score was       how scared of girls are you?”
son’s “A Nauseous Nocturne,”        added to the contestants’ over-        “If you’ll notice, I’m standing
abandoned the engineering im-       all points and ultimately led to    at least five feet away from you,”
age to show the audience that       the crowning of Mr. Engineer.       Reinbold replied to senior co-
there’s more to the people of         This year, the coveted            host Jenny Novak. “So I’d call
Hoyt than math and science.         duct-tape sash and cape went        it a five.” He took a step closer.                                                                Kevin Hanse
  Trivia questions were another     to senior electrical engineer       “Maybe a four.”                       Senior mechanical engineer Scott Reinbold’s upside-down speed
part of the competition. Ques-      Andrew “Bad Andy” Fal-                 Then, with a big step back:        painting prowess, in addition to his antics and good humor,
tions such as “What are the         cone. Andy inspired laughter        “No, definitely a five.”              earned him the runner-up title in the Mr. Engineer pageant.
4                                                                                    News                                                                 Feb. 12, 2010

                                                                  Outside the BuBBle ...
Canadian gold rush: 80 countries to enter Vancouver Olympics
OLYMPICS                                       dable contenders.
                                                  Alpine skier Bode Miller is hoping to
                                                                                              the most well-known athletes from Team
                                                                                              USA, thanks to a gold medal in Torino,
                                                                                                                                            Can$1 billion, more than five times the
                                                                                                                                            original estimate.
from page 1                                    improve his image after his disappoint-        X Games success, and a slew of endorse-         A PricewaterhouseCoopers study de-
to less well-known competitions such as        ing performance at Torino. Miller, who         ments.                                        termined city businesses could make $1
biathlon, curling, luge, and skeleton.         has garnered criticism for his partying          White may be surpassed in fame only         billion in revenue thanks to the games,
   Germany returns as a strong contender       lifestyle, is scheduled for all five Alpine    by speed-skater Apolo Ohno, who has           but the overall price tag is likely to be
at the Winter Olympics. The Germans            events this year. He was expected to earn      won every U.S. national title since 2001      billions more than the revenue gener-
have taken home the most medals in the         several medals four years ago, but he fin-     and already has five Olympic medals.          ated.
previous three Winter Olympics, with           ished only two of five events and failed       Ohno’s popularity also increased when           NBC, the U.S. television network that
the United States taking second place in       to earn a podium spot.                         he won “Dancing with the Stars” in            will broadcast the games, also expects to
the 2006 medal count.                             Another Alpine skier, Lindsey Vonn, is      2007.                                         lose $250 million on the games because
   Men’s ice hockey will feature many          a bright spot for the Americans this year.        Despite all the emphasis on athletes’      of weak advertising sales. These Olym-
foreign athletes already familiar to           Like Miller, she is competing in her third     victories at the Winter Olympics, the         pics will mark the first time the network
Americans. Suiting up for Russia will          Olympics.                                      Olympics are often a site of staggering       has lost money broadcasting the games.
be Washington Capitals star Alexander             Figure skater and Pennsylvania native       financial loss.                               Executives cited the weak economy for
Ovechkin, along with Evgeni Malkin             Johnny Weir has also been in the media            Fans will pay steep prices for tickets –   the shortfall.
of the reigning Stanley Cup champion           recently. People for the Ethical Treatment     the cheap seats at the opening ceremony         Despite the expense to organizers and
Pittsburgh Penguins.                           of Animals (PETA) threatened to disrupt        start at Can$175 – but the cost to tax-       broadcasters, millions of viewers in the
   Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and          Weir’s Olympic performance after he            payers and sponsors has also been high.       United States and across the world will
goalie Marc-Andre Fleury are among the         wore fox fur on his costume at the na-            Since winning its bid to host the          watch the Olympic Games.
members of the Canadian team seek-             tional competition. Weir, renowned for         Olympics in 2003, the Vancouver Olym-           The 2008 Summer Olympics gave
ing redemption after the much-heralded         his fashion obsession and quirky inter-        pic Committee and various Canadian            NBC’s Web site an estimated 4.3 million
team assembled by Wayne Gretzky in             views, has decided to wear fake fur at the     government bodies have spent an esti-         viewers every day of those games, and
2006 failed to earn a medal at the Winter      Olympics.                                      mated $6 billion on marketing, improv-        many more watched the events on tele-
Olympics in Torino, Italy.                        Initially ranked second in Torino, he       ing infrastructure, and preparing other       vision. Though the Winter Olympics are
  The United States will also have its         finished fifth and said that missing the       game sites around the Olympic Village.        generally a smaller event than the Sum-
share of compelling stories and formi-         team bus had affected his “aura.”                The Royal Canadian Mounted Police           mer Olympics,Vancouver should still be
                                                  Snowboarder Shaun White is one of           are projecting security will cost nearly      a ratings haul for NBC.

 Scott Brown (R) wins Senate seat                                                                                    Financial Aid Workshops
                                                                                                                  Marcus Fish ’97, director of planned giving at Grove
Soren Kreider                         its current form.                     ship.
                                                                                                                  City College, will join colleague Bob White to offer
Collegian Writer                         Massachusetts has participated        Senate Republicans have a
                                      in 56 presidential elections, and     right to be excited. By securing      free financial advice for students in the basement of
  The world watched with              since 1928 they have only voted       that 41st seat in the Senate, they    the Colonial Hall Apartments on the following days.
bated breath as the voters in         for two Republican presiden-          have the ability to prevent their
Massachusetts went to the polls       tial candidates, Eisenhower and       Democratic colleagues from                Monday, Feb. 15 - Financial Basics for Success
to replace Senator Ted Ken-           Reagan. Between 59 and 62             overwhelming their objections.              Monday, Feb. 22 - The Wise Use of Credit
nedy on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010.       percent of Massachusetts voters       Without the power to bring                Monday, March 8 - Insurance and Work Benefits
Though inclement weather              self-categorize themselves as         votes to cloture with their                 Monday, March 15 - Saving and Investing
threatened to discourage turn-        Democrats.                            60-member super-majority,                      Tuesday, March 16 - Next Big Steps
out, the people of Massachusetts        Yet despite this enormous           Democrats will have difficulty
came out in record numbers to         disadvantage, Brown came from         passing their ambitious agenda.
choose between Scott Brown            behind to win 52 percent to 47.         Yet despite this benefit, Brown
and Martha Coakley, looking to           If one of the bluest states in     remains an unknown entity. On
send a clear message to Wash-         the nation elected a Republi-         the campaign trail, he made a
ington.                               can, what are the prospects for       point of being unaffiliated. He
   In 1962, Kennedy became the        Democrats facing challenges           is his own man, a “Scott Brown
Senator from Massachusetts, a         in districts normally won by          Republican.”
seat he held for almost 50 years      Republicans? Even Harry Reid,            Massachusetts has universal
until his death last year. His seat   the Democratic Senate majority        health care already, and citizens
has been filled by a Democrat         leader, is facing a stiff challenge   of Massachusetts would be
since another famous Kennedy          in Nevada.                            required to pay for this new
won it in 1953: John F. Kennedy.         Brown’s election presents          system without necessarily
So what happened? How did an          congressional Democrats with          enjoying benefits. Does Brown
almost 70-year Democratic seat        a difficult choice. They can          disapprove because of the bill’s
fall to Brown?                        push ahead with their legislative     effects on his constituents or for
  The political winds are chang-      agenda, or they can reevaluate        ideological reasons? His cam-
ing. Obama promised an era of         their priorities.                     paign promises seem to indicate
hope and change, a new system            The reaction in Washington         both.
of honesty and integrity. Instead,    suggests a mix of both strate-           So will he stick to the party
politics have culminated in the       gies. President Obama indicated       line on other controversial is-
disastrous C-Span debacle with        during his State of the Union         sues? There are a number of
congressional leaders refusing        address that his priority for the     other legislative bills pending
public access to final negotia-       next year will be jobs and the        that have great importance, and
tions on the health care bill.        economy, referencing the words        Brown’s vote will be crucial
  Three weeks before the elec-        “jobs,” “employment,” and             there as well.
tion, Brown was a no-name             the “economy” 49 times and               While Brown may be an
state senator whose campaign          “health” or “healthcare” only         unknown entity in Washington
was petering to a halt some 30        eight times.                          D.C., his arrival should bring
points behind his competitor.            Whether this suggests a            renewed energy to the battered
  Yet in the closing weeks of the     change in policy priorities or        congressional Republicans.
campaign, his popularity sky-         political posturing to cope with         Brown’s unexpected victory
rocketed. He promised voters          America’s changing political          in the heart of liberal America
that he would not be a rubber         landscape, it is indisputable that    may be the extra push that gives
stamp on the Democratic elite’s       blocking Brown’s confirmation         Republicans momentum to
agenda and that he would not          would bring condemnation              make great strides in the 2010
vote for the health care bill in      upon the Democratic leader-           elections.
Feb. 12, 2010                                                                         Life                                                                                    5

     Students transform talents into cash
Lydia Smith                          the school year began, but the        form of handmade items.
Collegian Writer                     entrepreneurship major hopes          She learned to crochet at
                                     to open a permanent business in       age 8 and opened her shop,
  Sophomore Tyler Crumrine is        the future.                           JJ Crochet, on the online
in the slipper business.               “I really hope it’ll be some-       crafting store Etsy in 2005.
   “They’re really comfortable,      thing with cars,” Wong said.          Growing her business has
and it’s always cold in Grove        “That’s my passion.”                  required some sacrifice.
City,” Crumrine said of the            Two seniors, Blake Imeson              “I had to miss Homecom-
woolen socks. His grandmother        and Dave Kuhta, are already in        ing last year to attend a craft
offered to make them to fund-        the process of beginning their        fair. It was the worst!” Gras-
raise for high school mission        own business: LimeCuda. The           sel said.
trips, and he’s continued to sell    name combines “barracuda”                Currently, her most
them on campus.                      (the aggressive fish) and the         popular product is a pat-
   His business spread through       color lime.                           tern for a newsboy-style hat.
word of mouth, and since then,                                             An entrepreneurship major,
the socks have been seen on                                                 Grassel sees business in her
sister halls, at theatre rehears-                                           future, but thinks JJ Crochet
als, and even as far away as
                                     I wanted to get some                   is too niche to be a full-time
Wales.                               experience at running                  venture.
   “[My grandmother] gets a                                                    “Doing it as a hobby has
real kick out it, and it’s a great
                                     my own business.                       been great, just on the side.
excuse to spend time with                               James Wong          It’s been good for right
her,” Crumrine said.                                                        now,” she said.
    What does Crumrine do                                                      Sophomore Carolyn
with the profits? “I take my                                                Goodcase has also capital-
grandma on a date to Olive             “Then we realized it was a          ized on her ability to create
Garden.”                             combination of our names, and         unique designs.
   Crumrine is just one of the       thought it was even better,”             “I sell feather barrettes,
many students on campus who          Imseon said.                          hats made out of recycled
has started a business. Junior          Imeson and Kuhta offer a           T-shirts, and make custom
James Wong operates a car            “holistic approach to web de-         orders,” she said.                                                                         Lydia Smith
detailing business at his home in    sign leveraging open source web          Along with her mother,           Sophomore Carolyn Goodcase displays her handiwork, both on
Butler, Pa. He gained experi-        technologies.” Together, they         Goodcase operates their Etsy
                                                                                                               her website and in person.
ence in car care by working at       develop and update websites,          shop Auntie’s Chic Shack.
different dealerships, and then      and they’ve already had several          “The more interesting             Internet ventures, students      work because they think of
started Renew Detailing, LLC         clients. They held a brainstorm-      something is, the better it sells,” continue to find unique ways to it like a blank slate. Rarely is
this past summer.                    ing session earlier this week and     Goodcase said. She sees her          create opportunities.            there some ‘eureka’ moment in
   “I like cars, but I wanted to     are preparing for a launch after      business as a personal outlet for       Dr. Craig Columbus, director innovation ... rather it is a pro-
get some experience at run-          graduation.                           creativity, rather than a serious    of the entrepreneurship pro-     cess of incremental actions that
ning my own business,” Wong             Junior Jayna Grassel is also in    business venture.                    gram, said, “Too many people     anyone can do.”
said. The shop closed when           the design business, but in the          Whether it’s socks, cars or       are scared off from creative

                   Small-town theater has big-town character
Adrienne Liburdi                      of time. It is a refreshing change   nings, for it is rumored that       tures” phenomenon.                     A lot of frustration goes on,
Collegian Writer                      from new-fangled theaters with       comedian and actor Leslie             According to Kim Nagel, one       too. Studios demand a huge
                                      their 3D glasses and mazes of        Townes Hope performed at the        of the theater managers, the        percentage of a movie theater’s
  The Guthrie Theater on              hallways leading to umpteen          small-town theater for his first    Guthrie goes through a “dif-        profit for the films show,n
South Broad Street, Grove City        different screens.                   vaudeville circuit, which took      ficult and mysterious process”      especially new releases. Single-
might be small compared to              The Guthrie was built in           him to different theaters across    to obtain films to show to the      screen theaters like the Guthrie
more modern showplaces, but it        1926, and when it opened one         Pennsylvania, New York, and         public, adding a bit of excite-     might only make a nickel for
makes up for its size by its sheer    year later, it housed vaudeville     West Virginia. Readers would        ment to the lives of theater        every dollar they take in.
personality.                          performances. Musicians would        probably recognize him better       supervisors.                           “The ‘movie theater’ business
  After all, it is one of only 500    pound away merry tunes on a          by his stage name: Bob Hope.          “We have what is called a         is more like concession sell-
or so single-screen theaters          piano as live-action performers        When a screen was installed       ‘booker,’ a person who goes and     ing,” Nagel said. “Most of our
remaining in the United States.       entertained the crowds.              on the Guthrie’s stage, the small   talks to studios about getting      profit is made by the drinks and
That fact alone is a testament          But do not scoff too soon at       theater followed the rest of        the film,” Nagel said. “There’s a   snacks we sell.”
to how it has weathered the test      the Guthrie’s humble begin-          America in the “moving pic-         lot of negotiation that goes on.”      Theater            GUTHRIE 7

     The College’s literary magazine, the Echo, is accepting prose, poetry, photography and art
      submissions until Feb. 19. Please send your work to                                      In chapel this week

                                                                                                                Alternative chapel, 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                Evangelical Scholarship
                                                                                                                Conference, Dr. Derek W. H.
                                                                                                                Thomas, Reformed Theologi-
                                                                                                                cal Seminary, Jackson, Miss.

                                                                                                                Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

                                                                                                                Amy L. Hivner ’10, Red Box
                                                                                                                Mission to Czech Republic
6                                                                               Life                                                                 Feb. 12, 2010

Left Field                                 Eligible engineers populate Hoyt
       Mary Robbins                                   originally published in the Feb. 9, 2007 issue of The Collegian
        Collegian Writer
                                 Leah Acker ’07                                 I’m also worried that another engineer and            Clearly, engineers are far more desirable
                                 Former Collegian Editor-in-Chief               I would produce offspring so geeky that            than most Grover ladies realize; however,
If your life were a sym-                                                        they would ask Santa for amateur radio             they cannot be seduced in the same manner
phony, what instrument              Suzy is a senior who will graduate          equipment.                                         as the men of HAL, Rockwell and Pew.
would you play? Or what          summa cum laude with a B.A. in B.S., but         While the Hoyt guys aren’t for me, Suzy             Engineers generally like smart women, so
    would play you?              she feels like a failure. She has not made     and other seniors searching for rings by           playing dumb won’t get you very far.
                                 progress toward her ultimate objective at      spring can find nice guys in Hoyt. I’ve               Looks aren’t as important because en-
      “Piano, because I’m        Grove City College: the M.R.S. degree.         compiled 10 reasons why Hoyt is home to            gineers are more concerned with opera-
    versatile and like to do a      She’s pretty, smart and nice, but somehow   GCC’s finest men:                                  tional capacity than aesthetics. They rarely
          lot of things.”        she has neither snagged, tagged nor bagged       1. Most engineers are good Christian             turn down opportunities to show off their
        Sharon Seiter,           a good Grover guy. Thankfully, Suzy still      guys. They understand that they have only          technical expertise or to fix something that
            freshman             has a semester to find Mr. Right, and if she   survived in their major by the grace of            is broken. Therefore, the best way to get an
                                 is wise enough to read this column, she’ll     God.                                               engineer into your life is to break some-
“Triangle, because it’s easier   find out how. Suzy can get her ring by           2. Engineers are humble. Nothing puts            thing.
 to play than a kazoo. Also,     spring in Hoyt Hall (the building catty-       your ego in check like earning 17 percent             I suggest delicately severing a wire on
  I’m a math major ... and       corner to the SAC that most people                  on exams.                                     one of your lamps. Remember to unplug
       it’s a triangle.”         think is a guys’ dorm).                                      3. All their attempts to build a     the lamp before slitting its cord with a
     Luke Turnipseed,               As a female engineer, I can                                girlfriend in a lab have failed.    knife.You want an MRS., not an RIP.
          freshman               personally attest that Hoyt                                       4. Even if they got the            Call or e-mail your engineer of choice
                                 contains lots of nice men                                       robotic woman to work,            explaining that your lamp no longer works.
 “Saxophone, because it’s        who would make great                                            you probably do have more            Say that you have “troubleshot the
     loud and shiny.”            husbands and fathers.                                           personality.                      device” as best as you could, but that you
Jonathan Durfee, senior          I haven’t picked up my                                            5. Engineers make great         think you need a “Fluke multimeter” to
                                 own engineer because I am                                      dads. They will play video         determine where the cord “displays discon-
    “Bass drum, because it’s     concerned that two engineers                                games for hours with the kids         tinuity.”
    loud, dramatic and sets      could not effectively execute                             and they can turn common                   At this point, the engineer will rejoice
           the tone.”            human mating                                          household products into a pyrotech-         because you have given him the oppor-
      Melissa Sinopoli,          rituals with-                                             nic show that will mesmerize            tunity to a) visit a girls’ residence hall, b)
            junior               out first                                                  even the most energetic children.      play with a broken lamp and c) visit a girls’
                                 simulating                                                      6. They can fix anything –        residence hall.
    “Harp, because I look big    the opera-                                                       your computer, your car,            After he fixes your lamp, tell him that
    and tough on the outside,    tions in                                                            your lonely heart             you are very grateful for his help and say
     but I’m really calm and     CAD or                                                                   7. Engineers will        that you’d like an opportunity to show
     soothing on the inside.”    PSpice.                                                                 give you a shoulder       your gratitude. Don’t be afraid to be really
         Keith Sandell,                                                                                   to cry on, and if you    forward with engineers.
           freshman                                                                                        catch one after a          If you want to go out to dinner to cel-
                                                                                                            Dr. Cavicchi exam,     ebrate the lamp repair, suggest a trip to Ra-
    “Didgeridoo, because I’m                                                                                 he might cry with     chel’s Roadhouse. If you want to talk more
         really tribal.”                                                                                      you.                 about troubleshooting electrical devices,
      Shannon Burden,                                                                                            8. The guys in    offer him a seat and a soda.
         sophomore                                                                                              Hoyt are low-         If you want to kiss him, go for it.
                                                                                                                maintenance.          Engineers are great guys, and they’re
“Flute, because I’m fun and                                                                                    They can survive    looking for great girls. Plus, if you think en-
  playful, and I like to be                                                                                   for weeks as long    gineers are too hot to handle, Hoyt recently
        in the front!”                                                                                      as they have food,     imported a host of unattached computer
    Holly Stansbery,                                                                                     water and fresh batter-   science majors, most whom are male.
        sophomore                                                                                   ies for their TI-89s.             Suzy and anyone else looking for a ring
                                                                                      9. Engineers are serious about what          by spring can start her search in Hoyt.
    “Djembe, because I can                                                          they do. If they enter a relationship,
       keep a beat and                                                               they will work hard to maximize the               After graduation, Acker discovered a
        bust a move!”                                                                 love quotient.                                 passion for medicine while her philosophy-
      Lindsey Hobson,                                                                     10. Although almost all engineers          major boyfriend launched a career in
         sophomore                                                                       are a little clumsy (I’ve stopped           engineering. He was quickly promoted to
                                                                                          feeling embarrassed about falling          husband.
 “Oboe, because not many                                                                    down the stairs in Hoyt because            Dissatisfied with the speed and efficiency
  people play it, and even                                                                   it happens to everyone), they           of producing engineers biologically, the
    fewer play it well.”                                                                      make up for physical awkward-          couple “adopted” 50 MIT undergraduates
   Becky Kraft, senior                                                                         ness with their acute under-          within 3 weeks of their nuptials.
                                                                                               standing of “heat transfer.”
  “Guitar, because it makes
 beautiful music and a vari-
ety of sounds, which I enjoy
 because I’m spontaneous.”                                                                                     A TAsTe of IrelAnd
  Bianca Parenti, junior
                                                                                                                     Attention Future Brides!
                                                                                                                    Planning your wedding but
                                                                                                                   not sure which caterer to hire?
                                                                                                               Come sample A Taste of Ireland’s
                                                                                                              delicious food on Friday, Feb. 12 at
                                                                                                              6 p.m. at 304 E. Main, Grove City.
                                                                                                                       We have catered weddings in
                                                                                                                      Pittsburgh and into eastern Ohio
                                                                                                                         and will travel to your site.
                                                                                                                      Call 412-335-2919 for directions.
Feb. 12, 2010                                                                          Life                                                                                  7
GUTHRIE                               Hollywood glory for moviego-
                                      ers to enjoy.                                                                                                      From the
from page 5                              While handling such heavy
employee Joel Norman                  equipment on a daily basis,                                                                                        Archives
explained how the movies              the employees at the theater
themselves are shipped to the         maintain all the equipment,
                                                                                                                                                   Amanda Martin
                                      run the register and make sure
                                                                                                                                                   Life Section Editor
  “We order them and the              the film projector “does what
reels are delivered via DHL           it needs to” as part of their list                                                                              It’s a question that has
[express mail] in metal or plas-      of responsibilities.                                                                                         haunted Grove City College
tic containers,” Norman said.            “Most of the employees                                                                                    students for generations: Is
The containers are heavy and          work here part-time,” Norman                                                                                 walking on the grass tanta-
bulky, but can still be carried       said. “They teach or work at                                                                                 mount to murder?
around.                               other businesses. But every-                                                                                    On second thought, maybe
  “Movies are made up of              body loves it here. It’s relaxing.”                                                                          this question hasn’t haunted us
about six reels,” Norman said.           The United States loses 50                                                                                at all.
“It’s our job to take them,           to 55 single-screen theaters                                                                                    But maybe it should.
splice them together with tape        per week. But even though the                                                                                   Judging from the Feb. 15,
and put the whole thing on            Guthrie is old, possesses one                                                                                1980 edition of The Collegian,
the projector.”                       solitary screen and can only                                                                                 the Grovers of 30 years ago
   In the projector room, a se-       show two movies at a time, it                                                                                cared deeply for their environ-
ries of spinning platters, spools     stands grounded on the basis                                                                                 ment. At least a few did.
and a host of other technical         of quality service and old-time                                                                                 In an open letter addressed
equipment make the reels spin         ideals.                                                                                                      to the students of the College,
at 24 frames per second. These           As far as the staff of the                                                                                the Men’s Governing Board
are reflected through a glass         Guthrie is concerned, bigger                                                                                 wrote, “It is easy to take what
pane and the images flash onto        doesn’t always mean better.           The Guthrie charms moviegoers with its relaxing environment.           looks to be the shortest route
the silver screen in all of their                                                                                                                  across the quad and other areas;
                                                                                                                                                   however, we only end up kill-

                                          he said / she said
                                                                                                                                                   ing the grass and destroy the
                                                                                                                                                   beauty of our campus.”

                                         on valentine’s day                                                                                             Next time you
                                                      Sean Morris and Abby Marsch                                                                       want to take a
                                                                  Collegian Writers                                                                   shortcut, consider
                                        through the trinity of legend,       My colleague and I both                                                   the murder you
                                        myth and misinformation,             hate shopping, share the same                                             are committing.
                                        the holiday became associated        theological bent, and loathe
                                        with romantic love.                  the “Twilight” series. But in                                           Men’s Governing Board
   Candies, flowers, chocolates,          Well, nothing says “I love         one aspect we are very dif-        Beside the aura of “red, pink
   cheap paper cut-outs, lots of        you” like blood, guts and            ferent: Mr. Morris went to         and lacy” hanging over the
   red hearts, trite sayings, mis-      burnings at the stake.               public school whilst I was         campus, I did not notice
   taken notions of romance …             I don’t have an inherent           home-schooled until college.       any inordinate amounts of          They continued, “A recent
   ah, can you hear it? Echoing         moral opposition to the holi-           Because of this, our experi-    snogging in corners. Couples       study has indicated that each
   through the halls and in the         day; I just fail to the see the      ences of Valentine’s Day differ    seemed to exist in roughly         student walking on the grass
   hearts of this campus comes          point of it all. No doubt, the       considerably.                      the same numbers as I’d seen       kills on the average of 400
   the resounding statement of          greeting card companies make            I believe the only valentine    previously (having finally         million blades of grass a day
   festive cheer: “Happy Chris-         a killing, especially if you were    I ever received during high        reached equilibrium a few          .... The College is never going
   tian Martyrdom Day!”                                                      school was a large black heart     months after the sudden spike      to believe [that students are
      Oh, wait.                                                              with a picture of a churchman      created by the Graffiti Dance).    responsible indviduals] until
      Indeed, my understanding                                               in the center of it and the           I have to admit that Valen-     we can show them that we
   and experience of Valen-             Well, nothing says “I                legend “Happy Martyrdom of         tine’s Day is one of my favor-     can respect and obey a simple
   tine’s Day has no doubt been         love you” like blood,                Saint Valentine” emblazoned        ite holidays, despite the fact     common courtesy.
   tainted, if not skewed, due to                                            across the top. Home-school-       that I’ve been single for the         “Next time you want to take
   a public-school upbringing.
                                        guts, and burnings at                ers, it seems, maintain high       majority of my 21 years and        a shortcut, consider the murder
      I recall strolling through               the stake.                    levels of historical accuracy,     have never in actuality had a      you are committing.”
   halls of my high school on                                                but are lacking in the ro-         valentine. Easter is my favorite      Sobering stuff.
   the morning of Valentine’s                                                mance department.                  holiday, but Valentine’s is a         Turn the page, and there’s
   Day and passing at least three                                                                               close second.                      another message about the
   couples osculating in some           a public-schooled elementary-                                              There is a method to            grass, this time from the ad-
   strange manner and thinking,         aged kid like me who was                                                 my madness. Easter is the         ministration. Grass is some-
   “Man, I hate this holiday.”          obligated to buy those cheap
                                                                             As a home-schooled                  consummation of Christmas,        thing we take seriously here.
     Then again, we were never          paper valentines (mine were             female, all I was                and romantic love is all about       “On an experimental basis,
   really told why they call it         generally Power Ranger               really allowed to be                eventual consummation,            [the College] permitted small
   Valentine’s Day; all we know is      themed) for everyone in the                                              right? Here at “He Said/She       groups to toss a frisbee or ball
   that every Feb. 14, an inordi-       class. It was very important           interested in was                 Said,” we are “all for appro-     on lawns – except the main
   nate amount of lace, chocolate       that everyone got a valentine          God and horses.                   priate and timely consumma-       quad. However, this modifi-
   and flowers seems to make            because you wouldn’t want                                                tion,” as my colleague adroitly   cation of expectations seems
   an appearance, and no one is         anyone’s feelings getting hurt,                                          phrased it several weeks ago.     to have been misunderstood
   really sure why – something          especially on the high holy                                                Freshman year, I was going      by many as an invitation to
   to do with love and romance          day of Christian martyrdom.            This never really bothered       to celebrate Valentine’s by        total use of campus grounds as
   and “be my Valentine” and that          I imagine that this Valen-        me; as a home-schooled             watching Spartans slaughter        walkways.”
   chubby little baby with wings        tine’s Day will pass much like       female, all I was really allowed   fantastic beasts in “300” with        Ah, we can only imagine.
   who shoots folks with arrows.        any other Lord’s Day for me          to be interested in was God        another single female friend,         “Use and/or abuse of the
      It seems that the Roman           and my sweetheart: worship           and horses, anyway.                but she acquired a boyfriend       lawns in winter is as harmful as
   Catholic Church declared Feb.        and Bible study. On Saturday,          It was not until I got to        and cancelled our date.            in any other time of the year
   14 “St.Valentine’s Day” many         however, it will be Valentine’s      college that I encountered            This year, I will probably      .... [We] must not pass on to
   centuries ago in honor of            Day in New Zealand, so               any real Valentine’s Day spirit.   spend a quiet Sunday evening       future students a campus made
   several men – all with the first     maybe that justifies an evening      During my freshman year,           drinking tea and playing gui-      ugly by our carelessness.”
   name “Valentine” – who had           out to dinner.                       Valentine’s Day fell on a Fri-     tar to my German Shepherd.            Writing as a student of the
   been martyred for their faith           Or a Power Ranger greeting        day, and I was able to observe     Think of all that candy on         future, I’m touched that some-
   in Christ. Over time, no doubt       card. I bet she’ll love it.          other people’s celebrations.       sale next week!                    one cared.
8                                 Entertainment                                                              Feb. 12, 2010

    Grovers tweet their way into
            Grovers tweet their way                                                        David Janssen
            into celebrities
    the world of the celebrity world
                                                                                           Collegian Sports Editor

        undavided Who is your favorite person or celebrity to follow
        on twitter?
                                                                         81              129              2
                                                                                         followers        listed
         deniseshirleys @undavided Taylor swift!! (@taylorswift13)
         Her answers are so REAL; She is funny and honest. Carlos at
         @hipsterrunoff is a close second. Great lulz.                   @undavided
         samsamfresh @undavided I follow Shaq because he                 Direct Messages             11
         usually doesn’t spell anything right and what he says is com-
                                                                         Trending: Worldwide
         pletely idiotic.
         erbear620 @undavided @taylorswift13, because I love to          #nowplaying
         know what she is doing at all times. :)
                                                                         American Idol
        kjersten @undavided I’m currently following a lot of
        Olympic athletes. I like knowing the behind-the-scenes. But      Google Buzz
        I’m not going to lie, @samsamfresh’s are pretty funny.
        aplusk No better way to celebrate the last day of my 31st year
        on earth than hosting #SNL Hope you all enjoy                    Ellen

         emilyawes @undavided My favorite is @shhdonttellsteve.          #AmericanIdol
         He is an anonymous college student who tweets about his
         roomate Steve’s shenanigans. Steve has no idea. Hilarious.
         Mierowdp1 @undavided @undavided, he’s all over twitter          Justin Bieber
         and the internet. His posts are frequent, relevant, and often
         entertaining.                                                   Hollywood Week
        taylorswift13 We just planned on dinner, but it turned into
        barefoot beach frolicking in Melbourne tonight. Took pictures    Following
        of my friends. Will post.
         undavided Which celebrities and famous people do you

        cheslahosla @undavided I follow a lot of celebriteis. John
        Mayer, T-Swift, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Perez Hilton, Demi
        Lovato, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Switchfoot...
        ABTgurl21 @undavided I follow: ryan seacrest, Leighton
        meester, Blanke lively, hugh jackman

        jitterbug32 @undavided Barack Obama, the NY Giants,
        Steelers, Washington Capitals

        s_mendez @undavided Emma Watson, Jospeh Gordon

        undavided What are some crazy, strange, or hilarious tweets
        you have seen?

         SpenceTF @undavided “There’s a hotel near area 51 called
         little Alie-Inn. 7:37 AM Jan 24th” from John Reuben.
        joel_richardson @undavided I have a few people I follow
        that tweet about anything and everything which is extremely
        annoying. Make your 140 characters worth the read.
       verymarykate i want to put on my my my my my boogie

        undavided Have you noticed any twitter feuds between
        friends or celebrities?

        JohnBianchi @undavided Yes. I’ve seen numerous athletes
        having it out on twitter. The most recent was Darelle Revis
        (Jets) and Cahd Ochocinco (Bengals) exchanging jabs.
         katieelisa @undavided The Scott Baio tweet war was
         hilarious! He posted a picture of Michelle Obama and there
         was a whole feud about him being racist. Very comedic.
         EmilyAwes @undavided Justin Bieber/Ringo Starr - LOLZ
Feb 12, 2010                                                        Entertainment                                                                                             9

 David Janssen                                   Users can re-tweet tweets they en-         dom began last year when he chal-
 Collegian Sports Editor                      joyed and follow whoever their real-life      lenged CNN to be the first to reach
                                              friends follow.                               one million followers.
   Pop queen Madonna once said, “Lis-           Twitter also provides a list of current        Once Kutcher triumphed over the
 ten, everyone is entitled to my opin-        trend topics like Tiger Woods or Haiti.       major news outlet, other celebrities fol-     calling him a “Beetle.” Some of Starr’s
 ion.”                                                                                      lowed his lead, posting their thoughts,       fans responded in kind, saying Starr was
   While this modern-day Marie An-                                                           current locations, photos, and even          excited to meet Justin “Beeber.”
 toinette and the celebrity nobility may                                                     responding to fans.                             One rising star on Twitter is very-
 have once monopolized the public               Why stay up to watch                           Twitter then began to provide an           marykate, a young woman who does a
 forum, Americans now have the am-                                                           authentication icon for celebrities,         flawless impression of former child star
 munition needed for revolution.
                                                  Jessica Simpson on                         ensuring Taylor’s Swift’s fans knew they     Mary Kate Olson.
   Why stay up to watch Jessica Simp-           “Saturday Night Live”                        were not actually following a 60-year-          She updates her profile with things
 son on “Saturday Night Live” when                                                           old man from Staten Island.                  like “Doing a crossword puzzle. 3-let-
                                              when you can watch a little                      Celebrities provide additional en-
 you can watch a little boy named Da-                                                                                                     ter word for Summer in Nice? Hmm,
 vid react to dental anesthesia? Modern       boy named David react to                       tertainment by quarreling publicly via       prolly a typo... They must’ve meant
 fame only requires an Internet connec-       dental anesthesia? Modern                      Twitter. Perez Hilton,, Spen-      ‘summer IS nice because ‘Duh’ fits.”
 tion.                                                                                       cer and Heidi Pratt, Micahel Lohan,            This celebrity impersonator posts
   The microblogging site Twitter               fame requires only an                        Sam Ronson and Joy Behar cannot              a new video on her Web site, very-
 combines American celebrity fascina-            Internet connection.                        keep their mouths shut as they passive-, every Monday. These
 tion with this new culture of “fame                                                         aggressively insult one another.             clips show a neurotic, appearance-
 equality.”                                                                                    Jenny Craig diet loudmouth Kirstie         obsessed Mary Kate living in her little
    Unlike Facebook, there are no                                                           Alley tweets from her throne like an          fantasy world.
 friends – only followers who subscribe       Twitter would have gone the way               imperial queen, not afraid to smack             Though it may be hard to believe,
 to the “tweets” of those they find           of Friendster or Bebo if not for the          talk her critics – whether famous or          some Grovers have time for Twitter. See
 interesting. Instead of writing on walls,    influence of one man: Ashton Kutcher.         otherwise.                                    the facing page to read what several
 thoughts of 140 words or less can be         Kutcher, or @aplusk, leads the way               Most recently, 15-year-old pop star        of them tweeted about celebrity and
 directed at anyone else on Twitter by        with 4.5 million followers, more than         Justin Bieber received attention after        Twitter.
 typing @username.                            any other user. His rise to Twitter star-     tweeting about meeting Ringo Starr,

                      A ‘Legion’ of disapointments
Apocalyptic exploits tainted by hanging questions, predictable plot
Tim Kerr
Collegian Writer

   God no longer believes in men and has sent his an-
gels to wipe them out. The archangel Michael disagrees.
   “Legion” is director Scott Stewart’s controversial take
on the trendy apocalyptic thriller. Instead of nuclear
devastation, global climate change or angry trees, this
time God has finally decided to exterminate the human
race and try again. But, instead of using a flood, He uses
angels to possess the souls of men, turning them into
flesh-eating monsters.
   Michael (Paul Bettany) revolts against God and joins
forces with mankind in order to save it from God’s
legions led by the archangel Gabriel (Kevin Durand).
Unfortunately, Bettany’s inspired performance in his
first foray into the action genre cannot salvage a weak
plot characterized by numerous clichés.
   Man’s last stand takes place on Christmas Day at a
small highway restaurant called Paradise Falls. Owned                                                                                                    
by Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid), the run-down traveler          Paul Bettany stars in “Legion.”
stop lies isolated in the desert outside Los Angeles.
Here Hanson’s son Jeep (Lucas Black) has taken on the        the fate of mankind rests solely on the survival of this       Overall, the film belongs on late night sci-fi television
responsibility of caring for Charlie (Adrianne Palicki),     unborn baby.                                                   rather than the big screen.
a friend who is eight months pregnant with another             A comically predictable collection of travelers all find       The most frustrating aspect of “Legion” is the vast
man’s child. Although its importance is never explained,     themselves together stranded at Paradise Falls when            number of unanswered questions. Why does the epicen-
                                                             God’s wrath is poured out on His creation. Trapped             ter of humanity lie in the Californian desert? Why is
                                                             within the confines of Hanson’s small restaurant the           this illegitimate child the savior of the world? Why is
                                                             panic-stricken group is joined by Michael with his             Jeep Hanson the only reason for Michael’s continued
        Why does the epicenter of                            arsenal of assault weapons, which he conveniently stole        faith in humanity?
 humanity lie in the California desert?                      upon arriving on earth.                                          And why is man is asked to not lose faith in a God
                                                               Though filmed in close confines at a single set loca-        who is quick to lose faith in Himself?
     Why is this illegitimate child the                      tion to help connect the audience with each character,            Ultimately “Legion” doesn’t live up to expectations.
            savior of the world?                             “Legion” fails to emotionally connect the audience             It depends heavily upon its marketing scheme to get
                                                             to the story. The action scenes – for a movie about an         people into the theater.
  ... And why is man asked not to lose                       angelic Armageddon – are less than thrilling and end             The hype created by controversy, curiosity and evil
       faith in a God who is quick                           quickly. The longest action sequence does not occur            angels destroying man may be enough to create some
         to lose faith in Himself?                           until the end of the film and it is stilted and lacks clout.   box office success for this film, but most viewers will
                                                             The dialogue is weak and forced; the soundtrack is             leave annoyed with the predictability of the film.
                                                             forgettable.                                                   Others will be downright offended.
10                                                                 Entertainment                                                                                  Feb. 12, 2010

Even Eeyore gets old
Artist: Eels
Album: End Times
Sam Bovard                                   ing to an interview on, has
Collegian Contributing Writer                described the album as a reaction to “the
                                             state of the desperate times we live in,”
   Moping is, and has always been, Mark      and it chronicles a very personal quest
Oliver “E” Everett. Over the course of       through a collection of hard times. It is,
eight studio albums as the creative force    by all accounts, a break-up album; but
behind Eels, Everett has developed a         one that's plodding, redundant and full
distinguishable penchant for melancholy      of the same thick self-pity we’ve seen
that continually resounds ever-so-sor-       from Everett before. “Now I'm a statistic,
rowfully in his music. Indeed, even after    but I'm not fatalistic,” Everett sings on
the trend of self-pitying romanticism in     in “In My Younger Days.” “I'm not yet
indie rock faded at the end of the nine-     resigned to fate.” Like much of “End
ties, Everett never wavered from depict-     Times,” Everett comes up a bit short.
ing the heartstrings of his tortured soul.     We love Eeyore; honestly, we do. But
  This gloom is what’s sufficiently          we also love the sardonic humor that
entrenched at the core of Eels. Not to       balances that ominous gloom. “End
say it isn’t transcendent; indeed, 2005’s    Times,” however, is all grief without
“Blinking Lights and Other Revela-           humor. It starts with “The Beginning,” a
tions” had such an influence on this         depiction of a completely naïve couple
writer’s later high school years that he     who have yet to be subjugated by life’s
began to indifferently shrug at reckless     cruelty. The track is an indication of the
abandon. It’s even arguable that “Blink-     kind of slow, grueling, miserable ride
ing Lights” rivaled Red Hot Chili Pep-       we’re hopping on; the following seven
per’s “Stadium Arcadium” for the most        tracks convey strictly emotions of pity                                                                                
conclusive double-album set of the first     and self-doubt (in “Unhinged” Everett            Mark Oliver Everett of the Eels.
half of the decade. Its misery, fused with   finally breaks this streak and calls his
the mirth of Everett’s ingenious childlike   lover “crazy”).                                  as minimalist as Eels comes: acoustic                 Thus, elements of past Eels still remain;
wit, gave this album its ability to reach       “On My Feet” which requires no fur-           guitars, pianos, soft drums and slow                  yet the resounding theme of mope is
brooding college students on a Wilco-        ther explanation, at least offers some sort      tempos abound. There are also plenty                  countered by nothing stronger than a
like level. The casual “Hey man, did         of emotional payoff.Yet after 40 minutes         of recognizable E-isms. The opening                   pitying giggle – resulting in contriv-
you hear the new Eels album?” was no         of disheartening hell, is it even neces-         lines of “A Line In The Dirt” serves as a             ance. Throughout “End Times,” Ever-
longer classified as a snobbish, sarcastic   sary? It’s like swallowing a multi-vitamin       lyrical high: “She locked herself in the              ett constantly reaffirms his position at
remark; people on a world-wide basis         after a weekend in Milwaukee – just not          bathroom again/So I am pissing in the                 the forefront of modern rock’s pack of
were, at last, experienced to the nuts-o     going to help things, really.                    yard/I have to laugh when I think how                 tragic figures. And the listener has no
sounds of Everett’s diabolical world.           Not to say the music is necessar-             far it’s gone/But things aren’t funny                 no choice but to be reminded again and
   Enter “End Times”: Everett, accord-       ily lacking. Indeed, “End Times” is              anymore.”                                             again.

      “Teen Dream” offers maturity, vigor
Sam Bovard                                                                                                                                Yet each song adds more possibility to the pro-
Collegian Contributing Writer                                                                                                           digious sound this band can make. The repetitive
                                                                                                                                        guitar lines, double-time kick drum, and the re-
  We’ve seen the likes of “Teen Dream” before.                                                                                          sounding sound of crashing cymbals in the opening
   Beck’s iconic “Sea Change” album was released in                                                                                     “Zebra” instantly depict change and a break from
2002, amid the pinnacle of Beck’s goofiness following                                                                                   the subdued “Devotion.”
“Midnite Vultures” in 1999. “Sea Change,” no doubt,                                                                                       The whispery backing vocals that open “Norway,”
blew the minds of those who expected the candor of                                                                                      however, appeal to the allure of the dream-pop
Beck’s slacker caricature and, as Davis Fricke of Roll-                                                                                 sound that had previously defined Beach House;
ing Stone terms it, “coffee-house hip-hop.”                                                                                             likewise, more somber ballads like “Better Times”
   “Sea Change” was none of that. Rather, it was                                                                                        and “Silver Soul” have the heavy, churning gloom
Beck’s best album, signifying the farthest walk Beck                                                                                    familiar from earlier records. Thus, elements of the
ever took with his music. He was, for one gloriously                                                                                    old are fused with the new to make a profound
melancholy album, real.                                                                                                                 sound.
   Now, Beach House’s “Teen Dream” is not a weep-                                                                                          Perhaps the most pointed break from “Beach
ing album, yet something transcendent takes place                                                                                       House” and “Devotion” is the evolution of Legrand.
here as well. Beach House, following moderate success                                                                                   Her voice has matured from serving as an integral
with 2006’s self-titled “Beach House” and 2008’s “De-                                                                                   component to Beach House’s sonic echo to the
votion,” was all but figured out. The band’s shadowy,                                                                                   driving force in “Teen Dream.” Legrands’s voice in
dream pop-sound, distinctive as it might have been,                                                                                     a two-year span has morphed into something sultry
was fully realized.                                                                                                                     and soulful that adds depth to the emotional move-
   A growing concern then mounted in Beach House’s                                                                                      ment of Beach House’s latest creation.
following and critics alike: Are we ever going to get                                                                                      Scalley’s guitar work follows suit: his major chord
something new? The dark, blurry resonance of their                                                                                      riffing and abstract lines wrap the songs neatly
first two albums was good; but that was the worry.                                                                                      together.
“Beach House” and “Devotion” were blurred to-                                                                                             Together, Legrands and Scalley complement each
gether.                                                                                                                                 other like peanut butter and jelly.
   “Teen Dream” serves as the needed blood transfu-                                                                                        “Teen Dream,” like “Sea Change” eight years
                                                            Beach House recently released “Teen Dream,” exploring a                     ago, is a reminder that good things can come with
sion for Beach House. By far the most diverse album         fresh sound that departs from their prior albums.
of their three full-lengths, “Teen Dream” demon-                                                                                        change.
strates Beach House’s thoughtful growth. The distinct       and droning keyboards and Alex Scally's meandering
interplay between Victoria Legrand’s crooning voice         guitar riffs still remain intact.
Feb 12, 2010                                                      Entertainment                                                                                      11

  Ellen DeGeneres joins ‘American Idol’
Josclin Campbell
Collegian Contributing Writer

   On Sept. 9, 2009, comedian, talk show host and actress
Ellen DeGeneres announced that she was chosen to
replace Paula Abdul as the fourth judge on the ninth
season of Fox’s popular reality show “American Idol.”                                                                      The Guthrie Theater will be showing
Few were surprised by Abdul’s decision to not return to                                                                    “Avatar” daily at 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. with
the show, but many have been taken aback by the choice                                                                     Saturday and Sunday matinees at 12:30 and
to bring on DeGeneres.                                                                                                     3:30 p.m.There will be showings today at
   DeGeneres’ quirky personality and prankster tenden-                                                                     3:30 p.m. and Monday at 12:30 and 3:30 p.m.
cies (see YouTube video “Ellen Pranks Taylor Swift”)
make her hard to resist. She has received 12 Emmys,                                                                        The Grove City College Symphony Orches-
nine People’s Choice Awards , three American Comedy                                                                        tra will perform “An Enigma” tonight in
Awards and even a Kids’ Choice Award for her role as                                                                       Pew Fine Arts Center’s Ketler Auditorium
Dory in “Finding Nemo.” It is not her witty charm or                                                                       from 8 to 10 p.m.
stage presence that has “Idol” fans uneasy, but rather her
lack of experience in the music industry.                                                                                  Save a life on Monday by donating to the
   Abdul and each of the other three Idol judges have                                                                      Central Blood Bank.The blood drive will
strong connections to the music industry. While DeGe-                                                                      be held in the Intramural Room of the Physi-
neres has much experience in entertainment, her closest                                                                    cal Learning Center from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
link to music is her talk show, “Ellen,” which features
musical talents ranging from Lady Gaga to Joshua Radin                                                                     This Wednesday,Visionary Entrepreneur
to Foreigner. Some are worried that while DeGeneres                                                                        speaker Mr. Bill Strickland will speak on
has the ability to befriend musicians, she does not have                                                                   “The Art of Leadership” in Sticht Lecture
the technical skills or knowledge to judge a vocal com-                                
                                                                                                                           Hall from 7 until 8:30 p.m.
petition. Many point to DeGeneres’ guest judge appear-       DeGeneres will replace Paula Abdul on ‘American Idol.’
ance on “So You Think You Can Dance” last season as                                                                                       Compiled by Emily Kramer
evidence that she is inadequate for this position.           On Jan. 18, just days after this exclamation, Cowell an-                               and Emily Perper,
   DeGeneres addressed this concern while announcing         nounced that he will not return to Idol after the com-                   Collegian Entertainment Editors
her new position to her studio audience. She recognized      pletion of this season. DeGeneres joked to her talk-show
that she would not be able to look at the competition        audience that she is “trying not to take it personally”

with the mindset of a producer. DeGeneres hopes to be        that Cowell announced his departure from the show the
“the people’s point of view ... looking at it as a person    very day that she began her work as a judge. Fans have
that is going to buy that music.”                            swarmed the on-line “Idol” message boards, questioning
  “Idol’s” creator and executive producer Simon Fuller       DeGeneres’ value (or lack thereof) as a judge and Idol’s
agreed. “I could not be more excited to have Ellen join      future without Cowell.                                                PICK OF THE WEEK
the ‘American Idol’ family,” he said. “Her love of music        Regardless of the opinions surrounding the changes
and understanding of the American public will bring a        on the judges’ panel, “American Idol” is back with more       Nate Miller
unique human touch to our judging panel.” Some have          talent, heartwarming stories and catchy originals such
                                                                                                                           Collegian Contributing Writer
speculated that it is not a “unique human touch” that        as Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground.” DeGeneres has
Fuller is seeking, but rather the acquisition of DeGe-       shown nothing but enthusiasm for her new role on the             Remember the days of long car rides
neres’ CBS fan base.                                         show.                                                         in the minivan on the way to a family
   In an interview with Simon Cowell for Entertainment         “I'm thrilled to be the new judge on American Idol,”        vacation, when you would slip on your
Weekly magazine, Ellen discussed her judgment method.        she said. “I've watched since the beginning, and I've         headphones and stare out the window,
She joked that Cowell was on the panel for his harsh         always been a huge fan. So getting this job is a dream        daydreaming while the scenery went fly-
criticism; she intends to judge truthfully while maintain-   come true, and think of all the money I'll save from not      ing by?
ing her humorous outlook. DeGeneres was also asked           having to text my vote.”                                        The music demanded your attention,
about the possibility of Cowell leaving the show. She          Tune in to Fox on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to watch          and you were instantly swept away with-
said, “If Simon goes, I go!”                                 DeGeneres judge “American Idol.”                              out a worry in the world. Those days
                                                                                                                           may be long gone, but Woodpigeon’s

           2010 Academy Award Nominations                                                                                  “Die Stadt Muzikanten” is a reminiscent
                                                                                                                             Woodpigeon has recently made its way
 Best Picture                            Best Actress                            Best Animated Feature Film                state-side, hailing from Calgary, Canada.
 “Avatar”                                Sandra Bullock in “The Blindside”       “Coraline”                                  The eight-piece band excels at its
 “Crazy Heart”                           Helen Mirren in “The Last Station”      “Fantastic Mr. Fox”                       instrumentation, amply using lap steels,
 “The Blindside”                         Carey Mulligan in “An Education”        “The Princess and the Frog”               glockenspiels, flutes and a myriad of di-
 “Ditrict 9”                             Gabourey Sidibe in “Precious: Based     “The Secret of Kells”                     verse instruments. Each song is a gorgeous
 “An Education”                          on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”        “Up”                                      blend of their various instruments, master-
 “Precious: Based on the Novel           Meryl Streep in “Julie & Julia”                                                   fully designed in a folky, “orchestra-pop”
 ‘Push’ by Sapphire”                                                             Best Original Screenplay                  fashion.
 “A Serious Man”                         Best Supporting Actor                   “The Hurt Locker”                            Fans of Sufjan Stevens will find plenty
 “Up”                                    Matt Damon in “Invictus”                “Inglourious Basterds”                    to love in Woodpigeon. Stevens is a master
 “The Hurt Locker”                       Woody Harrelson in “The Mes-            “The Messenger”                           at developing beautiful compositions that
 “Up In the Air”                         senger”                                 “A Serious Man”                           create a scene and mood.
 “Inglourious Basterds”                  Christopher Plummer in “The Last        “Up”                                         Listening to “Die Stadt Muzikanten” is
                                         Station”                                                                          like listening to Stevens’ “Illinoise” album
 Best Director                           Stanley Tucci in “The Lovely            Best Original Soundtrack                  for the first time; you are transported to
 James Cameron for “Avatar”              Bones”                                  “Avatar”                                  their world of beauty and lost inside it.
 Kathryn Bigelow for “The Hurt           Christopher Waltz in “Inglourious       “Fantastic Mr. Fox”                         While you may not be going on long
 Locker”                                 Basterds”                               “The Hurt Locker”                         family car rides anytime soon, “Die Stadt
 Quentin Tarantino for “Inglourious                                              “Sherlock Holmes”                         Muzikanten” is an album that to be highly
 Basterds”                               Best Supporting Actress                 “Up”                                      recommended for your own drives. Check
 Lee Daniels for “Precious: Based on     Penelope Cruz in “Nine”                                                           out the songs “Woodpigeon vs. Eagleowl
 the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”           Vera Farmiga in “Up in the Air”         Best Cinematography                       (Strength in Numbers)” and “My Denial
 Jason Reitman for “Up in the Air”       Maggie Gyllenhaal in “Crazy             “Avatar”                                  in Argyle.”
                                         Heart”                                  “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood            Tune in to 91.1 FM or visit
 Best Actor                              Anna Kendrick in “Up in the Air”        Prince”                                   to hear songs from Woodpigeon and other
 Jeff Bridges in “Crazy Heart”           Mo’Nique in “Precious: Based on         “The Hurt Locker”                         great new indie rock.
 George Clooney in “Up in the Air”       the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”           “Inglourious Basterds”
 Colin Firth in “A Single Man”                                                   “The White Ribbon”
 Morgan Freeman in “Invictus”
 Jeremy Renner in “The Hurt Locker”
12                                                                          Perspectives                                                        Feb. 12, 2010

                              Part III of a continuing series                                                        PERSPECTIVES BORED
  Sabbath reveals God’s character                                                                                   Top napkin uses
  Christians exhorted to recognize their Creator                                                                   at Hicks Cafeteria
Justin Olson                           of Israel.                              We often read the opening of
Perspectives Board                        When God gave the Sabbath         Ps. 19, “The heavens declare the
                                       on Sinai, it was not a foreign       glory of God,” as a statement
   The Old Testament often             concept to the Israelites. Ex.       of general revelation. Beyond
seems a little harsh, if not severe.   20:8 reads, “Remember the            this, creation demands that we
When we read of how an Isra-           Sabbath, to keep it holy.” With      acknowledge God alone as the
elite was executed for picking         the word “remember,” God             Creator. He is the primary actor
up sticks on the Sabbath (Num.         was not calling the Israelites to    in the universe, and without His
15:36), we are glad that we live       some new practice, but to an old     creative efforts we would have
in the age of grace. But just be-      one. God instituted the Sab-         no ability to do anything.
cause God has changed His rules        bath in the Garden of Eden, not         When God tells us to rest and
of enforcement doesn’t mean            on Mount Sinai. God uses that        consider what He has done, He’s
that the spirit of the law has also    reference to justify why it makes    saying that we are not the center
changed.                               the list.                            of the universe. He is. God
   The Old Testament said we              Ex. 20:11 continues, “For in      is more than the Lord of our
should execute children who            six days the LORD made the           hearts and therefore worthy to
were relentlessly rebellious           heavens and the earth, the sea       demand our worship; He is also
toward their parents (Deut.            and all that is in them, and rest-   the Lord of time, and has the
20:18-21). Thankfully, we adopt        ed on the seventh day; therefore     right to dictate our use of it.
a different approach to helping        the LORD blessed the Sabbath            He doesn’t want us to just
troubled teens today, but we still     day and made it holy.” It would      mentally acknowledge his
believe that God commands              make no sense to quote this          creative office; He wants us to
children to honor their parents.       passage if it were not meant to      literally stop what we are doing
If this is the case, shouldn’t the     help Israel understand why this      and physically recognize who
spirit of the fourth command-          command was part of universal        He is. Much in the same way
ment continue as well?                 morality.                            that 21st-century individuals
   In my most recent article, I           This verse often puzzles us       think they are too good to need
said that God’s character is most      because we don’t know how            a savior, they think they are too
succinctly stated in the Ten           to relate the idea of rest with      autonomous to submit to some-
Commandments. They are the             the act of creation. But think       one else’s schedule.
picture of perfection by which         about it; if you had just finished      From this observation, it’s
we understand what it means to         making something that no             no coincidence that the Old
grow in conformity to Christ’s         one had ever made before, you        Testament links God’s of-
image as believers. I now come         would want to show everyone          fice of Creator with His office
to my beliefs about the Sabbath        the magnificent fruit of your        of Redeemer in the Sabbath.
itself and how the command             labors. Magnify that demonstra-      Deuteronomy’s reiteration of
reflects God’s character.              tive impulse by a billion and you    the command shows this. It
   In the Old Testament, the Sab-      begin to approach the intensity      reads, “Remember that you
bath was a memorial to God’s           of God’s desire to proclaim His      were slaves in
creation and to His redemption         glorious work.                       Egypt and that       SABBATH 13
                                                                                                                                                         - Paige Polesnak

  THE GROVER SHUFFLE                                                              Caitlin Jenkins
                                                                                                                  GREEN EYESHADE AWARD
                                                                                                                                              This week’s award goes to
                                                                                                                                            freshman Kevin Hanse for his
                                                                                                                                            engaging photos of the Mr. En-
                                                                                                                                            gineer pagaent and for general
                                                                                                                                            photographic excellence during
                                                                                                                                            the 2009-10 academic year.
                                                                                                                                              The Collegian Green Eye-
                                                                                                                                            shade Award honors student
                                                                                                                                            contributors who have demon-
                                                                                                                                            strated consistency and excel-
                                                                                                                                            lence in their work.
                                                                                                                    Kevin Hanse                Each week, The Collegian
                                                                                                                                           advisers select a reporter, phot-
                                                                                                                 grapher or business personnel member who has made a
                                                                                                                 valuable contribution to the paper. Winners receive a $5
                                                                                                                 voucher to the GeDunk.
                                                                                                                    Instituted in 2006, the award is sponsored by the Col-
                                                                                                                 lege’s Communications Office. It makes a valuable addi-
                                                                                                                 tion to a portfolio or resume.

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 Feb. 12, 2010                                                          Perspectives                                                                                       13

The dangers of cybersecurity                                                                                                                    SABBATH
                                                                                                                                                from page 12
Paige Polesnak                      dent says so. He can designate      rooms because they might           into software development            the LORD your God brought
Collegian Contributing Writer       banking networks, credit-card       lead to political thought? And     and network protection rather        you out of there with a mighty
                                    carriers, etc., and have them       what about news stories on         than working on what to do to        hand and an outstretched arm.
   Should the government            disconnected or accessed as he      anti-government protests?          resolve issues if one arrives?       Therefore the LORD your God
reserve rights to the Internet?     sees fit, “without regard to any    Will those be deleted from the        I don’t mean to sound like a      has commanded you to observe
Three senators think so.            provision of law, regulation,       American channels of commu-        conspiracy theorist about the        the Sabbath day.” Although the
   The Cybersecurity Act of         rule, or policy restricting such    nication?                          Cybersecurity Act. The bill is       Sabbath was a memorial to
2009 is a bill proposed by          access.”                               Potential catastrophes are      not intrinsically evil in and of     God’s universal office as Creator
Sen. John Rockefeller (D-W.            This bill is currently in the    called “cyber-Katrinas” and        itself. The development of this      of all mankind, it was a particu-
Va.), co-sponsored by Evan          first steps of the legislative      “cyber-9/11s” to emphasize         cadre of informational technol-      lar memorial of God’s redemp-
Bayh (D- Ind.), Bill Nelson         process, recently referred to       our vulnerability, but what        ogy professionals is a great idea    tion of the nation of Israel.
(D- Fla.) and Olympia Snowe         the U.S. Senate Commerce,           does a cyber attack entail? The    for the protection of our coun-      Another reason to regard the
(R-Maine). They propose to          Science and Transportation          2009 Annual Threat Assess-         try’s computerized systems.          day as “holy.”
maintain Internet and Intranet      Committee. Committees like          ment discusses how a cyber            But my greatest concern is           When God juxtaposed
commerce by developing a            this one often do not provide       attack against a major financial   the definition of the network        redemption with creation in
specialized cadre of informa-       electronic voting results or        service provider could harm        systems and the power to edit,       Deuteronomy, He made it clear
tional technology specialists to    publish the resulsts in an un-      the national economy or how        access and shut them down            that redemption is all about
protect the United States from      derstandable format.                nations and criminals could        without any notice or permis-        restoration. It is about return-
a “cyber attack” or disruption.        Rockefeller proposed this        use public and private sector      sion from those who usually          ing to the created norm in a
   Though this bill sounds like     bill “for the good of the           information to increase their      regulate these websites. Instead     sort of “new creation.” After the
a good idea, there are problems.    people.” But can the Ameri-         commerical advantages.             of this absolute power, an ap-       fall, humankind was impotent
If passed, it would allow “state,   can people be assured that this        In another example, the bill    proval system should be put in       to fulfill its chief end: to glorify
local and nongovernmen-             power over the Internet will be     notes, “Cyber attacks against      place for each site to avoid the     and enjoy God. But God did
tal information systems and         used for their protection, and      physical infrastructure com-       corruption or bribery of those       not leave us in
networks in the United States       not as a means to censor their      puter systems such as those        put in power.                           futility. Rather, He began
designated by the president as      main source for information?        that control power grids or oil       The only defense we have          His faithful work of redemp-
critical infrastructure informa-       In 1675, King Charles II of      refineries have the potential to   against this is knowledge. With      tion with the nation of Israel
tion systems and networks” to       England shut down the use of        disrupt services for hours or      your newly acquired knowl-           by showing it who He was and
be under presidential subjuga-      coffee houses, as he believed       weeks.”                            edge of the S.773 bill, you can      how He ought to be worshiped.
tion.                               they were hotbeds for those            As bad as this sounds, are we   write to your state representa-      Salvation is, in this light, the
   By this language, we have        conspiring against him. Are we      willing to give up our abso-       tives and advise them as you         return to a creational norm, not
no way of knowing which             going be under similar circum-      lute freedom of the Internet       see fit, because one day you         some new category of existence.
specific systems and networks       stances? Could this bill lead to    in order to be protected on        may not have the opportunity         Redemption restores us to the
may qualify for this govern-        the shutting down of network-       the off-chance of an attack?       to write them at all ... at least,   life that we were intended to
ment control until the presi-       ing sites, blog spots and chat      Shouldn’t more worry be put        not via email.                       live and to full enjoyment of
                                                                                                                                                God for who He truly is.
                                                                                                                                                   The Sabbath is all about God.

Facebook group ‘Overheard at GCC’ earns mixed reviews                                                                                           The spirit of His fourth com-
                                                                                                                                                mand, you might say, is creation
                                                                                                                                                and redemption, a celebration
Lydia Smith                         questionable humor. Oh, and         ed, others may be disturbed to     at ourselves                         of God as the primary actor and
Perspectives Board                  remember to watch what you          know that everything they say         2) to assuage guilt by insert-    initiator of life, existence and
                                    say. One in three people is lis-    as a joke could be broadcast to    ing cynical distance                 salvation. On the Sabbath we, as
   “Overheard on GCC” is            tening, and that joke with your     the world, including audiences        3) to propagate negative self-    dependent creatures, acknowl-
a paradox: stereotypical and        friends might become Internet       for whom it was not intended.      images (and the accompanying         edge who God is in the fullness
un-Grover at the same time.         fodder.                             It adds a sad paranoia to the      guilt) without offering any          of His character. In this way, we
Here we have a place where                                              loose atmosphere of a class (or    positive changes.                    begin to understand the essence
horribly (or purposefully) mis-     Luke Juday                          even a friendly conversation)         It seems that most of the uses    of the day and how it fits into
construed interpretations, frat     Perspectives Board                  and will push professors to be     of the term “Grover” fall into       the broader revelation of God’s
bathroom banter, comments by                                            “too dull for the Internet.”       the third category. Though           character in the Ten Command-
naïve students and humorous           G.K. Chesterton once wrote:                                          such remarks may be amusing,         ments.
advice from professors all come     “For fear of the newspapers         Jonathan Riddle                    they don’t amount to much               This discussion, however, is
together in a veritable hodge-      politicians are dull, and at last   Perspectives Board                 more than unhelpful sarcasm.         only one side of the picture.
podge. Is the Overheard page        they are too dull even for the                                                                              God gave even greater clar-
good for the campus? Yes. It’s a    newspapers.” The only real             As best as I can tell, the      Alex Pepper                          ity on the full meaning of this
good reminder that no matter        problem with “Overheard at          many self-deprecating jokes        Perspectives Board                   day to the Church in the New
how “Authentically Chris-           GCC” is that it’s become a          told by Grove City College                                              Testament. This subsequent
tian” a school may be, it’s still   cesspool for offhand comments       students serve one of three          I am ambivalent to its exis-       and progressive revelation had
a collection of maturing 18 to      by professors. While some pro-      purposes:                          tence. Any good or ill it does is    implications for the Sabbath that
22-year-olds with sometimes         fessors may enjoy being quot-          1) to have a genuine laugh      rendered null by its triviality.     must be discussed another time.

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   I would like to express my disappointment with the recent article written by
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Dayne Batten in the Feb. 6 issue of The Collegian. While I appreciate the effort
to encourage students to purchase from locally owned eating establishments, I am                    Anonymous letters will not be printed.
unhappy that you tell the students to think about not buying from one chain [Little
Caesar’s] by making reference to the fact that another chain store may not be able to
endure the pizza war [Four Star]. There are only two independent pizza restaurants
in Grove City: Coffaro’s and mine, Jordan’s Restaurant & Pizzeria.
   What needs to be brought to the attention of the students is the 3/50 project.
You can view the website and details at The 3/50 project
is dedicated to saving the small independent business of all local communities across
the U.S. Thank you.

  Michael Zorbas
  Owner of Jordan’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
14                                                                                Sports                                                                  Feb. 12, 2010

Wolverine women hurdle Cougars
                 Team moves forward to 7-4 in PAC play
                                                                           Abigail Keifman                        the defensive or offensive end,       Gebrosky has two seasons
                                                                           Collegian Writer                       and she is always looking for      ahead of her on this basketball
                                                                                                                  the open player or the hole in     team, and she is looking for-
                                                                              Watch some nature shows on          the defense.                       ward to both of them.
                                                                           television and you’ll find that           She and the rest of the           “Next season, I am look-
                                                                           cougars often land on the list         women on the team have been        ing forward to just getting the
                                                                           of scariest animals, but even          working hard to get to where       opportunity to play again,”
                                                                           they can fall to Wolverines.           they are this season, and they     she said. “I love playing this
                                                                              Grove City tore up Cha-             are working hard to finish out     sport, so getting the chance
                                                                           tham Univesrity’s Cougars on           the season well.                   to do that on a daily basis for
                                                                           Wednesday, Feb. 3 in a 57-40              Gebrosky said, “With the        six months out of the year is
                                                                           win. The Wolverines improved           end of the season coming up,       amazing.”
                                                                           to 7-4 in the President’s              we are focusing on finishing          Even though some players
                                                                           Athletic Conference (PAC)              the season strong with the last    will leave and new players will
                                                                           and 10-10 overall. The game            of our games. This is where        come, it is the cycle of college
                                                                           scheduled on Saturday, Feb. 7,         we can prove to everyone how       teams. Gebrosky has already
                                                                           against Bethany College, was           good we really are and end the     learned much from the women
                                                                           rescheduled.                           season on a positive note. The     before her and is ready to start
                                                                              Sophomore guard Megan               goal for the team at this point    teaching the players after her.
                                                                           Gebrosky scored a career-high          is to stick together and com-        “I look up to the upperclass-
                                                                           19 points while junior forward         municate with one another to       men with so much respect
                                                                           Christine Slater moved up to           achieve a strong finish in the     for them and how they play
                                                                           ninth on the all-time scorers’         conference.”                       the game,” she said. “I look at
                                                                           list, adding 11 for Grove City.           Gebrosky, who enjoys watch-     the underclassmen as a group
                                                                           Senior forward Krista Beechy           ing the North Carolina Tar         of girls that I can help grow
                                                                           recorded 10 points as well.            Heels play with her aunt, has      on and off the court. They’ve
                                                                              Senior forward Laura Miller         found more than a team with        become like sisters to me.”
                                                                           snagged a game-high seven              this group of girls.                 There is only one week left
                                                                           rebounds, while Grove City                “As a sophomore, the rest of    in the 2009-2010 season for
                                                                           grabbed 16 offensive rebounds.         the team has become a fam-         the Wolverines, but Gebrosky
                                                                           The Wolverines dominated the           ily to me,” Gebrosky said. “We     knows that they are not quite
                                                                           rebounding, snagging 37 to             spend so much time together,       done yet.
                                                                           Chatham’s 23.                          whether it’s at practices or         “We have played so hard
                                                                              Gebrosky brings energy to           games or hanging out on the        from the beginning of the sea-
                                                                           the court that everyone can            weekends, that I don’t know        son; we need to be consistent
                                                                           feel from the stands. Her feet         what I would do without these      and finish that way,” she said.
                                                                           are always moving, whether at          girls.”

                                                                            Student-athletes exercise
                                                             Dave Miller
Junior forward Christine Slater is currently ninth on the all-time
                                                                               both mind and body
scorers’ list for Grove City College Women’s Basketball. The team          Emily Franz                            times are longer in college than   and studying for a test the next
defeated Chatham University on Feb. 3 with a victory of 57-40.             Collegian Contributing Writer          in high school. Combining both     morning.
                                                                                                                  sports and academics tends to         “It never really stops,” Witt
                                                                              Is it possible to excel at sports   push students to a whole new       said.

                                                                           and academics at Grove City            level of dedication.                  According to Breese, week-
                                                                           College?                                 Competing in college often       ends are often spent doing
                                                                              It might be tough, but fresh-       means spending more time on        work instead of more enjoyable
                                                                           man Mary Kate Breese, junior                                               activities such as hanging out
                     Updates from last week                                Chuck Witt and senior Lisa                                                 with friends. Sleep can often
                                                                           Baldwin are a few of the 34            It’s not always easy, but           get cut short.
                                                                           student-athletes who are pull-                                                So why put oneself through
                                                                           ing it off. They have not only         I chose to do it.                   such a stressful, rigorous life-
                       Women’s Basketball
                                                                           succeeded in their sports but                                              style? The team experience, the
                          ( record 10-10 )                                                                                            Chuck Witt
                                                                           have also excelled in their aca-                                           love of the sport and the desire
 Wed. Feb. 3                               Grove City 57
                                                                           demics as honor-roll students.                                             to succeed seem to be common
                                           Chatham 40
                                                                              Participating in a college                                             denominators for honor-roll
                                                                           sport is much more demand-             the road, particularly on the      athletes.
                                                                           ing than participating in high         weekends. Baldwin remarked            “It’s not always easy, but I
                  Men’s Swimming and Diving                                school.                                that the team travels one to       chose to do it,” Witt said. For
                         ( record 11-2 )                                      Breese, who is a cross country      two hours on average for away      him, the soccer team makes it
 Thurs. Feb 4                            Grove City 171                    runner, said, “Everything takes        matches. Both Baldwin and Witt     worthwhile.
                                         Westminster 126                   a lot longer.” She explained that      said that doing work on the bus       As a freshman, Breese found
                                                                           there is more homework and             is not easy.                       the cross country team to be a
                                                                           more studying required at the             With an average of at least     good way to get connected in
                 Women’s Swimming and Diving                               College.                               10 hours a week in practice        college. Baldwin, likewise, said
                         ( record 12-1 )                                     Witt, a soccer player, also          (excluding meets), study time      she would not trade the tennis
                                                                           remarked that time is more             can get pushed to odd hours.       team for anything.
 Thurs. Feb. 4                          Grove City 172                     precious in college than in high       During the height of the soc-         It seems that honor-roll ath-
                                        Westminter 121                     school.                                cer season, Witt said that the     letes manage to get everything
                                                                             Women’s tennis team captain,         single hardest thing is coming     done in the end.
                                                                           Baldwin, noted that practice           home late from a game he lost
Feb. 12, 2010                                                                 Sports                                                                                  15

                                                                                        Women enters PACs No. 1
                                                                                         Regular swim season ends 13-1
                                                                                        Andrew Parry                                (1:02.12) and the 100-yard butterfly
                                                                                        Collegian Writer                            (1:00.33).
                                                                                                                                       Other big winners were Riesmeyer
                                                                                          The Grove City College women              in the 200-yard butterfly with a time
                                                                                        swimmers won their first meet at West-      of 2:16.09 and fellow freshman Natalie
                                                                                        minster College in over 10 years. The       Keibler, who took first in the 200-yard
                                                                                        women rallied together and stuck it to      backstroke in an impressive comeback
                                                                                        the Titans for a final score of 176-121,    (2:15.70).
                                                                                        marking the thirteenth victory of the          Another freshman, Angela Palumbo,
                                                                                        season – a program record.                  took first in the 100-yard freestyle with
                                                                                          The women took control from the           a winning time of 53.81. Wilt also took a
                                                                                        very beginning. Freshmen Jenny Ryan,        first place finish in the 200-yard breast-
                                                                                        sophomore Kate Wilt, freshman Kait          stroke with a time of 2:29.70.
                                                                                 ESPN   Riesmeyer and junior Sarah Page took           Grove City ended the meet by tak-
Quarterback Drew Brees poses with the Lombardi trophy after winning the Super           the first relay – the 400-yard medley –     ing first in the 400-yard freestyle relay.
Bowl on Sunday. The Saints defeated the Colts 31-17.                                    in 4:05.16.                                 Palumbo, Keibler, sophomore Jenna
                                                                                          One of the best performances came         Richert and junior Lauren Baur took

Saints win Super Bowl
                                                                                        from sophomore diver Bethany John-          the relay in 3:42.55. The end of the
                                                                                        son who swept both the 1-meter and          meet marked the conclusion of another
                                                                                        3-meter diving events. Johnson won          record-shattering season for the Wolver-
                                                                                        with scores of 212.45 and 202.45,           ines.
Chris Wetzel                                of Colts receiver Hank Baskett.             respectively.                                 The victorious team will return to
Collegian Writer                              The Saints promptly marched the rest        Another dominating performance this       action on Thursday, when Grove City
                                            of the way to the end zone with Pierre      week came from Ryan, who took first         College will host the President’s Athletic
   For the third year in a row, the Super   Thomas (what other Super Bowl has           place in both the 100-yard backstroke       Conference Championships.
Bowl has played out as one of the best      had two players named Pierre partici-
games of the season. Instead of the all-    pate, let alone score?) making a dazzling
too-frequent anticlimactic Super Bowls      16-yard run on a screen play to give the
(case in point: San Francisco defeated      Saints a three-point lead.
Denver 55-10 in 1990’s Super Bowl              Indianapolis responded with a
XXIV), fans have been treated to a          touchdown drive of its own, capped off
dramatic performance.                       by a four-yard Joseph Addai run that
   Indianapolis dominated early on, with    restored the Colts’ confidence. Any mo-
Peyton Manning placing the ball in          mentum was quickly negated, however,
small windows with exceptional preci-       when New Orleans responded with 10
sion, notably to tight end Dallas Clark.    unanswered points, including a Jeremy
The most surprising aspect of the Colts’    Shockey touchdown reception from
early control was the consistency of the    Brees, and a two-point conversion on a
ground attack.                              spectacular individual effort by receiver
   Indianapolis ranked dead last in rush-   Lance Moore.
ing offense this season, but Joseph Addai     The stage was set for what would
had a number of slashing runs behind        become the defining play of the game.
center Jeff Saturday and guard Ryan         The Colts drove down the field, ap-                                                                                       Dave Miller
Lilja, before Manning connected with        pearing poised to tie the game in the       Senior Kyle Grubbs has proven to be a integral player on the men’s swim team, win-
Pierre Garcon on a 19-yard go route         final minutes as they have done so          ning the 1-meter and 3-meter boards during the Feb. 4 over Westminster.
for a touchdown.                            many times before. But instead they
   Defensive end Dwight Freeney over-       faced a third down and five at the New
came a serious ankle injury to become       Orleans 31-yard line.
a major disrupting force, beating double
teams and once bull-rushing left tackle
                                               On that fateful play, Peyton Manning
                                            tried to find go-to receiver Reggie         Men finalize season with victory
Jermon Bushrod, knocking him back           Wayne on near the left hash, but failed
several steps and eventually taking down    to account for the closing speed of         Andrew Parry                                later took first in the 500-yard freestyle
Drew Brees with one hand.                   Saints cornerback Tracy Porter, who         Collegian Writer                            with a dominating time of 4:52.22.
   In a 10-0 hole heading into the          stepped in front, intercepted the pass,                                                    Other individual victories came from
second quarter, New Orleans began           and sprinted 74 yards for a game-sealing      The Grove City College men’s swim         junior Camden Coppelli in the 100-
to find an offensive rhythm, putting        Saints touchdown.                           team finished the season by partying        yard backstroke, in comeback fashion
together back-to-back field goal drives        Just when everyone thought they had      like it was 1994 – the last year the Wol-   with a time of 55.14 seconds. Sopho-
that pulled them within four points of      seen this scenario before, it suddenly      verines beat rival Westminster Titans       more Ben Bowser also took first in the
Indianapolis.                               ended very differently, with Manning        in their own pool. Sixteen years later,     200-yard individual medley with a time
   Drew Brees was superb the entire         making a critical mistake in the clutch.    Grove City redeemed many years of           of 2:00.40, while Coppelli had a strong
game, resisting the temptation to force       Still, it would be a mistake to blame     losses to pile up a 171-126 victory over    second place finish.
downfield throws in an effort to create     Manning alone for the Colts’ loss. It       the Titans.                                   The meet concluded the regular swim
the momentum-changing big plays that        was his only consequential mistake of          After narrowly missing the first win     season for Grove City. The meet against
have been the signature of the Saints’      the night, and the Indianapolis defense     in the 400-yard medley relay, Grove         Bethany College was canceled due to
offense during his tenure as quarter-       simply failed to stop MVP Drew Brees,       City started raking in points by sweep-     inclement weather. The meet was sup-
back.                                       who completed 32 of 39 passes for           ing the freestyle events. Sophomore         posed to be senior recognition night
   Instead, Brees calmly carved up the      nearly 300 yards on the night. The New      Kirk Gagliardo took first place in the      for seniors Seth Zimmerman, Andrew
Indianapolis cover-2 with gains of 7        Orleans Saints truly earned their place     50-yard freestyle with a time of 22.44      Ashleigh, Lincoln Larsen, Rich Albert-
to 15 yards. This allowed his sizeable      as world champions, and NFL Weekly          seconds. He went on to win the 100-         son, Tucker Gregg, Matt Green and Kyle
receivers to settle down in soft spots in   heartily congratulates them.                yard freestyle in 48.36 seconds.            Grubbs.
the Colts’ zone and use their bodies to                                                   To continue the winning spree, two          The Wolverines will finish off their
shield smaller Colt defenders.                 Note: This is the final regular NFL      freshmen stepped up and took down           last week of taper and return to action
  The big plays for New Orleans came        Weekly column of this year, though one      the longer distance races. Eric Fairchild   in the President’s Athletic Conference
from two far less likely sources than       or two free agency and draft-related        won the 200-yard freestyle in a time of     Championships held here at Grove City
Brees. The first occurred at the begin-     articles may appear. If you have sugges-    1:47.36, and Alex Mathews took first in     College in the Longnecker Natatorium
ning of the second half when coach          tions or comments on what you would         both of the distance events, which the      beginning on Feb. 18.
Sean Payton called an onside kick to        like to see from NFL Weekly next year,      Titans had previously dominated.              The team aims for its first “3-peat”
open the half, which New Orleans            please send them to wetzelca1@gcc.             Mathews first won the 1000-yard          since the 1990s.
recovered after it glanced off the hands    edu.Thanks for reading this season!         freestyle with a time of 10:03.52, and
16                                                                                 Sports                                                          Feb. 12, 2010

       Ski club chases winter thrills
Sarah Hill                                   Lifetime memberships for active
Collegian Contributing Writer             members of the club cost $30 for
                                          freshmen, $25 for sophomores,
  The Grove City College ski and          $20 for juniors and $15 for
snowboard club is a welcome outlet        seniors. Joel Metz, club
for anyone craving winter action.         treasurer, handles all pay-
Recently, the club visited Holiday        ments of dues.
Valley in New York for a night trip.         Currently, the ski club
  Junior Ben Chapman, a lifetime          offers a yearly member-
member, said, “Good trails and a          ship for only $15. This
good group always makes for a great       yearly membership can
time! The thrill of night skiing is       be used by individuals
hard to match. Whether it be on a         who are just learning
half pipe or a trail running through      to ski or snowboard.
the woods, there is just something           Students wanting
more exciting about racing down           further information
the slopes with the moon and stars        about the ski and snow-
overhead.”                                board club can check out
  Junior Inge Rasmussen, who also         the club’s official blog at
went on the trip, said, “I really enjoy
skiing with ski club because you get      or send an email of inquiry to
to be with all of your friends but
meet new people at the same time.”           Sophomore Jennifer Hilterman
  The club has more trips planned         said, “It’s a great way to get to know
for this semester. On Saturday they       people with common interests. I get                                                                             Ian T. Coble, Getty Images
will travel to Holiday Valley, NY. Feb.   to go new places to ride. I get to
24-27, they will trek to Mont Trem-       shred it up!”                                    The ski club offers members the chance to experience the joys of winter.
blant, Canada.

   Wolverines gear up for intense season
Team welcomes newcomers in quest for PAC trophy
                                                                                                                                     perienced upperclassmen, dedicated to
                                                                                                                                     bringing home the PAC trophy.”
                                                                                                                                       This year, the team will head to
                                                                                                                                     Florida, where the Wolverines will
                                                                                                                                     play nine games against various teams
                                                                                                                                     from around the country.
                                                                                                                                        Senior Jessica Hodge said, “The
                                                                                                                                     Florida trip is great because it allows
                                                                                                                                     us to become accustomed to playing
                                                                                                                                     outdoors without worrying about a
                                                                                                                                     frozen field.”
                                                                                                                                       After returning from the south, the
                                                                                                                                     team will begin conference play, fac-
                                                                                                                                     ing rival teams such as Westminster
                                                                                                                                     College, Geneva College and Bethany
                                                                                                                                        Junior Will Burgess, No. 1 fan for
                                                                                                                                     the team, is anticipating a great season
                                                                                                                                     as well: “I enjoyed watching all the
                                                                                                                                     games last year and can’t wait to see
                                                                                                                                     them dominate!”
                                                                                                                                        Everyone on the team is hoping to
                                                                                                                                     practice their motto: unity, tenacity,
                                                                                                                       Chelle Fuss   intensity.
The women’s softball team, consisting of 18 players, prepares both mind and body for the upcoming season. The season begins on
March 16 against Allegheny College.
                                                                                                                                                      Support Your
Christine Slater                               The overall record was 16-20 and
                                             7-7 in the President’s Athletic Confer-
                                                                                       wheels” and was 15 for 17 in stolen
                                                                                       bases for the season. Young and Lohr
Collegian Contributing Writer
                                             ence (PAC).                               were selected as the team captains for
   The Grove City College varsity soft-        Junior Lauren Pennell was unstop-       this year.                                          Men’s Basketball
ball team kicked off the season with its     pable on the mound, pitching in 35          Young said, “I love softball season!              Sat. 7:30 p.m. Geneva (A)
first practice of the year on Monday,        of 36 total games. She pitched a total    I am stoked for the upcoming season                 Wed. 8 p.m. St. Vincent (H)
Jan. 25.                                     of 201.2 innings and had an ERA of        and look forward to making it to PAC
   Last year the team had a bumpy but        3.68.                                     playoffs this year.”                                Women’s Basketball
exciting season. The Wolverines started        Junior Christine Slater led the team      The softball team is excited to bring             Sat. 5:30 p.m. Geneva (A)
off with a promising 6-0 record in the       with a batting average of .391 and 43     back nine softball players from last                Wed. 6 p.m. St. Vincent (H)
conference, but the next six games           hits.                                     season, and they are welcoming nine
resulted in losses.                            Junior Brittany Young was second        newcomers to the 2010 team.                         Swimming and Diving
   As the season came to a close, the        on the team with 18 RBIs and cur-           “I’m anticipating a great season,”                Thurs. 10 a.m.
women were just shy of making the            rently holds the school record for        said Chelle Fuss, head coach of the                   PAC Championship (H)
playoffs, but played hard until the last     homeruns.                                 women’s softball team. “We have a                           (Feb. 18-20)
inning.                                        Junior Heidi Lohr had the “team         perfect blend of young talent and ex-

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