Web_Searching_Activity by nuhman10


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                                               Web Searching
       Complete the following search activity using the search methods discussed.

          1. Go to Google and search for rules. How many results were found? What is the name
             of the first page in the list of hits?

          2. Now search for backgammon rules. How many results were found? Click on the first
             page and look for a picture of how a backgammon board is initially set up. When you
             find one, copy the picture in the answer slot along with the website you got it from. If
             you cannot find one or the first site doesn’t work, select different pages in the list or hits
             or perform another search until you find the proper illustration, and then copy the
             picture and make sure you put the web address.

          3. Now, go to altavista.com. Look up hiking trails in Georgia. How many sites (results) did
             they find? (Look carefully for answer!) Choose one and describe what was one the
             page. List the description as well as the address.

          4. Go to bing.com. Complete a search for private information on the internet. How many
             sites on the first page are irrelevant to what you are actually looking for?

          5. Go to bing.com. Complete a search for Elephants. How many sites reference African
             Elephants on the first 2 pages that are listed? Copy and paste one of the pictures you
             find here and the website you find it from.

          6. Go to dmoz.org. Search teen behavior. What types of results are displayed? Are the
             results consistent? List the top topic that pops up and list your thoughts as well.

          7. Go to www.webcrawler.com. Search Under the Yellow Pages tab. Look up Shopping
             with the zip code = 30253. What comes up? List at least 5. Now…change the search to
             Shopping Malls and instead of the zip code…put Atlanta. What changes? Explain.

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