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					          LAKEVIEW CHURCH
         1 8 2 1 S H E R IDA N ROA D
         ZION, ILLINOIS 60099
          W W W. L V C H U R C H . O R G

 A N N UA L R EPO RT 20 1 0


           FOUND FAITHFUL.
           1 S T C OR IN T H IAN S 4 : 1 - 2

                        Les Martin

                        Teaching Pastor

                        Jim Ulrich

                       Associate Pastor

                     Craig Anthony

                   Director of Music Ministry
                              LAKEVIEW CHURCH - DRAFT

                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2010

                                                                 TA B L E O F C ON T E N T S

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                                             S TA F F R E P ORT S

                                             SENIOR PASTOR

An annual report is hard to write, but perhaps even more difficult to read a year later by the person who
wrote it! At least that would be true for me. I usually begin preparation for the annual report by reading
last year‟s report. My frustration is the same in ministry as with my personal life. It too often sounds like a
brief generic summary of the year followed by several New Year‟s resolutions. All we need to do is
change the date and we are set for another year because we really have done little or nothing to
accomplish the goals of the year before and much of the time, what needed attention last year needs even
more attention this year. Problems seldom repair themselves. Please do not misunderstand. I am not
really cynical, nor am I particularly discouraged. I am trying to be realistic about where we are and where
I am. I also want to commit to doing something more than just reporting where we are.

Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I have bought exercise equipment, considered a few
diets, set what I thought were realistic goals for weight loss and even endured regular physical
examinations from my doctor who graciously challenges me every year to do something about it. I
usually promise that in fact I have already made some adjustments and next year there will be less of me
to examine. As the date of that annual exam draws near, the panic sets in – the scales don‟t lie. I am in
trouble! Spiritual life and ministry life are eerily similar. When I see myself, and the church, barely
moving, I think, “We need to do something.” So the wheels start turning. Ideas become dreams and
maybe even objectives, but not much goes from paper to finished project. I wonder if I have managed to
miss another year‟s opportunities to make progress for the glory of God. I understand that spiritual
progress is more difficult to measure than body fat, but there are some markers that indicate our
direction and speed and probable arrival time for reaching those goals. Pointing out the problems is
preaching to the choir. What we need is a little more, “Here is what we need to do. Come, follow me.”
By God‟s grace, I want to be among those who so respond. The OT concept, “Like priest, like people”
has never been my favorite verse, but the application to pastoral ministry is hard to ignore. It is time for
me to say more confidently and passionately, “Here is what we need to do. Come with me!”

I reported last year that we as a church had a relatively stable year. I noted concern with the educational
program of the church, particularly the children and youth Sunday school. The teachers are dedicated and
work hard, but the numbers are very small and that can be quite discouraging for teachers and students
alike. My suggestion was that we needed to encourage our own church attendees to bring their children
to SS. That has either not happened or has not been successful. That should not have surprised me
because we did little to try to change that. I propose that part of the responsibility of the leadership of
this church (staff and volunteer) must be to, one on one, encourage parents to bring their children and to
come as well. I also would like to see us establish at least one, if not two additional ABF‟s (Adult Bible
Fellowships) for parents of these children. The goal is not really just to have more children and adults in
SS, but it is to impart knowledge to as many as possible in order to see change in our lives and glory to
God. But coming together is where we must start.

One change that was attempted last year was the revamping of the Adventure Club program. Essentially
we were trying to streamline the program making it simpler for the teachers, but at the same time more
concentrated in what the students would be encouraged to learn. So far, things have gone reasonably
well, but the verdict is still out. I am responsible for the curriculum. With almost one year under our belt,
I have a growing awareness of what works and what doesn‟t. I realize I need to get some additional help
from some of our leaders who are more creative than I. I think we can make progress but we have to

work together. Rita and Dan Lucy are the engines that run the program. They are gifts from God to us.
I am so grateful to God for them! When you see them, tell them you appreciate their work!

One of the great encouragements arriving at the end of 2010 was the election of our current deacons! I
have seven deacons and two elders with whom I could not be more pleased. These men have a heart for
this congregation and a love for the Lord Jesus and they want to make a difference. I need to turn them
loose and watch God work through them! That is already happening and it is exciting. If the
effectiveness of the ministry of this church rests on the power of God as it is accessed through prayer, we
are in good hands. These men know how to pray and we are learning to pray together. I anticipate a
great year as God uses them for His glory!

I was encouraged this year with the faithfulness of this local church in meeting the financial needs of the
ministry. We actually did not meet our budget but we exceeded our expenses with income and that is
always a good thing! The economy is lousy and our community, state and nation continue to make
decisions that increase the burden on its people, but this congregation has remained faithful and generous
in spite of such pressures. We have talked about adding some space by constructing a multipurpose
building that would provide handicap accessibility and recreational space while eliminating the need for
some sort of lift to and from the basement and the replacement of dividers in the sanctuary. Some of our
men have begun preliminary meetings with the city of Zion to determine the feasibility, fee requirements,
what hoops we have to climb through, etc. Like most of those meetings, the information was mixed, but
the door remains open as we pursue additional information so that we can make informed decisions. I
think this could be a positive addition to our facility and a plus for the ministry. I am praying that this can
become a reality.

At the beginning of the year we introduced you to our vision statement. We are a community of Gospel
believers who are to be responding to God in faithful living. I had optimistically hoped and stated that by
the end of 2010 75% of the regular adult attendees of Lakeview Church would be able to express the
bare bones of that vision statement. I have not measured that, but I think it probably true. Pastor Jim
Ulrich has carried the water for seeing that this is kept in front of us, and he has done a good job.
Knowing what the vision statement is, is not the goal, but it is along the pathway toward the goal.
Reciting a vision statement and ordering our life after it are two different issues, but the first is at least a
start in the right direction. Early in 2011 we will revisit this vision in a bit more detail, making practical
application toward living it daily to the glory of God!

I have two ministry responsibilities that are outside of Lakeview, though they have an important
connection. I am the president of Missions Afield. This small but important board collects and distributes
funds for a handful of missionaries, including our own Paul and Rodah Mbandi in Kenya. That does not
take a great deal of time, but it is an important ministry, allowing each missionary to keep 100% of what
they raise in support. The volunteer board keep administration to a minimum and covers those costs so
the missionaries do not need to. I also serve as secretary of the board of the Family Resource Center of
Zion. This is an important ministry that is making a difference in the lives of many young women and is
being used by God to save babies from death and bring some of those parents to Christ. Both of those
ministries (Mbandis with Missions Afield and Family Resource Center of Zion) are part of our missions
ministry here. I am happy to serve with each of those ministries.

Speaking of missions, I would like to see our involvement in missions expand each year. We have taken
on an increased commitment to South Africa with the Emanuelsons, who are now in South

Africa, having just begun their ministry less than a month ago. We are trying to inch up each year a little
toward giving a greater percentage of our offerings to making a difference in the world. I hope to do that
again for the 2012 budget. I would encourage each family to consider a project to help keep missions in
front of our families. Even through our treasure banks and FRCZ “baby bottle campaigns” we can help
to plant the seed of the importance of missions in our children and grandchildren.

As is true every year, I have benefited personally from preparation for sermons and Bible studies. I have
enjoyed our Sunday morning worship studies in God‟s Word. I have found Romans to be a great
blessing. Brown Bag Bible Study is always a pleasure as a group of us eat together and study the Scripture
together. My ABF is a wonderful group of dedicated believers who love the Lord and His Word. MTI
may have run its course, but we will try a couple of more courses in 2011 to see if there is interest. I have
enjoyed those studies as well.

I am increasingly grateful to God for a wonderful wife and a lovely family. They are a source of great
blessing. I have said in print before, but I am happy to repeat it. It is a rare and beautiful gift of God to
have my children and grandchildren near by and involved here. I am blessed to have such a capable staff.
Working with Jim and Craig is both a blessing and a challenge – the challenge part is that they cause me
to stretch and grow in my walk with Christ and in my role as pastor. Tom Rich has served well, taking
over in the office when things were a little tense and challenging. Sarah Hanson and Sue DePuy care for
the financial matters with expertise and efficiency. The elders and the deacons and trustees, the executive
board members, the missions committee, Bruce and Paul and John and Sherwin who take care of sound
and lights and video, the worship team and instrumentalists and the choir, the nursery workers and
children‟s church workers and Sunday School teachers and youth ministry leaders and small group leaders
and custodial staff and Ralph Trantham who counts money and keeps the sign out front current with
truth from God‟s Word, and the ushers and greeters and the Men‟s and Women‟s ministry leaders and
the Adventure Club workers – all of these work together for the glory of God and for the good of this
fellowship. And if I forgot someone it is not because your ministry is unimportant. It is because I have a
feeble mind! I do believe God has been glorified in 2010 and I trust that we will accept the challenge to
“do all to the glory of God” in 2011.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving here. I began ministry in June 1974, less than 2 weeks
after Karen and I were married. We will celebrate 37 years of marriage and 37 years of ministry together
in June 2011. More than half of that time has been here (23 years). There have been challenges and trials
along the way, but your kindnesses and encouragements have been used by God to bless us and to make
joyful the journey. If the Lord allows us another year together, may it be about Him and for His glory
alone. If that proves to be true, we will find ourselves wonderfully satisfied in Him!

For His glory alone, your grateful pastor,

Pastor Les Martin

                                           ASSOCIATE PASTOR

As in every year, 2010 was one that had both its ups and downs. I have experienced both in my personal life,
as I am sure you have. I have also experienced ups and downs as a pastor and in the corporate life of the
church. I don‟t want to bore you with my successes and failures in my personal life so let‟s just move on to
the other two areas.

Regarding the ups, as a pastor my heart is continually uplifted and I receive great encouragement when I see
you, my brothers and sisters, grow in your faith and seeing you walk closer with our Lord. It also brings me
joy when I see you stepping up and using your spiritual gifts to build-up and strengthen our Lakeview family.

This year our church faced a number of changes in the leadership of many of our ministries, and I have been
greatly encouraged by those of you who have stepped in to take the lead and those of you who stepped in to
assist when the need was made known. From Youth Group to Men‟s Ministry, in our children‟s ministries
and in several other areas, I rejoice as Paul did when he said, I thank my God in all my remembrance of you,
always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy because of your partnership. Trust me
when I say this brings great delight and joy to Pastor and me.

And I appreciate all that you do not only because of my role as pastor, but as a member of this local body.
Your devotion and service to the spiritual well-being of the church body communicates to me your love for
those here at Lakeview. And I take that personally. Thank you.

Now regarding the downs. I think I speak for many when I say that my heart is saddened when I see the
devastation sin causes in the lives of those who attend Lakeview. The impact of sin, both hidden and public is
a cancer within the life of the body of Christ. All of us, including me, need to take serious the call to live
pure, holy and righteous lives. Our God has delivered us out of the darkness that we once lived and has
transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son. So we individually and as a church body, must commit to
flee from ALL sins and fleshly passions and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness,

To grow and mature in all aspects of our faith and to resist sin, we must continually ask God for the grace
needed in our personal, family and church lives. He alone provides all that is needed for us to grow in our
faith, to us strengthen us in our walk and to serve Him as we serve one another. We cannot accomplish any
of these things in our own strength but we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. I have come to
lean upon and draw great comfort knowing that it is God and God alone who will direct the future of
Lakeview Church, and for that I say AMEN!

However, this truth does not allow any of us to get by with a spiritual “kay sera sera” attitude. God has
commanded us to grow in our faith and He has given us access to all that is needed for us to do so. So while
we are 100% dependent upon God for our growth, at the same time, we have a responsibility to use all that
He has provided to mature in our faith. And that is what I want to focus on as we look forward to 2011.

In 2010, we introduced Lakeview‟s Mission statement which was a call for all of us to “Respond to God in
Faithful Living.” As Pastor inferred in his report, the roll-out of our mission statement was somewhat less
than stellar but that didn‟t leave any of us off the hook because we all know that God wants us to be fully
devoted to Him. We have a personal responsibility to God to respond to Him. However, as a church, we
have a renewed commitment to our vision statement. Living out our mission statement will be a call for all of
us to commit to do the things that will cultivate a desire to live for Christ.

Our mission statement is nothing ground breaking or spectacular. It is simply a summary of what God
commands of us. The passage we selected to undergird our mission statement is 1st Corinthians 4:1-2 which
states, “This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover, it is required of
stewards that they be found trustworthy.” I trust that all of us here at Lakeview desire God to find us to be
Trustworthy Stewards. The question we need to address individually and as a church is “how are we to live
our lives in order to be seen as Trustworthy Stewards?”

To be seen as a trustworthy servant, we must first commit to bring all areas of our lives under the Lordship
of Christ. This includes our personal, family and church lives, along with how we interact with our
community and the world. How we respond to God in each of these areas will at times be the same and then
at other time different, but we must respond. I believe we here at Lakeview have barely scratched the surface
of what we as a church are capable of doing for the Kingdom of Christ. But as more and more of us respond
to God in faithful living, the potential for Lakeview church to make godly impacts on our family‟s, church
and community will far exceed what has already taken place.

What does 2011 have in store for Lakeview church? Much will depend on how we individually and
corporately come together in our response to God. In my opinion, there are three areas where our
responding to God will make an immediate impact at Lakeview. The first is for everyone to get plugged-in to
a small group, ABF, bible study or any other groups that will regularly connect you to other Christians with
the purpose of growing and maturing in your faith. Fellowship is essential for spiritual maturity.

The second area of response is for everyone, young and old to find a place to serve at Lakeview. Scripture
tells us that God has gifted everyone in order to strengthen, edify and encourage His people, so use your gift.

The third is that our church must cultivate an environment of prayer. I am convicted that we lack because we
do not ask. I stand convicted of this and I hope to make 2011 a year where I will grow in my dependence
upon God in prayer.

What does 2011 have in store for Lakeview church? If we respond to God by joining together in
fellowship/study, serving Him by serving His people in a ministry and the regularly pray for our church, I
cannot begin to contemplate what God will do through us.

In closing, the leadership here at Lakeview is committed to providing you and your family with ministries and
opportunities to allow the word to be planted and watered. It is up to you to take advantage of what is
offered and to join us as we strive to make Lakeview a church known as a people who respond to God in
faithful living.

As always, I would like to give a special thank-you to my wife Lisa. As I said at the close of last year‟s report,
it remains the same today, without her I couldn‟t have accomplished half the things I had set out to do. She is
always supporting me in prayer and providing me with the godly wisdom needed to be an effective pastor.
She is truly my ministry helpmate. For that I am greatly blessed!

With God‟s blessing and your help I am looking forward to an exciting and fruitful 2011.

To Him Be the Glory, Your Co-worker in Christ,

Pastor Jim Ulrich

                                     DIRECTOR OF MUSIC MINISTRIES

There has been a strong desire at Lakeview to see our congregation respond to God in faithful living. How
has the music ministry encouraged and led that desire? The music that is heard each week is brought to the
Lord by a wide-range of age, walk in the faith, talent, home/family life, and commitment.

Lakeview is blessed with the wonderful people dedicated to using what God has given them to produce
moving music that we all get to be a part of in our musical worship. There has been some much needed
reminders to keep our hearts and eyes on Him, and I am thankful to be with musicians that remind me to
pray together and seek Him for our true joy and direction each week. What makes our worship time of
music exciting? Is it how each note adds to the beauty and expression of music directed to God? Is it
having a choir who blends well and hits their notes clearly and cleanly?

Those are all very valuable and important nuances of our ministry, but I am led back to this passage in Psalm
to keep our call and desires in check.

Psalm 150 - Let Everything Praise the Lord
   “Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens!
   Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness!
   Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp!

   Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe!

   Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!

   Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!
   Praise the LORD!”

What I‟ve noticed and experienced this past year is the desire for our entire church family to come together
and give to the Lord in song. As easy as it sounded, having the Youth Team and children involved in our
Christmas Celebration was not always as deliberate as it was this year. Having the youth and children
involved was doing exactly what we should be doing, according to Psalm 150. “Everything that had breath”
was responding to God, and having everyone bring their musical affirmation of knowing Christ was a
blessing, encouragement, a sweet sound, and a proclamation that God is important in their lives, and that
everyone can do their part to praise the LORD!
May this continue all year long, and be a wonderful characteristic of Lakeview Church.

I try to not take myself too seriously, and to keep my focus and attention on who I am praising, and how
this ministry can be a healthy part of our worship service. Having various ages in our church family respond
faithful to Him with music blessed everyone, and proclaimed the continuation of praising God with music
for the years to come. May the men in the back of the church involved with the weekly task of making
everything seen, heard, and understood so well continue to be faithful to Him and be blessed by their

May everyone on our platform press on to growing in Christ and within each given talent and be blessed by
their efforts as well. And may we continue to see a new generation rise up to the wonderful task of using
their lives to help make more of God in our services with music.

To God be the Glory!

Craig Anthony

                                        M I N I S T RY R E P ORT S

                                          MISSIONS REPORT

Let me begin by thanking those that serve with me on the Committee…for their faithfulness and
support. They include Jan Chase, Julie Gates, Pastor Martin, Diana Palinca, Pete Saenim and Ralph
Trantham. I also want to thank their spouses and family (I count as part of the “extended” committee)
for their support as well. And, during the course of the year, when needed, there were many in the
church family that volunteered and gave of their time to help, as small as you think your effort may have
seemed (it wasn‟t), it was so welcomed and much appreciated. And to the entire church family thank
you for your prayer support and words of encouragement.

The start of the New Year began with a missions emphasis of “Missions: Job #1”. We as believers have
been given a job to do (Matthew 28:16-20) by Jesus Christ. And like any job, we‟ve been giving a job
description and encouraged to prepare ourselves and get training for the job we‟ve been called to do.
We‟ve even been promised support. In hosting this mission‟s festival, it was the desire of the committee
that all those attending would be encouraged and revitalized to make 2010 a year of improving our “job
performance” in the area of making Christ known.

The Treasures In Heaven mission treasure banks were collected and opened on February 21. Monies
collected through this event totaled $823. Recipients of this offering were $523 to the three children of
Nathan and Amy Moser; Katrina, Nathan and Melina Moser. $300 was also given to the Lake County
program for Child Evangelism Fellowship. The funds were truly appreciated by each of the recipients
and we – as a missions committee – were grateful to all that participated.

We look forward to continuing this mission‟s project of giving to our missionaries through the Treasures
In Heaven treasure banks program. For the coming year (collection in 2011) we have again chosen two
child oriented programs; one is the Sunday School program that Luann Kuehl is developing in South
Africa through ZEMA and the other is an AWANA program that Dave and Lolly Erdel are connected
with in Ecuador.

A new and specific opportunity presented itself when we learned that the Zion program of CareNet
would become independent of the other CareNet offices in Kenosha and Racine. Going “independent”
presented new challenges to everyone associated with the Zion office; staffing, budget, resources, etc. all
had to begin anew. But God answered prayer and the support of the Zion church family responded and
the new Family Resource Center of Zion (FRCofZ) began where the Zion CareNet program left off. As
the missions committee of Lakeview Church we want to see the FRCofZ continue to thrive and grow
and continue to meet the needs of Zion and the surrounding community. We‟ve budgeted additional
funds to FRCofZ for 2011 and encourage others in the Lakeview Church family to support this ministry
through prayer, volunteering and monetary giving.

We spent a wonderful day in September with our missionaries to Ecuador, Dave and Lolly Erdel. The
Erdel‟s spent a few months here in the U.S. and we always look forward to their visit to Lakeview. They
shared with us through photo‟s the work they continue to do at the seminary. I think we were all
surprised and moved to hear about the constant danger that they are in with the violence that goes on in
their city – many times right outside their front door. Unfortunately, most if not all of our missionary
families find themselves in danger these days - a reminder of how fortunate we are living in the U.S., but
also a reminder that our prayer for their safety is as important as ever.

Our newest (and youngest) missionary couple that we began supporting is Jon and Lauren Emanuelson
(ZEMA missionaries to South Africa). Jon and Lauren were excited to announce that they would finally
be leaving for South Africa in December 2010. We rejoice as a church family in God working in their
lives as they trained and prepared for their life‟s work in South Africa. We welcomed Jon and Lauren to
Lakeview on November 28 to show them our support and pray for them as they set off in December to
begin their ministry to the amaZioni people.

We brought 2010 to a close with the annual Operation Christmas Child shoebox ministry through
Samaritans Purse. Never quite sure how the church family will respond, especially given the current
economic condition that most of us are experiencing, but the people of God have such big hearts and
give so generously. We‟re happy to report that 63 toy filled shoe boxes were donated to Operation
Christmas Child. We‟ll never know the impact these shoe boxes will have on the young boys or girls that
received them with the Gospel message included, but God does and we leave the response and results to

While not all of our missionary families were able to make a trip back to the U.S. this year, the
correspondence to and from our church supported missionary families is always welcomed and continues
to be a source of encouragement to everyone. We hear of events in their lives, their children and their
schooling, friends and neighbors that they interact with and then the burdens that they have for the
people they‟ve been sent to minister to. We hear of the danger they sometimes experience, the sadness
and ultimately the rejoicing of a parent that has died and is now in the presence of our Lord and Savior,
but we also hear of answered prayer and the love and faith they have in God and praise for His presence
and watchfulness over them and their families. And while we our faithful in praying for them one by
one, we are humbled to learn that they are also praying for us.

May God Continue to Use Us in Making a Difference for His Honor and Glory

Cindy Graeff

                                SUPPORTED MISSIONARIES

Lakeview Church currently supports the following missionaries:
Brazil         Steve & Jan Peterson serving with Word of Life
Ecuador        David & Lolly Erdel serving with World Partners
Kenya          Paul & Rhoda Mbandi serving with Missions Afield
South Africa   Tim and Luann Kuehl serving with ZEMA
South Africa   Jon and Lauren Emanuelson serving with ZEMA
Spain          Nathan and Amy Moser serving with World Partners
Lakeview supported missionaries in the Middle East through World Partners.
 Due to where they serve, their names are withheld for safety and security reasons.

Lakeview Church also currently supports the following local ministries:
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Family Resource Center of Zion (formerly known as CareNet-Zion)


The Lakeview Church Library is filled with many resources for our congregation. It has been expanded
over the years to include tapes, CD's and DVD's. We have books for children, adult non fiction, and
adult fiction. We also have a collection of nearly 100 CD's in many categories from classical music,
sermons, relaxing sounds, Christmas music, books on CD, to Amazioni Missions. We have a wide
selection of DVD's for kids, including Veggie Tales, Odyssey and others. And for adults we have
Pilgrims Progress and many more.

The computer program has been updated this year. We probably deleted more items than we have left.
Now our records are current and reflect only the items on the shelves.

We have tried to pique the interest of the congregation by placing articles in the bulletin every week. It
seems to be helping because checkouts have increased from two or three a week to fifteen or sixteen.
We are so glad to see more people using these rich resources.

The topics in our adult nonfiction section include subjects such as grieving, (we even have one for
children on grieving), living with cancer, remarriage, Bible study resources, really more subjects than we
can list here. You need to come in to see the very wide variety we have.

To help get this information out to the congregation, we have had weekly inserts in the bulletin. We
started by introducing the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. From there I picked books and series from
the shelves to review. We included suggestions for parents to help keep their kids busy during the
summer months. In October the approach was to have a different topic each month. In October we
featured biographies, November, Missions and December, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In an attempt to make the library more user-friendly we have a printout of all the CD's by artist, title and
subject. The nonfiction books we have listed by author and also subject matter. This way if you want to
know if we have a book by a certain author you can simply check the author list, making it possible for
you to check for a book without accessing the computer. Likewise you can check on a topic and be able
to locate it on the shelf. The shelves have been marked to help with your search. This printout is in a
notebook on the desk in the library.

I am so very thankful that God has allowed me to be your librarian. In an attempt to keep the library
running uniformly whoever is running it, I am in the process of writing up instructions. This way anyone
can take over and know what the process is to not only check out books but also placing new media on
the shelves. I am grateful Heather Isley was here to show me the procedure that she herself had set up
on the computer. She did an excellent job. I'm also thankful to have Nell McKinney to help out on
Sunday mornings after church.

The only thing the library needs at this time is more readers.

Joyfully serving our Lord and Savior,

Vivian Bruton, Church Librarian

                            CHILDREN’S & FAMILY MINISTRY REPORTS

                                          ADVENTURE CLUB

The Adventure Club program finished the 2009-2010 season in April culminating with the patriotic
Secret Pal Party. The 2010 - 2011 season has been a year blessed by the faithful service of men, women,
and teens. We have experienced change, but not without the faithful giving of time and talent by so

This year‟s Adventure Club adapted the VBS theme of Joseph in Egypt with all scripts and lessons
written by Pastor Martin. The club year is divided into five sections. The kids are learning that God
gives us hope, what we need, grace and forgiveness, joy and that He is in control. There is one key verse
per section which is emphasized for five weeks.

The attendance and point systems were simplified and some extra family nights were added. The changes
have been well-received by children and leaders alike. As in years past, the children are assigned a teen or
adult secret pal that write letters of encouragement to them. The average number of clubbers runs
between 60 - 70 each night.

Adventure Club continues to be a vital outreach to our community. Wednesday night brings together
children with families from many different cultures and backgrounds, churched and unchurched all
learning about the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord has provided some absolutely wonderful leaders for Adventure Club! There are over thirty
leaders who minister faithfully every week and lead by example. We have been blessed with some long
time teachers as well as some new ones. The teen helpers are especially loved by the clubbers and are a
huge asset to the program.

In Him,

Rita Lucy

                                2010 VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL (VBS)

                                  Joseph’s Journey
                               From Prison to Palace
                   “God Gives us…hope, wisdom, forgiveness,
                         family and special abilities”

In 2010 Lakeview‟s annual VBS (Vacation Bible School) outreach was held during the week of July 26th -
30th and our theme was “Joseph„s Journey from prison to palace.” During the week the kids kept an eye
out for “What God gives us” in their everyday lives. They looked for ways that God still helps us
everyday, and how to help others see God‟s work in everything.

During the week we had children from over 28 different families and averaged 55 kids every day. Each
morning Pastor Martin started the morning with a brief intro to what the children were going to learn
that day. Whether it was when we learned about Joseph in Prison, Joseph in the Palace, Joseph‟s
important job, Joseph‟s emotions or when we Celebrated with Joseph the kids learned that God was
ALWAYS with Joseph and that He is always with us and does as He promises.

In addition to the teaching time (thank you Gloria, Blythe and Erika) the kids were given time to play
games, work on crafts, have a snack and sing and dance to many worship songs such as “One True God,
Blessed be Your Name, All that I am, How Great is our God and Children of God.”

This year we had planned a Church Picnic and Pool party for Friday July 30th, we had to cancel because
of bad storms that were predicted for that night.

As with most programs, VBS could not have taken place if it weren‟t for the many volunteers that helped
make this year so great. We would like to thank everyone for their time and all the help that they gave us
this year. We truly appreciated it!! We especially want to thank the congregation for all the things that
they donated this year to make our VBS such a big success. As we are getting ready to plan for VBS
2011, we ask that you keep us in your prayers so that we will glorify God in everything that we do, and
that we remember to keep the focus on the kids learning more about our Wonderful Savior!!!!

In Christ’s Love,

Deann Kight and Dana Martin

                                            SUNDAY SCHOOL

I would like to recognize and thank all those who devote their time to the instruction of our children on
Sunday mornings. These volunteers give their time, both on Sunday mornings, and during the week as
they prepare to provide godly instruction to our children who are learning to walk in the ways of the

Our classes are staffed as follows
Nursery                                         Debbie Scoggin
Pre-Kindergarten                                Roma Kerley and Deb Scoggin
Young Elementary (Kindergarten/1st)             Diane Jenkins, Gene Chase and Dan Scoggin
Middle Elementary (2nd & 3rd)                   Teri Franklin and Christy Arnold
Junior Elementary (4th – 6th)                   Wanda Smith & Crystal Hall
Junior High (7th/8th)                           Dave Martin
Senior High (Freshman-Seniors)                  Tom Rich
Children‟s Church                               Sarah Litwiller

The dedicated Sunday School staff here at Lakeview have challenged themselves to continue to make our
Sunday School program a positive and encouraging experience for the children of our church. The 2-6th
grade program paralleled the Adventure Club curriculum for the fall with great success.

For the Advent season, our children gathered together from all classes and not only light the weekly
advent candle, but did so in front of a beautiful room sized nativity scene the teachers installed for this
purpose. The teachers collaborated to provide materials during this season relative to the candles and
what they represented for the season. The SS children also participated in the Christmas Cantata.

Sunday School numbers continue to low in relation to our membership, so we continue to pray that more
of our church members will bring their children to Sunday School to participate in this experience.
Overall, we may be small, but we‟re STRONG in the Lord.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Sunday school teachers and in Service to our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ,

Teri Franklin

                                 CHILDREN’S CHURCH (GRADES 1-4)

In 2010 we finished our first full year of Children‟s Church for kids in the 1st - 4th grade age. The
children were encouraged to worship with their parents until offering time when they came downstairs
for their own lesson that were created specifically for their age. This year we used a curriculum from
Standard Publishing Heart Shaper that the kids seem to enjoy. We currently average around 12-14

We held a contest this year and named our group “Kingdom Seekers”. We are striving to seek God‟s
Kingdom as we learn more about His ways and His truths.

I am once again grateful to all the volunteers that taught lessons, assisted the adults and helped make
2010 a great year for our kids. The volunteers are Crystal Hall, Kayla Burgmeier, Kelly Burgmeier, Haley
Burgmeier, Craig and Blythe Anthony, Dave Martin, Wanda Smith, Gloria Jackson, Diane Jenkins, Laurie
Bennett, and Nikki Ruesch. A special thank you to Diana Palinca who did a special missions sessions
with the kids throughout the year.

I am still looking for adults who would be willing to work with the kids only 4-5 times during the year. It
averages 1 Sunday Service every 3 months. If you are willing to help in this area please contact me and I
will give you more information.

In Christ,

Dana Martin

                                         STUDENT MINISTRIES

Our student ministries program encompasses pre-teens and teens in Jr. High and Sr. High school. Our
program tends to follow the school calendar of “starting” in September and January, with a change in the

In May our 7-UP party welcomed our “new” 7th graders as they join the youth group for the summer and
our House-2-House program. We would be remiss if we didn‟t send a shout out of THANKS, and
gratitude to each of our host families this past summer.

Several hi-lites of the past year are:

See You at the Pole - Each September young people gather at their school‟s flag pole before school to pray.
Several of our young people participated in this voluntary program along with 100‟s of young people
from various churches. Some of our youth sponsors joined with other adult volunteers and youth
pastors from area churches that morning at 7:00 a.m. to pray for our young people and show our support
as they stood before their school and peers as a witness to what they believe.

Passion Play – Over twenty of our young people and sponsors attended a performance of the play at the
Christian Arts Auditorium here in Zion. For many this was the first time they had seen the passion week
of Jesus performed live.

Several retreats were held during the year, each one making an impact on the lives of the young people
that attended.

Youth Participation in the Worship Service – A huge hi-lite for the youth worship band was providing the
music and leading worship in the main service in October, along with singing and playing during the
Christmas Family Celebration.

This year we also began providing ParentLink, a newsletter for the parents of our young people, and we
held our first parents night. We enjoyed spending a Sunday night with several parents of our young
people as they participated in a “regular” youth group night.

All of us in the student ministries want to encourage parents to make involvement in youth group and
Sunday school a priority for their young person this coming year. Belonging to and being part of a
community of peers is important in their Christian education and development.

We thank the congregation for their support and prayer during the year, for the sponsors and young
people involved in this ministry. We would also like to give a special thanks to Sarah and Dustin Clark,
who after many years of dedicated service as Y.G. Sponsors are moving on. Sarah will be leading a
“Praying Wives” groups and Dustin will be looking to serve our church in another capacity.

In closing a simple but sincere thank you to each sponsor and everyone involved in this ministry.

Restfully Submitted by:

Tom Rich

                                    ADULT MINISTRY REPORTS

                                        WOMEN’S MINISTRY

The goal of the WInGS ministry (Women in God‟s Service) is to encourage fellowship and spiritual
growth among the Lakeview ladies and to give all glory to God. In 2010 our efforts rested on bridging
the generation gaps to encourage spiritual growth and zeal.

Rhenda Pilarski continues to run the monthly Women‟s Breakfast Club (WBC) hosted at El Lago as a
time to share food and fellowship regularly throughout the year.

Many women planned to bring a warm smile and a savory dish to share on March 13; however, due to
inclement weather, the event was canceled. The Get-to-Know-Families event purposed to visit the
Lakeview ladies again to unite in Christian fellowship!

To practically exercise the idea of bridging the gap, many women and a few girls enjoyed learning the
basics of quilting when Ms. Lita Dunn welcomed them into her home on April 14, 2010 to pass on her
passion for this craft she so lovingly accomplishes.

On May 8, Ms. Sheila West brought us encouraging word and more on the topic of bridging the
generational gap when she challenged Lakeview ladies and guests to experience “Real” living – God‟s way
at the annual Spring tea. She reminded us of our calling to come out of the world and enter into an
intimate relation with the King of Kings to ensure we are who we were made to be – Daughters of the
King! Many daughters of the King, including some of the youth girls worked diligently to host such a
meaningful event – our first formal event held in the Narthex at Lakeview Church (for the sole purpose
of suitability for members and guests who struggle to or cannot move down and up the staircase).

Lisa Ulrich organized an outing for September 23 – 25. Many women and guests of Lakeview attended
the True Woman conference hosted by Nancy Leigh DeMoss in Indianapolis, IN. The conference was a
refreshing look at what it means to be a true woman for God in the 21st century – in whatever season of
life one may be.

Another major event, also held in the Narthex on December 4, was the Christmas Taster. Women were
invited to share a favorite dish with each other, sing Christmas carols, and hear from Lisa Ulrich more
encouragement regarding understanding and reaching other generations. After the brunch, the attendees
paired up to visit a number of homebound women in our congregation, delivering Christmas cookies and
canned / jarred homemade soup as gifts. The home visits were a delight to both parties.

An ongoing study at which God very conveniently and delightfully plants more than six decades and four
generations of women takes place twice each month and is hosted by Lisa Ulrich. The Women‟s
Challenge ladies completed a study on the book of James and then straight away rooted in the Old
Testament to focus on the Minor Prophets along with a commentary from W. Wiersbe.

Furthermore, a bridal shower was coordinated for Sarah Lietzen, a baby shower for Becky DePuy, and
meals were provided for families with new babies and for those who were ill or homebound. In addition,
WInGS distributed gifts to the men for Father‟s Day.

Lisa Ulrich and Shyrl Marrero served as co-leaders of WInGS this year. The other women who faithfully
served on the committee were Erin Baker, Julie Gates, and Rhenda Pilarski.

Behind the Scenes:

In November, Julie, Lisa and Shyrl cooked up a storm in the Lakeview kitchen when they canned / jarred
soup for the upcoming 2010 Christmas Taster gift ministry. Darren and Erin Baker, Lisa Ulrich and her
friend Laurie made the wintry trek to Sam‟s Club and purchased 8 round tables for upcoming social
events and delivered them to the church building. WInGS and other Lakeview attendees were very
excited to have the light, portable and functional tables to use in time for the annual Christmas Taster.
Also, a number of service projects were organized by WInGS in 2010: Birthday cards to Lakeview
women were sent out each month, fleece blankets were given to some women of the congregation, and
gift cards were sent to all college students.

WInGS would like to acknowledge and thank the Lakeview men, especially Darren Baker, Larry Pilarski,
Pastor Jim Ulrich, Ray Marerro, Richard Gates and others who helped set up and clean up for many of
these events. A very special thanks from WInGS to Bruce Fulkerson for attending all the formal events
held at Lakeview so to ensure proper sound and lighting for worship time and our speakers. We are so
blessed for these wonderful men who serve God in many capacities and who truly love the women of

In Christ,

Erin Baker

                                    ADULT BIBLE FELLOWSHIPS

Our Adult Bible Fellowship‟s (ABF) offerings are designed to provide individuals an opportunity to grow
in their knowledge, love and dedication to our God by studying His Word in an environment of sharing,
fellowship and support with likeminded brothers and sisters in Christ. Sunday morning ABF‟s also
provides an opportunity for attendees to prepare their hearts, minds, and spirits prior to entering into
Sunday morning corporate worship. So in a way, you can consider ABFs a “spiritual kick-start” to your
Sunday morning worship.

Currently there are two ABFs offered on Sunday mornings and while they are well attended, with an
average of 45-50 adults per Sunday, that still leaves at least an equal number of adults who do not
participate in Sunday morning study and fellowship.

Sunday morning is a very important time for us as individuals, as families and as a corporate body to
come together and spend an hour or so helping each other to grow in our faith and to strengthen each
other‟s walk, along with receiving encouragement. Sunday mornings is also a great time to strengthen
current friendships and build new relationships. Would you and your family like to feel more connected
to your Lakeview family? Then seriously consider joining one of our AFB‟s to take advantage of all this
ministry offers.

We are always looking for ways to expand our ABF offerings – however, that need can only be met when
people, like yourself, volunteer to lead a class. This might sound daunting, but it is not. If you have a
desire for a topic or study to be offered on a Sunday morning, please talk with Pastor Martin or Pastor
Jim. We can help provide resources and support to get a new class started. And don‟t worry about the
time commitment. The length of the study would be set by you.

God Bless,

Pastor Jim

                                  YOUNG ADULTS - “THE JOURNEY”

  The purpose of this ministry is to provide an environment where young adults can strengthen
 their personal faith, develop godly relationships, and discern a God honoring direction for their

 To Empower and Challenge young adults, and those young in their faith, to take hold of their
                                   Christian walk.

In 2010, The Journey instituted some changes in order to better serve our Lakeview community. The
primary changes consisted of opening The Journey to include young married couples and then slightly
expanding the age group. This change came about for two reasons.

First, it allowed us to align this ministry more with the overall demographics of our church body. Second,
we found that there was a desire from those who fell outside of the original targeted group to be part of
The Journey and to take advantage of what was being offered. So Lisa and I felt that it was the right thing
to do in order to provide a ministry to those who are seeking it. With these changes, we have found that
we have been able to serve a broader range of people along with enhancing both our study and
fellowship time.

Even with these changes, the mission of The Journey the underlying mission remains the same. That is, to
help young adults, including those who are older but young in the faith, to take hold of their Christian
walk by: (1) Growing in the knowledge and understanding of the Faith, (2) Developing Christ-like
character and attributes and (3) Using their God given gifts and talents to become active and productive
members of the church body.

Currently, The Journey consists of a core group of approximately 15 people of which 9-10 are Lakeview
attendees. If there are people in your life who you feel would benefit from a ministry like the Journey, feel
free to encourage them to check us out. They won‟t be disappointed.

As we open 2011, we look forward to another year of growth and spiritual maturity in our young adults.
We ask for your prayers and support for this ministry as God works through His Spirit in the lives of
these young adults as they seek to grow in their faith and service to God in Christ.

In His Service,

Pastor Jim and Lisa

                                            MEN’S MINISTRY

  “The Men’s Ministry at Lakeview Church exists to teach, encourages and develop men to be
 Christ-like in all aspects of their lives (personal, home, work, church and community.) There is
      to be no part of our lives where our faith, our relationship to Christ, will not impact.”

Men‟s activities for 2010 were centered around five (5) teaching times which occurred about every other
month. These teaching times are usually well attended with between 14-18 men attending. In addition to
those teaching times, over the summer, Peter Saenim opened his home to host a luncheon which was
attended by 18 of our men. This “spontaneous” event allowed us guy‟s time to just get to know each
other. Then in the Fall, we teamed up with the Trustees for an All Church Work Day. After the work was
over, about 12 of us stayed behind and enjoyed a lunch of grilled hamburgers and brats. This provided us
with another opportunity to just talk and get to know one another.

The Men‟s Ministry Leadership Team consists of Dan Litwiller, Darren Baker, Pastor Martin and Pastor
Jim. From a leadership perspective, 2010 was a challenging year. While the teaching times are appreciated,
we recognize that there is a desire among the men here at Lakeview to do various activities. However, to
offer more activities, there is a need for other men to take the lead to help plan and organize activities. If
there is an activity, an outing, an event that you would like to see offered to the men here at Lakeview,
please speak with any member of the Leadership team, and we will be happy to support you with
whatever resources you may need. Also, if you would like to be part of the Leadership Team, to help lead
and guide this ministry, please speak with Pastor Martin or Pastor Jim.

As we leave 2010 and enter into 2011, we will continue to impress upon men their God given
responsibility to be leaders in their homes, in their church and in their communities. And as we do, I am
sure that we will see wonderful things happen here at Lakeview in the years to come. Please pray and do
whatever you can to support this ministry.

For His Glory Alone,

Pastor Jim

                        TREASURER’S REPORTS

                         FINANCIAL REPORT

               January 1st - December 31st, 2010

Cash Balance On Hand - 12/31/2009

        Investments                    $125,118.19
        Savings                          $3,112.66
        Checking                        $65,008.83

Income: January - December 2010

        Contributions                  $355,247.19
        Miscellaneous Income            $16,381.71
        Iglesia El Buel Pastor Rent      $2,040.00
        Memorial Fund                    $7,238.64
        Investment Income                $4,984.28

Total Cash and Income                                 $579,131.50

Expenses January - December 2010

        Expenses                       $373,147.06
        Tax Liability                   ($1,148.41)

Total                                                 $207,132.85

Balance On Hand - 12/31/2010

        Investments                    $130,019.03
        Savings                          $3,196.10
        Checking                        $73,913.58
        Adjustments                          $4.14

Total                                                 $207,132.85

                      APPROVED BUDGET FOR 2011
                                   Page 1 of 2

             Expense Type                      2010 Budget     2011 Budget

Base Salary                                          184,753         195,460
Business Expense                                       3,000           3,000
Workman's Comp                                         1,850           1,884
Pension                                                3,924           4,296
Benefits                                               3,796           3,820
Employer Share Social Security/Medicare               14,134          14,953
SALARIES                                             211,456         223,413

Children                                               7,225           6,450
Student Ministries                                     8,300           7,750
MTI                                                      400             250
Curriculum                                             5,000           4,200
Music                                                  4,700           4,400
Library                                                  600             600
Men's Ministries                                         750             700
Women's Ministries                                     1,700           1,900
Adult Discipleship                                       275             250
MINISTRIES                                            28,950          26,500

Emanuelson                                             3,000           3,000
Peterson                                               2,100           2,100
Erdel                                                  7,560           7,560
McDeavitt                                              3,000           3,000
Loshbough                                                200             200
Kuehl                                                  3,600           4,800
Paul Mbandi                                           12,000          12,000
Nathan Moser                                          10,000          10,000
Missions Exp                                             200             200
Child Evangelism                                       1,200           1,200
Care Net Pregnancy                                     1,200           2,000
Missions Conf                                            200             200
Missions Misc                                            200             200
MISSIONS                                              44,460          46,460

                  APPROVED BUDGET FOR 2011 (cont.)
                                      Page 2 of 2

             Expense Type                      2010 Budget     2011 Budget

Denominational Expense                                18,316          18,615
Maintenance/Janitorial                                10,000          10,000
Office/Church supplies/equip                          21,000          19,000
Utilities                                             28,000          24,000
Building Insurance                                     5,000           5,100
Conference/Staff Training/Seminars                     1,500           1,250
Flowers/Cards                                          1,000           1,000
Kitchen Expense                                        2,750           2,500
Vehicle Exp/Insurance                                  3,000           2,100
Special Events/Speakers/Decorations                      750             850
Misc Expense                                           1,500           1,200
CHURCH EXPENSE                                        92,816          85,615

Capital Reserve                                       20,000          20,000
CAPITAL RESERVE                                       20,000          20,000

GRAND TOTAL                                         $397,682       $401,988

                            GENERAL STATISTICS – 2010


   Membership Total (Active & Inactive)                     121

   Membership Active                                        112

   New Members Added                                          5

                                    CHURCH STATISTICS

   Baptisms                                                  3

   Baby Dedications                                          6

   Funerals                                                  7

   Weddings                                                  1

                                     AVERAGE TOTALS

   Sunday School Average Attendance                         See Note [A]

   Worship Service Average Attendance                       199

Note A – The denomination asks us to keep numerical count of our educational ministry.
However, that is not limited to SS but may also include midweek children‟s program, youth
programs, adult small groups, ABF‟s, the Journey, etc. To provide a number for the SS only
would not reflect what is happening in the church as a whole in the educational program. Some
are involved in more than one group, making it difficult to be accurate in the count.

A very conservative estimate is provided to the denomination of approximately 100 each week.

This Page Left Intentionally Blank