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					     PGDM(RM) WINTER PROJECT 2009

   Analysis of Customer Profile of Shoppers’ Stop,
                    Shipra Mall.

                       Shopper’s Stop Ltd.

                          Submitted by:
                            Vishal Sethi
                            Roll no: 982

            Birla Institute of Management Technology
      Plot no. 5, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida (NCR), U.P. - 201306
Phone: 0120-2323001-10, Mobile: 09818999281-284, Fax: 0120-2323002/3

Sr. No. Topic                            Page No.
  1    Introduction                         1
  2    Executive Summary                    3
  3    Statement of Objectives              5
  4    About Shoppers’ Stop                 6
  5    Research Methodology                 10
  6    Scope and Limitations                11
  7    Observation of floors & Mall         12
  8    Questionnaire                        17
  9    Dipstick Measurement                 21
  10   Analysis of Questionnaire            27
  11   SWOT Analysis                        38
  12   Conclusion                           40
  13   Recommendations                      41
  14   References                           41
                                                                     Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


                                  WHAT THEY BUY.‖

To begin recognizing customer differences , an organization must understand how its
customer can be grouped by similar needs . In other words , what are the motivating
factors that a set of customers has in common ?
Observation , research and analysis uncover the common needs of a company‘s
customer groups . Once individual needs are known , automated business rules determine
the appropriate treatment and each customer gets treated according to his needs.
Demographic information often correlates with customer‘s needs and can be effective
tool to begin analysis for targeting customer needs , but it is not the end goal .
The key is to combine the two – distinguish your customers based on needs and overlay
this information with the relevant demographic information you have. This powerful
combination is the key to understanding Why customers buy your products and
services ?

Through the eyes of the fish ……………….

One summer , two friends went fishing . They rented a canoe and ventured out into a
lake at dusk. As dusk turned to darkness one fisherman opened his tackle box and
began searching for a new lure . The other watched curiously .
Up until that moment he‘d been using a yellow lure. He explained, ― Its time to switch to
a black lure.‖
The other fisherman had to ask , ― Why would you use black lure in the dark , and that
too in a black lake ?‖
―Easy,‖ he replied. ― When fish look up at the surface of the water they‘re looking
towards the moonlight ,and they can actually see the black lure better.‖

Hmmm….Now that‘s looking at life from the fish‘s perspective!

How many of us have been hooked on our own yellow lures, focused more on what we
sell than on what the customer wants to buy ? How many companies think about what
makes things easier for them ( and keep using the same old lures ), rather than easier for
their cutomers?
When will we learn that the power has shifted from those who sell to those who buy ?
Customers have so many choices these days , why should they buy from you?
What do you give them that no one else can ?
Do you keep up with their changing needs ?
When will we learn that we need to start looking at the world through the customer‘s
perspective ?

                                                                       Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

The customer buys your ability to do something for them . They buy ‗a state of mind‘ .
What is your customer buying ? Beauty? Memories? Uniqueness? Are they seeking
Convenience, prestige, safety , comfort ? Are they seeking attractiveness, intelligence ,
peace of mind ? Are they buying speed , security or pleasure ?
Business through the eyes of the customer , like fishing through the eyes of the fish ,
might just yield different results .

When you shop, you aren't just shopping -- you are performing a science. From the way
you move your eyes, to what path you take through the store, even items you touch on the
shelves, is all part of how each individual consumer makes a purchasing choice. A store
nowadays is usually intelligently designed with the aim to part consumers from their
hard-earned money, and how easy it is to be manipulated into spending more than was
The world of retail merchandising has come a long way since the days when general
stores, that stocked everything from groceries to stationery, and small shops that sold
limited varieties of products, reigned supreme. There is a movement now from the
unorganised to the organised sector. There are now more modern retail formats such as
supermarkets and malls. Several companies are setting up exclusive showrooms and large
format stores such as Shopper‘s Stop, Lifestyles, Westside and several others are
expanding. The whole concept of shopping has altered in terms of format and consumer
buying behaviour, ushering in a revolution in shopping in India.
So lets address the basic question of what shopping is all about in today‘s world?
It‘s more than the simple, dutiful acquisition of whatever is absolutely necessary to one‘s
life. It‘s more than what we call the “grab and go” – It involves experiencing that
portion of the world that has been deemed for sale, using our senses – sight, touch, smell,
taste and hearing – as the basis for choosing this or rejecting that. It‘s the sensory aspect
of decision making process that‘s most intriguing because how else do we experience
anything? But it‘s especially crucial in this context because virtually all unplanned
purchases and many planned ones too come as a result of the shopper seeing, touching,
smelling or tasting something that promises pleasure, if not total fulfillment. We buy
things today more than ever based on trial and touch.
If anthropology had devoted a branch to the study of modern shoppers interacting with
retail environments, including but not limited to every rack, shelf, counter and table
display of merchandise, every sign, banner, brochure, directional aid and computerized
interactive informational fixture, the entrances and exits, the windows and walls, the
elevators and escalators and stairs and ramps, the cashier lines, the counter lines and
restroom lines, and every inch of every aisle –in short, every nook and cranny of the
farthest reach to the deepest penetration of the store itself—that would be the start of the
science of shopping and customer tracking. What exactly human beings do in it, where
they go and don‘t go, and by what path they go there, what they see and fail to see, or
read and decline to read, how they deal with the objects they come upon—the precise
anatomical mechanics and behavioural psychology how they shop is given in the
following study and report.

An insight into the psyche of the Indian shopper and his behaviour in a departmental
store like Shopper‘s Stop is discussed further.

                                                                     Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                              Executive Summary

Today, shopping is becoming more a delightful activity, then merely looking for and
buying products or offerings that satisfy one‘s wants. The process of acquiring these
products is all the more fascinating to many. With the retail environment undergoing a
huge metamorphosis, a customer now is more involved in the process of seeing, choosing
and selecting what he wants, and this can be done at his own leisure, space and time.

Initially, shopping was known to be inherently a female activity, but as the offerings for
males has also increased and people demand better lifestyles, the male shopper also takes
care about what is to be bought and after how much of examination.
Shopper‘s Stop, being a family store, caters to all kinds of customers and to the entire
family. The store is frequented by shoppers of various profiles and ethnic diversities
which is a big challenge for the store.

The objective of this project was to do a analysis of Customer Profile of Shoppers‘ Stop ,
Shipra Store. The survey helped us to know what was going on in the customers mind, a
sample was studied to know what kind of products they were looking for, if the products
were found, communication through signages and effect of displays, staff approach and
views on their shopping experience at Shopper‘s Stop.

The survey was done to know :
       Customer profiling - Who is buying & Who is not ?
       What are Customer Buying Preferences in SSL ?
       What are Customer Buying Preferences in mall ?
       Catch ment area for Shipra Mall.

The methodology used was : Questionnaire , interviews , survey of shipra mall & its
catch ment area , competitors .
The main customers of Shoppers‘ Stop , Shipra Store are Customers who are in the age
group 25 years – 35 years . About 60% of them are working. The customers of Shoppers‘
Stop are modern urban double income group people who have the purchasing power to
spend on branded wear. The average value purchase that they do is mainly from Rs 1500-

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

The findings of the survey throws light on the income group of the customers, the
frequency of visit etc & customers suggestions & feedback. The second survey is
conducted for understanding the customers & their views about product they are looking
for and where will they like to shop it from.
Indian fashion consumption is fantastic today and Indian fashion designers are selling
costumes at higher average prices than even those of international designers . Bollywood
superstars are further seducing the consumers through direct consumption of luxuries of
various kinds.
Attitudes have changed . The attitude of people has gone from saving nature to spending
nature , from basics to lifestyle. They are spending more on luxury items , design and
quality has acquired greater significance and women are really coming out of the closet .
Overall u see women taking lead roles , becoming entrepreneurs and this leading to big

                                                                   Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                           Statement of Objectives

Objective: To do a analysis of Customer profile of Shoppers‘ Stop , Shipra Store.

Sub Objective:

    Profiling of the customers – Who is buying & Who is not ?
    To identify the Catchment Areas.
    .Customer buying preferences in SSL & Shipra Mall .
    Demands and feedback of customers .

                                                           Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                        OUR MISSION STATEMENT :

                         “ NOTHING BUT THE BEST‖

                         OUR VISION STATEMENT :

                  ― TO BE A GLOBAL RETAILER IN INDIA‖

                    OUR SERVICE VISION STATEMENT :

                   ― IT‘S MAGICAL , IT‘S COMFORTABLE ,
                              IT‘S MY STORE‖


     We will not take what is not ours .
     The obligation to dissent .
     We will have an environment conducive to openness.
     We will have an environment for innovation.
     We will have an environment for development .
     We will have willingness to apologize & forgive .
     We will respect our Customer‘s rights.
     We will be fair .
     We will create an environment of trust.
     We will be socially responsible.

                                                                   Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


To be a Global Retailer in India and Maintain No.1 position in the Indian Market in the
Department Store Category.


Shoppers‘ Stop is positioned as a family store delivering a complete shopping experience
defined by its mission, vision and values.

1991: Shoppers' Stop launches at Andheri

Setting up shop in 1991 with its flagship store in Andheri, Mumbai, Shoppers‘ Stop is a
member of the K. Raheja Corp. of Companies. Shoppers‘ Stop is the first retail venture
by the K. Raheja Corp. Promoted by Mr. Chandru L. Raheja, Mr. Ravi C. Raheja and Mr.
Neel C. Raheja, the K. Raheja Corp. have
been leaders in the construction business for
over 48 years.

With its wide range of merchandise,
exclusive     shop-in-shop   counters   of
international brands and world-class
customer service, Shoppers‘ Stop brought
international standards of shopping to the
Indian consumer providing them with a
world class shopping experience.

India – 2000 & Beyond…

Expanding its operations to Bangalore,
Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai
(Andheri, Bandra, Chembur, Kandivli,
Mulund), Pune, Gurgaon and Kolkata,
Shoppers‘ Stop is today recognised as

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

India‘s premier shopping destination. With a customer entry of about 50,000 customers a
day, a national presence with over 6,00,000 square feet of retail space and stocking over
250 brands of garments and accessories, Shoppers‘ Stop has clearly become a one stop
shop for all customers.

Customer Profile

Shoppers‘ Stop‘s core customers represent a strong SEC A skew. They fall between the
age group of 16 years to 35 years, the majority of them being families and young couples
with a monthly household income above Rs. 20000 and an annual spend of Rs.15000. A
large number of Non - Resident Indians visit the shop for ethnic clothes in the
international environment they are accustomed to.

Range of merchandise…

The stores offer a complete range of apparel and lifestyle accessories for the entire
family. From apparel brands like Provogue, Color Plus, Arrow, Levi‘s, Scullers, Zodiac
to cosmetic brands like Lakme, Chambor, Le Teint Ricci etc., Shoppers‘ Stop caters to
every lifestyle need. Shoppers' Stop retails its own line of clothing namely Stop, Life ,
Kashish, Vettorio Fratini and DIY. The merchandise at Shoppers‘ Stop is sold at a quality
and price assurance backed by its guarantee stamp on every bill.
Their     motto:     ―We     are    responsible     for     the     goods   we     sell‖.

Customer Rewards – The First Citizen

Shoppers‘ Stop‘s customer loyalty program is called The First Citizen. The program
offers its members an opportunity to collect points and avail of innumerable special
benefits. Currently, Shoppers‘ Stop has a database of over 2.5 lakh members who
contribute to nearly 50% of the total sales of Shoppers‘ Stop.

                                                                      Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


The Organisation, in 2000, along with ICICI ventures also acquired the reputed
bookstore, ―Crossword‖, which offers the widest range of books along with CD-ROM,
music, stationery and toys. Services like Dial-a-book, Fax-a-book and Email-a-book
enable customers to shop from their homes. Crossword currently has 18 Stores.

                                                               The IT Backbone

                                                                Realising the role of IT
                                                                way back in 1991,
                                                                Shoppers‘      Stop    was
                                                                among the first few
                                                                retailers to use scanners
                                                                and       barcodes     and
                                                                completely computerise
                                                                its operations. Today it is
                                                                one of the few stores in
                                                                India to have retail ERP in
                                                                place, which is now being
                                                                integrated with Oracle
Financials and the Arthur Planning System, the best retail planning system in the world.
With the help of the ERP, they are able to replicate stores, open new stores faster and get
information about merchandise and customers online, which reduces the turnaround time
in taking quick decision.

Supply Chain Management

Understanding the importance of distribution and logistics in ensuring that merchandise
is available on the shop floors, has led Shoppers‘ Stop to streamline its supply chain. The
company has developed process manuals for each part of the logistics chain. These
modules include vendor management, purchase order management, stock receiving
systems, purchase verification and inventory build up, generation and fixing of price and
store tags, dispatch of stocks to the retail floor and forwarding of bills for payment.

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                             Research Methodology

Primary data: The primary source of data collection was done through questionnaire.
The survey was done through structured questionnaire.

Secondary data: Secondary data on the customer profile and their buying behavior was
collected. The various sources for secondary data were Books, Magazines and Internet.

For the 1st questionnaire a sample size of 300 customers was taken, who visited the Store
and did shopping from us.
For the 2nd questionnaire a sample size of 400 customers was taken, who visited the store
and did not purchased anything from us.
The questionnaires were designed to get the information on the profile of the customers,
to understand what are the attributes that are important to the customers, their buying
behavior and preferences.
Apart from the survey of the customer, a catchment‘s study was also done in which the
nearest property of shipra mall was studied in terms of area, Occupied / under
construction, price per sq. feet, MHI etc.

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                          Scope and Limitations

   The report is useful as it shows the customer profile of shipra store .
   To know about the buying nature and places where it needs improvement.
   The report presents the demographic profile of the customers.
   The report is also useful as we come to know what is important for the customers.
   Awareness of Shoppers‘ Stop, Shipra Mall.

   Survey during the sale period is a major limitation, as all kinds of customers were
    walking in.
   Customer‘s reluctance to fill the questionnaire.

                                                                   Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


  Ground floor :-

     Sunglasses section with fine jewellery section
     Watch section with handbags.
     Impulse purchase item with ladies footwear section
     Kitchen & home appliances section lacks merchandise
     Pen stands hiding the thewa & in customer movement.
     Almost 90% of people having shopping bags comes out from Nina Ricci left so
     we can put more impulse purchase item with less price there.

    First floor :

      In ethnic section sofas & mannequins taking space in b/w which leads to
     Silver lining on floor that leads to problem in movement
     No mirror on the pillar near csd
     Docker section was not organized
     Cca having less knowledge about first citizen cards
     Defective belts were there & giving messy look are without price tags
     Role play: customer not having cash but want to purchase
     First floor: cca said it can not be done
     Ground floor cca suggested that we will keep your merchandise for 7 days and
     you can collect within this period
     Towards the left of the billing counter there were 2 big hoardings which were
     restricting the view of the plasma screen in C block.these hoardings are good as
     they restrict CCA to look at that and help to attend the customer in a better way
     In stair case good use of rope to display the product
     In lift good communication is done to make the customer aware.
     No signages for Black berry trouser‘s .
     Signages to small to be read . Signages not attractive . Signages are one sided .
     ( Suggestions : There should be hanging signages , Signages to be made more
     attractive and written well and big. )
     Signages for the trouser sizes should also be there .
     As it is winter‘s , so dark colored trouser‘s are not dislplayed on top of the first
     shelf rather they are on down shelves ( below the visibility of the eye.)
     Nightwears and U.G are hidden.
     In men suits section : the hanger was of Dennis parker & park avenue but the
     suit was of Shapes , Theme ( this was misleading the Customers )
     Female helper not well groomed.
     Trial Rooms – Merchandise spread across.

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

      Kid‘s Section – Wall racks stuffed with packed merchandise ignoring the

     Second floor :

      No price tags on some merchandise ( Eg : Creative Line )
      There were Trial rooms in every section – this shows the strength of SSl .

   Third Floor :

      Lee: no informative signages on focal point about the products which were
      displayed there.
      LEE cooper : Boxes were dumped on the floor .
      No signages about the brands .
      No trial room communication .
      Offer directory ( on staircase was empty )
      Walls were empty – can be used for Visuals or Mirrors
      No signage‘s In any browser or D-units about new arrivals , winter wear.
      Signage‘s read ‗ t-shirts from Classic polo & Gitane T-shirts were kept.
      Lee CCA directed somewhere else not interesting in sale.
      No communication about trial rooms.
      Trial rooms were not clean.
      Fixtures need to be polished. Some are worn out .

Observations about Mall :

      No STD/ PCO available .
      Ambulance Should always be there .
      Security should always be there .
      Proper lightings .
      Separate gate for entrance and exit .
      Lifts should be well connected .
      Ampi theatre – very good attraction for the people.
      Prams and wheel chair
      Proper sitting arrangement inside the mall should also be there.
      Wash rooms are there .

                                                             Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

Mall Facilities:

      Parking
      Seprate gates for entrance & exit
      Lifts are well connected with mall and parking
      Ampi theater
      ATM
      Pram,Wheelchair
      Security
      Washrooms
      Escalators
      Proper tenant mix
      Fire exits

Employee’s expectations:

      More Growth / plan /promotion programs
      Good incentive programs
      Timely training & development
      Friendly environment
      Proper feedback process
      Time to time appreciation
      They should feel belongingness towards organization

Profile of the Customers:

   Following are the various type of customer‗s profile:
        Family.
        Friends.
        Foreigners
        Groups(male,female.male and female)
        Professionals(Working Executives and managers)
        N.R.I

       Catchment Area:

              Shri niwas puri
              South Ex
              Sarojini Nagar
              Saket
              Panchsheel

                          Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

   Vasant kunj
   Vasant Vihar
   G.k
   Defence Colony
   Lajpat Nagar
   Andrewj Ganj

                                                         Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

Why they buy:

Customer‘s buy merchandise from shoppers‘ Stop because they get
availability of various branded merchandise under one roof, customer service,
enviornment ,ambiance and the various service offered by the company such
as ,customer service Desk, Exchange policy, alteration etc..

Customer footfalls:

We understand customer footfall as number of customer visited the store
during a day.
On Saturday the footfall was 12500,total bill generated 1546.
Therefore we can calculate conversion rate by using the formula

No of bill generated / total footfall =12.36

Total sales =2281579
Average sale per bill =1475

How they commute:

As customer comes from various places they commute by
    Cars
    Bikes
    Scooter s
    Public conveyance (Auto).
    Bus.

   Note: According to our observation, Friday Saturday and Sunday are the
   hot days for business. And as south Ex and lajpat Nagar market remain
   close on Tuesday customer traffic can be seen in shoppers‘ stop.

                                                                      Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


Name                  : _______________________________________________

Age                   : ________

Gender                : _________

Address (Location)    : ________________________________________________

01) Monthly Household Income:

             - Rs.15, 000                  - Rs.30, 000                  - Rs.20, 000

             – Rs. 35,000                  - Rs.25, 000

02) Are you a member/frequent visitor at Shoppers‘ Stop?

        Member                      Frequency
        (Type of        Once in Once in Once in           Once in
       membership)      a month 3        6                a year
                                  Months Months

03) What do you buy/prefer to buy from Shoppers‘ Stop?

04) Which of these floors have you visited today at shoppers‘ stop?

                                                                Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

05) Which of these have you visited today?

07) What were you looking for?

Shopping Habits

08) Who usually accompanies you for shopping?

09) What do you like to shop the most?

10) Where would/do you normally buy the following from?

                              Store Name      Market/Mall Reason for Preference
      Ethnic Wear
      Western Wear
      Perfumes         &
      Home furnishings
      Kitchen Appliances

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

11) Which departmental store do you frequently visit for the following?

                                                         Frequency                        Average spend
        Article           Store Name      Once in Once in Once in Once in More              per visit
                                          a month   3       6      a year than one
                                                  Months months             year
 Perfumes &
 Electronic items
 Home furnishings

      A. Why do you go to following stores?

                         Proximity Facilities Variety
      Name of Store       (Time /  (Car park /            Price Custome         Others
                        Convenienc    A/c      Bran Style          r            (Specif
                             e)         /       d               Service           y)
      Shoppers Stop
      West Side
      Wills Lifestyle

B Which is the single most critical factor?

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

13) Are you a member/frequent visitor to any of the following stores?

                    Member                        Frequency                               Average
  Store Name        (Type of Visitor Once in Once in Once in            Once in            Spend
                   membership)       a       3        6                 a year            Per visit
                                     month     Months Months
 Shoppers Stop
 West Side
 Wills Lifestyle

14) Would you recommend us to others?

15) Would you visit us again?

16) Your recommendations for us :


                                                                 Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                     DIPSTICK MEASUREMENT

Pie chart – 1

Male    : 1357

Female : 1505

Kids    : 138

Total   : 3000

                                               1357             MALE

   Chart 1 : Male , Female & Kids Ratio .

The Above graph shows that we have more female visitors than the male.
    50 % were female .
    45 % were Male .
    5 % were Kids .

                                                                Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


 0 -- 10          103
 10 -- 20         317
 20 -- 30         870
 30 -- 40         960
 40 -- 50         605
 50 -- 60         100
 60 -- 70          45

                        100                                      0 -- 10
                               103       317
            605                                                  10 -- 20
                                                                 20 -- 30
                                                                 30 -- 40
                                                  870            40 -- 50
                                                                 50 -- 60
                                                                 60 -- 70

 Chart 2 : Age Group .

The above graph shows that the age group between 30 – 40 yrs. is mostly seen and
age group 60 – 70 yrs. is less seen.
    The group that is seen second is 20 – 30 yrs.

                                                         Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

Family size :

1   *   40    = 40
2   *   400   = 800
3   *   300   = 900
4   *   200   = 800
5   *   50    = 250
6   *   30    = 180
7   *   02    = 14
8   *   02    = 16

 TOTAL = 3000

                      22%      3%        6%   8%
               19%                             14%                  6

    Chart 3 : Family Size .

                                                                Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


NOIDA                824
DELHI                963
GHAZIABAD           1141
FARIDABAD             25
GURGAON                6
NOIDA                 35
NRI                    8






Chart 4 : Catchment Area for Shoppers‘ Stop , Shipra Mall .NRI

The above graph shows that the people who come more belong to Ghaziabad, Delhi ,
Noida .

                                             Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

Delhi :

Anand vihar         170
Vasant kunj          18
Mayur Vihar         115
vasant Vihar          4
Rohini               11
laxmi Nagar         125
Vivek Vihar          55
Patparganj          430
Lajpat Nagar         10
West Delhi            5
Dwarka                4
South Ex              4
Shadara               6
Pitampura             6

          Anand vihar     Vasant kunj   Mayur Vihar
          vasant Vihar    Rohini        laxmi Nagar
          Vivek Vihar     Patparganj    Lajpat Nagar
          West Delhi      Dwarka        South Ex
          Shadara         Pitampura

                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

Ghaziabad :

Vijay nagar            38
Mohan nagar            20
Shipra suncity        203
Indirapuram           250
Vaishali               96
vasundra               90
kavi nagar             33
Kaushambi             250
puram                  78
suraj nagar            41
Gandhi nagar           42

                                                 Vijay nagar
                                                 Mohan nagar
                                                 Shipra suncity
                   41                 20
              78                           203   Vaishali
                                           250   kavi nagar
            33                   96
                 90                              Govind puram
                                                 suraj nagar
                                                 Gandhi nagar

                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                      ANALYSIS OF QUESTIONNAIRE :

                                7%            10,000 - 15,000
             30%                              15,000 - 20,000
                                              20,000 - 25,000
                                              25,000 - 30,000
                                    20%       30,000 - 35,000
                                              35,000 & above

     In the above graph –

  MHI                        RESPONSE
10,000 - 15,000                     10
15,000 - 20,000                     20
20,000 - 25,000                     40
25,000 - 30,000                     60
30,000 - 35,000                     80
35,000 & above                      90

                                                             Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                   TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP

                                                      CLASSIC CARD
                                                      SILVER CARD
                                                      GOLD CARD
                                 12%                  NOT MEMBER


The above graph shows that 49 % of the people who were surveyed were not members
with us .
 Rest 37 % were Classic cards ,
12 % were Silver
and the remaining 2 % were gold card members .

                                                              Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

          Frequency of visit at shoppers' stop

                             30%                 Once in a month
                                                 Once in 3 months
                                                 Once in 6 months
                                                 Once in a year

The above graph shows the Frequency of visit at shoppers‘ stop:
    54 % visited once in 3 months .
    30 % visited once in a month
    13 % visited once in 6 months.
    3 % visited once in a year .

                                                                   Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

           Buying Preference from Shoppers'
                         stop       Apparel

                   2%                              Watch

                  4%                               Footwear
                                                   Perfumes &
         10%                                       Cosmetics
                                                   Home furnishings
        10%                         58%
              2%                                   Appliances


The above graph shows the buying preference from Shoppers‘ Stop.
    58 % preferred Apparels.
    10 % preferred Home furnishings
    8 % preferred jewellery.
    4 % preferred Appliances.

                                                                 Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

              Floors Visited at Shoppers' Stop

                                                               Ground Floor
                                         43%                   Lower Ground

The above graph shows the floors visited at shoppers‘ stop :
    37 % visited both floors .
    43 % visited ground floor .
    20 % visited lower ground floor.

                                                                 Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

            Got what you were looking for.




The above graph shows whether people found what they were looking for .
    70 % found what they were looking for.
    30 % did not found what they were looking for .

                                                                Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

              Who Accompanies to Shopping?

         7%                                           SIBLINGS
           1%                     10%                 FRIENDS

The above graph shows with whom the people preferred to shop.
    35 % preferred their spouse.
    22 % wished to be accompanied with their mothers.
    23 % wanted their friends to come with them.

                                                             Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

        What Customer wants to shop most ?

        10%                                      SHOES
          13%                                    COSMETICS

The above graph shows what customer like to shop most
    57 % voted for clothes
    13 % voted for accessories
    17 % for jewellery.
    10 % voted for footwear.
    3 % for Cosmetics.

                                                             Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


             12%             15%               WATCH

                                   25%         PERFUMES &
             12%                               ITEMS

The above graph shows the average spend per visit .

                                                             Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


                13%                                UNDER ONE
            2%                          27%        REFUND,EXCHAN
                                                   GE POLICY
          7%                                       PARKING SPACE
                                39%                AMBIENCE




The above graph shows the factors for the visit.
    39 % voted for Parking space
    27 % voted for Proximity.
    10 % for variety.

                                                                 Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

               RECOMMEND TO OTHERS


     0                                            0
                    YES                          NO

The above graph shows whether the customer will recommend us to others .
    The total sample was in favour for recommending us to others.

                                                                        Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

                  SHIPRA MALL
            STRENGTHS                                         WEAKNESSES
   Long known established name, trusted             We have independent stores of most
    by many                                           brands we keep inside our store.

   Support of the Raheja Group                      ―Mass catering‖ reduces variety due to
                                                      space constraints
   Capability to open several outlets to
    depict size and enhance convenience              Low footfalls and also low conversion
    for potential customers                           rate.

   Large portfolio of brands and variety of
    products catering to all.‖ For the
    family‖, and all age groups

   The aesthetic and spacious look of the
    store like those of malls abroad satisfies
    and enlivens the shopper

                                                                    Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.

             OPPORTUNITIES                                   THREATS
   Shopper's Stop located as part of a huge    Engulfed by competition from Globus
    mall attracts larger crowd, more             and other independent outlets of brands
    footfalls, more browsing and therefore       stocked by Shopper's Stop (E.g. Zodiac,
    higher sales                                 Pepe, Levis, Provogue, etc.). Therefore,
                                                 probable loss of potential customers.
   A strong Loyalty program (First
    Citizen) increases base of loyal            Unavailability of sizes, types, variety
    customers, building confidence and           may lead to loss of sales. Moreover,
    trust                                        availability of demanded items in mall
                                                 may lead to loss of faith in Shopper's
   The store is more spacious in terms of       Stop
    layout and design, therefore enhanced
    browsing and reduced efforts and strain
    of visiting many floors. Moreover,          The vastness of each floor may cause
    clearer vision of merchandise and            problems      in     locating     certain
    displays influences purchases                merchandise and lead to confusion
                                                 especially to a first time visitor to the
   Customer has a lot of choice and has         store
    the ease and comfort of comparing and
    making selections among various
    products and brands all under one roof
    before making a purchase

   Immense parking space availability
    lessens problems of commuting.


                                                                      Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


The Indian shopper today, is more well-informed, knowledgeable about what the market
has to offer in terms of products, variety and pricing. He generally likes to compare with
neighbouring shops before making a purchase. Therefore, a Shopper‘s Stop in a mall
setup poses a big challenge in getting serious shoppers and then making a sale. With
competition flanking all sides of the store, the challenge of retaining potential customers
is quite a task.
Therefore, the most important thing, is to engage the shopper and involve him in the
shopping experience. This can be best done by giving the shopper exactly what he wants
and how he wants it.
Our Shipra Store has a catchment that covers Shipra Sun City , Gaur Green City
,Parsvanath, Amrapali , Jaipuria , Krishna Apra, etc .
 Around 60 % of area is occupied and the remaining 40 % is Under construction .
The Average Price per sq. feet is Rs. 2000 – 2500 .
It is observed that both Husband and wife are working members .
The maximum monthly Household income of the residents is 40,000 – 45,000 , and the
minimum Monthly household Income is 25,000 – 30,000.
The Rent for these apartments is Rs. 5000 – 8000.
General customer profile :
Gender: Approx 55% of the respondents were males and 45% were female.
Age: 59% of the respondents were of the age group 25-35 and 38% were in the age group
Occupation: out of the male respondents 78% were salaried ,
 15 % were into business, 7 % were students .
Out of the female respondents 66% of them were salaried, 21% are into business. 13%
were housewives .
As customer comes from various places they commute by Cars,Bikes,Scooter,Public
conveyance (Auto).,Bus.

 However, it is to be noted, that as the mall becomes more operational and as shoppers
become more acquainted with the setup, offerings and whereabouts of what is where,
external environment in the mall, will influence buying and browsing patterns to a large
extent. The only other way to retain and get back customers over and over again would
be by incorporating a very strong “Loyalty Program” and reinforcing it by constantly
devising more exciting offers for loyal members. Loyal members need to be made to feel
like they are an integral part of the store. (“ownership factor”) The advantage of doing
this especially in a mall environment, would be that it would play on the psyche of the
shopper to buy a product from Shopper‘s Stop, although substitutes would be available in
the mall. Moreover, as according to Pareto’s principle, 80% of revenues/sales are
brought by 20% of your customers.


                                                                   Shoppers‘ Stop Ltd.


    We should have more Mens Accessories like Leather Organisers, Laptop bags ,
    Electronic Goods like Mobile phones Digital Camera ,Music Systems.
    We should have a good Sarees Collection .
    Accessories for Youth ( Funky bags , Junk Jewelry , Caps )
    There can be a Youth Section ( Like Punk , Metal )
    We should have more Kids Accessories like Prams , Jhullas , Infant products )
    Party Wear – Designer Clothes
    Arrangements for seating for elderly ladies and others can be made to increase the
     average time spent by the customers, which can increase sales.
    Plasma screen that holds and attract the people
    Mobile charging facility


“Why We Buy‖ – Paco Underhill

Malhotra Naresh, Market Research, Person Education, 4th Edition.

KPMG journal ( 2005 )
Images Retail , January 2005 .




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