Shadow box wall Art by qingyunliuliu


									                     Shadow box wall Art
    Pre-stretched Canvas
    Shadow box
    Fabric to cover the canvas
    Staple Gun
    E6000 adhesive
    Mat board the same size as the shadowbox (optional)

 1. Lay fabric out flat with wrong side face up and center canvas over the
 2. Staple the fabric to the back of the canvas as you stretch the fabric. You
     want the fabric to be tight.
 3. Apply E6000 to back of fabric covered canvas along the stretcher bars.
 4. Remove the back of the shadow box and center the canvas on the back.
     (If using a mat board, glue canvas to mat instead.)
 5. Allow to dry according to directions on adhesive.
 6. Remove the glass from shadow box (discard glass or save for other use)
     but replace the wooden piece inside.
 7. Replace the backing with the fabric covered canvas into the shadow box
 8. Hang up on wall and enjoy.

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