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									                                                     THE SCOPE
Volume 2 I s s ue 1 2                                                                                                   December 2007

           GENERAL                                                        PANHANDLE ASTRONOMY CLUB
        M EET I NG D AT E                                                     MEETING MINUTES

                                                     Meeting: The November meeting was held on the 13th at the Gering Public
                                                     Library. The meeting was called to order at 7:08 by Bruce Mues. Members
             M EET I NG                              present were: Jon Smith, Roger Leafgreen and Astro Dog, Bruce, Virginia, Zach &
         F o r D e c e m b e r                       Amanda Mues, Johnny Escamilla and Bethany Loseke.
                                                     Minutes: A motion to accept the October minutes was made by Roger Leafgreen
   ANNUAL BOARD                                      and seconded by Jon Smith.
       MEETING                                       Treasurer’s Report: Jon Smith reported that we have a balance of 1439.63 +
                                                     Himes and Heitz dues.
  to be held January 8                               Presentation: Virginia Mues, assisted by husband Bruce, gave a presentation on
                                                     our newest Night Sky Network Toolkit Exploring the Solar System which
         7:00 pm                                     includes activities for exploring strange new worlds, solar system models: sizes
 Gering Public Library                               and distance, and exploring our solar system with accurately scaled orbits of the
We will be holding elections                         naked-eye planets. Members made their own pocket solar system to take with them.
 during the January Club                             Jon Smith shared some astro photographs he’s taken and we discussed comet
Meeting. Each year we vote
 on the following offices:                           Outreach: The Western Nebraska Home Educators Network Astronomy Class and
         President                                   Observation Nights wrap up for the fall semester on November 19th. Classes will
      Vice President                                 begin again in January along with Observation Nights. Anyone interested in
                                                     assisting with this class should contact Virginia Mues.
         Treasurer                                   Observing: The Club Observation Night was held on November 10th at the
     Newsletter Editor                               Wildcat Hills Campground. We had 8 people in attendance. The Public Star Party
        Webmaster                                    was held on November 16th at the Wildcat Hills Campground with 13 people in
  Night Sky Coordinator                              attendance. The weather was excellent both evenings.
          ALCor                                      Old Business:
 & Standing Committee’s                              1. Western Nebraska Star Gaze III will be held May 29 - June 1, 2008 near
                                                        Bridgeport Nebraska. Virginia has sent information to Sky & Telescope and
 If you have nominations for                            Astronomy Magazine for publication. Bruce has sent information to the
 any of the offices please get                          astronomical league and reflector. Additional information will be sent out to
them to Bruce Mues or Chris                             astronomy clubs in the region in January.
  Olsen as soon as possible.                         2. Johnny reported the Western Nebraska Community College Astronomy Class
                                                        was cancelled for next semester because they needed to make room for a
             CLUB                                       physics course. Larry Slater will be offering the class in the fall.

      P H O T O G R A P H
                                                     3. A motion was made by Bruce to pay Roger for walkie-talkies to be used for the
                                                        stargazing events. Seconded by Jon.
   W e w ill b e t a k in g             a c lu b     4. A discussion on discounted magazine subscriptions through the astronomical
p h o to g ra p h a t th e            J a n u a ry
                                                        league was presented by Roger. It was decided to run information in the
    M e e t in g . O r d e r s         w ill b e
                                                        newsletter and vote on this at the January Meeting.

       ta k e n a t th e m e       e t in g .        New Business:
      E s t im a t e d c o s t w         ill b e
                                                     1. New members Gary Himes and Bill & Patty Heitz
     a r o u n d 4 d o lla r s         fo r a n
                                                     2. Directories are available with all the current club member info.
                                                     3. Our club earned the Night Sky Network Banner to display at our outreach
               8 X 1 0 p h o to     .                   functions.
 PAGE 2                                                       T H E S C O PE                                      VOLUME 2 I S S UE 1 2

4. Our club will receive three award pins from the Night                       OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES
   Sky Network for persons who provided outreach
   opportunities using the NSN Toolkits.                                                          None
5. There will be a Night Sky Network Teleconference on
   December 6th. Log onto the NSN for information.                                 CLUB OPPORTUNITIES
6. Roger Leafgreen has some scopes he will sell the club                            Club Observation Night
   to be used as club scopes. It was mentioned that                                     December 8th, 2007
   motorized scopes work better for school outreach.
                                                                                     Wildcat Hills Campground
   Discussion was tabled so we could monitor our
   outreach events to determine the need. Scopes could
                                                                                               6:00 pm
   also be used at the Star Gaze.                                      Have questions about your scope, still learning the
7. Mid States Region of the Astronomical League                        night sky, or working on an observing challenge?
   Convention will be held on June 20-21, 2008 in                      Come to the Club Observation Night and seek the
   Cottleville, Missouri. For more information log on to               help you need from your fellow amateur astronomers.                                               Bring your binoculars, scopes, accessories, and lawn
8. December Observation Events include a club                          chair, if you have them. All club members are
   observation on December 8th and a Public Star Party                 welcome with or without a telescope. Remember to
   on the 14th along with the Geminids at the Wildcat
                                                                       bring extra clothing to change into as the nights are
   Hills Campground. Weather permitting.
9. Johnny volunteered to make flyers/advertising for the
                                                                       cooling off rather rapidly. Red flashlights are
   Star Gaze event.                                                    encouraged for this event. If you don’t have one ask
                                                                       one of the club officers how you can make your white
Next Meeting will be January 11, 2008, Gering Public                   light red.
Library at 7:00 pm. Motion made to adjourn the meeting
by Bruce at 8:30 pm, seconded by Roger. January                                   Panhandle Astronomy Club
presentation: CCD Imaging by Jon Smith.                                            PUBLIC STAR PARTY
Minutes by PAC Secretary                                                             December 14th, 2007
Virginia Mues                                                                         Starts at 6:00 pm
                                                                        Club members need to arrive at 5:30 pm to set up
                       IT’S TIME TO                                           Place: Wildcat Hills Campground
          R EN EW      Y OU R MEMB ER SH IP                            Join us as our planet passes through a stream of debris in
  Don’t forget to renew your membership by the January                 space known as the Geminids Meteor Shower. Some of
    meeting. F orms c an be found in this newsl etter.                 this debris will enter Earth’s atmosphere to appear as
                                                                       “shooting stars” in our night sky. December 13th & 14th
   New member dues paid after October 1 are g ood th roug h
                                                                       are peak nights to watch.
           D ecember 3 1 of th e fol l owin g y ear.
                                                                       The Geminids are one of the year’s best meteor showers.
          C h eck y our address for y our ex piration date.
                                                                       It’s a consistent and prolific shower that typically
                                                                       produces 50 or more meteors an hour, or about one every
          MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION                                        minute. You can expect the Geminid meteors to start
                  DISCOUNTS                                            flying through the sky around mid-evening.
Would you like to subscribe to Astronomy or Sky                        The moderately fast Geminid meteors slice through
& Telescope? Do you currently receive                                  Earth’s atmosphere at some 35 kilometers – or 22 miles –
Astronomy or Sky & Telescope and want to                               per second. These meteors originated in a mysterious
save money on your renewal? Then sign up                               object called 3200 Phaethon, which looks like a cross
through the club. Contact Jon Smith, on or                             between an asteroid and a burned-out comet. The Geminid
                                                                       meteors are named for the constellation Gemini the Twins.
before the January Club Meeting, for more
                                                                       If you were to track these meteors backwards on the sky’s
information on how you can save on a new or                            dome, you’d find them streaming from a single point in
renewal subscription.                                                  the sky. This point – called the radiant point – lies close to
                                                                       Gemini’s bright star, Castor.
   Western Nebraska Star Gaze III                                      But you don’t need to know Gemini to see the meteor
     May 29, 30, 31 & June 1, 2008                                     shower. The Geminid meteors will streak all over the sky.
Camp Clarke Raiders Black Powder Range                                 Just find a dark sky, and enjoy.
              (near Bridgeport, Nebraska)                              Source:
 PAGE 3                                                 T H E S C O PE                            VOLUME 2 I S S UE 1 2

                                    Twelve Month Tour of the Messier Catalog
                                                 December Objects
This will be a fairly easy month on the tour. We will view two small, but bright globular clusters, two open
star clusters, and the grandest galaxy in the sky along with it' two companions. All of these objects are
possible to find in binoculars, most are fairly easy.
M2 This is a small, bright globular cluster in Aquarius. To find it in binoculars look for a fuzzy star in a star
poor field. A low power telescope field will show a round fuzzy patch, brighter in the center and fading to the
edge, in a field with no other bright objects.

M15 This globular cluster in Pegasus is very similar to M2 in size and brightness, except it is surrounded by
several bright stars. Fairly easy to find in binoculars but the best view is through a telescope at medium to high

M29 This galactic cluster is a small, sparse group of stars in Cygnus. It appears as a small fuzzy patch amongst
a rich star field in binoculars. A telescope will easily resolve the members of this cluster. The shape of the
cluster reminds me of the Pleiades as viewed through binoculars.

M39 Dark skies will allow this large, bright cluster in Cygnus to be seen with the naked eye as a hazy patch of
light. Binoculars easily resolve this cluster into it' bright and widely scattered members, and provide a better
view than can be seen with most telescopes.

M31 This is the famous Andromeda Galaxy, our closest galactic neighbor, and the largest, brightest galaxy to
be seen in the northern sky. The ability to see M31 with the naked eye provides a good test of the darkness of
your skies. M31 is so large that binoculars provide the best view, allowing the entire galaxy to be seen in one
field of view. Look for an elongated patch of light, with a bright, round central core.

M32 This is an elliptical companion galaxy to M31. Through a telescope look for a slightly oval ball of fuzz in
the same low power field as the core of M31. M32 is very possible to find in binoculars as a star like point of

M110 Another elliptical companion galaxy to M31, lying on the opposite side of the core as M32. Through a
telescope look for a large, oval patch of light. Although M110 is as bright as M32 it is much larger and thus
has a lower surface brightness making it a difficult object in light polluted skies. M110 is a very difficult bin-
ocular object requiring dark transparent skies, and trained eyes to have a chance at finding it.

                                                  W e s te rn N e b ra s k a
                                            H o m e E d u c a to rs N e tw o rk
                                                A S T R O N O M Y C L A S S
                                      We’ve had some great times in the class
                                      this F all inclu ding solar view ing, mak ing
                                      a comet and melting chocolate w ith the
                                      help of the su n. T he class w ill continu e
                                      this S p ring.
      PAGE 4                                             T H E S C O PE                                    VOLUME 2 I S S UE 1 2

                                                                                      CLUB OFFICERS
                                                                                       President: Bruce Mues 641-5874
                                                                                  Vice President: Chris Olsen 436-5797
                                                                                        Treasurer: Jon Smith 635-0969
                   VISIT US ONLINE                                                  Secretary: Virginia Mues 641-1201
     Visit the Panhandle Astronomy Club web site at:                         Newsletter Editor: Virginia Mues 641-1201
                  or join our yahoo group at:
                                                                                     Webmaster: Bruce Mues 641-5874
                 or see the latest club photo’s at:                                                                  Night Sky Coordinator: Roger Leafgreen
Updates on the 2008 Western Nebraska Star Gaze can be found:                                                  637-0067                               
                                                                                         ALCor: Bruce Mues 641-5874

                                                                                BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP
                                                                  •       Members receive the SCOPE, our monthly
                                                                  •       Participation in monthly club observation nights
                                                                          and annual star parties.
                                                                  •       Each member is automatically a member of the
                                                                          Astronomical League, the only nation-wide
                                                                          organization for amateur astronomers.
                                                                  •       Free subscription to the Astronomical League’s
                      NEW MEMBERS                                         quarterly publication “The Reflector”.
                                                                  •       10% discount on astronomy books when
                                                                          purchased through the Astronomical League.
                                                                  •       Participation in both regional and national
                                                                          conventions through the Astronomical League.
                                                                  •       Membership in the Night Sky Network.

                  Recent Observing Awards
                                                                                ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES
     As members of the Panhandle Astronomy Club you                                    Individual     $ 20.00
     can earn a variety of observing awards through the                                Student        $ 15.00
     Astronomical League. For more information on the                                  Family         $ 30.00
     awards log on to:                     Send your check to:
     When you have reached the requisite number of                                  Panhandle Astronomy Club
     objects, your observing logs need to be turned into                              c/o Jon Smith, Treasurer
     Bruce Mues and you will receive a certificate and pin                                  PO Box 987
     to proclaim to all that you have reached your goal.                            Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361
Article III - M em b ers h ip
   S ection I : C riteria
    1 . M emb ership shall b e op en to any one w ith an interest in astronomy .
2 . M emb ership shall not b e denied b ased on race, creed, ethnic b ack grou nd, or f or any other reason.
  3 . T o retain memb ership w ithin the clu b the individu al, stu dent or f amily mu st have cu rrent du es p aid. I f du es are not p aid,
        memb ership w ill b e temp orarily revok ed u ntil du es are renew ed.
 4 . A ny memb er may b e drop p ed f rom memb ership b y a 2 / 3 vote of memb ers p resent af ter a show of du e cau se.
  S ection I I : C a teg o ries
 1 . M emb ership shall consist of individu als and f amilies w hose du es are cu rrent.
2 . M emb ers shall consist of the f ollow ing classes:
             A . I ndividu al M emb ership :
                        A n individu al w hose regu lar du es are p aid to the cu rrent date.
              B . S tu dent M emb ership :
                           A n individu al enrolled as a f u ll time stu dent in any elementary , high school, college or u niversity , w ho
                          p resents evidence of that statu s to the T reasu rer u p on p ay ment of annu al du es to the clu b .
            C . F amily M emb ership
                         A ll f amily memb ers w ho reside at the same address.
   S ection I I I : D u es
    1 . D u es w ill b e assessed to cover the costs of op eration, maintenance and imp rovement of clu b assets.
 2 . D u es shall cover a tw elve-month p eriod starting J anu ary 1 st and ending D ecemb er 3 1 st.
     3 . D u es are du e b y the J anu ary C lu b M eeting.
  4 . D u es shall b e determined b y a maj ority vote of the b oard and may b e changed w ith a maj ority vote of the b oard.
5 . D u es f or each category of memb er shall b e as f ollow s:
                  A . I ndividu al M emb ership : $ 2 0 .0 0 p er y ear
                   B . S tu dent M emb ership : $ 1 5 .0 0 p er y ear
                    C . F amily M emb ership : $ 3 0 .0 0 p er y ear
        6 . N ew memb er du es p aid af ter O ctob er 1 are good throu gh D ecemb er 3 1 of the f ollow ing y ear.
      7 . D u es may b e changed only throu gh amendment of these B y -L aw s.
       8 . S cholarship s b ased on F inancial N eed are availab le to those w ho can not af f ord du es b u t w ou ld lik e to b e involved in the
            clu b .

      S ection V I I : D u ties o f O f f icers
     1 . P res id en t: T he p resident shall b e the chief ex ecu tive of f ice of the P anhandle A stronomy C lu b and shall p reside over all
                   b u siness meetings. T he p resident shall b e resp onsib le f or the ex ecu tion of p olicies and p rograms of the b oard and f or the
                      administration of the af f airs of the clu b . H e/ she shall have the au thority to ex ecu te instru ments necessary to carry ou t
                       these du ties.
       2 . V ice P res id en t: T he V ice P resident shall p erf orm su ch du ties as may b e assigned f rom time to time b y the B oard or the
                  P resident. I n the event that illness or other disab ility p rohib its the P resident f rom p erf ormance, the V ice P resident shall
                      have the p ow ers and p erf orm the du ties ordinarily the resp onsib ility of the P resident. T he V ice P resident shall chair the
                     P rogram C ommittee also.
3 . S ecreta ry : T he S ecretary of the P anhandle A stronomy C lu b shall k eep accu rate and comp lete minu tes of meetings of the
                    B oard and of the memb ers and p rovide notices of all meetings to the memb ers. H e/ she shall maintain the memb ership list
                     and clu b records and aid in p rep aration of any f ormal docu ments of the clu b . T he S ecretary shall record nominations f or
                      elected of f ices as w ell as resu lts.
   4 . T rea s u rer: T he T reasu rer shall receive all monies and k eep an accu rate accou nt of all f inancial transactions of the clu b ,
                      show ing the receip ts of du es f rom memb ers and b ank receip ts. H e/ she shall k eep the b ook s in order and p ay b ills j u stly
                      accru ed b y the clu b . H e/ she w ill send renew al and new su b scrip tion monies and b e j ointly resp onsib le w ith the p resident
                      f or f iling necessary tax and other legal docu ments.
                                      a. T w o of f icers mu st sign all check s.
                                      b . N ew signatu re cards mu st b e f iled w hen new of f icers tak e p lace.
        5 . N ew s letter E d ito r: T he N ew sletter E ditor p u b lishes, p rints and distrib u tes the monthly new sletter.
 6 . W eb m a s ter: T he Web master maintains the clu b w eb site, email, y ahoo grou p and p hoto alb u m.
    7 . N ig h t S k y C o o rd in a to r: T he N ight S k y C oordinator receives and manages any new O u treach T ool K its and introdu ces the
              O u treach T ool K its to clu b memb ers. H e/ she maintains the list of clu b memb ers w ho are p articip ants in the N ight S k y
             N etw ork and conf irms ou treach events logged b y clu b memb ers. T he N ight S k y C oordinator shall train C hildren’s P rogram
               C ommittee memb ers on the u se of the N ight S k y T oolk its availab le f or u se b y clu b memb ers.
  8 . As tro n o m ica l L ea g u e C o rres p o n d en t ( A L C or) : T he A stronomical L eagu e C orresp ondent is the contact b etw een ou r clu b
                and the A stronomical L eagu e. T he A L C or is resp onsib le f or sending in roster u p dates, serving as rep resentative on the
                R egional C ou ncil, u p dating and distrib u ting inf ormation to clu b memb ers ab ou t L eagu e activities and advises the L eagu e of
                 changes in of f icers.
                                                                                  Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69363-0987
                                                                                            P.O. Box 987
                                                                                        c/o Newsletter Editor
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