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					    Mobile Marketing

     55 th Annual IDA Conference
        Milwaukee, Wisconsin
              September 2009
What is Geocentric?

Through our unique Citylight Softw   are,
Geocentric enables Destination Districts
to organize, manage, and dynamically publish
interactive, location-driven content
for Marketing and Economic Development.
Mobile Internet / “Smartphone”

• 4B Mobile Users on the Planet (1/09)
• 1.7B Mobile Internet: Email, SMS, Apps
• Smartphone Shipments +23%, All -10% (2009)
2007 Mobile Internet
    Mobile Data Plans – Expensive
    Network Data Speeds – Slow
    Screens – Tiny
    User Interface – Clunky
    Lack of Compelling Content
Summer 2007
the Apple iPhone

  “ With its advanced
      Safari browser,
      iPhone lets you
      see web pages
      the way they
      were designed to
      be seen!”
2009 Mobile Internet
    Unlimited Data Plans for Flat Rate
    3G Network Data Speeds
    Screens – 320x480
    User Interface – Multi-touch
    Large Amount of Content
The Mobile Web
    One-third of Americans (32%) have used a cell
        phone or Smartphone to access the internet for
        emailing, instant-messaging, or information-
        seeking. (Pew American Life Project 2009)
    The number of people using their mobile device to
        access news and information on the Internet
        more than doubled from January 2008 to
        January 2009 (comScore 3/2009)
    Mobile web experienced growth of over 700% in
        2008-2009 (dotMobi)
Mobile Web               Facebook

• 63.2M (in US)         • 75M (in US)
• 22.4M (35 percent)    • 36M (48 percent)
    do so daily             do so daily
  (comScore 3/09)         (Facebook 9/09)

                       25% of Facebook users Connect
                          via Mobile Phone
                          (TechCrunch 3/2009)
Demographics (Novarra)

 2/3 of Mobile Internet Users:
  • Multi-tasking Parents
  • Mobile Millenials

 1/3 of Mobile Internet Users:
  • Business Pros
  • Others
Walking vs. Driving Directions
 Feb 2009: Percent of Mobile
 Smartphone Web Traffic
App Stores are Not the Future
                •   Vic Gundotra, Google VP (7/2009)
Best Practices

•   Mobilize, not Minaturize
•   Website Rules Apply
•   Promote in Print
•   Sniff and Redirect Phone Traffic
•   Mobile Sitemaps
•   Watch the Stats
Why Mobile for Downtown

• Your product is mobile.
• Your audience is using mobile devices.
• You want to own the mobile conversation.
Summer 2011 ?
(IDA Charlotte)
    Jim Blakeslee
  Silver Spring, MD