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									April 10, 2011
5th Sunday in Lent

 As we light this candle
 and look upon the flame,
 we feel the love of God and
 we remember the name of

 the light of the world.
 Remember Jesus,
 the light of the world.
Tree of Life and Awesome Mystery
     Tune: Voices United #121 5th Sunday
           Words and Music: Marty Haugen 1984
   ~Please remain standing, as you are able~
              Call to Worship
      ~Please remain standing, as you are able~

One:God calls us to travel through the season
     of Lent where the promise of newness of
     life unfolds. During this time, we are
     called to wilderness wandering
All: where our burdens and brokenness are
One:We are called to venture through unknown
All: to face our deepest fears.
One:We are called to a dry and weary land
All: where our souls thirst for living water.
One:We are called to live in right relationship
All: to forgive and be forgiven.
One:We are called to places of need,
All: to risk extravagant giving.
One:Come join the Lenten journey with the
     God who is about to do a new thing!

    Morning Has Broken
         Tune: Voices United #409
    Words: Eleanor Farjeon 1931;Music: Gaelic melody
~Please remain standing, as you are able~
Prayer of Unburdening
One:God of life, we often feel exhausted and
    depleted. Our frustration leads to despair
    and doubt, closing us off from others.
    Forgive us when we forget that we can
    make a difference in our work, our
    relationships, or even in our community.
    You are the Source of Life. Breathe
    energy into our burnt out spirits and our
    tired bodies. Help us to honour life as
    you created it.

One:We cannot find wholeness for ourselves
     unless we find wholeness for all that is.
     We cannot give to others unless we
     recognise what we have to give. Remind
     us in the darkness and loneliness of our
     journeys that we will experience your
     breathtaking presence, which will bring
     new purpose, new energy, new faith and
     new generosity.
All: Keep us from the darkness of this
     season. We offer our prayer awaiting
     renewal of our spirits.             …/vu684
   Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
                        Tune: Voices United #684
Words: attr. to St. Francis 1220; Music: Sebastian Temple 1967; arr. Betty Pulkingham 1976

                           ~Please remain seated~
Assurance of Grace

                   Over My Head
                   Tune: More Voices #88
Words & Music: African-American spiritual ; Arrangement: Stephen Lee 2006
                Please stand as you are able
     Sharing the Peace of Christ

Please greet one another with a handshake
and a smile, saying, “The Peace of Christ be
                 with you”.

         Where’s the Faith?
Are you a Youth?
Want to meet other youth
in the church?
Do you like to talk? Eat? Hang out?
Then come to the YOUTH CENTRE
                      ( 2nd floor)

Children may go to Children’s Worship
(upstairs) with the leader and/or parents.

Scripture Reading
   Ezekiel 37:1-14

Scripture Reading
     Psalm 130
 Voices United #853

Scripture Reading
   John 11:1-45

Response to the readings:

   ONE: This is the faithful
   witness of God’s people
   through the ages; the
   Divine Word to us today

   ALL: Thanks be to God

Rev. Scott Swanson
Spirit God, Be Our Breath
      Tune: More Voices #150
      Words and Music: Bruce Harding 1997
 Please stand to sing as you are able
Prayers of the People

                        …/Lords’ prayer
             The Lord’s Prayer
                  VU #960
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive
them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom and the power and
the glory, for ever and ever.        Amen.
                                 ..../min. for cong’l life
   Minute for
congregational life

   …/minute for mission
Minute for Mission
The Offering
               …/Mozart sonata
 Special Guest:
Matthew Nakagawa
Mozart Violin Sonata
  in B Flat Major

Christ Has No Body Now but Yours
                Tune: More Voices #171
   Words: adapt. by Stephen C. Warner 2003 from St. Teresa of Avila
                       Music: Rick Gunn 2006
     ~Please stand to sing, as you are able~
O For a Thousand Tongues To Sing
                Tune: Voices United #326
   Words: Charles Wesley 1739; Music: Carl Gotthelf Glaser ca. 1828
               ~Please remain standing~
Commissioning & Blessing

I Am Walking a Path of Peace
        Tune: More Voices #221
      Words and Music: Janet Bauman Tissandier
~Please remain standing, as you are able~

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