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									                              THE ARIZONA
                              RANGER NEWS
Vol. 14       No. 3                                   September 2009

 Phoenix Rangers
praised for helping
  Honor Flights
 The Honor Flight Program that of-
fers WWII veterans an opportunity
to visit Washington D.C. was sup-
ported this summer by Phoenix
Company Rangers.
The coordinator for the Honors
Flights applauded the Ranger
Honor Guard, that was present at
the Sky Harbor airport for both the
departure and return of the World
War II Veterans.
 Read details on page 7.                     Benson Rangers Marshall Gillette and Lindsey Jackson
   Rangers appear on                         returned a long lost wallet to Roger Varela, center, on
                                             Fathers Day. Varela had taken a motocycle trip to the
 Sierra Vista Talk Show
                                             Tombstone Helldorado Days and lost his wallet then.
                                             The amazing story how Rangers found it on page 17.

                                        Verde Valley Mounted
                                        Ranger Unit adds a rare                           In this Issue :
                                         purebred Arabian                      p. 5 & 15 Authorized Ammo
                                                                               p. 10. Read about the excellent
                                         A rare purebred horse has joined
                                                                               efforts of Coronado Rangers
                                        Arizona Rangers Verde Valley
                                                                               p. 14. “Women in the Rangers”-
                                        Mounted unit. Ranger Sgt. John
                                                                               series continue introductions
                                        Arnold’s 21 year old Arabian has
                                                                               p.18 Tucson Rangers combine
                                        been a show and movie horse, a
                                                                               duty and pleasure
Lt..Col. Mike Dennis and Maj.           mounted shooting horse and is now
                                                                               p. 20-21 Part II of How to
Kenn Barrett appeared on Cochise        heading for LEA/ Search and Res-
                                                                               Select New Rangers
Talk, an internet radio show earlier    cue career.
in August to talk about the Ari-        Sgt. Arnold and his Arabian Merlin
zona Rangers.The interview was          will be heading to the next Mounted      Date to Remember !
conducted in Sierra Vista.              Officers Training Association certi-   Nov.15, Third Annual Capt.
The Show originates from there          fication course in October.            Wheeler Shoot in Tombstone
every Wednesday.                        See story on page 3.
2                                     The Arizona Ranger News                                        September 2009

Your State
With summer nearly over, it’s hard to believe we are in Au-
gust already with half the year gone by. September is just                        Col. Sid Chandler
around the corner as is our Semi-Annual State Meeting in
Flagstaff September 19, 2009.
                                                                                 Show Low, Arizona
Much progress has been made. We once again have ARTA                Coronado and Show Low Companies are progressing in leaps
North, ARTA Central and ARTA South up and running with              and bounds and leading the way in LEA participation. They
ARTA South laying the ground work and being the template            have been able to secure MOU’s with Greenlee County
for ARTA North and ARTA Central to follow. The Bylaws               Sheriff’s dept. and Navajo County Sheriff’s dept. and are
Committee is meeting monthly and are about to put the fin-          participating in back-up officer positions in both counties as
ishing touches to the Rules and Regulations and will move           well as with Show Low PD in 2-man cars. Show Low Com-
forward to Policies and Procedures. Your State Curator of           pany also secured an MOU with Navajo County Emergency
Records (Lt. Carol Sullivan) is working diligently with the         Services and provided security and led a convoy of county
Bylaws Committee Chair (Capt. Eddie Resner) to accumulate           vehicles to different pod locations for the distribution of
and update all existing forms we currently use, to distribute       medication and vaccines with authorized red and blues.
to each Company to instill a more uniform and complete packet       With the budget being the main issue during the legislative
of forms for all to use. The Editorial Committee is trying to       session, we had to put off until next year, our concerns in
improve the quality of our Newsletter and looking for ways          getting Ranger related legislation passed.
to create a self-sustaining fund that will pay for itself through   We have done much, but have much left to do. Thank all of
paid advertisements from the public and the Ranger who              you for your part in our progress.
wishes to advertise an item for sale, or services rendered.         For the Good of the Order,
The Semi-Annual State Meeting is setting the stage for those                      Your State Commander, Col. Sid Chandler
wishing to run for a Head-Quarters position. Those posi-
tions will be: State Commander, State Treasurer, State Com-
munity Relations, N. E. Area Commander and N. W. Area
Commander. The requirement to be nominated for these posi-                                  anger
                                                                                  Arizona Rang
                                                                              The Arizona R anger
tions is: Be a Ranger in good standing continuously for the                        News
immediate previous twelve (12) month period prior to stand-         is a quarterly publication dedi cated to
ing for election to the Board of Directors. The term of office      Arizona Rangers, their history and the
for these positions is two (2) years starting at the end of the     communities they have proudly served
State Meeting that will be held in Tucson, at 0900 hours on         since the Territorial Days.
March 27, 2010. Nominations for Ranger of the Year will also         Editor : Maj. Anita Korhonen, e-mail
be allowed. The Election Committee will set the rules and
announce them during the meeting.
We will finally be able to present Governor Jan Brewer with          Assistant Editor :Maj. Kenn Barrett
her Chief Ranger badge and Plaque in the near future.                e-mail kennbarrett @
 I would have liked to have invited every Ranger but were                         read also at
only allowed 15 participants for the presentation. I chose the             
Board of Directors, Steven Ford (our attorney), Lt. Miller
(Recording Secretary), Lt. Sullivan (Curator of Records), Capt.
                                                                     A dv er tising r at es Full page $ 200.-
                                                                       dver           ates
                                                                     Advertising rates:
Resner (Committee Chair for the Bylaws and Elections Com-
mittees, and Maj. Knox (Legal Affairs Officer), all whom I felt        1/2 page $ 100.- , 1/4 page $ 50.-
deserved the honor of participating.                                      Business Card size $ 25.-
                                                                    10 % discount to Rangers & families
September 2009                            The Arizona Ranger News                                                             3

     Purebred Arabian joins
     Verde Valley Mounted Rangers
             By Capt. Rick Roda

Arizona Ranger Sgt. John Arnold (Verde Valley Company)
and his Purebred Arabian Myrddin Star (aka Merlin) taking a
moment from their rigorous training routine for a pose. John
and Merlin will be heading up to Flagstaff for the October
Mounted Officer Training Association training course as part
of their P.O.S.T. Certification which will allow them to partici-
pate in Mounted Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue
duties. John and Merlin are able to attend the program due to
the support of Captain Rick Roda of the Verde Valley Ranger
Company, as well as through the Sponsorship and support
from the Cottonwood Chief of Police, Chief Jody Fanning.
The Verde Valley Ranger Company routinely supports the                   Sgt. John Arnold and his purebred Arabian
operations of the Cottonwood Police Department at various
functions, and the use of the Rangers in a mounted capacity         The Verde Valley Company Mounted Unit strives to present
has been viewed as the Rangers continuing efforts to sup-           to the communities we interface with the highest degree of
port Cottonwood P.D. and the Community at large.                    professionalism we can, and all Mounted Rangers are
It is extremely unique to have an Arabian participate in the        encourged to participate in this training course. Our goal is
MOTA Training Course. Interest has grown within the Ara-            to significantly add to our capabilities of community service
bian community so much that the Arabian Horse Times is              in Law Enforcement Support and Search and Rescue Sup-
currently completing the finishing touches on an article high-      port. It is especially important that in interfacing directly
lighting their experiences at the upcoming MOTA training            with the Law Enforcement Departments of Cottonwood and
course. But Merlin is also a very unique Arabian. His 21+           Sedona that we present the same mounted skills
year old career has seen perform as a trained trick horse,          and qualifications that is required of their own internal
show horse, movie horse (where he has a large role in Disney’s      Mounted Units. This will ensure the Safe Operation of Com-
The Young Black Stallion), mounted shooting horse, and now          bined Mounted exercises for all involved, and will provide
Law Enforcement/Search and Rescue mount.                            the basis of well coordinated operations of a Mounted Level.

                                                                                       Mobile Police Computing
                                                                                       Presentation interests
                                                                                       Rangers in Phoenix

                                                                                        Thanks to High Country Company
                                                                                       Captain Tom Purner, right in the
                                                                                       photo, the Arizona Rangers Board of
                                                                                       Directors members attended a very
                                                                                        interesting presentation on new
                                                                                         Panasonic Touchbook and its
                                                                                       applications for the Law Enforcment
                                                                                        use. According to Havis International
                                                                                        representatives the Touchbook can be
                                                                                        mounted to any car for immediate
                                                                                        internet contact. This helps to find
                                                                                       critical information and prompt contact.
                                                                                       The Arizona Rangers are interested.
4                                  The Arizona Ranger News                       September 2009

     Coming State Meetings                                 The Arizona R anger
                                                               Arizona Rang
         and Events                                             Companies
 October 22-24 Primary Weapons Course in                   Coronado Company : Capt. M. Holliday
     Wickenburg, contact Maj.Robert Smith                                    928-359-2762
     at major1101 @                            Benson Company : Capt. Jane Amari
 October 24, Hope Foundation Service Day
     check with Tucson Company
                                                            Bisbee Company : Capt. Ed Nusso
 November 14, BOD-BOG Meeting in Safford
          BOD-08.00 hrs BOG 09.00 hrs
                                                           Douglas Company : Capt. Chuck Chambers
 November 15th : Capt . Harry Wheeler Shoot
      Tombstone starts 09.00 hrs
 January 30, 2010 BOD & BOG meetings in                     High Country Company: Capt. Tom
      Phoenix area ; 08.00 hrs &09.00 hrs                       Purner       928-607-9340
 February Benson Ranger Days: February                     Phoenix Company: Capt. Manuel Maltos
        13-14 in Benson                                                     623-487-0392
 March 27 General Membership Meeting in                    Santa Cruz Company : Capt. Armando Madril
      Tucson starts 09.00 hrs                                              520-281-8252
                                                           Scottsdale Company : Capt. Mike Braten
             Major DeLuca Resigns                                          602-268-2688
State Secretary Lilla DeLuca resigned in August due to     Show Low Company : Capt. Don Solomon
increased workload at her Clinic.- A new State Secretary                   928-532-5229
is elected by Special Election at the September 19th
                                                            Sierra Vista Co.,Capt. Louis Edwards
State Meeting in Flagstaff. -
                                                           Sonoita Company : Capt. Jerry Auriema
                                                           Superstition Company : Capt. Rowe Gilbert
                                                           Tucson Company: Capt. Eddie Resner
                                                            Verde Valley Company : Capt. Rick Roda
                                                           Yavacopa Company : Capt. Jane Smith

                                                               Area Commanders
                                                              S.E Area : Acting : Maj. Carl Lawrence
These Ranger offiicers have continuously
 attended the Grave Marking ceremonies. Photo                         520-378-1155
from Douglas Gravemarking shows from right                     S.W. Area : Maj.Dave Bruce
State Commander Col. Sid Chandler State Ad-                            520-326-4135
jutant Lt. Col. Lathan Varnado, Tucson Captain                 N.E. Area : Maj. Gordon Miller
Eddie Resner and far left State Legal Affairs                         928-600-1558
Major Terry Knox.                                              N.W. Area :Maj. Ronald Dalrymple
September 2009                       The Arizona Ranger News                                                       5

          CAMP                                                                             Maj. Robert Smith
                                                                                          addressed Arizona
         Courtroom Demeanor                                                               Rangers August -09
                        By                                                                Board of Governors
                 Major Robert Smith                                                        meeting held in
                                                            \                             Wickenburg.
As the Arizona Rangers’ involvement with Law En-
forcement steadily increases, so increases our chances
of being thrown into a courtroom situation. There are
several areas of concern that need to be addressed
before going into court. I would like to look at three of
these areas. The first is appearance.
If you are required to go in uniform, remember, court-
room appearances ALWAYS mandates a Class A                  Avoid dark colored or tinted glasses.
uniform. Make sure your uniform is properly laundered       The judge and jury will want to see your eyes. Avoid
and free of wrinkles. I have seen some real embar-          anything but functional jewelry. Ladies need to steer
rassing situations for Law Enforcement personnel be-        clear of big dangly earrings and bracelets. Political af-
cause attention to detail concerning their uniforms was     filiation buttons, religious pins, college rings and club
disregarded. The sad part is most (not all) looked that     lapel pins can trigger certain prejudices against you.
way most of the time. Since firearms are not allowed        Dress to fit the expectations of the jurors. They ex-
inside the courtroom, make sure your garrison belt or       pect to see a professional. Give them what they ex-
under belt is properly maintained. Also, keep uniform       pect.
accessories other than those required by our control-       Find the colors and clothing styles that work best for
ling documents to an absolute minimum.                      you. Ladies be moderate with makeup, and avoid
Male Rangers should make certain their hair is cut and      dresses that are of loud design and pattern. I cannot
well groomed. Mustaches should be neatly trimmed            say it enough, look professional, act professional, and
(it will always grow back). Female Rangers should           be professional. You are representing every Ranger
make sure their hair is coiffed in a style that does not    with your Courtroom Demeanor.
draw attention. Remember, we are trying to portray          Next time I would like to look at Part Two of Court-
the look and demeanor of a trained professional.            room Demeanor, “Courtroom Behavior”.
If a uniform is not required, make sure to wear a suit
and tie (men). Courtroom psychology has taught us               Official Ranger Authorized Ammo;
many useful lessons about colors and styles that can                Federal Hydra-Shok® or HST
work in your favor or work against you. Good guys                   Remington Golden Saber®
don’t wear black; at least this is the psychological per-           Speer Gold Dot®
ception. A quality dark suit with a white or light col-             Winchester Ranger SXT®
ored dress shirt and coordinated tie will always send               Hornady XTP®.
out the professional signal. Leave tie tacks, bars and              Cor-Bon® DPX®
the sort at home. They won’t make it past the metal                 Triton Hi-Vel®
detectors at the courtroom entrances anyway.                        MagTech First Defense
Ties that are loud in color or pattern should be avoided            MagTech Guardian Gold
also.                                                               Winchester Silver Tips - See page 15
6                                    The Arizona Ranger News                                         September 2009

     Fourth of July
       in Bisbee
Bisbee Company Rangers Nusso,
Gulpepper,White and Barrett by
Bisbee Police Dept. assigned
patrol car for the Rangers

The Bisbee Company of the Arizona Rangers has been work-          pected assault on a young female soldier, some unruly teens
ing closely with the Bisbee Police Department since we re-        and corralling folks with drinks on the public streets and
ceived our charter in 2008. Since the later part of 2008 we       walks. Our presence certainly does seem to be having a posi-
have been providing, what we call “The Bisbee Brewery Gulch       tive impact in The Gulch. This has been mentioned by people
Foot Patrol” on Friday and Saturday nights. The Bisbee Brew-      in the area many times.
ery Gulch is a narrow road lined with art galleries, bars, res-
taurants, and other night spots, frequented by an interesting     Most folks seem to love having us in the area, a very small
mix of locals and tourists, homeless denizens, and bikers.        minority don’t. Tourists really enjoy seeing us, many having
Since Bisbee PD is a small department they, like many others,     never seen an Arizona Ranger before and so, for some, we are
are undermanned, often only having a couple of officers on        quite a curiosity and for others a symbol of security in an
duty at night. We have been able to provide a uniformed           area that might otherwise seem perhaps a little intimidating.
presence, which is well appreciated by the city and the police    We have two Bisbee PD squad cars, marked with Arizona
department. We were recently honored with a Certificate of        Ranger stars, which we usually park in a conspicuous spot at
Appreciation by the Bisbee City Council, recognizing our          the foot of The Gulch, and will occasionally use to make
contributions to the city.                                        vehicle patrols in the Old Bisbee area.
Crime takes no holiday, and the Fourth of July was no excep-      While on foot patrol, we are usually not more than a couple
tion. We were asked by the Bisbee PD to provide as much           minutes from our vehicle and are therefore able to quickly
assistance as possible for their day-long schedule of activi-     respond if needed.
ties. These included the historic coaster races down Tomb-        For a small population, Bisbee does cover quite a large geo-
stone Canyon Road , the parade, the hard rock drilling con-       graphic area, encompassing what at one time were several
test, and the mucking (rock shoveling) contest. All this was      small towns or districts. It is a formidable area, distance wise,
followed by the fireworks display and, of course, the Brew-       for only two or three officers to cover at night and sitting
ery Gulch Foot Patrol.                                            right on the border doesn’t help either.
We were able to muster seven Rangers for duty at the races        Hopefully our presence will take some pressure off of them
in Old Bisbee and the parade following in the Warren District     as well. At the request of the police chief, we have qualified
. We then deployed two squad cars with two Rangers each           for their department with our handguns and have received
for the afternoon to do vehicle patrols and keep a presence in    other training as well, including shotgun and patrol carbine.
The Gulch during the mucking and hard rock drilling con-          In summation, I’d say Burt Mossman, Tom Rynning and Harry
tests. We were able to keep two squad cars on patrol until 9      Wheeler would look with pride on their modern-day Bisbee
PM, and then had a three-man foot patrol in The Gulch until       Company of Arizona Rangers.
midnight, at which time we kept two Rangers till well after the   It took over one-hundred years, but we are back in Bisbee,
bars closed at 2 AM. A full day indeed for The Bisbee Com-        the first home of the Arizona Rangers, and proudly continu-
pany of Arizona Rangers. In total, we were able to give cov-      ing the tradition of the Rangers.
erage from 7:00 AM, July 4th until 2:30 AM, July 5th.
It was probably the busiest day of the year in Bisbee. At         Respectfully Submitted,
times The Gulch seemed to be standing room only. Lots of          M/Sgt. Jerome O’Leary,
drinking, and yet problems were very minimal at worse. A          Duty Sergeant, Bisbee Company
drunk driver, apprehended by Rangers I might add, a sus
September 2009                          The Arizona Ranger News                                                                7

 Phoenix Rangers Honor
 Veterans, Arizona Founders,
 Pioneers, and an Old Ranger
 By MSGT Trent Loveless

What is the price that has been paid for the freedom that we
as Americans and Arizona Rangers enjoy? This was brought
home to members of the Phoenix Company in July when they
had the distinct privilege of working with Honor Flight.
                                                                                 ARTA training in Phoenix
The Honor Flight program, to date, has sent 42,000 World
War II, Korean, and Vietnam War Veterans back to Washing-
                                                                  And we thank you for your ongoing service to benefit people
ton , DC to visit the monuments erected in their honor. The
                                                                  in Arizona . We hope to be flying next Veterans’ Day, and
Phoenix Company was honored when they were approach
                                                                  sooner if finances allow! We have 200 veterans signed up
by the flight coordinator at a Ranger recruiting event with a
                                                                  and ready to go!
request to supply an honor guard of Arizona Rangers for the
                                                                  Susan Howe
World War II Veterans departing from Sky Harbor Interna-
                                                                  Secretary, Honor Flight, Northern Az
tional Airport .
 The Phoenix Company responded with an enthusiastic show-
                                                                  The past several months have continued to be ones of growth
ing both for the veterans’ departure, and their return, braving
                                                                  and learning for the Phoenix Company. The Phoenix Com-
metro commuter Phoenix traffic (a risk of life and limb all in
                                                                  pany has recently sworn in five new Rangers and has an
itself), to arrive and support our veterans.
                                                                  additional four probationary Rangers who have recently
Amid a watchful and emotional crowd of onlookers and fam-
                                                                  joined the company. These new Rangers were fortunate
ily, the Rangers respectfully exchanged handshakes with our
                                                                  enough to receive their ARTA instruction from Major Barrett
nation’s heroes who fought and gave so much to protect the
                                                                  and his staff who traveled all the way to Carefree to conduct
freedom that we enjoy today. Several veterans had tears in
                                                                  the event. A new Probationary Ranger was overheard to say
their eyes as they thanked the Rangers for not only being
                                                                  as he exited the classroom on the final day, “I had no idea this
there to greet them, but for the work that the organization
                                                                  organization had been around for so long or has done so
does for the citizens of our state. The letter from the Honor
Flight coordinators below summs up the remarkable and emo-
                                                                  The Phoenix Company showed exactly how much they could
tion filled event:
                                                                  do to support the community when they participated in this
                                                                  year’s Memorial Day parade in Surprise, proudly taking their
To All of You Wonderful Rangers,
                                                                  place among other local law enforcement agencies and the
I don’t usually send a thank you by email, but I realized I
                                                                  United States Air Force Security Forces during the parade.
didn’t have your address and felt that this thank you was
                                                                  The Rangers were honored to be joined by Arizona Rangers
long overdue!
                                                                  State Commander Colonel Sid Chandler who also participated
I cannot even begin to tell you how much your presence at
                                                                  in the event. It was a very memorable occasion that received
Sky Harbor meant to me, but more importantly, what it meant
                                                                  coverage from local press and helped to make the community
to the WWII veterans and their wives! A blessing to have
                                                                  further aware of the Arizona Rangers.
your uniformed presence there to send us off on our journey
                                                                  The event was rounded out by a Ranger presence at the
very early Friday morning, and to be there when we returned
                                                                  Veterans Memorial Cemetery , where the Phoenix Company
from our epic journey from Washington , DC .
                                                                  not only participated in the honor guard honoring Arizona ’s
The trip was remarkable and every step along the way, where
                                                                  founders and pioneers, but also was afforded the opportu-
our veterans were recognized for their service, amazed them.
                                                                  nity to pay homage to an original Arizona Ranger buried in
One of the veterans said to me several times during the trip
                                                                  the cemetery. It served as part of the continuous and ongo-
and afterwards, “I didn’t think that anybody even cared any
                                                                  ing reminder of not only what being an Arizona Ranger is all
more about what we did. I must have had 100 people shake
                                                                  about, but also the price that has been paid by those who
my hand at the Memorial and say thank you for your ser-
                                                                  came before.
8                                   The Arizona Ranger News                                       September 2009

    Sonoita Ranger
    Company Reborn
    By Phil Aiken, Lt.

Recent issues over the Liability Waiver nearly caused the
demise of the Sonoita Company #15 by taking us down to
only 5 full time rangers. The knockout punch nearly came
after losing two excellent rangers over this issue.
Our commander successfully fought tooth and nail to over-
come those issues. After months of debate I am proud to
announce that we are on the rebound and now number 5 full
time Rangers and 4 new fully committed probationary Rang-         Judge Keith Bart addresses Sonoita Ranger
ers: They are Prob. Juan DeLaOssa, Prob. Steve Archibald          Company meeting on September 2, 2009.
and Prob. Jack Foster.
This is exciting and gives new birth to our company and has      11. We were called out by the Santa Cruz County Department
allowed us to continue our good work within the communi-         of Health to cover their security under Homeland Security
ties of Sonoita and Patagonia . Our congratulations to all the   authority the N1H1 Virus Scare. Our company is 65% certi-
new probationary Rangers                                         fied under the NIMS program and recognized as the only
We are also proud to announce that we are once again sup-        Law enforcement team to provide them with the needed se-
porting the Santa Cruz Rodeo Queen and her party for the up      curity
coming 2009 Rodeo season. We are also supporting the             We are proud to introduce you to the newest member of our
good training and work of the 4-H Mustang Shooter Club           Company , Ladies & Gents, Fellow Rangers one and all please
who are currently defending several State wide Champion-         meet. “A.R.M.E.D.” (Arizona Ranger Mobile Emergency
ship titles. Including some earned at the “Harry Wheeler”        Device).
Shoot last year in Tombstone .                                   This mobile acquisition will allow us greater mobility to get
This year has been exciting in the way of duties so far with     around the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds and also the city of
the following duties:                                            Patagonia . This unit was recently obtained and required
                                                                 some repair. It was unveiled at the August Business Meeting
1. Tubac Arts Festival.                                          Thanks to Company Commander Capt. Jerry Auriema and Lt
2. Santa Cruz County Racing Commission, Sonoita Annual           Phil Aiken for the donations of time and articles to restore
Horse Races                                                      this unit and transport it.
3. The Elgin Wine Tours (called upon by the Elgin Fire De-       In August our Jim Gooch received his Certificate to be offi-
partment)                                                        cially part of Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s LEA Team. Con-
4. The Santa Cruz County Fair                                    gratulations Jim ! -
5. The Santa Cruz County Rodeo
6. The Western Music Assoc. Cowboy Symposium
7. Rotary Club Horseshoe tournament.
8. The Independence Day festivities at Patagonia where we
were called upon to do double duty in both traffic controls
for the parade and the following fireworks display and for the
protection of the community at the party in the square all day
9. Sonoita Hills Church Hero’s Sunday honored the Arizona
Rangers for their duty and perseverance in keeping the com-
munity safe.
10. We were called upon to be recognized at the Santa Cruz
County Law Enforcement Ceremonies honoring fallen Offic-
ers by both Fellow officers and the City of Tubac , Az.
                                                                  San Rafael 4-H Club thanked the Sonoita
                                                                  Rangers for their donations September 2nd.
September 2009                       The Arizona Ranger News                                                          9

Superstition Rangers
gain duties and men
Superstition Company has been very productive this
summer despite the heat. Near the end of June, the
Sawtooth Mountain Historical Society, Southwest
Legends Gunfighters, and Coyote Canyon Theme
Park sponsored a “Gunfighters for Kids” Charity
Banquet at Jamestown, just south of Arizona City.
We were asked to provide security for the event, and
yes, we got free grub. Present at the event was the
new Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeau. Captain Gil-
bert and a few other Rangers were able to speak with
the sheriff, and we’ve been invited to meet with him          Pinal County new Sheriff Paul Babeau with
to discuss how we might be able to assist his depart-         Superstition Captain Rowe Gilbert and wife
ment and be assisted by it.                                   Lt. Barbara at Gunfighters Charity Banquet
We moved quickly into July, and it was Independence
Day once again, which meant something new and                 this year was no exception with a crowd estimated at
something old. The new was the swearing in of 2000            nearly 7,000. Yet, even under these conditions, (ex-
naturalized citizens. Captain Gilbert presided at this        cessive heat, large crowds, etc.) everything went
event which was held at the Gilbert Convention Cen-           smoothly.
ter in the morning. By afternoon, Superstition Com-           At our monthly meeting on July 12th, two new proba-
pany was once again providing security and traffic            tionary Rangers, Wes Mitchell and Frank Tortorello,
control for the Chandler Parks and Recreation’s Fourth        and one new Ranger, Ron Haw, were sworn in, bring-
of July Fireworks Show. Often a very stressful duty,          ing our numbers to 32 and growing. Hoo-ray!!

                        Old Cowboy’s Advice
 * Keep your fences horse-high, pig-tight & bull strong.
 * Keep skunks, bankers & lawyers at a distance.               * Every path has a few puddles.
 * Life is simpler when you plow around the stump, and         * When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.
  a bumble bee is considerably faster than a tractor.          * The best sermons are lived, not preached.
 * Words that soak into your ears are whispered,               * Most of the stuff people worry about ain’t gonna
   not yelled.                                                  happen anyway.
 * Meanness don’t jes’ happen overnight.                       * Don’t judge folks by their relatives.
 * Forgive your enemies, it messes up their heads.             *Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
 * Don’t corner something that would normally                  * Don’t interfere with somethin’ that ain’t
   run away from you.                                            bothering you none.
  * It don’t take a very big man to carry a grudge.            * Always drink upstream from the herd.
 * You cannot unsay a cruel word                               *If you get to thinkin’ that you’re a person of some
 * Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.     influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.
 * Sometimes you get & sometimes you get got.                  * Live simply, love generously, care deeply and
 * Good judgement comes from experience & a lotta that           speak kindly.
   comes from bad judgement.                                       submitted by Pam Hamlett, Hon. Ranger, Tucson
10                                  The Arizona Ranger News                                        September 2009
                                                                 when called upon. All of these small tasks have successfully
Continuing Education                                             freed the Greenlee County Officers to do much more impor-
                                                                 tant duties.

     for the                                                     To insure that the Rangers and Greenlee County continue to
                                                                 have a good working relationship the Rangers are continu-
                                                                 ing their training. The Rangers were recently instructed on
Coronado Company of                                              the proper safety and use of the ambulance gurney as well as
                                                                 being instructed on where things are kept in the ambulance
the Arizona Rangers                                              in the event their assistance is requested at an accident scene.
                                                                 The Sheriff also had the Rangers given driving and operation
 By Terri Dodge, Coronado Company                                instruction on his new ATV “buggies” that are designed to
                                                                 help in the search and recovery of lost persons from our
The Coronado Company of the Arizona Rangers is continu-          local, rugged, desert terrain. Another 40 hours of safety and
ing the training promised in the agreement made with Greenlee    weapons training classes will be given this summer and other
County Sheriff Steve Tucker.                                     classes are also being scheduled.
One year ago in May, Sheriff Tucker put out a call for volun-
teers to assist the Sheriff’s office and Captain M.C. Holliday
stepped up to the plate offering the service of the Coronado
Company of the Arizona Rangers, which is a law enforcement
assist group which operates under Arizona Legislative Act
41, as an unpaid, noncommissioned civilian auxiliary avail-
able to assist and support law enforcement within the state
of Arizona. There are 15 Arizona Ranger Companies around
the State, and the Coronado Company serves both Graham
and Greenlee County.
Sheriff Tucker then met with the members of the Coronado
Company explaining that he needed volunteers to assist with
community events, traffic control, crime scene preservation
and many other necessary tasks. Although the Arizona Rang-
ers must pass an extensive background check to become
members, and train in their own Arizona Ranger Academy,
Sheriff Tucker asked the unit if they would object to under-
going another National background check and inquired if           Capt. Holliday and Sonja Watkins testing a “buggie”
they were willing to take even more training. There were no
objections. Applications were accepted, background checks        What every Ranger should know
performed, and training dates were set up. Over the next few         By: Terri L. Dodge - Coronado Company
months the Coronado Company received 40 hours of safety          It’s official! The Arizona Rangers are saving the state of Ari-
and weapons training, crime scene preservation classes and       zona a substantial amount of money! According to the An-
traffic control instruction.                                     nual report to Governor Jan Brewer, during 2008 the Arizona
Sheriff Tucker was so impressed with this group of volun-        Rangers performed over 50,000 hours of public service, of
teers that he decided to make them all Greenlee County           which 7000 hours were dedicated solely to law enforcement
Sheriff’s Posse members on completion of his requested back-     and public service, safety, support, and assistance. This vol-
ground and training objectives.                                  unteer service is estimated to have saved law enforcement
For the last 12 months the association with the Arizona Rang-    and public safety organizations approximately $2,000,000.00
ers Coronado Company and the Greenlee County Sheriff’s           per year in direct labor costs. In addition, Rangers support to
office has worked beautifully. When Sheriff Tucker finds he      the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, assisting
is shorthanded he calls on the assistance of his “Posse”. The    in surveillance and monitoring seized Meth Lab locations
Arizona Ranger’s Coronado Company works side by side             provided approximately $200,000.00 in cost avoidance. Also,
with Greenlee County deputies to direct traffic around dan-      individual Rangers have vested 7,500 hours of charitable
gerous flooded areas, and to evacuate people from their          community and civic activities, to include raising and donat-
homes. They provide escorts from funerals to the cemetery,       ing $30,000.00 to youth organizations.
and provide security, crowd control and traffic control at       GOOD JOB RANGERS! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
dances, parades and other community events. In addition,                 Only a life lived in the service to others is
they also provide security assistance at fire and crime scenes          worth living. (Albert Einstein)
September 2009                      The Arizona Ranger News                                                   11

    Yavacopa Company News                                    CHAPLAIN’S CORNER
         By Captain Jane Smith                             Greetings to everyone. I hope you are surviving the
                                                           heat! This time I would like to talk about humility.
The Yavacopa Company has finally pulled out of the         Humility is the freedom from arrogance and pride. A
most difficult year of my tenure as Company Com-           humble person is someone whose focus is more on
mander. Loss of Rangers and personal tragedy set           God and others than on themselves.
2008 as a year for the record books.                       In the Bible, Jesus is the supreme example of humility.
This year has been a good year. We did not actually        Everything he did he gave God the praise for it. In
start our duty year as a company until June, so it was     John 8:28, Jesus said “I do nothing of myself, but as
a real blessing to be able to help out Scottsdale Com-     my Father has taught me.”
pany on a couple duties. In June we completed our           We have been taught all of our lives to take pride in
ninth year providing security for a performing arts cir-   what we do and who we are, but humility is something
cus in Prescott. In addition to the circus we were in-     most of us were not taught or even mentioned in our
volved in the Prescott Pioneer Days Parade on July         upbringing.
4th.                                                       Today, as in the past, humility is looked upon as weak-
The Yavacopa Company received notable mention              ness. In this day of self made men, pride is as strong
from the judges for our entry. We secured a duty from      as ever. Even Frank Sinatra song, “I Did It My Way”.
the Prescott Regulators for their “Shootout on Whis-       But true humility does not produce pride, but grati-
key Row” performance. Prescott Police Department           tude. Since God is both our Creator and Redeemer,
has handled this for all the previous years, but accord-   our existence and righteousness depend on him.
ing to the “Regulators”, this is the first year without    Practice humility and praise God for all the blessings
any problems or incidents. The Regulators’ president       in your life.
has already secured us for next year.                      Until next time, be blessed in God’s grace and love.
 We are trying a new approach with the Town of                                       1st Lt. Forrest Fields
Wickenburg and we will keep you posted.-                              State Chaplain, tel. 928-685-4113

                                                                  Personal Info Form
    Capt. Harry Wheeler’s 7th Order
    re-discovered by Tucson Ranger                           created to help State Chaplain
 Tucson Company’s Sgt. Gary Friedman found                 August 2009 Board of Directors-Board of
  this summer a copy of Capt. Harry Wheeler’s              Governors meeting passed out an “Arizona
 1907 Order # 7 at the Ranger Museum.                      Ranger Personal Information” form.
  Generally it has been known that Capt. Wheeler           The intent of this new form, asking mostly for
 only set six General Orders.                              personal religious and emergency information, is
 The Rangers State Historian is now searching              to help the Rangers State Chaplain, if he is called
  for the original owner of the folder with the copy       in case of hospitalization or death of a Ranger.
 of the full set of Orders. The folder was donated         Your Company Captain should give you a copy
 to the Museum recently . It also has articles and         of this form. Original stays with the Company
  copies of other important Ranger documents.              file and the other goes to State Chaplain.
 The General Order # 7 talks about the importance          All information you give is considered confidential.
 of obedience to orders.                                   The form will not be used to any other purpose.
 The research follow up report will be published.
12                                   The Arizona Ranger News                                        September 2009

  Traditions continue -Historic Gravemarking
                 By Capt. Chuck Chambers

 The Arizona Rangers continued their tradition of honor-
ing the original 107 Territorial Rangers with a special grave
making ceremony at the Douglas Calvary Cemetery on May

Those being honored were Private Samuel Hayhurst, Private
James Robert Hilburn and Private Lucas Short. This was the
first time the Rangers have had a ceremony for more than two
Territorial Rangers at one time. The event was held in con-
junction with the State Board of Governors’ meeting held in
Bisbee the next day. The Douglas Company was the host for
the occasion with the assistance of the Benson Company
color guard.
Over eighty Rangers, family members and friends of the Ter-
ritorial Rangers, Douglas dignitaries, American Legion repre-
sentatives, Border Patrol Agents and law enforcement per-          Benson Company new elite Color Guard
sonnel gathered at the flagpole of the cemetery for the open-
ing remarks. Ranger officers present were the State Com-
                                                                   performed under Maj. Kenn Barrett
mander Col. Sid Chandler; State Adjutant Lt. Col. Lathan
Varnado; Majors Dennis Harrington, Kenn Barrett, and John         The first Ranger recognized was James Robert Hilburn. Bob,
Brocavich, and State Community Relations Director and His-        as he was known to family and friends, came to Arizona from
torian Major Anita Korhonen, who is in charge of grave mark-      Texas in 1901. He enlisted as an Arizona Ranger on January
ings. After Maj. Korhonen introduced the State officers, Dou-     1st, 1904, and served for nine months. According to a story in
glas Company Capt Chuck Chambers introduced the Territo-          the Daily International American, he resigned in order to take
rial Ranger family members and the Douglas City dignitaries.      a position with a mining company in Sonora , Mexico . After
The invocation was given by Pastor Floyd Segar of Douglas         the disbandment, many of the Rangers continued to serve in
. Music was provided by Lt Loye Wilkins who played the            law enforcement. Bob was a deputy sheriff and police officer
guitar and sang the ballad “Big Iron”, the song by Marti          in the Douglas area. He was also a cattleman and farmer in
Robins about an Arizona Ranger.                                   both Arizona and Mexico . The Douglas American Legion
Maj Korhonen then reflected on the times and lives of a           post is named for one of Bob’s sons who was killed in World
Territorial Ranger. The site of the first Ranger company head-    War I. Three of Bob’s great granddaughters and their families
quarters was in Bisbee where most of the trouble was. Rang-       attended the ceremonies – two from Tucson and one from
ers also spent much of their time patrolling the Mexican bor-     Missouri .
der. In October of 1902 the headquarters was moved to the         Lucas Short, another Texan, came to Arizona in 1900 and was
newly created tough mining town of Douglas . By 1907, Dou-        the first peace officer to be elected in the active mining camp
glas had calmed down due to the presence of the Rangers           of Paradise . He served several years there finally becoming a
and was being called the “City of Churches .” The headquar-       member of the Arizona Rangers under Capt. Harry Wheeler.
ters was then moved to Naco, another little town that had         He only served a few months in 1908, resigning in January of
grown fast and gotten out of control. In less than eight years,   1909 to become a mine supervisor. In 1910, his family was in
the Rangers had accomplished their mission - the territory        Pima County where he served as chief deputy sheriff under
was safe. The rugged Arizona Rangers rode hard, arrested          Sheriff John Nelson. He later served as a guard at the state
many, shot a few, and caused many more to leave the terri-        penitentiary under Thomas Rynning (the former Captain of
tory.                                                             the Rangers) during the construction of the buildings at the
After these remarks by Major Korhonen, the color guard,           prison. He later became a customs inspector at the Douglas
commanded by Major Kenn Barrett, led the procession to the        Port of Entry. When the Douglas Company began their re-
individual gravesites where an honor guard from the Dou-          search into the Territorial Rangers buried in Douglas , they
glas Company had been posted. Each Territorial Ranger fam-        discovered that Luke had no headstone. The Company unani-
ily was escorted by another Douglas Company member.               mously decided to purchase a marker for him seen above.
September 2009                           The Arizona Ranger News                                                            13

     Honors Douglas Territorial Rangers

  Relatives of the two Territorial Ranger families Hayhurst, and Hillburn participated in this
  Grave Marking Ceremony. - Photo shows families with State Commander Col. Sid Chandler
  front left . Douglas Company Commander Capt. Chuck Chambers is at front right.

Samuel Hayhurst was yet another Texan who came to Ari-             Three of Sam’s granddaughters and their families attended
zona in 1896. He lived in Pearce, where he met his wife, and       the ceremonies – two still live in Douglas and another came
was a rancher. Sam served as a Territorial Ranger from 1903 to     from New Mexico .
1909. Sam was one of the first Rangers Captain Rynning en-         Special Ranger emblems were placed on each headstone to
listed to rescue American citizens during the June 1906            indicate the service these men gave to the Territory and State
Cananea Mexico mine strikes. After the Rangers were dis-           of Arizona and a bouquet of flowers was set beside them. As
banded in 1909, Sam remained in Douglas and was a partner          a final tribute to these individuals, CMSgt (USAF Retired)
in a grocery store until 1913. That year, he became a Douglas      Frank Maldonado blew taps while the Rangers saluted the
constable and in 1917 was named a U.S. immigration inspec-         three Territorial Rangers. After the closing prayer by Chap-
tor. He left Douglas for several years, apparently in this posi-   lain Jon Scicluna of the Benson Company, most of the at-
tion. In 1920, Hayhurst and his family were living in Naco ,       tendees went to the historical Gadsden Hotel for dinner and
Arizona and he was a line rider for the U S Customs Service.       a time for the families to get to know more about our organi-
He was back in Douglas in 1921 as a police officer, and served     zation. The Douglas Company would like to thank the Dou-
as a deputy sheriff in 1925 and 1926.                              glas Police Explorers and the Benson Company Color Guard
                                                                   for their assistance in making this an outstanding event.-
14                                   The Arizona Ranger News                                         September 2009

   Women in the Rangers
   In this new and reoccurring column
   we will profile the female members
   of the Arizona Rangers.
   This issue introduces State Recording
   Secretary Lt. Suzie Miller.

1. When and why did you join the Arizona Rangers ?
 “ I officially joined the Arizona Rangers in January. 2007. I
had been an associate Ranger, ever since my husband, Maj.
Gordon Miller, joined High Country Company. I love to
shoot, and I have always appreciated gun safety, being taught
from when we were young children.”                                             Lt.Suzie Miller, Flagstaff
2. What is your “real” profession ? How many years have
you put behind in work life ? “ For the past four and one-
half years, I have been the Administrative Specialist for Sales    I am proud to be an Arizona Ranger, and I try to encourage
Tax, Licensing, and Revenue for the City of Flagstaff. I love      the children to respect and be supportive of law enforce-
my job, and all of the versatility that it offers. I also teach    ment, and not be be afraid of them.”
Sunday School, and have been active in Childrens’ Minis-
tries for over 20 years. When my children were young, I was        6. Last book you read ?
a child care provider and a Foster parent, but after moving        “ I used to be an avid reader, but with such a busy life-style,
back to Phoenix, I started my career work in Physicians’ front     the only book I have read in several years, is my Bible.”
offices, doing everything from filing, phones, reception, ap-
pointments, prior authorization with insurance companies,          7. What are your hobbies ? “I love softball, and was not only
and accounts receivable and accounts payable, for over 15          a pretty good player, but coached children and men’s soft-
years.”                                                            ball. I also love Sunday School with my “kids” and doing
                                                                   crafts with them. I love shooting, too, and took 3rd place in
3. Do you think the Rangers need more training and if yes,         State, in archery, my Junior year in High School.”
especially in what subjects or matters ? “ I think our train-
ing exceeds other agencies’ requirements. I do feel that there     8. What is your favorite food ?
could NEVER be too much training, in all aspects of being an       “chocolate… is there any other? Actually, I also love beef-
Arizona Ranger, and with life, in general.”                        the rarer, the better !”

4. What is difficult in being a woman in the Ranger force?         9. What would you add to the Arizona Rangers operations?
“Sometimes, I feel inadequate, comparing my skills as a            “I would like to see some type of Statewide activities, so we
Ranger, to some of our male Rangers, but then I have to            can meet more Rangers throughout the State. An annual
remind myself of all of the skills that we possess as females      picnic would be great !”
that a male may not necessarily excel in. I appreciate the extra
concerns that most of my training officers have shown, with        10. What keeps you going?
regards to me being a female.                                       “GOD keeps me going! He has blessed me richly, with the
The public definitely views us differently than males. But, I      best husband in the world, a wonderful family, with seven
feel that as a woman Ranger, we are sometimes better in            grandchildren, a terrific Church, and many special friends in
certain aspects. I know that my compassion and empathy             life.
have helped in communications with the public at times.- I do       I hope to continue being blessed by meeting all of you some-
cry when I am happy, and when I am concerned.”                     day. Contrary to some people’s ideas about me, I am basi-
                                                                   cally a very shy person, and love to listen, rather than talk.
5. Best thing that happened to you as an Arizona Ranger ?          But, as my husband will testify, if I have something to say, I
“I love the interaction with children, when we are in uniform.     WILL say it.” -
September 2009                            The Arizona Ranger News                                            15

     TRAINING REPORT                                                    State Training Office
     News from the Arizona                                               Official Document
     Rangers Training Academy                                            APPROVED HANDGUN
    By Lt. Tom Hawkins Appointed Deputy Director                        AMMUNITION LIST FOR
         of Training for ARTA-North                                   ARIZONA RANGER DUTY USE

                                                                    Federal Hydra-Shok® or HST
                                                                    Remington Golden Saber®
                                                                    Speer Gold Dot®
                                                                    Winchester Ranger SXT®
                                                                    Hornady XTP®.
                                                                    Cor-Bon® DPX®
                                                                    Triton Hi-Vel®
                                                                    MagTech First Defense
                                                                    MagTech Guardian Gold
                                                                    Winchester Silver Tips

       ARTA traveled to several cities this summer                  Other ammunitions approved by Arizona
                                                                     law enforcement agencies.
The 27 Rangers attending the Arizona Rangers Training Acad-         No Pre-Fragmented or Frangible Rounds
emy (ARTA) – North training in Flagstaff on April 18 and 19
were introduced to their new Deputy Director of Training.           are allowed for Arizona Ranger duty use
As so many of our ARTA instructors, Lt. Tom Hawkins has             No Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Round Nose
an impressive military, academic, teaching, and professional        Lead, or Lead Semi Wad Cutters are allowed
background. From 1968 to 1971 he was an army medic. After           for Arizona Ranger Duty use.
returning to civilian life he retained his interest in medicine,    Under NO circumstances will Arizona
and became a physician’s assistance, a profession he has
followed for the last 35 years.                                     Rangers carry Hand Loaded Ammunition.
He has a teaching degree from the University of Kentucky ,          Revised: August 23, 2009/ Maj. Kenn Barrett
and says he uses his education and training in psychology           questions, please call 520-457-1481
in both his full-time profession in the medical field, as well as   or email
in his instruction and training with the Arizona Rangers.
He is a graduate of Major Robert Smith’s Tactical Academy ,
and the Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office’s 40-hour handgun
training course. Additionally, he is a National Rifle Associa-
tion certified Range Safety Officer
He became the Training Sergeant of Show Low Company in
2007, is a very active membership recruiter for his Company,
and is a member of its Law Enforcement Assistance group,
which trains to assist local police.                                             All your mving needs
In other ARTA news, Don Mosley was appointed Deputy
Director of Training for ARTA-Central, but sadly has had to
resign over health issues. We wish him well.
On June 13 and 14, Scottsdale Company and Phoenix Com-                            Tel. 520-458-4625
pany hosted an ARTA class with 28 Rangers in attendance.
ARTA-South conducted the training. And down in the south,
ARTA South conducted a basic training class for 18 Rangers            
on August 15 and 16 in Benson , Arizona .
16                                The Arizona Ranger News                                 September 2009

       Benson Rangers acquire superb training
                                                                   By Capt. Jane Amari
As Benson Company nears its second birthday, the
company has embarked on a rigorous training pro-
gram to make sure our members are truly prepared to
help local law enforcement. Members of the company
talked with local law enforcement to find out what
training was most important to them.

For the Benson Police and the Cochise County
Sherriff’s Department, as well as a couple of the fire
departments, the key elements were first aid and CPR,
the FEMA incident management courses 100, 200 and
700 and traffic control.
                                                             Benson Company Color Guard in Tombstone
Under the direction of training MSgt. Marshall Gillette,
the company has been working on acquiring the
needed knowledge. Twelve members of Benson Com-              But it hasn’t been all training. We were happy to wel-
pany attended a day-long first aid, CPR and AED              come back our very first duty Master Sergeant,
course at the Huachuca City Fire Department. For             Rebecca Hesser, who had been on an extended medi-
many of our members, it was a first experience with a        cal leave of absence. The company currently has 21
defibrillator and provided valuable information not just     duty Rangers and four probationers. By the time this
for Ranger duties, but for our other lives as well.          article appears, three of those probationers should be
                                                             sworn in.
Earlier, six members of the company were trained in
establishing a Life Flight landing zone. Other Rangers       July 4 saw the company as the primary traffic control
will receive this training later this year. As a result of   unit for the July 4 parade. A few weeks later, Benson
this training, Benson Company has been granted per-          Company’s color guard led of the National Day of the
mission to use their radio frequencies.                      Cowboy parade in Tombstone. In May, the Benson
                                                             color guard was front and center for a triple grave
The FEMA 100 course was taught by Lt. Jackson                marking in Douglas.
during the June training meeting, and the exam was
taken during the July business meeting. The FEMA             For the second year in a row, Benson Company
200 course was taught by Lt. Cherry in the July train-       awarded the Maj. Don Hall Memorial Scholarships
ing meeting and the exam will be taken during the Au-        to students at St. David and Benson High Schools
gust business meeting. We still have the last FEMA           who will be studying for careers in law enforcement,
course to complete as well as a course in traffic man-       teaching or emergency services. This year, we added
agement.                                                     a scholarship for a graduating senior at San Pedro
                                                             Valley High School, the Benson district charter school.
With cooler weather just around the corner, the com-
pany also will be getting back to firearms training.         Benson Company has also adopted a mile of State
Range Officer Sgt. Jim Martzke has put together a            Route 80. This summer the cleanup proved very valu-
FATS range at our tactical facility that will give us ex-    able – at least to a Tucson resident. See the accom-
perience in a different kind of firing situation.            panying story.-
September 2009                          The Arizona Ranger News                                                        17

    Benson Rangers found                                       Happy Birthday Pierre !
    long lost wallet
Last October, a Roger Varela of Tucson took a motorcycle
trip to Tombstone to enjoy Helldorado Days.
After working all week in Mesa as a crane operator, Varela
was looking forward to a leisurely ride with his friends.

But during a stop in Benson on their way back to
Tucson, Varela realized his wallet was missing.
“We stopped for gas and that’s when I realized the wallet
was gone,” recalls Varela. “I had put it in my vest pocket
thinking it would be OK there but I was wrong.”

On two occasions he and friends searched the shoulder of
Highway 80 between Tombstone and Benson to no avail.
Over the next few months Varela obtained a new drivers         Willcox Ranger Company veteran Captain
license, credit cards, and social security card. He also had
to replace his crane operator’s license and insurance cards.
                                                               and Life Member Pierre Brehm had his 80th
                                                               birthday recently. Here he gives a talk at a
But what bothered him most was the constant worry              Grave Marking Ceremony earlier in 2009.
that someone would find his wallet and take on his identity.

That worry came to an end Father’s Day when Marshall
Gillette and Lindsey Jackson of the Arizona Rangers’
Benson Company presented Varela with his long-lost
The slightly mildewed wallet had been discovered along the
shoulder of Highway 80 between Tombstone and St. David
during a roadside cleanup the Rangers do every few months.

Although Varela had already replaced his official documents
and credit cards, he was grateful to get back several family
photos and the cash that were also in the wallet. He was
especially appreciative of the efforts the Rangers made in
locating him, given the 47 “Varela” listings in the Tucson
phone book.

”What you guys did was great,” said Varela, who made the       Bisbee Ranger Exhibit
trip to Benson with his wife and son to get the wallet. His
offer of a reward was refused by Gillette, who coordinates     draws visitor attention
the roadside cleanup for the Rangers.                          The Arizona Rangers historic exhibition at the
                                                               Smithsonian Institution operated Bisbee Mining
”We’re here for the community, and it feels good to see a      and Historical Museum keeps drawing attention .
happy ending,” said Gillette. The only payback                 According to the Bisbee Museum Director
the Rangers want, explained Gillette, is for Varela to do a    Ms. Gustavson they have had a lot of visitors
good deed for someone in need when the opportunity             this summer. Many of them saw the Arizona
arises.                                                        Rangers little exhibit.
                                                               Photo above shows the Ranger Exhibit with Maj.
”That I will certainly do,” promised Varela.                   Kenn Barret. He lent some of his weapons for
 The Rangers are scheduled to clean up their stretch of        this unique historic display. The Ranger exhibition
Highway 80 again in October.                                   remains open to the public at least till the end of the year.
18                               The Arizona Ranger News                         September 2009

  Tucson Company combines duty and pleasure
           by Sgt. Mary Tindall, PRO
 It was a new location weapons qualification for the
Tucson Copany. Late August Sunday out in the heart
of Catalina Mountains, where the Pima Pistol Club
offers a secluded and safe setting for both day and
night shoot plus a possibility for a cook out.
Almost all Tucson Company Rangers were there.The
Range Master was Major Spud Hester. He was
helped by the Captain Resner, former Tucson Com-
pany Captain Scott Baird and many others.
 Company Commander Eddie had managed to get
our veteran Ranger Charlie Smith to bring his
barbeque -wagon. Charlie also was the Chef for this
occasion. Charlie’s tasty hamburgers and sausages
disappeared fast. Both Rangers and families enjoyed.
And after the good meal, all Rangers returned to the
Nigh Shoot.
We are especially grateful to Major Hester’s exper-
tise gunhandling and supervision. It is not easy to
handle 30 Rangers and two shoots in a row. But             Tucson Company’s Bob Heacock , left, and
Major Spud did it and did it well !                        Captain Eddie Resner putting up targets.

Tucson Company has been quite busy this summer
fulfilling numerous duties. We must give thanks to
our new Duty Sgt. Tony Damiano for taking care of
all that and also for contsructing a display box for two
historic Ranger knives given by Ranger Bob Heacock’s
family for a long term loan to the Ranger Museum.
July 4th saw our duty at Marana’s Arizona Pavillion
Shopping Center directing traffic. The same day we
also had our usual DUI Task Force Sobriety Check-
points, our MADD VIP Panel duties and the Monster
Truck Show duties a t the Tucson Fairgrounds.
Interspersed are the Meth House Inspections, Shriners
duties, the Mt.Lemmon Time Trial Bicycle Event and
Arizona Rangers Museum duties.
Our Ranger company has also donated monies for
three youth groups. They are the Pasqua Yaki Police
Explorers, Christian Youth Theater and Youth on Their
Own. We also gave monies to Major Hester for up-
keep and display of his DUI Ranger Vehicle.-               Maj. Spud Hester acted as Range Master.
                                                           Sgt. Gary Friedman is here checking CCWs.
September 2009                       The Arizona Ranger News                                                           19

    Show Low Rangers active                                  THE THIRD ANNUAL
                                                           CAPT. HARRY WHEELER
                                                            MEMORIAL SHOOT
                                                             Sunday, Nov 15, 2009, at 9 am, in TOMBSTONE

                                                           The third annual Captain Harry Wheeler Memorial Shoot will
                                                           be held on Sunday, November 15th, 2009, in Tombstone , Ari-
                                                           zona .
                                                           This shooting event is divided into two categories. It is both
                                                           a Cowboy Action Shoot and a duty handgun combat shoot.
                                                           Participants may compete in either event, or both.
                                                           It will be held at the Tombstone Livery Stable shooting range,
                                                           known as “Leadville.” It is located just north of the town of
                                                           Tombstone , on Hwy 82, just 200 yards west of Hwy 80.
                                                           RV hook-ups, horse boarding, and overnight stay is avail-
                                                           able on site at the shooting range. Call (520) 457-3559 for
                                                           lodging reservations at the shooting range, or see Yellow
                                                           Pages or Web for a list of motels.
                                                           Shooting event start time is 9:00 am. The entry fee is $20,
  Arizona Rangers State Sgt. at Arms Lt. Loye Wilkins      and includes lunch.
  is one of those gifted and skilled Rangers, who can do   Plan to attend the State Board of Directors/Board of Gover-
  almost anything, including traveling long distance on    nors meeting in Safford on Saturday, Nov. 14th, and then come
  motorcycle.. -Loye and two other Show Low Rangers        to the “Town Too Tough to Die” to spend the night and
  drove their motorcycles all the way from Show Low to     participate in, or watch, the Wheeler Shoot on Sunday.
  Douglas to attend the May 2009 Grave Marking             This event is open to all Arizona Rangers, prospective mem-
  Ceremony for three territorial Rangers.                  bers, and their friends.
                                                           Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) rules apply for the
              Mounted activities                           Cowboy shooting event. IPSC rules apply for the combat
                                                           event. Eye and hearing protection is mandatory.
This past year has been a good one for the Mounted         For the cowboy event you will need a single-action sixgun,
Units of the Arizona Rangers.                              holster, a lever action rifle, and a shotgun (double barrel, 1887
 Benson Company was able to purchase their                 lever action, or pump action with an exposed hammer). If you
                                                           do not have these, they will be provided.
saddle pads and breast collars for their unit.Verde
                                                           Bring you own ammo. For the cowboy event, handgun cali-
 Valley has two new mounted members, who will              ber ammunition only is allowed for revolver and rifle - .38
soon be completing their Mounted Certification             special, .45 Colt, or other SASS approved calibers.
training.                                                   Bullets must be lead only. Flat nose bullets should be used
 But Show Low Co. has had the biggest growth.              in rifles. No jacketed or semi-jacketed bullets allowed. Shot-
                                                           gun ammo is 20, 12, or 10 gauge, bird shot. No buck shot. You
Five new mounted members and two still consid-
                                                           will need a total of 60 rounds of handgun ammunition for
ering to join the unit Of the five new members, four       your revolvers and rifle, and 12 shotgun rounds.
will be completing their Mounted Training this             Please pass along this information to your company mem-
October to receive their POST certification.               bers ! Even if you don’t shoot, come join the fun.
 Thank You, Rangers for all your hard work and the         We need score keepers, target movers and patchers, and
                                                           match officials.
time spent to get your mounted certification.
                                                           Remember, spring time 2010 will bring the Jeff Kidder Me-
Please call for questions in mounted matters               morial Shoot, an all combat handgun shoot. - KB
     by Lt. Connie Wilkins, Mounted Director
                                 tel 928-273-7211
20                                   The Arizona Ranger News                                    September 2009

     The Process of Selecting New Arizona Ranger Candidates
                                 By former State Secy. Lloyd Glassbrook
This is the second article in a three part series discussing        arrest, and/or conviction. The Company may wish
the process of selectin g individuals for membership in the          to reject the applicant based on the information pro-
Arizona Rangers. The opinions and processes expressed                vided and developed through investigation.
are solely those of the writer but reflect the opinions of the       If the Company feels that the circumstances are
Board of Directors. This second article deals with second            not significant, or do not reflect on the suitability,
portion of the Pre-Appointment Investigation, the Local In-          reliability and trustworthiness of an applicant; they
quiry or ‘LI’. The third article of this series will deal with       must request that the Board of Directors review
the final portion of the Pre-Appointment Investigation iden-         that matter and render a decision on the possible
tified as the National Inquiry or ‘NI’. Once an applicant            rejection of an applicant.
completes his/her initial evaluation by the ‘Sponsoring          b. The Company IAO and other Rangers must be sen-
Ranger’, satisfactory review of his/her ‘Pre-Appointment             sitive to statements and behaviors by an applicant
Investigation Background Questionnaire’ by the Company               that demonstrate conduct and opinions that are
Internal Affairs Officer (IAO), and satisfactory completion          clearly inconsistent with or in opposition to the
of an applicant interview by the Company Interview Board;            goals and objectives of the Arizona Ranger.
the second stage of the vetting or selection process begins.       Statements and/or behavior that demonstrate con-
                                                                     tempt for the laws of the State of Arizona and the
The Local Inquiry or LI is the key element of the applicant          United States; or tend to indicate anti-social or other
selection process. The LI is the responsibility of the Com-          behaviors that could bring discredit on the Ranger
pany Internal Affairs Officer (IAO). While the LI is the             Organization should exclude an individual from
responsibility of the IAO, and is normally conducted by him/         appointment.
her; elements of the LI may be delegated to other qualified         The Company IAO/Investigating Ranger must con-
members of the company. Delegations should be based on a             tact each listed personal reference to determine if
Rangers experience, training, knowledge of the community;            they can unequivocally recommend the applicant
and relationships with business, professional and govern-            for appointment as an Arizona Ranger. Personal,
mental organizations that may be able to supply required             face to face interviews with personal references
information to support, or verify the data provided by the           are the preferred and most reliable sources of back-
applicant in his/her Pre-Appointment Investigation Ques-             ground information on applicants.
tionnaire. Rangers designated to perform all or a portion of         In some cases, personal references can not be con-
the LI must not have any conflicts of interest or association        tacted for face to face interviews due to distance
with the candidate. Rangers who are relatives (by birth or           and other factors. In those cases Company IAOs
marital relationship), employees or employers of a candi-            should request assistant from Ranger Companies
date, neighbors of the candidate, sponsor of the candidate, or       in the same geographic area as the listed refer-
who otherwise have a close business or personal relation-            ence, or the State Headquarters.
ship with candidate; should recuse themselves from partici-         Letters of Inquiry may be used to contact Listed
pation in the conduct of the LI.                                     Personal References. However, these should be
                                                                     used only when out of state contacts are required.
Tasks that must be performed in the conduct of the LI are:           Applicants who submit only out of state references
                                                                     should be cautioned that this may delay or even
     a.   An admission or indication by an applicant that he/        cause the suspension of their application for ap-
          she has been arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor        pointment.
          and/or felony must be immediately investigated.            Listed Personal References must be individuals
          Deliberate false or misleading information provided        who personally know the applicant and can vouch
          on the Pre-Appointment Investigation Question-             for his/her integrity, reliability, and suitability to
          naire or during the interview process are causes           perform public safety and other functions of the
          for immediate rejection of an applicant. Arrest and        Arizona Rangers. Personal references should have
          conviction for a felony is immediate cause for re-         known and have frequent contact (social and/or pro-
          jection of an applicant. Arrest and conviction for a
                                                                                             Continued on next page
          misdemeanor requires full disclosure by the appli-        Cowboy Quote :
          cant of all of the circumstances surrounding such       “ It’s easy to see things you are looking for.
                                                                   The trick is to see things you’re not looking for.”
                                                                                      from Texas Big Bender
September 2009                                           The Arizona Ranger News                                         21

  The Process of Selecting...continued
                                                                     make a clear recommendation for or against the appoint-
        fessional) for a period in excess of six month to be         ment of an applicant. The Company Staff must impartially
        considered a credible personal reference.                    evaluate the results of the LI and determine if the appoint-
       It is entirely appropriate and a sound investigative          ment of an application as a probationary ranger is clearly
        technique to develop a secondary reference from a            consistent with the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, and Poli-
        listed personal reference. This is usually done by           cies and Procedures of the Arizona Rangers. There is no
        asking a listed reference for someone else who               obligation to accept an application for appointment when here
        knows the applicant, who could provide informa-              is any doubt as to the trustworthiness, suitability, and reli-
        tion on the applicant’s background and suitability.          ability of an applicant.
    c. Contact with each listed employment reference to
        determine the dates of employment, nature of the             Once the Company Officers have reviewed an applicant’s
        work performed, any information that may relate              request for appointment they will present their findings and
        to an applicant’s suitability, reliability and suitability   recommendations to all Regular members of the Company
        for appointment as an Arizona Ranger. Gaps in                (Active Rangers in Good Standing) for a vote to appointment
        employments should be explained by the applicant.            an applicant a Probationary Ranger. If this Probationary
        Employers are frequently reluctant to discuss rea-           status is affirmed by the Regular Members of the Company
        sons for termination, reassignment, and/or disci-            the request for National Inquiry (NI) is forwarded to the
        plinary related discharge because of adverse suit-           State Headquarters for appropriate action. All information
        ability or disruptive behavior. The IAO/Investigat-          developed during the LI must be documented and provided to
        ing Ranger must be sensitive to these issues, look           the State Headquarters to assist in and expedite the conduct
        at the tenure in a particular employment and the             of the NI. This information will become a permanent part of
        totality of the information collected. If a former           the Ranger’s personnel dossier retained in the State
        employer is not forthcoming with information, the            Achieves. In the event that an applicant is rejected during
        investigating Ranger should attempt to get a state-          the LI process. The results of the LI will be forwarded to the
        ment by the employer that the applicant is, or is not        State Archives and State Adjutant for retention, in the event
        qualified for reemployment. A follow up interview            the rejected applicant seeks membership in another Ari-
        with an applicant to explore derogatory informa-             zona Ranger Company.
        tion or an absence of information from a current or
        former employer is essential.
    d. The Company IAO should make every effort to con-
        tact local law enforcement and other governmental
        agencies/activities to determine if an applicant is
        know to law enforcement. Positive as well as nega-
        tive/derogatory information may be developed
        through these contacts. State Law and Agency Regu-
        lations generally limit or exclude the Arizona Rang-
        ers from accessing and using information form
        criminal data bases. Care must be exercised by the
        IAO/Investigating Ranger that they do not violate
        State Law and/or Agency Regulations in the solici-
        tation of information on applicants. However, many
        records, that would be of value in the LI are avail-
        able from public sources, and should be used to the
        maximum extent possible.
                                                                        The writer of this series, former State
A t the conclusion of the LI the Company IAO assembles a                Secretary Lloyd Glassbrook, presently a
complete report detailing both positive and derogatory in               member of Tucson Company, is an accom -
formation developed during this phase of the pre-appoint-
ment investigation. The Company IAO presents his report                 plished administrator and businessman. He
on completion of the LI to the Company Staff and should                 is lending his expertise to this organization.
22                  The Arizona Ranger News                                                       September 2009

  Captain Chuck
 Chambers at Glance
        From jet jockey to cowboy
          - Chuck Chambers
    “ I was born in Albuquerque, NM and since my father
was in the Army, we moved several times but I went to high
school in Alamogordo, NM. I attended New Mexico State
University where I received my Bachelor of Science and
Masters of Science in Civil Engineering. I also was commis-
sioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force.

I went to pilot training at Reese AFB, TX and earned my
                                                                            Capt. Chuck Chambers
wings in March of 1967. In my Air Force career, I served as
an instructor pilot at three different bases in the T-37 and T-           Commander of Douglas Company
38 aircraft. I served in Viet Nam as a forward air controller in
the O-2, had a tour in England as a civil engineer and had a        decided that helping the local police department and sup-
tour in Germany as a reconnaissance pilot in the RF-4. I           porting the local youth activities would be a great way to
retired as a Lt. Col in Apr 1986 after twenty years of service.    give back to the community.
                                                                    In Apr of 2004, I was elected as the Douglas Company Trea-
When I retired from the Air Force, we moved to Douglas to          surer and served in that position until Apr of 2008 when I was
a small cattle ranch just outside of town that my wife’s par-      elected the Company Commander.
ents owned since 1968. We built our retirement home from a
steel kit doing most of the work ourselves and I began learn-      The ranch is small enough that it allows me time for other
ing how to be a rancher.                                           activities. Besides being a Ranger, I am a deacon in our
 It took us 20 months to build the house because we had to         Church, a member of the Cochise/Graham County Cattle Grow-
split our time between ranching and building. Luckily, my in       ers where I served as vice president for four years, president
laws had a guesthouse on the ranch that we lived in until our      for two years and I am now the treasurer. I have served on
house was finished. I took over the ranch in 1997. The             the Cochise College Foundation Board for 17 years and am
transition from jet jockey to cowboy was complete.                 presently the president. I was a supervisor of the local Con-
                                                                   servation Board for twenty years and was chairperson for six
I met my wife Patty in high school and we were married five        years. I manage to find time to hunt especially deer and elk
years later while we were in college. Patty was an Air Force       and to pursue my hobby of genealogy. While stationed in
wife for twenty years but when we came to Douglas, she             Germany, I was able to trace my mother’s family through the
began teaching in the public schools eventually becoming a         German church books back to the 14th century.
principal. She retired two years ago.
Our oldest son joined the AF and just retired as a Lt Col also     I really enjoyed organizing the grave markings we had in
after twenty years of service. He and his family hope to move      Douglas recently and researching the histories of those three
to the ranch in three years. Our other son died in a flying        Territorial Rangers. My experience in family genealogy helped
accident when he was 24 years old.                                 to find more information about them in the census and other
I joined the Rangers in March 2003 after seeing a p icture in
the Douglas newspaper of a Ranger working a duty in town.          Patty and I look forward to the time when our son takes over
Three of the Douglas Company Rangers were in our church            the operation of the ranch so we can sit on the back porch
and after talking to them and attending a few meetings, I          and watch the grass grow.” -
September 2009                                 The Arizona Ranger News                                                    23

                  From the State Adjutant’s Desk
        You lead Best by Setting
        the Correct Example
Our Uniform: Wear it Right. That’s the Right Way to be a
Good Leader
Now you are a leader of men and women, Rangers all. But,
and you should ask, how do I correctly display and properly
wear the rank of my elected or appointed leadership posi-
The correct wearing of collar insignia by both state and com-
pany level officers and non-commissioned officers has been
haphazard at best, and downright horrible at worst, and the
fault is totally ours, the leaders in both elected as well as
appointed offices.
Too long the bars, leaves, and stripes have been placed wher-
ever it was simply convenient to, with total disregard to proper
uniformity or correctness. Along with regulations for proper
placement, rank pin size is uniform and standard. The small
bars, leaves, and eagles are worn on the collar, while the
larger sized pins are worn on outer wear such as jackets,
raincoats, and/or sweaters, etc. Remember, small sized insig-         Lt. Col. Lathan Varnado chatting with a
nia on shirt collars, while large sized rank for the outer wear.      former President of the American Boxing
For many, many years, the Arizona Rangers have used (and it
                                                                      Federation in Bisbee May 2009.
was, at one time, actually stated and clearly defined in our
governing documents) the U.S. Army and/or USMC officer
                                                                   Yes, with the newer shirts, the collar may have a built-in plas-
and NCO rank pins as our standard. Rangers wore the metal
                                                                   tic sleeve, often called a “collar stay.” It may be sewn in, and
stripes, bars, leaves, and eagles on their collars as the state
                                                                   can present minor resistance with the correct positioning of
approved and accepted items, and in a prescribed display of
                                                                   rank pins. But, Leaders, that is such a minor matter. And after
the Arizona Rangers uniform position. The colors for all ranks
                                                                   all, you are now a leader of men, an authority figure. You
too, are exact and standard.
                                                                   should be able to overcome the plastic collar stay by piercing
The NCO pins, Sgt. and M/Sgt. chevrons, are gold. A 2nd
                                                                   the thin plastic with the sharp stem which, when clipped,
Lieutenant wears a gold bar. A 1st Lieutenant wears a single
                                                                   holds the rank pin to the collar. It may be easier to place one
silver bar. A Captain wears the Army/USMC rank insignia of
                                                                   of the sharp stems on either side of the plastic stay, and still
two silver bars. The Area Commanders and elected Board of
                                                                   be in the correct location as the diagram clearly indicates.
Directors members, as state level officers, hold the rank of
                                                                   Wearing your rank pins correctly will show all Arizona Rang-
major, and wear a gold leaf. The State Adjutant is a Lt. Colo-
                                                                   ers that while not always easy, it is always right to do the
nel and wears a silver leaf. The State Commander is a Colonel
                                                                   right thing, even for such “little” things as collar rank.
and wears silver eagles with the eagle’s heads pointed for-
                                                                   All the above, while small in nature, are necessary
ward. The state Governor wears three gold stars, as he/she is
                                                                   “uniformality” things which shows all RIGS that as their
our Commander and Chief.
                                                                   leader(s) you will do the right things. Not because it is easy,
How and where to wear the ranks as stated above is shown in
                                                                   but rather, it is simply the right thing to do. When you present
the following diagrams as taken directly from the U.S. Army/
                                                                   the uniform right, your men and women will follow. In dis-
USMC dress code manuals. It is the correct positioning of
                                                                   playing and wearing a proper uniform, you will lead by ex-
the rank of the office that keeps the Arizona Rangers “uni-
form,” and naturally all officers are expected to display their
rank properly. This is so fundamental, it is sometimes called
                                                                   Lt. Colonel Lathan A. Varnado
“Basic Leadership 101,” which means setting a correct ex-
                                                                   State Adjutant, Arizona Rangers
ample for others to follow.
24                  The Arizona Ranger News                         September 2009

Rangers against DUI and Drugs

  Due to increased abuse of alcohol and drugs everybody should become more aware of the
  deadly dangers of not only DUI, but dependencies on prescription drugs, dopiates and PCs.
  The Arizona Rangers have donated their time and efforts against Drinking and Driving
  soon twenty years. Ranger Companies continue to help the State of Arizona to inspect
  Meth Houses for the Governor’s Task Force. Rangers assist DUI-checkpoints and support
  MADD panels. They also lecture in schools against all use of chemical substances.
  One of the most successful methods of reaching audiences in DUI education continues
  to be taking Major Spud Hester’s old Chevrolet, photos above, to schools, safety fairs and
  car races. The classic vehicle is maintained and cared for solely by Maj. Hester. It is part
  of RAID, Race Against Impaired Driving, a Beat the Heat program. The latest interest
 for the Chevrolet to visit has come from Indian Reservations. For information on having
 this vehicle at your event please contact Maj. Spud Hester at majspud @

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