Shenandoah Valley Horsemen's Association by liuhongmei


									   Shenandoah Valley Horsemen’s Association
                                  P. O. Box 131
                             Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

             Stanley Powell, President     Steve Knight, Vice President
                Dana Powell, Secretary      Sandra Freeze, Treasurer

January 2009 Meeting Minutes
The SVHA held its monthly meeting on January 18, 2009 at Pano’s in
Harrisonburg, VA. President, Stanley Powell called the meeting to order at
6:00 pm. Dana Powell read the minutes from the previous meeting and the
minutes were approved as read. A treasurer’s report was then given. The
SVHA account currently has a balance of $6,338.12. A motion was made and
properly supported to accept the report as read.

The 2009 SVHA banquet was then discussed. Everyone was encouraged to
bring silent auction items for the banquet. The approximate number of
attendees was estimated at 100. Mary Swecker to contact Pano’s with an
attendee count for food purposes. The decorating for the banquet scheduled
for Friday night (1/30) at Pano’s at 7 PM. Members in attendance were
encouraged to bring friends and potential new members to the banquet. The
2009 SVHA calendars will possibly be ready for sale at the banquet.

The 2009 show points program was then discussed. Members in attendance
discussed the possibility of revising the existing points program. After
discussion amongst the members in attendance, it was decided to continue
with the existing points program. A motion was made and properly
supported to maintain the current points system.

The method of communication to members was then discussed. Dana Powell
reported the new 2009 membership form would allow the member to choose
between receiving the monthly newsletter/correspondence from the SVHA
via email or regular mail.
Suggestions for 2009 fundraisers included:
          Spring Dance/Womanless Beauty Contest to kick off the 2009
              horse show season
          Sale of ham sandwiches
          Longaberger basket bingo
Peggy Stewart and Dana Powell will check on possible dates/venues for
fundraising events.

The SVHA Spring Show is scheduled for May 23, 2009. Additional
discussion to establish a Points Committee and Show Committee will be
discussed at the February meeting. Members were encouraged to begin
thinking about sponsorships for the Spring Show.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM by President, Stanley Powell.

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