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									                                                                                      Wednesday, September 08, 2010

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This Day in History:
1943 - Italy surrendered to the Allies in WW II.
1944 - PCU KRAKEN (SS-370) commissioned USS KRAKEN (SS-370) at Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, WI.

Rhode Island Sailors Connect in United Through Reading Program
By Mass Communication Specialist Erica R. Gardner, Commander Submarine Group 10 Public Affairs, Sept 7, 2010
Military Subcontractor Bristol Alloys Charged With Fraud
By Jeff Blumenthal, Philadelphia Business Journal, September 7, 2010
USS Nebraska Keeps Watch
By David Hendee, Omaha World-Herald, September 7, 2010
Submariners Appreciate Nebraskans’ Support
By David Hendee, Omaha World-Herald, September 7, 2010
Debating START Treaty Ratification
US News and World Reports, September 7, 2010
66 Years Later, Woman Relives Shipyard History
By Jennifer Feals,, September 08, 2010

Other Submarine News Around The World
Challenge At Sea
By J. E. Dyer, Commentary Magazine, September 7, 2010
India To Select Foreign Shipyard For Second Line Of Submarines
Press Trust of India, September 7, 2010
Navy To Get Six New Submarines
Indian Express, September 8, 2010
50,000cr Deal For 6 Subs: Govt Invites Bids From Firms
By Rajat Pandit, Times of India, September 8, 2010
Four Advanced Submarines Join Iranian Fleet
Bernama, September 8, 2010
                                                                                           Wednesday, September 08, 2010
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Rhode Island Sailors Connect in United Through Reading Program
By Mass Communication Specialist Erica R. Gardner, Commander Submarine Group 10 Public Affairs, Sept 7, 2010

KINGS BAY, Ga. (NNS) -- USS Rhode Island (SSBN                         Children are often shown pictures, which are
740) Gold crew members participated in the United                 considered one dimensional, to help them acclimate to the
Through Reading (UTR) program, supported by the Kings             deployed parent. Showing children videos of the deployed
Bay Fleet and Family Support Center by reading stories to         parent allow children to see movement, hear their voice
their children via video Sept. 2.                                 and not be afraid of the parent upon their return.
     "I love reading to my children," said Chief Logistics             "I chose The Little Red Caboose to read for my nine-
Specialist Virgil Radford, USS Rhode Island Gold crew.            year old son," said Radford. "This book is special to me
"I think this is a great program for us to connect with our       because it is a book I enjoyed reading when I was a
children while we are away."                                      child."
     Sailors chose from the many books lined on the table,             Mastone supports anyone interested in the UTR
selecting the ones that will be of interest to their children.    program. The process is very simple and private. This
The rooms designated for reading are decorated to make            allows parents to be in their comfort zone, making silly
the Sailors feel comfortable, giving them an opportunity          faces or reading in various voices which help bond with
to make their little one smile by reading books aloud. A          their children.
copy of the video will be available for each family to take            "I love, love, love this program," said Mastone. "The
with them immediately after the reading is complete.              looks on the faces of the parents when they complete the
     "This program was originally started to help literacy,"      reading of the books is priceless."
said Lisa Mastone, Fleet and Family Support Center                     For more news from Commander, Submarine Group
Work and Family Life consultant. "The Navy jumped on              10, visit
the program and offered it to deploying vessels, allowing                                                        Back to Top
a piece of the Sailor to remain at home with the family."

Military Subcontractor Bristol Alloys Charged With Fraud
By Jeff Blumenthal, Philadelphia Business Journal, September 7, 2010

Federal prosecutors charged a Bucks County, Pa., steel                 According to the complaint, Bristol Alloys sold metal
company Tuesday with defrauding the U.S. government,              to a U.S. Navy subcontractor who supplied parts used to
alleging that Bristol Alloys supplied a Navy subcontractor        build Virginia Class submarines. Prosecutors said the
with metal that did not conform to required military              company provided information to the subcontractor that
specifications and provided counterfeit certifications that       purportedly showed that the metal had been heat treated
showed that it did.                                               in accordance with the contract requirements when, in
     Bristol Alloys Inc. of Fairless Hills and its president,     fact, as the defendants knew, no such heat treatment had
James Bullick, were charged via criminal information              occurred.
with one count of major fraud against the United States. A             Electric Boat Corp. of Groton, Conn., was awarded
criminal information usually indicates that the defendant         two contracts for the construction, test and delivery of a
has reached a plea agreement with the government.                 combined 14 Navy submarines in 2003 and 2008 that
     Bristol Alloys could face up to a $5 million fine and        totaled $23 billion. Northrop-Grumman Ship Building
mandatory restitution. Bullick could face jail time and a         was the subcontractor for Electric Boat and awarded
fine of his own.                                                  purchase orders to Garvey Precision Machine Inc. of
                                                                                            Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Willingboro, N.J., for various metal components used            The defendants created several false reports to show that
within the hull of the submarines. The specifications           the supplied metal met Navy specifications, prosecutors
required, among other things, for alloy plate to withstand      said.
a minimum pressure of 40,000 pounds per square inch.                  The attorney representing Bristol and Bullick,
     Garvey obtained metals and other parts from Bristol        Michael Diamondstein, said the only comment he could
Alloys, specifying in the purchase order that it was for a      make is that Bullick, on behalf of Bristol Alloys, has
military contract. That required Bristol to provide             cooperated with the government to find any
certified material test reports and heat treating               nonconforming metal sent to the Navy.
certifications in order to insure that the provided materials         Bristol Alloys was founded in 2002. Its website said
conformed with military requirements. The value of the          its inventory includes a wide range of metal in forms such
purchase agreement exceeded $1 million, prosecutors             as bar, pipe, tubing, plate, sheet, fittings, flanges, castings
said.                                                           and forgings as well as a large selection of specialty
     From 2004 to late 2009, prosecutors said, rather than      items.                                            Back to Top
comply with the requirements, Bristol and Bullick instead
created numerous fraudulent heating test certifications
purportedly issued by Donovan Heat Treating Co. Inc.
that had been falsely altered to reflect heat treatments in
accordance with the Garvey purchase order requirements.

USS Nebraska Keeps Watch
By David Hendee, Omaha World-Herald, September 7, 2010

ABOARD THE USS NEBRASKA — Navy Cmdr.                            family's at home,'' Somlai said later. ―You leave and come
Gerhard Somlai took long, sweeping scans across the             back, and so much has changed in the world.‖
water through his binoculars.                                        The USS Nebraska is one of 14 Trident-class ballistic
     Tethered to a perch directly behind the bridge,            missile submarines — nicknamed ―boomers'' — in the
Somlai guided the final miles of the USS Nebraska's             U.S. Pacific and Atlantic fleets.
voyage home.                                                         Tridents are capable of carrying 24 missiles. Each
     Only a third of the submarine's black steel hull was       missile is limited by arms reduction treaties to a payload
above water as it plowed toward its port in a northwest         of up to eight nuclear warheads. The bombs can be
Washington fiord.                                               delivered with pinpoint accuracy to multiple targets up to
     Coast Guard cutters chased away curious sailboaters.       7,400 miles away.
Aircraft provided cover. A pair of ships stacked with                The submarines are the nation's strategic insurance
truck-sized, concrete-filled containers kept pace on either     policy, said Peter Singer, director of the 21st Century
side of the submarine like muscle-bound bodyguards.             Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution. ―That is,
     During the ballistic missile submarine's nearly three-     no one wants to see them ever used, but the fact that we
month mission, global hot spots continued to bubble:            have them makes us sleep better at night,'' he said.
     North Korea rattled its sabers in response to                   Ballistic missile submarines are a leg of America's
allegations that one of its submarines sank a South             nuclear defense triad. The two others are strategic
Korean patrol ship in disputed Yellow Sea waters, killing       bombers and land-based missiles. The boats' sole mission
dozens. China expanded its Pacific naval operations. Iran       and fundamental reason for existence is to deter war as
continued to enrich uranium within its borders, bringing        the most survivable and enduring leg of the triad.
continued questions about its nuclear ambitions.                     It's a serious deterrent, said Cmdr. Michael Fisher,
     And at home, ratification of a new Strategic Arms          who commands one of the Nebraska's two crews.
Reduction Treaty to replace an expired Cold War-era pact             ―Our mission is to go out and come back,‖ Fisher
prompted more debate in the U.S. Senate.                        said. ―Our job is to be the one they can't find.''
     All the while, the Nebraska quietly roamed                      Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security
somewhere within an area of the Pacific Ocean the size of       Policy in Washington, D.C., said the boats' survivability
the area between Texas and Alaska. Hidden from friends          and lethality are significant. ―The whole idea we want to
and foes in the opaque ocean, the nuclear-powered sub           convey to adversaries is that you don't want to mess with
remained in constant communication with the U.S.                the United States,'' he said.
Strategic Command near Omaha — poised to unleash                     Gaffney, an assistant defense secretary in the Reagan
missiles tipped with nuclear warheads against an enemy.         administration, said, however, that he is concerned that
     On this day, though, the sun, breeze and sea air were      budget cuts and arms treaties could harm the viability of
in Somlai's face, and he was feeling good. The ship's           nuclear deterrent forces.
latest patrol had been a success, and the captain was                President Barack Obama pledged in 2009 to move
grateful for what his motivated and well-trained crew           toward a world without nuclear weapons and has reduced
achieved.                                                       the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. security policy. The
     ―They understand their mission … and they work             administration also supports programs extending the life
very hard keeping the nation safe, knowing that their           of ballistic missiles and submarines.
                                                                                            Wednesday, September 08, 2010
     Since its launch 18 years ago, the Nebraska has                 Captains typically serve three-year tours with a
completed 53 deterrent patrols. Since 9/11, it no longer       submarine.
stops at liberty ports for the crew, and its sail no longer          Fisher, who will command the submarine for the next
carries its hull number.                                       patrol, said it's an exhilarating experience.
     ―We stay under, and we're quiet,'' Fisher said.                 ―Everyone has an extreme sense of pride in knowing
     Tridents are America's largest submarines.                we're on the front line defending the country,'' he said.
     The Nebraska, for example, is 160 feet longer than              Many of the boat's sailors are young men just a few
the height of the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln. It is     years out of high school.
six feet wider than the three lanes of Interstate 80 between         ―Not just anybody can be a submariner,'' Fisher said.
Omaha and the Platte River.                                    ―These are people who not only volunteered to be in the
     Each ballistic missile submarine has two crews, the       military but they took an extra step and volunteered to be
Blue and the Gold. Crew sizes range from about 150 to          on a submarine. They come with a certain amount of
165 personnel. No women currently serve on U.S.                motivation already installed.''
submarines, but some are in a 15-month training pipeline.            Submariners are cross-trained to perform more than
     The Blue and Gold crews alternate manning the             one job. A cook may be a firefighter. A sonar operator
submarine while on patrol. The Navy says this schedule         may stand security.
maximizes the vessel's strategic availability while                  On the Nebraska, the final test crewmen face before
maintaining the crew's training, readiness and morale at       receiving a ―dolphins‖ insignia as certified submariners is
high levels. On average, the submarines spend 77 days at       called ―The Husker Run.'' The intense drills include
sea, followed by 35 days in port for maintenance.              firefighting, water pumping and other emergency
     The Nebraska's return to port Aug. 29 meant that          procedures.
another Trident slipped out to sea on patrol.                        ―The premise is that any member of the crew can
     Somlai wasn't alone on the bridge as the Nebraska         save the day,'' Fisher said.
cruised along at 14 knots toward Kitsap Naval Base near              He said his crew makes him proud daily, but he is
Bangor, Wash.                                                  especially pleased with a sailor-led initiative to eliminate
     Two junior grade lieutenants were on the cramped          drunken-driving charges. Sailors from Fisher's crew
bridge high atop the sail — the big vertical fin protruding    haven't had a DUI charge in more than 900 days.
near the front of the vessel — relaying information                  Fisher said the streak is an important morale booster,
between the control room and skipper.                          and the crew is protective of it. Every crewman is on call
     The lieutenants, Benjamin Cavin, 27, and Matt             to provide rides to buddies who have been drinking.
Burmester, 28, stood behind a Plexiglas windshield rigged            The crews have another challenge looming. Smoking
after surfacing to the front of the sail. They monitored       will be banned on all U.S. submarines after Dec. 31.
screens plotting the boat's position — including an off-             ―We emphasize teamwork, responsible behavior and
the-shelf Global Positioning System device tucked inside       taking care of each other,'' Fisher said. ―It impacts how
the windshield — as the Nebraska headed southeasterly          we conduct our business and how we conduct ourselves at
into the Hood Canal. They jotted current and projected         sea.''
compass headings on the inside of the windshield with a              Few places in the submarine have escaped
black grease pen — ―167,‖ then ―177‖ — almost due              connections to the state that is its namesake. The Omaha-
south between the jagged cliffs and cedar forests of the       based Big Red Sub Club makes sure of that.
Olympic Peninsula.                                                   The crew's mess is called the Huskers Cafe.
     Behind them, Somlai watched and listened. Canon           Autographed University of Nebraska-Lincoln footballs,
binoculars hung from a strap around his neck. He wore          basketballs and volleyballs are displayed.
Under Armour gloves and a red and black jacket designed              Big red ―N's‖ emblazon khaki-colored curtains at
to serve as a flotation device.                                crew bunks and the wall-mounted trash cans. Red and
     The radarscope circled near Somlai's head, tracking       black Nebraska cushions soften chairs in the navigation
other surface vessels. Towering behind were two                center. Servers wear red tunics with the ―N'' logo.
periscope tubes and a pair of communication masts.                   A Gene Ronka print of the State Capitol and
     Directly below the bridge — down 29 steps via three       Memorial Stadium hangs on a wall, autographed by Gov.
steel ladders — other officers watched through a               Dave Heineman.
periscope and young seamen steered the submarine with                The boat has a theater-quality popcorn machine
airplane-like yokes.                                           featuring Nebraska-grown popcorn.
     The Nebraska's two skippers both are 43-year-old                Nebraska crews usually include at least a few
commanders who enlisted in the Navy as teenagers.              Nebraskans. Some top officers served in Nebraska at the
     Somlai took nuclear power training. Fisher enlisted       Strategic Command. Besides Fisher, they include Lt.
as a nuclear mechanical operator. Both received                Cmdr. John Stafford, executive officer of the Blue crew.
commissions from Officer Candidate School. Somlai took               Before the Nebraska slipped into a temporary
command of the Blue Crew in January 2009; Fisher took          mooring at Kitsap, the boat stopped, just as it would when
over the Gold Crew in October 2009.                            submerged for a missile launch. At the start, middle and
     Before taking command, Fisher lived in Nebraska,          end of a patrol, the captain tests the vessel's missile
where he was a Strategic Command officer.                      hatches to prove they are operational. This was Somlai's
                                                               final exercise for the patrol.
                                                                                          Wednesday, September 08, 2010
     Forty-five seconds after the order was given to start     said Master Chief Randy Pruitt, the Blue crew's chief of
the dry run, the first 10-ton missile hatch in the back of     the boat.
the Nebraska silently opened. The remaining 23 hatches              Minutes later, Stafford, the executive officer,
followed randomly at 15-second intervals. Each remained        addressed the crew over the loudspeakers. He
open for about 90 seconds and then closed.                     congratulated the men for a successful patrol and
     The eight-minute exercise was conducted in the time       reminded them their work wasn't complete. An inspection
required to launch two dozen ballistic missiles. It            team would immediately scrutinize the boat's missiles.
exhibited the Nebraska's ranking as the third-largest          Stafford reminded them to continue to be sharp.
nuclear power in the world when on alert during patrol,             He signed off with three words: ―Go Big Red!''
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Submariners Appreciate Nebraskans’ Support
By David Hendee, Omaha World-Herald, September 7, 2010

BANGOR, Wash. — Here‘s something every USS                     support of the Nebraska is the talk of the submarine fleet.
Nebraska crewman, from rookie submariner to the boat‘s         There are 41 submarines in the U.S. Pacific fleet.
captain, quickly learns: Nebraskans are proud of their              ―The crew just loves it,‘‘ he said. ―They love that
corn, their football team — and their ballistic missile        Nebraska sends people out to see what they do. They‘re
submarine.                                                     very proud of themselves, their job and especially their
     ―I‘ve never talked with civilians before who refer to a   submarine.‖
ship as ‗their‘ sub,‘‘ said Navy Cmdr. Michael Fisher,              Kris Fisher, the wife of the crew commander, said the
who commands one of the submarine‘s two crews. ―That           importance of the support of rank-and-file Nebraskans
sort of pride and ownership is quite amazing.‘‘                can‘t be measured.
     Mission accomplished, says the Big Red Sub Club.               ―When you live in this community, what you do is
     The Big Red Sub Club is a Nebraska-based, all-            not that special because everybody does it,‘‘ she said. ―To
volunteer organization created in 1993 to continue the         have people from the state of Nebraska come out and
strong relationship created between the people of the state    recognize the job that these guys are doing ... really
and the submarine‘s crew during the vessel‘s christening       makes a big difference.‘‘
and commissioning. The club of more than 400 people                 The Big Red Sub Club brought seven USS Nebraska
raises money to underwrite the $6,000 to $8,000 cost of        officers and crewmen to Nebraska in June, the 39th
sponsoring visits by several submariners to the state twice    submarine group hosted in the state. They ate Valentino‘s
a year.                                                        pizza in Lincoln, toured the arch in Kearney, spent three
     The club also organizes visits to Nebraska‘s              days in North Platte for Nebraskaland Days and got
namesake submarine. Invited guests pay their own               rained out of a College World Series game in Omaha.
expenses. They bring gifts. They thank the crewmen for              Among the guests were the Fishers, who lived in
their military service. And they get a rare look inside one    Papillion until last year while Cmdr. Fisher was based at
of the world‘s most powerful warships.                         the Strategic Command.
     It happened again nine days ago, when the Nebraska             ―They were just overwhelmed by the fact that there
arrived at Kitsap Naval Base on Washington‘s Olympic           were people (in North Platte) willing to cross the street to
Peninsula. A delegation of 24 people on a Big Red Sub          shake their hands,‘‘ Kris Fisher said.
Club trip rendezvoused with the submarine in the Strait of          Cmdr. Fisher said visits by Nebraskans to the
Juan de Fuca for the final six hours of its journey home       submarine help boost morale.
from patrol.                                                        ―They learn how to do things like chip paint and
     Among the group was Curt Tomasevicz of Shelby,            serve food ... or they‘ll spend their patrol working in the
Neb., a member of the gold medal-winning 2010 U.S.             engine room around hot, steamy pipes ... and it‘s cramped
Olympic bobsled team. Tomasevicz pulled his medal              and it‘s painful — and they get the job done.‘‘
from his khaki pants pocket and posed for dozens of                 Fisher said ballistic missile submarine crews achieve
photographs with submariners.                                  amazing things daily, ―the stuff that movies are made of,‘‘
     Senior Chief Petty Officer David Turley, the Gold         and Nebraskans‘ reminders of appreciation are priceless.
crew‘s chief of the boat, said the Big Red Sub Club‘s               ―I can only tell them so many times and, after a
                                                               while, they don‘t believe me anymore.‘‘        Back to Top

Debating START Treaty Ratification
US News and World Reports, September 7, 2010

Sen. John Kerry argued in favor of the new Strategic           would keep America safe; Sen. Jim DeMint said it would
Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, saying that it            weaken national security. Your feedback:
                                                                                           Wednesday, September 08, 2010
     Come on, Mr. DeMint. Are you serious? The                 this? It would be a very cheap way to counter the Chinese
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty doesn‘t limit tactical         naval and cruise missile buildup in the South China Sea
nuclear weapons because it is a treaty intended to limit       and the new anticarrier ballistic missile they have
strategic [long range] nuclear weapons. The Obama              developed. This is no small issue, as we have just parked
administration has quite clearly, and rightly, stated that     three of our four newly converted SSGNs in striking
tactical [battlefield] nuclear weapons will be dealt with in   range of China. We‘ll see if the secretary of defense, the
subsequent negotiations. However, if you and your Senate       chief of naval operations, and the president wake up to
cohorts are incapable of pushing through New START,            this possibility.
there won‘t be any follow-on negotiations to push for               JAMES REFALO Los Angeles
tactical nuke cuts. This failure would be a severe blow to          Senator DeMint‘s arguments against START dodge
global nuclear reductions and a safer world.                   three related questions: 1. If the treaty is bad for the U.S.
     RICK WAYMAN Santa Barbara, Calif.                         nuclear posture, why did seven of the last eight
     I think there are a lot of potential verification         commanders of our strategic nuclear forces write to
problems with the treaty and, as DeMint points out, it         senators urging them to ratify it? 2. If it threatens missile
doesn‘t restrict the large number of tactical nukes that       defense, why did Lt. Gen. Patrick O‘Reilly, director of the
Russia has targeted on Europe. That said, there are            Missile Defense Agency, testify that it does not? 3. If it is
potential advantages if we don‘t do things stupidly. The       bad for U.S. security, why did Defense Secretary Robert
current plan is to reduce the number of warheads on            Gates declare that it has the ―unanimous support‖ of the
submarine-launched ballistic missiles from eight to three,     U.S. military? Either the senator has unique knowledge
thus basing a total of 1008 warheads on 14 subs. We            that our military leaders do not possess or he is calling
could maintain the same number of warheads by keeping          them liars. Which is it?
eight warheads per missile and using just nine of the 24            PETER FERENBACH Laytonville, Calif.
missile tubes per sub. This would permit the Navy to                I read both your articles on this subject. To me there
convert the remaining 15 tubes per sub to use for cruise       is no question of the necessity for the U.S. to have at least
missiles, as has been done with four previous ballistic        the equivalent of Russia‘s missile capability. Nuclear
missile submarines, or to outright convert four to six of      devices on small [tactical] missiles are just as deadly as
the SSBNs [ballistic missile subs] to the resoundingly         on large ones.
successful SSGNs [cruise missile subs] and install cruise           MARIAN CRANFORD Homewood, Ala.
missiles in the surplus capacity on the SSBNs. Why do                                                           Back to Top

66 Years Later, Woman Relives Shipyard History
By Jennifer Feals,, September 08, 2010

KITTERY, Maine — Driving through the gates of the                    The shipyard that Gallagher saw Tuesday is a
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on Tuesday, Ruth Gallagher's         different scene from the one she remembers in 1944, but
mind traveled back 66 years — when she was 18 and              she fondly reminisced about the quarters her family lived
struck the USS Redfish with a champagne bottle.                in, the gardens grown by her father, and the ships built
     "I did swing the champagne bottle (and kept the           during her time there.
broken) pieces for years," said Gallagher, sponsor of USS            "I loved it here," said Gallagher, who now lives in
Redfish and who christened the ship on Jan. 27, 1944 —         Michigan. She came to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
the day Portsmouth Naval Shipyard launched four                after living in Oahu, Hawaii, where she and her family
submarines in one day. "It was the day after my 18th           lived through the attacks on Pearl Harbor. "I'm so
birthday. I was so excited."                                   delighted Portsmouth is still such a vital yard."
     Gallagher, 84, returned Tuesday for the first time in           Today, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard focuses on
more than 60 years to the shipyard, where she lived in the     repairing submarines instead of building them —
early 1940s. When she lived on the shipyard, Gallagher's       servicing Los Angeles- and Virginia-class submarines.
father, Clifford Harris Roper, was captain of the yard.              While Gallagher's husband served in the U.S. Army,
     Referred to as "the day" by the World War II              their daughter, Sue Gallagher, said her mom treasured her
generation of shipyard workers, Jan. 27, 1944, is symbolic     time at the shipyard and "always loved Navy life."
of a shipyard work force that constructed and launched 77            "Oh, here's my Redfish," Gallagher said, pointing to
diesel-powered submarines, nearly half of the United           the submarine's construction record on a list of those
States Navy's World War II submarine inventory. In 1944        created during World War II. "She had quite a war
alone, the shipyard completed construction on 34               record."
submarines and building time per submarine was reduced               And quite the film record. Redfish was a part of
to 173 days — it was at 469 days in 1941.                      "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and "Run Silent Run
     "It's a period of time we're very proud of. The legacy    Deep" in the 1950s.
Ruth brings back to us today — this is what we strive for            "There was no particular reason," Gallagher said of
everyday," said Public Affairs Officer Deb White. "They        why she became sponsor of USS Redfish. "My dad asked
delivered ships, they did so in a war-time period, they did    if I wanted to be a sponsor, which I did."
a great job."
                                                                                            Wednesday, September 08, 2010
     In June 1968, Redfish was decommissioned and              significance of it," said family member Beverly Wilson.
struck from the U.S. Naval Register. In 1969, it was sunk      "It became a very interesting conversation after that."
as a target by USS Medregal of San Diego, Calif. The                The shipyard has focused in recent years on sharing
ship received two battle stars for World War II service.       its history and legacy with employees, said public affairs
     The trip down memory lane Tuesday came after              specialist Gary Hildreth, and he was shocked by the call.
family members contacted the shipyard knowing                       "I couldn't believe it," he said. "(Jan. 27, 1944) is a
Gallagher would be in New Hampshire for a family               significant day here at the yard and to have somebody
gathering.                                                     here that was part of that is thrilling."
     "I called the shipyard and mentioned in passing that                                                       Back to Top
she christened the USS Redfish. I didn't know the

Other Submarine News Around The World

Challenge At Sea
By J. E. Dyer, Commentary Magazine, September 7, 2010

At the end of August, the Royal Navy gave the UK               one but two Japanese patrol ships — something that,
Telegraph a rare glimpse of what‘s going on today in the       given the Japanese military‘s exemplary tradition of
arcane world of the submariner, under the Northern             seamanship, had to be deliberate and was probably
Atlantic‘s restless surface. The report includes the nugget    sanctioned by authorities in China.
that ―British submariners … are experiencing the highest            China has operated through maritime provocation
number of ‗contacts‘ with Russian submarines since             and bullying in recent years, but usually with smaller
1987.‖                                                         nations like Vietnam and the Philippines; very rarely in
     It‘s no surprise that Russian attack submarines are       confrontations with Japan. In the wake of China‘s most
trying to trail British ballistic-missile submarines, as the   aggressive naval exercise ever, which penetrated the
Telegraph reports. But the reference to 1987 is                Japanese islands this past spring, as well as Beijing‘s
informative. In the annals of the Cold War, 1987 was the       securing of rights to use a North Korean port on the Sea
last year the Soviet Navy maintained the very active           of Japan, the latest incident looks more like part of a trend
global profile it assumed in the early 1970s. The Royal        than an isolated, strategically meaningless event.
Navy‘s disclosures last month indicate that the reversal of         This is how maritime dominance is lost:
a two-decade trend is gathering steam — and more so            incrementally and off the public‘s radar. The U.S. Navy,
than was evident when Russian submarines were reported         as an oceangoing sea-control force, has shrunk from 568
off the U.S. east coast a year ago.                            ships and submarines in 1987 to 285 today. Our NATO
     The Royal Navy had 38 submarines in 1987,                 allies‘ navies have shrunk significantly as well, some of
compared with its 12 today. The U.S. force of attack           them by greater percentages. Among our key allies, only
submarines — ―hunter-killer‖ submarines — has declined         Japan and Australia are investing in larger and more
in the same period, from 98 to 53, with a target number of     diverse naval forces. The U.S. military, under Defense
48 being argued by budget cutters. But numbers are only        Secretary Gates, is looking at reducing further the
one aspect of the issue. Equally important, as suggested       inventory of warships — aircraft carriers, cruisers,
by the Royal Navy‘s recent encounters with Russian             destroyers, submarines — that perform sea-control
submarines, is how our would-be rivals are behaving on         missions and maintain maritime dominance. Equally
the seas.                                                      troubling, DoD proposes to eliminate entirely the two
     In that regard, China‘s profile constitutes a steadily    major U.S. commands most closely linked with NATO
expanding challenge, particularly to regional stability in     and maritime power in the Atlantic: Joint Forces
the Far East. Tuesday morning, a Chinese fishing vessel        Command and the U.S. Second Fleet. Events, on the other
was challenged by the Japanese coast guard in the waters       hand, continue to warn us against this irresponsible
of the Senkaku Islands, a chain disputed by Beijing and        course. We can expect more of them.            Back to Top
Tokyo. The Chinese vessel proceeded to collide with not

India To Select Foreign Shipyard For Second Line Of Submarines
Press Trust of India, September 7, 2010

Under the Project 75I plans approved by the DAC, three         foreign collaborator shipyard or at a private Indian
of the submarines would be built by Mazagon Docks,             shipyard that the Defence Ministry would identify in the
while one would be built by Hindustan Shipyard. The            future. The Indian private shipyard would have to enter
remaining two submarines would be either built at the          into an agreement with the foreign collaborator for
                                                                                         Wednesday, September 08, 2010
technology transfer and assistance in building the two        undertake anti-surface, anti-submarine warfare missions.
submarines under the project. Through the RFI, the Indian     Other missions the submarine would be expected to be
Navy has requested information from firms, who have           capable of would be Intelligence, Surveillance and
independently designed and constructed a complete             Reconnaissance (ISR), special forces and mining
modern conventional submarine that is currently in            operations. The Navy would be looking at submarines
service or undergoing sea trials. The Navy expects the        that have Air Independent Propulsion system and low
submarine to be capable of operating in open ocean,           signatures, apart from all conventional weapons systems
littoral and shallow waters in dense anti-submarine           including torpedo, missiles and decoys.      Back to Top
warfare and electronic warfare environment and also

Navy To Get Six New Submarines
Indian Express, September 8, 2010

New Delhi: With its effective submarine strength coming       rates. The Navy on Tuesday sent out Request for
down drastically to 14, the Indian Navy has started the       Information (RFI) to major submarine manufacturers
process to procure six new next generation submarines         across the world for six conventional submarines that
that will be equipped with Air Independent Propulsion         would be built at Indian and foreign shipyards.
(AIP) to give them longer endurance. The order is                                                          Back to Top
expected to be worth over Rs 30,000 crore at current

50,000cr Deal For 6 Subs: Govt Invites Bids From Firms
By Rajat Pandit, Times of India, September 8, 2010

NEW DELHI: The ball has formally been set rolling for         (MDL) in Mumbai, and the fourth at Hindustan Shipyard
what will be India's biggest-ever defence project till now:   Ltd (HSL) in Visakhapatnam.
the acquisition of six new-generation stealth submarines,          MDL is already engaged in building six French
with land-attack capabilities, for over Rs 50,000 crore.      Scorpene submarines under Project-75, currently valued
     The government has now issued a global request for       at Rs 23,562 crore, which incidentally is running three
information (RFI) to armament majors to submit their          years behind the 2012-2017 schedule set for it earlier.
initial offers by the end of this month for the six           "Giving one submarine to HSL under P-75I is clearly
submarines to be constructed under 'Project-75 India'.        aimed at establishing a robust second submarine line
This comes after the Defence Acquisitions Council             there, in addition to MDL, for future projects like P-76,"
(DAC), chaired by defence minister A K Antony, cleared        said a senior official.
P-75I in June, as was first reported by TOI. The gigantic     Interestingly, the RFI says the foreign collaborator has to
naval project will clearly overtake the Rs 42,000 crore       specify the air-independent propulsion (AIP) being
project to procure 126 multi-role fighters for IAF, so far    offered for the project. Conventional diesel-electric
dubbed the "mother of all defence deals", which is in the     submarines have to surface every few days to get oxygen
final selection phase now.                                    to recharge their batteries. But with AIP systems, they can
     Under P-75I, while two submarines will be imported       stay submerged for much longer periods, narrowing the
from the foreign collaborator's shipyard, the other four      gap with nuclear-powered submarines which can operate
will be built indigenously under transfer of technology.      underwater for virtually unlimited periods. Back to Top
Three of these will be constructed at Mazagon Docks

Four Advanced Submarines Join Iranian Fleet
Bernama, September 8, 2010

Tehran – Four advanced submarines joined the Navy fleet             One of the most important features of the submarine
recently in a ceremony attended by Defense Minister           is its capability of shooting a torpedo.
Ahmad Vahidi and Navy Commander Habibola Sayyari,                   The radar-evading submarine can also transport
Iran‘s Mehr news agency (MNA) reported.                       troops at a high pace and can track battleships on and
     Vahidi said that the submarines are of the light type    under the surface of the water, Vahidi said. Back to Top
manufactured in Iran.
                                                                                               Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Naval Postgraduate School MSES ME Distance Learning Course
The Naval Postgraduate School is offering an asynchronous Masters of Science in
Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineering) degree to all surface and submarine nuclear
trained officers. This program is packaged for completion completely offline and is ideal
for sea going officers and those offices who are unable to attend the formal program via
Video Tele-education Training. In addition to the 28 ½ credits for Nuclear Power School
students are required to complete six courses and a term paper. The course, including text
books and training material, is provided to eligible officers free of charge. For additional
information, please contact Dr. Robert Cobb via telephone at (360) 315-2803; DSN 322-
2803 of via e-mail at

Submarine Force Library And Museum (SFLM) Docents Needed
The SFLM has a docent program coordinated by the U.S.                    It is a great way to share your submarine
SUBMARINE VETERANS Inc. Groton Base that is                        experience, or just talk about the Submarine Force and
looking for volunteers to be docents.                              pass on Submarine Force Heritage with an eager,
       Docents are individuals, trained to further the             interested audience at the SFLM and the HISTORIC
public understanding of the historical collections of an           SHIP NAUTILUS.
institution. They are normally volunteers and act as                     Docent Watches are only for 4 hours and you can
guides and greeters at museums, etc.                               stand as few as one watch or as many watches as you like
       Are you Qualified to Be a Docent? There are no real         per month.
qualifications to be a Docent. You do not have to be a                   To find out more information, or if you are
member of SUBVETS, or even a Submariner to be a                    interested in being a Docent please contact the SFLM
Docent. The only requirements needed are the time, the             Docent Coordinator, Gary Schmid at (860) 823 - 9806 or
desire to want to volunteer your time talking about the            drop an email to
Submarine Force, and a friendly outgoing personality.                                                           Back To Top

USSVI Base Meetings Listing

Albemarle Sound Base
Date: First Saturday of each month (except July) at 10 AM
Location: Varies. See website for meeting location.
For more info: Contact Base Commander Barry Danforth at (252) 338-6577, or Base Secretary Ron Pervere at (757) 575-

Barb Base (Cape Coral, Fl.)
Date: 1st Tuesday of each month at 1900
Location: CRA Office, 1231 Cape Coral Parkway East, Cape Coral, Fl. 33904.
For more info: Please contact Base Commander Lou Simmons at 239-699-6112 or

Base 51
Date: 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 7;30 pm
Location: Elks Lodge, 4100 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89102

Bay State West Base
Date: Sunday September 19th, 2010 at 1300
Location: Elks Club in Ludlow, MA - Picnic at 1300 followed by Meeting at 1400.
For more info: Contact Base Commander Dave Duffié, (413) 320 5088 -
                                                                                                      May 13, 2011

Bowfin Base (Pearl Harbor)
Date: 1st Friday of every month, Social hour at 1800, meeting at 1900.
Location: Lockwood Hall Clean Sweep Bar at SUBASE, Naval Station Pearl Harbor.
For more info: Contact Chris Cunha at 808-531-1519 or

Bonefish Base
Date: 4th Saturday of the Month at 12;00 pm
Location: Meets at: American Legion Hall, 820 W. State Street, Redlands, CA 92374

Bremerton Base
Date: 3rd Tuesday of the month. Social hour at 1800, meeting at 1900.
Location: Fleet Reserve Association Branch #29, 521 National Ave S, Bremerton WA
For more info: Contact Base Commander Dave Niemy, at or check the base website at http://gertrude-

Capitol Base
Date: 2nd Monday of the month, 1830 social/Meeting 1900
Location: JJ Muldoon‘s, 16143 Shady Grove Rd., Gaithersburg, MD 20877
For more info: Contact the COB, Tom Denton at or the Base Commander, Art Glover at <>

Carolina Piedmont Base
Date: 4th Saturday of each month, dinner at 1730, meeting at 1900 .
Location: VFW Post #9138, 1442 Harris Rd., Fort Mill, SC
For more info: Contact Base Commander Steve Bell at (704) 824-3510,, or Base Secretary Jack
Jeffries at (704) 764-5211,

Charleston Base
Date: September 9, 2010 social hour starts at 6:00 and the meeting will begin at 7:00
Location: Fleet Reserve Association on Wisteria Drive in Goose Creek, SC
For more info: Contact Ed Stank at

Chesapeake MD Base
Date: 3rd Saturday of each month (except July and August), 1300-1400.
Location: American Legion Post 0276. Address: 8068 Quarterfield Road Severn, MD.
For more info: Contact Base Commander Terry Castle at (410) 768-3950, or Base Secretary Dave Weller
at (301) 860-1889,

Cowtown Base
Date: 3rd Saturday of each month at 1130
Location: Ryan‘s Steakhouse, 1501 Cherry Lane, White Settlement, TX.
For more info: Please contact Base Vice Commander Jim Fox at 817-709-7379 or

Hampton Roads Base
Date: 3rd Saturday of each month (except July and August), Meeting: 1115.
Location: VFW Post #4809, 5278 Bartee Street, Norfolk, VA
For more info: Contact Base Commander Bill Mereno at (757) 431.1040, or Base Secretary Bud Warren
at (757) 495.0539,

Kings Bay Base
Date/Time: 3rd Wednesday of each month, Meeting: 6 PM.
Location: VFW Post #8385, 150 North Camden Woods Parkway, Kingsland, GA
For more info: Contact Base Commander Sean Farrell at (912) 674-6810,
Prospective members/guests are encouraged and welcome to attend.
                                                                                                        May 13, 2011

Los Angeles/Pasadena Base
Date: 3rd Saturday of the month. 1130 Social hour, 1230 Lunch, 1330 Meeting
Location: Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, 800 Seal Beach Blvd., Bldg. 6 (ID and proof of insurance required) For more
Info: Contact Chuck Senior at 310-614-8419, or Prospective members/guests and
wives/significant others welcome

USS Marlin Base, Omaha NE
Date: 2nd Monday of each month at 1900
Location: 40 and 8 Club, 3113 S. 70th St, Omaha NE 68106.
For more info: Please contact Base Commander Andy Metzger at 402-292-8899 or

Minneapolis-St. Paul Base
Date: Saturday, August 14th., 12:00 Noon. Annual Base Picnic.
Location: Minnesota Veterans Rest Camp, 11300 - 180th Street North, Marine On St. Croix, MN. 55047
For more info: Ken Kauffman, Secretary. 651-454-9465.

Northern Virginia Base (Update)
Date: 2nd Saturday of the month, 1100
Location: American Legion Post 162, 8210 Legion Drive, Lorton, VA
For more info: Contact the COB, Mike Murphy at or the Base Commander, Tim Shannon at

Olympic Peninsula Base
Date: 3rd Thursday of each month, at 7pm.
Location: VFW Post 7498, 31 Matheson Street, Port Hadlock, Wash.
For more info: Contact Base organizer Chief Electrician‘s Mate John Clear, USN (Ret.) at (360) 437-1143 (home), (360)
471-5386 (cell) or

Palmetto Base
Date: 3rd Tuesday of each month. Social: 1800, Meeting: 1900.
Location: O‘Charley‘s restaurant 5565 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072
For more info: Contact Base Commander Tommy Richardson at (803) 834-1589 or Base Secretary Randy Browning at
(757) 817-4005.

Perch Base
Date: 2nd Saturday of the month. Social hour at 1100, meeting at 1200.
Location: American Legion Post #105, 3534 West Calavar Road, Phoenix AZ 85053.
For more info: Contact the Base Commander, Jim Denzien, at or check the base website at

Redstone Base
Date/Time: 2nd Saturday of the month, 1100
Location: VFW Post 2702, 2900 N. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL
For more info: Contact Tony Williams at or (256) 503-5374.

San Diego Base
Date: 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 pm
Location: VFW Post # 3787, 4370 Twain Ave., San Diego, CA 92120-3404

Seattle Base
Date/Time: 3rd Wednesday of each month (except December), Social time 6:30 pm, Business meeting at 7:00 pm.
Location: Lake Washington VFW Post 2995, 4330 148th Ave. NE, Redmond, WA 98052-5152.
For more info: Contact Base Commander Keith Watson at 360-886-0778 or Karl 'Dutch' Krompholz at 253-631-5736.

Seawolf Base
Date/Time: Odd numbered months business meeting on third Saturday, even months social gathering
Location: FRA Club, 2117 Wilkinson Ave., Panama City Beach, FL
For more info: Base Commander (850) 871-2764, Secretary (850) 547-4476, email
                                                                                                  May 13, 2011

South Florida Base
Date: 2nd Saturday of each month at 1100 hrs.
Location: Snappers Restaurant, 398 N Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, Fl
For more info: Bill Andrea, POC,

Trieste Base
Date: 3rd Sunday of each Month at 3:00 pm
Location: Sizzler Restaurant, 40489 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Murrieta, CA 92563

Tullibee Base
Date: 4th Saturday, January thru October at 1100
Location: Biloxi Yacht Club, 408 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS
For More Info: POC-C. L. Harvey., 251-865-9614

Tucson Base
Date: Saturday August 21, 2010 at 2:00pm
Location: Cattletown Saloon & Steak house, 3141 E. Drexel Rd. Tucson AZ, 85706. # 520-295-1141
For More Info: For information contact Base Commander Bruce Mitchell, 520-648-3855

USS Carbonero Base (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
Date: 2nd Monday of every month at 1830
Location: VFW Post 4848, 1491 Riverside Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn.
For more info: Contact Alan Syler at

USS Chicago Base
Date: 1st Saturday of the month at 1300
Location: Tinley Park VFW, 17147 Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, Illinois, 60477
For more info: Contact Base Commander Ken Tupman at (815) 936-9318 or

USS Parche Base (Ventura County)
Date: 4th Sunday of every month at 1300
Location: Eagles Club in Oxnard, CA.
For more info: Contact Barry Enticknap at 805-450-0807 or

USS Scamp Base
Date: 4th Thursday of the Month at 7:00 pm
Location: American Legion Hall, 230 E. Park Ave., Escondido, CA 92025-1811

USS Virginia Base
Date: 2nd Thursday of each Month, 1700 Happy hour and dinner, 1900 Meeting
Location: Candela's Restaurant, 14235 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA
For more info: Contact Base Commander Kenn McDermott,, or Treasurer/Membership
Chairman, Jim Lencalis < Web site:

Weeki Wachee Base
Date: 2nd Saturday of the month at 1300 (1 PM)
Location: Marine Corps League, 8405 Sunshine Grove Road, Brooksville, FL 34613
For more info: Earl "Robbie" Roberts 14402 Sandhurst St Brooksville, FL 34613-5958 PH: 352-592-5161
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                                                                                                          May 13, 2011
Submarine Reunion Notices
2012 USSVI National Convention
Date: Sept. 2-9, 2012
Location: Norfolk, Va. The Marriott Hotel, Norfolk Waterside is the primary hotel (800-874-0264) with the Sheraton
Hotel, Norfolk Waterside as the back-up and Boat Reunion Hotel (888-627-8042). The Sheraton is right across the street
from the Marriott. Mention USSVI Submarine Veterans Convention when making reservations.
For more info: POC is John Kennedy (Home: 757-872-9938, Cell: 757-618-5026, )

USS Henry Clay (SSBN-625)
Dates: September 2-5, 2010
Location: Drawbridge Inn, Ft. Mitchell, KY
For more info: Contact Dan Starr at for planning and registering info.

USS Proteus (AS 19)
Date: Sept. 9-12, 2010
Location: Lake Wright Hotel, Norfolk Va. 800-228-5157
For More info: Contact Paul Castle at or 619-237-1314

USS Seacat (SS 399)
Date: Sept. 27-Oct 1. 2010
Location: Radisson Hotel, Nashville, TN
For more info: Contact Lynn Trump at 937-548-6116 or

USS Nautilus (SSN-571) & (SS-168)
Dates: Sep 30, 2010 - Oct 3, 2010
Location: Holiday Inn Pigeon Forge, Pigeon Forge, TN
For more info: Contact Rick Turner at <>> for registration info.

USS Thornback (SS 418)
Dates: Sept. 30 - Oct 3, 2010
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
For more info: Contact Ed "Big Ed" Cirucci ( ) 757-466-0234 for registration info.

USS New York City (SSN 696)
Dates: October 1-3, 2010
Location: Best Western, 360 Route 12, Groton, CT 06430 - 860-445-8000 (When calling for reservations please use SSN696
Reunion to obtain the group rate)
For more info: Joe Tyler 203-234-9052(H), 203-640-9053(C), 203-467- 2001 x404 (W), 203-468-6219 (if all else fails),

USS Seawolf Pack (SS 28, SS 197, SSN 575 and SSN 21)
Dates: Oct. 7-11, 2010
Location: Branson, Mo.
For more info: Please visit for more details.

USS Gudgeon (SS 567)
Dates: 9 - 11 October 2010
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
For More Info: Willie McKay, 3513 Forest Lake Drive, Florence, SC 29501, (803) 667-4698, E-Mail:
Web Site:

USS Sam Houston SSBN/SSN-609 (All crews)
Dates: Oct 20-23
Location: Norfolk, VA
For more info: Contact Howard Dobson, 8 Colony Blvd, #338C, Wilmington, DE 19802, 302-764-1197,,
                                                                                                       May 13, 2011
USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN/SSN 610
Dates: October 28 – October 31, 2010
Location: Groton Motor Inn and Suites, Groton, CT
For more info: Contact: William ―Doc‖ McCance, 16 Chapman Lane Gales Ferry, CT 06335 (860) 464-6758,

USS Sterlet SS-392 (1943-68)
Dates: Nov 8-11
Location: Tucson, AZ
For more info: Contact Dick Jarenski, 7832 N Sombrero Peak Dr, Tucson, AZ, 85743-6007, 520-744-0869,,

USS Pollack SSN-603
Dates: Nov 8-14
Location: Branson, MO
For more info: Cliff Smith, PO Box 947, North Fork, CA 93643,,

USS Robert E Lee SSBN/SSN 601
Dates: April 29 - May 1, 2011
Location: Newport News Marriott at City Center, 740 Town Center Dr., Phone: 1-757-673-9299,
Newport News, Virginia
For more info: Contact Joe White 405-348-2195 joewi@sbcglobal,net

USS Sea Fox (SS402)
Dates: 21-31 May, 2011
Location: Green Valley, AZ
For more info: Contact Reunion Coordinator: Joel Greenberg - 71E Santa Chalice Dr. Green Valley, AZ 85614 520-393-8252

USS James Monroe (SSBN 622)
Dates: June 20 2011 - 24 June 2011
Location: Charleston, SC from at the Downtown Best Western
For more info: contact Wayne Sieckowski or website

USS Trumpetfish SS425
Dates: August 23-29, 2011
Location: Grand Plaza Hotel, Branson, MO
Contact: Terry Trump at 404 Pinehurst Ave, Summerville, SC; email:; 843-873-9563; www.uss-

USS Tusk (SS 426)
Dates: September 15-18, 2011
Location: Baltimore/Annapolis, MD
For more info: Reunion Coordinator Brooke Lynch can be contacted at Also go to for more information on the cost and plans for the reunion

USS Henry L. Stimson (SSBN 655)
Dates: Thursday Oct. 13 - Sunday Oct. 16, 2011
Location: Charleston, SC
For more info: Please visit or or contact Nick Nichols (843.452.3189) /
email for more details.
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May 13, 2011

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