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									                            MT. HEBRON HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER

                     THE VIKING VOICE
  Ellicott City, Maryland                                                                                      October 2002
                                                             FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK
                                                                   by Ronnie Bohn
From the Principal’s Desk        1
                                      T    he first quarter of the school year is flying by! First quarter interim reports were
                                          distributed on Friday, September 27, indicating your child's grades at the half-way
                                      point of the quarter. If you did not see this report, ask your child for it.
                                       We are using a new format for interims. Each student receives a report which resem-
From the PTSA President          1
                                      bles the report card, and this report shows the grade and class attendance for the first
Candidates Forum                  2   half of the quarter. This single report summarizes all classes on one sheet of paper.
                                      Teachers have the option of also handing students a printed grade sheet detailing the
New Health Course                3    grade to date.
                                             What should you do with the information contained in the interim report? Here
Bilingual Volunteers              3   are some suggestions:
                                             Look at all grades and any comments teachers have made. If you are concerned
English Department                5          about a low grade, contact the teacher now while there is still time for the grade
                                             to improve before the end of the quarter.
Viking Backers                    7          Look at attendance in each class; if you question the number of days absent,
                                             contact the teacher for an explanation.
Halloween Parade                 9
                                             Don't assume that the grade at interim time will automatically be the quarter
Senior Class News                10          grade which is calculated four to five weeks later. Much work will be graded in
                                             the latter part of the quarter. Grades can go up and they can go down. Be
PAAS                             11          aware of assignments and test/quiz scores. These will impact the quarter grade.
                                             Discuss the interim report with your child to determine how              con’t. pg. 2
Guidance Department              12

PTSA Members                     17                                 From the President's Desk
                                                   Mrs. Noel Lassise, PTSAPresident   

THE VIKING VOICE                      I  t's hard to believe we are already through the first full month of school, but here we are:
                                         post Back to School Night and Homecoming; fall activities in full swing; and a feeling of
                                      total exhaustion settling over even the most organized parents. Hopefully, you were able to
     is published by the              attend Back to School night, began connecting with your teen's teachers and have an inkling
Mt. Hebron High School PTSA.          of what's expected of your child for the coming year. If not, there's always Teacher
                                      Conferences, but November is sooooo far away, right?
 Submit newsletter items or
 comments to:
                                      It has been a remarkable first few weeks of school for Mount Hebron’s PTSA. I can't tell
   PTSA Newsletter Editor
                                      you how pleased I am to hear from so many folks who contacted me as well as other PTSA
   Mt. Hebron High School             Executive Board members, asking how they can get connected to the PTSA. As many of you
   9440 Rte 99                        discovered, there is plenty of opportunities to help our school and I'm rarely at a loss when
   Ellicott City, MD 21042            connecting volunteers to open assignments. (I take delegation to new heights as my family
                                      and co-workers can attest!)
Or email Jane Leibowitz, Editor             And there's still so much to do! Please do not hesitate to call or email me or any of the other
                                      PTSA Board members to ask how you can help. Or better yet, please feel free to join us
                                      when the PTSA Executive Board meets each first Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm in the
                                      school's Media Center. All PTSAmembers are welcome to see first hand how the PTSA
                                      “operates”; learn first hand about what is happening at Mount Hebron; and discover the
                                      many ways you can connect to our school.

                                      OK, folks, now for a pop quiz! (OH NO!!! She didn't tell us there'd be a test and I didn't
 Deadline for Nov/Dec Edition:
                                      study!!) Check off "yes" or "no" and see how you score:
     Wednesday, Nov.13
                                                                                                                           con’t. pg. 2
 The Principal’s Desk con’t.                                             From the President’s Desk con’t.
        grades can improve, what is being covered in classes, and
                                                                         I joined Mt. Hebron's PTSA
       how you can establish a home-school partnership that will
                                                                         yes                 no
       best benefit your child. Find out if a low grade is the result
                                                                         (Remember---no PTSAfund-raisers: your dues support the produc-
       of missing homework, poor test/quiz grades, lack of partici-
                                                                         tion of this newsletter, the student directory, the After Prom Party, as
                                                                         well as other special school projects.)
         Contact teachers, a guidance counselor, or an administrator
       for clarification of information on the interim report.
                                                                         I volunteered for one school sponsored activity
         Ask a teacher to initiate an academic improvement plan.
                                                                         yes                 no
        This plan details what your child needs to do to improve
                                                                         (Note to self: I will enjoy it, try new things, meet new people, con-
        and requires both student and parent to make a commitment
                                                                         nect with the school.)
        to work toward the desired improvement.
    If your child plans to participate in winter extra-curricular
                                                                         I signed up for Giant/Safeway programs
clubs and/or in athletics, the grades on the first quarter report card
                                                                         yes                 no
will determine eligibility. To play basketball, to wrestle, to run
                                                                         (Oh, yea, the high school needs equipment, too! And I must sign-up
indoor track, to march in the marching unit, to serve on the SGA,
                                                                         every year.)
to participate in any organized activity or sport in the winter sea-
son, the first quarter GPA must be at least a 2.0 and cannot
                                                                         I signed up for Mt. Hebron's listserv
include any grades of E. Are your child's grades on target for eli-
                                                                         yes                 no
gibility? To avoid disappointment, please stay on top of this.
                                                                         (Only way I'll ever know what's going on at the school without the
    Four interim reports and four report cards are issued each
                                                                         teen filter responses of "I don't know" or "huh?")
school year. Following are dates on which you can expect interim
reports and report cards to be distributed. ASK TO SEE THEM.
                                                                         How did you do? Forget anything/everything? Don't worry, the
    September 27 Interim Report
                                                                         PTSA police won't visit your house for at least a week. But serious-
    November 13 First Quarter Report Card (determines winter
                                                                         ly, if you have been too frazzled with the back to school transition,
                        season eligibility)
                                                                         there's still time to do all of the above and never too late to become
    December 6         Interim Report
                                                                         involved in the school life at Mount Hebron. However, you don't
    January 31         Second Quarter Report Card (determines
                                                                         want to put it off too'll blink and next thing you know, the
                        spring season eligibility)
                                                                         holidays will be over!
    February 21        Interim Report
    April 18           Third Quarter Report Card                                         Consider Yourself Invited!
    May 9              Interim Report
                                                                             A Howard County Candidates’Forum is being held at Hollifield
    June               Fourth Quarter (Final) Report Card - mailed
                                                                             Elementary School on Monday evening, October 9, from 7 to 9
                        home in June
                                                                             p.m. The forum is being co-sponsored by several local PTAs;
(Fourth quarter grades--NOT final grades--determine fall season
                                                                             namely, Hollifield Station Elementary, Waverly Elementary, St.
                                                                             John’s Middle, Patapsco Middle, and Mt. Hebron High Schools.
    I'd like to share a concern. In talking with students, I'm find-
                                                                             Each PTA is publcizing this event both within its immediate
ing that some content of conversations held through computer
                                                                             school community, as well as in local area papers. Look for
instant messaging is unsettling--at least unsettling to me.
                                                                             weekly fliers arriving home with students, or another reminder
Degrading and abusive comments, profanity, and even threatening
                                                                             via the Mt. Hebron Listserv.
statements are sometimes included. My guess is that these con-
versations would not be allowed or at least would be questioned if           This is your opportunity to show your support and interest in
parents overheard them on the phone or found them written in a               Howard County and its future. Plan on attending the forum,
note or letter. Perhaps it's because they are happening technologi-          meeting the candidates for the Board of Education and the
cally and away from parent view that they are going too far.                 County Council, and hearing first-hand where each of them
Often, I'm finding, students do not know to whom they are talk-              stands on pertinent issues that affect our schools, our communi-
ing. They do not know who is saying abusive and insulting                    ties, and Howard County’s future as a whole.
things; therefore, they cannot put it into perspective. Feelings are
being hurt, anger is developing, paranoia is setting in, self-esteem         A traditional format of candidates and their respective running
is being destroyed. To me, this is frightening, unhealthy, and               mates will be on-hand to introduce themselves, respond to spe-
unsafe. And some this is spilling over into the school day and               cific questions/concerns posed to them, and summarize with a
building. I urge you to talk with your child about instant messag-           brief statement. The final number of participating candidates
ing practices, set limits if necessary, and require that inappropriate       will determine how the nights’agenda is apportioned. If you
comments be brought to your attention. Our kids need us to guide             have questions about the forum in general, or wish to convey a
them through the technology jungle!                                          burning topic of interest in advance of October 9th, please con-
    Thank you for your continued support of Mt. Hebron High                  tact Pat Brocato-Simons, Mt. Hebron Representative, Howard
School. Please contact me about anything!                                    County Candidates’Forum, at 410-465-4790, or via E-mail at
                                                                                                                 THE VIKING VOICE
      New Current Health
        Issues Course                                      Do You Speak Another Language?
            Speakers Wanted
                                                   Would you like to help out a Mt. Hebron family who has recently
                                                   arrived in the United States or a family who is struggling with
A     new course is being offered this year for
      Juniors and Seniors. The course topics
will include world health concerns, new medi-
cine, mental health, drug and sexuality issues,
as well as many hot topics in today's health       If you speak Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Armenian, Farsi, Korean, Chinese, Spanish,
world. Mrs. Pastine is looking for parents ( or    Vietnamese, Turkish, Cambodian or Haitian Creole, WE NEED YOU.
friends of parents) that would be interested in
speaking to the kids about their field of work     We hope to establish a "Buddy System" whereby an English-speaking bilingual
that relates to health.
                                                   family would "adopt" a family of their same non-English linguistic background.
  Topics could include: medicine (general
  or specific fields), alternative medicine,       You and your family would be a contact for the newer family. Your main purpose
  massage/relaxation techniques, aromather-        would be to keep the other family apprised of Mt. Hebron events/policies. Any
  apy, yoga, exercise/fitness, self- defense,      questions that you did not feel comfortable answering would be referred to the
  research science, legal issues (drugs,           ESOL Outreach Liaison, Linda Won 410-313-3880, ext. 120 at Mt. Hebron High
  rape/sexual assault, living wills, ethics, and   School.
  law in medicine, etc), pharmacy, STD and
  other communicable disease issues,
  women's health/men's health.                            If you are interested in participating or would like to volunteer as an
                                                          interpreter or a translator, please fill out the following and return to
  If you think you may be of assistance and               Linda Won, ESOL Outreach Liaison at Mt. Hebron High
  your specialty is not listed please contact
  Ms. Pastine anyway.
  She may be reached at school or via
  e-mail at                        Last Name_____________________________________________

                                                          First Name_____________________________________________

                                                          Language Spoken (in addition to English)_____________________


                                                          *I am requesting your phone number so that I can speak with you
 New Staff since last printing:                           about your participation. I will not give out your phone number to
 Teachers:                                                any other family unless I have your express permission to do so.
 Belinda Prattis - Foreign Language
 Valerie Wetstone - Science
 Gregg Swajian - Special Education

 Instructional Assistants:                             PARENT CONFERENCES
  Randy Curtin - Special Education
  Emily Stackhouse - Special Education
                                                      Parent conferences will be held
                                                      November 25 and 26. Beginning
  Toussaint Lewis - Alternative Education             November 11, front office secre-
                                                      taries will make appointments.             Congratulations to violinist
 School Resource Officer:                                                                        Natalia Jenkins, winner of the
 Officer Karen Slack                                  Call 410-313-2880 between 8:00             Maryland Distinguished
                                                      a.m. and 2:00 p.m.                         Scholar Talent of the Arts!



    con’t. pg. 6


    English Department con’t. from pg. 5

The Mt. Hebron Varsity and JV cheerleading squads spent a
very busy summer preparing for this year's Viking games. They
attended camp at Salisbury University in July and came home
with many awards, trophies and ribbons. The JV squad won the
"Champion Chant" trophy and the Varsity squad won the "Herkie"
award for teamwork and dedication. JV Captain, Lashanda
Edmond was selected as an "NCA All American" and earns the
honor of cheering at one of many special events. All American
nominees were Vanessa Torres (Varsity captain), Natasha
Hunt (Varsity Co-Captain), Colleen Donohue, Jachelle
Hill and Nicole Sawczenko. Great job, everyone!
         Right now, the squads are enjoying cheering for our
Viking football teams. Come out and help us cheer the Vikings on

                   THE VIKING VOICE

    con’t. pg. 8

Viking Backers con’t. from pg. 7

                                                                                                                                                THE VIKING VOICE

                                             THERE’S STILL TIME.....
                                             to attend the
                                             PSAT/SAT PREP COURSE
                                                 Mt. Hebron students who did not enroll in the Mt. Hebron
for a                                          PSAT/ SAT prep course may attend one of the following group
HALLOWEEN                                              courses taught by Dr. Gagnon and her staff:
PARADE...                                            South Carroll HS (Sykesville) Saturdays,Sept. 28 & Oct. 5 (9 am- 1 pm)
  Please join the Mt. Hebron High                    Calvert Hall HS (Towson): Sundays, Sept. 29 and Oct. 6 ( noon-4 pm)
  School Marching Unit for their                     Winters Mill HS (Westminster): Saturdays, Oct. 5 & 12 (9 am- 1 pm)
    annual Halloween Parades:
                                               Note: Private tutoring is also available for the November, December, January
 Turf Valley Neighborhood Parade               SAT's and spring SAT's. Private tutoring for the SAT II Writing test is also
   Tuesday, October 29 7:00 PM                       available. Dr. Gagnon also provides college selection counseling.

    Mount Hebron-Orchards                          The tuition is $100 plus $40 materials' fee. Please complete the slip below.
        Halloween Parade
Wednesday, October 30 7:00 PM                          If you have questions, please call Dr. Gagnon at (410) 461-6949.

   Featuring the award-winning             Please complete and attach a check for $140, payable to Dr. Gagnon
         Marching Unit.                    and mail to: 10110 La Belle Ct., Ellicott City, MD 21042. Enclose long,
                                           self-addressed envelope.
The Turf Valley parade will begin on
Dunes Drive and end in Congressional
Court.                                       (please print)
                                            STUDENT’S NAME___________________________________________________________
                                           Last name on check (if different
    The Mount Hebron-Orchards              from student’s last name)________________________________________________________________________
Parade will start at Furrow Court and
Furrow Avenue.                             PHONES: Day:_________________________________                        Eves:__________________________________________

                                            Location of course selected:______________________________________________________________________
The group will march through the
neighborhood and end at Mt. Hebron
Presbyterian Church where the band
will perform several musical numbers
featuring performances by the
Cavalier sub units rifles, flags, and
swing flags as well as the Lancer Drill
                                                                              à Basket Bingo! à
                                                                                       Longaberger Baskets Filled with Prizes
Team. Children in costume will
parade on the Church lawn. You may                                       Hosted by the Mt. Hebron Boys and Girls Basketball Teams
park in the lot of Mt. Hebron Church
and walk back to the parade start.
                                                                                       Friday November 8th
                                                                                Doors Open at 6 PM                              Games Begin 7 PM

                                           • 22 Games of Bingo                                                        • Tickets $12 prior to November 8
                                           • 3 Raffle Baskets Valued $200                                             • Tickets $15 at the door
                                            to $400 Each
                                                        COLUMBIA CHINESE BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                            (The Old Ellicott City Lion’s Club) 5005 Waterloo Road (RT. 104)

                                          For Ticket Sales and Information Contact:
                                          Joy Wolven, 410-465-8748 or Karen Galindo, 410-461-6895

                                          Longaberger® and the other basket collection names are the property of the Longaberger® Company.
                                          This fundraiser is in no way connected with, approved by, or sponsored by the Longaberger® Company.


                  SENIOR CLASS NEWS
There are a number of expenses associated with the senior year of high school. Many are optional expenses and cost
for each family will vary. Here are a few of the costs and the approximate time of year they will be incurred.

Senior Pictures    $100 and up    Summer/Fall
Crab Feast $25 September 13
Senior Shirt $10-$15 September - May
Homecoming $5 September 28
Yearbook $65 October - May
SAT Test Fees $20 + Sept. - April
Transcript $3+ Fall and Spring
College Application Fees $30 + Fall - Early Winter
Cap, Gown & Tassle $23 Feb.
Graduation Announcement .85 a piece
Graduation Announcement packages $94-$179 Feb.
Congratulatory Yearbook Ad $75 - $275 Early Spring
Prom $40 per ticket April 5
Other Prom expenses $75 +
AP Tests $75 + per test May
Class Night $25+ May 15
Senior Picnic $10+ May 23

   Belated thanks to Glory Days Salvage for donating the wrecked car for Prom Promise last year. A lot more kids
signed the promise after the car showed up.

    The school year started off with a bang. The second day of school students designed the senior class shirts which
are currently being sold during all lunch shifts: $10 for a short-sleeved shirt, and $15 for a long-sleeved shirt. Julie
Simpson headed the shirt committee which did a fabulous job. The shirts look great!
The next big job for the board was Crab Feast. The committee head, Lisa Digangi, organized decorations, door prizes,
and entertainment for the feast. Again board members did a bang up job and it was a huge success! A special thank
you goes to Play It Again Sports and Glamorous Hair and Nails for donating door prizes. Tremendous thanks as well go
to Nick Rangos who constructed the VERY large Viking mallets and John Howland for supervising the artwork on the
    Now we're gearing up for Homecoming float, wall and the dance. Matt Sanders and Claire Boman are heading the
float committee, Rachel Blucher is heading the wall committee, and the board picked decorations for the dance. There's
so much class spirit, 2003 is sure to wow the judges with their work. Homecoming tickets are now on sale during lunch
for $5.
    After Homecoming we'll decide on a Senior Service Project and plan for the end of year activities.
It's going to be a great year!                                                            by C. Kuske and C. Rosendorf

READ Posters
Last year students, faculty and parents were involved in a project to create posters showing Hebron teachers reading.
They were closely modeled after the celebrity READ posters displayed in many libraries. The posters are currently
hanging in the Hebron library. A huge thanks to all those involved and to Sign a Rama, which donated a percentage of
the cost for the posters.

                                                                                                         con’t. pg. 12


Senior News con’t. from pg. 10

AFS News
The club welcomes Hebron's international students, Jonathon Fortun from Bolivia, and Christoff Kuhm from Germany.
At our first meeting we discussed the float and planned our first outing to the Renaissance Fair on October 6th. We are
looking for parent drivers for this trip.
There will be a parent/student meeting on October 1st in Room 404 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. We'll discuss business for
the year, introduce our AFS students and discuss activities for the club.

The fruit sale dates are as follows:

Nov. 11, 2002 (orders turned in) Nov. 16 (fruit delivered)

Dec. 9, 2002 (order turned in) Dec. 14 (fruit delivered)

Jan. 20, 2003 (orders turned in) Jan. 25 (fruit delivered)

Feb. 17, 2003 (orders turned in) Feb. 22 (fruit delivered)

March 17, 2003 (orders turned in) March 22 (fruit delivered)

April 7, 2003 (orders turned in) April 12 (fruit deliverd)

                                     GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT
 Maureen Quinn - 9th grade
 Irene Bademosi-Sottin- A-F grades 10 - 12
 Joe Berry- G-N grades 10 - 12.
 Yvette Pruett- O-Z grades 10-12
 P.J. Kesmodel - College Advising & Programming grades 9 -12.

 Evening Hours for College/Post Secondary Advising
         As a convenience for parents and students P.J. Kesmodel, our College Counselor will be available for evening confer-
 ences on Monday & Thursday evenings from 7-10 p.m. for the first semester of school.
         Conferences will be by appointment only and open to students of all grade levels and/or their parents. To make an
 appointment contact guidance secretary at 410-313-2883 0r 313-2570. Unless specified otherwise all of P.J.’s conferences are
 scheduled for a forty-five minute block of time.

 Senior Meeting to Distribute The FAFSA
          On 11/22/02 the counselors will hold a senior class meeting to provide information on financial aid and the various
 financial aid forms, distribute a senior newspaper and make them aware of upcoming financial aid workshops. Students may pick
 up a FAFSAin the Guidance Office following the meeting (assuming they are available at that time).

 SAT I & II Registration Deadlines
          Students must register for the SAT I or the SAT II (Subject Area
 Tests) according to the following deadlines. The next three test dates of
 the school year are listed below.

 To test on:       Register by:
 11/02/02          10/09/02 (late)
 12/07/02          11/01/02
 1/25/03           12/23/02
                                                                                                                    con’t. pg.18

                                                                                                                  THE VIKING VOICE

                    HC Drug Free presents ISSUES IN PARENTING
Speaker series for Howard County parents and students
All programs are FREE. Time: 7 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m. (except the Job Fair & the Ocean City Program).

The Good Enough Child/Teen
Thursday 10/3 Wilde Lake HS
Locally based, world-renowned author, Dr. Brad E. Sachs, Ph.D speaks to parents about the life philosophy described in his book The
Good Enough Child: How to Have an Imperfect Family and be Perfectly Satisfied.

Drugs, Alcohol & Teens in our county: Status Report
Thursday 11/7 Hammond HS
Police officers responsible for drug and alcohol citation bring illuminating and useful information about what is going on today with
drug and alcohol use and abuse among Howard County teens.

Drugs, Alcohol and Teens:Treatment
Wednesday 12/4 Mt Hebron HS
An overview of where to go for help and what parents and teens can do to stop the madness caused by drugs and alcohol. Featuring an
addictions counselor, and people who have survived teen addiction.

Teen Stress and Depression
Thursday 1/16 Long Reach HS
Teen Counselors speak to the signs and symptoms of depression and stress and how parents can help their children.

Ocean City Program: Prom, Graduation & Senior Week
Wed, 1/29 Oakland Mills HS
An Ocean City Police Officer and other community officials look at how to keep your teen safe during end of the year and summer

Teen Dating and Sexuality
Thursday 2/6 Centennial HS
Community experts examine concerns about a subject that is often difficult to talk about.

Raising Kids in Single Parent and Blended Families
Wednesday 3/5 Atholton HS
Teen Counselors speak to the issues that arise in these often complicated and difficult situations.

Healthy Choices: Teen Job and Activity Fair
Saturday 3/22 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. Wilde Lake HS
Students learn about, interview for and sign up for jobs, activities and volunteering with local organizations.

License to Drive
Thursday 4/3 Resevoir HS
An alcohol citation officer and a driving instructor give tips on keeping kids safe on the road.

Developing Leadership and Character in Teens
Wednesday 5/7 Long Reach HS
How parents can help their kids recognize and exercise their own leadership potential - whether it is in the community, in the school, in
their own families or among their friends.

Questions: Contact Debra Saraullo at or W (410)825-8764 ext 16 or H (410)461-7081.

HC Drugfree Sponsors include: Howard County General Hospital. The Sunpapers, Howard County Health Department.
                                                 (Revised 7/24/02)


              THE VIKING VOICE

     con’t. pg. 16

Viking Backers Thank You con’t. from pg. 15

         NEED HELP WITH YOUR                         THANK YOU, SHOPPERS!
       For homework help, contact This service, pro-
       vided by the Maryland Library
       Partnership, offers assistance with
       English, math, social studies, and
       science homework.

                                                   Thank you for shopping at Target! Sales on
                                                   Target Visa and Target Guest Cards provide
                                                   your named school with cash. Checks come
                                                   twice a year, and our most recent check was
                                                   for $421.82!

                                                                 THE VIKING VOICE

Thank you, to the following, for joining the PTSA

                        For Membership Information call June Hackman
                        (410-750-0237) or Teresa Tamburrino (410-750-1466)


Senior News con’t. from pg. 12

Students can register by picking up application materials in the guidance office and mailing them with a check on the Educational
Testing Service in Princeton, N.J. You can also reregister toll free by telephone (1-800-728-7267) or through College Board’s site on
the World Wide Web at:

Regardless of how you register the posted deadlines are the same. Registration must be postmarked or received by the registration
deadline. Mt. Hebron’s code # is 210-512.

Many schools including Maryland State Schools, will accept ACT scores in lieu of SATs The nest two dates for the ACTs are as fol-

To test on:        Register by:
10/26/02           late registration through 10/04/02
12/14/02           11/08/02

Students register by picking up materials in the guidance office and mailing them with a check in the appropriate envelope to the
ACT offices in Iowa. Again, Mt. Hebron’s code # is 210-512.

PSAT information for sophomores and juniors: Registration deadline is October 11th. There will be a $5.00 late fee to register
after the deadline. The PSAT will be administered on Saturday, October 19th here at Mt. Hebron H.S.
*We strongly encourage all 10th and 11th grade students who are planning on attending a four year college to take the PSAT

Howard County Financial Aid Workshops
         The Howard County High School Guidance Counselors sponsor several workshops to: assist parents in learning how the
financial aid process works, explain the intricacies of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and section by section
lead them through the best way to fill-out the FAFSA. The sessions will be very similar. Therefore you only need to attend whichev-
er workshop is at the most convenient time and/or location for you.

The county high schools offer a variety of financial aid and college information programs throughout the school year. Please look for
these dates and events in the local newspapers. You may also call your high school. Each Guidance Department will be getting a list
of these dates in the near future.

*This session will deal more with long range financial planning for college rather than the FAFSA.

College Information Night at Atholton High School : Sunday, October 20th 1-4pm in the school cafeteria. Call
410\313-7068 for directions and further information.

Local Scholarships for Seniors

• Seniors and or their parents are encouraged to check the Mt. Hebron H.S. website at “”. Then go to
  the Guidance Page and click on “Scholarship Search database”. We also have all of the scholarships listed in a white binder here
  in the Guidance Office.

• If you find a scholarship you wish to apply for, check the Guidance Scholarship File Drawer for applications and or further
  infor ma tion. The home page and scholarship binder is updated weekly by a parent volunteer. The binder is on top of the
  schol arship file cabinet (in the rear of the Guidance Career Center).

• When appropriate, we will periodically update seniors on scholarship information from various colleges, business, and or
  organiza tions as it comes into our office.

•Please note most of the local scholarship deadlines are not until the second half of the year.

Other Scholarships
•Use or another of the free large scholarship search engines on the internet. There is a link to fastweb on the Mt.
Hebron home page in the Guidance section.

Happy Thanksgiving

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