Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are prepared by chemical manufacturers or distributors to communicate potential health risks or physical hazards to the users of these chemicals. The College obtains these MSDS with the first shipment of any chemical or when the product is reformulated or the MSDS revised. A copy or the original of any MSDS that arrives on campus should be forwarded to the Facilities Maintenance Office at the CUB for inclusion into our online access system. This poster is a brief description of the College’s MSDS access system. The College’s Environmental & Safety Compliance (ESC) Manager maintains the MSDS database by adding new or replacing outdated MSDS. The database is electronic, on-line data file know as an “eBinder”. This contains MSDS just for the hazardous chemicals in use at the College and does not provide access for all of the MSDS available through the internet. This eBinder allows searching all of the College's MSDS from any computer, on or off campus, as well as reading and printing any sheet. The E&SC Manager's web page can be found listed under the RESOURCES tab of the College’s Home Page. The link shown here will bring you to the eBinder. This link can be copied to your desktop for faster access. The first screen to appear will search the eBinder by PRODUCT NAME. MSDS search may also be done selected using the MANUFACTURER or CAMPUS LOCATION lists. Individual MSDS are Adobe pdf documents that can be viewed and printed. Techniques for difficult searches and help to understand the information on an MSDS can be obtained from other publications on the ESC web site.

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