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					The stylish
Merten Antique

Merten Antique
A switch range that lives up to its name. Merten Antique
has the elegance to match surroundings that need it most –
buildings and rooms in a traditional, classical style.
This switch series is a clear winner, thanks both to the
high-quality materials used and the carefully conceived
colour combinations for frames and inserts.
Style, pure and simple.

                                                              Polished brass/Polar white

                                                              Antique brass/Polar white

Switch Merten Antique, Antique brass, original product size

>                 high-quality

Never-ending choice
of functions

Limitless options
Our switch ranges feature all kinds of functions and thus
offer the best solutions for all ranges of application
whether they be in private homes, offices, hotels,
hospitals, schools or other institutions.

We would like to take a few examples to give you an
insight into the great variety of functions in our switch

  A selection from the System Merten Antique range

Switch with labelling field     Socket-outlet

                                                            Switch and socket-outlet

Serial-Switch                   Movement detector,

                                                                                       Switch, 4-gang

Socket-outlet                   Telephone socket-outlet

                                                            Switch and socket-outlet

                                                                                                        Switch, 5-gang

Socket-outlet with hinged lid   Rotary dimmer

Dynamic and
elegant design
Merten Antique

                 make your choice

The system principle – Switch system Merten Antique
With a large variety of functions, the three design
                                                                                                                                                    The system principle
variants Merten Artec, Merten Antique and Merten
Trancent combine to create a very broad product
range. Change the switch range the easy way: The
inserts fit all the different design variants. Just change
the frame and it’s done.

          Flush-mounted insert                   +    Insert                         +             Frame                                    =   Complete device

                                                                                                    Merten Antique frames                       Merten Antique

                                                                                                    Merten Antique frames                       Merten Antique

Ease of use
The flush-mounted inserts from Schneider Electric                        tion are then only installed according to the interlo-
feature a solid retaining ring.                                          cking system and the convenient claw attachment.
This ring prevents distortion or deformation of the                      The double plug-in contacts make a secure connec-
insert during installation and allows clean installation                 tion possible. Changing the pin assignment is made
even with slightly uneven surfaces. An interlocking                      simple thanks to the release levers that are easily
system is integrated into the retaining ring for easy                    accessible. Permanent labels on the switch base with
installation of multiple combinations. This means that                   circuit symbol, circuit diagram and terminal assign-
you only have to make an exact alignment for the first                   ment helps you work quickly and safely.
flush-mounted insert. All other inserts of the combina-

             For cavity wall box installation:       Variable screw fixing on the
                   easy to release and align         installation box
                      though lateral twisting
                                                                              Circuit diagrams on              Shallow installation depth
         Easily accessible                                                    the back of the inserts
              release lever                                                                                             24 mm
 Clear labelling

                    Convenient claw attachment                                      Labelling aid for                 Secure hold thanks            Easy alignment and installation
 Plug-in terminals for safe wiring up to                                            stripping the insulation          to strong claws               of multiple combinations due
 2.5 mm conductor cross-section                                                                                                                     to the interlocking retaining rings

Make the most of your energy

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