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                                  for the Insurance of
                          Festivals and Events
It is always refreshing to receive feedback after an event, from those who have enjoyed themselves.
This really makes all the planning and logistics worthwhile. A successful event leads to effective future
development helping the organisation to build their reputation and also create awareness. To have
effective and adequate insurance is part of the process of ensuring that events run smoothly.

As specialist brokers for the Christian Community, we recommend that an annual review is conducted of
your insurances, to make sure that the cover is adequate, complete and fully protecting your activities.
By doing this, you will also have the opportunity to check on the premium level that you are paying.

Our Essentials guide will show you what we consider as the basic cover required for your insurances.
Further cover can be obtained for specific areas and these are shown under the options section.

We provide a free quotation and insurance review service and would be pleased to provide you with a
comparison quote for your insurances based on your completed Essentials guide.

How to use this guide:

       1. Compare and complete the basic and optional cover sections against your current policy
       details, tick the relevant boxes in column 1 and insert your present level of cover in the space
       provided in column 2.
       2. If there are sections that you do not have cover for at present but consider you need and
       would like to know the cost, put a tick in the box in column 3.
       3. Complete the section below and send the whole form to us by post, fax or email.
       4. On receipt of your form we will obtain quotations and provide you with a report based on the
       information that you have given. The report will be sent to you, at which stage we would be
       delighted to discuss your insurance requirements with you further.

 Name of organisation:


                                                                            Post Code:

 Contact Name:                                      Phone:                   Fax:

 Website:                                           Email address:

 Name of present Insurer:                                                   Renewal Date:    /   /

 Present premium: £                    Long Term Undertaking expiry date, if applicable:     /   /

 Have there been any claims in the last three years? If yes, please give details:

                    Please complete the guide on the reverse of this page           →→
                       Essentials for the Insurance of Festivals and Events
                                                                                  1.                       2.                             3.
Cover section                                       Suggested                Currently                  Present                     Not Included
                                                    Basic Cover              Included                   Cover                      but cost required
Basic Covers

1. Public Liability                                  £5 Million                                         £________

        Car parks & campsites
        Volunteers, team members
        Hired premises

           Activities -
                   On and offsite
                   Children’s and Youth
                   Evening events
                   Pastoral care and prayer ministry
                   On site exhibition

2. Employers’ Liability                              £10 Million                                        £________
      Staff team, Volunteers

3. Money
      Cash limits – in site safe £5,000/£10,000                                                         £________
                   not in safe £2,000                                                                   £________
      Local banking arrangements
      Security by site staff

4. Business Interruption (loss of income)                                                               £________

5. Personal Accident
       Employees and volunteers £10,000                                                                 £________
                 Weekly         £  100                                                                  £________

Optional Covers

1. All Risks –
        Owned equipment                                £ 15,000                                         £________
        single item limit £1,000

           Hired/borrowed equipment £ 20,000                                                            £________
           single item limit £1,000

2. Marquees & Tents                                                                                     £________

3. Cancellation of event based on total expenses

4. Annual cover for Office Buildings                                                                    £________
                           Contents                                                                     £________

5. Annual Public Liability cover for
   work during the year       £5 million                                                                £________

7. Annual Employers’ Liability cover for
   work during the year     £ 10 Million                                                                £________

6. Trustee Indemnity                                                                                    £________
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