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					     How to Search the
                       Conducting a search on your own on the
                       Internet can be exciting, frustrating, and
                       provide to be an excellent learning
                       experience. Here are a few tips that will
                       make your search a little easier and help you
                       gain a few more notches “under your belt.”

                        1. Compile a Top 5 List of favorite search
                           engines other than Google. This makes
                           searching easy to have several sites in
  “your back pocket” if Google does not produce the results you
  need or want:
  Here is just a sample of search engines that are geared to students.
     Librarians’ Internet Index-
     WebCrawler-
     TekMom’s Search Tools for Students-

2. You should start with a basic search first, never bite off more
   than you can chew. Gain the skills of a basic search before
   trying to use the advance option search.
  For example for the remainder of the handout, we will use
     You are planning to attend college in Texas and want to a complete
     Type in the
      location field next, type
      colleges in Texas in the
       search box provided and click Search the Web.
      Your search results will yield two and four year colleges as well as
       community, junior colleges and trade schools.
3. Narrowing your search to your needs. Because you do not have
   all day to search for colleges; you still have to study to graduate
   from high school.
   Now we can use the advanced search option to limit our results to the
information we need.
      Click on the advanced search link to begin limiting search results.

      The Show me results screen will appear and you should enter the
       following prompts:
                     a. texas and four year college and university
                     b. new students
                     c. four year college in Texas
                     d. technical and vocational and trade school
                     e. edu


                                                         Click Advanced
                                                         Search when

     How to Search the Internet
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       You will yield a refined search that produces “hits” for four year
        colleges in Texas for new students. There is a possibility that there
        are a few results that will not meet your criteria.
4. What is the related search link used for? To search for other topics
   within the same subject, you can click on the links in the related search
   box. This search would reveal such topics as jobs for college students,
   college reviews, and student life to name a few.

5. Can I still use the Directory Search link? Yes, you can! The
  directory search link can provide you will an alphabetical list that is also
  links of colleges in Texas. The only downside to the directory is there
  are no summaries provided, so do your research first.

     How to Search the Internet
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How to Search the Internet
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