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Phoenix Home Detention phoenix dui lawyers


									              H O M E DETENTION P R O G R A M (HDP)

                    Sentinel Offender Services, LLC (Sentinel)

                       Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M - F

                                          1721 West Latham
                                        Phoenix, Arizona 85007

                         Enrollment Phone: 1-888-220-0737
                            Office Phone: 602-258-0455

You must contact Sentinel at 1-888-220-0737 within one business day of signing
the Home Detention Order to schedule an installation appointment. Please have
your paperwork available when you call. You must begin the program as indicated
on the Home Detention Order. Your failure to do so will result in a noncompliance
notice sent to the Court.

         Requirements for successfully completing the program include:

          •     Attending initial intake to install equipment
                • Must provide proof of residential telephone service and picture ID at
          •     Attending appointments as determined by provider
          •     Attending alcohol counseling as ordered by the court
          •     Fees:
                • One to three days = $225.00
                • Four to six days = $355.00
                • Seven to ten days = $410.00
                • Eleven or more days:
                   o $150 standard enrollment fee due at installation
                      The $150 fee includes payment towards:
                       - $40 one time enrollment fee
                       - $110 to be applied to daily monitoring fees
                   o Monitoring fees are based on a sliding scale fee and paid at
                      follow-up appointments
Money order, credit card or debit card are accepted. Checks are not accepted.

For a copy of this publication in an alternative format, contact the Law Department Administration Division at
602-262-6461 Voice or 602-534-2159 TYY.
                                                                                                      7 7 4 8 0 7 - r e v 01/10
                                              CITY OF PHOENIX MUNICIPAL COURT
                                                 MARICOPA COUNTY, ARIZONA

 STATE OF ARIZONA                                      PLAINTIFF

 Defendant (FIRST, Ml, LAST)                                    DOB

 The defendant cannot participate in Home Detention for the following offenses: Prostitution
 or Solicitation pursuant to P.C.C. §§ 23-52 or 23-53 or A.R.S. § 13-3214, or any offense
 designated as domestic violence pursuant to A.R.S. § 13-3601.

                                                                                                     Counsel     Defendant
   1. The defendant understands he/she must serve a minimum of 24                                     Initials    Initials
      consecutive hours in jail before HDP, except for the following convictions:
      • A.R.S. § 28-1381 - DUI Second Offense
                (must serve minimum of 15 consecutive days jail before HDP)
         • A.R.S. § 28-1382 - Extreme DUI
           (must serve minimum of 15 consecutive days jail before HDP)
   2. The defendant avows not to have a history of violent behavior.
   3. The defendant avows not to be a risk to self or others.
   4. The defendant agrees to obey the rules and regulations of the HDP.
   5. The defendant has a full-time job in Maricopa County, or is a full-time
      student in Maricopa County, or resides in Maricopa County and has physical
      limitations that justify HDP.
   6. The defendant agrees to pay all costs associated with HDP enrollment.
   7. The defendant must provide proof of a private analog telephone line with
      modular jacks.
   8. The defendant agrees to actively participate in a Department of Health
      Services licensed alcohol treatment program as approved by SAS, if
      ordered by the Judge. Additional costs may apply.
   9. The defendant agrees to provide verification of employment, school
      admission/schedule, treatment enrollment/schedule, physical limitations, or
      any other documentation as requested to the HDP provider.
   10. The defendant agrees to submit to no less than three random daily alcohol
      tests during HDP enrollment.
   11. The defendant agrees not to consume alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs.
   12. The defendant agrees not to associate with persons detrimental to
       successfully completing the HDP.
   13. The defendant agrees that the court may impose other requirements or

  Date:                                                 Defendant's Signature:

  Date:                                                 Defense Counsel's Signature:
Interpreter: I have accurately interpreted the terms of the HDP Eligibility Screening for the defendant
and ascertain that he/she understands the language of interpretation.
   Date:                                                 Interpreter:

Distribution:           White - Court File   Canary - Prosecutor HDP Mail Slot   Pink - Defendant                 51-150D
                                                                                                                  773093 rev.
PHOENIX MUNICIPAL COURT                         300 W. Washington St.                   Phoenix, AZ 85003-2103                     602-262-6421                   TTY/602-495-0733
    STATE OF ARIZONA                                                  Plaintiff                     COMPLAINT NO.
    -vs-                                                                                                                                        HOME DETENTION ORDER
                                                                                                                                                  •     2nd DUI Conviction
                                                                                                                                                  L l Amended Order
    Defendant (FIRST, Ml, LAST)                                      DOB

IT IS ORDERED the defendant serve                                 days Home Detention starting on                                                                        20
                                                                                                                                (must be monday through triday)

It is further ordered the defendant comply with all Home Detention Program (HDP) Rules and successfully complete the program,

as offered by Sentinel Offender Services, LLC, the City of Phoenix Home Detention provider.

Non-DUl Violation Code:

                                                               HOME DETENTION PROGRAM RULES

 1. I will not consume alcohol of any kind while in Home Detention. Includes any beverage, food item, mouthwash, or non-
    prescribed medication containing alcohol.
 2. I will contact Sentinel Offender Services, LLC (Sentinel) within one business day from today's date to schedule an intake
         Sentinel Office: 1721 W. Latham Street Phoenix, AZ 85007 Enrollment: 888-220-0737 / Office: 602-258-0455
         Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays
 3. I will provide proof of a private analog telephone line with modular jacks in my home at my intake appointment. I understand
    that answering machines, cordless telephones, burglar alarms, computer equipment, voice-mail, call-waiting, call-forwarding,
    3-way calling, caller ID, call blocking, etc., may not be installed on the telephone line. I understand it is my responsibility to
    replace/repair telephone service/equipment that is not compatible with Sentinel equipment.
 4. I will report to Sentinel for scheduled appointments with my proposed schedule and payment for Sentinel services (acceptable
    forms of payment: money order, debit card, credit card). I will provide any documentation requested to confirm my proposed
    schedule and understand that my employer, school, treatment provider, etc. may be contacted by Sentinel staff to verify
 5. I will remain inside my residence within hearing distance of my telephone and answer all calls during curfew hours.
 6. I will immediately contact Sentinel if I have problems with, or need to make changes to, my telephone or electric service.
 7. I will immediately advise Sentinel of any contact with law enforcement.
 8. I will not move from my place of residence during the duration of Home Detention.
 9. I will not move and/or disconnect the Sentinel monitor without the permission of Sentinel.
10. I will not submerge the Sentinel transmitter in water and understand that taking a shower is permitted.
11.1 will not tamper with my Sentinel transmitter and will report any damage, cracks or stretching of the strap to Sentinel.
12. I will inform all members of my household regarding the care/operation of my Sentinel equipment and that I will be liable for
    any difficulties related to their lack of care or understanding.
13. I understand that all Sentinel equipment installed in my residence must remain there until the completion of my sentence. I
    further understand that Sentinel will hold me liable for any damaged or missing equipment.
14. I understand that Sentinel will immediately report all HDP violations to the court and that upon notice I must appear at Phoenix
     Municipal Court, Courtroom 208, the following business day at 8:30 a.m. for a judge to review the violation. At that time, the
    judge may terminate my participation in the HDP and place me in custody to serve the remainder of my sentence in jail. I
     understand my failure to appear at the hearing will result in an immediate arrest warrant.

Date                                  Judge                                                                 Courtroom

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above Home Detention Program Rules. I understand any violation of these Rules will require
 me to appear in court the following business day at 8:30 a.m. at w h i c h time I may be removed f r o m the HDP and be incarcerated for the remainder o f my
jail sentence. I further understand that my failure t o appear in court will result in an immediate warrant for my arrest. I hereby confirm the address listed
 below is accurate and understand that all correspondence will be mailed there.

Defendant's Signature                           Mailing Address                                    Apt*                City                             State          Zip

Home Phone #                                    Cell Phone #                                     Message Phone #                                                        Interpreter
—                T                o             request this document in an alternative format, please call 602-262-1625 or 602-495-0733 TTY.
DISTRIBUTION:        WHITE - COURT    YELLOW - PROSECUTOR HDP MAIL SLOT       PINK - DEFENDANT                                                                           30-365D Rev. 1/10

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