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					                  Northampton County Archery Society
                                   Present a record status
                                  “24 target FITA Mixed”
                                EMAS & NCAS Championship
                            Saturday/Sunday 16th /17th June 2007
                    West Wood, near Souldrop, Bedfordshire
                          MK44 1HJ or OS REF. SP 991621
                   Saturday & Sunday – 12 unmarked & 12 marked.
          Awards for the double mixed rounds only, made according to
            entries in all recognised GNAS styles except crossbows.
                           Maximum entry of 104 archers
                               FITA rules of shooting

                  LADY PARAMOUNT: To be announced
            JUDGES: P. Turner, D. Wallace, Mrs. C. Farr, R. Custance
                     Assembly 10.30am Saturday. 10.00am Sunday
                                TOURNAMENT FEE:
                     Adults: £15.00         Juniors: £9.00
 Single day entries at half the above, subject to space. Preference given to two day entries.
                               S.A.E. FOR RESULT SHEET

                Entry not reserved until payment is received
               Closing date June 9th. Late entries all @ £18.
    Cheques to be made payable to Northampton County Archery Society
                                 and sent to
       Mrs. Ann Hartfield, 10 Whitegates, Northampton, NN4 9XA
                             Tel: 01604 700117
                  Refreshments will be available both days
                        Stout footwear is advisable

Record status shoots will be liable for drug testing, competitors approached
  to give samples must comply, if they refuse that refusal will be treated
                            as a positive result.
Neither Northampton County Archery Society nor the owners of the land can accept liability for damage or injury
             howsoever caused to any person or property whilst on, entering or leaving the grounds
LOCAL ACCOMODATION                                                                                                                      Northampton Field Shoot
The George Hotel. Sheep Street. Kettering. Northampton. NN16 4AD. Tel: 01536 518620                                              Styles: B/B, REC, TRA D, CU/ L, Cltd, CB/ B, LB
The Royal Hotel, Market Place, Kettering, Northampton. NN16 0AJ. Tel: 01536 520732                                                                                 Jnr.
                                                                                                           Title   Name inc. forename                                       GNAS No.     Style    Fee
Hawthorne House Hotel. 2 Hawthorne Road. Kettering. Northampton. NN15 7HZ. Tel: 01536 482513                                                                       DOB
Rothwell House Hotel. Bridge Street. Rothwell. Northampton. NN14 6JW. Tel: 01536 713000
Hotel Elizabeth. Rockingham Road. Corby. Northampton. NN17 1AE. Tel: 01536 401348
Oak House Hotel. 8-11 Broad Green. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 4LE. Tel: 01933 271133
Bridge House. 3 Grafton Road. Brigstock. Northampton. NN14 3EY. Tel: 01536 373297
Foxford Hotel. North Street. Rushden. Northampton. NN10 6BU. T el: 01933 410444
Hind Hotel. Sheep Street. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 1BY. Tel: 01933 222827
Hotel Ibis. Enstone Court. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 2DR. Tel: 01933 228333
Travel Inn. London Road. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 2DP. Tel: 01933 278606
Dovecote B&B. 83 Irchester Road. Wollaston. Northampton. NN29 7RW. Tel: 01933 664347
Pine Cottage. 24 Higham Road. Rushden. Northampton. NN10 6DZ. Tel: 01933 391132
The Old Rectory. 45 Rushden Road. Wymington. Rushden. Northampton. NN10 9LN. Tel: 01933 314486
Canberra Guest House. 104-106 Midland Road. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 1NB. Tel: 01933 276905
High View Hotel. 156 Midland Road. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 1NG.       Tel: 01933 278733
Vernon Guest House. St Barnabas Street. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 3HA. Tel: 01933 277894
The Poplars. 50 Oundle Road. Thrapston. Northampton. NN14 4PD. T el: 01832 732499
Pear Tree Farm. Aldwincle. Kettering. Northampton. NN14 3EL. Tel: 01832 720614
Dairy Farm. St Andrews Lane. Cranford St Andrews. Kettering. Northampton. NN14 4AQ. T el: 01536 330273
R & S Chuter. 2 Wilkie Close. Kettering. Northampton. NN15 7RD. Tel: 01536 310270
Pennels Guest House. 175 Beatrice Road. Kettering. Northampton. NN16 9QR. Tel: 01536 481940
Euro-Hotel. 90-92 Midland Road. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN8 1NB. Tel: 01933 664249
Mrs Woodrow. 1 Duckend. Wollaston. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN29 7SH. Tel: 01933 664249
Mr & Mrs Childs. 45 Eastfield Road. Wollaston. Wellingborough. Northampton. NN29 7RS. T el: 01933 665266
Queens Head Hotel. Milton Ernest. Tel: 01234 822412
Narly Oak Lodge. The Baulk. Clapham. Tel: 01234 350353
North End Farm. Bletsoe. T el: 01234781320

West Wood is on the A6 about 3 miles south of Rushden town center and 8 miles north
of Bedford.

West Wood is the home of Bl ack Eagle Bowmen, a EFAA fiel d archery club, who are
kindly allowing Northampton County Archery Society to use it for this tournament.                                                                                                       Total
                                                                                                                                                                 Cheques payable to:
Dependi ng on entry numbers the parking entrance maybe different from that of 2006                         Name of contact:                                      Northampton County Archery
signs will be dis played on the A6.                                                                                                                              Society
                                                                                                                                                                 Send to:
The accommodati on list has not been checked by the organizer and some information                                                                               Mrs. Ann Hartfield
maybe out of date all are within 15-20 minutes from the course dependi ng on l ocal                                                                              10 Whitegates
traffic conditi ons                                                                                        Phone No:                                             Northampton
                                                                                                                                                                 NN4 9XA
                                                                                                           Club:                                                 Tel: 01604 700117
                                                                                                           County:                                                 Only members of GNAS or FITA
Anyone using photography or vi deo equi pment must register their name                                                                                             are permitted to shoot in this
and address with the tournament organizers.                                                                                                                        tournament
                                                                                                           I agree to my child undertaking a test for drugs if they are approached at this tournament.
                                                                                                           Signed:                                        Parent/guardian. Delete as appropriate