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					                        The Exchange
                                                                                                                                                  spring 2011

In ThIs IssuE
2   Overdraft
                        Get an amazing rate on your auto loan
    Privilege Usage
    Reminder            If you have not
2   Payday              yet heard, our
    Alternative Loans   rates are as low
3   Upgraded ART        as 2.50% APR!*
3   June Car Sale
4   Invest in America   Through April,
                        KCCU is offer-
                        ing incredible
calEndar                auto loan rates
4/19 - Annual           to its members.
Membership Mtg          If you’re in the
5/30 - CLOSED           market for a
Memorial Day            new or used au-
                        tomobile, now is
6/24 - Car Sale         the time to take
7/4 - CLOSED            a look. Stop by
Independence Day        the credit union
                        and get pre-
                        approved so
rEMEMBEr                you can walk
Website -               confidently into            the dealership
Audio Teller -          with a great,
816.861.2704            low interest rate
                        to finance that
                        perfect vehicle.
                        *Example shown: 751+ credit scores, 36 month financing. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) discount available with approved credit on
                        vehicles financed up to 60 months. Credit scores of 751 and above will be figured at 3.00% APR off base rate; credit scores of 701-750 will
                        be figured at 2.50% APR off base rate; credit scores of 651-700 will be figured at 2.00% APR off base rate. Credit scores below 651 do not
                        qualify for promotion. New and used vehicle purchases 2009 model year and newer. Will loan up to the purchase price of the vehicle not
                        to exceed the NADA retail value. Available on cars, trucks and SUVs; no recreational vehicles. See a loan officer about refinancing options
                        with rate special. Loans currently financed at Kansas City Credit Union are not eligible to refinance. Offer valid January 24 - April 30, 2011.
                        Further restrictions may apply, see a branch for details.

                         REMINDER -
                                                                                                       RSVP -
                         70th Annual Membership Meeting                                      
                         Tuesday, April 19                                                             or call 816.921.6597
Serving employees        5:00 p.m. Registration
of the City of Kansas
City, MO, Truman         5:30 p.m. Dinner                                                              Limit one guest per member.
Medical Centers,         6:00 p.m. Meeting                                                             There is no cost to attend.
KCATA The Metro,
Blount International
and workers and/or       Following the meeting, a drawing will be held for many fantastic items.
residents of Jackson
or Clay County, MO       Plus each member receives a door prize just for attending!
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                        President’s                  few minutes to review them.                  A Telecheck or any other negative
                                                                                                 indicator has been reported to us.
                        Place                        Eligibility - No application is re-          Your account is classified as in-
                                                     quired for ODP; eligibility is at the       active.
                        By Floyd Manley              sole discretion of the credit union          You have an unresolved prior
                                                     and is based on you managing                loss with the credit union.
                 I have been re-                     your checking account in a respon-           We do not have a valid address
ceiving calls on the eligibility of our              sible manner. Your ODP may be sus-          for you.
Overdraft Privilege (ODP) Program.                   pended or permanently removed                We believe you are not managing
Therefore I am printing them in this                 based on the following criteria:            your account in a responsible man-
quarter’s newsletter. Please take a                      You do not bring your account          ner, which may harm you or us.
                                                        to a positive balance within 30           You do not have direct deposit
  KCCU Board of Directors                               days of becoming overdrawn.              with the credit union totaling de-
  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                    You have an account that has           posits of at least $500 each month.
  William LaMette, Chair                                been opened less than 60 days.
  George Eib, Vice Chair
  Janice Smith, Secretary                                Your account type is not eligible.   Transactions Eligible for ODP – ODP
  José Portuguez, Treasurer                              You are more than 30 days past       will be available for checks, ACH
  Paula Butler, Director                                due on any credit union loan or        transactions, preauthorized auto-
  Reta Gaebler, Director                                delinquent on any other obliga-        matic transfers and online bill pay.
  Jean Ann Lawson, Director
  Susan Moseley, Director                               tion to the credit union.              ODP will ONLY be available for ATM
  Earnest Rouse, Director                                You are subject to any legal or      and everyday debit card transac-
                                                        administrative orders, levy, or are    tions IF you authorize the credit union
  SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE                                 currently a party in a bankruptcy      by completing the ATM/Debit Card
  Gary Morris, Chair
  Eric Davison                                          proceeding.                            Consent Form presented to you upon
  Nathan Paré                                            You have an outstanding bal-         opening your account. You may also
                                                        ance on an Overdraft Repay-            provide your consent by visiting our
                                                        ment Plan.                             website at
                                                         Your account is being reviewed for
  KCCU Staff Members                                    fraudulent activity or transactions.   Eligible Account Types - All con-
  Floyd Manley, President                                The primary account holder is        sumer checking accounts with un-
  Anna Townsend, Vice President                         less than 18 years old.                limited check writing privileges.
  Kevin Welp, Credit Manager
  Annie Karr, Marketing Director
  Lisa Cordill, Accounting Manager
  Jennifer Haynes, Loan Officer
  Linda Suppes, Sr. Member Service Rep
                                                     Payday Alternative Loan
  Laura Andersen, Member Service Rep                 We are committed to bringing you the products and services necessary
  Teriyan Parker, Member Service Rep                 for you to reach your financial goals. That’s why we are pleased to offer
  Sarah Rose, Member Service Rep                     a Payday Alternative Loan. Similar to a traditional payday loan, our alter-
  Nadine Galloway, Head Teller
  Elizabeth Martinez, Teller                         native is a small, short-term loan. But there are important key differences:
  LaShanhey Scott, Teller                            No sky-high interest rate and a longer repayment period.

  DOWNTOWN                                           What are the minimum and maxi-            What are the minimum and maxi-
  Emily Belland, Teller/MSR                          mum amounts I can borrow?                 mum interest rates?
                                                     The minimum is $300 and the maxi-         The minimum is 25% based on
  Mary Ann Stallings, Loan Officer
                                                     mum is $1,000.                            repayment through direct deposit
  Cassie Chisam, Teller/MSR                                                                    or payroll deduction. The maximum
                                                     Can I have more than one Payday           we can charge is 28%.
                                                     Alternative Loan at a time?
         KCCU Box Score                              Only one is allowed at a time and         What are the qualifications to apply?
               February 28, 2011                     no more than three granted in a six       Must be a member of KCCU for
    Assets ............................$22,554,466   month period. This is a closed-end        at least two months and meet our
    Shares ...........................$19,157,460    loan and must be paid in full be-         “Member in Good Standing” policy
    Loans ..............................$8,302,835
    Members .................................6,144   fore applying for another; cannot         requirements. Must be able to
                                                     be added to or rolled over into a         verify employment and/or income.
                                                     new loan.
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Get reacquainted with “ART”
24-hr ART - 816.861.2704                                       The new ART also has a loan calculator. Therefore,
                                                              you can calculate the payments on a new loan
KCCU recently unveiled a new Audio Response Teller            request, etc. to find out what loan amount best suits
system (ART)! It is VERY user friendly, as you no longer      your financial status.
need the transaction codes that were necessary
before.                                                      By utilizing either the ART system or online account
                                                             access through our website, you can avoid the $1 fee
If you are already a user of ART, you will continue to       of calling into a branch for your account balance or
use the same PIN as before. If you don’t currently uti-      to transfer funds. To sign up for online account access,
lize the system or have never signed up, please con-         visit
tact a member service representative at 816.861.5700
to get signed up and set your PIN.                           We are very proud of our new and improved ART.
                                                             Check it out today!
From the old to the NEW:

  ART will now give you the current balance AND
 the available balance.                                       DIScOuNt tIckEtS
  You can change your password while logged-in.
  You can make loan payments to your KCCU loans              available at all three branches:
 from your KCCU accounts.
  You can re-fill a check order (duplicated from your
 last check order - if any information has changed,
 please re-fill the order directly through KCCU).
  Tax information is available on the new system
 for share accounts and loans. ART will give you last
 years information as well as the current year.
  Members (and non-members) can request forms
 to be mailed to their home (ie. loan applications,
 change of address, new member applications, etc.)                                             Adult           Jr/Sr
                                                              Worlds of Fun                    $29.00         $17.00

                                                              Oceans of Fun                    $23.00         $16.00

Car sale coming to KCCU!                                      Ride & Slide                     $44.00
                                                              (can be used same day or separate days)

June 24-25                     The sale will take place
                              in June, rather than May
Kansas City Credit Union
is bringing back the ever-    If you’re in the market
popular annual car sale       for a new car, or maybe
to our main branch this       need something to send
summer.                       your graduate off to col-
                              lege, this will be the place
We have some exciting         to look.
changes that will take
place this year:              Watch for information
                              via mail, email and on                                           Adult           Jr/Sr
 Cars will be provided by    our website as the date          Schlitterbahn                   $31.50         $26.50
Jack Miller Kia               nears.
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Invest in America, Invest in You!
Visit for         that special family member healthy        favorite online stores.
great benefits just for being a         and happy.
credit union member! Here is just a                                               With Shop America, members like
sampling of the offers:                 The Lifestyles plan offers many           you have access to more than
                                        great savings on dining, golf and         1,200 online retailers, including
CU Benefits Express                     other recreational activities. It also    some the largest and most popular,
Members save 5- 60% on medical          includes access to financial coun-        giving you major discounts when
and lifestyle products and services     seling, legal services, and discount-     you shop. And every time you earn
                                        ed ID Theft protection.                   $10 or more in cash back from your
We wants to help you save on                                                      purchases, you’ll get a check as a
many of the products and services       When you choose a plan, you get           thank you!
you use on a regular basis. CU          all of its benefits for a low monthly
Benefits Express, in partnership with   payment. For detailed information         So whether you’re looking to shop
Invest in America and KCCU offers       about each plan and a list of local       online with Target, Macy’s, Best
subscription discount programs          providers, visit the CU Benefits Ex-      Buy, Apple or hundreds of other
exclusive to credit union members       press page on LoveMyCreditUnion.          stores, you can save and get paid
providing significant savings on        org or through              to shop. Don’t forget to make your
medical and lifestyle needs.                                                      Shop America purchases with your
                                        Shop America                              KCCU debit card.
The medical plan is great for those     Members shop, save and get cash
that have little or no health insur-    back with Shop America                    Shop America. Shop anytime. Easy
ance or those that just need a little                                             online access. Visit
extra help. The program includes        It’s no secret that most people 
discounts on acupuncture and            shop online these days. Thanks to a       ica_585.html for details on Shop
holistic medicine treatments,           partnership with Invest in America,       America and the other Member
exercise programs such as Yoga          KCCU can help you save and get            Rewards partner offers from Invest
and Pilates, medical equipment,         money back when you shop. Just            in America. You may also visit the
hearing aids, and more. It even         use Shop America and get reward-          link through
includes discounts on veterinary        ed with great discounts and cash
services and pet supplies to keep       back – just for being loyal to your

   Kansas City Credit Union Locations & Hours
   MAIN OFFICE                           DOWNTOWN                                NORTHLAND
   5110 Ararat Drive                     414 E. 12th Street                      7245 N. Oak Trafficway
   Kansas City, MO 64129                 1st Floor City Hall                     Gladstone, MO 64118
   Phone 816.861.5700                    Kansas City, MO 64106                   Phone 816.436.4384
   Fax 816.861.5703                      Phone 816.513.3400                      Fax 816.436.4373
                                         Fax 816.513.3412
   Hours                                                                         Hours
   Drive Thru:                           Hours                                   Lobby:
   M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.               Lobby:                                  M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
   Saturday, 8 a.m. - Noon               M-F, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
   M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
   Saturday, 8 - 11:30 a.m.              Online: