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Ballon Outdoor Education Centre


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									DIRECTIONS TO BALLON                                                                            CONCORDIA COLLEGE TOOWOOMBA
From Toowoomba
 a) via Dalby and Jandowae (approximately 2 hours 30 minutes drive) see Map 1
       Take Warrego Highway to Dalby.
       After crossing the railway line as you leave Dalby, turn right to Jandowae (49 km from
       Proceed on bitumen for 31 km beyond Jandowae.
       Turn left at Ballon Outdoor Education Centre sign and travel 23 km.
                                                                                                 Outdoor Education
5.     Turn right at Ballon sign.
       Follow gravel road for approx. 5kms, turn left at Ballon sign.
       Continue another 5 km along gravel road over cattle grids and follow Ballon signs to

From Toowoomba
 b) via Dalby and Brigalow (approximately 2 hours 45 minutes drive) see Map 2
1.     Turn right at Brigalow silos towards Cananga.
2.     After 21 km turn left onto Wondai Road for 1.7 km.
3.     Turn right onto Pilican Burra Burri Road at Ballon sign.
4.     Follow directions 3. and 4. “From Chinchilla” below.

From Chinchilla (approximately 45minutes drive) see Map 2                                          Information Booklet
1.     Proceed NE out of Chinchilla along Wondai Road for approximately 25 km.
2.     Turn left onto Burra Burri Road (bitumen) at “Ballon Outdoor Education Centre” sign.
3.     Follow bitumen road for approximately 20km to cattle grid. Immediately over grid take
       gravel road on left. Observe Ballon sign opposite gravel road.
4.     Follow directions 6 and 7 above (Map 1).


The Ballon Outdoor Education Centre is owned and operated by Concordia College, Toow-
oomba.                                                                                           MAP 2

Situated within the Barakula State Forest, Ballon was formerly a forestry camp, accommodat-                 CHINCHILLA to BALLON &
ing forestry staff and their families. It consists of a lease of 85 hectares for stock grazing
purposes as well as a 9.5 hectare occupational lease.
                                                                                                            TOOWOOMBA to BALLON via DALBY & BRIGALOW
The centre is located approximately 55 kms from Chinchilla, which is the main centre for the
area, and approximately 200 kms from Toowoomba.
OUTDOOR EDUCATION                                                                                                                                BALLON
As part of Concordia College's school curriculum, Year 10 students participate in a four week
experience at the Ballon Outdoor Education Centre. During this time the students may be                                                                                                  B
involved in a wide variety of activities and educational experiences that could not be dupli-
cated in a normal classroom environment.
                                                                                                                                 10 Km dirt road
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES                                                                                                              to Ballon from
The stated major goals of the centre are to foster each student’s development as a unique                                        cattle grid
child of God by providing them with:-                                                                                                                                                        B
       a) the opportunity to develop awareness, appreciation and understanding of their                                                                                      Ro
                                                                                                                From Chinchilla to                                     rri
       relationship to God's creation.                                                                                                                        a   Bu
                                                                                                                1st grid is 45 Km                     B   urr
       b) the opportunity to deepen their spiritual life and recognise how God's word affects                                                    an
       their lives.                                                                                                                   Pe
                                                                                                                                 B                                       Ro
       c) the opportunity to live within a Christian community upholding Christian values                                                                    n    dai
       concerning themselves, others and the environment.
       d) personal and group challenges, which are physical, mental and emotional and
       which promote responsibility and respect of self and others.
Ballon aims to give students an opportunity to:-
       •   learn outside the classroom
       •   cope with the pressures of living: responsibilities, failure, success                                                 BRIGALOW

       •   experience a bush lifestyle                                                                                                                     MACALISTER
       •   spend time away from the comforts of home
       •   learn to appreciate their families                                                                                                                                        WARRA

       •   meet God in a different setting                                                         B = Ballon Sign
       •   gain a better understanding of self                                                                                                                                                   DALBY
                                                                                                         = Cattle Grid
       •   make new friends
       •   heighten acceptance of others
       •   learn new skills

Accommodation for the students consists of four cabins, previously used as forestry bar-
racks, each containing a kitchen with electric stove and refrigerator, a dining room, shower,
                                                                                         toilet and basic laundry facilities. Each cabin also has three rooms, each accommodating
MAP 1                                                                                    four people.
                                                                                         The students are instrumental in the running of the centre as they take part in daily chores
                                                                                         such as feeding animals, tending the garden and milking cows. They are also responsible for
 BALLON                                                                                  areas within each cabin such as cooking and cleaning.

                             B                                                           A feature of Ballon, and the lifestyle at the centre, is its isolation from modern day conven-
                                       vel                                               iences. The emphasis is on camp, bushlife, and making students responsible for their own
                             D                    Burra Burri DURONG
                   vel                                                                   entertainment and leisure, therefore no radios, cassette and CD players, computer games, etc
                                             B    School
                                                                                         are allowed. Junk food is also considered a modern day luxury and therefore not permitted.


                                             A         B*
                         C                                                               Please ensure that your student has had a recent haircut that follows College regulations and
                                                                                         a dental check-up before attending the centre.
                                                                                         Please be aware that, as a campus of Concordia College, behavioural rules are as set by the
                                                                                *   B    College and disciplinary action will be taken for breaches of these rules. Students are ex-
                                                                                         pected to obey the College Code of Conduct, the moral code (the Ten Commandments) and
                                             Gravel Road
                                                                                         civil law. In particular in the camping or boarding situation, visiting the living quarters of the
                                             26 km                                       opposite sex or breaking bounds after lights-out is strictly forbidden. The use or possession
                                                                                         of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs, or substance abuse, is strictly forbidden.
                                                                 NUDLEY STATE            For serious breaches of the Code of Conduct students may expect to be suspended from
                                                                                         Ballon or excluded from the College. Breakages that occur through misuse or abuse may also
                                                                                         attract a replacement fee.
                                                                                         During their four-week stay students will be involved in various activities which may include
                                                                                         hiking, camping, orienteering, ropes courses, rock climbing, abseiling and
                                                                                         canoeing. They will also be instructed in areas such as country code, navigation, knot tying
                                                                                         and campcraft, as well as taking part in decision making activities.
                                                                                         A daily devotional life is encouraged with students preparing morning and evening worship
  B = Ballon Sign                                                                        sessions as well as playing a large role in Sunday worship services in the Douglas Chapel.

  * = Burra Burri Sign                                                                   WHAT TO BRING
    = Cattle Grid                                                                        The following items are considered essential for a comfortable stay at Ballon.
      Preferred route in dry weather                                                     • Pillow and pillow case
                                                                                         • Bedding (sheets and blankets) for use at Ballon
                                                                                         • Sleeping bag (suitable for hiking and camping out)
 NB: In wet weather a clay section from “C”                                              • 2 towels and face washer
 to “D” should be avoided and detour “ABD”                                               • Personal toiletries - toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb/brush, lip and hand cream,
 followed, although this route is rough gravel.                                             non-aerosol deodorant
                                                                                         • Pyjamas
                                                                                 DALBY   • Underwear
                                                                                         • Socks
                                                                                         • Track suits, jumpers, shirts, shorts, jeans
•   Raincoat (this is an absolute necessity!)                                                     All staff at Ballon are first aid qualified and are capable of treating minor ailments and or injuries.
•   Swimming togs                                                                                 More serious cases will be transported by staff or by ambulance to either Chinchilla or Jandowae
                                                                                                  for further treatment. It is advisable that students be covered by the QAS or through your
•   Suitable footwear, eg joggers
                                                                                                  private health fund.
•      Cutlery and plastic crockery (plate, bowl, mug) in carry bag with drawstring
                                                                                                  Any students required to take prescribed medication during their stay at Ballon are to bring
•   An old pair of joggers for canoeing
                                                                                                  sufficient quantities with clearly marked details. Prescription and non-prescription medica-
•   Thongs for use in showers                                                                     tion must be handed to Ballon staff on arrival to be administered under supervision.
•   Sturdy footwear for hiking etc
                                                                                                  FAMILY DAY
    * Please note that often a good pair of joggers is more comfortable and can cause less
                                                                                                  Ballon invites parents to see their children and meet with staff on Family Day (normally the
       problems than a new pair of hike boots.
                                                                                                  second Sunday of the course). If this is inconvenient parents are welcome at other times but
•   Sock protectors                                                                               please contact the Ballon staff prior to arrival to avoid the disappointment of children not
•   Torch (spare bulbs and batteries are recommended)                                             being available.
•   Writing material (envelopes and stamps)                                                       There are limited facilities for camping and caravans and if you wish to use these facilities
•   Exercise book for use as a journal                                                            please make arrangements with the staff well in advance. It is also advisable that pets be left
•   Garbage bags (useful for dirty clothes, etc)                                                  at home.
•   Washing powder, clothes pegs                                                                  Family Day begins with a worship service before which you may enjoy morning tea prepared
•   Bible                                                                                         by the students. Lunch offers the opportunity for parents to spend time with their children.
                                                                                                  Parents are asked to provide their own lunch for this occasion. During the afternoon students
• Water bottle - minimum 2 litres (juice bottle is sufficient)                                    will demonstrate some of the skills which they have gained on activities around Ballon.
• Click-seal bags
                                                                                                  At Ballon there are a number of activities utilising equipment which may cause injury if used
Please also include the following items for safety reasons                                        incorrectly. For safety reasons it is required that children be supervised by a responsible
• Wide brimmed HAT (caps are not adequate protection for hiking)                                  adult at all times. Permission is required from the Campus Co-ordinator before using equip-
• Sunscreen                                                                                       ment and facilities.
• Insect repellant                                                                                CONTACT NUMBERS
Students may also bring                    • Backpack                                             If at any time you wish to speak to any of the staff at Ballon please feel free to call them on the
• Camera and film                          • Simple fishing gear                                  following numbers:
• Musical instruments                                                                             Ballon Office ............ (07) 4665 5167                          Staff Residence ......... (07) 4665 5105
• Tennis racket                                                                                   Fax ............................. (07) 4665 5286                   Staff Residence ......... (07) 4665 5132
Please keep items to a minimum as transportation and storage space is limited.                    Centre Co-ordinator (Greg Wieland) ... (07) 4665 5177
                                                                                                  E-Mail Address........................................ballonoec@bigpond.com
Souvenir items are a fitting reminder of the students’ time at Ballon and may be purchased and
charged to their College accounts.                                                                The telephones and faxes are not available for student use except in cases of emergency. A
                                                                                                  very important feature of the centre is the remote living. Therefore it is inappropriate for
Breakages/damages will also be charged to their accounts.
                                                                                                  parents to phone or fax students. Communication should be by mail and students are encour-
NO POCKET MONEY is to be sent to Ballon.                                                          aged to write letters. The Ballon postal address is:
Do Not Bring - aerosol cans (hair spray, deodorants, etc) radios, cassette and/or CD players,               Ballon Outdoor Education Centre
computer games, hair dryers, junk food or drink, sheath knives, hair clippers, mobile phones.               MS 355
                                                                                                            CHINCHILLA QLD 4413
MEDICAL INFORMATION                                                                               Mail is received and delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Every Year 10 student will receive a medical update form. It is important that medical informa-   In the case of an emergency parents should contact Ballon staff.
tion is current and that dental checks, tetanus injections, etc are in order before students      If you wish to speak to the Year 10 coordinator about any matter please contact Reception on
depart for Ballon.                                                                                (07) 4688 2700.

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