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									Incorporating Quotes
               The Basics
• You ALWAYS cite a thought that is not your
• Cite direct quotes AND paraphrases!
             Adding Quotes
• You always need the author’s name and the
  page number
  – Either put the author’s name in the sentence or
    in the parenthetical citation
  – The page number will ALWAYS be in the
    parenthetical citation
                        For Example
• Wordsworth stated that Romantic poetry
  was marked by a "spontaneous overflow of
  powerful feelings" (263).
• Romantic poetry is characterized by the
  "spontaneous overflow of powerful
  feelings" (Wordsworth 263).
• Wordsworth extensively explored the role of
  emotion in the creative process (263).
 Notice where the periods are!!! Notice there is no comma between the author’s
              name and the page number in the second example.
               Block Quotes
• If you have a quote that is over four lines of
  text, you need to indent it.
• Introduce the quote with a colon :
• Do not use quotation marks
• Put a space between your writing and the
• Indent the entire quote one inch
• The parenthetical citation always comes
  after the period
               For Example
Orwell describes the prisoner not as a dying
 man but as a man robustly alive:

     All the organs of his body were
     working, all toiling away in solemn
     foolery. His nails would still be growing
     when he stood on the drop. (47)
     Why Am I Telling You This?
• You need at least 3 quotes from your
  primary source (your book) in your primary
• You may only use one block quote in your
              Before You Go
On a piece of paper…
 How do you think I’m doing?
 Are there activities we do in here that you
 would like to do more of? Less of?
 Any suggestions you have?

  Please critique instead of criticize!
  You do not have to put your name on it!

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