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									          29th Annual
                                     MOPAR NATIONALS
          “Multiple Carb”

     Meet “Big Daddy” Don Garlits & his Wynn’s Side Winder
29 Annual
                                                                                       Please Print Clearly – All years/models of Chrysler vehicles welcomed! Must be Mopar Bodied with Mopar Engine

      Mopar Nationals
                                                                                       Name ____________________________________ Age ____
                                                                                       Address __________________________________________
                                                                                       City _________________________ State/Prov. ___________
              “Multiple Carb” Tribute                                                  Zip ___________ Phone (    ) ________________________

          August 7- 9, 2009                                                            Year ____ Make/Model _______________________________
                                                                                       Color ________ VIN# _______________________________
    National Trail Raceway, Columbus, Ohio                                             Plate# ___________ E-Mail Address ___________________
•   Meet “Big Daddy” Don Garlits & Swamp Rat Dragster                                  Entry Fee    (Photo required with every entry, unless same car as entered last year - except
                                                                                       Judged Classes) Prices subject to change. (Goody bag to first 1500 pre-registered participants)
•   "Multiple Carb Tribute" (Reserved Parking for Six Pack & Dual
      Quad entries with unique/rare cars chosen for center display)                           $65 Regular Entry. If postmarked by June 30, 2009. Entries postmarked after June 30 are
•     Mopar Classic Car & Memorabilia Auction - Cars must                              $80 and must be paid by money order only. No mail entries accepted after July 12. Admits Car & 2
                                                                                       Adults to all three days and Trophy Race. Note: If raced, vehicle must pass NHRA Tech. You can
      be at least 26 years old. (1983 & older). See website for details                enter at the Gate. No vehicles allowed through gate on trailers.
•     See Exhibition Race Cars/Trucks – Pro Mods/Rails                                 Trophy Race Participant? (Circle One) YES         NO        Best of the Best Display? YES    NO
•     Nostalgic Max-Wedge/Hemi Shoot-Out                                               Original Owners Display? YES          NO

•     Viper Nationals – Special Viper Race & Show Classes                                     $100 Race Entry. If postmarked by June 30, 2009. Entries postmarked after June 30 are
                                                                                       $115 and must be paid by money order only. No mail entries accepted after July 12. Admits Car & 2
•     World’s largest all Mopar Manufacturer Midway &                                  Adults to all three days and choice of Race Class below. Note: Vehicle must pass NHRA Tech. You
      Swap Meet – Find that part only here at the Nats!                                can enter at Gate on Thursday through Saturday. No entries on Sunday. (Circle only one Race
                                                                                       Class, rules/class information listed at
•     Mopar Nats World Renowned Burn-Out Contest!                                      Race Trailer Parking Required? (Circle One)        YES     NO Class ______________________
•     Mopar Nats OETM Certification & Concour’s Judging
                                                                                              $90 Judged Show Entry. Must be postmarked by June 30, 2009. Admits Car & 2 Adults all
•     “Original Owners” Display – See website for details                              three days, plus entry into the Judged Show that takes place on Friday, August 8th. Must include a
•     “Young Guns” Judging & Race Classes                                              photo of your car with entry form. NO ENTRIES AT GATE. Vehicles judged by year/class.
                                                                                       *Senior Class $100. Send a S.A.S.E. or visit our web site for Class
•     Friday & Saturday Night “Mopar Nats” Super Cruises                               Descriptions/Info/Trailer parking. (Circle only one class) Young Guns, please also circle whether
•     Children (10/under) Match Box Race/Coloring Contest                              vehicle is Original or Modified. Add $25 for a trailer permit if trailer and tow rig will be parked on
                                                                                       grounds. Trailer Permit (Circle and add $25 to entry fee) YES              NO
•     “Best of the Best” Display – Special reserved parking area
                                                                                       Original      Clone       Street       Modified        Pro-Street        Street Rod         Young Gun           Senior*
      for premiere show cars (Send in 2 photos to qualify)
•     Saturday Longaberger Basket Tour (See website for details)                              $95 Car Corral Entry. If postmarked by June 30, 2009. Thereafter and at the gate on
                                                                                       Thursday Only (space permitting) is $110. Entries postmarked after June 30 must be paid by money
    Confirmation Package/Tickets will be mailed to pre-registered                      order only. No mail entries accepted after July 12th. A special area reserved in a prime location for
           participants approx. 3 weeks before the event.                              those wishing to sell their Chrysler/AMC. NO PARTS FOR SALE ALLOWED. Includes one
                                                                                       admission pass.
    WANTED: Unique/Historic Tribute Cars for Special
             Vehicle Displays – Call Us                                                       $95 General Swap Space. (10x25), Includes one pass/space, Price for pre-registered
                                                                                       entries postmarked by June 30, higher at the gate. Additional passes $40 ea. NO T-SHIRTS, HATS,
           Make Check/Money Order (US Funds) payable to                                APPAREL or FOOD/Beverage sales allowed for sale in general swap area. NOTE: Transportation
                   Mopar Nationals and mail to:                                        vehicle must fit within your space(s) OR you must park in the general parking lot. NO
                  MOPAR NATIONALS                                                      Spectator Admission Prices: $20/day, $30/2 day, $40/3 day (Thurs Swap $25)
                    P.O. BOX 2303                                                      _____ Qty. of extra participant passes @$40 ea.
               DEARBORN, MI. 48123-2303                                                                                                 Total Amount enclosed with entry $ __________
    Info: 313-278-2240    mail:
              Web site:                                              Signature – By my signature hereto, I acknowledge that I have read the rules/regulations and agree to abide by them in
                                                                                       regards to liability, event advertising rights, conditions and decisions as set forth by the Mopar Nationals event. No Rain
     Send a SASE for more information, Motel Listing, Car Show Judging or Racing       Dates. No Refunds after closing date. NO CAMPING or PETS ALLOWED ON GROUNDS. All Rules/Regulations,
                                                                                       advertising rights are available on the web site or send a SASE to Mopar Nationals for a copy.
              Classes/Rules, Mid-Way Application, or visit our web site.                                                                                                                      Website

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