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					        M e l r o s e Pa r k P u b li c L i b r a r y                                               9/1/2008

        NEWS & VIEWS                                                                      

ISSUE:                        R E S E ARC H YO U R F AMILY H IS TO RY                                                   AT
Library Headlines      1            T H E M E L R O S E PA R K L I B R A R Y
Library Programs       1

Useful Websites        2      Did you know that the Melrose
                            Park Library now has three new re-
New Titles             3
                            sources to help you research your
Youth Corner         4-5    family history?

                     6-7       Log on the the library’s
Teen Scene
                            website at wwwmelroseparkli-
Back Page              8
                   where you will find links to
                            both and the Heritage
                            Quest database. al-
                            lows you to search a wide variety of
                            historical records including the U.S.
                            Census, the Social Security Death
                            Index, military records, and immigra-
             Adult          tion and emigration records. Access
     Programming            to over 22,000 family and local his-
        Calendar            tories, 2 million genealogy articles,
                            Revolutionary War records, and the
     Day of the Dead        Freedman’s Bank is provided on
  El Día de los Muertos
 Tuesday September 16,      Heritage Quest.
         6:30 pm               In addition, the reference staff is
                            continually adding to our new local
                                                                        “If you don’t know your family’s history, then
    Reservations are        death index. This index of local
   Required. Call the                                                   you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that
                            obituaries and death notices will           doesn’t know it is part of a tree.”
   Reference Desk at
 708-343-3391 x225 for      eventually include all available Her-
      information           ald newspapers from 1941 to the                                ~Michael Crichton
       HOURS                                   UPCOMING ADULT PROGRAMS
 The Melrose Park Public    Day of the Dead,                     Art.
 Library will now be open   El Día de los Muertos
 on Saturday from 10am-     Tuesday September 16,                Learn all about this traditional
     2pm year round.        6:30pm                               Mexican holiday honoring
                                                                 friends and relatives who have
                            Join us at the Melrose Park          died. The origins, beliefs, and
                            Library on Tuesday Septem-           customs of this celebration will
                            ber 16 at 6:30pm for a “Day          all be discussed and a tradi-
                            of the Dead” program hosted          tional sugar skull will be cre-
                            by Jose Gutierrez of the Na-         ated.
                            tional Museum of Mexican
News & Views

                                     WHAT’S NEW                   IN     ADULT         SERVICES               SERVICES
       GENEAOLGY                      Melrose Park Public Library        ald, beginning with the fourth
        WEBSITES                       Awarded an LSTA Grant             quarter of 1941 and ending
                                        The Adult Services Depart-       with the fourth quarter of                  ment of the Melrose Park Li-        1945. These newspapers pro-
 A useful directory of sites for     brary was recently awarded a        vide a vivid picture of life on
 genealogical research featuring     Library Services and Technol-       the World War II home fornt in
 hundreds of thousands of links.     ogy (LSTA) Grant by the Secre-      Melrose Park and the neighbor-                  tary of State’s Office with fund-   ing communities within Proviso
 Contains information for over       ing from the Federal Institute of   Township. This resource will be
 250,000 cemeteries, most with       Museum and Library Services.        added to the state’s digital
 maps and a partial listing of          The $20,300 in grant funds       archives collection and will
                                     awarded to the Melrose Park         complement the Melrose Park              Library will be used to fund a      Library’s ongoing efforts to
 Includes instruction, reference     project entitled “Proviso Town-     preserve the region’s World
 articles, and some unique data      ship in War and Peace: The          War II experiences.
                                     Digitization of the Herald, 1941                 -1945.” This project entails
 Database of passenger lists         digitizing all copies of The Her-
 that is free to search.
 Home page for’s        R O S E T TA S T O N E
 genealogical software.                 Interested in Learning              Getting Started With Rosetta
 Obituary database for finding       Spanish or English? The
 obituaries and performing                                               Stone
                                     Rosetta Stone Language                                                     ***Funding for the
 cemetery searches.                                                      1.   Sign up for a username and
                                     Course is now available at                                                 Rosetta Stone Software
                                                                              password at the Reference                    the MPPL!                                                                  And the “American
 Hosts family websites for shar-                                                                                Dream begins at your
 ing photos, genealogy, and              “Escape the endless tedium      2.   Once you are logged into a
                                                                                                                Library” Program was
 more.                               of translation, memorization             computer, look for the
                                                                                                                provided by a generous
                                     and grammar drills. Get the              Rosetta Stone Icon on the                                                                                      grant from the Ameri-
                                     language learning you want, the          desktop and double click on
 The primary purpose of                                                                                         can Library Association
 RootsWeb, the oldest and larg-      skills you need and the success          it to open the program.
                                                                                                                and the Dollar General
 est free genealogy website, is to   you deserve by learning a lan-      3.   Log in using the username
 connect people so that they can                                                                                Foundation.
                                     guage naurally—the same way              and password you received
 help each other and share                                                    from the librarian, then
 geneaological research.             you learned your first lan-
                                     guage.”                                             In.
                                                                              click Log In                     The goal of the Rosetta       4.   A video introduction to
 More than 6 million records         Stone language program is to             Dynamic Immersion plays
 from over 1,500 sources online.                                              the first time you log in.
                                     make learning a language sec-                ond nature by making the proc-           Click Continue to skip this.
 A major data website sponsored      ess fun, easy, and effective.       5.   For the first session, click
 by the LDS Church that also         The method features interactive          anywhere on the screen
 includes research guidance.                                                  until your Course is built.
                                     software that offers immediate
                                     feedback, vivid pictures with       6.   Click Start on the Home
                                     sounds, and real life conversa-          Screen , or if you are a re-
                                     tional simulations.                                          Continue.
                                                                              turning user click Continue
News & Views                                                                                                                Page 3

           The Other Queen           The Necklace                                 Hot Mahogany
           Philipa Gregory           Cheryl Jarvis                                Stuart Woods
           “This dazzling novel      “Original, resonant, and beau-               “Hired by his CIA
           from the #1 New           tifully told, this book is an                boss to protect his
           York Times best-          inspiring story about a neck-                older brother, an
           selling author            lace that became greater than                  Army Intelligence
 Philippa Gregory presents a         the sum of its links, and
                                                                         Officer who is suffering from
 new and unique view of one of       about thirteen ordinary
                                                                         amnesia, Stone Barrington
 history's most intriguing, ro-      women who understood the
                                                                         learns about his charges talent
 mantic, and maddening hero-         power of possibility, who
                                                                         for restoring antiques and his
 ines.”                              touched the lives of a commu-
                                                                         Ilinks to a haunting event in
                                     nity, and who together cre-
 The Keepsake                                                            Vietnam thirty years earlier.”
                                     ated one extraordinary experi-
 Tess Gerritsen                      ence.”
 “New York Times bestselling
 author Tess Gerrit-                                                  Indignation
                                     The Numerati
 sen knows how to                                                     Philip Roth
                                     Stephen Baker
 expertly dissect a                                                   “Indignation, Philip
                                     “In a study of the mathemati-
 brilliantly suspense-                                                Roth's twenty-ninth
                                     cal modeling of humankind, a
 ful story, all the while                                             book, is a story of inex-
                                     financial journalist examines
 keeping fascinated                                                   perience, foolishness,
                                     the Numerati, an elite, global
 readers riveted to                                                   intellectual resistance, sexual
                                     cadre of mathematicians and
 her side. By turns darkly en-                                        discovery, courage, and error.”
 thralling and relentlessly sur-
                                     computer scientists, and how                                          “Winter is an etch-
                                     their analyses and predictions                                        ing, spring a water-
 prising, The Keepsake show-
                                     are transforming the ways we
 cases an author at the peak of
                                     live, work, buy, and vote.”                                            color, summer an
 her storytelling powers.”                                                                                   oil painting and
                                                                                 The Letters                autumn a mosaic
             The Gone-Away           The Hemingses of Monticello
                                                                                 Luanne Rice
             World                   Annette Gordon Read                                                       of them all.”
                                                                                 Josesph Monninger
             Nick Harkaway           “An epic work about Thomas
                                                                                 “A series of letters
             “A wildly entertain-    Jefferson's hidden slave fam-
                                                                                 reveal the emotional
             ing debut novel,        ily that will be viewed as the
                                                                                 odyssey and evolution
             introducing a bold      most important history of an                                          ~Stanely Horowitz
                                                                      of one couple’s relationship as
 new voice that combines antic       American slave family ever
                                                                      they fall in love, confront the
 humor with a stunning futuris-      written.”
                                                                      loss of an adult child, and strug-
 tic vision to give us an electri-                                    gle to rediscover who they each
 fyingly original tale of love,                                       are and what they mean to
 friendship and the apoca-                                            each other in the wake of the
 lypse.”                                                              tragedy.”

New Audiobooks                       New CDs                           New DVDs

Tribute,                             Breakout,                         Grey’s Anatomy, Season 4
Nora Roberts                         Miley Cyrus
                                                                       Smart People
Devil Bones,                         Kidz Bop 14,
Kathy Reichs                         Kidz Bop Kids                     Leatherheads

Off Season,                          Two Men With the Blues,           Camp Rock
Anne Rivers Siddons                  Willie Nelson
Silent Thunder,                      Where the Light Is,
Iris Johansen                        John Mayer                        Copy Cat

Killer View,                         Exit Strategy for the             Heroes, Season 3
Ridley Pearson                       Soul,
                                     Ron Sexsmith
Page 4

                           CRAFTS CORNER

                          It’s time to get in touch with                                             Wednesday, November 26:
                          your creative side! The                                                    Thanksgiving Craft
                          library is hosting a monthly                                               4-5pm
                          crafts event for children in
                          grades K-5                                                                 Tuesday, December 16:
                                                                                                     Christmas Craft
                          Tuesday, September 9:                                                      4-5pm
                          Back-to-School Craft
                                                                                                            REGISTRATION IS
                                                           Be sure to join us at the MPPL for a
                          Tuesday, October 28:              variety of craft programs this fall!
                          Halloween Craft

   “You’ll always miss
  100% of the shots you
      don’t take.”        FUN          FOR ALL AGES
                          Movie Madness                                                     Board Games Day
                          When school is off for the                                        On early dismissal days, come
                          day, come to the library for                                      to the library for board games,
    ~Wayne Gretzky        movies and refreshments!                                          contests, and more!
                          Monday, October 13, 2pm
                          Tuesday, November 4, 2pm                                          First Tuesday of Every Month
                          Family Reading Night
                          Join us for prizes, food, and
                          fun celebrating reading.                                          NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED
                          Thursday, November 20,                                            FOR THESE PROGRAMS

                           TWEEN                 GROUPS

                          Tween Book Discussion Group                            Explore Henna Art
                          Here’s your chance to get together with
                          friends and talk about books. Bring a                  Interested in trying something new?
                          copy of your book and be pre-                          Join us for an amazing Henna tattoo
                          pared for fun! This program is                         program. This program is for tweens
                          for “tweens” in grades 3-6.                            in grades 4-8. Signed permission slips
                                                                                 are required.
                          Monday, September 22, 4-4-
                          5pm                                                                          4-
                                                                                 Thursday, November 6, 4-5pm
                          Monday, October 20, 4-5pm
                          Monday, November 17, 4-5pm
                          Monday, December 29, 4-5pm                                             REQUIRED
                                                                                 REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED
News & Views                                                                                                             Page 5

SCHOOL AGE, K-5 FUN                                              Disney Fairies
                                                                 Join us to make fairy wings to
Magic Tree House                                                 wear to our own fairy tea
                                                                 party. Fun, food, and prizes for     PRESCHOOL QUICK
Explore the Magic Tree House                                                                             CALENDAR
                                                                 kids in grades K-5.
books as we take trips in our
own imaginations to the                                                              4-
                                                                 Monday, Sept.15, 4-5pm
                                                                                                      Preschool Storytime
places and times that Jack
                                                                                                      Families with children
and Annie visited.                                               Fabulous Fall Fun                   ages birth to 5 years are
Monday, Sept. 29, 4-5pm                                          Autumn themed stories,
                                                                 crafts, and coloring.
                                                                                                       invited to join us for
Monday, October 27, 4-5pm                                                                           songs, stories, and crafts.
                                                                 Thursday, October 9, 4-5pm
Monday, November 10, 4-5pm                                                                            Tuesday mornings,
                                                                Spongebob Squarepants                     September 2–
Batman                                                           Spongebob fun featuring, a
                                                                 movie clip, a craft, trvia and
                                                                                                           December 9
Join us for a bat-adventure
with your favorite superhero                                     more.
featuring crafts, trivia, and a                                                      4-
                                                                 Thursday, Dec. 4, 4-5pm                Pajama Storytime
coloring contest.                                                                                    Come in your PJs for a
                                                                                                      cuddly, cozy storytime
Thursday, October 2, 4-5pm
                                                                 REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED           just right for bedtime. We
                                                                                                      will share stories, sing
                                                                                                         songs, and have a
                                                                                                       wonderful time. This
                                                                                                      program is for families
 CELEBRATE!                                                                                         with children ages birth to
                                                                                                               5 years
 Halloween Party, Wednesday, October 29, 6-7pm
                                         6-                                                           Wednesdsay nights,
 Come in your costume for the library’s Halloween Party! We’ll
                                                                                                      September 3-Dec. 10
 supply the candy and the prizes, you supply the fun. A guar-
 anteed good time for the whole family. Registration required.                                       Dora and Diego Dance
 Holiday Open House, Tuesday, December 9, 6-8pm
                                          6-                                                                   Party
                                                                                                     Come and hear some fun
 The whole family is welcome for snacks, crafts, music, and a                                       stories about your favorite
 visit from Santa Claus! No registration required.                                                   adventurers, color some
                                                                                                    pictures, and have a dance
                                                                                                      party. For families with
                                                                                                         children ages 2-7.
                                                                                                      Thursday, October 2,
 SUSIE RECOMMENDS:                                                                                             4-5pm
                   Old Bear,                                         Well Witched,
                   Kevin Henkes                                      Frances Hardinge                 REGISTRATION IS
                                                                     “Well Witched is a                 REQUIRED
                   “Mr Henkes has done it again                      spooky new chapter             FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF
                   with his new fanciful picture                     book full of quirky char-       FALL PROGRAMS OR TO
                   book about a sweet old bear.                      acters and mystical oc-            REGISTER FOR A
                   The water color and ink illustra-                                                 PROGRAM CALL YOUTH
                                                                     currences. Hardinge
 tions take children through the different seasons                                                        SERVICES AT:
                                                        gives us a vivid and engaging story
                                                                                                       (708) 343-3391 X224
 and the changes a bear goes through over the           of three friends who find themselves
 year. Kids will love the simple concepts and want      endowed with the most unexpected
 to learn more about bears and their life cycle         powers. The friends have to learn
 after reading this imaginative and inspiring title.”   how to use their special powers and
                                                        what having such powers can
Page 6

                                Teen Cooking                                       Gaming Nights
  Get together with your
  friends, talk a lot, have     By popular demand, we’ve created a teen            Join us for plenty of gaming fun with Play-
  some laughs, and get a        cooking class just for you and your friends.       station 2 games, Dance Dance Revolution,
 great book in the bargain.     Come and learn how to make some deli-              SingStar, and more.
                                cious treats just in time for Teen Read            For teens in grades 6-12.
  The Teen Book Club is
                                Week. For teens in grades 6-12.                    Teens must attend 2 programs before
 only for teens in grades 6-
                                                                                   coming to a gaming night.
     12. Refreshments
       will be served!                               6-
                                Tuesday, October 14, 6-7pm                                                 4-
                                                                                   Thursday, September 18, 4-5pm (SingStar)
 Tuesday, September 23                                                                                    4-
                                                                                   Thursday, November 13, 4-5pm (Guitar Hero)
  Tuesday, October 21
 Tuesday, November 18
 Tuesday, December 30
           5-6pm                                                                     REGISTRATION IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED
 Registration is Required                                                                                 PROGRAMS
                                                                                          FOR BOTH THESE PROGRAMS

      Join us if you are
  interested in having a say   “ T W I L I G H T ” M O V I E R E L E A S E M I N I PA R T Y ”
   in what happens in the
                               Join us as we gear up for the “Twilight” movie’s release on November 21st. We’ll be catching
       library. We’ll be
                               up on all of the interviews and news about the “Twilight” movie and actors just so you’ll be
   discussing changes you      ready for the opening night.
  want to see in the library
      over some snacks.                                 4-
                               Thursday, November 20, 4-5pm
    Wednesday, Oct. 15                             6-
                               For teens in grades 6-12
    Wednesday, Dec. 17
            4-5pm              Registration is Required
     No Registration is

   Join us to talk about       NEW           BOOKS
  manga novels, graphic                     Memoirs of a                                       Breaking Dawn,
 novels, comic books, and                   Teenage Amnesiac,                                  Stephanie Meyer
 to watch an anime video.                   Gabrielle Zevin                                    “ In the latest edition of the author’s
                                            “If Naomi had picked tails,                        Vampire saga, questions are an-
  Monday, Septmeber 8                       she would have won the                             swered about the fate of Bella and
   Monday, October 6                        coin toss. She wouldn't                            Edmund. Twilight tempted the
  Monday, November 3                        have had to go back for                            imagination. New Moon made read-
  Monday, December 8           the yearbook camera, and she would-             ers thirsty for more. Eclipse turned the saga into
          6-7pm                n't have hit her head on the steps. She         a worldwide phenomenon. And now, the book
 Registration is Required      wouldn't have woken up in an ambu-              that everyone has been waiting for...Breaking
                               lance with amnesia. She never would             Dawn, the final book in the #1 bestselling Twilight
                               have met James, the boy with the                Saga, will take your breath away.”
                               questionable past and the even fuzzier
                               future, who tells her he once wanted to
                               kiss her. She wouldn’t have wanted to
                               kiss him back.“
News & Views                                                                                                            Page 7


     Books with Bite @ Your Library
     October 12-18. Stop by the Melrose Park Public Library during Teen Read Week to indulge
     your biting curiosity and check out books and graphic novels on animals, technology, cook-
     ing, and even vampires!

     Come over to the library for spine-tingling fun as we will
     Come on Teen Read Week’s “Books will Bite’ theme by
     celebrate over to the library where weWithcelebrate Teen Read Week’s
     talking about, drawing, and listening to music celebrating
     “Books with Bite” theme by talking about , drawing, and listening to music celebrating the
     vampires, werewolves, demons, and more.
     vampires, werewolfs, demons, and more.
     Tuesday, October 14, 6-7pm
     For teens in Grades 6-12
                                                                                                           “Make your best
     Registration is Required                                                                            guess. Take the step
                                                                                                        beyond. Stand an idea
                                                                                                         on its head. Work on
    MEET         YOUR NEW YOUTH SERVICES                              LIBLIBRARIAN                         one problem, but
                                                                                                          expect to discover
                    What is your name? Sarah Holtkamp
                                                                                                        something else. This
                                                                                                         sums up my strategy
                    What is your job here? Youth Services Librarian
                                                                                                            as a scientist.”
                    What is your favorite children's book? How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight
                    by Jane Yolen
                    What is your favorite food? Cupcakes
                    What jobs have you had before this? Assistant Manager at the Gap                       ~Melvin Clan
     Why did you want to work in a library? I love books and storytime.
     What is your favorite candy and why? Dark chocolate—because I live for it!

    S TA F F R E V I E W : R E A D I T                             NEXT!
                  Katie, our Youth Services               I I really liked this book. The girls were
                  Associate recommends…                   totally relatable and I completely saw
                                                          myself in Mel. (Yes, believe it or not, I
                  How to Be Bad,
                                                          was the good girl.) Anyways, the coolest
                  E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, and
                                                          part about this book is that three differ-
                  Lauren Myracle
                                                          ent authors wrote it together. I think
                  “Vicks, Mel, and Jesse -- three
                                                          that's the reason that the girls had such
    unlikely friends -- with one thing in common:
                                                          different voices. There's a really neat
    they're trapped in a car trying to get as far away
                                                          interview with the authors available here
    as possible from Niceville, Florida armed with
    only a battered copy of the Fantastical Florida
    guide book. Heartbreak, breaking and entering,
                                                          2008jun01,0,7518508.story) about writ-
    sight-seeing, and more than a few fights about
                                                          ing the book. (It's a little bit long, but
    music choices later, the girls figure out that this
                                                          worth it.) If you're looking for an escape,
    road trip will mean more than they ever ex-
                                                          this is the book for you .”
     S TA F F P I C K S : W H A T W E ’ R E R E A D I N G N O W

                       Fidencio Marbella, Adult Services Manager
                       Blood Trail,
                       C.J. Box
                       “When the hunter become the prey, Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett is called upon to investigate a se-
                       ries of gruesome murders in Box’s latest page-turning thriller. Fans of this western mystery series will not be

                           Margaret Flanagan, Adult Reference Librarian
                           Off Season,
                           Anne Rivers Siddons
                           “Bestselling author Siddons explores timeless themes of love and loss as a bereft widow copes with her
                           loss, reexamines her life, and comes to surprising conclusions while staying in her family’s isolated cot-
                           tage on the coast of Maine. Siddons displays her usual flair for characterization but falters a bit when
                           she tries to incorporate too many implausible gothic elements into an otherwise compelling story.”

                                              M E L R O S E PA R K P U B L I C L I B R A RY
                                                      B OA R D O F T R U S T E E S
Melrose Park Public Library
801 Broadway
Melrose Park, Illinois 60160                      President
                                               Loretta Gustello           The Library Board of Trustees meets on the second Monday of
                                                                            every month unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held at
Phone: 708-343-3391                                                        7:00 p.m. at the Library. Meetings are open to the public.
Fax: 708-531-5327                                Treasurer                      Teri Cervone
                                                                              The Board’s meeting calendar for 2008 is as follows:
                                            Veronica Bonilla-Lopez                               Monday, September 8
                                                                                                  Monday, October 14
                                                John Culotta                                     Monday, November 10
                                                                                                  Monday, December 8
       In Person, Online                        Henry Latzke
    We Bring You the World                                                Minutes from previous Board meetings are public record and
                                                                                   can be accessed via the Library’s website.
                                                 John Misasi
           Library Hours
                                                                            ***All images and quotes courtesy of Barnes and Noble
                                                 Carl Alaimo
   Monday– Thursday: 9-9                                                   ( and Google ( unless otherwise noted.
        Friday: 9-5
      Saturday: 10-2
      Sunday: Closed

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