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									April 14, 2004

From:            Bruce Miles
                 Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
                 Buckeye Triumphs
                 740-587-4179 (Home #) or 740-504-3777 (Cell with voice mail)
Subject:         Buckeye Triumphs (and others) 2004 April Driving Event
                 Saturday, April 17 , 2004

Our first drive of the season will be a run from Westerville out towards Licking County for a dry run of the
route that we will use for the Easton British Car days “pre” event on the Saturday (May 15 ) before. We
will be running essentially the same route, but will detour into Newark for a visit to:

The Works is a center of discovery that inspires an appreciation for industry, innovation and the creative
process in learners of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Through its exhibits, programs and services,
The Works strives to stimulate analytical thinking and enhance the quality of life in Licking County and
beyond. There is a charge for admittance to “The Works” – at most $5.00 per person – I’ll be asking for a
group rate and let you know that day.
When we finish our tour at “The Works” – we will continue south for chicken at Clark’s Dining Room down
on route 40.
Two other events will be occurring on the 17 .
When we are done eating chicken, we will head back to Granville for a visit to Nelson Riedel’s home.
Nelson is “liquidating” his Triumph stuff and wants to clean house. In Nelson’s words:
          “I'm getting rid of all the remaining TR parts except for the carbs, powder coated brake &
          clutch parts and the new fender. I want to pick a weekend to get everything out for club
          members to come get what they want.. What is remaining I'll put in the trash the
          following Monday. Everything is free to club members. However, if anyone feels guilty
          taking advantage of a poor old man, they can make an anonymous contribution to
          Nelson's fun fund. The parts are listed at:
If there are parts that you want but don’t have room in your LBC, we can arrange to have those parts held
at the Miles garage just down the street.)
April 17 is also the Daffodil show in Granville, when you are done at Nelson’s take your better half into
Granville for the flower show in the College Town House next to the Granville Inn.
Since this is a dry run for the course that we will run for the British Car Day’s event, I will also be inviting
the folks from the other LBC clubs in town to come along with us if they care to.
We will meet at the McDonald’s off of Sunbury Road and Route 161 at 9:00 for breakfast. I would like to
leave for our drive at 9:30 AM.
Some notes on the attached directions:

The run is in 3 major sections (due to a glitch in the software program that I used to generate the maps)

       The first section gets us to Newark for our visit to the works and then out of Newark towards
        Clark’s Dining Room.
       When we reach Brownsville Road my map software refused to believe that we could get onto

        “Brushy Fork Road”                 , so I had to call that the end of the first section.
       The second section takes us to Clark’s Dining room, and also for a “toodle” through Dawes
        Arboretum to enjoy the spring flora, then off towards Granville.
       When we reach the point where We turn left on Seminary Rd from Thornwood Drive, again my
        map software refused to do this without some kind of fuss, so the 3rd leg became a necessity.
       The third section will take us into downtown Granville, (I will pass out maps to Nelson’s on the
        day of the drive) and then details the return trip to Columbus.

Since this is a “Dry Run” for our Easton event, if you see any typos or notes that should be added to the
directions, please let me know.

I hope that I have laid out a run that you will all appreciate, I know that I enjoy these roads whenever I
travel them.

See you on the 17th – hope for good weather!

Bruce Miles

PS. One Final Note – I use the program “Streets and Trips” to generate the basic maps for our tour, and
then capture the output and edit it. When Laying out the routes, I “coax” it in the direction I want by adding

“stops” – these stops manifest themselves on the attached maps by little yellow boxes:           these will be
noticed as Ref# on the attached directions.

Mileage                                                                      Instruction

   This is out first section of the journey – some of my favorite roads are on this section. Dry Creek, Reynolds Road,
                                     Blacksnake Road and Hickman Road to name a few.
      I try to avoid major highways and traffic lights – always be careful at stop signs to watch for crossing traffic.
                       Our first leg of this section takes us up and over to SR 62 towards Johnstown.

             0                                     Depart McDonald's - Turn right out of McDonald’s Parking lot

  0.1       0.1                                        At the traffic light, turn LEFT (North) onto Sunbury Rd


  1.4       1.5                                At the traffic light, turn RIGHT (East) onto CR-18 [Central College Rd]

  0         1.5            Ref#2                             Stay on CR-18 [Central College Rd] (East)

  1.2       2.7                                            Turn LEFT (North-East) onto CR-189 [Lee Rd]

  1         3.7            Ref#3                               Stay on CR-189 [Lee Rd] (North-East)

  0.1       3.8                                            Turn RIGHT (East) onto CR-19 [E Walnut St]

Mileage                                                                      Instruction

                                          When you reach the stop sign for route 605, we “jog” left then right to proceed
  2.3       6.1
                                                                 East onto CR-19 [Walnut St]

  2.1       8.2                                                   Turn LEFT (North) onto US-62

 0.3       8.5             Ref#4                                  Stay on US-62 (North-East)
We will now “avoid” Johnstown and head over to Loudon street in Licking county – where the roads will begin to get a bit
                                                more interesting…

  1.4       9.9                                     Turn RIGHT (leave route 62) onto Green Chapel Rd NW

  1.4       11.3                                            Stay on TWP-63 [Green Chapel Rd] (East)


  2.1       13.4                                At stop sign , turn right (slight turn) onto CR-33 [Duncan Plains Rd]

  0.3       13.7           Ref#6                             Stay on CR-33 [Duncan Plains Rd] (East)

                                          When you reach SR 37 at the stop sign, continue across the intersection, road
  2.3       16
                                                                name changes to Castle Rd

  2.7       18.7                                          Turn RIGHT (East) onto TWP-18 [Concord Rd]
Mileage                                                                 Instruction
  1.4       20.1          Ref#8                             Stay on TWP-18 [Concord Rd] (East)

  0         20.1                                       Turn LEFT (North) onto CR-21 [Northridge Rd]

  1.5       21.6                                    Turn RIGHT (East) onto CR-16 [Sportsman Club Rd]

  1.3       22.9                                         Stay on CR-16 [Sportsman Club Rd] (East)
            This leg takes us down Dry Creek road and up SR 657 and Reynolds Road to peek out at Utica.

  0.8       23.7                                   Turn RIGHT (South) onto Loudon St [Loudon Street Rd]

  2.2       25.9                                         Bear LEFT (East) onto Dry Creek Rd (NW)

  0.3       26.2         Ref#10                               Stay on Dry Creek Rd NW (East)

Mileage                                                                  Instruction

  0.9       27.1                                           Turn LEFT to stay on Dry Creek Rd NW

                   Note: when you reach the Stop Sign for Route SR 661 – you will make a “jog” to
                                         continue East on Dry Creek Road

  1.6       28.7                                               Stay on Dry Creek Rd NE (East)


  2         30.7                            Turn RIGHT (no stop sign – 90 degree turn) to stay on Dry Creek Rd NE

  1.6       32.3                                            Bear LEFT (East) onto Dry Creek Rd

  0.9       33.2                                         Turn LEFT (North) onto SR-657 [Marion Rd]

  1         34.2           Ref#12                         Stay on SR-657 [Marion Rd] (North-West)

  3.9       38.1                                         Turn RIGHT to stay on SR-657 [Marion Rd]

  0.3       38.4           Ref#13                         Stay on SR-657 [Marion Rd] (North-West)

  0.3       38.7                                     Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto CR-17 [Reynolds Rd]

Mileage                                                                   Instruction
 After passing just South of Utica, we will now head south towards Hickman – but first Blacksnake Road and then on to
                                                      Purity Road.

  4.6       43.3          Ref#14                             Stay on CR-17 [Reynolds Rd] (North)

  0.4       43.7                                    Turn RIGHT (East) onto US-62 [Johnstown Utica Rd NE]

  0.6       44.3          Ref#15                             Stay on US-62 [Columbus Rd] (East)

  0.1       44.4                              Turn RIGHT (South) onto Wells Ave (There is a flashing yellow light)

  0.2       44.6                                             Turn LEFT (East) onto Blacksnake Rd

  0.2       44.8          Ref#16                                 Stay on Blacksnake Rd (East)

  4.0       48.8                                      Turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-204 [Martinsburg Rd]

  1.2       50                                         Turn LEFT (East) onto CR-201 [Eden Church Rd]

  0.5       50.5          Ref#17                           Stay on CR-201 [Eden Church Rd] (East)

  1.5       52                                           Turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-209 [Purity Rd]

  0.1       52.1          Ref#18                              Stay on CR-209 [Purity Rd] (South)

Mileage                                           Instruction

                                                           As you head south on
                                                         Purity road, you will notice
                                                            a house with lots of
                                                          automotive “projects” in
                                                         the surrounding property.
                                                         Rumor has it that this guy
                                                              is quite a painter.

                                                             This section will also
                                                          introduce you to Hickman

  3.1       55.2                 Turn LEFT (East) onto CR-202 [Techniglas Rd]

  0.5       55.7     Ref#19          Stay on CR-202 [Techniglas Rd] (East)

  1.6       57.3               Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto SR-79 [Fallsburg Rd]

  0.2       57.5                  Turn LEFT (East) onto CR-210 [Hickman Rd]

  0.4       57.9     Ref #20         Stay on CR-210 [Hickman Rd] (South)

Mileage                                                                    Instruction
                After we finish Hickman Road – we will wiggle our way into Newark to visit “The Works”
 We leave Newark the same way we came in, but turn south when we get close to the “basket” (for those of you that do
           not know – the Longaberger Headquarters is hard to miss) for our route to Clark’s Dining Room

  4.2      62.1           Ref#21                             Stay on CR-210 [Hickman Rd] (South)

  1.4      63.5                                       Turn RIGHT (West) onto W High St [W High St NE]

  0.2      63.7                                            Stay on W High St [W High St NE] (West)

  1.7      65.4                                       Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto CR-585 [Marne Rd]

                                         Follow Marne Road till Traffic light for Route 16 (4 lane hwy) and cross over 16
  2.2      67.6
                                                  – road name changes to E Main St when you cross SR 16


  0.2      67.8                                                     Stay on E Main St (West)

Mileage                                                             Instruction

                                   Follow East Main street towards downtown Newark, we will be 1 block from the
  3.3       71.1
                                               courthouse when we turn LEFT (South) onto S 2nd St

                     Turn LEFT (East) onto E Canal St this is where we will locate parking for our visit
                                          to “The Works” technology museum

  0.1       71.2

  0         71.2                           When we depart “The Works” – continue on E Canal St (East)

  0.1       71.3                                          Turn LEFT (North) onto S 1st St

  0.1       71.4     Ref#28                                  Stay on S 1st St (North)

  0         71.4                                        Turn RIGHT (East) onto E Main St

  3.2       74.6                                   Turn RIGHT (South) onto Staddens Bridge Rd

  0.3       74.9                                Turn LEFT (East) onto CR-315 [Stadden Bridge Rd]

  1.3       76.2                               Turn LEFT (East) onto CR-315 [Staddens Bridge Rd]

  0.1       76.3     Ref#29                        Stay on CR-315 [Staddens Bridge Rd] (East)

  0.5       76.8                                Bear LEFT (North-East) onto TWP-316 [Claylick Rd]

                                     At stop sign on Brownsville Road Continue straight onto Brushy Fork Road
  1.9       78.7                     (My map software doesn’t know that the bridge has been repaired – we will
                                                                  continue straight

Mileage                                                                     Instruction
            This leg will take us to Clark’s Dining Room and Dawes Arboretum – then up towards Granville.
  Follow Brushy Fork Road down to Gratiot, then onto Flint Ridge, there is a public park on Flint Ridge that has public

                                           Cross Brownsville Road (CR 668) and proceed on CR-277 [Brushy Fork Rd]
  0        78.7

  4.8      83.5                                           Turn LEFT to stay on CR-277 [Brushy Fork Rd]

  0.4      83.9                                        Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto CR-278 [Gratiot Rd]


  0.2      84.1                                                Stay on CR-278 [Gratiot Rd] (South)


Mileage                                                                       Instruction

  2         86.1                                          Turn RIGHT (West) onto CR-312 [Flint Ridge Rd]

  0.3       86.4                                           Turn RIGHT to stay on CR-312 [Flint Ridge Rd]

  3.5       89.9                                               Stay on CR-312 [Flint Ridge Rd] (West)


  1.2       91.1                                             Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-335 [Ballou Rd]

  0.1       91.2            Ref#5                                Stay on CR-335 [Ballou Rd] (South)
             This section will take us down a new road that I found “Fairview Road” – it lives up to it’s name.

  0.7       91.9                                             Bear (turn) RIGHT (South) onto Fairview Rd


Mileage                                                               Instruction

  2.2       94.1                                        Stay on TWP-310 [Fairview Rd] (West)


  1.2       95.3                                    Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-311 [Linnville Rd]

  0         95.3     Ref#8                              Stay on CR-311 [Linnville Rd] (South)

  1.3       96.6                                    Turn RIGHT (West) onto US-40 [National Rd]

  0.1       96.7     Ref#9                                Stay on US-40 [National Rd] (West)
                                    At intersection of SR 13 – turn right and then immediately enter the parking lot
                                                                for Clark’s Dining Room
  3.4      100.1                   Welcome to Clark’s Dining Room – please park at the north east corner of
                                          the intersection – directly across the street from Clark’s
                            When Leaving Clark’s – proceed North on SR13
  0.2      100.3     Ref#11                         Stay on SR-13 [Jacksontown Rd] (North)
                                              Turn left into and welcome to Dawes Arboretum
                                                  7770 Jacksontown Rd, Tel: (740) 323-0556
                                    Dawes has a very nice gift shop – great nature trails and a “loop” for sight
  1.4      101.7
                                                   seeing (if you don’t want to leave your car)
                     Ref#12           When you are done at Dawes, turn right at the entrance and proceed
                                                       South on SR-13 [Jacksontown Rd]

  1        102.7                                       Turn RIGHT (West) onto Cooper Dr SE


  0.1      102.8                                         Turn RIGHT (North) onto Allison Dr

  0.1      102.9     Ref#14                                   Stay on Allison Dr (North)

  0        102.9                                 Turn LEFT (West) onto TWP-308 [Ridgley Tract Rd]

  0.1       103      Ref#15                          Stay on TWP-308 [Ridgley Tract Rd] (West)

Mileage                                                             Instruction
                         You will notice a sandblasting
                        shop on the left as you approach
                          route 79 – they do nice work

  1.2      104.2                                    Stay on TWP-308 [Ridgely Tract Rd] (West)


  2.6      106.8                                 Turn LEFT (South-West) onto SR-79 [Hebron Rd]

                                   Turn right on next road, TWP-35 [Beaver Run Rd] (not well marked, you will go
  0.2       107
                                                              under a railroad viaduct)

  0.2      107.2                            Turn RIGHT (North) onto Thornwood Dr [Thornwood Dr SE]

  0.1      107.3     Ref #18                     Stay on Thornwood Dr [Thornwood Dr SE] (North)

  1        108.3                                           Turn left onto Seminary Road


Mileage                                                             Instruction
  Our Final Section takes us on into Granville – I’ll pass out notes on how to get to Nelson’s – don’t
                      forget to visit the Daffodil Show next to the Granville Inn!

                                        After left turn onto Seminary Road, continue on Seminary Road West


  1.4      109.7                              Turn RIGHT (North) onto Canyon Rd (SE) [Canyon Rd]


  1.1      110.8                                            Stay on Canyon Rd (North)

  1        111.8                                        Turn LEFT (West) onto James Rd

Mileage                                                                     Instruction
We take the “easy way” back to Columbus – Route 161- Use Morse road if you don’t like highways – but again, watch for
                                           cross traffic at the stop signs.

  0.9      112.7                                          Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-37 [Lancaster Rd]


                                               At Intersection of SR 16 – continue North onto SR 661 [Lancaster Rd]
  1.5      114.2
                                                              (Watch your speed as entering Granville)

  0.4      114.6                                            Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-661 [S Main St]

  0.2      114.8                                          Turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-661 [Broadway E]

  0.1      114.9                                                 Welcome to DowntownGranville


 From here we will probably go our separate ways – I’ll lead the group over to Nelson’s – lots of shopping in and around
    Granville – don’t forget to visit the Daffodil Show at the college town house just east of the Granville Inn on East

Mileage                                                                         Instruction

  0.1       115                                            Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto (W) Broadway (W)

  1.1      116.1                                             Road name changes to CR-539 [W Broadway]

  0.8      116.9                                     At stop sign, turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-37 [Worthington Rd]

                   The final leg gets you back to your starting point – Thanks again for your participation.

                                                    At traffic light, keep STRAIGHT onto SR-161 [Worthington Rd] –
  2.8      119.7
                                                                         (Do not follow SR37 North)

  3.3       123                                         At traffic light for SR 310 - keep STRAIGHT onto SR-161

  5.1      128.1                                      Bear RIGHT (West) onto SR-161 [New Albany Expressway]

  7.3      135.4                                            Turn RIGHT onto Ramp – Exit to Sunbury Road

  0.3      135.7                                          Keep STRAIGHT onto Sunbury Road Executive Pky

                            Ref #7
  0.1      135.8          End of Run                                      Arrive at McDonald's


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