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					                                     MCKINLEY COUNTY
                                  BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS


         David Dallago
           Chairman                                                          Tom Speedy Trujillo
                                                                              County Manager
        Ernest C. Becenti, Jr.
           Commissioner                                                      Douglas W. Decker
                                                                              County Attorney
        Billy W. Moore


                                         Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Work Session 6:00 PM                                               Regular Meeting 7:00 PM

                                                Call to Order
                                                  Roll Call
                                            Pledge of Allegiance
                                            Approval of Agenda

CONSENT AGENDA: This item is placed on the agenda so that the Commission can designate by
unanimous consent those routine items that they wish to be approved or acknowledged by one motion. If a
Commissioner or if a citizen so requests, it will be heard individually as a separate item. Motion to approve
or acknowledge items 1 through 3 on the consent agenda.

1. Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting June 25, 2008.

2. Review and approve payment of bills from June 26, 2008 – July 16, 2008.

3. County Health Care Program; Review and approve payment of County Health Care as presented in the
   agenda packet. (Clinic Claims: $63,272.11; Sole Community Provider $112,065.44, Out of County
   Hospital Claims $25,285.47, Adult Inmate Medical Claims $469.99, Adult Inmate Sole Community
   Provider Claims $5,550.40)

4. Presentation to Board of Commissioners on the activities of the committee McKinley Veterans
   Committee. Joe Zecca

5. Presentation of quarterly report for RMCHCS. Chuck Wright, CEO, RMCHCS.

6. Presentation of the COG annual report. Evan Williams, NWNMCOG.


7. Review and approve access permit for borrow site at Superman Canyon road, placement of drainage
   structure by contractor. Steve Monsanto, KCC Contractor.

8. Review and approve agreement with County small system to be the fiscal agent on circuit rider
   management/operation. Evan Williams, NWNMCOG.

9. Review and approve Ordinance No. JUL-08-002 regarding the issuance of McKinley County gross
   receipts tax bonds series 2008 authorizing $10,585,000.00. Kit Caldwell, & Chris Muirhead, Broker &
   Bond Counsel.

10. Review and approve to move or add precinct 25, Chichiltah Chapter house to Pinehaven Fire Station,
    have additional voting equipment available (County will not be required to purchase additional voting
    equipment). Richard Palochak, Bureau of Elections.

11. Review and approve Professional Service Agreement 08-MAY-3031 in the amount of $66,000.00 with
    11th Judicial District Attorney two (2) clerks-LDWI, prosecution-1K this item was tabled at last meeting.
    Paul Campos, DWI Director.

12. Review and approve Social Service Agreement 08-JUL-3077 with National Indian Youth Leadership
    Project, Inc. In the amount of $50,000.00 to administer the Liquor Excise Tax. Paul Campos, DWI

13. Review and approve Resolution No. JUL-08-028 standardized reporting from Sole Community Provider
    Hospitals. Douglas Decker, County Attorney.

14. Review and approve FY2009 Final Budget and Budget Resolution No. JUL-08-027 for submission to
    the Local Government Division of the New Mexico department of Finance and Administration (due date
    – July 31, 2008). Helen M. Grenko, Finance Controller.

15. Review and approve change order on software upgrade contract for training of Appraisal, Assessor’s
    and Treasure’s staff, additional time needed approx. 130 hours. Helen M. Grenko, Finance Controller.

16. Review and approve Cooperative Agreements 08-JUL-3074 in the amount of $177,526.00; 08-JUL-
    3075 in the amount of $182,556.00; 08-JUL-3076 in the amount of $290,800.00. Purpose of
    agreements is for the pavement rehabilitation/improvements/blading & shaping of various county roads
    with the control of public entity. Scott Daugherty, Road Superintendent.
17. Review and approve final payment to Southwest CM, LLC for the renovation/addition to the Bluewater
    Acres Fire Station. Carol Bowman-Muskett, Mangers.

18. Review and approve Professional Service Agreements: Carol Bowman-Muskett, Managers.

            a. 08-JUN-3061 with AMEC Earth & Environmental RFP: 2008-23 (annual contract).
            b. 08-JUL-3068 with Summit Food Services Management RFP: 2008-19. ,

19. Review and approve of RFP 2008-19 Food and Commissary services for ADC to Summit Food
    Services Management. Joann M Schmaltz, CPPB, Purchasing Department.

20. Review and approve the following: Joann M. Schmaltz, CPPB, Purchasing Department.
       a. IFB 2008-21 Sale of surplus equipment and vehicles.
       b. IFB 2008-36 New 2009 or latest in production utility vehicles, full and large size, 4 door 4 WD.
       c. IFB 2008-39 Fire protective clothing.
       d. IFB 2008-40 Rental of smooth drum and HP compactor for Road Department (annual

21. Review and approve out state travel for the following:

            a. Anthony L. Dimas Jr., Paul Campos, Janell Griego, Debra Martinez, Myra Gould, and Kim
               Ross-Toledo to attend 2008 underage drinking conference in Nashville, TN. August 20st -
               .August 24th.
            b. Captain Steve Silversmith to Phoenix, Az. August 14th & 15th to renew pepper ball
               certification. And to Las Vegas, NV. December 15th–19th to renew certification for
               controlled F.O.R.C.E.
            c. Chief Julio Sanchez, Jeffery Kellywood, Cecilia Miles, Brian Rohr, Jacob Campos, Richard
               Garcia, Craig Sandoval, Vandie Campos, Dominic Campos, and Ryan Garcia to Lewis,
               Colorado July 31st – Aug. 3rd to attend 70th Annual Tri-State Convention in the Lewis
               Arriola Fire District.

22. Closed limited session on pending or threatened litigation pursuant to Section 10-15-1 (H) of the Open
    Meetings Act. Douglas Decker, County Attorney.

23. Review and approveMemorandum of Agreement 08-JULY-3078 whereas McKinley County and the
    Navajo nation have a cross-deputizing agreement that allows cross-commissioned Deputies of the
    McKinley County Sheriff’s office to act as Navajo Police officers in certain instances of occurring
    crimes, and for purposes of increasing a law enforcing presence in “ Indian Country” to protect persons
    and property from crimes in progress.

24. Announcements:

            a. Monthly Calendar
            b. Next Commission Meeting


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