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Federal student Loan Default Clearance Form
• Please use black ink. Do not use fine point. • Each page of documentation must include the student's name and social security number. • All documentation must be on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. • All documents must be legible.

INsTrUCTIoNs You must complete all of section A and provide the documentation described in section B. If you have more than one default, attach documentation certifying you cleared the default for each loan. Letters clearing default for several loans must specify each loan by loan number or terms of enrollment (the period of time for which you were enrolled when you took out the loan).

section A student Information
1. Name: 2. mailing Address: City, State, ZIP: E-mail: 3. Telephone Number: ( 4. social security #: 5. Date of Birth (M/D/Y): 6. S.I.D. #: )

section B required Documents
To show you are out of default, you must attach a letter from the agency described below for your loan type. All letters must be on the letterhead stationery for the agency and must contain language certifying that you are out of default and the type of loan that has cleared default: Type of Loan Consolidation Loan Direct Loan GsL or stafford sLs Perkins Who Provides Letter Agency that guarantees the loan U.S. Dept. Of Education Agency that guarantees the loan Agency that guarantees the loan School that disbursed the loan Letter Must Include Loan I.D. numbers or terms of enrollment Loan I.D. numbers or terms of enrollment Loan I.D. numbers or terms of enrollment Loan I.D. numbers or terms of enrollment Loan I.D. numbers or terms of enrollment

The following are some informational numbers that may help you locate the agency that is holding your loan: Department of Education Debt Collection Services for Defaulted Loans: Telephone (800) 621-3115 Service Provided: Can provide information about the agency that is currently holding your federal loan. You must then call the agency holding your loan to receive the default clearance letter. If your defaulted loan is a Direct Loan, this number should provide you with instructions about how to obtain your default clearance letter from the Department of Education. Ed Fund (California Student Aid Commission): Telephone (800) 367-1590 Service Provided: Can provide default clearance certification for most loans that were guaranteed in California.

To expedite the processing of this form you may fax it to our Financial Aid Forms Fax: 510-643-2015
University of California, Berkeley, Financial Aid Office, 2nd Floor Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-1960

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