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									MABE is an organization of
business professionals who
have established themselves
successfully in the business

MABE Objectives:

• To collect, record and exchange business referrals for and between
  its members.

• To encourage local business growth for the benefit of its members.

• To provide for the display, sale or publicity of the goods, property or
  services handled or represented by its members.

• To develop and carry on activities found to promote the welfare of
  its members.

• To encourage business and professional development within the

                                 MEMBERS BY CATEGORY
                                 MABE: Established in 1989, is an organization of business
                                 professionals who have established themselves successfully
                                 in the business community.
                                 To find out more about our organization go to:

MEMBERS BY CATEGORY                                   MEMBERS BY NAME
Advertising Specialties          Mike Whalen          James Bache          Law-Trust & Estate
Auto Buying Service              David Lathrop        Bob Becker           Real Estate
Auto Repairs                     Sandro Menasci       Robert Busch         Optical
Banking                          Jake Ulrich          Althea Bussert       Interior Design
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning     James Clark          Stephan Chilton      Handyman Services
Chiropractic Physician           Keith Miller         James Clark          Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Computer Service                 Mark Menasci         Dave Crissman        Plumbing & Water Systems
Fitness & Swimming Lessons       Janice Jaicks        Christopher Curran   Law-Personal Injury
Florist & Floral Design          Jana Greene          Gus Dekavallas       Insurance & Investments
Graphic Design                   Lin Schmelzer        Don Ellis            Restaurant
Handyman Services                Stephan Chilton      Jana Greene          Florist & Floral Design
Insurance                        Roman Okonowski      Joe Hesch            Mortgages
Insurance & Investments          Gus Dekavallas       Stacy Hyder          Law-Criminal Defense
Interactive and Website Design   Russell Perry        Erin Jaicks          Manufacturing
Interior Design                  Althea Bussert       Janice Jaicks        Fitness & Swimming Lessons
Jeweler                          Phyllis Prater       Andrew Jensen        Stock Brokerage
Landscape Design                 Joe Zingale          Denver Johnson       Tree Maintenance
Law-Criminal Defense             Stacy Hyder          Bill LaLonde         Swimming Pools & Spas
Law-Personal Injury              Christopher Curran   David Lathrop        Auto Buying Service
Law-Trust & Estate               James Bache          Nick Mawrenko        Payroll/Human Resources
Manufacturing                    Erin Jaicks          Mark Menasci         Computer Service
Mortgages                        Joe Hesch            Sandro Menasci       Auto Repairs
Optical                          Robert Busch         Keith Miller         Chiropractic Physician
Payroll/Human Resources          Nick Mawrenko        Roman Okonowski      Insurance
Photography                      Herb Stokes          Russell Perry        Interactive and Website Design
Plumbing & Water Systems         Dave Crissman        Phyllis Prater       Jeweler
Police Department                Steve Stahl          Guy Sawyer           Tile Setting
Printing                         Stuart Schindler     Stuart Schindler     Printing
Real Estate                      Bob Becker           Lin Schmelzer        Graphic Design
Restaurant                       Don Ellis            Steve Stahl          Police Department
Signage                          Fred Vandervort      Herb Stokes          Photography
Stock Brokerage                  Andrew Jensen        Jake Ulrich          Banking
Swimming Pools & Spas            Bill LaLonde         Fred Vandervort      Signage
Tile Setting                     Guy Sawyer           Carole Weishaar      Travel
Travel                           Carole Weishaar      Mike Whalen          Advertising Specialties
Tree Maintenance                 Denver Johnson       Joe Zingale          Landscape Design

                                                     MEMBERS BY CATEGORY
                                                     MABE: Established in 1989, is an organization of business
                                                     professionals who have established themselves successfully
                                                     in the business community.
                                                     To find out more about our organization go to:

                    ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES                                                                   CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY
                    Newline Products, Inc.                                                                    CLEANING
                    2450 West Broadway, Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85202-1069                                        Affirmative Carpet Care
                                                                                                              1437 North Pasadena Circle, Mesa, AZ 85201
                    Phone: (480) 804-1902 • FAX: (480) 804-1286
                    E-mail: •                                          Phone/Fax: (480) 655-7446
                                                                                                              Cell: (480) 277-5764
                    At NEWLINE we specialize in products and services to boost                      
                    sales, improve safety, motivate salespeople, improve customer
                    service and show appreciation. Our production facility                                    Affirmative Carpet Care is a “Owner Operated” residential
                    includes equipment and personnel to produce fine custom                                   carpet, upholstery & ceramic tile cleaning business, with
                    awards as well as screenprinted and embroidered t-shirts, golf                            over 15 years experience in this industry.
                    shirts, jackets and hats. By specializing in promotional
                    products we can custom create programs to improve many                                    I am Certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning
                    business situations. Let our creative staff design a perfect gift                         and Restoration Certification) in both Carpet & Upholstery
 Mike Whalen        for your clients, customers and employees.                             James Clark        Cleaning. My goal is to provide my clients with The Most
  15+ year member                                                                                             Thorough Cleaning they have ever had as well as educating
                                                                                                              my clients so that they get the highest return on their
                                                                                                              investment in carpet & upholstery cleaning services.

                    AUTOMOTIVE BUYING SERVICE                                                                 CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN
                    Vehicle Purchasing Service                                                                Dr. Keith C. Miller, Chiropractor
                    P.O. Box 38621, Phoenix, AZ 85069                                                         1940 West Baseline, Suite 7, Mesa, AZ 85202-9066

                    Phone: (602) 212-1644 • FAX: (602) 212-1497                                               Phone: (480) 345-2900 • Fax: (480) 345-2908
                    E-mail: •                             E-mail:
                    SAVE MONEY $$$
                                                                                                              Natural Health Care providing for a variety of health
                    “Get the best deal on your next vehicle, new or used. Buy or                              conditions: neck & back sprains, scoliosis conditions,
                    lease any make and model. Vehicle Purchasing Service will                                 headaches & arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports & work
                    negotiate the best deal for you and help you get the most                                 related injuries, auto accidents, and nutritional guidance.
                    from your current vehicle. Have a worry-free car buying,                                  Business safety inspections specifically related to spinal
                    leasing or selling experience guaranteed to save you Time,                                & structural injury hazards.
                    Money and Hassle. Established in 1996, Vehicle Purchasing
                    Service Promises to earn your trust and confidence while
David Lathrop       working on your behalf.”                                            Dr. Keith C. Miller
  10+ year member                                                                          10+ year member
                    “A Referral Built Business”

                                                                                                              COMPUTER SERVICE
                    AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS
                                                                                                              Metro Valley Computer Solution
                    Mirabel Service Center, Inc.                                                              2885 East Melrose Street, Gilbert, AZ 85297
                    All Brands Auto                                                                           Phone: (480) 231-5694
                    1458 East Main, Bldg. B, Mesa, AZ 85203                                                   Email:
                    Phone: (480) 962-6117                                                                     Metro Valley Computer Solutions offers Valley Wide on-site
                    Phone: (480) 962-1896                                                                     repair services for Microsoft Windows and Mac based computers.
                    Phone: (480) 969-9490                                                                     Repair services range from replacing or upgrading your system
                    E-mail: •                                         hardware, repairing damaged operating systems, computer
                                                                                                              tune-ups, email troubleshooting, and removing spyware &
                    All Brands Auto has 5 service bays to maintain your American                              virus infections. MVCS is highly experienced in helping clients
                    and foreign cars. Our well-equipped facility specializes in                               retrieve lost data due to a system crash or hardware failure
                    express oil changes, brakes, wheel alignments, air conditioning,                          and setting up on-site and off-site backup solutions. MVCS also
                    tires, computerized engine diagnostic analysis, etc. Our vast                             offers wireless networking services, Blackberry and IPhone
Sandro Menasci      array of services are only surpassed by the extensive                 Mark Menasci        email configuration, and Internet security and spam filtering
 15+ year member    experience of our well-qualified, courteous staff.                                        solutions. Many of these services can be provided by remote
                    “Technicians you can trust”                                                               access.

                    BANKING                                                                                   FITNESS & SWIMMING LESSONS
                    M&I Bank                                                                                  Waterworks On Wheels, Inc.
                                                                                                              1318 W Mountain View Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201
                    1510 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202

                    Phone: (480) 890-9823 • Fax: (480) 898-0045                                               Phone: (480) 461-3888 • Fax (480) 461-0250
                    Cell: (480) 388-5662                                                                      E-mail:
                    E-mail:                                                   •

                    "Over 160 years of integrity, stability and strength"                                     Serving the east valley since 1985, Waterworks provides back-
                    We specialize in working with personal, business, and                                     yard and indoor year- round swim lessons, Our goal is to
                    commercial customers' banking needs. We have 53 full                                      provide great customer service, affordable lessons, and provide
                    service branches in Arizona that are ready to build a banking                             water safety for children to the best of our ability.
                    relationship with you! Our one on one relationships will help                             FitnessFest Conference and Expo, an extension of Waterworks,
                    you find out where you are today, and where you want to be                                has become the largest fitness and wellness conference in
                    tomorrow. We can help you maximize the efficiency of your                                 the Southwest, attracting novice and veteran group exercise
                    business and make sure you have the financial tools necessary         Janice Jaicks       instructors, personal trainers, aquatic instructors and mind/body
 Jake Ulrich
                    to do so.                                                                                 practitioners. As we grow, we never want to lose the motiva-
                                                                                                              tion that prompted us to begin our mission in the first place;
                                                                                                              to inspire the fitness world to be the best that we can be.
                      FLORIST & FLORAL DESIGN                                                                   INTERACTIVE AND WEBSITE
                      B & B Florist & Design Center
                      West Side of Alma School in Goodyear Plaza                                                Keane Creative
                      2160 North Alma School Road #118, Chandler, AZ 85224                                      21 E 6th Street, #517, Tempe AZ 85281

                      Phone: (480) 732-0091 • FAX: (480) 222-3587                                               Phone: (602) 904-6478 • Cell: (480) 577-1721
                      E-mail: • Website:                             E-Mail:
                      Full-service florist offering the highest quality of fresh flowers,
                      plants, giftware and custom silk design. Specializing in                                  Keane Creative is a brand development agency
                      corporate clients, corporate events and tasteful sympathy                                 located in Tempe, AZ. Specializing in online, web and
                      tributes. Balloons and gift baskets also                                                  interactive design, Keane is focused on developing relevant
                      available. Daily specials. Jana has been a                                                solutions for your company and brand. We specialize in
                      florist for over 25 years.                                                                developing and implementing websites, email marketing,
                                                                                                                social media campaigns and other interactive tools
  Jana Greene         Hours: M-F. 8:30-6 Sat. 10-4                                           Russell Perry      focused on a solid ROI.
   10+ year member    Sunday By Appointment Only

                       GRAPHIC DESIGN & IDENTITY                                                               INTERIOR DESIGN
                       DesignLin Advertising, Ltd.                                                             AB Weavings Interiors
                       “We make your business look great”                                                      P.O. Box 27808, Tempe, AZ 85285-7808
                       P.O. Box 4178, Scottsdale, AZ 85261-4178
                                                                                                               Phone: (480) 892-3792 • FAX: (623) 691-8105
                       Phone: (480) 990-9099                                                                   E-mail: •
                                                                                                               Residential & commercial designer offering the following
                                                                                                               services: Interior consultation, space planning, scale
                       Full-service creative graphic design company, with emphasis                             drawings (floor plans, cabinetry, furniture), colorizing, lighting
                       on successful design development of advertising campaigns,                              recommendations & full service decorating. Custom designed
                       logo design, business system identities, marketing collateral,                          hand-woven tapestries. President of Saasha, Inc.,
                       direct mail campaigns, brochures, catalogs and much more.                               (480-497-1000) - Manufacturer of the patented temporary
                       Lin is an award-winning designer, and has provided design                               window shade SIXWAY SHADE, NU-ARRX SHADE for the
                       services to businesses for over 31 years. No job is too                                 arch window, and Saasha Lite.
 Lin Schmelzer         large or too small. We work with you to create the                   Althea Bussert
                       image your company deserves.                                          15+ year member

                       HANDYMAN SERVICES                                                                       JEWELER
                       C.B.S. Construction                                                                     Parkway Gem Lab
                       5770 E. Roundup St., Apache Junction, AZ 85219                                          1608 East Candlestick Dr., Tempe, AZ 85283

                       Phone: (480) 982-8881 • FAX: (480) 982-4777                                             Phone: (480) 820-3838 • FAX: (480) 839-7778
                       Cell: (480) 688-1584
                       E-mail:                                                       PGL has been in the personal jewelry business for 20 years,
                                                                                                               specializing in custom designed jewelry, and utilizing high
                       Chilton S. Services is a fully licensed, bonded and insured                             quality precious gemstones and precious metals to suit our
                       contractor with 30 years of experience. We offer a wide                                 customer’s specifications. We also sell a complete line of
                       variety of expertise in the residential and commercial industry;                        pre-manufactured jewelry, made by the finest jewelry
                       covering from handyman and home improvements to                                         fabricators in the country. We do remounts in gold and
                       design/build remodel work.                                                              platinum, and repair all fine jewelry. Business
                                                                                                               by appointment only.
 Stephan Chilton                                                                            Phyllis Prater
                                                                                             5+ year member

                       INSURANCE                                                                               LANDSCAPE DESIGN
                       The Arizona Group                                                                       Berghoff Design Group
                       Property & Casualty                                                                     7525 East Camelback Road, Suite 200, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
                       3325 East Baseline Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234
                                                                                                               Phone: (480) 481-3433 • FAX: (480) 481-3533
                       Direct: (480) 633-6695 • FAX: (480) 892-7625                                            E-mail: •
                       Office: (480) 892-8755
                       E-mail • Website:                                           We offer fully licensed expertise in the design and
                                                                                 construction of fine gardens. We specialize in creating unique
                                                                                                               landscapes that reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle
                       Property and casualty insurance, including bonding, for both                            while enhancing their home. Working on projects ranging
                       business and personal needs. As an independent agent, we                                from small courtyards to five-acre estates, we always provide
                       represent several companies and can tailor coverage to suit                             the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Our
                       each individual need.                                                                   range of design/build services include swimming pool, spa
                                                                                                               and water feature design, patio / hardscape layout,
Roman Okonowski                                                                              Joe Zingale       fireplaces, irrigation systems, planting and lighting.
  Founding Member                                                                            10+ year member

                      INSURANCE & INVESTMENTS                                                                  LAW - CRIMINAL DEFENSE
                      AnDek Financial / Metlife Securities                                                     The Law Office of Stacy L. Hyder, P.L.C.
                      60 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 610, Tempe, AZ 85281                                     7301 North 16th Street, #103, Phoenix, AZ 85020

                      Phone: (480) 638-2216 • FAX: (480) 638-2200                                              Phone: (602) 472-3172 • FAX: (602) 997-4861
                      Cell: (602)703-4522                                                                      Cell: (480) 332-5595 E-Mail:
                                                                                                               Stacy L. Hyder handles all types of criminal defense matters
                      I will help you choose the right investment / insurance                                  ranging from misdemeanors and DUI to violent crimes. Her
                      vehicle for your portfolio: Million dollar round table • 48                              prior experience as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County
                      years valley resident • 20 years experience • National Quality                           Attorney’s Office has assisted tremendously in the defense of
                      Award • Mutual Funds • Health • Life • Disability Income •                               individuals charged with assaults, DUI, thefts, drug related
                      Long Term Care • Annuities, 401(K) • Worksite Company                                    offenses, serious felonies, white collar crime, probation violation
                      Benefits.                                                                                matters and major sex crimes. Additionally, because of her
                                                                                                               knowledge of the criminal justice system, Ms. Hyder
Gus E. Dekavallas                                                                           Stacy L. Hyder     frequently represents victims of crimes to assist them
  Financial Planner                                                                                            through the criminal process.
   10+ year member                                                                                                                                                              4
                     LAW - PERSONAL INJURY &                                                                       PAYROLL/HUMAN RESOURCES
                     INSURANCE LITIGATION                                                                          Human Capital Strategies
                                                                                                                   1 N. Macdonald, Suite 212, Mesa, AZ 85201
                     Law Office of Christopher J. Curran, P.C.                                                     Payroll & Human Resources Consultant
                     - Attorney at Law
                     3165 S. Alma School Rd, Suite 29-291, Chandler, AZ 85248                                      Cell: (480) 577-2552
                     Phone: (480) 649-1700 • FAX: (480) 917-2430                                                   E-mail: • Website:
                     Cell: (480) 628-7772                                                                          E-mail:
                     E-mail: • E-mail:
                     We provide a full range of legal services to individuals and                                  We assist you with the entire employment cycle. This begins
                     families who are victims of negligence and/or the insurance                                   with the hiring process and ends with the termination
                     company “run-around.” We will handle all communications,                                      process. Our unique approach keeps you from overpaying for
                     assist you with your property damage, and help you find                                       services you don't need, while still having all the services you
                     appropriate medical care valley-wide. Working strictly on a                                   may need available.
                     contingency fee basis, and by forwarding all necessary costs,
Christopher Curran   our office assumes the financial risk associated with pursuing            Nick Mawrenko       E-Verify - Payroll - Human Resources - Employee Handbooks -
                     virtually all recoveries. Member - Arizona Trial Lawyers
   5+ year member    Association, licensed in all Arizona state and federal courts.                                Much More. We fix payroll problems.

                     LAW - TRUST & ESTATE                                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY
                     James E. Bache, P.C. - Attorney at Law                                                        Southwest Portraits LLC
                     1811 South Alma School Road, #210, Mesa, AZ 85210-3004                                        4450 S Rural Road A210, Tempe, AZ 85282

                     Phone: (480) 345-8407 • FAX: (480) 820-1450                                                   Phone: (480) 222-1199 • FAX: (480) 222-1458
                     E-mail:                                                                     Email:

                     James E. Bache is a State Bar of Arizona Certified Specialist in                              Portrait and Commercial Photography servicing mostly area
                     Trust and Estate Law, providing estate planning and probate                                   high schools.
                     services for over 27 years, utilizing a variety of tools, including
                     revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, wills,
                     family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, health
                     care directives and pre and post nuptial agreements. The firm
                     also engages in inheritance litigation and other contested
                     matters involving trusts and estates. Member - East Valley
   James Bache       Estate Planning Council; East Valley Bar Association; and                   Herb Stokes
                     Kiwanis Club Tempe-Nuevo.

                     MANUFACTURING                                                                                 PLUMBING & WATER SYSTEMS
                     Polestar Distribution, LLC                                                                    All About Water/EcoWater
                                                                                                                   315 E Warner #1, Chandler, AZ 85225
                     663 West 2nd Avenue, Suite 14, Mesa, AZ 85210
                                                                                                                   Phone: (480) 892-7556
                     Phone: (480) 835-7898 • FAX: (480) 615-7898                                                   E-mail: • Website:
                     Cell: (480) 290-1591
                     E-mail: •                         ONE CALL THAT’S ALL.
                                                                                                                   We have been servicing plumbing needs of customer’s valley
                     Formed in 2004 as a family run operation, Polestar                                            wide since 1974, offering a wide variety of solutions to water
                     Distribution, LLC manufactures and distributes Navigator                                      heating needs, including solar; tankless water heaters; and
                     Skateboard Trucks, Deville Wheels, and private label skateboard                               lifetime green friendly water heaters. As water treatment
                     hardgood’s. Our goal is to provide top quality innovative                                     specialists’ we can solve all your water related needs from
                     products at a competitive price. Polestar prides itself on being                              whole house softeners or filtration to under the sink state of
                     one of the only skateboard truck and wheel companies to                                       the art drinking water systems.
                     manufacture 100% in the USA                                               Dave Crissman       We are Rosie on the house preferred vendors.
   Erin Jaicks                                                                                  15+ year member    IT’S THAT GOOD!

                     MORTGAGES                                                                                     POLICE DEPARTMENT
                     Classic Mortgage Solutions, Inc.                                                              Commander, Red Mountain District
                     15825 South 46th Street, #125, Phoenix, AZ 85048                                              4333 East University Drive, Mesa, AZ 85205
                     Phone: (602) 334-4157 • FAX: (480) 907-2660                                                   Phone: (480) 644-2595 • FAX: (480) 644-2049
                     Cell: (480) 332-5595                                                                          Cell: (480) 226-8724 • Email: •
                     E-Mail: •                         
                     Classic Mortgage Solutions is a full service mortgage banker.                                 "Your police department, dedicated to working with you,
                     Whether it's FHA, VA, Conventional, or Jumbo financing.                                       fighting crime, defending human rights, protecting life and
                     Classic Mortgage Solutions has a loan to fit nearly every                                     property, to make our community safe for all."
                     need. Financing is also available for those "less than perfect"
                     borrowers who do not meet normal underwriting guidelines.

    Joe Hesch                                                                                    Steve Stahl
   10+ year member                                                                              Honorary Member

                     OPTICAL                                                                                       PRINTING
                     Lakeshore Optical                                                                             City Center Printing, Inc.
                     1726 East Southern, #6, Tempe, AZ 85282                                                       P.O. Box 62375, Phoenix, AZ 85082-2375
                     (behind Outback Steakhouse - NW corner Southern / McClintock)
                                                                                                                   Phone: (602) 672-9405 • FAX: (480) 892-5524
                     Phone: (480) 839-3711                                                                         E-mail:
                     E-mail: • Website:
                                                                                                                   The printer who helps develop your ideas. We’ll work with
                     Lakeshore Optical is an owner operated, full service retail                                   you every step of the way, including designing, typesetting,
                     optical store featuring distinctive fashion eyewear, and                                      printing, collating, cutting, binding, folding and always free
                     contact lenses. Our licensed opticians offer extraordinary                                    pick-up and delivery.
                     personal and professional services for the particular buyer,
                     and specialize in fitting no-line bifocals. Serving the East                                  Our 20th year in business.
                     Valley over 25 years, our experience and attention to our
                     customer’s personal needs sets us apart. Ask us about the
  Robert Busch       ultimate in personal service, the Optical Valet.                        Stuart B. Schindler
   10+ year member                                                                              15+ year member

                             REAL ESTATE                                                                              TILE SETTING
                             Sun View Realty                                                                          Tile Plus
                             2815 South Alma School Road, #104, Mesa, AZ 85210                                        11219 South Bannock St., Phoenix, AZ 85044

                             Phone: (602) 330-3773 • FAX: (480) 777-8685                                              Phone: (480) 893-3390 • FAX: (480) 893-3390
                             Email:                                                                 E-mail:

                             Residential real estate service in the Southeast Valley                                  We’re a small tile setting company that specializes in
                             communities. Commercial real estate valleywide.                                          residential remodels. We install ceramic, porcelain and
                                                                                                                      stone tiles. Our installations range from customized
                             Call Bob or Sally Becker                                                                 showers to floors to tile countertops.

       Bob Becker                                                                                    Guy Sawyer

                            RESTAURANT                                                                                TRAVEL
                            The Landmark Restaurant                                                                   Access Travel Services • FT Phoenix
                            809 West Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201-7105                                                 Unique destinations for the discerning traveler
                                                                                                                      6991 East Camelback Road, Suite D-100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
                            Phone: (480) 962-4652 • FAX: (480) 962-1124
                            E-mail: • Website:                           Phone: (480) 632-5460 • FAX: (480) 558-4863
                                                                                                                      E-mail: • E-mail:
                            Ample selection of meats, steaks, chicken and seafood.                           • Website:
                            Serving lunch and dinner. Banquet rooms for private
                            weddings and receptions, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers,                               Cruise and tour specialist • personalized travel planning
                            baby showers, corporate luncheons or dinners from small                                   for individuals and groups • international travel specialist
                            to large (14-125). We can cater your next function on or                                  • travel insurance • worldwide golf vacations • wedding
                            off premise.                                                                              & honeymoon planning • visa assistance • worldwide rail

        Don Ellis                                                                                 Carole Weishaar     SignatureTravel Network
      15+ year member                                                                               10+ year member

                            SIGNAGE                                                                                   TREE MAINTENANCE
                            FASTSIGNS                                                                                 American Tree and Landscape Company
                            930 West Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ 85282-1265                                              2826 North Yucca Street, Chandler, AZ 85224

                            Phone: (480) 894-6490 • FAX: (480) 894-6809                                               Phone: (602) 509-6684 • FAX: (480) 288-1009
                            E-mail:                                                     E-mail:
                            FASTSIGNS is changing the way you buy signs! We’ve built a
                            powerful new resource for business by combining a state-of-                               Trimming • Removal • Stump Grinding • General
                            the-art computer system with time-honored ideas about                                     Maintenance
                            quality and service. FASTSIGNS backs up every project with
                            our system-wide promise: “FASTSIGNS guarantees the highest                                “We trim the tree not the customer”
                            quality sign, completed to your satisfaction. If the result doesn’t
                            meet your specifications, we’ll make it right!”
    Fred Vandervort                                                                               Denver Johnson
      15+ year member                                                                                5+ year member

                            STOCK BROKERAGE                                                                           MABE Executive Secretary
                            Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
                            60 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 710, Tempe, Arizona 85281                               Phone: (480) 220-2015 • Fax: (480) 988-6511
                                                                                                                      E-mail: •
                            Phone: (480) 736-3991
                            877-390-3920 • Fax 480-736-3953                                                           Providing outsource executive administrative support to
                            E-mail:                                                    associations and small businesses for over 18 years.
                            Website:                                                      Services include bookkeeping, basic website design and
                                                                                                                      maintenance, newsletter preparation, membership database
                            There is no one exactly like you. Raymond James and I                                     management, meeting and event planning, board support
                            understand that. Whether you are passing along family assets                              and record keeping.
                            or family values and traditions, you have your own special
                            objectives and goals. By becoming personally acquainted with
                            you, your family and your plans for the future, I can help you
                            develop a customized financial solution. I have the complete
   Andrew C. Jensen         freedom to offer unbiased and tailored financial advice all           Melissa Matthews
       5+ year member
                            designed to help develop a long-term plan to work towards
                            maintaining your lifestyle and ensure your commitments to
                            the people and causes you hold dear. Today and tomorrow.

                            SWIMMING POOLS & SPAS
                            True Blue Pools
                            5235 South Kyrene Rd., Suite 102, Tempe, AZ 85283

                            Phone: (480) 820-9495 • FAX: (480) 831-8183
                            E-mail: •

                            True Blue Pools is a family owned licensed and insured
                            residential and commercial pool contractor. We design and
                            build swimming pools and spas to fit your wants and desires.
                            Pool renovation and remodeling is a specialty. Concrete and
                            existing decks can be surfaced in many patterns, including
                            flagstone and saltillo tile. We repair pool and spa equipment
                            and install new or replace existing equipment with
                            up to date models.
Forrest W. “Bill” LaLonde
       5+ year member

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