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Clever Trolley


									Clever Trolley

The Need for Work in Progress (WIP) Management
One of the key challenges facing pathology laboratories is peak arrival patterns caused by logistics associated with
outpatient work. These peak arrivals result in capacity constraints especially with respect to equipment and FTE’s
which is usually designed for average workloads within normal operating hours.
It becomes necessary to manage the workflow by separating work with a lower priorit from work with a higher
priority. The lower priority work is placed into the Clever Trolley and is released according to a First In First Out (FIFO)
                               mes                                                                            cost
rule as analyser capacity becomes available according to user defined parameters. This allows for more co effective
processing through the optimal utilisation of available resources.

                                                                           • Optical sensors and onboard
                                                                             computing capabilities ensure
                                                                             FIFO processing of work.
                                                                           • Dedicated clock timer displays
                                                                             longest storage time in system.
                                                                           • User programmable threshold
                                                                             allows for customised visual and
                                                                             audible alarming.
                                                                           • Compartment illumination LED’s
                                                                             and audible alarms clearly
                                                                             indicate the system status at all
                                                                           • Column switches allows Clever
                                                                             Trolley to double as storage for
                                                                             empty racks.

            The Clever Trolley is a unique approach to managing peak workloads with
                          hardware that ensures implementation of correct scheduling
                                              principles and optimal use of analytical capacity.
Technical Specifications
System Description        Clever Trolley
Control Unit              PC Board:                  Custom programmed CPU for management of Clever Column system, LED arrays, user
                                                     inputs and display screens
                          Screen:                    Timer display - 7 segment LED (111mm x 34mm Red), 25mm characters, displays
                                                     HH:MM and seconds flicker
                                                     User settings control display - TN LCD Screen (76mm x 25.2mm Blue), 2.95mm x
                                                     4.75mm character size
                          Input:                     5 button arrangement for modification of Clever Trolley user settings
Electrical Requirements   Input Power:               220V AC
                          Connector type:            IEC 14 (Fused)
                          Battery Type:              12v DC 2.2A
                          Frequency:                 50 Hz
Operating Environment     Audio Alarm                85db @ 2300 hz
                          Operating Temperature      Will operate in 0 to 80°C environment
                          Standby Time:              Not less than 4 hours
Physical Properties       Width:                     1520mm
                          Depth:                     500mm
                          Height:                    1600mm
                          Weight:                    Will not exceed 80kg when empty
System Components         Control Unit:              7 Segment Display gives visual feedback on compartment occupation times according
                                                     to user settings
                                                     User Settings Display enables user to manipulate the options menu of the Clever
                                                     RYG LED Array gives a quick indication of the selected compartment's time threshold
                                                     according to user settings
                                                     5 Button Input Control enables the user to cycle through menu options and different
                                                     compartment times
                                                     Battery Level Indicator gives visual feedback on battery charge state and AC power
                          Frame:                     Custom designed tray compartments accommodate 1 Siemens Specimen tray each;
                                                     tray compartments are optically connected to the CPU for FIFO operation
                                                     Optical boxes include LED's for visual feedback on selected compartment and optical
                                                     sensors for tray detection; optical boxes are easily interchangeable for maintenance
                                                     Non-marking institutional type wheel design includes foot operated locks on rear
                                                     Four illuminated rocker switches allow user to enable/disable multiple columns at a
Capacity                  24 Advia 10 x 10 sample racks
Regulatory Compliance     CE Marking

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