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  This program offers incentives for the partial reimbursement of training enrollment costs for building operation personnel that support commercial and
  industrial facilities. The incentive focuses on participation and completion of certification courses or other approved building O&M training courses. The
  program will provide incentives for training courses which have a focus on reducing and conserving electrical energy within buildings. Applicants for the
  incentives must apply for approval before taking any such course. Refer to the Terms and Conditions on the back of this application and the Operations
  and Maintenance Training Guidelines on the program website for details.

 Company                                                               Company’s Electric                              Tax ID or
 Name                                                                  Account Number                                  Social Security Number

 Applicant                                                     Title                                                   Email

 Company Address                                                                                City                                  State            Zip

 Office Telephone                                            Cell Phone                                                Fax

 *The building which the applicant is currently operating.
 Building Type:         Office                     Retail                   School               Higher Education            Grocery
                        Lodging                   Industrial               Warehouse            Health                      Other___________________________
 Building Address                                                            City/Town                                 State              Zip

 What Systems are associated with this building? (Please check all that apply)
    HVAC – equipment                           Building Controls/EMS                        Refrigeration                            Compressed Air
    HVAC – controls                            Motors                                       Industrial Process                       Other (please specify)
    Building Envelope                          VFD/ASD for Motors                           Water Heating
    (insulation, glazing)
 Year of                                                   Number                                                   Total Floor Area
 Construction                                              of Floors                                                (sq. ft.)
 Total Conditioned                                         Annual kWh                                               ENERGY STAR®
 Area (sq. ft.)                                            Usage                                                    Rating
 Name of                                                                     Course                               Course Provider
 Course                                                                      Level                                Name

 Is this course for certification?          Yes*      No                      Type of Certification
 *If yes, please go to the next box

  Only applicants with potential to influence a building’s energy performance will be considered. Please provide a short description of
  the applicant’s duties and day-to-day responsibilities in the operation and maintenance of the building.

  Please provide a short description of how the proposed training course is relevant to the applicant’s current position and career
  development in the field of building operations and maintenance.

 Starting Date                                          Location                                                      Cost of
 of Course                                              of Course                                                     Course

                                                                     Return Completed Form to:
                                                                 Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program
                                              c/o Lockheed Martin, 2275 Research Boulevard, MS-8N, Rockville, MD 20850
                            Phone: 1-866-353-5798 | Facsimile: 301-519-5445 | email: | web:
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  Each approved applicant is eligible to receive a cash incentive up to a maximum of $1,000, or 80% of enrollment costs, whichever is less
  (additional costs such as travel, food, lodging, test fees, and materials will not be considered). Applicants must receive approval from the Program
  Office before taking any course. The incentive payment is contingent upon completion of the coursework; therefore the applicant must provide
  documentation of attendance (certificate of completion or other similar documentation).

                                                                                Requested Incentive Amount $

  I have read, understand and agree to both the Terms and Conditions and the Operations and Maintenance Training Guidelines. I am the
  applicant or have authorization to sign on behalf of the applicant listed above, and represent that all information provided within is true and
  correct. Note: Electronic submission is encouraged. A PDF or facsimile signature is acceptable and will have the same force and effect as
  an original signature. Program pre-approval for a training incentive is required − do not attend training or register until you are notified
  that the proposed training is approved. Keep a copy of all submitted documents.
 Authorized Representative                                     Title                                                                Date
 (please print)

 Signature                                                                              Payment to:          Customer (Account Holder)
                                                                                                             Contractor/ Vendor
                                                                                                             Other (Specify) _________________________
 I approve the applicant to participate in training
 Applicant’s Direct Supervisor Name                                                                                                 Date
 (please print)


                                                                Return Completed Form to:
                                                            Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program
                                         c/o Lockheed Martin, 2275 Research Boulevard, MS-8N, Rockville, MD 20850
                       Phone: 1-866-353-5798 | Facsimile: 301-519-5445 | email: | web:
2/16/10 v2
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  1. PROGRAM OFFER: This application covers                 weeks after training course completion. Course             IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY
  training courses applied for after January 29, 2010       completion requires submission to Pepco of all             OR FITNESS FOR ANY PRODUCT OR
  and is not retroactive prior to that date. Applications   documentation of completion of the training                SERVICE. PEPCO, ITS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS,
  must be pre-approved and training courses must be         course(s). b) Pepco reserves the right to apply            EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES, CONTRACTORS AND
  completed within six (6) months of the pre-approval       cash incentives to any of the Customer’s unpaid            AGENTS ARE NOT LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE
  date.                                                     or overdue accounts.                                       FOR ANY ACT OR COMMISSION OF ANY
                                                                                                                       CONTRACTOR HIRED BY THE CUSTOMER (IF
  2. ELIGIBILITY: Incentives are available to               9. CHANGES-TO / CANCELLATION OF THE                        ANY) WHETHER OR NOT SAID CONTRACTOR
  Pepco commercial, industrial, governmental, and           PROGRAM: a) Pepco may change the program                   IS A PARTICIPATING PEPCO “TRADE ALLY.” THE
  institutional electric customers, subject to these        requirements, incentives, or Terms & Conditions            CUSTOMER’S RELIANCE ON WARRANTIES IS
  Terms and Conditions and the Operations and               at any time without notice, including suspending           LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTIES THAT MAY BE
  Maintenance Training Guidelines.                          acceptance of applications or terminating the              PROVIDED BY ITS CONTRACTOR, VENDOR,
                                                            program. b) In the event of program change,                MANUFACTURER, ETC. b) NEITHER PEPCO,
  3. OWNERSHIP OF CAPACITY AND/OR                           pre-approved applications will be processed to             NOR ITS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES,
  ENERGY/ENVIRONMENTAL SAVINGS CREDITS:                     completion under the Terms & Conditions in effect          AFFILIATES, CONTRACTORS OR AGENTS ARE
  a) Pepco holds sole rights to any electric system         at the time of pre-approval by Pepco. c) Submission        RESPONSIBLE FOR ASSURING THAT THE
  capacity credits and energy or environmental              of a completed application does not entitle the            DESIGN, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION
  credits that may be associated with this program          Customer to program participation.                         OF THE FACILITY OR INSTALLATION OF THE
  for which incentives were received, and Pepco                                                                        EEMS IS PROPER OR COMPLIES WITH ANY
  can dispose of these credits in any manner                10. PUBLICITY OF CUSTOMER PARTICIPATION:                   PARTICULAR LAWS, REGULATIONS, CODES,
  authorized by applicable law or regulation. b) In         Pepco reserves the right to publicize a Customer’s         OR INDUSTRY STANDARDS. NEITHER PEPCO
  no event will activity associated with any energy or      participation in the program, including information        NOR ITS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES,
  environmental credits noted in Section 3(a) result in     such as: projected project energy savings, the             AFFILIATES, CONTRACTORS, OR AGENTS MAKE,
  interference with the Customer’s ability to operate       incentive amount, and other information that does          AND ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO MAKE, ANY
  their facility.                                           not compromise reasonable Customer expectations            REPRESENTATIONS OF ANY KIND REGARDING
                                                            of confidentiality of proprietary or competitive            THE RESULTS TO BE ACHIEVED BY THE EEMS
  4. TRAINING COURSE APPROVAL: a) Pre-                      information. In such instances, Pepco will obtain          OR THE ADEQUACY OR SAFETY OF SUCH
  approval from Pepco is required for all training          Customer permission to make such information               MEASURES.
  courses. b) Pepco reserves the right to approve           public.
  or disapprove any proposed training courses in its                                                                   13. CUSTOMER TAX OBLIGATION: The Customer
  sole discretion. Applicants will allow 10 business        11. LIMITATION           OF       LIABILITY       AND      is responsible for declaring and paying any and all
  days for the program to review the application and        INDEMNIFICATION: a) Pepco, its officers, directors,         applicable federal, state, and local taxes that may
  render a decision to approve or disapprove the            employees, affiliates contractors and agents shall          be owed on any Program incentive payment.
  training course.                                          not be liable to the Customer for any direct, special,
                                                            indirect, consequential or incidental damages or for       14. MISCELLANEOUS: a) The agreement between
  5. TRAINING         COURSE        VERIFICATION:           any damages in tort (including negligence) caused          the Customer and Pepco is composed of all applicable
  Pepco is not obligated to pay any pre-approved            by any activities associated with this program and         program forms, supporting documentation, and
  incentive awards until the applicant has provided         Customer’s participation therein. By participating         these Terms and Conditions. b) The Customer
  documentation of completion of the training               in this Pepco program, Customer agrees to waive            acknowledges that the only individuals authorized
  course(s).                                                any and all claims, whether arising in contract or         to bind Pepco under the Pepco program are Pepco
                                                            tort and to fully release Pepco, its officers, directors,   staff and authorized agents of Pepco. c) If any
  6. INCENTIVE AMOUNTS: Incentive payment                   employees, affiliates, contractors and agents from          provision of the Terms and Conditions is deemed
  will be subject to the following limitations: a) The      any and all damages, of any kind. b) The Customer          invalid by any court or administrative body having
  maximum incentive per application is $1,000,              shall protect, indemnify, and hold harmless Pepco, its     jurisdiction, such ruling shall not invalidate any
  or 80% of enrollment costs, whichever is less             officers, directors, employees, affiliates, contractors      other provision, and the remaining Terms and
  (additional costs such as travel, food, lodging,          and agents from and against all liabilities, losses,       Conditions shall remain in full force and effect
  test fees, and materials will not be considered).         claims, damages, judgments, penalties, causes              in accordance with their terms. d) Resolution of
  b) Pepco reserves the right to deny any incentive         of action, costs and expenses (including, without          disputes concerning these Terms and Conditions,
  application that may result in Pepco exceeding            limitation, attorney’s fees and expenses) incurred by      or any other requirement of this Application or
  its program budget. Cash incentives under the             or assessed against Pepco or its agents arising out of     condition of incentive award, shall be governed in
  programs are offered on a first-come, first-                or relating to the performance of this Application,        all respects by the laws of the jurisdiction in which
  served basis and are subject to project and               whether arising in contract or tort.                       the customer is located. e) In the event of a dispute
  Customer eligibility and availability of funds.                                                                      between the parties which cannot be informally
                                                            12. NO WARRANTIES: a) NEITHER PEPCO, ITS                   resolved, the following procedure shall apply. (1)
  7. TRAINING COURSE COSTS: The Applicant                   OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES,                NOTICE OF DISPUTE. A party shall deliver a written
  must provide copies of all invoices or other              CONTRACTORS NOR AGENTS ENDORSE,                            notice (“Dispute Notice”) to the other describing the
  reasonable documentation that verify the costs of         GUARANTEE, OR WARRANT ANY PARTICULAR                       nature and substance of any Dispute and proposing
  attending and completing the training course.             MANUFACTURER, PRODUCT, CONTRACTOR,                         a resolution of the Dispute. (2) MANAGEMENT
                                                            TRADE ALLY OR VENDOR, NOR DO ANY OF                        NEGOTIATION. During the first thirty (30) days
  8. SCHEDULE FOR INCENTIVE PAYMENTS:                       THE FOREGOING PROVIDE ANY WARRANTIES,                      following the delivery of the Dispute Notice (and
  a) Pepco expects to pay all incentives within four        EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY                        during any extension agreed to by the Parties, the

                                                                     Return Completed Form to:
                                                                 Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program
                                              c/o Lockheed Martin, 2275 Research Boulevard, MS-8N, Rockville, MD 20850
                           Phone: 1-866-353-5798 | Facsimile: 301-519-5445 | email: | web:
2/16/10 v2
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  “Negotiation Period”) an authorized manager of          such dispute, claim or controversy, a “Dispute”), in    or logos, in a court of competent jurisdiction in
  Customer (the “Customer’s Manager”) and an              accordance with the dispute resolution procedures       which the customer is located. The parties consent
  authorized manager of Pepco (“Pepco’s Manager”)         set forth herein and (2) agree to use their best        to the personal jurisdiction thereof and to sole
  shall attempt in good faith to resolve the Dispute      efforts so to resolve any such Dispute. Without         venue therein only for such purposes. f) PEPCO
  through negotiations. If such negotiations result in    limitation, such efforts shall include mandatory        AND CUSTOMER HEREBY IRREVOCABLY AND
  an agreement in principle among such negotiators        submission of a Dispute to nonbinding mediation.        UNCONDITIONALLY WAIVE ANY RIGHT EITHER
  to settle the Dispute, they shall cause a written       Should such Dispute not be resolved within 90 days      SUCH PARTY MAY HAVE TO A TRIAL BY JURY
  settlement agreement to be prepared, signed and         after the issuance by one of the parties of a written   OR TO INITIATE OR BECOME A PARTY TO ANY
  dated (a “Management Settlement”), whereupon            Request for Mediation (or such longer period as the     CLASS ACTION CLAIMS IN RESPECT OF ANY
  the Dispute shall be deemed settled, and not subject    parties may agree), Pepco and Customer may seek         ACTION, SUIT OR PROCEEDING DIRECTLY OR
  to further dispute resolution. (3) ALTERNATIVE          other legal recourse. (ii) Notwithstanding the above,   INDIRECTLY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING
  DISPUTE RESOLUTION. (i) Customer and Pepco              either party may seek injunctive relief to enforce      TO THIS APPLICATION OR THE TRANSACTIONS
  (1) acknowledge that it is in their best interests to   its rights with respect to the use or protection of     CONTEMPLATED BY THIS APPLICATION.
  resolve any dispute, claim or controversy arising       (1) its confidential or proprietary information or
  out of or relating to this engagement letter (any       material or (2) its names, trademarks, service marks

                                                                    Return Completed Form to:
                                                                Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program
                                             c/o Lockheed Martin, 2275 Research Boulevard, MS-8N, Rockville, MD 20850
                          Phone: 1-866-353-5798 | Facsimile: 301-519-5445 | email: | web:
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