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   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                        Prim Perfect • August 2009

    From the Editor ...
     variety of sims and cultures - many realistic, some fantastic.
     But by and large we have looked at designers whose ethos
     has been drawn from Western culture. This month, all that
     changes as we have a special Oriental issue.
         Our Sim of the Month is the glorious Hosoi region - owned
     by Amiryu Hosoi, Kalderi Tomsen, and Nani Yifu. Ceejay Writ-                          Saffia,Widdershins
     er introduces us to this lovely place and talks to Amiryu,
     whose vision and designs have shaped the area, while Jvstin       amazing people and some wonderful
     Tomorrow has singled out some key areas of interest to visit,     creatives - we hope that you enjoy see-
     and Viv Trafalgar explores some of the spectacular paths of       ing a few of the things they produced!
     the four areas that make up Hosoi.                                    This month, our Pathfinders have
         Hosoi is primarily a role playing sim, and this has prompt-   been mentored by Zasa Rossini of La
     ed Viv Trafalgar and Annechen Lowey to examine the ways           Belle Vie (which is, alas, no more -
     in which role playing areas might be developed in Virtual         although you can read why she is open-
     Worlds to create vivid and interesting experiences, while         ing a new furniture store) who has
     Annechen addresses the issue from the other side too, and         provided some fascinating advice on
     looks at how a newcomer might go about joining a role             marketing. Read her interview with Viv
     playing group.                                                    Trafalgar - and also the key advice she
         We also have the first part of an exciting new series.        gives our Pathfinders. And two of our
     Lumiere Noir, the man behind the fantastic learning tool          Pathfinders, Aarcher Zenovka and Cin-
     The Tower of Prims, starts a series for Prim Perfect readers      ders Vale, reflect on what the advice
     on Modular Building with an article that should inspire new       means to them.
     builders - and also teach some older ones a few new tricks!           Gwen Carillon reviews the new
         Keeping our Oriental theme, Isle Lunasea and Raven Haa-       ideas on Content Management put for-
     lan explore a very different vision of the Orient in our Land-    ward by Linden Lab, while Coughran
     scape of the month - the neon-lit, dark urban environment         Mayo meets the woman behind a fasci-
     of Neo Kowloon. And Scotti Lyle describes the theories and        nating nonprofit.
     ideas that lie behind the creations of Japanese gardens, while        And our team of talented photog-
     Kaye Robbiani describes how she created a Japanese garden         raphers PJ Trenton, Twisted Lemon,
     of her own. In her article for newcomers, Qwis Greenwood          and Vera Canning bring you some of the
     explains how you can create an attractive wall hanging for        most gorgeous design eye candy in Sec-
     your home to add an Oriental touch while Nika Dreamscape          ond Life!
     has visited a store with a distinctly oriental flavour for her        All this – with News from the Grid
     article this month.                                               ... and more! E
         And Moodyloner Korobase has given our fun quiz a decid-
     edly Oriental flavour, too ... or has she?
         In addition, we have reviews of Second Life 6th Birthday
     (where we had a wonderful display, courtesy of Dellybean
     North, with gifts and images from many of our editions and
     shows), and of Relay for Life where Desigining Worlds had a
     TV studio (also designed by the wonderfully inventive Delly-
     bean!). Both occasions gave us an opportunity to meet some
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                       Prim Perfect • August 2009

          26 Hosoi - A Path to the Orient
              Sim of the Month

    95    34 Ten Places to Visit
             in the Hosoi Sims Sim of the Month
          40 The Way of Hosoi Build of the Month
          46 An Interview with Amiryu Hosoi
              Designer of the Month
          52 The Architecture of
             Spontaneous Narrative
          62 Relay for Life 2009
          68 Relay for Life of Second Life Awards
          72 Life Is Lived in the Details ...
              Prim Perfect Pathfinders
          76 Thoughts from the Pathfinders
              Prim Perfect Pathfinders

    88    79 Tangible Dreams: Zasa Rossini’s
              Second Life Creations
              Prim Perfect Pathfinders
          82 A Glow in the Darkness:
             Second Life Sixth Birthday
          88 Neo Kowloon
              Landscape of the Month
          95 The Serene Garden
              Gardening in Second Life
         100 Modular Building One

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     Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                      
August 2009 • Issue 19

  10   Prim Perfect Contributors
  16   News from the Grid
 022   Native Intelligence     Charity News      62
  60   Joining a Role Playing Group
       Advice for Newcomers

  86 How Far East Savvy Are You?
       Prim Perfect Quiz

 106 Create a Stunning Oriental Retreat
       Nika’s Corner

 109 Covering SLB6 and Relay for Life
       Designing Worlds News

 116 There’s a Roadmap!
       Content Creators Association News

 118 Asian Wall Art - Quick, Easy and Free
       Advice for Newcomers

 121   Advertiser’s Directory                    82
 122   How Do I Advertise?
 123   How Do I Get Future Copies?                      [ON THE COVER]
 124   Credits

   The Table of Contents and advertisements
          in Prim Perfect magazine are           Geisha Miyako Akina pauses for a
  hyperlinked in the PDF and Calaméo versions.   moment of quiet reflection. Cover
                                                  photo by PJ Trenton. [page 26]
   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
0                                                                         Prim Perfect • August 2009

Prim Perfect Contributors
                    Annechen Lowey The                                        Jvstin Tomorrow first
                    person behind Frau Lowey was                               entered Second Life in August,
                    raised in the wilds of the American                        2007. The avatar of a New Yorker
                    Southeast by a pack of feral                               living between the coasts in
                    English Literature professors.                             flyover country, Jvstin Tomorrow
                    This explains much about her                               works for Prim Perfect as well as
                    tendency to write when not                                 its sister publication The Prim-
otherwise hounded to other tasks, and the need for        graph as an intrepid reporter. With a love of ancient
adult supervision when in book shops and libraries.       cultures, steampunk worlds, and futuristic sims alike,
                                                          Jvstin Tomorrow’s beat is bringing the best and most
                    Ceejay Writer resides in              interesting places in each issue’s featured sims to the
                     the Palisade district of New         attention of the magazine’s readers.
                     Babbage, a Steampunk community.
                     She is a staff writer for The                            Lumiere Noir, a teacher in
                     Primgraph and Prim Perfect                                the physical world and a formally
                     magazines. She also is the owner,                         trained artist, discovered Second
                     barista and chocolatier of the                            Life in December 2003 and found
CocoaJava Cafe, and a manager/dancer at the New                                he had an affinity for prim work.
Champagne Rooms burlesque club. She also runs a small                          He quickly developed building
editing/proofreading business called “The Little Red                           skills and used his design talents
Pen”. While this may seem a bit much, Ceejay considers    to create highly detailed and highly respected
her magazine and burlesque pursuits to be quite fun,      products and environments. Lumiere brought his love
and takes pleasure from the challenges they give her.     of teaching into Second Life to train other aspiring
                                                          builders and designers. The result is the Ivory Tower
                    Gwen Carillon is a real-life          Library of Primitives, where hundreds of thousands of
                     sculptor, designer and jeweler       avatars have learned the basics of building with prims
                     who took her skills to Second Life   through a comprehensive series of interactive
                     for the creative freedom it          tutorials designed and built by Lumiere.
                     afforded. Gwen makes no
                     distinction between “SL” and                             MoodyLoner Korobase
                     “RL” - she says, “creativity knows                         first rezzed on April 6, 2007. She
no bounds and accepts no limitations”, and applies                              enjoys exploring, writing for Prim
that philosophy in both worlds. Gwen is the owner                               Perfect, dancing and - strangely
of Elements in Design and co-founder of the Content                             enough - meeting people. Moody
Creators Association.                                                           has worked as a fashion and
                                                                                swimsuit model, a club manager,
                    Isle Lunasea is a tech by             and as a volunteer for an inworld political conven-
                    trade, artist by nature, and          tion, but her first and favorite job is writing for Prim
                    knowledge junkie by design who        Perfect as it encourages her to explore her previ-
                    has been online since the mid         ously-unknown talent for design and landscaping.
                    90s. Two years ago she rezzed
                    into Second Life and got hooked
                    on eclectic finds, cool places
and the creative talent in SL. She has written a
fashion feature for Shopping Cart Disco as well as
her own blog and is now enjoying contributing to
Prim Perfect magazine.
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                         Prim Perfect • August 2009

Prim Perfect Contributors
                    Nika Dreamscape joined                                    Raven Haalan, in his first
                     Second Life at the very end of                           life, is a computer scientist, pho-
                     December, 2007. It was only a                            tographer and songwriter. In Sec-
                     short time later that she began                          ond Life he is a is an SL scripter,
                     experimenting with scenic                                photographer and writer. He just
                     photography in Second Life. Nika                         needed a change. His typist has
                     had no experience or background                          been online so long, he remem-
in art before joining Second Life, but it is something   bers maxxing his Visa on CompuServe in the 80s. Raven
that she enjoys deeply. Currently, she has a perma-      maintains a personal blog, writes a gadget feature for
nent exhibition of her work on display at S&S Gallery    Shopping Cart Disco and is overjoyed to debut in Prim
Of Fine Art. She also owns a store called Wine and       Perfect magazine this month.
Roses, where she sells decorative vases and tea lamp
candles made from her artwork. Finally, Nika is also a                        Twisted Lemon “Twis” is
writer, and contributes to a few SL publications. Her                          most surprised to find herself a
work can be found in Prim Perfect Magazine, Castle                             photographer for Prim Perfect
Keep magazine, Second Chick, and her personal blogs.                           and for The Primgraph. A Photo-
                                                                               shop habit and her inability to say
                    PJ Trenton A Second Life                                   No to her friends have resulted in
                    resident for well over 2 years, PJ                         far more work than she anticipat-
                    Trenton has been a member and        ed. In RL, Twis is a freelance stylist which allows her
                    supporter of the vibrant Second      to work from home and spend a huge amount of time
                    Life arts community since creat-     on the internet, ‘deaf as a post’ - having been hearing
                    ing his virtual self. Chief Execu-   impaired from birth, and faintly bemused by anyone
                    tive Officer of the Exposure Art     who thinks that any of her hobbies or activities are
Gallery and Render Graphic Design, PJ now finds          anything unusual. Her favourite Second Life activities
himself wandering the grid on assignment as photog-      involve anything NOT fashion related, and she is
rapher for Prim Perfect and The Primgraph magazines      enjoying taking happy snaps of some of the most
... exploring and documenting some of the most           amazing places and people in Second Life.
incredible places and creations in the metaverse. PJ
is also photographer and designer of the Quest for                            Viv Trafalgar Viv is a writer,
the Golden Prim, a serial running regularly in issues                         graphic designer, and scripter in
of The Primgraph.                                                             both lives. In Second Life, she is
                                                                              the founder and co-host of the
                    Qwis Greenwood first                                      monthly Aether Salon
                    discovered the wonder inside                              (, a
                    computers using her father’s                              co-founder and co-builder of the
                    “portable” work computer -           Armada Breakaway sim, owner of Viv Trafalgar
                    a teletypewriter and an acoustic     Outfitters, and co-owner of Bespoke Architectural
                    modem. In college she immersed       Services. She is an educator with a focus on
                    herself in text-based virtual        interaction design, information architecture,
worlds, making her first home in a duct-tape             narrative, and communication. E
hammock. Her current home is only slightly larger
and more comfortable as she spends most of her time
experiencing the fantastic creations and residents of
this world. She enjoys describing those experiences in
Prim Perfect magazine and on the Prim Perfect blog.
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                         Prim Perfect • August 2009

     RE G U L A R F E AT U R E

     News from the Grid
     compiled by SAFFIA WIDDERSHINS

     Al Andalus Estate Becomes                           ation in Iran and is working on establishing a li-
     Part of the Confederation                           brary of Islamic literature, Andalucian Art and
     of Democratic Sims                                  Architecture. A museum devoted to tolerance is-
         The six sim Al Andalus Estate, which together sues is also in the works.
     recreate 13th century Granada, Spain, including         The Confederation of Democratic Sims has
     the Alhambra Palaces, has become part of the enjoyed steady growth over its five years in Sec-
     Confederation of Democratic Sims, the oldest De- ond Life, learning many lessons about self-gover-
     mocracy in Second Life.                             nance in virtual worlds. They plan to share some
                                                         of those lessons at a Symposium on Self Gover-
                                                         nance that will be part of the Anniversary/Okto-
                                                         berfest celebration in late September.
                                                             The merger has resulted in physical reloca-
                                                         tion of the sims on the grid to form a new 11
                                                         sim continent. Al Andalus represents the third
                                                         architectural theme, joining the Bavarian Alpine
                                                         theme of Neufreistadt, Monastery and Alpine
                                                         Meadow, and the Roman/Greek themes of Colo-
                                                         nia Nova and Locus Amoenus. Al Andalus includes
                                                         Al Andalus Alhambra, with the Alhambra palaces,
                                                         fortress and Great Mosque, Al Andalus General-
                                                         ife, which features a popular caravan market,
         Al Andalus, two years old in July, was formed the Convivencia Institute at the Summer Palace,
     as an experiment in forms of democracy. The the Al Zahra Theater and Entertainment site
     original premise was to form a democratic gov- featuring primarily Spanish dance and music, Al
     ernment based on authentic Islamic principles. Garnata, which houses two libraries and an op-
     While there remains a strong Islamic presence in era house, Albaycin, a sim devoted to sustainable
     Al Andalus, the group has evolved into one whose land management and nature preserve, as well as
     focus is on tolerance, consensus building, and many other projects of citizens. Strict covenants
     communication.                                      are enforced in all CDS sims to maintain the qual-
         CDS has its own constitution and code of laws, ity of life and the beautiful surroundings its resi-
     based on the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Hu- dents enjoy. Citizenship in CDS with voting rights
     man Rights), and is governed by a Representa- is one benefit of land ownership in any of the 11
     tive Assembly elected by factions. As part of the sims, and a limited number of sites are available
     merger, Al Andalus will send six representatives for newcomers in each theme.
     to the CDS Representative Assembly, whose new
     term began August 1. With an established system Ambiance Interactive Furniture
     in place, Al Andalus citizens whose energy would [Lux Prometheus/111/126/24]
     otherwise be directed toward mechanical issues          Desiree Bisiani has been busy in her workshop
     can now focus on philosophical and “real” issues. again and has recently released the Athena Liv-
     For example, Al Andalus has recently participated ing Room Collection. This luxurious collection is
     in vigils and discussions about the political situ- a perfect combination of both comfort and ele-
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                            Prim Perfect • August 2009

     gance and could easily be a great setting for a sit-   room suite too! The new Harmony Bathroom
     ting room, formal living room or library. As with      Collection is a beautiful environment with a
     all new additions at Ambiance, this living room        warm, modern feel. As always this new set is
     offers both menu driven animations and texture         jam packed with lots of animations by Second
     change. Pieces are available for sale individually     Life’s top animators, texture change and, of
                                                            course, quality!

     or as a boxed set at at 10% discount. Ambiance
     fans can also look forward to a brand new store            Tub, Shower, Sink, Toilet and Stool all feature
     design to be introduced later this summer featur-      Menu Driven Animations (including bathing, show-
     ing new collections and a discount section with        ering, couples cuddles/kisses, using a hairdryer,
     older designs offered at a deep discount.              men’s shaving, women’s shaving legs, applying
         But not only has she been working on living        makeup, brushing teeth, and more). Lights, can-
     rooms - Desiree has also produced a new bath-          dles and faucets turn on and off by touch.
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                 
    Texture Change! This set includes a tex-         tifully textured, paskis scripted, rez faux houses
ture change feature so that it switches into         for as little as 250L? Madness. More than just your
4 different color/texture collections of Black,      average sale. Spend 2 minutes to click here and
Cream, Earthtone and Grey/Blue. So you will          you’ll agree.
get FOUR sets for the price of one! Also in-
cludes realistic shadows!                            Barefoot Homes & Designs
AbPrefabs                                                Barefoot Homes & Designs has been moved
[ABPrefabs/60/145/30]                                to a temporary site. Barefoot Homes & Designs
    Is the economy slowing sales? Or just a fire
sale before a new line of stock is launched? What-
ever the reason, prices have been slashed at AB-
Prefabs (store and sim name) on all houses. Beau-
0   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                               
is now located at the Barefoot Homes Display         both in your product offerings as well as through
Platform in the Metropole Building. A teleporter     marketing events and forums. They are planning
has been installed at the old landmark that will     to continue to develop their unique brand posi-
take you to the new location. The old site for       tioning for clients, to maintain and grow a solid
Barefoot Homes & Designs has been torn down          brand recognition, and to adhere to high quality
and is now undergoing a complete remodel from        customer service standards.
the gound up, with an entire new look. The new
store will be one floor with easy access to all
products. The remodel should be completed by
the last week of August.

Relocations Relocations ...
    Two extremely popular stores have changed
their locations. ~Shag~ is now to be found in a
great new store at [Lithe/80/112/51], while Mud-
Honey continues to produce a fantastic range of      How to Find Out
quality goods at [Sugar Mill Grove/170/121/26].      More News - Regularly!
                                                         For more news on homes and gardens in Sec-
                                                     ond Life, and coverage of issues of importance
                                                     to homeowners, read the Prim Perfect blog reg-
                                                     ularly - and add it to your news feeder! And for
                                                     great deals, check out Nika Dreamscape’s blog
                                                     Second Homes.
                                                         Inworld, Bailey Longcloth has created the
                                                     group HomeStyle Consolidated to bring home
                                                     industry sellers and buyers together. Not all of
                                                     us are builders, but we need to seek out that
                                                     special piece or that one-of-a-kind house that
                                                     will become home. Yes, each store has a group
                                                     for store notices, but if you’ve never been to
                                                     that store or don’t have an open slot for an-
                                                     other group, you won’t know what awesome
                                                     items they may have. HomeStyle Consolidated
                                                     is the group set up to solve the “Groups Issue”
                                                     for those who want all the latest furniture de-
                                                     sign news – and freebies – but can’t join all the
                                                     groups that they would like to! Here, Bailey
                                                     shares some of her most recent news. Search
                                                     for Homestyle Consolidated in your groups, and
                                                     join today!

                                                         In our June 2009 issue, in the interview with
                                                     Vryl Valkyrie (page 93), the words: “Her first
                                                     moments in SL were spent simply exploring the                                             imaginative creations and possibilities that were
[]                                derived from connecting with the minds of other has opened its doors as a new inde-     residents of this wonderful melting pot called
pendent and innovative shopping experience for       Second Life” should have been given as a direct
Second Life. has simplified the interface   quote from Vyrl. We apologise for any confusion
used by the main shopping site in Second Life and    caused. E
proposes to offer an easy way to sell your prod-
ucts. is dedicated to bringing new and
creative ideas to the Second Life market place,
                                                                             Prim Perfect • August 2009

      CH A R I T Y N E W S

     Native Intelligence
     photos by PJ TRENTON

                                                              the harmful misrepresentation of Native Ameri-
     Coughran Mayo goes in search of                          cans in Second Life (much as it is in the non-vir-
     the Virtual Native Lands, and the                        tual world). An unexpected opportunity arose to
                                                              create a project to address that misrepresenta-
     woman behind them - Nany Kayo.                           tion through the USC Network Culture Project,
                                                              Second Life, and the Public Good competition
     I CAUGHT UP WITH NANY KAYO, THE INDEFATIGABLE            held in June 2008. Nany put together a project
     force behind Virtual Native Lands in Second Life. This   outline with another associate, the owner of the
     is easier said than done, as Nany often seems to be      sim that hosts Red Rock Mesa Native American
     one of the busiest, most committed non-profit rep-       arts market. Despite fierce competition, their
     resentatives in the virtual world. She is an outspo-     outline was selected as one of three winning en-
     ken and energetic representative for her project.        tries of the competition.
         The concept for Virtual Native Lands began               The original project, named Native Lands, was
     over a year ago, sparked by conversations about          under the direction of the Red Rock Mesa owner,

     Nany Kayo
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                   
Boondoggle Gruppman. For personal and family           expected, and she has re-defined the project
issues, Boon resigned as director of the project       goals. For one thing, she had expected more
on August 31. Nany took over that directorship         participation from the many people who claim
and immediately created a nonprofit corporation        to be Native American in Second Life (and some-

for the project under the name Virtual Native          times profit from that claim). For another, she
Lands. She submitted a revised project outline         expected more resistance from many people
to the sponsors and began the process of building      here who are consciously exploiting Natives with
both the nonprofit and the VNL project.                role play. Neither of these predictions came true
    Originally envisioned as a way to counteract       as anticipated.
the misrepresentation of Native Americans in Sec-          Still, persistence pays off, and Virtual Native
ond Life, using examples of authentic Native cul-      Lands now brings authentic Native American cul-
ture. The organization has since developed into a      ture to Second Life. This is important, as nearly
multi-faceted nonprofit retaining its original goals   all of the Native American culture represent-
and expanding to serve as a foothold for Native        ed in Second Life prior to Virtual Native Lands
American educational, social services, artistic and    has been inaccurate and misleading, in Nany’s
commercial organizations in virtual worlds. The        opinion. It is a self-perpetuating situation that
collaboration made possible by being part of the       both deters genuine Native American participa-
nonprofit community in Second Life has allowed         tion in Second Life, and encourages additional
Virtual Native Lands to take root and provide a        misrepresentation.
connection here for Indian Country. By offering            At this time, Virtual Native Lands is the only
an alternative, authentic view of Native America,      Native American nonprofit in Second Life Nany is
there are hopes to attract more Native participa-      aware of, with connection to real world Ameri-
tion in Second Life, and more public awareness of      can Indian tribes and tribal organizations. She
issues that are important to Natives.                  notes that Native American societies are so-
    Nany acknowledges that the challenges the          cially and legally stratified in such a way that
project faces are different than she originally        specific credentials are required to gain access
                                                                          Prim Perfect • August 2009

     to tribal organizations and their leadership. To     she told me. “Second Life is interactive rather
     her knowledge, Virtual Native Lands is the only      than passive. One doesn’t simply read a website
     nonprofit in Second Life with a director who has     or post a comment, one participates in real time
     those credentials.                                   conversations on a multitude of channels verbally,
         Being American Indian is a real world social     visually and emotionally.” She is equally certain
     and legal status. Most Indians are very offend-      that nonprofits can be most effective when they
     ed by someone who claims to be an Indian but         promote the unique features of Second Life, such
     who does not have the proper credentials. Such       as interactivity and immersiveness.

     persons, even if they are well-meaning and sin-          She has ambitious goals for the project as
     cere, are referred to as “wannabes” or fakes. It     well, and expects that the Virtual Native Lands
     is nearly impossible for a “wannabe” to obtain       project can serve as a starting point and shared
     cooperation from authentic tribal organizations.     resource for a full range of virtual worlds proj-
     Virtual Native Lands has the ability to bridge       ects involving Native Americans. Educational
     that gap and bring genuine Native Americans          projects could include a Native American college
     and Native organizations into Second Life. As a      campus and library. Commercial projects will
     result, everyone benefits from the diversity that    explore the technical and legal ramifications of
     genuine Native American people and culture add       Natives doing business online. Artistic organiza-
     to the mix.                                          tions can collaborate and share resources here.
         Nany is very positive about how Second Life      Native communities can access all kinds of social
     is helpful to non-profits such as Virtual Native     services here. Non-Natives can learn about and
     Lands. “In my view, social networking and col-       enjoy the company of Natives creating a greater
     laboration are the key assets Second Life has to     mutual understanding. And Native Americans
     offer nonprofits. There are other ways to present    can be with each other to create and sustain the
     a nonprofit organization to the public, but Second   Native heritage here regardless of where they
     Life offers a unique opportunity for feedback,”      are geographically located. E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                          Prim Perfect • August 2009

     SIM O F T H E M O N T H

     photos by PJ TRENTON

     The tranquil, beautiful lands of      IT’S LATE IN THE AFTERNOON. THE TREE LIMB
                                           I’m sprawled upon makes a fine vantage point to
     Hosoi are good for the soul - and     watch the sun set. Ducks quack merrily as they
                                           splash and play in the water reeds by the wooden
     good for the sole. Slip into a pair   dock. I may step down to that dock for a bit of
     of comfortable shoes and walk         tai chi soon … but not quite yet. I am relaxed and
                                           the music is so very soothing. I may just lie here
     a patch through history, tradition    until the moon rises.
     and nature. Whatever your mood            I stand on the edge of Japan Kansai, home
                                           of quaint Edo Period Japanese villages. From
     is when you start your path, it is    my vantage point the view is incredible, as I
     assured that you will end your        can see across the water all the way to China. I
                                           am marvelling at that wonder of the world, the
     journey smiling and centered.         Great Wall.
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                          

     To the south of my tree-perch is Japan Kanto,
filled with marvelous objects I may be tempted
to take home with me (assuming I ever return
home!), and just east of Kanto is Japan Chubu,
the halcyon open country with its farmlands.            you to find what new delight lies just
     It is very easy to find one’s way into the sims    around the next twist in the path. The
that make up the lands of Hosoi, but it is excruciat-   scenery is like no other you will find in
ingly hard to leave. Wandering along the endless        Second Life – these lands have been
trails becomes addictive. Your curiosity will compel    handcrafted with astounding attention
                                                                            Prim Perfect • August 2009

     to detail. Many of the finer textures were created
     just for this realm by Amiryu Hosoi, who origi-
     nates all the building textures and works with the
     terraforming of the land.
          The pace of life slows to a meander in Hosoi.
     It is recommended that you take full advantage
     of the tranquility you’ll find here. Dress accord-
     ingly. If you have traditional garb, you’ll want to
     wear it. If your wardrobe lacks, try finding loose,
     simple clothing in the colors of nature. Ignore any
     impulses to fly, or you will miss out on the finer
     details. As you explore, you will find many oppor-
     tunities to sit, relax and contemplate your sur-
     roundings. Become one with nature. Search out
     those little niches that have been left as a gift
     for travellers, and relax when you come across
     them. Watch the sky, the land, the sea, as all in-
     teract together in their natural state. Stay mind-
     ful though, because humanity and nature work
     together in Hosoi. These natural surroundings
     hold many fascinating human constructs, and se-       here. Are you ready to become a part of Hosoi’s
     crets below the surface.                              history? Let’s take a walk together and begin to
          As you wander, your journey may lead you         explore the sims of Hosoi.
     into the centre of a village. You may see towns-
     folk going about their business, or gathering to      Japan Kanto –
     sip sake and talk. Trainees at the Geisha school      The Heart and Start of it All
     may be hard at work learning their lessons or             The word “Ichiba” means “Market” in Japa-
     practising their social graces. Take a moment to      nese. On the Japan Kanto sim, you will find one of
     pause and listen to their amicable pleasantries       the most beautiful shopping areas in Second Life,
     as you pass by.                                       the Hosoi Ichiba. Here you’ll find all the elements
          If you have a curious nature, hidden secrets     you need to transform your home and land into
     are to be found. Pay attention to seemingly or-       your own version of the orient. Unlike many shop-
     dinary passageways, look for trap doors, follow       ping districts, though, Hosoi Ichiba is also a lovely
     your instincts ... and you may be rewarded with       and inviting tourist destination in its own right.
     the chance to explore secret mazes, treasure          At the heart of the Ichiba is a garden, intended
     rooms, and who knows what else? These lands           for contemplation and relaxation. Take your time
     are very old – history has had time to accumulate     exploring here, and cultivate the art of paying
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                   
attention to details. As you move through the Ho-     chased to enhance your garden or perhaps modify
soi cluster, you’ll benefit from viewing everything   the structure of your home itself.
through an inquisitive, curious eye. Also, turn up
your ambient sounds. Care has been taken to set       Japan Kansai –
the mood for your ears as well as your eyes. Wan-     Home of the Hosoi Okiya and
der about the grounds, and you will discover a        “The Shadows on the Wall”
tea room, and a green space devoted to those               Japan Kansai is a dream come true for Amiryu.
who wish to practice Tai Chi.                         She built the little Edo period (17th to mid 19th
    The shopping areas are contained in various       centuries) Japanese village of Hosou Mura to fulfill
pavilions placed outside the garden area. Amiryu      her own fantasies. She says, “I wanted to build a
describes what shoppers can expect to find within     friendly looking village with narrow streets with a
the pavilions as “objects d’art and interior design   little canal. I never made any drawings or sketch-
elements that we feel would perfectly comple-         es but I knew I wanted the little canal. Today Ho-
ment any Asian-styled home. Each is designed          soi Mura is complete and features a lot of special
with an eye to detail and correct scaling, so that    places and hidden underground tunnels.”
they integrate perfectly into your surroundings.”          There are indeed many secrets in Kansai. Not
    If you wish to go beyond finding furniture for    all will be immediately apparent. Take the time
your home, components of all sorts can be pur-        to look closely at details, and really explore the
                                                      sim. Your persistence will be rewarded, if you
                                                      take the time to step off the path and become
                                                      more involved.
                                                           Within the village of Hosoi Mura, a new Sake
                                                      House has been constructed and is the focal point
                                                      of a Japanese roleplay storyline known as “The
                                                      Shadows on the Wall”. If you are interested in
                                                      exploring the world of the Hosoi sims as a tra-
                                                      ditional Japanese character such as a priest or
                                                      monk, storekeeper, blacksmith, fisherman, car-
                                                      penter, gardener, a member of an established
                                                      family, or perhaps with the geisha, please send
                                                      Amiryu Hosoi a notecard describing your experi-
                                                      ence and what you would wish to bring to this
                                                      roleplay community.
                                                           The Geisha School provides many benefits to
                                                      the community. The Geisha hold performances
                                                      which are beautiful and engaging for all. Second
                                                      Lifers interested in the training and education
                                                      of Geisha may apply to take classes. And finally,
0   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                    

there is the undeniable appeal of having tradition-    ter of the lake, a house rises on stilts and beckons
al townsfolk going about their daily lives as you      you to explore its interior. Give in to the lure,
stroll through Hosoi. A grand town is admirable        and step carefully on the wooden walk-bridge
and pretty – but a charming village teeming with       leading to this extraordinary home. The interior
life is truly an unforgettable tourist experience.     of the lake house will charm you with its simple
                                                       elegance, gracefully settled here in serene isola-
Japan Chubu –                                          tion so far removed from civilization.
A Walk In the Countryside
    The sim of Japan Chubu is still under construc-    Mao Sim –
tion, but the open expanses of countryside exert       The Great Wall of China
their own restful seductiveness. Walk alongside            The Great Wall is Amiryu Hosoi’s crowning
the rice paddies and see the young plants grow-        achievement in the Hosoi cluster of sims. Amiryu
ing in the still waters. Potential drama awaits this   receives a lot of positive feedback on this proj-
idyllic scene, however. When the rice farmer re-       ect. It seems that many people have a dream of
turns to find his crops being munched by water         walking the Great Wall but know they will never
buffalo, this land may be much less harmonious!        have the chance in their First Life. This painstak-
    Your meanderings in Chubu will bring you to a      ingly crafted recreation allows visitors to live out
large lake, adorned with water lilies. In the cen-     that dream in Second Life.
                                                                    Prim Perfect • August 2009

                                                        Much research went into the Wall project
                                                    – over 3,000 photos were carefully scrutinized.
     Hosoi Ichiba                                   Textures were precisely fashioned. 80 hours and
     []            3,592 prims later, Amiryu had single-handedly
                                                    brought the Wall to life. It is 1.8 km in length
     Hosoi Ichiba Staff                             and circles an entire sim. The terrain of the land
     Kalderi Tomsen - Promotions and Accounting     is carefully crafted to give the walker stunning
     Manager - American                             views from atop the Wall. Amiryu explains to us
     Nani Yifu - Events and Housing,                what drove her to build this great wonder of both
     Planning Manager - Belgian                     worlds. “I want to show the Second Life commu-
     Machi Eames - Sales Associate - Japanese       nity that it is possible to create beautiful places
     Akiko Amizu - Sales Associate - French         where you can lose your mind and drift away pre-
                                                    tending you are really visiting the Great Wall of
     Geisha School (Okiya)                          China or any other great heritage.”
     []                     If you find you just can’t bear to leave the
     []           Wall after your tour ... perhaps you might give
     For more information about the Okiya           into the temptation of buying it! Yes, as many
     community thriving on Japan Kansai, contact    wonderful creations in the Hosoi cluster are, the
     Kai Serapis, the Nakanoshima Okaasan of        wall can be purchased for your own sim. E
     the Okiya.

     Flickr Photos
     Hosoi Ichiba
     Great Wall of China

     YouTube Videos

     XStreet SL Market
     (Items by Amiryu Hosoi)
     XStreet Keywords:
     hosoifashion - hosoimura – hosoiichiba - ho-
     soigreatwall – hosoiantiques - hosoigeta
     - hosoiaffiliates

     A Few Common
     Words Used in Hosoi
     Ichiba: Market
     Okiya: Geisha School
     Geta: Traditional shoes
     Geisha: Traditional Female Japanese
     Maiko: An Apprentice Geisha
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                             Prim Perfect • August 2009

     SIM O F T H E M O N T H

     Ten Places to 
     Visit in the Hosoi Sims
     photos by TWISTED LEMON

     Japanese Gardens. Secluded                             tiful bridges, numerous Japanese lanterns, and
     Buddhist shrines. Idyllic villages,                    carefully sculpted landscapes. Torii gates serve
                                                            to define various features on the islands; passing
     peaceful asian-themed scenery                          through one is a sure sign you are about to enter
     and even a Great Wall. Prim                            a new and different area of the sim.
                                                                 One of the best things about the Hosoi Sims is
     Perfect Reporter Jvstin Tomorrow                       the availability of items for purchase. Not only are
                                                            many of the items you see while wandering around
     explores the extensive
     Hosoi sims. Discover
     what our reporter
     found in the Hosoi
     Sims that you won’t
     want to miss on your
     own visit there.
     bells that jingle in the soft
     breeze. The sight of the sun rising
     on the sea’s horizon, beckoning a
     brand new day. The soft speech
     of a conversation between two
     young women in kimonos. The                                                         The Ichiba Main Store entrance
     meditative peace of a secluded Buddhist shrine in      available for purchase at the store, many of them
     a natural, tranquil, setting. The power, majesty,      are available for purchase right on the spot. Do you
     and wonder of the Great Wall.                          want a sampan to decorate your canal or coastline?
         Amiryu Hosoi, Kalderi Tomsen, and Nani Yifu,       Or perhaps you’d prefer a few of those Japanese
     the creators of the Hosoi Sims, have captured all of   lanterns? Or even one of the Torii Gates? I commend
     this and more. The Hosoi Sims are a set of oriental    the creators for being willing to put their creations
     themed sims primarily based around a fully function-   up for sale so that you can buy what you like to
     al roleplaying sim set in the Edo Period of Japan.     decorate your own home or region.
         Centered on the Ichiba store, the design and           With such a wide expanse of a sim to explore,
     flow of the sims is evocative of a nihon teien, a      there is a lot to see. Some of the places in the
     Japanese landscape garden. Outside of the urban        Hosoi sims that stand head and shoulders above
     areas, the landscape in miniature features beau-       an overall beautiful sim include the following:
     Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                
     The Ichiba Main Store                                neglected the beauty and majesty of the most
     [Japan Kanto/91/176/31]                              populous nation on Earth. Girdling Mao Island,
         Hosoi Ichiba features Japanese buildings, fur-   an island just off of the coast of the main sim,
     niture, and furnishings for your Japanese themed     is a breathtaking recreation of the famous Great
     home or garden. The store is an extensive, beau-     Wall of China. Wander along its length for views
                                                                              of the ocean around or the
                                                                              large Buddha statue at the
                                                                              shrine in the center of the
                                                                              island. And yes, you can
                                                                              even purchase a copy of
                                                                              the mammoth structure if
                                                                              you are so inclined.

                                                                              Hosoi Gakkou
                                                                             [Japan Kanto/33/50/25]
                                                                                Gakkou is the Japanese
                                                                             word for school, and this
                                                                             beautifully designed school is
                                                                             educational as well as pleas-
                                                                             ant to look at and through.
                                                                             You will find examples of the
Hosoi Mura                                                                   two Japanese alphabet sys-
     tiful walled compound, featuring two Japanese        tems, hiragana and katakana. You can also find
     gardens (including a dry zen garden) on a center     some English-Japanese translations of common
     island. I recommend this as your first and/or last   words and phrases.
     stop on your own visit to
     the Hosoi sims.

     Hosoi Mura
     [Japan Kansai/90/32/23]
         Hosoi Mura is a fully
     developed recreation of
     an Edo-period Japanese
     period town. The sim of-
     fers RPG opportunities for
     those who wish to immerse
     themselves in the culture
     and milieu. For the casual
     traveller or visitor, the
     town is superbly devel-
     oped and a joy to wander
     through. A soft background
     sound of chatter helps to
     immerse travellers into
     imagining that they really
     have stepped into another
     time and place.

                                                                                                        Torii Gate
     The Great Wall of
     China on Mao Island [Mao/126/20/24]                  The Ryoubu Style Torii Gate
         While most of the Hosoi sims are devoted         [Japan Kanto/102/33/23]
     to Japanese themed places and locales, Amiryu           A Torii Gate is an entrance to a Shinto Shrine.
     Hosoi, Kalderi Tomsen, and Nani Yifu have not        The Hosoi sims have a replica of the most famous
                                                                          Prim Perfect • August 2009

     Torii Gate in Japan, the floating Itsukushima          and the lanterns hanging on the outside porch
     Shrine, done in the Ryoubu style. The Second Life      add an extra special touch at night.
     version in the Hosoi shrine is a faithful replica,
                                                                             The Fishing Village
                                                                             [Japan Kanto/168/52/23]
                                                                                 One of the best things about
                                                                             the Hosoi Sims is the landscape
                                                                             aesthetic which binds it all to-
                                                                             gether. While some of the areas
                                                                             are very different, it all makes
                                                                             for a natural flow. Thus, you
                                                                             can go from the walled com-
                                                                             pound of the store, past the
                                                                             walled city, and over to this
                                                                             bucolic fishing village, by easy
                                                                             degrees. The fishing village re-
                                                                             sides comfortably between the
                                                                             more urban parts of the sim,
                                                                             and the manicured and care-
                                                                             fully created beauty of the wild
                                                                             areas between.

                                                                             The Mountain Path
                                                                             [Japan Kanto/229/59/29]
                                                                                 As mentioned earlier the
                                                                             manicured beauty of the wild
Nakanoshima Okiya                                                            places in the Hosoi sims pro-
     and particularly beautiful at sunrise or at night,     vide wonderful transition zones between various
     thanks to the numerous floating candles bobbing        features and reminds me of Japanese landscape
     in the waters near it.

     Tour the Nakanoshima Okiya
     [Japan Kansai/89/99/22]
         Ever wonder how a geisha is trained? Want to
     see a Geisha school? Fans of the novel and the
     movie Memoirs of a Geisha will not want to miss
     a visit to a painstakingly recreated Geisha school,
     the Nakanoshima Okiya. Some classes are offered
     on the geisha way of life, too!

     Visit a Buddhist Shrine
     [Japan Kansai/160/210/28]
         As befits a series of sims based on Medieval
     Japan, a number of beautifully recreated Bud-
     dhist shrines are scattered around the sim for
     you to discover, enjoy and find meditative peace
     within. My particular favorite, by a narrow mar-
     gin, is this several storey tall pagoda-style shrine
     on the coast.

     The Homestead on the Lake
     [Japan Chubu/118/168/22]
         Surrounded by lilypads, standing on stilts in a
     lake is this expansive Edo-period Japanese style
     home. The artwork and furnishings are gorgeous,                                                 Buddhist Shrine
Prim Perfect • August 2009                              

gardens. A number of these
paths meander throughout
the sim for you to explore
and wander. One of my favou-
rites is this Mountain Path,
which leads away from the
fishing village, through the
mountains and ends at the
farmlands. Look for the dra-
matic view of a row of Torii
and beautiful Japanese style
bridges during your walk.
    It’s an absolute joy to
stroll through the Hosoi sims.
Morning, afternoon, or night,
do yourself a favour and take
a trip to lose yourself for a
time, in the beauty and won-
ders to be found on the stroll-
ing paths, city streets, and
architectural marvels of the
Hosoi Sims. Yoi ryoko o! (Have
a good journey!) E
                                  The Fishing Village
   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
0 BU I L D O F T H E M O N T H                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

    The  ay of Hosoi
                                          - the paths and roads of the Hosoi Region. This was
     and PJ TRENTON                       not a simple decision, and in fact, should anyone
     photos by PJ TRENTON                 desire a writer-under-a-cloud, we suspect that
                                          our editors could suggest one or two for this little
     This issue’s build-of-the-month is   coup. However, this had to be done. The fact is,
                                          the paths and roads of the Hosoi region are bril-
     a little off the beaten path. Most   liant. So, please walk with us for a moment.
     Prim Perfect Build of the Month          The Kanji character for path or road is 道. 道
                                          also means a way of doing things. This layered
     articles highlight a building. We    meaning - the path, and the act of walking the
     were tasked with such an article.    path - is forcefully apparent when you set a san-
                                          daled foot on the beautifully designed, thought-
     However, after several days in       fully connected paths that wend through Hosoi.
                                              Begin on the hillside meditation platform,
     Hosoi, we were changed, and we       in view of the walled city. A bird sings. A trio of
     rebelled.                            broad, diagonally cut bamboo stalks near the
                                          platform seem placed to whisper, “notice this,”
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                  

to the passerby. A stone lantern marks the path       and you continue carefully. This is a dead end; you
that winds beside the platform, the bamboo. The       realize that the path’s broken boards and rocky
way is stone and dirt here, carefully edged with      interludes are meant to tell you that this is not
the green of new grass. Small hills rise slowly be-   the right way. And yet, it is a beautiful view; you
side it, pushing it one way and the other. The        do not feel frustrated as you retrace your steps.
path moves organically with the landscape, draw-      You can hear frogs conversing in deep voices.
ing your eye, and subtly guiding you forward. A           Back on the main way, you approach a sturdy
bell chimes. You pass another stone lantern, near     rope bridge, swooping deep over the river. An-
a fork in the road. Through the green foliage on      other path crests the hillside to join yours at the
your right, the deep red of a bridge beckons; on      bridge. Both offer a tantalizing view of the com-
the left, the walled city unwinds to the horizon,     plex, green-roofed gate house on the other side
in sturdy dark stone. Each step is a choice. Each     of the bridge. You cross to investigate, taking in
path has its rewards. Once at the red bridge, the     the sea vista on the way. From the gate house,
sea vista draws you forward again, over rough-        you can just see another gate, low on a hill, and
ened wooden boards and then the rocks that join       you continue forward. What is ahead of you en-
the path roughly to another bridge. This time,        tices. You notice the path has changed now; you
dark wooden railings and joists driven into the       are lower in elevation and the dirt has become
cliffside have failed to hold the bridge together,    mixed with clay. The pathside nearest the sea ris-
   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                   
es to form a wall beside you, blocking your vision    can just see a bench, and the edge of a red torii
and turning you away from the walled city. At the     gate. The path through the gap has been care-
same time, the other pathside opens up over a         fully lined in square cobbles.
                                                                                     At every fork, the
                                                                                 things you can see and
                                                                                 the things you can al-
                                                                                 most see tempt you
                                                                                 forward. The rhythm
                                                                                 of the familiar, the
                                                                                 stone lanterns and
                                                                                 benches,      reassures
                                                                                 you that you are still
                                                                                 on the path, and not
                                                                                 lost. There are many
                                                                                 choices to make, and
                                                                                 when you turn away
                                                                                 from one, there is a
                                                                                 deep sense of missing
                                                                                 something. When you
                                                                                 turn towards a choice,
                                                                                 there is a deeper sense
                                                                                 of discovery. This is the
                                                                                 kind of passage that
                                                                                 encourages thought.
                                                                                 There may be many
                                                                                 choices, but they are
                                                                                 yours to make. More
                                                                                 importantly, there is
                                                                                 never a sense of not
low wall. This opening reveals a small village, and   knowing where you might go next. The path, the
more of the earth-toned gate you saw from the         carefully layered objects on the path, and the
green-roofed gate house. A few steps more, and        vistas beyond the path, entice you forward. You
the path curves gently down the hillside,
towards the village, motioning “this way,
come.” As you follow, you can once again
see the walled city rising above you.
    The path forks again. You might wander
through the gate, and down into the vil-
lage. There is much to see there. But you
note that the path has changed again, with
moss overrunning the clay, and weeds rising
up, pointing to the wall of the city that is
much closer now. The wall runs parallel to
the main path, and you follow this, marking
the village for a return visit. You can see
more, just ahead. You tramp up and down
stone steps, past thatch-roofed huts. A
cherry tree and another stone lantern mark
the next fork in the path. One choice is to
go up, over rocky terrain; another seems to
wind back to the fishing village. You chose
up, and in a few steps face another choice:
left, towards a gate in the walled city, or
right, up through a enticingly narrow gap
in the mountain. At the top of the gap, you
                                                                         Prim Perfect • August 2009

     follow it up and down,
     climbing and skidding.
     You realize later that
     as you wandered, look-
     ing at your surroundings
     and making decisions
     based on what you saw
     ahead, you had crossed
     numerous regions. That
     is the hidden magic of
     this build; the gates,
     the carefully shaped
     landscape, the lovingly
     tended path textures
     - all combine to blend
     each of the connected
     parts of the Hosoi region
     seamlessly. But that be-
     comes apparent later.
         For now, you turn
     from the city, once your
     goal. You head up, to-
     wards the gap in the
     mountain, the bench, and
     the edge of the red torii
     gate. Now you wish to see where the path leads.      punctuation, and a far-off house on stilts in the
         Your choice takes you to another overlook: middle of a lily-pad-filled pond. But at this over-
     small green islands rising out of the ocean like old look, the path makes a slight turn and heads down
                                                                          the hillside. As you turn with it,
                                                                          the one gate you saw a corner of
                                                                          becomes a ribbon of gates, eigh-
                                                                          teen in all. The repetitive pat-
                                                                          tern of the gates leads your eye
                                                                          down to a green valley filled with
                                                                          streams, with sampans rocking
                                                                          calmly on the currents. You be-
                                                                          gin to walk through the gates,
                                                                          one after the other. They slice
                                                                          and divide the landscape into
                                                                          new perspectives as you pass. You
                                                                          are surrounded by the beauty of
                                                                          your choice, as well as the over-
                                                                          whelming understanding that you
                                                                          are passing through something,
                                                                          towards something else. This
                                                                          path, this carefully wrought, sim-
                                                                          spanning build, embodies the fact
                                                                          that virtual spaces are made for
                                                                          walking through, rather than be-
                                                                          ing looked at.
                                                                              At the base of the valley, you
                                                                          see the walled city again, and
                                                                          the path which leads to it. The
                                                                          Great Wall rises beyond that, a
                                                                          path all its own, beckoning. E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                            Prim Perfect • August 2009

     DES I G N E R O F T H E M O N T H

     An Interview with Amiryu Hosoi
     photos by VERA CANNING

     Amiryu Hosoi combined two              AMIRYU FIRST LEARNED OF THE EXISTENCE OF
                                            Second Life from a television show back in 2006.
     Japanese names to create her           As a graphic and 3D designer, she felt the envi-
     own. Ami, means “beauty” and Ryu       ronment might lend itself to proofing her designs
                                            and assisting her interactions with clients. “I was
     means “dragon”. The result is a        thinking it would be perfect to take the client by
                                            the hand and lead them through the design in a
     fitting name for the builder of the    true 3D environment. I would be able to edit the
     Hosoi sims, lands filled with strong   design on the fly to the customer’s desires.” She
                                            feels Second Life is a very good platform for this
     and elegant Oriental themes.           sort of work. When it comes to building in Second
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                        

Life, she’s a natural learner. “I like the tutori-     be found on XStreet. Of course, now that she had
als from Torley. They still teach me little things I   an item to sell, Amiryu needed a shop to display
didn’t know, though I am mostly a self-educating       it in. “I built myself a little kiosk to be able to sell
person. I can get much too focused on details.         the bracelet. My first shop was born.” Shoppers
Kaldi and Nani are here to shake me up and let         received a greeting and a glass of champagne.
me see the bigger complete project.”                        Now, Amiryu had jewelry to sell, and a shop.
     Her clients didn’t take to Second Life as well    True to her nature, she wasn’t going to stop half-
as she did though, so Amiryu found herself ex-         way. “To be able to display my bracelets and items
ploring the grid for her own pleasure. She found       I needed some kind of furniture. Don’t ask me
a bit of coastline and dropped in a prefab house       why, but I chose a Japanese Black cupboard. My
to have a nice place to watch the sunsets. It was      first Japanese item. Soon, people weren’t buying
here that she began to hone her building and           my bracelets but they were buying the cupboard
scripting skills. She also did a few “wild things”,    ... that triggered me to build new, matching fur-
including what she calls “The Sandwichman”.            niture and the Hosoi Antiques series was born.”
“I used to have a small office and workers came             In those days, Amiryu also started building
by to pick up a sandwichboard with advertising.        what she thought would be “the best French
The workers got paid by the hour.” She had up to       Roulette table in Second Life.” The design and
fifty workers out on the grid doing advertising for    scripts were almost complete ... when Linden
ten clients. Those were kinder, gentler days and       Labs banned gambling. But instead of letting
it was quite a lark. “I didn’t make a lot of cash      that setback stop her, she continued working on
back then. It was all just about the fun and the       a huge entertainment palace which would also
people. We were one big family.”                       display her Japanese creations. The palace hov-
     Soon Amiryu began to think she could earn         ered at 500 meters, while ground level became
money from her own creations. She created her          her playground to build her own interpretation
very first item, the Sheba bracelet, which can still   of the American desert. The ghost town of Nug-
                                                                  Prim Perfect • August 2009

     get Gulch was created to lure in roleplayers. Sadly, the
     Nugget Gulch Game did not attract enough players to
     stay viable.
         Amiryu was not only building structures, but also
     built a friendship with “a really nice bloke from Hol-
     land”. Their friendship was very special to Amiryu. “We
     sat night after night at my beach to discuss what we
     could build and create in Second Life. We talked about
     everything friends talk about. Armoe was always so
     very proud of what I was trying to build ... and the fact
     that he was connected to the action.”
         And then Armoe Lipo died suddenly from a heart
     attack. His passing devastated Amiryu, and she carries
     the grief to this day. But she is not one to give up easily.
     Her friends rallied to her side and helped her through
     her grief. “Next thing, I found myself in a building
     rage. I deleted the complete American desert that I
     had build on the ground and started to build a garden.
     When the garden and walls were finished I started to
     build the little villages around the Hosoi Ichiba and the
     paths connecting all.”
         She had decided to pay tribute to her friend Armoe
     by building him a Japanese garden. “A garden for all
     people to enjoy, dedicated to my friend. If you walk
     around the garden you will find the memorial stone I
     have put up. The stone will be there for as long as I will
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                  
                             be in Second Life.” To this day, at the center of Hosoi Ich-
                             iba, Armoe Lipo’s Japanese garden awaits her daily visit.
                             “Oh, how I wish he could see what we have accomplished
                             in Second Life. I know he would be a very happy guy.”
                                  The shops surrounding the garden began to thrive,
                             and management and staff became necessary. Kalderi
                             Tomsen, who had been so much help during the dark days
                             after Armoe’s death, now helped her friend with ideas for
                             building up the business. “One day Kalderi found a Belgian
                             girl who was looking a bit sad. Kalderi asked Nani Yifu to
                             come work for us in the Hosoi Ichiba. Kalderi and Nani are
                             still around and are very good friends and support.”
                                  Over time, the Hosoi Ichiba grew. And grew, and grew.
                             Eventually it encompassed six sims. Amiryu built a vari-
                             ety of Asian landscapes. “We had a beach, a great open
                             air theater, ricefields and the Great Wall of China.” But
                             the reality of the economy took its toll. “Because of the
                             recent global economic recession that is also affecting
                             Second Life, I was forced to scale down to 4 sims and that
                             is what you will find today.”
                                  The four remaining sims are magnificent. Each brings
                             visitors and residents its own purpose and personality.
                             Japan Kanto is the market area where shoppers will find
                             all they need to furnish and enhance their homes. Japan
                             Kansai features an Edo period village. Mao is dedicated to
                             a stunning recreation of the Great Wall of China. Japan
0                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

     Chubu, while still in development, already holds      creating and building is that you never can stop.
     treasures and surprises. The entire cluster of sims   Once I finish a part of scenery I just need to start
     is supported by the income generated from prod-       a new project and with that our creations grow
     uct sales on Hosoi Ichiba.                            with us.”
          Besides the memorial garden in Hosoi Ichiba,         Amiryu doesn’t just build for profit and fame,
     Amiryu’s sentiment truly rests in Hosoi Mura, the     but takes immense personal pleasure in the lands
     little village in Japan Kansai. “Hosoi Mura is the    she has brought to life. “My favorite spots would
     Edo period Japanese village I always wanted to        be the jetty at the Sakura Island facing Mao and
     build. I wanted to build a friendly looking village   the Great Wall. Sitting at the wooden logs along-
     with narrow streets with a little canal. I never      side sampans in the fisherman’s village on Japan
     made any drawing or sketch but I knew I wanted        Kanto where the fireflies fly around your head
     the little canal. Today Hosoi Mura is complete        with the floating Tori Gate in the distance. The

     and features a lot of special places and hidden       swamp near the rice paddies on Japan Kansai,
     underground tunnels.”                                 listening to the frogs and birds and losing yourself
         Amiryu has a soft spot in her heart for im-       in sweet memories. And of course the memorial
     mersive roleplay. Though the Nugget Gulch Game        stone for Armoe Lipo in the garden in the Hosoi
     didn’t thrive, she still nurtures the spirit of ro-   Ichiba. I come there almost every day.”
     leplay. “Hosoi Mura is the home for our Okiya             In conclusion, I asked Amiryu what is it about
     and our Japanese based RPG. Also facing a little      attracting visitors to sims that makes her the
     square and the village alarm bell you will find       happiest? What does she feel she is giving them?
     the Sake House. The Sake House is to be the cen-      “For people that have never been in Asia, we try
     ter of the RPG. The RPG is still in development       to give them a sneak peek into the Asian life. The
     and we are still looking for dedicated admins and     greatest compliment I get is to see people com-
     moderators.”                                          ing back again and again and bringing friends or
         Amiryu is a true visionary and a dedicated tal-   lovers. They tell me they feel at home in our sims
     ent in Second Life. We spoke often of the drive       and can really “feel” a piece of the real thing in
     to constantly create. I mentioned that when a         the atmosphere we created. Some Asian people
     builder stops tweaking their builds, it’s a sign      have left their birthplace and come to us to re-
     that they are losing interest. She agrees. Amiryu     member. Remembering makes them happy and
     sums up her experience well. “The thing with          happy people are food for the soul.” E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                   Prim Perfect • August 2009

     SPE C I A L F E AT U R E

     The Architecture of
     Spontaneous Narrative
     photos by PJ TRENTON

     Join Annechen and Viv as they   IT IS OBVIOUS UPON ENTERING A GROCERY STORE
                                     that certain behaviours are expected and oth-
     explore several approaches      ers are not. You do not, for instance, look for
     to creating good role-play      the sauna, or begin to spelunk. Settings, both
                                     real-world and virtual, guide our understand-
     environments in Second Life.    ing of what we are supposed to do, and how we

Drottningholm Palace
   Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                              

Hosoi Mura
   should go about doing it. In the virtual world,     You likely would not send for your footman. You
   well-thought-out visual and informational cues      could be ensconced at court, in your finest, and
   can provide an additional layer of guidance, es-    note that the King’s cousin is scheming again. In
   pecially in role-play sims.                         this case, invoking citizens’ arrest would be un-
       Why is this important? Because individuals      wise, and unseemly. Your surroundings give you a
   and groups have worked to create spaces in vir-     clue as to how to react.
   tual worlds where people can come together and          What makes or breaks a setting? What are in-
   develop spontaneous narratives. The facts that      take areas and how do they impact immersion?
   these spaces are open, and that the people are      How do you create visual encouragement for par-
   there by choice, make it vital that the setting     ticipation, catching up, slowing down, and exit-
   provide some manner of gentle hand in directing     ing a role-play gracefully?
   participants’ understanding of their roles, while       Besides taking the time to make sure the
   at the same time creating an immersive, excit-      builds are seamless and the textures are con-
   ing, challenging place to be.                       sistent, builders may use diverse elements to
       This immersion, this interweaving of action     create an immersive experience. It might be
   and reaction, can happen anywhere. You may be       as simple as making sure everyone uses the
   walking down main street in an upstart Western      same architectural style, to the business of
   town and witness a crime, or a secret exchange.     telehubbing the sim to the visitor’s area, and
                                                                          Prim Perfect • August 2009

     using extra prims to build stairs instead of us-     ple around you, the visual setting of the space,
     ing floor-to-floor teleports. Why would a sim        or by note cards you request. The only auto-
     manager turn off the ability to fly in their sim,    matic note card dispensers remain within the
     or restrict it to those who are winged? It is        welcome area; beyond this, tiles in an 18th-
     all about the atmosphere, and what sort of           century style serve as your guides for hints in
     immersion can be achieved within the Second          the area.
     Life universe.                                           This being a historical reconstruction of the
                                                          Royal Court of Sweden in 1778, both role-play
     Drottningholm Palace                                 and historical information plaques are avail-
         You arrive with your back to the sea; the pal-   able throughout the sim. Both are unobtrusive
     ace before you fills your vision. The walkway is     enough to not interfere with the immersive
     lined with note card givers and kiosks. Your at-     nature of the sim, but are easily found if you
     tention is immediately demanded by the customs       know what to look for - and examples of each
     area, for as soon as you land you are given a copy   are present at the landing point. The role-play
     of the rules of the sim. These rules and general     plaques give you note cards detailing what
     information cards direct you to the free items       role-play actions take place in that area. The
     for visitors, including clothing and an OOC tag.     information plaques give the background of the

     The separation here helps the visitor prepare for    building as it exists in Sweden.
     what happens as soon as they officially enter the        In several areas, the sim edge is the back of a
     Palace grounds.                                      building, or a shoreline. The Drottningholm Old-
         Very few instances of floating text are vis-     town section gives the impression of streets that
     ible once you leave the entrance walkway. You        were intended for foot traffic only, not a rider or
     might encounter it in pose balls, such as in         carriage. This gives a much different feel from
     the gardens, but few other instances are to be       the Palace gardens, intended in both role-play
     found. The cues you receive are from the peo-        as in history, as a Place To Be Seen. The Lustgar-
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                   
dens (translation - Pleasure Gardens) have yet        out there, not an invisible wall. It feeds into the
another setting, that of seeming privacy behind       story of the moderately-sized fishing village be-
the tall hedges for the courting couples. By con-     ing on a small island.
trolling the player’s visual cues, the designers          Between Mura and Chubu is the sim of Japan
are able to wrap the player in the world of the       Kansai. This is where you would find the shop
role play scenario.                                   that sells items found in the sim, Hosoi Ichiba.
                                                      However, the exterior of the shop blends into
Hosoi Mura                                            the landscape, without external clues that the
     When you go to Hosoi Mura, the Edo Period        castle wall encloses a Second Life shopping area.
Japanese Village, Okiya and RPG sim, you arrive       Most of the Kansai sim is gardens, a lovely visual
on the path between the village and the forest        extension of the village. The only floating texts
garden. A very well-built village, narrow streets,    to be seen are on the meditation cushions in the
and the sounds ... even if you are in an empty sim,   pavilions tucked away along the footpath, and
it teems with vibrancy; you can hear the market       the occasional pose balls for courting couples.
babble, maybe a few streets over, by the volume.      The far corner of the sim has a school building,
In another section of the village, the chiming of     with basic Japanese phrases noted on posters on
the Furin, or Wind Bell greets you by the flower      the walls.
                                                          Mao is also a commercial area, but it is isolat-
                                                      ed from the village sim of Hosoi Mura. You could
                                                      be crass and fly, since flight has not been turned
                                                      off in many areas, but that would cause others to
                                                      lose their immersive experience. Mao Island is the
                                                      display area for the Great Wall of China, which is
                                                      all you can see from the village. So even if it is
                                                      not, strictly speaking, part of the role-play area,
                                                      the visual does not cut across the visual story the
                                                      builders of Hosoi wish to tell you.

                                                      Deadwood 1876
                                                          Landing on the visitor’s welcome platform
                                                      of Deadwood 1876’s Yankton area is a some-
                                                      what shocking experience. That may have
                                                      something to do with the fact that the welcome
                                                      platform is a gallows, and your first view of the
                                                      western frontier is through the eye of a hang-
                                                      man’s noose. You are immediately mentally on
                                                      guard, and ready for what ever else the wild
                                                      west might throw at you. Climb off the gallows
                                                      and you are greeted by a large sign bearing
                                                      Historic Deadwood’s Top Ten Rules, a table full
                                                      of information, prim links to “how to be a bad-
                                                      guy” and external resources, and Jacob Reilly
                                                      - a rather stiff greeter carrying a wooden sign
                                                      with “Stage One, Welcome.” Just beyond Ja-
                                                      cob, another sign reads “Stage Two”, and thus
                                                      you are led onwards, ever closer to the stage-
stall. In the fish market, you might hear the wa-     coach that will, should you be willing, carry
ter lapping at the dock, and the birdsong in the      you to the actual Deadwood sim, 600 meters
fields nearby.                                        below. If you desire to wander first, or need
    The neighboring sim of Japan Chubu is much        to think about how best to make space in your
quieter, but the rice fields and open spaces are      groups (you are required to wear a visitor’s tag
supposed to feel desolate. Each of the four sims      in Deadwood proper so as not to “become dead
in the group are terraformed to be islands, so        by shooting”), there are plenty of distractions.
you have the visual clue that the sim edge is         A tent city of theme-appropriate shops occupies
as far as you go, but it is because the ocean is      part of the welcome area. So too, a photo gal-
                                                                   Prim Perfect • August 2009

     Role-Play Sim                                   often have a community calendar, but be
                                                     sure you’re clear on the how-tos for the re-

     or Theme Sim?                                   gion before you drop in. If you are asked to
                                                     wear a visitor tag, it would be extremely
                                                     impolite not to comply.
     Second Life, many more sims are instead         Narratives
     themed - created according to a particular          These sims might also have RP stories
     set of guidelines, covenants, and inspira-      going on in and about the sim, but visitors
     tions - but do not have an enforced role-       and even residents are not required to par-
     play policy. Neither form is better than the    ticipate. These bits of guerrilla theatre will
     other, but one might be more suited to one      generally occur at random times, and might
     individual’s taste than another’s.              not even be in open chat. Many themed sims
         Here’s a quick guide to help you discern    may request visitors dress in a style related
     whether you are in a themed sim, or a role-     to the theme of the sim, but they usually
     play sim:                                       require visitors wear *something*, unless it
                                                     is a Naturalist sim.
         Both Role-Play and Themed sims will         A Few Themed Sims
     generally have a building code that helps           1920s Berlin, New Babbage, Caledon,
     keep architectural elements within one          Steeltopia, Virtuelles Koeln, Dublin,
     design school or time period. There may         Elf Circle, Paris 1900, French Quarter,
     be a master builder for a region. Role-         Wastelands.
     Play sims may have an established set of            A few role-play sims: Drottningholm,
     buildings that residents select from, or        Deadwood 1876, Tombstone, Avilion, Planet
     a building committee that groups may            of Taris, Hosoi. E
     apply to for variations, and some resident-
     building may be permitted as well, with
     approval. Themed sims may or may not
     require use of a master builder’s work, es-
     pecially if the building you wish to use or
     create is within theme.

     Public Spaces
         Themed sims will grant full access of
     public areas to visitors. There may be pri-
     vate residences in the sim, but generally
     the streets, shops, and event venues do not
     have restrictions other than those listed by
     Linden Labs Terms of Service. Role Play sims
     may restrict access to those wearing group
     or visitor tags, and ask you to agree to cer-
     tain modes of behavior.

     Community Activities
          The residents of themed sims host a wide
     range of events open to the general pub-
     lic, and may be part of a larger network of
     groups such as the Alexandrian Free Library
     system or Relay for Life of Second Life. Ask
     if there is a community calendar - and then
     take advantage of it by going to something
     and meeting people! Role Play sims also
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                  

lery, a diary entry from 1877, and a document        wind howls some more.
that tells visitors exactly what place and politi-       Diogenes Kuhr, role-play aficionado and a
cal-social climate they’ve entered: “Our time-       Deadwood admin says, “The environment itself
line here begins in the Spring of 1876 when the      is essential to the storytelling. It is a character
[gold] rush was in full swing with folks from all    as much as any of our avatars. That’s why we try
walks of life pouring into the Hills to seek their   so hard to make it look as good as we can.” Ex-
fortunes....” Should you desire it, the welcome      amples of how Deadwood players go about this
centre in Deadwood is a trove of information,        include changing the weather to fit the time of
including prim-based guideposts, as well as ho-      year and giving visual clues as to what is going on
vertext on some items, and a very clear path to      that help guide how people act and react. Among
the stagecoach. It is more than difficult to enter   the visual clues on the walls are election posters
the role-play area of Deadwood unprepared; it        and leaflets that carry a warning that hostile Indi-
requires absolute obstinacy.                         ans have been reported. Sometimes decorations
    Upon exiting the stagecoach at Phoenix Pass,     may tip visitors off that a celebration is under-
you cross a river and see the town proper for        way. “If nothing else, these visual clues give you
the first time. It is an evocative and painstak-     something to talk about,” says Ms. Kuhr.
ingly accurate reproduction of the real-life town        The concerted move by Deadwood sim or-
during the 1870s, down to, it seems, each nail       ganizers to separate the out of character (OOC)
in each board. The South Dakota wind whistles        welcome area in Yankton and the in-character
through the pines, and you are faced with a          (IC) role-play area in Phoenix Pass keeps the visu-
choice of walking into town, or exploring the        al clues in order, and maintains a sense of place.
old mine up the hill - two directions on the dirt    Information is passed and open commerce can
road. Somewhere, a clock chimes deeply, and          take place at Yankton without disturbing any on-
a lawman approaches. A bottle rolls down the         going narratives in the town below. Yankton also
street, a paperboy offers a newspaper, and the       represents a buffer zone that allows people to
                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

     transition into a historically appropriate mindset.        Remembering that they have but two senses
     In Ms. Khur’s eyes, this is “one of the best things   with which to reach a player, careful sim design-
     the owners did in Deadwood when they started          ers wring all that they can from sight and sound.
     it.” While some people wish to come to the role-      Layering environmental sounds with the visual
     play area as themselves, in their most familiar       palette increases the depth of the immersion, as
     fantasy, mechanical, or furry avatars, this delin-    well as making the limitations of the system work
     eation marks the Deadwood role-play zone off, as      for you. Whether it is an urban environment, mak-
     Ms. Kuhr says, “as an historical environment.” To     ing the buildings define the sim edges, or a rural
     do otherwise “is not fair to the people who are       one, making the edge a natural boundary like a
     trying to maintain a sense of time and place.”        shoreline or a cliff-face, or inhospitable moun-
                                                           tains anchored on the sim edge, blurring the lim-
     Common Grounds                                        its of the system is something a good designer for
         Elements uniting the immersive experiences        role-play sims strives to achieve.
     of these diverse examples are attention to de-             Commercial areas do not need to be designed
     tail, limited use of things that do not fit and       in line with a modern mall, and being able to
     careful management of commercial areas. By            blend these areas, even with the vendors most
     using careful building techniques, rich textures,     commonly in use by most Second Life merchants,
     proper spacing of visual fields and proper sounds     is a plus for the role-play experience. Limiting
     for the area, these designers heighten the ex-        the use of reality breakers such as teleporters in
     perience for role-players. If the poorer parts of     a medieval sim, floating text messages in any-
     town are to feel crowded, they let the player         thing but a science fiction setting or unexplain-
     get that feeling with narrower streets. If the        able objects set to full-bright (other than light
     town square is intended to be a place for large       sources) helps maintain the visual story a sim
     gatherings, the sight lines let the player know       designer tells the player. The less you see of any-
     where they are to focus, be it the steps of the       thing that does not feed into the narrative, the
     town hall or the bandstand.                           more immersive the scene will be. E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
0                                                                         Prim Perfect • August 2009

     AD V I C E F O R N E W C O M E R S

     Joining a Role Playing Group
     photo by PJ TRENTON
                                                             methods to suit your fancy, so finding something
                                                             you are comfortable with is important.
                                                                 Second, remember that you will not be the fo-
                                                             cus of the RP immediately. If the group has been
                                                             in existence for a long time, they quite possibly
      “oh hai. am in UR narrative,                           have dozens of story threads active at any given
      shootin up UR friends. whut? u                         moment. You will not know them all immediately,
                                                             but you will find the ones you fit, if you pay atten-
      sed it was rp, all u do is talk bor-
      ing and about urslves. I r more
      In this issue we discuss the
      dynamics of joining a group of
      role playing enthusiasts and why
      most people frown on shooting
      complete strangers.
      ING for something other than shopping or danc-
      ing - many turn to role playing because of the
      endless possibilities that Second Life universe
      presents. Myriad styles of role-playing exist, so
      that will not be the focus of this article. Instead,
      we will comment on some universal truths one
      observes in a broad range of styles.
          First, introduce yourself. Think of it as mov-
      ing to a new neighbourhood. You are an unknown
      to an established group, and if you want to play
      their game, you have to let them get to know
      you. This involves talking to people, and asking
      questions about the structure, finding out if there
      are journals that the players use in addition to
      in-world action to move the plot of the game,
      and how to fit your character in. This also gives
      you a chance to see what sort of RP is in play
      - is it a drawing-room mystery, a collaborative
      interactive novel, or a full combat situation? This
      is the time to find out if you enjoy their mode
      of operation. The group is unlikely to change its
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                        
tion. The best way to be welcomed into a group is      whatever the rule counters or enforces. If you
to support a storyline or three, not immediately       do not understand what is going on, shooting ev-
attempt a takeover. Some groups might be forgiv-       eryone is not an appropriate way to get to know
ing, and merely treat your role-playing charac-        other players or their purpose. It is, however, a
ter as a lunatic who needs to be protected from        good way to get banned. If the group does not
him- or herself. Others might just mute you, and       have an OOC area or even a sim, get to know the
in extreme cases, you could be banned from the         RP managers, and ask them for guidance. Many
group’s holdings.                                      will be willing to discuss what is going on, what
    Third, respect the rules the group has set for     rules they follow, and might have a few pointers
itself. This is one of the reasons why so many         on a good spot to jump in.
RP sims have telehubs in an out-of-character or             Fourth, remember the theme and scope of
OOC area. If you land in one of these areas, and       the RP. While your avatar based on your favorite
are given a note card by the automatic greeter         television/movie/comic book character might be
as soon as you rez in, take the time to read the       smashing, think about how the character would
card. If some of the rules seem silly or stating the   fit in the history of the place. If you are joining an
obvious, remember that someone took the time           RP in a historically accurate sim, having a charac-
to write all of this down for you. It is very likely   ter who is psychic or has magical abilities would
that the rule is written down because someone          not be welcomed. In some cases, even being able
decided they would not get in trouble for doing        to read other avatars’ name-tags is an “unnatural
                                                       ability”. In another instance, declaring yourself
                                                                       to be a Time Lord on a mission to
                                                                       repair the time stream in the midst
                                                                       of a Prohibition Chicago RP action
                                                                       would likely be ignored, especially
                                                                       if the mob bosses are about to have
                                                                       their sit-down. Likewise, the mem-
                                                                       bers of the Elf Circle would take
                                                                       a dim view of someone stomping
                                                                       through their gardens in mobile in-
                                                                       fantry power armour, even if it was
                                                                       to defend the queen.
                                                                            Finally, remember that not ev-
                                                                       eryone will agree with you and the
                                                                       direction you might want to take
                                                                       the RP. If you are the manager for
                                                                       that RP, it is your call; if not, listen
                                                                       to the others involved, and make
                                                                       adjustments accordingly. It might
                                                                       even take an OOC conference or
                                                                       two to find the right fit. Especially
                                                                       if you plan to play an antagonist,
                                                                       let the RP managers know. A well-
                                                                       organized RP can use a solid villain,
                                                                       but not someone trampling over
                                                                       everyone else’s input. Just a few
                                                                       words about boundaries before-
                                                                       hand can avert harsh words and
                                                                       unnecessary drama.
                                                                            Remember, this is supposed to
                                                                       be fun, so ask questions and see where
                                                                       you fit, then have a grand time. Role
                                                                       play games are cooperative efforts,
                                                                       and can be quite fulfilling, as long as
                                                                       everyone is on the same page. E
                                                                             Prim Perfect • August 2009


     RELAY FOR LIFE, THE SIGNATURE FUNDRAISING                   This is the culmination of the work of the
     event of the American Cancer Society, closed            teams (130 of them this year) who band together
     its fifth and most successful annual event in           to raise money for Rely for Life. Some teams are
     Second Life on Sunday, July 19, having raised           location based communities, like the Steelhead
     over a quarter of a million US dollars in support       Salmons, or Team Caledon. Others are part of
     of cancer research. With donations still coming         a common interest community, such as Goreans
     in, that figure is already over $270,000 US and         in the Relay for Life (the Goreans and a team
     continues to grow.                                      backed by the BDSM community were among the
         For the three months preceding the special          largest fundraisers this year). Others are teams
     final weekend, one sees the RFL kiosks all over         of friends - such as the unambiguously named
     the grid ... some simply asking for donations;          Friends Fighting Cancer.
     others offering some form of sale - your donation           This year, 37 entire sims were set aside for
     is rewarded with a dress, a piece of furniture, a       the Relay. Only in existence for a bare week (and
     pair of shoes or other goods donated by a content       probably only existing in their completed form
     creator. Events, too, are held in support of Relay      for little more than the two days the of relay it-
     for Life, ranging from huge week-long lag-heavy         self), these sims contain some of the most stun-
     events like the Clothing Fair, to one-off parties       ning creations seen in all of Second Life, designed
     - all designed to raise funds. Some residents           and built by the most talented of creators.
     believe that is all there is to the Relay - but those       These creations come in two forms. First,
     people are missing one of the most stupendous           every team who enters the Relay is assigned
     events in Second Life - the Relay weekend.              a campsite - and the size of it depends on the
   Prim Perfect • August 2009                          
money that they have raised. Each team tries to
build the best possible campsite ... and the re-
sults are, in very many cases, spectacular. Equally
powerful are the sites which say something about
the nature of the disease and its devastating
effects on the lives of sufferers and their care-
givers. And all around the sites, in things seen
and heard, were immensely moving and powerful
stories finding expression.
    The second group are specially designed sims
which relate to the theme of the event. Last
year’s “Heroes” theme saw sims saluting El Cid,
King Arthur ... and even Harry Potter and Flash
Gordon! This year the theme was “One World,
One Hope” which saw the inclusion of sims salut-
ing the Moon Landing, the Seven Wonders of the
Ancient World, The Shire (home of the hobbits),
the Natural World, the Tree of Life and even a
terraforming of Mars!
    And when all this is in place, the teams begin
to relay. For nearly twenty-four hours, members
of the teams (and anyone else who wishes to sup-
port the Relay) walk a course laid out throughout
the sims. In addition to prizes awarded for the
best campsite and the best designed sim, prizes
are also awarded for the avatars who complete
the most laps. The idea is that each team should
have at least one member on the track at any giv-
en time. Although we talk of a twenty-four hour
relay, in actual fact, the Opening and Closing
ceremonies take up the first and last hours, and
the Survivor and Caregivers are the first to walk
the course for the first hour. The real joy of relay
for many people, however, is to walk around the
entire course, pausing to admire the sensational
builds and take part in some of the fascinating
activities on offer. This year’s activities included
being able to cycle around the Tour de France,
zap cancer cells in the Anatomica sim, take a
ride on the breast cancer rollercoaster, rest on
the lovely Tranquility beach, or attend one of the
music events on the entertainment sims.
    But as they walk - and explore - people are
constantly reminded of the real meaning of Relay.
All along the track, little boxes are set out that
can, by a donation, be lit in a range of colours
(depending on the size of the donation). These
are the luminaria, and as the Relay progresses
more and more are lit in memory of those who
have been afflicted by cancer, and those who are
fighting the disease.
    A huge team of people are responsible for
the Relay every year; some of them took part in
the Treet TV Telethon, highlights of which can be
seen at []. As
   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

     incoming Event Chair for 2010, Tayzia Abat-               That is a sentiment with which Poppy Zabe-
     toir pointed out at the Closing Ceremony, it is       lin of the new International Relations committee
     impossible to touch on all those who contrib-         would wholeheartedly agree. She points out that
     uted their time and skills and thank them all         Relay is licensed now to twenty countries outside
     individually.                                         the USA. “Here though there’s one crucial dif-
         Fayandria Foley, who is stepping down as Re-      ference: we all walk the same track,” she says.
     lay for Life of Second Life Event Chair after four    “By the close of Relay I had counted participants
     very successful years with RFL – three as Event       from a record 31 countries and made many new
     Chair – said, “This was our largest and most suc-     friends. It was awesome to see so many flags
     cessful Relay ever. We have put Relay for Life        around the starting sim and to be holding hands
     of Second Life on the map not only in Second          with so many people across the globe.”
     Life but also in real life.” She pointed out that         The last word has to go to a first-time relayer
     Gwinnett County Relay For Life [one of the larg-      and cancer survivor from Australia, RebelMum
     est perennial events in the USA, with more than       Slade, who is a member of the Friends Fighting
     6,000 participants raising more than one million      Cancer team. The event took place in the same
     US dollars – ed.] may be the biggest Relay for        weekend as her real life birthday and days before
     Life and the largest money maker in real life         her four-year check-up, which was clear.
     but ... “They don’t have participants from over           “Words cannot describe the impact of work-
     26 different countries, a survivor camp on the        ing with people from all over the world toward a
     moon, a roller coaster, or sailing activities, they   common goal. The utterly amazing international
     don’t have tinies and furries, they don’t have        melting pot of people gathered in Second Life to
     the ability to fly and to teleport from one side of   share laughter, memories and most of all to stand
     the track to the other, and above all they don’t      up to a common enemy is empowering. The love
     have you (the people of Second Life)! WE are          and caring makes you wish the whole world could
     truly One World!”                                     experience this. Days after the event as I go for
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                 
my walk, my head is a little higher, my stride      through July 2010 but plans are already being made,
faster and my smile wider as I see myself doing     so if you would like to play an active role please
backflips and running down the virtual track sur-   join the “SL’s RFL Volunteers” group and look for
rounded by survivors, caregivers and supporters     the announcements. For further information please
from every nation.”                                 contact: Belle Loll ( or Poppy
    Next year’s campaign runs from March            Zabelin ( E
                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

     SPE C I A L F E AT U R E

     Relay for Life of 
     Second Life Awards
     compiled by SAFFIA WIDDERSHINS
     photo by PJ TRENTON

     RELAY FOR LIFE OF SECOND LIFE SET A NEW                ing appreciation for their hard work and dedica-
     fundraising record this year, raising over $270,000.   tion. The following are the teams and individuals
     The American Cancer Society and the planning           who won awards:
     committee would like to thank everyone who
     worked so hard to make this year’s event a suc-        Most Inventive Campsite Fundraising Award
     cess: the teams and corporate sponsors, the ven-           Awarded to the most unique and creative way
     ues who put out our posters and donation kiosks,       of fund raising at a Relay campsite
     the venues who hosted the team’s fundraisers,              1. Armada Fights Back
     the individual fundraisers and everyone who gave           2. United Forces Against Cancer
     during the many fundraising events. Details of             3. New Babbage RFL
     the awards made following the event are given
     below, in a press release from SLRFL.                  Best Theme Decorated Campsite Award
                                                               Awarded for all-round design interpretation of
     Spirit Of Relay Award 2009                             the One World, One Hope…Relay for Life theme
         This year the spirit awards were given to          and sub themes for each Region
     two individuals who received an overwhelming              1. V-Innovations
     amount of nominations. The spirit award went to           2. New Babbage RFL
     the 2009 Chair Fayandria Foley and the mission            3. Eternal Beacon
     chair Trader Whiplash. Both of these deserving
     individuals are cancer survivors themselves and        Designer Sim Build Award
     have exemplified the Spirit of Relay for over four         Awarded for the design that captures the es-
     years by embracing the need to spread awareness        sence, the reality, and the scale of the real or
     of cancer prevention in Second Life.                   imaginary worlds they represent, and truly give
         Spirit of the Relay Day Award for 2009:            us a world to call our own for a brief and unfor-
     Awarded to the team and individual embodying           gettable moment in time.
     the “Spirit of the Relay”. “Spirit of the Relay”           Judged for over-all atmosphere, ambiance
     includes an overall performance of the team and        and detail, the clever way they took difficult re-
     individual, not simply the amount raised. This in-     quirements and made them into a center piece,
     cludes the Relay activities and encompassing the       the tasteful and enlightening way of incorporat-
     One World, One Hope … Relay for Life theme.            ing cancer awareness into at theme, and for the
         Spirit Of Relay - New Team - Relay for Hope        best storytelling One World, One Hope … Relay
         Spirit Of Relay - Returning Team - Passionate      for Life theme:
     Redheads                                                   Mars Sim
                                                                Build Team Headed by Reitsuki Kojima
     Campsite Awards                                            Design Team members: Greg Merryman,
         During the event, awards were handed out to        Elfod Nemeth, Doctor Obolensky, Rip Wirefly,
     different teams and individuals as a way of show-      Aeolus Cleanslate, Kaylee Frye, Beq Janus,
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                               

Kandace Commons, Canolli Capalini and Skusting       level by raising over L$1,000,000:
Dagger                                                   Relay’s Raiders
                                                         Goreans for Relay For Life
Most Laps walked                                         Relay for HOPE
    Awarded to the person who walked the most            The All-Stars
laps during the actual 24 Relay hours, as declared       Relay Rockers
on the official Relay Lap Counter: Jaraziah Lowell       Friends Fighting Cancer
(23.54 laps)                                             Passionate Redheads
                                                         Indie Rock for RFL
Fundraising Awards                                       Team Caledon
    This year the Convio fund raising website was        BOSL Relay Team
introduced. This site was an area very similar           Eternal Beacon
to the real world relay online donation sites. It        Eshi Otawara
gave the ability to reach beyond Second Life to          The Quest for a Cure
friends, family, and co-workers who may want to          Sail for Life
contribute to individual or team fund raising.           Relay Hope
                                                         The Lands of Nor
Top Individual Website (Convio) Fund raising             Relay Wizards for Spunky
   Jaelle Akula $1,744.38 US dollars
                                                          15 teams reached the gold level (L$500,000
Top Teams Website (Convio) Fund                      – L$999,999); 30 teams reached the silver level
   1. Relay Rockers $3,780.38 US dollars             (L$100,000 – L$499,999); and 61 teams reached
   2. Circle Of Life $2,302.00                       the bronze level (L$1,000 – L$99,999). For a full
   3. Eternal Beacon $1,345.53 US dollars            list of the 125 plus teams and their total Linden
                                                     dollars raised, please go to [www.relayforlife.
Team Fundraising Club Banners                        org/secondlife] and click on the teams totals on
     The Team Fundraising Club has been adapted      the left side.
for Second Life from the RL Relays and was used
in previous Second Life Relays in 2005 and 2006.     Anatomica
It is based on the total Linden dollars a team has      How do you fight back against something so
raised as of opening ceremonies, and continuing      small that even the most powerful microscopes
as levels increase during the July 18 & 19, 2009     have difficulty seeing it? How do you empower
Relay. This year, 17 teams reached the diamond       people to visualize themselves getting healthier?
0                                                                             Prim Perfect • August 2009

         For the 2009 Relay For Life of Second Life,             And while Relay is designed to be an overnight
     Friends Fighting Cancer chose to answer these           event, the value of Anatomica will endure long
     questions with a full-sim build called “Anatomica:      after the sims have been taken off line. Friends
     City of the Hero Cell.” This interactive environ-       Fighting Cancer is proud to have been invited to
     ment featured displays that introduced visitors to      install all of Anatomica as a permanent feature of
     the lead player in the body’s immunity system:          ACS Island, the American Cancer Society’s head-
     the White Blood Cell. It also personified threats       quarters within Second Life. The vision and pur-
     to the body like bacteria, viruses and - true to        pose of this build will continue to help people for
     the meaning of Relay For Life - cancer.                 years to come.
         But more than just learning about these allies          If you donated time, talent, or money to this
     and threats, Anatomica gave visitors the opportu-       year’s Relay For Life then you are part of the rea-
     nity to take the fight to cancer in a literal way. By   son why 2009 broke all previous records. Overall,
     donning protective gear and boarding a special sub-     almost $275,000 USD was raised. Friends Fight-
     marine, everyone who came to the site could go on       ing Cancer added over $11,000 USD to that total!
     patrol with the Hero Cell and use various weapons       On behalf of every one of your Friends Fighting
     like the Chemo-Missles to destroy those threats.        Cancer, thank you for the gift of life and for help-
     Bacteria couldn’t stand up to those weapons. Nor        ing to celebrate the undeniable fact that we are
     could the free-floating cancer cells or tumors that     indeed One World with One Hope.
     were to be found within the blood stream.                   Stay tuned for more updates including an an-
         More than 6,000 people visited the Relay For        nouncement of the Grand Re-Opening of ACS Island
     Life sims this year and many of them found Anatom-      featuring “Anatomica: City of the Hero Cell”!
     ica and spent some time fighting back. Countless            For further information on how you can join
     survivors and caregivers now have an image in their     us next year for the 2010 Relay For Life of Second
     minds of watching cancer cells explode and die. As      Life, please visit the websites at [www.relayfor-
     one survivor said after spending more than an hour] or [], or call the 24/7
     inside Anatomica, “That is good medicine!”              phone line, 1-800-227-2345. E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009
                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

     Multi-talented builder, designer,                         With that said, here are several marketing ar-
                                                           eas to consider - and not just the traditional ones
     and businesswoman Zasa                                - and my thoughts on each of them.
     Rossini offers the following advice
                                                           Key Components to
     for members of the Pathfinders                        Good Marketing in Second Life
     program who are thinking about                        Create a Feedback Group
                                                                I have a base of about 20 people to whom,
     how to market their work.                             depending on what the item is - shoes, a tex-
                                                           ture, a house, furniture, whatever - I give the
     BEFORE WE GET INTO THE DETAILS, THIS IS THE           first issues. I get feedback that way, but also, I’m
     most important marketing advice I have for you:       excited about what I’ve done and if they become
     be passionate. Love what you do and show it.          excited too, then they use that item and some-
     Don’t be embarrassed or apologise, or change          one else sees it and asks about it, or edits it, and
     your ideas to meet what others think is your mar-     then comes to the shop and buys it. It is generos-
     ket niche. If you love what you are doing, and you    ity, but it comes back to you tenfold.
     show that, then others will love it too.
         Also be kind and generous to those who support    Give Great Gifts
     your work either financially, or with their encour-       Always give your best for freebies and gifts.
     agement. They are supporting you, so obviously        They are the example that the most people will
     they have great taste. My best friends now were       see and its insulting to yourself and your custom-
     customers at first, and some ... may have been        ers to do less.
     very demanding customers. But they are lovely             With shoes, for instance: one really nice free
     people nonetheless. People who knew what they         gift, and you get picked up in a freebie blog that
     wanted and saw in me the ability to provide it.       gets noticed by a fashion blogger, which gets
Prim Perfect • August 2009
  Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                

                                                          It is neither a bother nor burden to be part of
                                                      that non-Second Life group unless the group own-
                                                      er sends out a ton of notices a day. The number
                                                      of messages sent out can really impact people’s
                                                      opinion as well. I’ve found that twice a month is
                                                      the best; I send out a notecard, with a landmark,
                                                      pictures of items, descriptions, prices, and just
                                                      friendly chatter about the shop goings on. Twice
                                                      a month in Second Life is plenty. It gives people
                                                      time to digest, to relax, to appreciate that you
                                                      have sent something, and perhaps even look for-
                                                      ward to the next one. Sending a card once a week
                                                      is ok, but can be a bit much. Any more than that,
                                                      and you will have people coming to your shop just
                                                      to quit the group.
picked up by a fashion feed, that gets read by
5000 people, who come into the shop for the free      Know Your Customer Base
gift shoes, and love them, and then buy the other         Knowing your customers is important! They
four colours that the shoe comes in. The next         are your best source of referrals and also already
thing you know, you have an 1,800-person Sub-         like your work, and it is important to see them as
scribe-o-Matic group, because of one really well-     people as well, not just as shoppers. Customers
done item that you shared with people.                tend to fall into some basic categories:
                                                          • the loyalists: who usually turn into
Stay in Touch                                         friends.
    Keeping in touch with the people who like             • the casual but consistent shopper: who
your work and who support you isn’t just impor-       likes your work, shows up to check out new stuff,
tant, it’s completely vital. It isn’t natural for     but doesn’t instant message you constantly want-
me to talk to people. I am a hermit at heart. If      ing to know why you have not yet made the sofa
there is a time where you can’t be social, politely   for their new house.
say that you can not talk, but always say when             • the walk-in customer: who finds you by
you will be available again. Don’t cut someone        mistake and then either landmarks your shop or
off completely or shut people down or out. Give       buys every single thing in the place all at once
them the option of leaving you a notecard to read     and you never hear a word from them again
later, or even offer them an email address: you            • the freebie shopper: who, god love them,
can set one up for your avatar free.                  just likes goodies and hangs out, but doesn’t have
    For group communications, I like using non-       the funds to splurge.
Second Life group notice tools, for instance               • anyone else: the demanding, the self en-
Hippo or Subscribe-o-Matic. I use Subscribe-o-        titled, the obnoxious are not really customers;
Matic because that is what I started. With a          they just slide from my radar without much
group notice tool, people sign up, get a free         thought from me.
gift maybe. You do not take up one of their lim-
ited, precious Second Life groups that are nec-       Have a Web Presence
essary for land rights and other groups where             Blogs are wonderful! And, like everything
you must wear a tag.                                  else, you either have a talent for them, or you
                                                                             Prim Perfect • August 2009

     don’t. I don’t. As a designer/builder, you can not      your inventory. When you get tagged for a trunk
     beat yourself up over not having that talent. Just      show or a fair, pull out the kiosk and get out of
     get out there, talk to those who do, and see what       the way.
                                                                                    Help People Find You
                                                                                        You need to put land-
                                                                                    marks (LMs) in with your
                                                                                    vendor cards and the items
                                                                                    you sell, and you have to
                                                                                    keep the landmarks up to
                                                                                    date. but what I am dis-
                                                                                    covering (and no, all my
                                                                                    landmarks aren’t straight,
                                                                                    even now) is that you only
                                                                                    need to put a landmark in
                                                                                    a boxed item that points to
                                                                                    your main shop. This is the
                                                                                    shop that shouldn’t change
                                                                                    ever. Any other satellite
                                                                                    locations can be looked
                                                                                    up through your profile.
                                                                                    Do not forget to put your
                                                                                    shop(s) in your Picks!

                                                                                    Be Presentable
                                                                                        Your profile is the con-
                                                                                    stant face that everyone
                                                                                    goes to in Second Life to
          You should have some sort of web presence,         get information about you. If you are a shopkeep-
     even if it is just a single page with a SLurl link in   er, then present that information in a friendly,
     it. There are times that people are at work, or on      truly informative way. Don’t be rude. Don’t write
     the ancient laptop that won’t load Second Life,         twelve pages of why you are too cool to give cus-
     and they want to find something. Having that web        tomer service, why you can’t answer instant mes-
     page is an important connection.                        sages or emails because you do not have enough
                                                             time. If your instant messages often get capped,
     Put items on XStreet                                    say so, and provide an alternative means of con-
         It can be difficult to find things on Second        tact. If you do not have time for your customers,
     Life itself, and for many, XStreet has turned into      close the darn shop and just make art for your-
     the catalog system for finding things. People re-       self. If you are a shop keeper who has to quote
     search there, then go inworld to buy. Get listed!       every rude thing your best friend ever said, put
     Put your items in there. (Yes, this is my “do as I      that information somewhere else. I’m not saying
     say, not as I do” moment - I haven’t put my items       not to be honest and not to enjoy yourself, but
     up, but I do buy a ton of stuff that way, so I know     respect your customer and their sensibilities, if
     it works.)                                              you want them to respect yours.

     Consider Parties, Openings, and Trunk Shows             Explore Advertising and Sponsorship
         Parties, openings, and other events are, for             Advertising is good, but it is often expensive
     me, a necessary evil. If you can’t do it yourself,      for a new shopkeeper. Save up your money and
     hire someone else to do it, or, better yet, ask one     place one big ad every few months. Better yet,
     of your loyalists to throw it, and just step back.      sponsor events. Give out gift cards or transfer-
         Trunk shows, where an individual invites            able items to be used as prizes at clubs, live mu-
     one or more designers to meet with a select             sic shows, to raise money for autism, cancer re-
     group of guests, are another necessary thing. I         search, Sion chicken raising addiction, whatever.
     think of them as the “temp kiosks” of Second                 And above all, be generous, be kind, be friend-
     Life. Keep a low-prim, landmark-giving kiosk in         ly. It always comes back to you ten-fold. E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009


     Thoughts from the Pathfinders
     photos by TWISTED LEMON

                                                          Give Great Gifts
     One we’ve received the advice                             This is definitely an area I feel strongly about.
                                                          As a long time freebie-hunter, my inventory is
     from our chosen mentor, we ask                       filled with wonderful generous gifts from design-
     our Pathfinders to respond. This                     ers across Second Life that I went on to purchase
                                                          from. Now, being on the other side as a designer,
     month, Aarcher Zenovka of the                        the idea of giving something away that I have
     AZ Emporium and Cinders Vale                         spent precious time creating, tweaking, design-
                                                          ing is a whole other set of emotions! But free-
     (fresh from her hard work at RfL)                    bies are a vital marketing tool. Create something
     of Nexus Arts Gallery discuss the                    that stands out, with attention to detail, that
                                                          showcases the quality of your building skills, and
     advice given by Zasa Rosinni.                        hopefully it will stay in many inventories to be
                                                          used often and direct people to your store for a
     Aarcher Zenovka                                      long time to come! I think this is a fine balanc-
         After reading Zasa’s comments on good mar-       ing act for designers - how many freebies are too
     keting, some things immediately came to mind:        many? Can it get to the point that many of your
         The classic movie line “build it and they will   group customers are there only for the freebies
     come!” rarely works without careful strategies
     working in the background.
         From what I have read on small business,
     marketing is one thing that is often avoided or
     forgotten, because as a creative person it is all
     about the rush of making something “beautiful!”
     But, marketing is a world that must be mastered
     after all the fun of building is at an end, if you
     wish to make your passion your profession.

     Feedback Group
         I was interested to hear that other design-
     ers use this process, as it was something that I
     thought might definitely be helpful to refine my
     builds but also to get new ideas for creations.
     This kind of customer group is something I hope
     to develop with time.                                Aarcher Zenovka
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                    

and never purchase a thing? Or do you give little      tracts buyers to your work so that they can then
or nothing away trying to make yourself such a         visit the store inworld to look at the quality and
premium brand that people will only experience         hopefully buy. Of course, customers who know
your creations if they are prepared to part with       your work may also choose to buy directly from
their lindens? As I am now looking at the vari-        Xstreet as it offers alternative options not avail-
ous Group options I might use for my store, I am       able in world, such as buying a gift for a friend.
still trying to come up with the best balance that
I hope provides incentive to my customers but          Parties, Shows & Hunts
doesn’t flood the market with my work for free.            I have been blessed this year when I was cho-
                                                       sen as a Prim Perfect Pathfinder, the ability to be
Group Communication                                    included in some large inworld expos has defi-
    This definitely is an area filled with choices     nitely shown me the importance of taking part
for any designer! Second Life group, Subscribe-o-      in some of these events. They expose you to new
matic, Hippo, or maybe even by pigeon! I still do      customers that may never have know that they
not have a group option as I can’t decide the best     even wanted what you were selling!
way to go; each has its positive and negative argu-        Parties and Hunts are things that I have yet
ments. My preference is for a Second Life Group        to participate in. They may in time become part
in the beginning and I understand the restrictions     of my marketing strategy but in order to have a
that this carries. My hope is that if someone is       party first I need a customer base; and, for me,
willing to use one of their precious groups to stay    Hunts nowadays seem to more like marathons
in touch with my updates then they are a loyal         than a way to discover new designers!
customer, and in return for their interest and
feedback they will receive new designs for con-        Help People Find You
sideration and freebies as a thank you. Person-             Personally I find the most up-to-date way to
ally I also find it much easier to check the history   find a location is to right click on a build I like,
notices on my groups when I log on, rather than        find the creator and look in their Picks! So for me,
trying to keep track of all the Subscribe-o-matics     keeping your Picks up to date is absolutely vital.
I have touched that send me things from places I       I’m not sure if everyone uses this as their main
don’t remember.                                        tool, so including main store landmarks in note-
    As to Zasa’s suggestion about the number           cards and boxed goods is a definite MUST! No one
of messages, I found this very interesting, since      likes to TP to a landmark and find themselves at
I personally do find that if I get bombarded by        the bottom of the ocean or falling from the sky!
messages from a group with little substance I               I do at present pay the minimal amount to
will make a special return visit to quit the group.    have my two locations listed in Second Life search
So again as a new designer I must be mindful of        but I haven’t as yet looked into the higher paid
walking the fine line between effective market-        advertising. I suppose like in web search engines,
ing and communication, and spam!                       if you have items listed that are more unique you
                                                       are likely to get a much higher ranking in Second
Web Presence and Xstreet                               Life search due to the fact that you have less com-
    These are both areas that in time I hope to ex-    petition. My camping equipment is listed on the
plore. Xstreet I understand is another vital mar-      first page when people search for tent or sleeping
keting tool. I personally tend to be more hands        bag, but I don’t consider it would be worth even
on; I like to see something inworld before I buy,      looking for my ranking when searching furniture
as a photo can hide a multitude of things. I see       as the market is flooded with competitors. So my
Xstreet as a tool just like a Web presence that at-    hope is that through other marketing and people
                                                                              Prim Perfect • August 2009

     looking at my unique items like trapeze or gypsy         know their opinions matter. Keep a list of sug-
     wagon, they will be exposed to my eclectic range         gestions that customers have made. You might
     of stock and come back again and again.                  get a jump on a trend, or a better fit to that
                                                              business niche.
     Be Presentable                                                I think Subscribe-o-matics are one of the best
         I agree wholeheartedly with Zasa’s thoughts          inventions around; I have noticed more shops
     on this matter. Of course it depends on the busi-        making this option available right next to their
     ness you run, sometimes creating a character             regular “Join the group” poster. And as Zasa stat-
     that plays into your marketing is important. The         ed, too many notices get annoying. Her tips on
     beauty of Second Life is a thing called an “alt”; in     what to include in the notices are invaluable.
     real life it is a lot harder to have defined lines be-        Knowing your customer base is still at the
     tween business and pleasure, but this new digital        beginning stage for me. The variety of custom-
     frontier allows people to live very different and        er types was something I already was aware of.
     anonymous lives if that is what they desire. Per-        Nothing like listening to others to gain knowledge
     sonally I try to remember that first impressions         that will come in handy someday.
     last, so as a designer your business profile should           A blog address is something I’ve seen on many
     reflect your creative vision, advertise your work        a creator/designer’s profile or shop notice. I can
     and enhance customer confidence.                         see that this is something else I need to explore.
                                                                   XStreet is an avenue I hadn’t really given
     Final Thoughts                                           much thought to yet. I’m beginning to realize the
          Build it, present it, talk about it, advertise      need for a desk calendar just for my Nexus Arts
     it, pass out flyers about it ... and they will come!     business! Lol, the check list of things to do is get-
     Hopefully! Fingers and toes crossed...... : )            ting longer.
                                                                   Parties, Openings, Trunk Shows, and other
     Cinders Vale                                             events, are ideas that will work well for many
         As I read Zasa’s article, I felt that I had much     types of businesses. You need to keep getting
     to learn from her wisdom and experience. Anyone          your name out there in as many ways possible.
     who starts any kind of business does need support        Hunts are something I love to do. I not only get
     and encouragement. And that the encouragement            to see shops I may not have been to before, but
     continues as you try new things.                         I like to explore the nearby area too. You just
         A Feedback Group is an idea that I haven’t ex-       never know what you might find. Great tip Zasa
     plored yet. It certainly is well worth giving a try.     has about invalid landmarks.
         Free gifts/freebies that are equal to anything            I agree completely with Zasa about the impor-
     else at my gallery is a must. These items are a          tance of our profiles. When I look up someone’s
     form of calling card to possible customers. You          profile, I am not reassured to see information about
     demonstrate your standard of quality and work            a holiday sale from six months back. And I like see-
     ethic by this item.                                      ing their preference for being contacted, whether
         Staying in touch with customers lets them            by instant message (IM), notecard, or email.
                                                                   Good customer service is necessary and vital.
                                                              You do have to adapt to the situations that arise
                                                              in a virtual world. Prompt, polite, businesslike
                                                              responses to any customer questions will be ap-
                                                              preciated. Remember there is a real life person
                                                              behind that avatar. Treat them well, and the long
                                                              term benefits will be there.
                                                                   Advertising is not something I’ve done yet. I’m
                                                              still working on coming up with more keywords.
                                                              But, as in real life, you must find ways to adver-
                                                              tise. Zasa has suggestions I’d be wise to follow. As
                                                              a cancer survivor, I really do understand that we
                                                              need to remain kind and generous to others.
                                                                   As the quote says, “What goes around, comes
                                                              around.” Let it be respect, kindness, courtesy,
                                                              generosity, and empathy that is remembered
     Cinders Vale                                             about any of us. E
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                   

Tangible Dreams: Zasa Rossini’s 
Second Life Creations

Viv Trafalgar meets this month’s                       says. Instead, on or about June 8, 2007, she built
                                                       a canopied, wrought-iron bed, which she has kept
Pathfinder mentor - and learns                         in her inventory since. In the two years following,
why the creator of some of                             the talented builder and sim owner has created
                                                       many beautiful things - from La Belle Vie’s mix-
Second Life’s favourite                                ers, bowls of fruit, and furnishings, to whimsical
furniture began offering                               homes, and fantastic footwear and hats.
                                                           Many of the first
a line of sumptuous shoes,                             objects Zasa created in
how her creative process works,                        Second     Life
                                                       items that were im-

and why she began building.                            portant to her in real
                                                       life, from the mantle
ZASA ROSSINI’S HANDS TRANSLATE HER                     clock that she broke
imagination’s creativity. A few prims are kneaded      when she was three,
here, a texture brushed on there, and slowly each      and the chiffarobe
vision rises. From sims to shoes, and everything in    she hid in as a child,
between, the creations are nearly confectionery        to the mixer she uses
in their richness. Her footwear, hats and jewelry      to make bread for her
make Ztique the go-to place for the most fashion-      family. From these first
able ladies. Her buildings, from a fanciful home       things, her creativ-
built of books, to the impressive French village       ity grew to encompass Zasa Rossini
at Petit Chou, seem to call out to all the senses.     full sims. The village
You can smell the age-marked pages and bind-           of Petit Chou, for instance, she imagined in equal
ings, hear a bird singing in the trees, almost taste   measurements of romance novel, real-life Nor-
the delights that must be coming from the cafe         mandy, and Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
around the corner.                                     The ingredients mixed and blended in her mind
    For Zasa, Second Life has always offered this      long before she acquired the sim. Once she was
power to create the things she sees in her mind’s      ready, it became a matter of sifting the fully con-
eye. Three days after she began exploring the          ceived vision, landscaping to window trimmings,
grid, Zasa began building. “I wanted a house,” she     from thought to pixels and prims. It does not go
0                                                 Prim Perfect • August 2009

     without saying that the last part of that
     process took Zasa a mere three days.
         For each project, Zasa says her cre-
     ative process is the same, no matter
     whether she is working on a sim, a build-
     ing, or a small, fragile piece. “I think. I
     feel. I think some more. Then I imagine.
     Then I think. Then one day, the imagining
     comes out in prims.” When she works on
     a commission for a client, Zasa says the
     process shifts towards interpreting anoth-
     er person’s feelings and ideas. “Chances
     are,” she says, “They have already done
     the thinking and imagining and fermenting
     of the idea. They have the feel and the
     flavor of it, but cannot translate that to
     prims. That’s where I come in.” In cases
     where someone asks Zasa to make them
     something, she refrains from asking exact-
     ly what they want. Instead, she says, “I
     ask what flavour it is. What emotion it is.
     How do they feel when they think about
     it.” With that information, and prim and
     size limits, Zasa begins to translate the
     customer’s desires into colour and form.
         From her early work with furnishings,
     Zasa’s creations have become
     more detailed, and, she says,
     “smoother.” Indeed, some of
     her creations seem as smooth
     and tactile as marzipan or
     fondant. She’s been develop-
     ing rich, deep textures lately,
     several of which are darkly
     whimsical, and many of which
     she sells in her L’Art du Possi-
     ble texture shop in Petit Chou
     [Dans les Montagnes/2/78/2].
         Speaking of fans, Zasa’s
     shoe-fanatics seem to be
     everywhere, and with good
     reason. Ztique [Dans les Mon-
     tagnes/139/136/24]        shoes
     work whether the look is Victo-
     rian or modern, girly or show-
     stopping. Zasa began creat-
     ing shoes after a a six-month
     hiatus from Second Life. “One
     day when Diva Regina and I
     were in Stiletto Moody’s,” she
     says, “I told her that I would
     make shoes one day. So when
     I came back, that was in my
     head.” Regular shoes were
     out of the question, of course.
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                   
                             Zasa wanted “over the top girly shoes and
                             hats - things I couldn’t find elsewhere.
                             And with LOTS of prims,” she adds. When
                             a designer builds furniture, prim count
                             sometimes outweighs the call of creativi-
                             ty, at least when considering the require-
                             ments for furnishing an entire build un-
                             der a prim ceiling. So, for Zasa, the idea
                             of being able to use hundreds of prims,
                             per piece, was, as she puts it, “Swoon-
                             worthy.” The results are delectable: fur-
                             lined boots and hats, rose-trimmed san-
                             dals, bow-bedecked heels.
                                 Zasa’s hiatus, and the reasons for it,
                             are still fresh in her mind, however. She
                             says because she didn’t know how to tell
                             people no, she became burnt out and
                             shut down La Belle Vie for six months.
                             “With things like houses and furniture,”
                             she points out, “everyone wants a cus-
                             tomization.” She nods and thinks for a
                             moment. “I don’t like saying no. I want
                             to help everyone I can, but there are
                             times when you just have to step away,
                             kindly.” Giving herself the break allowed
                             Zasa to return to Second Life and reclaim
                                           La Belle Vie, as well as begin
                                           L’Art du Possible and Ztique.
                                           “The shoes just came out -
                                           erupted, really,” according
                                           to Zasa, “and then my friend
                                           said that if I didn’t open La
                                           Belle Vie again, she would kill
                                           me.” Currently, however, La
                                           Belle Vie is again closed for
                                           a brief time as Zasa rethinks
                                           a number of designs. She has
                                           retired her former line as of
                                           July 25, and is developing a
                                           new line of more affordable
                                           items. “The economy hasn’t
                                           hit that hard in Second Life,
                                           but it’s hit hard enough. So,
                                           why not make it easier for
                                           everyone? Second Life is re-
                                           ally a place to escape to, a
                                           place to dream and be more
                                           of yourself than you can be
                                           in real life sometimes. It
                                           seems pointless to keep peo-
                                           ple from having the home of
                                           their dreams ...” She thinks
                                           for a moment and then adds,
                                           “... or even the sofa of their
                                           dreams.” E
                                                                        Prim Perfect • August 2009

     SPE C I A L F E AT U R E

     A Glow in the Darkness:
     Second Life Sixth Birthday
     written and photographed by NIKA DREAMSCAPE

     At the end of June, Second Life
     celebrated its 6th birthday with a
     two week long event. This year, the
     theme was The Future Of Virtual
     Worlds. The celebration covered
     several regions, and continued
     24/7 for the duration of the event
     - and Nika Dreamscape set out
     to explore it all!
     the morning of June 23rd, 2009, with an opening
     speech by Philip Rosedale. The build where that
     speech was delivered was quite impressive, de-
     signed by Prad Prathivi. Although I joined Second
     Life in 2007, this was my very first time attending
     the Second Life birthday celebrations, and I was
     determined to see all of the exhibits.
         The SL6B observance featured abundant en-
     tertainment; the first week was filled with events.
     Concerts, live podcast and tv shows, dancing ...
     the amount of entertainment was neverending,
     and there was no shortage of things to see and
     do. One very successful event was the MetaNews
     Daily Live podcast at the SLPN exhibit, on Cryo. A
     round table discussion was hosted by Stuart Warf
     covering the topic of the possible Australian ban
     on Second Life. This resulted in a huge turnout,
     and the discussion went for quite some time. You
     can hear a recording of the episode on the SLPN
         Because the overarching theme was The Fu-
     ture Of Virtual Worlds, the vast majority of exhib-
     itors incorporated glow into their builds, in some
     way. But it was - on the whole - very tastefully      SLB6 skyline
Prim Perfect • August 2009                              

The Last Rainmaker

                             The Prim Perfect exhibit
                                                                                Prim Perfect • August 2009

       done. Since the region default was midnight,                 The Cryo region showcased many marvelous
       walking through the SL6B regions gave the dis-           exhibits and live events. As mentioned before,
       tinct feel of walking down a futuristic metropolis       Cryo was the home of the SLPN stage, and host-
       ... or in some areas, like a colourful amusement         ed several podcasting events such as Podmafia,
       park, at night. It was all breathtakingly lovely,        CoronaVerse, MetaNews Daily, and more.
       and I spent the majority of my time exploring the            Reed Steamroller of Sand Castle Studios
       grounds during those two weeks.                          brought us the fantastic Guardian Of The Meta-
           I began my explorations at the Polaris region.       verse exhibit. The Guardian was reached by
       The landing point for each region set you down           walking through a portal of billowing mist, fol-
                                                                                    lowed by a climb up the spiral
                                                                                    platform staircase to the top.
                                                                                    There you received a special
                                                                                    gift, and a message.
                                                                                        Over on Dimension, Kolor
                                                                                    Falls put together a spectac-
                                                                                    ular exhibit of interactive
                                                                                    art. Folding Minds allowed
                                                                                    you to use your mouse to
                                                                                    trace letters in the floating
                                                                                    beads at ground level. Over-
                                                                                    head, an enormous collec-
                                                                                    tion of prims slowly shifted
                                                                                    into place, duplicating the
                                                                                    pattern. It was truly ex-
                                                                                    traordinary to watch. Once
                                                                                    again, I am in awe of the tal-
                                                                                    ent and creative gifts of the
                                                                                    residents of Second Life.
                                                                                        Being a fan of metropoli-
                                                                                    tan cityscapes, I naturally
     The Cloning Station                                                            was thrilled to discover Im-
                                                                                    merse Into The Future, by Na-
       on a monorail platform, where you could rez your         dir Taov. A chainlink fence bordered off a mini
       own monorail car and explore that way. Now and           cityscape of towering skyscrapers, neon lights
       then, I would see some people cruising by in one         and animated billboards. I was so impressed by
       of the monorails. But my personal preference             the quality and detail of Nadir’s work that I in-
       was to explore on foot, believing that was the           vestigated further, and discovered that this par-
       best way to really see everything in greatest de-        ticular exhibit was a small, scaled down sample
       tail. I wasn’t sure what to expect, when I set out.      of the new Shipyard roleplay sim. You may also
       One thing I noticed immediately was that art had         be familiar with Nadir’s name from his work on
       a huge presence at this year’s Second Life birth-        the Crack Den roleplay sim.
       day celebration. I was pleasantly surprised to see           I wish I could have visited every single exhib-
       the work or so many wonderful artists on display;        it at SL6B. But even two weeks was not enough
       their exhibitions were amazing.                          time to see everything. I made it to most of the
           One such exhibit was by Sabine Stonebender.          regions, but sadly I missed a few. I especially
       The chain lightning effects she used were beauti-        regret that the amazing work put together by
       ful. Walking along a pathway covered with sculpt-        so many of our brilliant residents couldn’t have
       ed bubbles triggered brilliant streaks of white hot      been a permanent addition to the grid. It was
       lightning to crackle in your path.                       so beautiful and such a delight to explore ...
           I was also very much impressed with The Last         only to be dismantled after the celebrations
       Rainmaker by Poid Mahovlich. This extremely well         were over. I’ll just have to look forward to next
       done exhibition was the first thing I saw upon landing   year. I bet SL7B will be just as astounding. And
       in Polaris. A glass encased field of wheat stretched     considering the calibre of those who live this
       some distance, gently showered by rain from within       Second Life, undoubtedly even more so than I
       the dome. It was soothing, beneath the night sky.        can imagine. E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                          Prim Perfect • August 2009

     PRI M P E RF E C T Q U I Z

     How Far East Savvy Are ou?

     KONNICHIWA! MY APOLOGIES FOR THE SAVAGING              Indian restaurant, pronounce what I’m
     of the Japanese language you are about to read,        ordering correctly, and know what I’m
     but I can’t resist the opportunity to use my les-      getting. I can hold simple conversations in
     sons. This month, to keep with the Asian theme         one or more Asian languages.
     of the magazine, our quiz will determine your       d. Hajimemashite. Korobase desu. Yoroshiku
     knowledge of Asian culture.                            onegaishimasu.
         Yes, I know many of you probably are Asian.     e. Are you kidding? I’m learning English.
     Bear with me.
                                                         4. Something I know about “Asian
     1. My RL location is:                                  culture” is:
     a. Rural United States or Americas                  a. Red’s the lucky color, isn’t it?
     b. Urban United States, rural Europe                b. Okay, when you see an old man who lives in
     c. Urban Europe, rural western Asia                    a garden, and he’s unarmed, and smiling
        or Pacific Rim                                      – leave him alone!
     d. China, Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam,             c. The Four Great Inventions of the ancient
        Singapore, the Philippines. What non-Asians         world – gunpowder, paper, printing, the
        think “Asia” is.                                    compass - all originated in China.
                                                         d. The Four Great Inventions, above, are a
     2. My SL location is:                                  Western convention – ancient China had
     a. I don’t really have a place.                        achievements in metallurgy, farming, and
     b. I have a place, but it’s pretty generic.            silk domestication that may have been more
     c. A fantasy English-language sim                      important.
     d. A sim in my native language or RP in a non-      e. You know, there’s a lot more to “Asian
     English language sim                                   culture” than China.
     e. An Asian-language sim or Asian RP sim, like
     the ones highlighted in this issue                  5. When I hear “Asian culture” I think:
                                                         a.   Eggrolls!
     3. Do you know any Asian languages?                 b.   Godzilla
     a. I can order at the local Chinese restaurant.     c.   Manga
     b. I can order at the local Chinese restaurant,     d.   Bijutsukan
        and read the menu.                                           e. That with all the nations,
     c. I can order at a Chinese, Japanese, or                        histories, and cultures in Asia,
                                                                        it makes about as much sense
                                                                         as, well, “Western culture”.
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                               

Scoring:                                            a mild although factually inaccurate interest, fu-
   Score 1 for each A, 2 for B, 3 for C, 4 for D,   eled by manga and martial arts movies.
and 5 for E.                                            16-20: You’re considered the expert in your
                                                    circle of friends. You may even know an Asian lan-
    5-10: You have the occasional teriyaki bowl,    guage or have taken an Eastern martial art.
you don’t know martial arts, and you don’t really       21-25: You are Asian. You have the occasional
think about it.                                     hamburger, you don’t know martial arts, and you
    11-15: You’ve taken a few classes. You have     don’t really think about it. Eello, Avatar! You

                                                                               PERRY APPLEMOOR
                                                              Prim Perfect • August 2009

     LA N D S C A P E O F T H E M O N T H

     Neo Kowloon
     photos by RAVEN HAALAN

     Isle Lunasea and Raven Haalan          WE APPEAR ON A STONE PLATFORM BEFORE THE
                                            carved gates of Neo Kowloon. A quick scan reveals
     explore a different vision of the      the outskirts of a very dark and squalid cityscape.
     Orient for our Landscape of            A gift box dispenses a note card written in Japa-
                                            nese. The large sign over the gate falls slowly and
     the Month.                             crashes to the ground.
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                 

           We sense a bit of a puzzle here. Why does a
       simulation of a Hong Kong district have note cards written
       in Japanese? Is there any symbolism in the falling gate sign?
       Why is it so dark?
           Neo Kowloon (or just Kowloon) is completely new territory for
       us. We haven’t arranged for a guide and neither of us read Japanese or
       Chinese. Our experience here is going to be similar to your own should you
       visit. One window you might want open and keep near at hand is [translate.]. Using this, we discover that using buy on the box we get some gifts,
       including a guide book HUD. Very handy.
0                                                                          Prim Perfect • August 2009

          We move through the gate to the main street       casinos, and a haven to illegal immigrants as the
     of the city, a concourse of eclectic shops and         Hong Kong Police had no right to enter the city.
     splashy neon signage. This is one of the few               For a time it was an administrative no-man’s
     wide streets to be found in the sim. The city is a     land where neither the British nor the Chinese
     rectangular monolith of dingy midrise buildings        enforced any rule of law, ruled instead by anti-
     wormed through with narrow alleys.                     Manchurian Triads. Nevertheless, most residents
          We decide to research the background that         were not involved in crime, living peacefully
     underlies this sim. What we discover is utterly        and organizing their daily activities themselves.
     fascinating.                                           As the community strengthened, the hold of the
          Originally a watch post founded in the Song       Triad began to weaken and the walled city be-
     Dynasty (960-1279) to defend the Hong Kong area        gan to grow.
     against pirates, The Walled City of Kowloon was            Square buildings folded up into one another as
     rebuilt as a fort in the mid-1800s. The outpost        thousands of modifications were made, virtually
     eventually grew into a low-lying, densely packed       none by architects or engineers, until the entire
     neighborhood within those walls.                       city became monolithic. With a population at its
          Much of the city and the wall itself were de-     zenith of 50,000 it was one of the densest urban
     stroyed by Japan in 1940 during its WW2 occupa-        slums in the world.
     tion of Hong Kong to provide building materials            So closely packed were the tall buildings
     for the nearby Kai Tak Airport.                        that the streets were illuminated by florescent
          Following Japan’s surrender, squatters oc-        lights as sunlight rarely reached the lower levels.
     cupied the city and resisted several attempts by       Labyrinthine corridors ran through the city, often
     Britain to drive them out. With no wall to protect     clogged up with refuse, some at ground level and
     it initially, Kowloon became a hotbed of criminal      some running through upper floors, through and
     activity, rife with triads, opium dens, brothels and   between buildings.
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                              Prim Perfect • August 2009

         In 1987, the People’s Republic of China             She makes a donation at a large cauldron with
     and British authorities mutually agreed to              sticks in it and the donation is returned. Good-
     demolish the Walled City of Kowloon and                 will? We don’t know but we can hope.
     resettle its inhabitants. The city was eventually           Electrical wires crisscross over the side streets
     emptied, and was rased in 1993.                         that snake and twist past shops, meeting spots,
         After the demolition, a park was built in its       and grungy eateries that offer a startlingly strange
     place, the centerpiece being the Yamen, a three-        and delightfully weird potpourri of goods. The sur-
     hall structure fully restored in its Qing Dynasty       roundings are fantastically textured. Grimy con-
     appearance.                                             crete, graffiti, steel grate doors, rusty drums, and
         Over the years, many filmmakers, game de-           rough wood planking plastered with news bills and
     signers, and other artists have used the
     Walled City as an inspiration when they
     wanted to convey a sense of oppressive
     urbanization or centers of unfettered
         Kowloon’s Gate, one of these games,
     was developed by ArtDink for the Play-
     station and became an Asian cult hit.
     Although it was never released in the West,
     YouTube clips of the game can be found.
     Japanese game developer and Second Life
     services provider recre-
     ated the version of the city presented in
     that game as a showcase in Second Life.
         We find ourselves on the main drag of
     an environment steeped in over thousand
     years of history.
         The designers of this sim did an amaz-
     ing and convincing job of portraying the
     visual and atmospheric feeling of the
     original Walled City of Kowloon. The neon
     signage on the lower levels supplies the
     only light source and draws you in, giving
     a gaudy yet cheerful-in-squalor realistic
     feel to the market and public areas.
         One seems to be guided to the
     vendors and commercial center of the
     sim but we are intrigued by a glimpse of
     a side corridor. Leaving behind the beck-
     oning neon, we head for the alleys. This
     is what we came for.
         Not being able to read signs and
     hovertext is a handicap, yet seems so
     appropriate in this situation. Diving in
     head first to such a historical and interesting         notices juxtapose against red silk hangings and odd
     experience without safety nets is the whole thrill      techno gadgets. Oriental cyberpunk in the slum.
     of this exploration. Decisions based on visual              We start poking at a fire hydrant-like
     clues, enjoying the authentic local architecture        device that pops open with a hiss to show a video
     and taking chances ... this is Second Life at its       screen with buttons. After some experimentation
     best. We love it.                                       we discover a series of maps with teleportation
         We enter an open shop - perhaps a temple?           destinations around the sim.
     There is food and incense sticks. Isle realizes she’s       The detritus of a hidden society litters
     standing on a prayer mat and quickly backs off.         corners and pathways everywhere.
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                      

    We venture up ramps and into stairwells,                  One corner of the sim is actually a splendidly
discovering hideaways and encountering secrets.           beautiful oriental structure and square. This ap-
The unexpected is the norm with doors function-           pears to be a guard house or official residence
ing as teleportation devices to strange rooms in          which has somehow survived on the outskirts of
the sky. One upstairs room is a narrow hovel with         the city. Could this be the historical Yamen? Even
a bed where you can crash (presumably after enjoy-        here, however the bizarre is thrown in: rusty
ing some pastime of ill repute). Another is a dining      mechanized pandas are available for riding in the
room with a linoleum floor, arborite tables, and a        middle of the square.
retro tech TV. A staircase leads to a door. Within that       Shopping in Kowloon is fun and dirt cheap,
door is another door which requires a 7 character         even if the goods are distinctly but deliciously
                                                                  odd. There are many freebies and for sale
                                                                  items seem to average 10 to 20 Lindens.
                                                                  One freebie is a Kowloon Soul avatar,
                                                                  which transforms you into a mere puff of
                                                                  smokey flame. It seems to be a fitting way
                                                                  to travel this haunting sim. Some Jules
                                                                  Verne-like flying machines and complete
                                                                  avatars are a few hundred $L. One of the
                                                                  best finds is a texture shop which offers
                                                                  for sale the actual textures used in build-
                                                                  ing the sim.
                                                                      There is also a rental office, sug-
                                                                  gesting that inside the various build-
                                                                  ings, residences and residents can be
                                                                  found. We chat briefly (via [translate.
                                                        ]) with twin Japanese speak-
                                                                  ing rodent avatars that seemed to be at
                                                                  home here.
                                                                      We return to our original puzzles. Why
                                                                  Japanese text in a Chinese district? The
                                                                  sim developer is a Japanese gaming com-
                                                                  pany, and the history of Kowloon holds a
                                                                  fascination for many Japanese explorers.
                                                                  Why is it so dark? The sun never reached
                                                                  street level in the real life Kowloon. Why
                                                                  does the sign fall off the gate? The crash
                                                                  as it hits the ground echoes with portent.
                                                                  We feel that it foreshadows the Walled
                                                                  City’s eventual destruction.
                                                                      The richness and immersive essence of
                                                                  this sim, the detail and depth of experi-
                                                                  ences to be found here make it a definite
                                                                  must-visit for anyone with an adventur-
                                                                  ous spirit and a love of history.
password ... which we don’t have. Another mys-                Wandering around Kowloon, we are strangers
tery for another visit.                                   in a strange land. We like it, and we will return.
    In an alley way corner, surreal biotech crea-         [Kowloon/147/11/24] E
tures are appearing and disappearing with a
poof of pink fog. A one-eyed bug wields a light
fixture. A four-eyed octopus-like creature in a           Notes on the history of the Walled City of
baby carriage spins in circles. A giant pair of           Kowloon are excerpted from
dentures holds a bear head in its teeth. Is this          For more info, visit [http://en.wikipedia.
the opium trip?                                           org/wiki/Kowloon_Walled_City]
   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                        

The Serene Garden
photos and postscript by KAYE ROBBIANI

Although our popular gardening            SIR WALTER SCOTT ONCE SAID, “NOTHING IS
                                          MORE completely the child of art than a gar-
correspondent Kaye Robbiani               den,” and nothing reflects the truth of that so
stepped down last month, we               much as a Japanese garden. Gardenmaking is
                                          high art in the Japanese culture, and the garden-
have the privilege of her sister,         maker is as respected for his art as any painter
                                          or calligrapher.
Scotti Lyle, joining us for this issue        Even just the phrase “Japanese garden”
to write about a wonderful Japanese       brings to mind the sound of flowing water, the
                                          wind stirring a bamboo chime, and birds singing
garden that Kaye has created.             sweetly and softly in the trees. Walking through
So a wonderful garden - and a             a bamboo gate, you are immediately surrounded
                                          with a living stillness that infuses you with a tran-
great new writer to enjoy as well!        quility rarely found in today’s busy world. As you
                                                                         Prim Perfect • August 2009

     wander along the paths – some of stone, some         due in large part to greatly improved garden-
     of pebbles, some of wood – you feel the burdens      ing techniques. And it was during this time that
     and pressures that you carry all day, that keep      the dry garden – where the water element is
     you awake at night, slipping away, and your mind     symbolized using rocks, sand, and gravel rath-
     becomes absorbed by the incredible beauty, bal-      er than actual water – was born. Then, from
     ance, and peace that surrounds you. How is it        the 1500s to the 1800s, the gardens took on
     possible that just a few minutes in this place has   a whole different meaning. The Japanese Tea
     such a profound effect?                              Ceremony became one of the most important
         It’s very simple, and it’s very complicated.     ceremonies in Japan, and Tea Gardens began
     Japanese gardens date back to at least 549 A.D.,     to appear. At the centre of the garden would
     and probably earlier than that, and have gone        be the tea house, usually with a path leading
     through several distinct periods. The earliest       from it to the main house. It was during this era
     known gardens were supposed to express Bud-          that the gardens reflected the tastes and sta-
     dhism and Taoism; there was a strong Chinese         tus of each individual Shogun, and they shifted
     influence at this time, and many gardens were        from religious significance to a symbol of the
     replicas of mountainous Chinese landscapes.          Shogun’s prestige and influence.
     Later, around 800 A.D., the gardens shifted from         In today’s world, some aspects of all of these
     purely religious symbols to places for enter-        periods can be found in Japanese gardens. Dif-
     tainment and ceremonies. Gardens became an           ferent styles of gardens have different purposes.
     important part of the homes of the wealthy, in       Feel like a little meditation and introspection?
     some ways almost a status symbol. It was during      You might want to visit a Karesansui garden. Of-
     this time that water became an important ele-        ten referred to as a Zen garden, the Karesansui
     ment in the gardens, and it remains so to this       is a dry landscape rock garden that uses neither
     day. But even though the gardens had become          ponds nor streams but rather sand and stones
     less pronouncedly religious, there was still a       to represent water. The raking of sand to repre-
     deeply spiritual element to them.                    sent rippling water is an intricate and difficult
         Between about 1200 and 1500 A.D., there          task, and is often used to help focus one’s mind.
     was a burgeoning interest in gardenmaking,           Getting the lines perfect takes intense concen-
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                
tration and skill. In many Karesansui gardens,      ery hand movement is precise and significant?
the sand is raked in different patterns at dif-     You will want to visit a Chaniwa garden, built
ferent times of the day, or in different seasons    specifically for this ceremony. In it you will find
of the year. These raked patterns can be a cre-     the tea house, designed in aesthetic simplicity,
ative outlet for the gardener and provide a new     where the ceremony will be held. Follow the
look and feel to the garden with every change.      path of the stepping stones, lit by soft lanterns,
Rocks, moss, and well-pruned trees will also be     at the end of which you will find a basin just
present, usually in arrangements that have deep     outside the tea house itself in which to purify
spiritual meaning. Karesansui gardens are of-       yourself for the ceremony.
ten meant to be viewed from a single location,          All of these gardens employ the use of four
where the eye is guided by the elements in the      basic elements: water, stone, plants and senses.
garden to assist in meditation.                     The Japanese garden is meticulously designed to
     Or maybe you’re in the mood for a stroll.      create a serene, spiritual balance between na-
In that case, there’s the Tsukiyama garden, or      ture and man. Although it is easy to get lost in
hill garden, which uses ponds, streams, stones,     the tranquility that surrounds you, if you look
paths, flowers, and bridges. Often a Tsukiyama      very carefully you will see the genius behind the
will be a “borrowed landscape,” or a miniature      garden’s design. The paths – the ones you thought
version of a well-known landscape found in China    merely meandered pleasantly through the garden
or Japan. Moss is used to cover stones, creating    – are designed to take your eye on a specific jour-
hills. Man-made elements are found frequently,      ney, speaking to your subconscious in gentle tones
such as temples, bridges, and lanterns. These       that calm and relax you. Although you will see a
borrowed landscape gardens are almost like a        wide variety of plants in different gardens, one
three-dimensional picture. Small Tsukiyama gar-     thing that will strike you is the strategic place-
dens are frequently arranged to be viewed from      ment of color. Much of the garden will be shrubs,
one point, such as a temple; the larger ones have   trees, and moss, all carefully selected for their
paths to stroll along, often circular.              deeper meanings (for instance, note the common
     Ah, but who can resist partaking of the won-   use of evergreen plants, which symbolize perma-
derful Japanese Tea Ceremony, where nearly ev-      nence). Because the flowering plants are placed
                                                                         Prim Perfect • August 2009

     so carefully and sparsely, they become a focal      Garden and Supply [Alpha Centauri/112/149/27].
     point for your eye.                                 They offer complete garden sets, including zen
         All of these things work together to make       gardens, as well as garden components for those
     your experience in a Japanese garden one you        who would like to design their own. I picked up
     won’t easily forget. But why take a chance on       several very nicely textured rocks, lanterns and
     forgetting it? Create your own little world of      other garden ornaments, and some wonderful
     tranquility! The beauty of the Japanese garden      organic textures.
     is that it can be as big or as small as you want.       As for the plants, most of what I used was al-
     So take that little corner of the yard, surround    ready in my inventory. Since the western world
     it with a bamboo fence, and inside create a         has been enriched for many years with plants of
     place where you can go after a long day is over     Asian origin, these plants are familiar to most

     – or perhaps before one begins – to breathe         of us. For my garden, I used mugho pine in the
     deeply, sit quietly, and let the sights, sounds,    zen garden, which was surrounded by redleaf
     and smells of nature envelope you, renew you,       Japanese maples (Acer palmatum, both the up-
     and inspire you.                                    right and weeping laceleaf varieties), Pagoda
                                                         dogwood (Cornus alternifolia), as well as sev-
     Kaye’s Postscript                                   eral conifers including Japanese Red Pine, and
         Many thanks to Miss Lyle for the research and   Lodgepole Pine. Grasses included Golden Ha-
     writing of this article! For my part, I assembled   kone grass (Hakonechloa aureola “All Gold”),
     some of the components of these gardens, and        and Black Mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicas
     took snapshots, to show you just a taste of what    var. nigrescens). The bamboo wind chimes are
     is available and possible in Second Life Japa-      of my own making.
     nese gardening. I did a search for Japanese Gar-        Our hope is that you are inspired to turn a bit
     dens, and visited many establishments. I have       of your parcel or sim into one of these wonder-
     to say, however, that while there were various      fully calming retreats! Even a second life needs
     elements available in a number of places, the       peace and stillness….
     one that stands out is a store called Stillpoint        Happy Gardening! E
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
00                                                                               Prim Perfect • August 2009

      SPE C I A L F E AT U R E

      Modular Building One
       written and photographed by

      Lumiere Noir of the Tower of                              it there. Anytime you need another prim on this
                                                                build, you can simply shift-drag a copy of this
      Prims begins a series walking us                          prim into place rather than rezzing a new one.
      through the systems and                                   This reference prim is already sitting at the right
                                                                coordinates and rotation relative to the rest of
      complexities of a modular build.                          the build so you don’t have to align each new
                                                                prim you add to the structure. It takes longer to
      TO SAY, “HE WHO LIVES BY MODULAR BUILDING                 align a prim than it does to change its prim-type
      shall die by modular building!” might be only a           and size in editing. On top of that, you can give
      slight exaggeration; I haven’t died, yet I am posi-       this prim a special name like, “I love my client
      tive that when I do, it shall be by modular build-        to pieces!” and every prim on this build will bear
      ing. Modular building, as I call it, is the practice of   that sweet little message that only the observant
      creating multi-prim elements that can be copied,          (usually other builders) will ever notice.
      repositioned and combined to make larger, inter-              On to the arcade! Let’s do this about as sim-
      locking, and more complicated structures. A real          ply as it can be done so we can own this concept.
      life analogy would be to build houses or buildings        At the end of this article, we’ll play with some
      with prefabricated elements, except you are are           variations on this theme to make something more
      not using someone else’s prefabs. You are custom
      designing your own components to suit the job at
      hand. In actual practice, this comes to feel a lot
      like folding origami.
           Let’s look at a quick, simple example of what
      this means by building an arcade. I like to begin
      building by rezzing a prim and positioning it on
      an easy-to-remember point on the grid which is
      divided along X (red: east and west), Y (green:
      north and south) and Z (blue: up and down). Po-
      sitions like <100x by 100y>, or <150x by 150y>, or         Figure 1
      <200x by 200y> are excellent. Height (Z) doesn’t
      usually matter as long as it isn’t underground or
      too high to see. If you get into the habit of using
      regular reference points on the grid, it makes any
      calculations you might have to perform easier. I
      know that if I want 5.25 meters of distance to
      separate two elements in a design, it’s going to
      take me a while to calculate that distance if my
      prim is resting at <128.593x by 84.301>. Let’s
      make things easy on ourselves from the start.
           Another time saving practice practice is to
      shift drag (hold down shift while dragging on
      one of the arrow handles on a prim in edit mode
      to create a copy of a prim or prims) a copy of
      this prim up high and out of the way and leave             Figure 2
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                    0
                                                       (FIGURE 3) I’m going to use Copy Selection to
                                                       rez a prim that is exactly touching the column.
                                                       With the reference prim selected, hit CTRL-4 to
                                                       go into create mode. Click Keep Selected, Copy
                                                       Selected and then choose Center (under Copy Se-
                                                       lected). Don’t bother with Rotate, it won’t help
                                                       us here (but play with it sometime, if you ever
                                                       find a use for it, please let me know!). Click the
                                                       column on the side that is the direction you want
                                                       to form your arcade. In my case I’m going to head
                                                       east (X axis, in the direction of the red arrow).
                                                       Direction isn’t important, just whichever way you
                                                       have room in which to build.
                                                           When you’ve clicked the column, you’ll see
                                                       that a copy of the reference prim has appeared
                                                       at the exact center of the column on the side you
Figure 3                                               clicked it. That’s just what we want. This prim
                                                       is precisely aligned to the column and it is per-
                                                       fectly touching it so that there is no gap or inter-
                                                       penetration between the two prims. (FIGURE 4)
                                                       Now let’s rotate this prim so that the Z side (blue
                                                       arrow) of the cube is facing us. If you’re build-
                                                       ing your arcade along the Y direction (north and
                                                       south), you will want to flip this cube 90 degrees
                                                       Y. If you’re building in the X direction, you will
                                                       want to flip it 90 degrees X. We have oriented
                                                       the cube this way so that when we hollow it out,
                                                       we can see the hole. (FIGURE 5) This prim will
                                                       soon form our arch. Give this 95% hollowing, and
                                                       change its Hollow Shape to Circle.
                                                           Since our Copy Selection trick has positioned
                                                       this cube at the center of the column, I’m go-
                                                       ing to stretch it upward (be sure to uncheck the
                                                       Stretch Both Sides checkbox at the top of the ed-

Figure 4

interesting. Don’t worry, we’re not going to do
anything too difficult today. I’m saving the wild
stuff for the other articles in this series and this
will build toward that in easy stages.
      Let’s start out by rezzing a cube, and put-
ting it in a nice spot, in my case <100x, 150y>.
(FIGURE 1) I named the prim “Modular Building is
for Lovers,” and shift dragged a copy up and out
of the way for future use. I will refer to this as
the “Reference Prim” in these articles. (FIGURE
2) Stretch the lower prim to make it five meters
                                                        Figure 5
tall. This will become the columns in our arcade.
0                                                                     Prim Perfect • August 2009

      iting window) to make it flush with the top of
      the column. There’s no real reason to be precise
      right now, just eyeball it. Shift drag a copy of the
      column and move it exactly five meters in the
      direction you want to build by adding (or sub-
      tracting as the case may be) five meters to the
      X or Y position of the prim. (FIGURE 6) Once you
      have done that, stretch the future arch so that it
      touches the second column. (FIGURE 7)
           Now cut the arch prim using Path Cut Begin
      and End, B 0.250 (since “B” stands for “Begin,”
      “E” must stand for “Esophagus”), and we have           Figure 6
      something that sort of looks like an arch and two
      columns. Good enough for our current purposes.
      If you wanted to make the column a cylinder, and
      make the arch prim less thick along the Z dimen-
      sion, I wouldn’t blame you in the slightest.
           Let’s discard the second column because all
      the copies of the original already have a column.
      (FIGURE 8) If each element had two, it would be
      superfluous and we’d be wasting prims. You will
      see that we have to think ahead in modular build-
                                                             Figure 7
      ing to see how the elements will dovetail into
      each other. It really is like folding origami, you
      have to learn to visualize what you are going to
      get when the elements are copied and combined.
      Link the arch to the column so that the column
      is root (ctrl-l). Remember that the last prim you
      select in a link set will always be root.
           Shift drag a copy of this column and arch el-
      ement, and move it five meters away from the
      original in the direction you want to form your
      arcade. (FIGURE 9) You will probably see small
      errors in the length of your arch element, and
      it’s quite all right to fix them now. Just be sure
      that you fix them in the original. Delete the sec-
      ond copy and position a copy of the newly altered
      original in the correct place to be sure that all
      is correct. Repairing the copies is just a waste
      of time. Always make alterations on the original,      Figure 8
      delete the previous copies of it, and reposition
      new copies of the revised original for testing and
      continue to refine the original. Words to live by.
           I’ve copied and positioned several copies of
      our arches and columns here. We’ll make the last
      column by simply unlinking the last copy, and
      shift-drag copying its column and scooting it five
      meters to the side. (FIGURE 10)
           And there we have it. I’ll be the first to ad-
      mit that this is a crude and not a particularly
      lovely thing, but it’s a good, basic demonstration
      of modular building. Now let’s get fancy. I’ll just
      doodle and make some variations on this theme          Figure 9
      and include a few snapshots. Play with these con-
      cepts on your own and see how wild you can get
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                         0
                             making modular builds! Next time we’ll look at
                             pivot building, which I have resisted the urge to
                             use in these examples. What we are doing right
                             now is essentially two dimensional in nature.
                             Pivot building is all about breaking out of flat,
                             two-dimensional planes and creating some very
                             flamboyant designs.
                                 Let’s replace our box formed arch with a
                             rounded, torus section. I’ve uncut the box, made
                             it unhollow, widened it and changed its prim-type
                             to torus. (FIGURE 11)
                                 Now I’ve used path cutting to get a rough arch
                             shape. (FIGURE 12)
                                 By playing with hole size X and Y, and a bit
Figure 10
                             of stretching, I’ve managed to get the rounded
                             parts of the ends of the torus section to cover the
                             columns like a true arch. (FIGURE 13)
                                 There’s no need for the second column, so
                             I’ve deleted it. I’ve linked the remaining column

Figure 11

                              Figure 13

Figure 12
                              Figure 14
0                                                                        Prim Perfect • August 2009

      and the arch, copied them and have advanced        and decide to see how this will look as an arcade.
      the copy a little of the way. (FIGURE 14) I find   (FIGURE 15)(FIGURE 16 – 19)
      I like the strange doubled arch and column look

                                                          Figure 18

      Figure 15

      Figure 16

                                                          Figure 19

                                                             Now for a little free form play, more varia-
                                                         tions on this theme. I’ve made a copy of the
                                                         torus-arch section, and squeezed it. Since our
                                                         arch was centered, and I have Stretch Both Sides
                                                         checked, this squeezed arch will still be aligned
                                                         with the original. I uncut this squeezed arch,
                                                         copy it and rotate the copy to give it a horizontal
                                                         thrust. Finally I cut away the top of this second,
                                                         oval shape to see what we get. After making a
                                                         small arcade, I don’t like the results at all. It’s
                                                         clumsy and clumpy ... it looks as if it were made
                                                         of pretzels! (FIGURE 20)
                                                             By playing with the torus sections’ hole sizes,
      Figure 17                                          I’ve got a much more graceful module. (FIGURE 21)
  Prim Perfect • August 2009                          0

  Figure 20

  Figure 21

  Figure 22

    And I think this makes a much better design
when they’re assembled as an arcade. It might
be fun to extend this a bit more by adding some
stained glass elements in the spaces between the
tori ... or stretch the top tori elements out using
hole size and scaling to create roof-like elements,
and duplicating the whole arcade and positioning
it on the other side of the roof. We could also
play with the angles of the columns and arches,
they don’t have to always be at such orthagonal
90 degree angles you know. The possibilities are
truly endless! E
0                                                                          Prim Perfect • August 2009

      NIK A’ S C O R N E R

      Create a Stunning Oriental Retreat
      written and photographed by

      Join Nika as her search for the                      personal landscaping project I’ve been working
                                                           on. I wanted a beautiful weeping willow, as well as
      perfect weeping willow leads to                      some other colourful, interesting looking trees.
                                                               While out and about this afternoon, I spotted
      the discovery of Primby Bloch’s                      the perfect willow off in the distance, halfway
      Oriental Gardens.                                    across the sim. Closer inspection of the creator

      FOR THIS NIKA’S CORNER THIS MONTH, I WANTED          landed me at Oriental Gardens. Talk about lucky!
      to stick with the oriental theme of this issue       And not only that, as I was still rezzing, the first
      and write about some great places to find orien-     thing that appeared to me was this absolutely
      tal themed items for the home and garden. But        stunning Peach Flox tree. The curved tree trunk
      since I had no particular spot in mind, I’ve been    and peach coloured blossoms were so lovely, and
      keeping my eyes open for just the right place to     exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking every-
      write about. As it turns out, my luck found me       where for. In the distance I spotted another ver-
      - twofold!                                           sion in lilac, as well as the weeping willow tree
          You see, not only was I on the lookout for the   that brought me here to begin with. And nearby
      perfect feature for my column, but I was on a per-   in a pond, some delicate lily pads floated serene-
      sonal quest for some especially nice trees for a     ly on the water.
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                     0
    So, now that I’ve completed my little shopping          As you approach the little building that hous-
spree, its time to take a look at the rest of what      es the indoor furniture sets, you can’t help but
Primby Bloch has here at Oriental Gardens. In addi-     stop to admire the ponds and fountains outside.
tion to the beautiful trees and plants for your land-   The outdoor koi pond has a unique feature - a
scaping needs, there are some absolutely gorgeous       glass front that allows you to look inside and see
tea houses. Each tea house has rice paper walls in      the koi fish swimming around. (Koi, plants and
                                                                              lanterns sold separately.)
                                                                                  Inside, you’ll find all
                                                                              manner of oriental themed
                                                                              furniture and home accents.
                                                                              The loungers and oriental
                                                                              beds are lovely, and I adore
                                                                              the richness of the colours.
                                                                              But what I really fell in love
                                                                              with the most was the fact
                                                                              that there is artwork every-
                                                                              where. On the vases, the
                                                                              decorative Shoji screens.
                                                                              The Geisha waterwall and
                                                                              the ornamental aquarium
                                                                              (even the fish inside are
                                                                              beautiful!). Rice lamps and
various colours- each depicting its own set of won-     floating candles. Good quality furniture can make
derful artwork. There are also waterfront gazebos       a home look wonderful. But detail like what you
and outdoor retreats, with an oriental daybed com-      kind find at Oriental Gardens is what will make it
plete with poses for cuddling with your sweetheart.     exquisite. [Oriental Gardens/145/99/24] E
0   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                0

Covering SLB6 and Relay for Life

Designing Worlds is Prim                             They’ll be interviewed about why they’ve made
Perfect’s sister programme on                        the choices that they have – with the delighted
                                                     (or appalled) owner having a chance to say what
Treet.TV, and it has an exciting                     they love or loathe about their new home.
mission: to bring to the metaverse                       We also have shows set in our fantastic new
                                                     studios. These shows feature tips for the home
all the best and most remarkable                     owner and home renter, discussions of interest to
in design for homes, gardens,                        us all, and a chance to hear from some wonderful
                                                     designers and creators! We also take you on some
landscapes ... and beyond!                           tours to see the amazing homes and other loca-
                                                     tions that already exist around Second Life and
    Designing Worlds is shown live every 2 p.m.      other metaverses, and the designers who create
SLT on Tuesday. If you have an inworld SLCN TV or    them.
Treet.TV set, you can watch the programme live,          All our earlier shows are available on the
and then catch repeats on the Lifestyle chan-        SLCN site, and available for FREE download from
nel (times vary), or download the show from the      iTunes as a podcast (just go to the iTunes store
Treet.TV site, or download from the iTunes store     and search on Meta Makeover or Designing Worlds
(just search on Designing Worlds or - for older      – it’s free to download, or to subscribe to the
shows - Meta Makeover).                              podcast).

So What is Designing Worlds?                         Season 4 Recent Shows
    Designing Worlds is one of the range of shows    Episode 8 - Live from SL6B: Part 1
from Treet.TV, virtual worlds’ very own cable            In the first of two programmes from the Second
network – brought to you by Prim Perfect Produc-     Life Sixth Birthday sims (SL6B), we looked at some
tions, the people behind Prim Perfect magazine       of the stunning builds at this year’s event, where
and the Prim Perfect blog. The programme is pre-     the theme was “The Future of Virtual Worlds”.
sented by Saffia Widdershins, the Editor of Prim         We started with one of our own: the Prim Per-
Perfect magazine and Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel.     fect/Designing Worlds exhibit, created by Del-
    The show features material about design, es-     lybean North, which rose high above SL6B Aeon
pecially homes, gardens and related topics – as      like a gigantic plant, with many fronds, each con-
well as makeovers of Second Life homes like yours!   taining displays from Prim Perfect and The Prim-
In those shows, we take a house and make it over,    graph magazines, and Designing Worlds (with its
deploying up to three skilled designers – who        predecessor, Meta Makeover). At ground level
might tackle a room each, or a floor, or a garden.   there was a series of panels introducing the new
0                                                                        Prim Perfect • August 2009

      in-world graphic adventure, The Quest for the       Babbage. In keeping with the space theme of this
      Golden Prim, and a TV screen on which visitors      year’s exhibition, the city represented an outpost
      could watch a recent Designing Worlds episode.      of this thriving steampunk community, built on an
                                                          asteroid far out in deep space.
                                                              This show is available on the web or get it
                                                          from the iTunes store.

                                                          Episode 9 - Live from the Main Stage at SL6B
                                                              In the second of two programmes brought to
                                                          you live from the Second Life Sixth Birthday sims
                                                          (SL6B), our show came from the Main Stage of
                                                          the SL6B build, as we looked at some more of the
                                                          stunning builds at this year’s event.

          Then in the second part of the programme,
      we visited Jackie Rexen’s fascinating exhibit,
      Maslow’s Hierarchical Hideaway. Jackie is in-
      volved in teacher training and she created this
      amazing exhibit as an example of how Second
      Life can go way beyond the limitations of tradi-
      tional teaching techniques, by offering extensive
      opportunities for interactivity and co-creation.
          And finally, we saw something very different:
      a remarkable steampunk “Yesterday’s City of To-
      morrow”, created by Blakopal Designs of New
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                   
    We talked to three key figures involved in        Episode 10 - The Middle Passage Experience
the event: Dusty Linden, Linden Lab Liaison for          This was a very moving show, as we visited
Residents organising events like SL6B and Burning     the fascinating exhibition, The Middle Passage
                                                      Experience, which is an amazing interactive pre-
                                                      sentation of the transportation of Africans to the
                                                      Americas as slaves that occurred from the seven-
                                                      teenth century on.

Life; Phaylen Fairchild, the Project Manager for
SL6B; and Poid Mahovlich, responsible for much
of the infrastructure at SL6B; as well as Dellybean
North, of True North Designs, who was definitely
key to us (as she built our exhibit!) and who has
spent the week finding some fascinating builds.
And we also took a look at some of the fantastic          In the first part of the show, Elrik and Saffia
builds that we discovered, through film and also      met the curator of the African end of the Experi-
the stunning photographs of PJ Trenton.               ence, Tamsin Barzane, and exploring what hap-
    This show is available on the web or get it       pened in Africa and some of the background to
from the iTunes store.                                the slave trade. This part if the exhibition, previ-
                                                                        Prim Perfect • August 2009

      ously on Saminaka, which is also called “Nigeria      And finally we spoke with Zander Greene
      in Africa”, is being hosted for the next month at and Lauren Thibaud of the Friends Fight Can-
      Northpoint, outside the Designing Worlds studios, cer group who had created Anatomica, the most
      so that viewers of the show can come and visit it amazing sim, which combined information and a
      for themselves.
          In the second half of the show, we met the
      artist Indea Vaher, who created the American in-
      stallation, set in South Carolina, as well as Winn
      Wellman, the curator of the Museum of African-
      American Experience, where this part of the in-
      stallation is now found.
          This show is available on the web or get it
      from the iTunes store.

      Episode 11 - Relay for Life Special
          This was the show that saw us re-visiting
      some of the wonderful builds at Relay for Life
      2009. First, we talked to Aeolus Cleanslate and
      looked at the wonderful New Babbage campsite,       great interactive learning experience about the
      from one of the most inventive steampunk sims       physiology of cells and cancer – with a fast and
      in the Second Life world – an imagining of an Ex-   furious game where you got to dress in a red
      position Universalle, based upon that of 1889 in    suit for surfing the bloodstream and blast cancer
      Paris when the Eiffel Tower was first revealed.     cells yourself!
      Aeolus Cleanslate explained how, under the Team         And there was also a stunningly beautiful
      Captain Breezy Carver, the New Babbage team         ballroom in the sky for those who ventured up
      created this amazing display – and also created     to 1,500 feet!
      the special Mars sim that won the overall prize         The show is available on the web or get it
      for best designed sim!                              from the iTunes store.

                                                          Episode 12 -
                                                          The World of Sound in Second Life
                                                              In this show, we met the creator of some
                                                          of the fascinating sounds of Second Life – Lorin
                                                          Tone – who explained the ways in which sound
                                                          works in the Second Life world – and showed us
                                                          some of the sounds he has created – and the
                                                          remarkable instruments (designed by Madcow
                                                          Cosmos) that he has created to play them – or
                                                          rather to whistle, toot, blow, and bang them out
                                                          in many cases!

          Then we talked to KiVanyel Adria of the Elf
      Circle, who told us not only about the beautiful
      build the Elf Circle had designed and executed,
      but also the full programme of events that the
      Elves created to share their community with the
      wider world. And we spoke with Helena Kiama and
      Jessie Sinister who were two of the key builders
      on the beautiful Wonders build, re-creating four
      of the Wonders of the Ancient World (the ones
      they chose were the Temple of Diana at Ephesus,
      the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse
      of Alexandria, and the Colossus of Rhodes).
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                   
    We saw the Bandbots, the fantastic                 property in today’s expanding metaverse?
SLurlitzer organ, and the Sloog Synthesiser ...            In the edition of Designing Worlds on August
among many others!                                     4, we looked at the whole BuilderBot question.
    As well as a serious discussion about the uses     We were joined in the studio by RightAsRain
of sounds in virtual worlds, there was plenty of       Rimbaud, the avatar behind Rezzable, by Gospel
fun stuff too in the show as Lorin took us on a trip   Voom and by Angela Talamasca, who put forward
through his store and his workshop … and we got        an interesting – and controversial – suggestion
to experiment with sounds – and meet what must         for one way of limiting content theft. But do we
be the most unusual band even in Second Life!          need new tools, or new attitudes?
    The show is available on the web or get it             (This show proved so popular and the ques-
from the iTunes store.                                 tions raised so important that we decided to con-
                                                       tinue the show in two weeks’ time, so that we
Episode 13 - Can We Protect Our Creations              can also look at Linden Lab’s proposals for con-
in Second Life? The Builder Bot Question               tent management)
    This was a show where we discussed one of              The show is available on the web or get it
the most important issues to have come up in Vir-      from the iTunes store.
tual Worlds – the question of intellectual prop-
erty, and the challenges to it.                        Exhibitions in the Hall
                                                           One advantage of the super new Designing
                                                       Worlds studios on Northpoint is that we have a
                                                       large exhibition hall where we can display infor-
                                                       mation and objects related to our programmes.
                                                       Here, visitors will be able to learn more about
                                                       the background to our shows, and to see and try
                                                       out furnishings used on the show – or different
    As part of their planning to move from Second      pieces made by our designers. And visitors have
Life to an OpenSim grid, UK-based Rezzable de-         the chance to buy their favourite pieces as well!
veloped a special tool, called BuilderBot, to help         Remember – you can see and buy all the ex-
them save their existing Second Life properties        hibits in our Exhibition Hall – so come and buy
and restore them on another grid.                      for yourself the lovely things that you’ve seen
    BuilderBot is able to copy an entire sim, and      on the show!
Rezzable decided that they were going to release
the tool, in free and paid versions, for others to                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
use. This has caused a great deal of controversy,
not least because, at least initially, Rezzable in-        Although Meta Makeover has finished, as part of
tended to release the tool with no checking of         our new show, Designing Worlds, we are still doing
ownership (it wasn’t something they needed as          our Meta Makeovers, where we bring in a top de-
they were only copying their own IP).                  signer to make over your virtual home or garden!
                                                           So if you would like to have a virtual home
                                                       or garden given the treatment by a top designer,
                                                       send an email to us at
                                                       with three or four pictures of your home or gar-
                                                       den attached, and stating your reasons why you
                                                       would like a makeover.
                                                           And if you know a special place in Second Life
                                                       that we should really feature on the show, drop
                                                       us a line, too! E

    What kind of a threat, if any, does this rep-
resent to builders, designers and other content-
creators in Second Life? Do designers need to
redefine what “full perms” means in a multi-VW
environment? What’s the future of intellectual
   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009   
                                                                   Prim Perfect • August 2009


      There’s a Roadmap!

      Gwen Carillon gives a cautious                Management Roadmap”. The language in Cyn’s
      cheer for Linden Lab’s initiative on          post is the most proactive we have seen coming
                                                    from Linden Lab on the subject of protection of
      content management.                           intellectual property rights. I was heartened to
                                                    see that the executive management at Linden
      WE LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES! EARLIER THIS Lab is taking the subject seriously and attempt-
      month Cyn Linden, acting as spokesperson for ing to find viable solutions.
      Linden Lab, entered a blog post in the Second     The initial reaction of the membership of
      Life Community Forum entitled “Our Content the Content Creators Association was cautiously

Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                        
optimistic. And while we applaud Linden Lab for          for joining based on merit. All the same, a fee of
finally taking steps to address the serious issues       $500 US annually seems exorbitant. Such a high
we face regarding intellectual property rights           amount would be an obstacle to many smaller
protection, we have mixed feelings regarding             businesses in this difficult economic climate,
some of the solutions presented.                         particularly for those just starting up. Also, CCA
    CCA is gratified to know that much of what           has long maintained that we are not a sellers’ as-
we suggested and asked for - improvement of IP           sociation, but a creators’ association. We do not
protection, a better DMCA filing system online, IP       exclude creators with smaller in-world businesses
rights awareness, a voluntary creator registration       or those creators who do not sell at all. CCA be-
program, and a firmer stance from Linden Lab re-         lieves all creators of original content are entitled
garding infringement - was incorporated into the         to protection of intellectual property rights.
plan. Linden Lab employee Blue Linden, one of                Overall, I do feel that Linden Lab’s new stand
the engineers of this roadmap, confirmed, “All           on IP rights is a giant step in the right direction. I
the feedback from CCA went directly into con-            know I echo other group members when I say that
versations for aspects of plans outlined in that         we’ll work to help Linden Lab in any way needed
post by Cyn.”                                            to ensure that we stay on the right track for posi-
    However, many of us are concerned about the          tive change.
amount that Linden Lab proposes to charge for                Many thanks to Blue Linden and the other
creator registration - an annual fee of $500 US.         members of the team at Linden Lab for their
There are reasonable arguments for a fee to be           efforts.
charged in this situation: first, it’s fair for Linden       The Linden Lab article is available at: Our
Lab to want to offset the cost of extra service;         Content Management Roadmap: [https://
and second, a fee will help separate serious cre-
ators from casual players. Linden Lab reinforces         blog/2009/08/04/our-content-management-
this second point by making many of the criteria         roadmap] E
                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

      AD V I C E F O R N E W C O M E R S

      Asian  all Art -  
      Quick, Easy and Free
      written and photographed by

      Inspired by this month’s topic,        FIRST BRING UP YOUR BUILDING TOOLS. EITHER
                                             click on the Build button at the bottom of the
      Qwis looked for a way to add           window or right click anywhere in the window,
      Asian flair to our homes in a low      select Edit from the pie menu, and then click on
                                             the button with the magic wand. The scroll we’re
      cost, low prim way. With a little      making starts with a basic cube prim, so make
      DIY (do it yourself) and an item       sure the cube is selected on the Build menu and
                                             click somewhere on your wall. Now we need to
      from your Library, you can create an   flatten the cube and stretch the sides a bit. On
                                             the Edit menu, click the center Edit button - the
      Asian wall hanging with only three     one with the arrow pointing at a box - and then
      prims and zero Linden dollars.         click on the Stretch button (or hold down the Ctrl
                                             and Shift keys). Grey, blue, green, and red boxes

 Stretch the prim cube into a flat board.
      Prim Perfect • August 2009                                                                                      
                                                                       Making the bottom of the scroll is easy.
                                                                   Click on that cylinder and select Edit again.
                                                                   Hold down the Shift key. Click and drag along
                                                                   the blue arrow to pull a copy of that cylin-
                                                                   der down to the bottom of the scroll.
                                                                       The final step is to link the three parts of
                                                                   the scroll together to make one item. Right
                                                                   click on one part of the scroll and select
                                                                   Edit from the pie menu. Holding down the
                                                                   Shift key, left click on each of the other two
                                                                   parts of the scroll. Now either type Ctrl-L or
                                                                   select Link from the Tools menu. The parts
                                                                   now should be linked as one item. Verify it
                                                                   by trying to move the object around. If only
                                                                   one part moves, undo the move with Ctrl-Z
                                                                   and try to link it again. When everything is
                                                                   just right, take a moment to name the ob-
                                                                   ject and give it a description. It’s no fun to
                                                                   have a bunch of “Objects” in your inventory
                                                                   with no idea what they are!
Add a scroll end to the top.
                                                                       Enjoy your new wall scroll! While it may
      should surround your cube. Click and drag those         be Asian-inspired right now, it doesn’t have to
      boxes to stretch and shrink the box into a flat         stay that way. With the skills we used, you can
      board. Exact dimensions aren’t important.               change the size, retexture the top and bottom,
          This flattened cube is the main part of the         and most definitely update the picture with fa-
      wall scroll. On this we need to add our art. You        vourite memories. E
      could put any picture you’d like here, even one
      you take when visiting one of the locations fea-
      tured in this issue. On the other hand, there are
      two nice pictures with an Asian theme already in
      everyone’s Library thanks to Torley Linden. Look
      in the folder Library/Photo Album. One picture is
      called “Asian Teahouse”, and it is a striking pic-
      ture of an Asian teahouse with a blazing sun in
      the background. The picture I like even better is
      hiding under the name “Violet Infohub”. Drag and
      drop that picture on to your flattened cube. If it
      doesn’t look right to you, adjust the dimensions
      of your prim again until you’re happy.
          The next step is to add the ends of the scroll.
      Bring up the Build menu again, but this time
      choose the cylinder. Create a cylinder some-
      where near your scroll. It’s going to be the wrong
      size and orientation. Hold down the Ctrl key and
      rotate the cylinder until it is lying on its side and
      use the same techniques we used with the cube.
      Make the cylinder the same length as your pic-
      ture and shrink its diameter. It will take a bit of
      fiddling, but you want to position it at the top
      of your picture, and overlap the two pieces so
      that the picture prim is halfway into the cylinder.
      You can change the texture of the cylinder if you
      wish - a glossy black texture could work well for
      an Asian theme - but I think the standard wooden
      texture is fine.                                                                  Your finished wall hanging!
0   Prim Perfect • August 2009
Prim Perfect • August 2009                                 

                   Advertiser’s Directory
               13th Floor Creations      20
               Alchemy Immortalis        2
            Amberella Space Bikini       94
                     Antique Artistry    30
           Anshe Chung properties        13
                    Barefoot Homes       108
                      Basic Elements     48
                        BDMM Design      14
                               Beck’s    58
                       Caledon Sims      18
                         Castles by Q    37, 57, 70, 110
                           Cherished     38
                   Creative Fantasy      11
                 Cristalle Properties    117
                 Elements in Design      71
                   Flowers by Sylvie     49
              Forest Floor Gardens       111
                              Galaxy     114
                         Giverny sim     25
                                  Gos    17
                       Hearts Desire     8
                  House of Cristalle     105
                    Incwell Textures     33
                Irkmade Animations       42
                      Kitstar Designs    75
                          La Galleria    66
                      Regent Estates     85, 120
              Silent’s Folly Estates     107
                               Sofia’s   45
                        Temasek sim      51
                   Treesong Designs      63
    True North Designs Beach & Patio     99
                        Virtualworldi    5
                    Vulcania Estates     59
                                                                           Prim Perfect • August 2009

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                                                  Prim Perfect • August 2009

  Saffia Widdershins
  Aisling Sinclair
  Perry Applemoor
  Myfanwy Davies
  Nika Dreamscape, Ceejay Writer,
  Viv Trafalgar, Qwis Greenwood, Annechen
  Lowey, Jvstin Tomorrow, Lumiere Noir,
  Isle Lunasea, Raven Haalan,
  and Coughran Mayo
  Scotti Lyle and Kaye Robianni
  Gwen Carillon and MoodyLoner Korobase
  PJ Trenton, Twisted Lemon,
  and Vera Canning
  Saffia Widdershins, Qwis Greenwood
  and Nika Dreamscape

  Special thanks to Amiryu Hosoi, Kalderi
  Tomsen, and Nani Yifu, and the people of the
  Hosoi for their support, their creativity, their
  ideas, and their time in helping us bring
  their story to this month’s magazine. Thanks
  to Zasa Rossini, the Prim Perfect Pathfinders,
  and to everyone who responded with such
  enthusiasm to our questions!

  Our thanks go to all the designers and other
  people across the Second Life world who
  have given advice and support to help us
  produce this edition of Prim Perfect. E

  August 2009 • Issue 19


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