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Corporate Social Responsibility Approach at ARGE Consulting

Corporate Social Responsibility has been at the core of ARGE‟s philosophy ever since its inception and is a core
value of its governance perspective.

As the first Turkish signatory, ARGE supports the Global Compact and integrates the 10 principles of the UN Global
Compact in its operations.

About ARGE Consulting
•   At the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey is not only experiencing the highest GNP growth rates among
    OECD countries, but is also realizing the benefits of her privileged ties to European, Middle Eastern and Central
    Asian countries. As a matter of fact, Turkey is rated as one of the leading emerging markets in the world.
•   Realizing the growth potential for international business in the Turkish and related markets, ARGE was founded
    in 1991 to provide advisory services in the areas of business strategy development and implementation,
    business excellence methodologies, evaluation and development of investment projects, development of
    organizational infrastructure, change management, EU regulations and competition.

ARGE is committed
 To add value to the business of its clients,
 To provide the right team of experts for each project,
 To provide solutions that differentiate its clients in the marketplace, with special emphasis on
   implementation under local conditions,
 To retain its objectivity and independence of its views, and to protect client confidentiality.

    Sectoral expertise in areas such as energy, financial services, textiles, automotives, FMCG,
     manufacturing, distribution and construction is the fundamental strength of the company. ARGE also has
     a network of collaboration arrangements with organizations and affiliates in Turkey, Europe, and USA to bring
     together relevant necessary experience to its ongoing projects.
    ARGE‟s services target a major improvement in its clients’ business results. We believe that there are
     four main factors that affect business results. These are the business strategy and business excellence
     methodologies necessary to effectively implement the strategy, human resources, and technology management.
     Sustainable business results are achieved only when these four factors are considered as a whole and in a well -
     balanced way. Our approach is to try and balance all the four factors to suit the requirements of our clients in
     order to achieve the best, world-class results.
Corporate Social Responsibility is a part of ARGE’s vision.

CSR Approach at ARGE

•    ARGE„s consultants are recruited based on several factors some of which are unconventional for such firms. For
     example, ARGE prefers employees who are either current members of NGOs or who wish to undertake such
     social commitments outside of work to ensure that its employees are in tune with the social environment, as well
     as the business environment.
•    ARGE has pioneered the practice of corporate volunteerism by asking consultants to devote a full day of each
     working week for voluntary work in NGOs. This practice then has become a part of the performance evaluation of
     ARGE consultants, who were asked to report once every two weeks on how they allocated their time to volunteer
     activities. This practice is in line with ARGE‟s use of the Balanced Scorecard methodology to ensure that its
     strategies are applied throughout the organization. With this methodology, all of the employees‟ actions are
     observed with scorecards and timetables. Also, each ARGE consultant receives one month of training per year to
     keep abreast of the latest developments in his/her field of specialization.

ARGE’s Mission & Vision
     To create value by improving management quality.
     To be a role model in creating value for its clients and with its contributions to the community.
ARGE Values & Principles
•    Our mission is to create value.
•    Our most important asset is the trust of our clients.
•    The assurance of our work is the quality of our people.
•    The assurance of our future is our passion for learning.
•    Science and technology are essential in improving the quality of life.
•    Imagination is the key to creativity and leadership.
•    The key to success is achieving sustainable improvements in competitiveness.
ARGE believes in leading by example.
•    We demonstrate our corporate social responsibility, by encouraging all our consultants to devote a full day of each
     week for voluntary work in NGOs to improve the quality of life in our community with a local, national, and global
ARGE – Partner to the Global Compact and Caring For Climate Initiatives

UN Global Compact Principles are accepted as default norms at ARGE. The UN Global Compact Principles compose
a fundamental part of ARGE‟s vision, since ARGE is founded with the vision to strengthen corporate social
responsibility. Beyond ARGE‟s alignment with the ten UN Global Compact Principles, ARGE‟s activities are intended to
promote and develop the Corporate Social Responsibility concept and corporate governance principles in companies
and NGOs, throughout Turkey.

For this purpose, we have some keys for success;
•     For Value Creation – Utilize skills and/or systems developed to improve management quality by establishing
      focus in line with corporate values and mission.
•     For Impact – Cooperate with NGOs and develop their institutional capabilities for better acceptance and
      mobilization of larger resources. Projects conducted vis-à-vis NGOs are widely accepted rather than just being
      individual company actions.
•     For Sustainability – Apply good governance principles to CSR projects and NGOs.
•     Being creative and proactive in thinking.
•     Working with the parties that implement the Global Compact.
•     Working on a project or with a party if there exists a potential to add value.
•     Improve Recognition of Best Practices.

One of ARGE‟s major tools to promote corporate social responsibility is its partnership with
several NGOs that are very effective in their areas of operation in Turkey. As a result of its
vast amount of experience in the area of management consultancy, ARGE supports the
operations of NGOs in the areas of institution building, strategy formation and total
quality management. In this respect, in line with its mission and vision, ARGE aims to
promote corporate social responsibility among other organisations and integrate its
management consultancy experience within its projects in partnership with its network of
clients and other NGOs.
ARGE recognized as a leader for Corporate Social Responsibility

             – Granted ‘Responsible Entrepreneurship’ title by the European Commission

             –   ARGE Consulting has further become the only Turkish company which was recognized in the "Responsible
                 Entrepreneurship” report, prepared by the European Commission to recognize best practices by European SMEs.

             – European Parliament: Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project
             –   At the end of 2002, the European Parliament provided the setting for a Europe-wide recognition of the impact of
                 Developing Civil Society. Generation-Europe, a platform for the young leaders to interact with today‟s political and
                 economic leaders, has voted to include ARGE‟s efforts among the top three of Europe‟s best Corporate Social
                 Responsibility projects. Out of 25 competitors, all multi-billon dollar companies except ARGE, three projects were
                 recognized for their impact on “Shaping the Future”, one of which was ARGE.
ARGE recognized as a leader for Corporate Social Responsibility

                                         – ARGE CSR Case Study – the European Clearing House

                                         – ARGE‟s efforts in corporate social responsibility are also taught as a case study in
                                         many universities. The        case study, which was prepared by the Bosporus
                                         University, is also taught in universities all around the world through the European
                                         Case Clearing House. The case study embodies the context, strategy and methods in
                                         the design and implementation of the “Developing Civil Society” project.

             – CSR4U Best Practice: ARGE Consulting
             –   ARGE corporate social responsbility activities has been chosen as best practise by CSR4U – which is an initiative
                 Mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility among SME's run by the Irish Exporters Association/Dublin Euro
                 Info Centre, Fingal County Council and the County Enterprise Boards network. The purpose of the initiative is to
                 increase awareness of CSR among SMEs throughout Ireland. The delegation of the CSR4U initiative has done a
                 study trip to ARGE in May 2007. The visiting participants of the CSR4U project expressed that the key lesson of the
                 trip has been that using the knowledge and skills of an organisation‟s staff and applying these to voluntary projects
                 outside of that remit is probably the most effective way to implement CSR - as implemented by ARGE.
                                                                                                                                             ARGE CSR Yearbook

• Initiated the National                                                                 2005
Quality Movement at
                           NGO management –                                                                              2006
Kalder (Turkish
                           Member of the board
                           of management of TEGV
                                                         •Supported BUMED –
                                                         Bosphorus University      Signed the Global
Quality Association) in    (also had taken role in its   Alumni Association for    Compactthe first signatory
1998. Active promoter      establishment in 1995)                                                             Chariman of ARGE has been
                                                         its application to the    fr om Turkey
Since its inception                                                                                           selected as one of the “100 Global    Signed the statement for “Caring for
                                                         National Quality Aw ard
                           ARGE „Developing Civill                                Speech about CSR in       Leaders of Tomorrow” by the World     Climate”
Established the           Society‟ project – case       Actively worked for      Turkey in Barcelona at the Economic Forum for his commitment
Corporate Volunteers                                                                                                                                Corporate Volunteer Awards –initiated
                           Study at Bogazici             CVA and BUMED             Global Compact Summit      to improve the management quality
Association (CVA)          University                                                                         throughout the community. He is a     and contributed to the development of
Developed an NGO                                        “Change Management”      BUMED w on the National member of the professional Services     the awarding procedure – rewarding
                           Role in the establishment    – an ARGE Publication     Quality Aw ard             Firms‟ Governors.                     best CSR activities
training program           of the Civil Society
                           Management Certificate                                  Actively worked
NGO management –          Program at Bosphorus                                                              NGO management – Member of the        Active role in the development of
                                                                                   for CVA and BUMED
Member of the board        Universtiy                                                                        board of management of TESEV           „ENGAGE Istanbul‟ network – a
of management of                                                                                                                                    collaboration platform between
Kalder (Turkish Quality ARGE „Developing Civil                                    “Intellectual Management”
                                                                                   – an ARGE Publication      Responsibility of the session –      CVA(Turkey) and Engage (UK)
Association)            Society‟ project presented                                                           Participatory Democracy
                        as best practice to                                                                  Mechanisms: NGO‟s and CSR‟ at the      Given lectures about CSR at the
CSR activity –         İnternational Universities by
Built a library at its                                                                                       15th National Quality Congress         Middle East Technical University
                        the European Clearing
„Adopted School‟        House
                                                                                                             •CSR activity – project manager in     NGO management –
“Corporate Social         Supported BUMED –                                                                TESEV Good Governance project          Member of the board
Responsibility” – an       Bosphorus University                                                                                                     of management of CVA
ARGE Publication           Alumni Association for its                                                        •CSR activity – trained a group of
                           application to the National                                                       elemantary students for the debating   Chosen as Best Practice by CSR4U
                           Quality Aw ard                                                                    contest
                                                                                                                                                    Actively worked for CVA
                           Actively worked for CVA
                           and BUMED                                                                         Actively worked for CVA
                                                                                                                                                    Designed a model for corporate
                           “Strategic View ” and                                                            Speech about “Enterpreneurship        governance
                           “Reputation Management”                                                           and Innovative Employees” at
                           – ARGE Publications                                                               İstanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO)     “ARGE Corporate Governance
                                                                                                                                                    Model” – an ARGE Publication
                                                                                                             Speech about “Preparing the Future
                                                                                                             of European Education” at WEF

                                                                                                             “Management of Voluntary
                                                                                                             Assocations” – an ARGE Publication
  CSR Activities in 2007
Supports the “Caring for Climate Initiative‟ – ARGE initiated a corporate responsibility project      Signed the statement for
to support the UN „Caring for Climate‟ initiative. ARGE developed a methodology which will             Caring for Climate”
provide a guide to its customers in initiating environment friendly applications in their core areas
of competence.                                                                                         Corporate Volunteer Awards –
                                                                                                       initiated and contributed to the
 Private sector organisations are awarded for their CSR activities and Corporate Volunteerism         development of the awarding procedure –
first time in Turkey. 12 private sector organisations have applied for the Corporate Volunteer         rewarding best CSR activities
                                                                                                       Active role in the development of „ENGAGE
 Enhanced the scope of corporate volunteerism activities through the CVA by initiating                Istanbul‟ network – a collaboration platform
networking and collaboration at the international level. Engage is a UK based NGO aiming to            between CVA(Turkey) and Engage (UK)
promote corporate social responsibility among private sector employees to contribute to the
development of a sustainable community. The aim of the CVA-ENGA GE network is to develop               Given lectures about CSR at the Middle
a project between private sector organisations until March 2008 with this aim.                         East Technical University

 CSR4U - an initiative Mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility among SME's run by               NGO management – Member of the board
the Irish Exporters Association/Dublin Euro Info Centre, Fingal County Council and the County          of management of CVA
Enterprise Boards network – chosen CS R activities at ARGE as best practice. The major aspect
of the quality of CS R at ARGE is reflected as incorporating ARGE‟s and her staff‟s                    Chosen as Best Practice by CSR4U
competences into volunteering activities.
                                                                                                       Actively worked for CVA
 Developed a methodology for corporate governance and presented it with its 2007
publication.                                                                                           Designed a model for corporate

                                                                                                       “ARGE Corporate Governance Model” –
                                                                                                       an ARGE Publication
 CSR Activities in 2007

 Presented ARGE methodology for corporate governance at the
Corporate Governance Association of Turkey.
                                                               Speech about” Corporate Social
                                                               Responsibility” at General Electric

                                                               Speech given at xxx about
                                                               “Quality and Leadership in
                                                               Educational Institutions”

                                                               Speech about “Corporate
                                                               Governance Model” at Corporate
                                                               Governance Association of Turkey
CVA – Corporate Volunteers Association
Influential to integrate the concept of volunteerism and procedures for volunteering within Corporate
Social Responsibility activities through the Corporate Volunteers Association

Initiated and established the development of Corporate Volunteers Award for which 12 organisations
have applied for to the first CVA Awards

Engaged in the development of „Adopt a School Program‟ in 2002 which has been successfully
implemented since, where business is actively encouraged to support the right of equal access to the
means of education

KALDER – Turkish Quality Association

Chairman of ARGE, started the National Quality Movement in Turkey in 1998 while he served as the
Chairman of the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer). National Quality Movement aimed to improve
the management effectiveness of private, public, and civil society institutions throughout Turkey by
promoting TQM philosophy. The National Quality Movement is probably one of the most effective
national programs to extend the use of the EFQM model and could provide an interesting example for
other countries as well. This project extended the implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model to all
walks of life, from industry to service sectors; from large institutions to very small organizations; from
private sector to public sector and even the NGOs. Also, a new Prime Category for NGO‟s, has been
established for the first time in Europe to promote utilization of good governance principles in the
NGOs. Within National Quality Movement, 40.000 people have been trained in country wide. Local
Quality Days are organized in order to deploy the National Quality Movement country wide.
TEGV - The Educational Volunteers Foundation
One of the foremost non-governmental organization operating in the educational field in Turkey though
volunteer participation. TEGV has reached more than 400.000 children and young people (ages 7-16)
during the eleven years since its foundation in 1995, with the active support of over 10,000 volunteers,
mainly between the ages of 18 to 26.

ARGE developed the methodology for trainings for volunteers for their support in their educational

TESEV – The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation

ARGE has provided project management and leadership support to our partner NGO –TESEV since
2006, in a project named „Good Governance - Quality of Life‟.

„Good Governance‟ project aims to strengthen governance at the local level by increasing the
participatory role of civil society in local governing. The project aims to develop mechanisms to make
civil society able to affect decision making processes. The project has been implemented in 6 pilot

         Urged the integration of the quality concept in good governance principles and practices.
         The ongoing project is a good example of developing and maintaining anti-corrupt,
         transparent, accountable, efficient, sustainable practices in public governance – with a
         continuous will of generating good quality services
Principle 1:                               ARGE maintains a favorable working                The first six principles compose the most
Business should support and respect the    environment and culture by respecting the         important criteria for us in terms of selecting
protection of internationally proclaimed   right to health care, right to work on equal      our customers.
human rights                               conditions, right to equality, right to freedom
                                           of expression, right to liberty and security.     ARGE has been instrumental in the
                                           ARGE ensures that its suppliers and clients       establishment of The Turkish Education
                                                                                             Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) in 1995,
                                           support the same principles.                      which is one of Turkey's most successful and
                                                                                             reliable NGOs with a reputation for creativity,
                                                                                             integrity and vision. TEGV prepares Turkish
                                                                                             children to participate fully in the benefits of
Principle 2:                               ARGE policies on harassment, employment           democracy and globalization through a
Business should ensure that they are not   equity, safety, health all ensure that basic      variety of learning programs designed for
complicit in human rights                  human rights are firmly respected.                children ages 7-16 living in socio
                                                                                             economically underprivileged regions of the
                                                                                             country. Programs of the foundation today
                                                                                             reach 200,000 children annually with the help
                                                                                             of 4000 dedicated volunteer teachers. TEGV
                                                                                             operates a total of 78 facilities including
                                                                                             education parks, learning centers and mobile
                                                                                             computer units throughout the country.
                                                                                             Facilities are open to all children regardless
                                                                                             of race, sex, class, religion or ethnic origin.
                                                                                             After five years of accumulated experience
                                                                                             and a solid record of performance, TEGV is
                                                                                             ready to assume a major leadership role in
                                                                                             helping to shape Turkey's future. In January
                                                                                             2001, the foundation's board of directors gave
                                                                                             final approval to an ambitious five-year
                                                                                             campaign designed to reach ONE MILLION
                                                                                             CHILDREN annually.
Principle 1:                               ARGE maintains a favorable working                   ARGE aims to be a role model with its
Business should support and respect the    environment and culture by respecting the            contributions to the community. This is an
protection of internationally proclaimed   right to health care, right to work on equal         integral part of our company vision.
human rights                               conditions, right to equality, right to freedom      In this line, we are concerned with the
                                           of expression, right to liberty and security.        effects of our activities as much as we do for
                                           ARGE ensures that its suppliers and clients          the activities that surround us. We aim to be
                                                                                                a role model both in our business operations
                                           support the same principles.                         and interactions with the community.
                                                                                                The Corporate Volunteers Association runs a
Principle 2:                               ARGE policies on harassment, employment              „Adopt a School Program‟ in which ARGE has
Business should ensure that they are not   equity, safety, health all ensure that basic         been actively engaged in. ARGE has been
complicit in human rights                  human rights are firmly respected.                   collaborating actively with its adopted
                                                                                                primary school. ARGE staff has trained 10
                                                                                                students between the ages of 12-15 as a
Principle 3:                               ARGE policies on employment equity
                                                                                                debate team, These students are amongst
Business should uphold the freedom of      ensures the provision of good working
                                                                                                the lowest income strata of the society. In
association and effective recognition of   conditions in which all employees
                                           couldexpress their ideas.                            this framework, our activities (reading, good
the right to collective bargaining
                                                                                                communication skills, how to do research
                                           Open – door policy
                                                                                                etc.) aim to support their education. Also,
                                           Feedback in formal and informal discussions
                                                                                                ARGE has transformed a classroom into a
                                           Excellent working conditions
                                           Profit sharing, through bonuses, staff               library by maintaining the right equipment as
                                           appreciation days                                    well as maintaining the books. In this
                                                                                                framework, our CSR activities support- the
Principle 4:                               ARGE aims to support and develop the                 right to education on equal terms.
Business should support the elimination    potential of all employees by training,
of all forms of forced and compulsory      motivation tools. ARGE strives to achieve
                                           work/life balance for all its staff. Staff is able   We try to develop awareness among the
labor                                      to work from home when needed, and staff             students in respect of these principles.
                                           can manage his working time on a project
Principle 5:                               ARGE is against child labor. Employees are      Maintaining a good reputation in line with
Business should support the effective      protected by employment contracts and other     these principles is a fundamental element in
abolition of child labor                   social security measures. ARGE does not         our operations.
                                           work with companies that use child labor.

                                                                                           These principles are integral parts of ARGE
Principle 6:                               ARGE provides equal opportunities at work
Business should support the elimination    and takes every precaution against
of discrimination in respect of            discrimination in terms of race, gender, age,
                                           nationality and marital status.
employment and occupation

Principle 7:                               ARGE prevents, minimizes, mitigates the         Through our CSR projects, we try to promote
Business should support a precautionary    negative impact on the environment.             environmental responsibility and work with
approach to environmental challenges                                                       NGO‟s.

                                                                                           We support environment friendly applications
Principle 8:                               ARGE promotes the awareness – raising
                                                                                           through sustainable use of resources. Our
Business should undertake initiatives to   campaign on environment responsibility in its
                                           network and supports all staff to contribute    publications are available as soft copies at
promote greater environment
                                                                                           our web-site. In this respect, we respect the
                                                                                           efficient use of resources by publishing as
                                                                                           proportional to the needs of our clients and
                                                                                           the community.

                                                                                           Our working environment has no negative
                                                                                           impact on the environment. We use all
                                                                                           resources (office equipment, use of
                                                                                           transportation for our business operation)
                                                                                           efficiently and effectively.
Principle 9:                    ARGE uses recycled paper, toner and cartridges.    We have been a signatory to the statement for “Caring
Business should encourage the   ARGE supports environment friendly technologies.   for Climate: The Business Leadership Platform” in
development and diffusion of    ARGE office resources are either reused or         2007.
                                recycled or granted for other use.
environmentally friendly
Technologies                                                                       In 2007, ARGE initiated a corporate responsibility
                                                                                   Project to support the UN „Caring for Climate‟ initiative.
                                                                                   ARGE developed a methodology which will provide a
                                                                                   guide to its customers in initiating environment friendly
                                                                                   applications in their core areas of competence.
Principle 10:                           Since its establishment, at the end of every financialyear ARGE implements right and effective
Businesses should work against          auditing procedures. Our management consultancy services include methodologies for good
corruption in all its forms,including   corporate auditing.
extortion and bribery
                                        ARGE has been instrumental in the foundation of the independent Turkish think-tank, Turkish
                                        Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV). ARGE also has been a staunch promoter of
                                        public policy analysis. TESEV is Turkey's leading independent think -tank, with a research agenda
ARGE maintains a high integrity and
                                        covering the major political, economic and social issues facing Turkey and the region. TESEV aims to
values based system as mentioned in
                                        build a bridge between academic research and policy-makers; to expand the role of civil society in the
our vision & mission. ARGE believes
                                        democratic process; and to promote Turkish convergence with the EU. TESEV focuses on the most
it is a role model to other companies
                                        important policy questions facing Turkey. A major study, launched in cooperation with the World
and the community.
                                        Bank, will examine the difficulties involved in efforts to crack down on corruption, and will include a
                                        comprehensive survey of the nature and extent of corruption, together with policy proposals. TESEV‟s
                                        current areas of activity includes: Turkey: Human Development Indicators, Values of Turkish Citizens:
                                        TESEV, Religion and Politics, Ethnicity and Politics, Corruption, Poverty, Political Reform, Reform of
                                        Public Administration, Foreign Policy and EU Integration, State and Civil Society.

                                        ARGE has provided project management and leadership supoort to our partner NGO -TESEV, in
                                        a project named „Good Governance‟. „Good Governance‟ project aims to strengthen governance at
                                        the local level by increasing the participatory role of civil society in local governing. The project aims
                                        to develop mechanisms to make civil society able to affect decision making processes. In this
                                        respect, the instruments used and the expected results could be summarized as follows:

                                        Digital development maps – that show the development disparities within cities to determine
                                        how local public services and resources could be allocated most efficiently to eliminate the

                                        Disparities assessment of local public services via surveys conducted among the public; analysis of
                                        public expenditure to determine the criteria that these expenditures are based on and contribute to an
                                        increased consciousness among local governing institutions to spend according to the needs of the
                                        local areas to contribute to the development of participatory strategic planning mechanisms,
                                        which is a legal condition with the new decree on local governance.
Principle 10: contd..   In this line, the aim is to increase the capacity of non-governmental organizations to
                        direct local governing bodies‟ public expenditure schemes. In this way, the
                        expected result is to create an efficient use of public resources especially to build the
                        necessary infrastructure in most needy areas and with a view to decrease poverty.
                        In this framework, the overall objective is increasing transparency, accountability,
                        sustainability in local governing procedures which we believe is a
                        direct effort against corruption.

                        With the ARGE publication, „Management in Voluntary Organisations‟,
                        methodology has been developed which determines the performance criteria in the
                        operations of voluntary organisations. In this way, the aim is to make the strategies,
                        objectives and activities of voluntary organisations more visible, more result-oriented
                        via the application of self-assessment procedures. ARGE aims to direct and support
                        Voluntary organisations with this methodology which as well provides the ground to
                        apply its wide-range of management consultancy experiences in voluntary
                        organisations. We believe that in this way, we would support the capacity-building of
                        voluntary organisations, which would make their operations more transparent,
                        effective, sustainable and accountable.
                                                      ARGE Publications

      2007               2006            2005                  2004

 “ARGE Corporate    “Management of    “Intellectual           “Change
Governance Model”      Voluntary        Capital”            Management”
                                                        ARGE Publications

  2003          2003            2002             2001             2000
“Strategic    “Reputation    “Corporate          “Value
  View”      Management”        Social        Management”       “Balanced
                            Responsibility”                     Scorecard”
  ARGE Operates Under Four Areas

     Strategy             Business             Institution        EU & Competition
                         Excellence             Building
Strategy              Assessment of        Human Resources        EU Strategy
Development           Business             Management             Development
                      Effectiveness        Systems
Strategy              Total Quality        Corporate              EU Impact and
Implementation        Management           Governance             Compliance Studies
Strategic Alliances   Restructuring        Corporate              Competition Rules
& Post Merger                              Governance in          and Compliance
Integration                                Family Businesses

Value Management      Development of       Intellectual Capital   EU Funds and
                      Product &            Management             Projects
                      Customer Portfolio
For the organizations it is critical to define and implement proper strategies at the
stage of “Doing the Right Business”.

Organizations having clearly defined their purposes (mission) and their targets
which they intent to reach (vision), have to determine a road map (strategy) in
order to achieve them.

As ARGE strategy services, we support companies to gain a sense of direction by
mobilizing our modern management concepts and methodologies and experiences,
considering their business areas, scales and structures. During the strategy
implementation phase we lead companies through our experiences in proven
Balanced Scorecard Applications.
 Business Excellence
“Doing the Business Right” for determined business targets provides efficiency
and effectiveness of resources for organizations.

Competition parameters in different characteristics in every business sector made
efficiency an indispensable working principal. This understanding, demonstrated
the importance of process oriented point of view and made holistic view a necessity
in the management of organizations.

As ARGE, our well rounded
experiences in various sectors,
generates value for organizations
in    process     re-engineering,
improvement of processes and
management quality.

Organizations that we have
supported    in   Total  Quality
concept have gained important
achievements in National Quality
Awards and EFQM processes with
the important gains in their
business results.
Institution Building
The main purpose of our institution building services is to execute
foundation studies “to guarantee continuity” by improving current
performances and evaluating the potentials of organizations.

In this direction, we provide family principals, family law, structure of
administrative board and transition plan initiatives for the family

Our methodologies help implementation of effective use of human
resource capital by development of human resource management
systems and development of intellectual capital of organizations with
proper measurement methods.
                                                Structure           Performance        Education

                                                Work description,
                                                resposibilities &   Employement
EU & Competition
EU Strategy Development and Implementation
In order for organisations (public, private and NGOs) to operate
effectively within the process of Turkey’s accession to the EU, we
present the correct information about the EU processes and rules,
create the correct content and making correct use of such
information bearing in mind the mission and vision of the

EU Impact and Compliance Studies
The formulation of relevant impact and compliance studies is vital
for organisations to position themselves in the EU integration
process. ARGE conducts impact studies to determine the
competitive advantage of organisations as well as the risks

Competition Rules and Compliance
Our team is composed of lawyers, economists and strategy
experts in competition law. We give consultancy services at all
levels related to competition rules and compliance.

EU Funds and Projects
The correct formation in the application and development of a
project in line with the objectives of funding programmes is vital
for benefitting from the EU funds. Our expert team presents the
relevant funding opportunities and formulate the application.
 Adds Value to Its Clients

• High performance & profits
  through our Strategic Approaches

• National & European Quality Awards
 through Business Excellence Services

• Effectively managed thousands of employees
  through Institution Building Initiatives

• Followed by its
  innovative management approaches

• 500+ projects with 200+ organizations
Provides World-Class Services
with the Quality of its Employees
 Leader and Role Model in the area of
 Corporate Social Responsibility

   First Turkish     “Shaping the Future”   ARGE            European
     company           Company Award      Case Study       Commision
to sign the Global     (EU Parliament) “Developing Civil “An Example of
     Compact                               Society”       Best Practise”

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