New sodium recirculation _micromachined wick_ technology

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					Small                          AMTEC Energy Conversion Technology
Innovation                     Advanced Modular Power Systems, Inc.
                                                      Ann Arbor, MI
  New sodium recirculation (micromachined wick) technology for
                     AMTEC power source

   Designed, built and tested a sodium recirculation
    system based solely on capillary structures
   AMTEC cell operated continuously at 873K for 8,500
   AMTEC cell operated normally in a variety of
    orientations with respect to gravity
                                                                              Possible Power System for Solar Probe and
                COMMERCIALIZATION                                                    Future Deep Space Missions

   Alternative electric power source for homes in
    combination with gas residential heaters                         GOVERNMENT/ SCIENCE APPLICATIONS
   Remote site power including arctic monitoring stations,       Technology selected for Advanced Radio Isotope Power System (ARPS)
    cathodic protection of pipelines, and communication            - possible power source for future deep space missions including Solar
    stations                                                       Probe
   Power sources for recreational vehicles and vacation          Received $12M under contract with Lockheed Martin for ARPS
    homes                                                          development
   Power source for future communication satellites
                                                                  Received $1.2M for future space shuttle flight demonstration

                                                                                                          1990 Phase II; NAS7-1196
   Jet Propulsion Laboratory
                                                                                                          Success Story # 7-002