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McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Fact Sheet 9-17-07


									                                  FACT SHEET
McDonald's Answers Your Questions on Happy Meal Toy Safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well being of our customers.
Here’s why McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are safe:

   §   All Happy Meal toys are made exclusively for McDonald’s by McDonald’s own safety-
       approved suppliers. They’re not “off-the-shelf” toys or toys made by anyone else.

   §   Testing toys is nothing new at McDonald’s. We have been rigorously testing and re-
       testing our Happy Meal toys for decades.

   §   Happy Meal toys are tested time and time again. They’re backed by a proactive safety
       program that starts with the design of the toy and continues throughout the entire
       process, long before a Happy Meal toy makes it to the production line.

   §   When it comes to toy safety, we take nothing for granted. We remain ever vigilant and
       continue to watch every step of the process.

   §   McDonald’s suppliers do not use lead-based paint on Happy Meal toys. This safety
       step has been a McDonald’s mandate for more than 20 years.

   §   That’s why the recent toy recalls have nothing to do with McDonald’s, or our Happy
       Meal toys

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