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					                                                                                                         The Newsletter of Sydney
                                                                                                              HOG Chapter

       HARBOUR HOG                                                                                            Vol. 2, Issue 1
                                                                                                              Jan/Feb 2010

                                                                                                              Chapter 2102

     Director’s Report
Welcome to the start of Sydney HOG Chapter’s fourth year            and you will benefit with
of great rides and social activity.                                 improved riding proficiency.
The Chapter runs as well as it does because of the                  We’ve fared well over time, but
contributions of so many. I would like to thank Trivett HD,         now we find ourselves in a
the committee and officers for their dedication to the roles        situation where there have been
they undertook over the past 12 months.                             two bad accidents recently (Ray in Tassie and Peter in
Firstly, there have been a number of changes at Trivett HD          Yaramalong). Let’s all get behind encouraging rider
over the past year but their faith in the Chapter has not           competency... safety is the responsibility of every Chapter
diminished. Thank you Peter Kelly for the bulk of the year          member.
and thank you Emma, Rob, Garry, Neil and Tass for your              I would also like to thank Michael Chesworth for his valuable
ongoing enthusiasm and support as well.                             contribution to activities and memberships in the Chapter.
Thank you Russell for not only the past year as Assistant           We’re the largest HOG Chapter in NSW. That’s not as
Director but the previous two years as well. Russell’s              important as being the happiest and best run Chapter in NSW.
contribution to the Chapter and in particular his contribution      Michael’s contribution to that is substantial and very much
to the committee has been invaluable.                               appreciated.
Thank you ‘Little John’ for your contribution as Secretary of       Paulette thank you for your encouragement, not only of your
the Chapter and keeping it a friendly place. Sadly, we’ll           fellow committee members, but also for your contribution to
miss your input and your overall contribution to the Chapter        getting more female riders out on bikes. I’m sure Paulette will
is not underestimated by me. You’ll hear more from John in          be doing all that she can to encourage new riders to another
his report on the following page.                                   beginners course this year. I for one would like to see our first
Again, Diane has been the backbone of the finances for the          ‘Ladies Only Run’, with a minimum of 12 riders in it, happen
Chapter and we are in a good financial condition today              this year.
because of her diligence and devotion to the task of                I think you will all agree that our Harbour HOG magazine, put
Treasurer. Diane often gives up her social part of Chapter          together by Andy, is the best HOG magazine of any Chapter in
meetings simply to tend to financial requirements. Thank            Australia. And if the accolades from America are anything to go
you.                                                                by, it’s possibly one of the best in the world. Please help Andy
Our Safety Officer John H has been a valuable part of               keep the magazine fresh and topical by contributing stories,
safety at the Chapter for yet another year. We should all           photos and ideas to him relentlessly. Thank you Andy for your
collectively thank him for his contribution to our safety.          ongoing passion and enthusiasm.
John consistently encourages us to become better riders.            Bob, thank for your contribution as webmaster over the last 2
Unless your Wayne Garner, there’s always an opportunity             years. Bob is moving to the role of Secretary within the Chapter
to improve your level of skill.                                     and we look forward to that with great expectation. You have
I can’t stress enough that we need to encourage each other          some big shoes to fill.
to take advanced rider courses and to ride as well as we            The role of Photographer will now be shared by Olly and Tony
possibly can.                                                       and Russell Brown has kindly agreed to fulfil the role of
Don’t simply be critical of a riders capabilities. It’s a matter    Historian.
of being encouraging and constructive. If you see things            On behalf of the committee I hope you all enjoy the next year
you don’t like or things that you feel can be improved              of happy and safe riding.
please step forward and raise them in a constructive way            There you have it. The Chapter is strong, the culture is good.
with any member of the committee or a Road Captain. If              This could be a cathartic year, let’s keep the Chapter on track
someone is passionate enough to talk to you about your              by being open, honest and friendly. Talk to everyone equally
riding or safety see it as a sign that they care... don’t take it   and remember there’s no difference between new, young or
as a criticism. Your fellow Chapter members will thank you          old members... we’re all after the same thing.... to ride and
                                                                    have fun.                           Fred Madderom, Director.

Who is this
masked                                                                             Ivan’s immaculate
man? (P4)                                                                          FLHR (P6/7)

                                     Michael discusses the pros and cons of
                                     Road King ownership with Ivan at
                                     Wollombi (P6-9)
   Editor’s Report
Hello folks,
                                                               whenever we can. As the temperature
As you read this all the festivities will be winding down,     goes up it is tempting to ride in less,
the tree will be consigned back to the garage or loft and      but don’t forget that your clothing is
the unlucky amongst you will be heading back to work. I        also your defence in the event of a
hope you all had a happy and safe holiday season.              spill so riding in a t-shirt is not all that
You might have been lucky and Santa may have bought            smart. It’s not really an option for me anyway as I tend to
some accessories for your bike. Before you head into           get burnt by the fridge light, but even the lucky tanned riders
the dealer to have them fitted consider putting them on        can get badly burnt, and dehydration is a real danger too as
yourself. If they are OEM accessories they often come          the water is evaporated very quickly off of uncovered skin.
with instructions and sometimes even the Allen keys            Be careful out there.
needed to fit them. Most of us have a friend who is            This issue I have all the usual people to thank, the
handy with mechanics and there are plenty of other             contributors and the committee for their help in putting the
members who are willing to help, just ask. Obviously if        whole thing together. Thank you all. Now is the time of year
the part is safety critical (eg brakes and suspension          when we do a lot of riding, consequently now should be the
components) have them serviced professionally if you           time we are making those memories to share in our
are not competent. There is a wonderful sense of               newsletter. Have a go and write something, it’s quite a buzz
satisfaction from riding down the road on a motorcycle         to see your work in print.
you have built, modified, customised or repaired
                                                               Andy Draper
This time of year is good for riding, and we all look          Editor andydraper@hotmail.com / 0412 684 315
forward to getting out on the road in the sunshine

   Assistant Director’s Report
Hi All,                                                         legal qualifications. Sadly, this means
It’s a brand new year and I hope you all had a great and        that I will have to resign from the Sydney
safe Christmas. I really enjoy the festive season. It gives     H.O.G Chapter Committee. I wanted to
me the opportunity to spend time with those that I love         take this opportunity to thank everyone
and do so over lots of good food and good wine...lots of        for their assistance and more importantly,
it! I hope you all enjoyed yours too!                           friendship, over the past 4 years. Whilst
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Russell     sometimes very challenging, I have really
Brown for his efforts in helping us set up the Chapter in       enjoyed my time helping set up the Chapter and seeing it
the past 3 years. Russell’s tenure in the Assistant Direc-      become the largest Chapter in NSW as well as, arguably,
tor’s position has taught us all in the Committee a lot.        the best Chapter in NSW. I have made lifelong friends in
Personally, I know I would have had a lot to live up to in      this Chapter and I look forward to maintaining those
this position...so too will anyone who steps into the Assis-    friendships. And I will be sending photos and stories back
tant Director’s position from here on in. Russell has cer-      for the newsletter about me riding around Europe in the
tainly set the bar high for anyone who follows! It is also      summertime!
great to know that Russell will continue to be actively in-     If you happen to be in the area and fancy a ride through the
volved in the Chapter in the capacity of Historian. On          Swiss Alps (or anywhere in Europe really)....drop me an
behalf of the Chapter, Russell, thank you!                      email
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – find out what it means to me is.....safe       Stay Safe...
group riding! It is a new year and therefore a timely re-
                                                                John Clifford “Little John”
minder to everyone to respect those around you when
riding in a group. We obviously all enjoy a fairly danger-      Assistant Director
ous pastime in motorcycle riding and we take all neces-         Sydney H.O.G Chapter
sary steps to protect ourselves against all other road-
users. However, during the past few rides there has
been incidents that highlights that we may not take the
same steps to protect ourselves when we ride with each
other. Respect means not riding close to the bike in front
of you. Respect means not cutting-off a bike beside you
when you merge. Respect means also allowing bikes to
merge in front of you! Respect means taking care of
those in the Chapter. Please take care out there....we
don’t want accidents.
And now for the good news. My fiancé, Suzie, has been
offered a job in Zurich, Switzerland for the next 3 years
leaving late January 2010. I will be heading off with
Suzie as well, hoping to
utilise my newly attained I saw this cracking bit of parking recently
                           in Broadway Shopping Centre—where
                           did the driver go????
             A lazy Sunday ride – a ‘newby’s’ story
“A little warm” said our road captain John H when I
arrived on the second hottest day on record for No-                                               The ‘hot’ team at Mt Keira
vember. Especially “warm” for me seeing I had not
more than 40 minutes earlier left Cronulla Beach after
a cool swim at Nippers with the family.
As the ‘newby’ of the group I listened to every word
as our instructions were given, hot day (yeah right),
water, keep close, leave good spaces, be safe, stop
when asked and enjoy the ride.

OK, first things first – drink. Bottle of coke down the
hatch (that will haunt me in about 15 minutes!) and
better get a bottle of water and a muffin to carry
(bugger no bags on the sporty – ok, try inside the
jacket – mmmm water feels nice but the muffin is a
little weird – now I know what fake boobs feel like
from an owners perspective). OK, off we go …. Why
aren’t I moving? Aha bike goes better when key is
in and it is started… bloody noise of 20 odd bikes
starting up I forgot to start mine. (Now that has gotta
be a rubber-mount sporty – Editor)
                                                                           Back into formation and off to Kiama – but not just down the high-
                                                                           way, but down to Figtree, the highway to Oak Flats and around
Off we go down onto the M5 to Campbelltown and our first
                                                                           the back road to Jamberoo. Again the great roar as we drift
casualty as Michael C’s young boy succumbs to the heat and he
                                                                           along through the back roads with some great corners and
heads off home to cool down. I start to succumb to that Coke.
                                                                           switchbacks along the way (waving to the Police doing breath
Now having done some trips around generally you stop (and go –
                                                                           testing on the other side of the road). Thankfully through all of
if you know what I mean) but at 120km/h in a freight train of bikes
                                                                           this the roar of the engines drowned out my screaming (and the
                                                                                             occasional swearing) as we went a little quicker
                                                                                             into corners than my usual sedate pace!! We
                                             Kiama lighthouse                                rode through Jamberoo and no one noticed my
                                                                                             tears in my helmet as we passed the pub without
                                                                                             stopping. Then down more windy bits to Kiama
                                                                                             (naturally accompanied by more screaming,
                                                                                             hollering and swearing).

                                                                                           We arrived in Kiama where John H comes up to
                                                                                           see how the new kid is going, and naturally as
                                                                                           the new kid I blubbered something about it’s ok,
                                                                                           and fine, work good, need to adjust the carby by
                                                                                           0.2mm blah blah and sounded like some halfwit
                                                                                           who had been caught looking through the key-
                                                                                           hole to the girls showers at school. I was
                                                                                           absolutely jumping out of my skin and my real
                                                                                           burning question was – when do we get going
                                                                                           again! I didn’t have to wait long – a quick refuel
                                                                                           and we were off for a nice trip back. If you call
                                                                                           screaming down the freeway passing anything
                                                                                           that gets in your way, trying to hang on to the
                                                                                           group and trying to put that grin away a good ride
                                                                                           home well boy I had it. We absolutely motored
                                                                                           home and I had to put my mask on so that the
                                                                                           bugs didn’t squash all over my teeth because I
                                                                           couldn’t stop smiling.
it’s a little difficult to put the hand up to the bus driver and say –
“loo break please”!! So, start thinking about other things – keep
                                                                           I arrived home to an empty house (family down the local pool to
in line, good space, waterfall, river – STOP please!! Off the free-
                                                                           escape the heat) and got out of my now dripping clothes. I made
way and down to Appin Road we go (I like bumps - generally!!)
                                                                           my way to the fridge and after working out that I couldn’t fit into it,
then a well earned break and some water (and the now warmed
                                                                           grabbed a drink, sat down and stared out the window with that
muffin) and escape from the heat (and a little tree fertilising).
                                                                           smile returning to my face – what a start to my Harley career.
                                                                           Many thanks to all those involved it was a great afternoon and
Some calls are made to see that Michael is OK and off we go
                                                                           brilliantly run.
again, down Appin Road – what a blast to see that conga line
snaking its way down the road and that distinctive roar of Harley
                                                                           Did I mention it was hot! Boy, the heat coming
engines of all sizes, turning head everywhere as we go. Then
                                                                           up from the engine was nothing compared to the
onto the road to Mt Keira lookout. We fall into line again after the
                                                                           heat hitting your face, the intensity was amazing
“windy bits” where the little sporty and me get to know each other
                                                                           and the heat haze over Wollongong and Kiama
a little better. We arrive at the Lookout and ‘wow’ we take up half
                                                                           (and beaches) was something I haven’t seen for
the place and all spill out into the restaurant for drinks and some
                                                                           a long time.
well earned rest (well 10 minute break anyway).                          3                                 Col, new member
Those of you that wear full
face helmets or have screens
can stop reading now; you
just need a cool pair of
For those of you like me who
sometimes wear an open
faced helmet in all kinds of
weather read on.
I enjoy the warmth of the sun
and the wind in my face. I
don’t like being blinded by the
sun and I don’t like crying all
the way to work when I’m
riding my Nightster. Wind or
sun in the eyes is a big
damper on any ride.
What follows are my opinions
and experiences with a whole
range of eyewear over the
past ten or so years. For
those of you that are just
starting, or want to know
more about what materials
are available, I hope this information helps.                          By far the best gasket material I have found so far is a feature
                                                                       on goggles that were made a long, long time ago and have
By far the most convenient eyewear are the humble sunnies.             seen a resurgence in the last few years. Leather. Typically
They come in a wide range of fits, tints, cool and not so cool         found on goggle style eyewear, the great thing about leather is
brands. Ranging in price from almost nothing to something              it’s comfortable fit to the face. The other feature of a leather
quite painful, they really are limited to short trips in good          gasket is that there actually are no holes in the gasket to let the
weather. Sunglasses are great for keeping the sun out, but             air in. Instead, they are manufactured to have the “air holes” in
they don’t really do anything to keep out the wind that seems          the frame itself. Usually somewhere close to the glass/plastic/
to blast in from all directions at the most inopportune times.         polycarbonate lenses. I have a number of these leather gasket
There are those of us that would never be caught dead in               goggles in different styles. They are by far, in my experience,
anything else, but hey, I’m not that tough.                            the best stuff to wear. The holes in the actual frame can be
Enter, the gasket. There are a number of materials that are            shaped by the manufacturer to pass the air from top to bottom
used as a gasket, a layer of material between the rims of the          of the inside of the lens, or even from side to side. In fact, the
eyewear and your face. The most extreme gasket of course is            same way that your de-mister works in a car (if you have one -
the one that you find on swimming goggles. It’s great for              I don’t).
keeping out the water, probably overkill on a Harley, though I         Then, at the end of all this is the style of eyewear you choose to
can think of a couple of situations where they would have              use. I have pretty much everything and switch around
been great. On a bike we don’t need to keep out water (well            depending on the weather and the length of the ride. I like
not the ‘my whole head is submerged’ kind anyway), just wind.          goggles that strap on the outside of an open face helmet the
However, some air needs to pass through to the ‘eye’ side of           most. This is what I usually use on a daily ride to work (around
the eyewear, otherwise, like swimming goggles, they fog up.            160km round trip). I always have a pair of clear goggles as a
Ignore for a second that you can get anti-fog coatings etc and         spare. These are inside the helmet models and actually live on
think about the airflow instead. Airflow is good, but you don’t        the bike. I like options if I get caught out having to ride in the
want it streaming directly into or over your eyes, otherwise you       dark after a long day and don’t want the tinted goggles. They,
are no better off than you were with the sunnies. This is              being inside helmet types, can also be used on a helmet with a
where the different materials play a part in the gasket.               visor. See, there is a reason for every type of goggle. Usually,
The simplest gasket is made from a stiff but pliable plastic,          I always carry a pair of sunnies around as well because I like to
approaching a hard rubber. It’s very durable but being quite           not get the sun in my eyes when I get off the bike. Wearing
hard, it doesn’t really form a great seal on the face. Good for        goggles without the bike may work for Vin Diesel in Pitch
warmer weather when the air that does get in isn’t going to            Black... but I just look like a tool when I
bring tears to your eyes.                                              try it.
Moving up the scale from Rubber is foam. Foam forms a                  So there you have it, mix and match,
great seal on the face, but to let the air in, some of the foam        and always carry a spare somewhere in
gasket sunglasses are open at the outer ends of the glasses            your pack.
to let the air in. In my experience too much air gets past, but
                                                                                              Craig Newdick
they are perfect for the warm summer ride and better wind
resistance than the rubber gasket.
  Motorcycle helmets are a good
           idea, right?
Whilst living in the USA a few years ago I was lucky enough to go to a few of the great bike
rallies they have over there. They happen all over the country, in the northern states in the summer months and in the autumn
and spring down south. My first major rally was Myrtle Beach Bike Week, which happens in the spring and autumn in a sleepy
little beach town in South Carolina. There were THOUSANDS of bikes, and at the time there was a major push by the motorcycle
lobby to make the wearing of motorcycle helmets optional in SC as it is in some states. I was there for a few days, and during that
time only saw two riders ‘correctly’ dressed for riding, with leather pants or reinforced jeans, boots, gloves, jacket and a proper
motorcycle helmet, not one of those silly ‘novelty’ items in the shape of a WW2 stormtrooper’s helmet. One of
them was myself in the mirror, the other was a wheelie popping sportbike rider on the seafront. Ho hum.
Anyway, after a couple of days there momentum for removal of the helmet legislation gathered and a petition
was being passed around the large groups of bikers at the show, with just about everybody signing up. When it
got to me, I said ‘I’m a physics teacher; in my opinion anyone who isn’t smart enough to realise they should be
wearing a helmet when riding a bike should be made to wear one in my opinion.’ you could have heard a pin
drop, I didn’t make any friends that day…
One thing I did notice whilst I was there wandering around (on my own) was the difference between the types of Looks cool, but not
                                                                                                                        likely to pass the
US DOT approved helmets and the helmets required here in Australia. Some were the same, but many riders                SNELL test or save
wore the ‘skull cap’ type of helmet, mostly legally approved there with DOT badging, but would be illegal for sure       your head if you
here. I found out that these thin helmets do not meet the SNELL criteria, which is a rigorous testing procedure           need to use it!
                                                    performed by the SNELL organisation, but do fulfil the local
                                                    requirements in some areas of the USA. Helmets which have passed the SNELL
                                                    test have a SNELL sticker inside them. I always liked the cheery bit on the
                                                    sticker about how ‘some reasonably foreseeable impacts…’
                                                   Our Australian helmets are tested by Standards Australia, and have a silver and
red AS1698 sticker on them. Don’t remove it—the helmet is uncertified and illegal without it on! But what does a helmet have to
do to reach this standard? It turns out that the Australian Standard test is very similar to the SNELL test, a good thing as SNELL is
generally considered to be the industry standard for helmet testing worldwide.
After a bit of digging, I managed to find some info from Standards Australia on the Australian helmet tests, which do make me
feel just a little safer when rolling down the road wearing a full face head oven…                                      Andy D
From Standards Australia:

                                              Testing times for motorcycle helmets

 Motorcycle helmets are tested in the dedicated testing unit of the NSW Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) CrashLab.
 Four helmets of the largest in the size range for each model are required. Prior to perform-
 ance testing, an assessment is made of the Design, General Construction, and Retention of
 each helmet as per the requirements of the relevant Standard, in this case, AS/NZS 1698.

 Performance tests are then conducted in the following areas:

 Peripheral vision: a gauge is used to assess the helmet to ensure sufficient range of vision.

 In preparation for further performance testing each helmet is conditioned in a different envi-
 ronment; Hot (50C), Cold (-5C), Ambient (20C) and Wet (submerged in a water tank).

 Strength of Retention: the helmet is placed on a rigid headform and a force is applied to the
 retention strap to ensure that the straps are strong enough to retain the helmet with minimal
 strap elongation.

 Impact Energy Attenuation: This test is to determine how much energy is absorbed by the
 helmet. The Standard allows no greater than 300 ’g’ on impact.
 The helmet is placed onto a headform and dropped from a pre-determined height. An acceler-
 ometer in the centre of the headform measure ‘g’ forces from the impact.
 Four test sites are selected on each helmet with two successive impacts on each site. Two pairs of impacts are on a flat
 surface and two pairs are on a curved (hemispherical) surface.

 Resistance to Penetration: The helmet is placed onto a headform then a steel spike
 “striker” (3kg and pointed) is raised 3m above the helmet 5and dropped. The helmet must ensure
 that there will be no contact between the striker and the headform at any point tested within a
 specified area.
       Members Bike - Sponsored by Shannons Insurance
       Ivan’s Road King Classic

   A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is seen by many as a work of art with an
   engine. And nothing in the line up, perhaps with the exception of the
   Sportster, screams “art deco” more than the Road King Classic. I bought my
   red 2008 FLHRC from Trivett Harley Davidson with the aim of tweaking its            The list of modifications is too long to print in full, but includes:
   existing look, rather than changing it. I chose to do that in two distinct steps         • Chrome front end (forks, end-covers, switches & levers)
   – upgrading and chroming the engine, and then accessorising the rest of                  • Chrome floating brake discs and calipers (the discs eliminate
   the bike, all with H-D parts.                                                                brake squeal)
   The challenge lies with choosing a theme and knowing what NOT to do with                 • Wind baffle (it does have a minor role in winter to deflect
   your modifications. In keeping with the classic theme I chose smooth                         cold air away from the rider, but it’s main purpose was to tidy
   flowing lines and undecorated chrome. The result is a bike that looks                        the area under the headlight nacelle)
   equally at home cruising down the road or parked at the pub.                             • Profile wide-view mirrors (91697-06A: I settled Wide Profile Mirrors
   To achieve a unique personalised look and squeeze the extra ponies from                      on these after trying three other styles as the
   the V-Twin, I relied solely on Goran and Alistair from Trivett Harley. Goran                 blind spot vision is terrific)
   in particular has put in many hours to ensure that the bike is flawless, from            • Premium air horn (probably a waste of money
   the overt changes like the upgraded engine to the more subtle touches like                   as I rarely use it) (I think I’d love it for my
   the chromed exhaust brackets.                                                                morning commute—Ed.)
   The upgraded engine has Screamin' Eagle 255 cams, a Race Tuner and a                     • “Ironside” footboards and highway pegs
   Heavy Breather intake. The ride punches and thumps like a Harley should,                 • “Ironside” heated grips (I love the Ironside                ‘Ironside’
   with the Vance & Hines Monster Ovals producing a deep, bass exhaust                          range but the MoCo hasn’t yet mastered the               footboards
   note. The fat CVO handlebars, Progressive Suspension shocks and Brembo                       creation of reliable heated grips that last)
   brakes add a level of riding precision that belies the Road King's reputation
                                                                                            • HID headlight – HID really does turn night into
   as a stately tourer. Power output is 80hp at the rear wheel with 88 Nm of
                                                                                                                  day (but at over $1000 it’s
                                                                                    Aluminium speedo/             pricey)
                                                      All lines and cables are                                    • Fog lamps (I really like the
                                                      braided, and everything       tacho and relocated
                                                                                        idiot lights              low, wide lightbeams emitted by
Chrome engine kit                                     from the wheel spacers                                      these crash bar-mounted lamps)
                                                      to the starter motor has
                                                                                                                  • Spun aluminium speedo/
                                                      been replaced with its
                                                                                                                  tacho (why a $33000 vehicle
                                                      chromed equivalent from
                                                                                                                  does not come off the production line with a
                                                      the Parts Catalogue.
                                                                                                                  tacho is beyond me)
                                                                                  6                               • Chrome inner primary

                                          Whenever you see this bike it                                                                 Beautifully chromed
                                           is always immaculate, a real                                                                  front end, floating
                                                     credit to its owner                                                                 rotors and brilliant
                                                                             WORST                                                           whitewalls
                                                                             VALUE MODIFICATION
                                                                             There are two separate
                                                                             accessories that I wish I had
                                                                             never purchased. The first is
                                                                             the MoCo’s heated hand grip
                                                                             set. They were expensive to
                                                                             buy and even more expen-
                                                                             sive to fit. And they lasted a
                                                                             grand total of one winter
                                                                             before clapping out. Forum
                                                                             feedback suggests that this is
                                                                             a common complaint. My
                                                                             advice to those who want
                                                                             heated handgrips is to steer
     • Custom gear shift linkage (33840-09: this mod offers piece            clear of Harley’s offerings.
         of mind as it’s much stronger than the stock linkage)
                                                                             The other poor investment
     • Heavy duty chromed starter motor                                      was the flush-mount fuel cap and gauge kit. The cheap plasti-
     • Chrome voltage regulator                                              chrome on the fuel cap seating ring peels with time. I am now on
     • Premium thermostat-controlled oil cooler with CVO                     my third seating ring and it too, has just begun peeling.
         chrome cover                                                         This over-priced cheap plastic rubbish will eventually be removed
     • Chrome centre stand                                                    from my bike. Caveat Emptor!
         (91573-06: allows for
         easy cleaning and                                                    IVAN’S CLEANING TIPS
                                                                              I get very good results by washing with
     •   Flush-mount fuel cap and                                             Meguiar’s carwash and rinsing. I then
         gauge                                                                dry the bike with an Air Force Blaster
                                             Centre Stand 91573-06
     •   Sundowner deep seat                                                  heated motorcycle blower/dryer. The
         with detachable CVO                                                  chrome is wiped with Meguiars window
         leather backrest                                                    cleaner and a microfibre cloth. For
     •   Detachable tour-pak (perfect for touring; fits a full face          chrome stains I use Mother’s Chrome
         helmet plus luggage)                                                Polish. Every six months or so, Harley
     •   Detachable short sissy bar (52408-07: which I interchange           Gloss is applied to the chrome. It adds a
         with the tour-pak for longer or two-up rides. Everyone’s            protective film that prevents pitting,
         tastes are different; I prefer the lower-profile style of the       making your bike look brand new.
         short sissy bar)                                                    The paintwork is polished routinely with
     •   LED tail light (a huge improvement over the stock lens)             Meguiars Tech Wax paste. The wax adds
     •   Smoked indicator lenses                                             protection and visual depth to your ride
                                                                                 and I find the Meguiars product to be
                                                                                 the gold standard.
                                                                                 White wall tyres can be a challenge,
                                                                                 but the best effect is obtained from spraying the tyres with
                                                                                 wheel cleaner (the Armor All brand is the gentlest on your
                                                                                 chrome wheels), and then scouring with a brillo pad. Rinse off
                                                                                 and they’ll simply sparkle. For intractable dirt just dissolve the
                                                                                 grime by wiping with a rag dipped in thinners.

                                                                                 FUTURE PLANS
                                                                                 I draw my inspiration from the modifications to your own rides
                                                                                 done by many of you in the Chapter. Sydney HOG is full of great
                                                                                 people with some amazing motorcycles. And you never really
                                                                                 finish a motorcycle, do you? But for now I have a bike that suits
                                                                                 my tastes, thanks to the inspiration from my HOG mates,
                                                                                 together with advice and assistance from the talented service
                                                                                 team at Trivett.
                           Yes, that’s a lot of shine...
                                                                                                                            Words: Ivan, Pics: Andy

The best value customisation on my bike is easily the
Sundowner seat. It is a relatively low-cost mod that seats
you “in”, rather than “on” the motorcycle. It is a fabulous
improvement on the stock seat.
Coming close behind in ergonomics value would be the
CVO-style engine and turn-signal indicator lights in the
handlebar cover. This mod means that you don't have to
move your head down to the tank console to check                         7
whether your blinkers are still flashing.
                A tale of two Fat Boys

                                      Comparing a ‘94 and an ‘09

 It was a fabulous September day when a small number of                  but with progressive feel,
 chapter members set out for a mid-week ride. Rob Barrie                 they never gave me
 had graciously provided me with a new model Fat Boy for                 concerns about grabbing
 the day, and all was well with the world!                               too much or too little.
                                                                         There’s lots of talk about
 The ride route was a circular one through Windsor,
                                                                         ABS, but try pulling up in
 Richmond, Springwood, Megalong Valle, Great Western
                                                                         a hurry on a ’94 model
 Highway, and back to Alexandria - a terrific combination
                                                                         with only a twin piston
 of freeway, suburban road and twisty bits – surely
                                                                         brake setup. Interesting.
 enough to put a new Fat Boy through its paces. I’d done
 the same ride on my ’94 Fat Boy three weeks earlier, so I               We’ve       all    heard
 had a good basis to compare the two bikes on an                         comments from smart-          Michael’s old faithful ‘94 fatty with
                                identical route.                         ass Jap bike riders who      over 150,000km on the clock. Watch
                                                                         claim that you can’t throw    this space for updates on his new
                                   The first major difference
                                                                         a Harley round. They’ve                      bike!
                                   I found was the wide
                                                                         clearly never ridden one.
                                   rear tyre, which gives the
                                                                         On the twisty bit halfway
                                   bike a whole different
                                                                         up the hill, I found the
                                   feel on the road. My first
                                                                         bike responsive and
                                   impression was, “Oh no!
                                                                         nimble, especially since I
                                   I’ve got a flat tyre!”, and
                                                                         was now used to the rear
                                   3 blocks away from
                                   Trivett H-D, I stopped
                                   and asked Little John to              Other first impressions I
                                   see if I did have a flat.             found were that the new
                                   (I didn’t.) More rubber               model was very quiet
                                   on the road means that                compared to my ’94 with
                                   the rider needs more                  Vance & Hines Big
                                   conscious effort to make              Radius pipes (but then a
                                   the bike go anywhere                  DC-10 is quiet in comparison with your bike – Ed). The
                                   but in a straight line.               seating position was also definitely not my style – bars high,
The wide tyre on the ‘09 can be
                                                                         sitting bolt upright. After-market H-D stuff can easily solve
      clearly seen here           Over the Bridge and into
                                                                         both of these.
                                  the Lane Cove Tunnel.
 Travelling in a straight line at legal speeds (true!), the
 bike feels stable and safe, and I was gaining a little bit of             This is the same as the bike Michael rode—
 confidence with the rear wheel.                                           but we couldn’t afford to send him to
 Then it was back to suburban roads through Windsor and                    Arizona to ride this one...
 Richmond until we hit Springwood Road. This is a lovely
 piece of road – scenic, quiet and relatively little traffic,
 although it is country traffic (i.e. SLOW).         These
 conditions meant only one thing – open it up! The light
 throttle action is very responsive compared to the ’94.
 The gearbox, too, is, great – quick confident changes
 with no clunks or hesitation.
 An essential to accompany a good throttle is good                   8
 brakes, and the new Fast Boy has those. Quick acting

                          Handling                                                                  Looks
To me, the ’94 is nimbler – the smaller rear tyre makes it so          This is the most difficult part. Bike looks are so subjective.
much easier to throw around in tight sections and traffic. I           My bike is personalised over a number of years. It’s the way
found the new model to be very confident in corners – happy            I like it and there’s not much I’d change. So, my appreciation
to lean in and power out again. The bike handled rougher               of another bike’s looks centres around what I could change
road and larger sweepers well without wallowing like the ’94           on it (and it’s only my opinion, anyway!). Nonetheless, the
sometimes does.                                                        new model is still a Fat Boy, with all the great connotations
It was a borrowed bike, so I didn’t push it to maximum                 that brings – solid, squat look, full wheels, big headlight – and
(Honest, Rob!) but I still gave it some. It never caused me            a great platform for personalising.
any concern or did anything impolite. In traffic it was happy                                       Sound
to respond as necessary to go through gaps.                            Ever-encroaching government rules have stripped H-D of
The road into Megalong Valley is 6.7 km of twisty mountain             some of its trademark “Thump”. Nevertheless, the new Fat
road through the rainforest, which then opens up to a flat             Boy has an underlying rumble that comes to the surface with
road with a fairly ordinary surface. The Fat Boy was happy to          a good twist of the throttle.
leave everyone behind, confidently cornering and flipping                                          Comfort
from side to side in the tight stuff.
                                                                       A Fat Boy is a Fat Boy!! No fairing, pretty solid suspension.
                                                                       If you want an armchair, get an Ultra.
                                                                       I found the seating position a bit prissy for my taste - “Straight
                                                                       up in the seat, arms out in front.” However, that’s a personal
This shot of the 1990 first edition shows the silver and               thing. My setup has 4-inch risers and 2-inch pullback, with
       yellow paint of that first production year                      Wide Western bars set down around 30 degrees to the rider.
                                                                       This lower, wider arrangement gives slower steering, less
                                                                       need to respond to every bump, and a more relaxed ride.

                                                                                             THE FINAL WORD
                                                                       There are substantial differences between the two bikes. 15
                                                                       years of technology changes have made the new Fat Boy a
                                                                       much better bike technically. However, underneath that, it
                                                                       still retains what Willie G was looking for when he designed
                                                                       it. It’s still a solid bike that’s as at home at Uluru as the local
                                                                       coffee shop. It’s still, for many, the bike they think of when
                                                                       they hear the words “Harley-Davidson”.

                                                                                              Michael Chesworth, Activities Officer

                                    Comparison: Quick Checklist
                (This is not meant to be an exhaustive or technical comparison. It’s just the things that matter to me.)

                                         1994 Fat Boy                                             2009 Fat Boy

   Engine                80 cu. in Evolution                                  96 cu in counterbalanced Twin Cam

   Exhaust               Vance & Hines Big Radius                             Stock

   Sound                 “Like a truck” – Little John                         Very respectable

   Rear Tyre             130 mm                                               Very big -200mm

   Handling              I like it                                            Stable, sure-footed, but surprisingly nimble
                         “Twitchy”, responsive, a bit of a
                         wobble in wide sweepers

   Vibration             A fair bit - what’s that in the rear view            None at all, not even at idle
                       The People You Meet…
    You know it and I know it. Riding motorcycles allows us                    A month or so later I was searching for some leather
entry to a 100-year-old brotherhood, and I mean brotherhood                material for a little project I was doing on the Road King. The
in a purely non-sexist kind of way, because I feel the same                leather outlet was in Botany, a south-eastern suburb of Sydney,
about the growing number of women out there who ride. Be                   and I couldn’t help but admire some of the handcrafted leather-
you a top-end executive, tradey, labourer or shop attendant,               work on display in the showroom, much of it with an American
when we put on our leathers and ride, our everyday personas                Indian flavour to the carved designs. That’s when I heard the
change. We’re none of the above; we’re just motorcyclists;                 strong American accent from over my shoulder.
enjoying something that defines us as equals, if only while we                 “You must ride a bike,” he said in a deep, earthy voice,
share the highway. Yes it’s true, the world is divided into two            “otherwise you’d look pretty stupid in that jacket and boots.”
kinds of people. Motorcyclists, and the rest. What I didn’t                    Turning to the voice, that’s when I met my first American
realise until this year was just how deep, diverse and long-               Indian. He stood tall and possessed an incredible smile,
reaching that brotherhood goes.                                            introducing himself as Grey Wolf, but suggested I call him John.
                                                                           John was everything you’d imagine of his proud race, broad
    Let me share three short tales, about three of our brothers            shoulders with dark weathered skin and a long plat of graying
out there. Like Davie from Melbourne Victoria. Truck driver by             hair held back with a red bandana. John came from the White
trade; proud Harley FatBoy owner by choice. I pulled my Road               Mountain Apache tribe, a reservation some 190 miles north-
King into the Hume Highway truck stop just east of the Picton              east of Phoenix Arizona, and was over here selling his line of
turnoff on my way home, dragging my tired bones off the bike               leather goods. At the mention of Arizona, I first imagined the
and stretching like an old hound dog. It was dark, early                   typical desert scenes Hollywood has conditioned us to, but to
evening, four or five B-doubles parked here and there as                   the contrary John painted a picture of highland lumber country,
countless other trucks roared south towards Melbourne.                     with shear, snow capped mountains in the winter months.
    Davie was only a young bloke by my standards, thirty or                    John told me that he and his brother often rode their
so, who jumped down from his cab when he saw me and                        Harleys down to the desert plains below, and I spent a
introduced himself. He possessed the usual tired eyes of a                 somewhat surreal hour with him as he told me tails of riding
man who’d seen too many miles on the highway, but those                    hard by day and spending nights under the stars. John was no
same eyes lit up like an infants when he began talking about               doubt extremely proud of his part of the world, describing the
his Harley. He told me about his bike, and I showed off some               call of the coyotes and the eagles cry in a way that took you
of the extras I’d fitted to mine. But amidst that usual road side,         there with him. I could picture it all, and when he left, there I
tire-kicking banter, Davie told me another story, that single              stood by my bike outside the leather store wishing I could one
event that steered him towards buying his beloved bike in the              day ride those desert plains and high country with John and his
first place.                                                               brother. The experience still makes me smile each and every
    You see, Davie and his young family lived in Marysville,               time I think about that day, piquing my imagination and leaving
and were caught in those terrible bush fires that devastated               an itch to travel that I can never seem to scratch.
Victory during February 09 causing over 170 deaths and
destroying     countless   properties.   Davie   and   his   family            My last tale is a little poignant, but touching all the same. I
managed to escape the worst of the fires, but couldn’t say the             never actually met Simon, but in seeing his bike, and hearing
same for his best friend who perished. He told me about the                his story, I feel I know him well enough to share this experience
grief that followed, about the therapy and antidepressants                 with the brotherhood.
prescribed, but in the end it was his wife who suggested he                    My local bike mechanic at Picton NSW also sells bikes out
follow through with his long held dream of owning a Harley. He             front on consignment, where a few weeks back a beautiful old
said, and I quote, “You can see all the doctors in the world, but          Road King Classic caught my eye. She was a dark blue 1997
there’s no therapy like riding your bike”.                                 model looking kind of lonesome amidst the trail bikes either side
    Under any other circumstances, I would never have met                  of her. Looking closer she appeared a little tired. High mileage;
Davie. Under any other circumstances I would never have                    the paint slightly faded and stone chipped; bags and pipes
heard his story. I’m richer for it, and hope just by listening,            scratched from hard cornering; saddle bags shaken loose and
have lightened that young trucker’s load a little as well.            10 the seat stitched-up around the edges. But hey, she was 12-

      Before I could walk away, the sales guy came over and             and suddenly the old
 patted the old girl with a sense of respect that I found rather        girl appeared more like
 fitting.                                                               an open book, more
      “You in the market,” he asked?                                    like Simon’s diary of the
      “Not really,” I said. “She’s a little well ridden for me.”        road. I suddenly imag-
      “Yep, she’s seen some miles,” he said. “So has the                ined her as she might
 owner.”                                                                have been when Simon
      “Oh yeah?” I liked hearing about old men riding bikes. It         first road her from the
 was always rather encouraging at my tender age. “Who’s the             showroom back in ’97,
 owner?” I asked.                                                       both rider and bike in
      “A guy named Simon,” he told me. “We’re really keen to            good health with a long
 sell it for him on account of his cancer.”                             road ahead of them. I
      I didn’t know if this was the ultimate heart wrenching            saw the stone chips as
 sales pitch in the book, or just a brutal truth, but when I            mile       stones,       the
 looked in the salesman’s eyes it was evident he not only               scraped pipes        signifying where we all push the envelope a little in
 knew Simon, but was definitely telling me the truth. “That’s           life, and the high mileage count as a simple statement. I was here.
 sad,” I said looking down at the bike with a whole new                        I never met Simon, but feel connected with him in some way, as
 aspect.                                                                I do with Davie and Grey Wolf. And yeah, the Road King looked a
      “Yeah,” said the sales guy walking away. “Well, if you            little tired up close, but she’d seen a lot of this country, was a good
 know anyone who might be interested, just send them our                companion to Simon, and had been loved. Yeah, I thought walking
 way.”                                                                  away, that’d do me.
      “Sure,” I said, feeling suddenly awkward in the presence
 of the old Road King.                                                                                                             Baz Radburn
      Alone again, I took the time to look at her a little closer,

                                          A Dog or a Hog?
Recently we received an email from Sydney HOG Chapter                       The ride home was great, lovely and cool on the back of the Fatboy.
suggesting that we organize our own rides. What a good idea,                Jean-Pierre only got whacked once because he was riding too fast
especially prior to Christmas because it can get very busy but              around the bends just before Kiama. We waved our fellow riders
you do still want to get out there.                                         goodbye at Sutherland and we were almost home when a car
Because I am ‘The Boss’, I told Jean-Pierre to contact Mike and             approached us on the left hand side. Thank God, Jean-Pierre saw it
Magali to organize a run. Not only are they fun but it is                   and he immediately used his “Advanced Riding Skills” to avoid an
geographically possible for us to actually ride together (oh our            accident.
busy lives!) Our destination was to be Gerroa Boat Fisher-                  Now, a P Plate female driver with 2 passengers, a car full of helium
man’s club and this was their first time there. The Club                    balloons driving and drinking a milkshake at the same time is a very
apparently has a million dollar view of 7 mile beach and a good             bad and dangerous combination. I deliberately wear white gloves
value meal. This was a Saturday ride so the traffic would be at             and when Jean-Pierre was able he overtook her very slowly. I made
a minimum.                                                                  eye contact with her and gave her two white gloved hands! I sin-
We met at Heathcote and rode down to Gerroa. It was not too                 cerely hope she has learnt her lesson because our beautiful day
hot, quite pleasant really. In conversation with my fellow pillion I        could have ended in tragedy!
told Magali that when I am frightened by Jean-Pierre’s riding I             After arriving home we reflected on the day, good company, lovely
usually squeeze him around his waste. I was given a demon-                  meal, even walking Mount Everest, and not being an animal lover I
stration of how Magali just whacks Mike, an excellent tip!                  said “who would want a dog when you can have a hog?”
Needless to say I used it on the ride home.                                                                                      Laila Hachem
One of the benefits of lunch at the Club on a Saturday is that
the numbers are down and you don’t have to queue for your
meal. The servings are very large, mind you having desert did
not help but it was a unanimous decision that we all go for a
After checking the bikes we headed off down the hill to Seven
Mile Beach, admiring the homes, gardens and in general the
lovely township. It’s been a long time since I last saw a house
with an outside loo, asbestos and all!
Time to head home, we were feeling the heat and the hill was
suddenly a mountain. I recall hearing the words Mount Everest,
what a comparison but it felt like it! There was silence on the
upward trek, we needed every breath of energy and great
minds think alike because once we reached the peak it was
back to the Club for cold water and a rest.
          January to March 2010 Rides and Events
           All Chapter rides start at Trivett HD - 75/85 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria
  5-Jan      Tue 7 pm    Chapter Meeting                         Trivett H-D
 10-Jan      Sun 9 am    Surf & Turf                             South Coast - great beaches, green valleys
 16-Jan      Sat 9 am    Introductory Ride YOTS BBQ              Palm Beach
 23-Jan      Sat 8 am    NSW State Rally                         Ride to the rally - Zig Zag Run
 24-Jan      Sun 8 am    NSW State Rally                         Ride to the rally - Thunder Run

 26-Jan      Tue 8 am    Australia Day Run                       Canberra

  2-Feb      Tue 7 pm    Chapter Meeting                         Trivett H-D
 14-Feb      Sun 9 am    Heritage Pub Run                        History and bikes!
 21-Feb      Sun 9 am    Chapter Photo Shoot                     Sydney Chapter Members only
 28-Feb      Sun 1 pm    Muscle bikes meet muscle cars           American muscle car show - Rat Park Narrabeen

  2-Mar      Tue 7 pm    Chapter Meeting                         Trivett H-D
                                                                 Let's give Ray a great send-off for his Round-the-
  6-Mar       Sat 9 am   Big Blue Ride                           World charity ride.
 13-Mar       Sat 9 pm   Midnight Run                            TBA
 20-Mar      Sat 9 am    Introductory Ride YOTS BBQ              Kurnell/La Perouse
 28-Mar      Sun 8 am    ½ Day Run                               Dooralong

          What is the 'Big Blue Ride - 2010’?
Starting on Saturday 6th March 2010 Sydney HOG member Ray Blackett and his friend Joe will set out to
ride their 2010 Road Kings 45,000 kilometres around the world in approximately 180 days on one big road
trip, essentially starting and finishing in Oxford Falls in the Northern Beaches, travelling via SE Asia, India,
Middle East, Europe, UK and North America.

The ride is to promote awareness of Youth Mental Health, Youth Depression and Youth Suicide
around the world and promote the Inspire Foundation’s Reach Out Programme as well as get men
talking about their health issues, in particular depression.
                                           The Inspire Foundation
Founded in 1996, in Australia, the Inspire Foundation is a not for profit organization with a vision to help
millions of young people lead happier lives. Inspire have achieved a 56% reduction rate in youth suicide in
Australia with their Reachout.com program. Now they are taking the program to the world with presences
established in the US and Ireland, their platform for reaching Europe. The program is unique and with a real
track record of success other countries are welcoming their presence.

All motorcyclists are invited to start the ride with Joe and Ray, and our HOG group will
be leaving at 9am to ride up to Oxford Falls for the start of the Big Blue Ride at 10am
on 6th March. Come along if you can and be part of history!

                                                      12                Joe and Ray, the
                                                                              BBR team