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									                        Adjusting the Adjuster
According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is no formal training required for a person to
become a Insurance Adjuster, save a High School Diploma, and the median wage for an
Adjuster is $55,760 as of May 2008. With this knowledge one has to wonder why the Insurance
Adjuster has such an inflated image of his or her skills and demands unquestioned compliance
from any company unfortunate enough to have to submit their bill to these low skilled and under
educated megalomaniacs.

The low education requirement well demonstrates the typical Adjuster's inability to grasp and
accurately account for such concepts as education, expertise, longevity, and good will. The
“rationalization” displayed by many Adjusters is akin to the “rationalization” of a football player
with too many head injuries. Instead of fairly considering company A's experience, expertise,
and list of successful projects for payment, the Adjuster will simply offer to pay company A what
it's new franchisee lap dog is willing to settle for... obviously for a fee that is less then
reasonable when compared with similarly educated and experienced industry experts. Arguing
these points with an Adjuster is as effective as playing with a deflated ball... they are simply
incapable of understanding such abstract concepts.

We learned a long time ago that if you deploy a person's mannerisms and words against them,
there is little recourse. In this light we herein propose the following solutions for our fellow
professional water damage restoration brethren when dealing with an Adjuster... use their
tactics against them.

When told that a competitor would have billed the same job for a fee less than yours, simply tell
the Adjuster that a similarly educated kid in high school could have done the same job for FAR
less than $56k annual salary the Adjuster expects from the company they represent and
WITHOUT the expectation of benefits, time off, or bonuses. When the Adjuster rebuts and
outlines the education, certifications, and experience they have gained over their years with
their company, ask them how and why your certifications, continuing education, and industry
experience is different. When told that reducing your, legitimate, bill, for the legitimate work that
was done on the claim, would save the insurance company money, tell the Adjuster that
dropping his or her RECURRING salary and not to take any bonus from the insurance company
would save the insurance company even more money. Fair is fair and right is right.

                                          It's your money.
                                          It's your choice.
                                           Choose Wisely
              Choose a customer focused, independent emergency restoration company.
                           This article is composed by and offered as a public service by Jimmy K.
                                      Jimmy K is the Independent Owner and Operator of
                                        Emergency Response Restoration
                                     2665 N Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118.
                    Jimmy K is a true consumer advocate who is not afraid to battle the insurance company
                    to ensure the proper restoration of the consumer's water damaged home office or asset.

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