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					 Summer 2009

               To your                                           HEALTH
New & Coming Soon...
                          Physicians, Health Center & MRI
I  t’s an exciting time for Alice Hyde
   Medical Center and our community.
   During the last year, new physicians
have joined us—with more to come.
A new family health center is under
                                            of medical specialties and family and
                                            internal medicine available to our com-
                                            munity members right here in Malone.

                                            Another exciting new development at
construction on the Malone campus of        AHMC is the expansion of the AHMC
AHMC. And, in just a few months there       Urgi Clinic to a family health center in
will be a new MRI suite at Alice Hyde       Malone like those located in Chateau-
Medical Center.                             gay, St. Regis Falls, Moira, and Fort
                                            Covington. Expected to open in Sep-
In the past year and a half, eight physi-   tember at 134 Park Street, the Malone
cians have joined the AHMC Medical          Health Center is designed to provide
Staff. Surgery, internal medicine, endo-    more access to much-needed primary
crinology, cardiology, and urology are      and preventive medical care services.
just some of the areas being practiced      Both walk-ins and appointments will be
by our new physicians. With the help        welcome at the Center.
of state funding, AHMC is currently re-
cruiting more family medicine doctors,      In our continuing quest to bring the
a psychiatrist, and a pulmonologist.        most advanced medicine and technol-
Our goal is to have a wide diversity        ogy to the North Country, Alice Hyde is
                                            replacing its mobile MRI with a new
                                            ‘fixed’ MRI on its campus to improve
                                            access and service.                            Want to stay updated on
                                                                                              what’s happening at
                                            Bringing new services, technology, and        Alice Hyde Medical Center?
                                            medical expertise are just some of the
                                            ways in which Alice Hyde is fullfilling        Sign up for E-Alerts on our
                                            our promise to ensure access to high
                                            quality medical and health care ser-
                                                                                           E-Community page under
                                            vices for our community.                          the ‘Contact Us’ link.

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               & Tips to Use                 at AHMC                       at AHMC                      Listing
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    Surviving in Troubling Times
                        T                         AHMC
                               oday’s economic uncertainty has certainly
                               challenged Alice Hyde Medical Center and
                               medical institutions around the country. It
                        has shaken our fiscal foundation but has not damp-
                        ened our steadfast resolve to continue caring for
                        and serving Malone and the surrounding commu-              Kudos
                        nities with the same compassion and dedication             “I’ve been to many hospitals and this
                        that community members have come to expect and             one is the best. The staff work together
                        trust.                                                     and they are so helpful and friendly!”

                        At the same time that we are meeting community             “I felt very comfortable with my care at
                                                                                   your hospital. Thank you for your won-
                        needs by recruiting physicians, expanding services,        derful care!”
                        and acquiring state-of-the-art technology, AHMC is
                        dealing with major financial challenges brought on         “The nurses were super, thank you!”
                        by federal and state cutbacks and the ever-growing
                                                                                   “Alice Hyde Medical Center did an excel-
  likelihood that health reform will be financed by even more cuts to hos-         lent job with my needs and the staff
  pital payments.                                                                  waas great!”

  In times like this, it is difficult to feel hope and optimism, but our current   “I always use Alice Hyde and I had good
  challenges have provided an opportunity for us to pause, take notice,
  and remember what is important about our lives. We have been deeply              “I got full attention from the people right
  moved by the support of all members of the Alice Hyde Medical Center             away!”
  family who give to us in some way —whether through contributions of
                                                                                   “My treatment was exceptional in all re-
  time or money, by holding a hand, hosting a program, participating in            spects. I was very grateful for the qual-
  a program, joining us for the health fair, volunteering, calling or visiting     ity of care and concern to the discomfort
  legislators, or dedicating your work life to our shared mission. The ac-         I was in!”
  tive and involved engagement of all—employees, physicians, Board of
                                                                                   “This is the only place I want to be for
  Directors, volunteers, patients and families, residents, and community           surgery!”
  members—have made a true and palpable difference in sustaining our
  community’s precious healthcare resource.                                         “I’ve been to a lot of hospitals and the
                                                                                   cleanliness I saw in ASU was so clean.
                                                                                   Great job who ever does the cleaning!”
  While there are still bumps in the road ahead, I am confident that be-
  cause we are all working together as one community, all part of the same         “The maternity nurses were amazing—
  family, our Medical Center will weather the current storms and not only          they made the birth and stay a wonder-
  survive but thrive in the years ahead.                                           ful experience. They treated my family,
                                                                                   the baby, and me better than I ever
  Thank you for playing a part in keeping Alice Hyde’s loving legacy of dedi-
  cation and service alive.                                                        “Very pleased with everyone the staff
                                                                                   is very nice they have gone out of their

  John W. Johnson                                                                    “I’ve had surgery two times and both
                                                                                   times the staff was wonderful and help-
  President/CEO                                                                    ful!”

                                                                                    “AHMC has always been a facility of
                                                                                   caring, professional, and friendly staff at
                                                                                   every level!”

To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 2
     W and tips
       to use

     in children
                                                                                                    Skin Cancer

     kin cancer is the most common form of cancer              shirt and long pants with a tight weave are best, they
     in the United States. One in five Americans will          aren’t always practical. A T-shirt, long shorts, or a beach
     develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Exposure to        cover-up are good choices, too—but it’s wise to double
the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays appears to be the most         up on protection by applying sunscreen or keeping your
important environmental factor involved with devel-            child in the shade when possible.
oping skin cancer and tends to be greater during the
summer months.                                                 GET A HAT. Hats that shade the face, scalp, ears, and
                                                               neck are easy to use and give great protection. Baseball
It’s particularly important for children to be protected       caps are popular among kids but they don’t protect
from the sun and begin a life-long habit of sun protec-        their ears and neck. If your child chooses a cap, be sure
tion. Not all sun protection comes in a bottle. There          to protect exposed areas with sunscreen.
are lots of ways to protect your child’s skin all year long.
                                                               SHADES ARE COOL. And they protect your child’s eyes
Here are five you can try:
                                                               from UV rays, which can lead to cataracts later in life.
                                                               Look for sunglasses that wrap around and block as close
HIDE AND SEEK. UV rays are strongest and most harm-
                                                               to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays as possible.
ful during midday, so it’s best to plan indoor activities
then. If this is not possible, seek shade under a tree, an
                                                               RUB ON SUNSCREEN. Use sunscreen with at least SPF
umbrella, or a pop-up tent.
                                                               15 and UVA/UVB protection every time your child goes
COVER ‘EM UP. Clothing that covers your child’s skin           outside.
helps protect against UV rays. Although a long-sleeved         Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

                                                                        To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 3
            it′s HOT out there                                                                  ...stay
                       hether you’re working construction, planting crops in the fields
                       or just mowing the lawn, working under the blazing sun can be
                       deadly. Heat-related illnesses claim the lives of hundreds of people
            each year. People suffer heat-related illness when their bodies are unable to
            compensate and properly cool themselves. The body normally cools itself by
stay cool

            sweating but under some conditions, sweating, just is not enough. In such           If you must be out in the heat:
            cases, a person’s body temperature rises rapidly. Very high body tempera-           Limit your outdoor activity to
            tures may damage the brain or other vital organs.                                   morning and evening hours.
                                                                                                Cut down on exercise. If you must
            Although any one at any time can suffer from heat-related illness, some             exercise, drink two to four glasses
            people are at greater risk than others including infants and young children,        of cool, nonalcoholic fluids each
            people aged 65 or older, people who have a mental illness, and those who            hour.
            are physically ill, especially with heart disease or high blood pressure.           Try to rest often in shady areas.
                                                                                                Protect yourself from the sun by
            The best defense is prevention.                                                     wearing a wide-brimmed hat (also
                                                                                                keeps you cooler) and sunglasses
                                                                                                and by putting on sunscreen of
            •     Drink more fluids (non-alcoholic), regardless of your activity level. Don’t   SPF 15 or higher (the most effec-
                  wait until you’re thirsty to drink.                                           tive products say “broad spec-
                                                                                                trum” or “UVA/UVB protection”
            •     Don’t drink liquids that contain alcohol or large amounts of sugar–these      on their labels).
                  actually cause you to lose more body fluid. Also, avoid very
                  cold drinks, because they can cause stomach cramps.
            •     Stay indoors, and if at all possible, stay in an air-
                  conditioned place. If your home does not have
                  air conditioning, go to the public library or
                  another public place that is air conditioned–
                  even a few hours spent in air conditioning
                  can help your body stay cooler when you
                  go back into the heat.
            •     Electric fans may provide comfort, but
                  when the temperature is in the high
                  90s, fans will not prevent heat-related
                  illness. Taking a cool shower or bath, or
                  moving to an air-conditioned place is a
                  much better way to cool off.
            •     Wear lightweight, light-colored,
                  loose-fitting clothing.
            •     NEVER leave anyone in a
                  closed, parked vehicle.

            This information provided by NCEH’s Health Studies Branch.

        To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 4
                                                                                                          Foods to Try:

Game Day!                                                                                                 Trail mix, fruit with
                                                                                                          peanut butter, cheese
                                                                                                          and whole grain

                                                                                                          crackers, yogurt, plain
       new season of school athletics is
       just around the corner—prepare
                                                                                                          popcorn, or milk. It
       your children for a healthy and                                                                    is good idea to keep
strong year with smart nutrition choices.                                                                 fruits such as melon,

A well-timed, healthy, high carbohy-                                                                      orange slices, grapes
drate, pregame meal or snack can make                                                                     or bananas on-hand
a big difference in sports performance.                                                                   for a quick half-time
Some key points to                                                                                        snack.
remember about pre-game
meals or snacks:                                                                                          Foods to Avoid:
                                                                                                          Soda, chips, and candy
•   Make sure to have foods high in car-
                                                                                                          bars. These foods can
    bohydrates to provide quick energy
    and moderate in protein to sustain
                                                                                                          provide quick energy
    energy (see examples to the right).     •   Make sure your children are well                          but not enough to last
•   Choose lower fat meals or snacks as         hydrated—provide water before,                            the whole sporting
    fatty foods slow digestion too much.        during, and after sporting events.                        event. Also steer clear
•   Regardless of the food, don’t overdo        A sports drink can be helpful when                        of salty foods which
    it--too much of a good thing can be         your children are exercising consis-                      can contribute to de-
    problematic.                                tently for more than 60-90 minutes.                       hydration.

Healthy Lunches
                                                for Kids...
     chool lunches have improved over
                                                                          as turkey or ham, over
     the years and now offer many healthy options,
                                                                          bologna or salami.
     however some kids prefer to bring their lunches
                                                                    •     Use whole grain bread instead of white.
from home.
                                                                    •     For younger kids, use cookie cutters to stamp out
Here are some healthy tips, no matter                                     fun sandwiches or wrap in colorful plastic wrap.
which option your children choose:                                  Don’t forget food safety: Freeze a 100% juice
•   Review the school menu each week with your chil-
                                                                    box to double as a cooler for other lunch items such
    dren and discuss which options are the healthiest.
                                                                    as meats or cheese. Throw in some hand sanitizer or
•   Encourage kids to choose cafeteria options that
                                                                    moist towelettes to encourage kids to wash up before
    include a lean protein, whole grain, fruit and/or
    veggie and low fat or fat free milk.
•   Pack a healthy lunch and buy milk at school—
                                                                        Family Health and Fitness Night
                                                       Save the Date!

    most schools offer low-fat and fat free white or
    chocolate milk that contain calcium and other                       “Fun for all Ages”
                                                                        November 6th | 4:00-8:00 p.m.
    important vitamins and minerals.
                                                                        Franklin Academy High School
•   Allow your children to choose their sandwich                        The event brought to you by: In Touch with Health community
    fillings – encourage lower fat deli meats such                      wellness program, AHMC’s Auxiliary, Malone Central School District,
                                                                        Cornell Cooperative Extension/Eat Smart New York, and the Greater
                                                                        Malone YMCA.

                                                                             To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 5

CLIP these delicious & nutritious RECIPES!
                                                                       Salsa for Everyone                                                                                                Brown Bag Fruit Mix
                                                                                INGREDIENTS:                                                                                                      INGREDIENTS:
                                                                   1 small red onion, coarsely chopped                                                                                    1/2 cup diced apple, unpeeled
                                                             1 medium green bell pepper, coarsely chopped                                                                                     1/2 cup sliced banana
                                                            1 small bunch (8 to 10 sprigs) fresh parsley leaves                                                                        1/2 cup grapefruit sections, cut up
                                                               2 large or extra-large fresh tomatoes, cored                                                                            2 Tbsp grapefruit or pineapple juice
                                                                          3 Tbsp red wine vinegar                                                                                             1/3 cup halved grapes
                                                                             1 Tbsp lemon juice                                                                                             1/3 cup pineapple tidbits,
                                                                             1 tsp ground cumin                                                                                               juice-packed, drained
                                                                  Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Combine onion, green bell pepper, and parsley in a food processor until the mixture is finely chopped. Halve
the tomatoes and squeeze out most of the juice and seeds then chop them coarsely and add them to the pro-            Mix apple, banana, and grapefruit sections with juice to prevent darkening of apple and banana.
cessor. Pulse several times to make a textured sauce: little bits of onion and tomato should remain. Transfer
the mixture to a bowl and stir in the vinegar and lemon juice. Put the cumin in a small saucepan and toast over      Add grapes and pineapple and chill.
low heat, stirring, for 2 to 3 minutes at most, just until the cumin starts to smoke. Stir it into the salsa along
with the salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate until serving time. For a hotter version substitute 1 seeded         (Fresh fruits in season may be substituted, as desired.)
fresh jalapeno pepper for the green bell pepper. You may also substitute toasted cumin seed for ground cumin.
                                                                                                                     Preparation Time: 10 minutes. Servings: 2.Cups of Fruits & Vegetables Per Person: 1.00
Preparation Time: 25 minutes. Servings: 4. Cups of Fruits & Vegetables Per Person: 0.50
Source: Florida Tomato Committee

                                                                               Taquitos                                                                                                 Chicken & Fruit Salad
                                                                              INGREDIENTS:                                                                                                        INGREDIENTS:
                                                                    2 cups frozen vegetables, thawed                                                                                       1 lb roasted chicken breast
                                                                        (peas, carrots, and corn)                                                                                        1 medium-size bunch spinach
                                                               1/3 cup crumbled queso anejo or shredded                                                                              2 medium-size pink or white grapefruit
                                                                         Monterey Jack cheese                                                                                          2 medium-size red delicious apples
                                                                        12 corn tortillas, warmed                                                                                         3/4 lb seedless green grapes
                                                                            2 tsp vegetable oil                                                                                       1/3 cup fat-free Dijon salad dressing
                                                                            2 cups fresh salsa
                                                                         1/2 avocado, chopped

Heat oven to 450 degrees. In a medium bowl, mix vegetables and cheese. Spoon 1/4 cup vegetable and
                                                                                                                     Remove and discard skin from chicken; tear chicken into bite-size pieces. Chop 1 cup loosely packed spinach
cheese mixture down the center of each tortilla. Roll up tightly.
                                                                                                                     leaves; set remaining leaves aside. Cut peel from grapefruit; remove sections with knife.
Place taquitos on a baking sheet. Brush each Taquito lightly with oil. Bake until crispy, about 7 to 10 minutes.
                                                                                                                     Cut unpeeled apples into 3/4-inch chunks. In large bowl, combine chicken, chopped spinach, fruit, and salad
While taquitos are baking, mix fresh salsa with avocado.
                                                                                                                     dressing; toss to coat. To serve, arrange remaining spinach leaves on platter; spoon chicken salad over spinach
Spoon salsa mixture over each serving of taquitos.
                                                                                                                     Preparation Time: 20 minutes. Servings: 4. Cups of Fruits & Vegetables Per Person: 2.00
Preparation Time: 30 minutes. Servings: 4. Cups of Fruits and Vegetables Per Person: 1.00
Source: Plantation Produce Company
New Faces...
                                         at AHMC!
                     laudia Dumitrescu, MD, board-certified in Internal Medicine (American Board of Internal
                     Medicine) and board-eligible in Endocrinology, comes to Malone from the National Institute

                                                                                                                         new faces
                of Health in Bethesda, Maryland where she recently completed her fellowship in Endocrinology.
                Dr. Dumitrescu’s specialties include evaluation of patients with endocrine-related conditions,
                management of bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, and of thyroid and parathyroid disease.
                She graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Bucharest, Faculty
                of Mathematics in Bucharest, Romania, after which she received her Doctor of Medicine degree
                from the Carol Davila University of Medicine located in Bucharest Romania. Dr. Dumitrescu inter-
rned at Ramnicu Valcea Central Hospital in Ramnicu Valcea, Romania and completed her residency in Internal
Medicine at Danbury Hospital-Yale University in Danbury, Connecticut. Dr. Dumitrescu is a member of the Ameri-
can Medical Association and an associate of The Endocrine Society. For more information or to schedule an ap-
pointment, please call 518-481-2864. Dr. Dumitrescu’s office is located at 20 Fourth Street, Suite 2 on the Medical
Center campus.

                 M      atthew Chodat, Physical Therapist, joined the staff at Alice Hyde Medical Center’s Holmes
                        Rehabilitation Department. Mr. Chodat is responsible for the initial evaluation, treatment
                 planning, and implementation of treatment plans for acute care patients on the medical/surgical
                 floor and Intensive Care Unit. He also assists with the implementation of care plans and delivery
                 of physical therapy services in the Alice Hyde Nursing Home. Mr. Chodat received his Bachelor of
                 Science Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

                 J   ulio Ossorio, MD, a board-certified Urologist (American Board of Urology), comes to Malone
                     from Georgia, where he had a number of private practices. Dr. Ossorio’s specialties include
                  the medical and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence, prostate issues, sexual dysfunction,
                  male infertility, renal stones, urinary tract infections, and pediatric urinary problems, as well as
                  bladder problems in male and female patients. He graduated Cum Laude from the University
                  of Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after which he received his Doctor of Medicine degree
                  from the Medical Science Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. Dr. Ossorio interned at St.
                  Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, NY and completed his residency in Urology at the
University District and Affiliates Hospital of the Puerto Rico Medical Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dr. Ossorio
is a member of the American Urological Association, the American Association of Clinical Urologists, the Societi
of Internationally Di Urologie, and the Puerto Rico Urological Association. For more information or to schedule an
appointment, please call 518-481-2893. Dr. Ossorio’s office is located at 16 Third Street, Suite C on the Medical
Center campus.

                 H     ani Shahata, MD, a board-certified Internist (American Board of Internal Medicine),
                       specializing in Nephrology, comes to Malone from Yonkers, NY, where he recently completed
                 his fellowship in nephrology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Shahata received his
                 Doctor of Medicine degree from the Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt, and went on to
                 complete his residency in Internal Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Shahata is
                 a member of Renal Physicians Associations, American Society of Nephrology and National Kidney
                 foundation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 518-481-2864. Dr.
                 Shahata’s office is located at 20 Fourth Street, Suite 2 on the Medical Center campus.

                                                                    To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 7
                                                                   To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 7
                                                                By summer’s end,
                                                               the new MRI suite,
                                                                 will replace the
ahmc news

                                                                Mobile MRI unit,
                                                                access & service.

                               you the
                                           MRI      What you should know about MRI scans.
                                                    Simple, safe and fast, MRI exams are among the
                                                    most advanced medical imaging procedures. This
                                                    article will answer many of your questions and
                                                    assist you, or your loved one, to better prepare for
                                                    your upcoming MRI exam.
                                                    Our goal is to provide the best possible medical

                                latest              care for you and your family. Your physician will be
                                                    able to provide specific details about your exam
                                                    and answer any questions you may have.

                               imaging              What can you expect?

                                                    A technologist will escort you into the MRI scan-
                                                    ning room, where you’ll see a table and a large,
                                                    donut-shaped device called a gantry. The technolo-
                                                    gist will have you lie on the padded table and make
                                                    sure you are comfortable. During the scan, you will

            To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 8
hear a humming or buzzing noise and may be given headphones to
wear, but you will not feel anything unusual. You may feel the table
move while images are being taken at certain locations of your body.
The technologist will monitor you during the entire exam through a
window and will communicate with you through an intercom. The
specific details of your upcoming examination will be explained fully
by an MRI technologist or your physician.

                                                                                                                                  ahmc news
How long will your exam take?
The actual scan portion of the exam takes only a few minutes. You
will be asked to stay still and hold your breath as the MRI scanner
acquires images of your body. Depending on the specific exam, the
entire exam may take 30-45 minutes, as the radiologist reviews the
images and makes a diagnosis.
Will IVs or shots be used?
Depending on the exam, a solution called
“contrast” may be administered with an
IV to help improve what the physician
                                                                                       What is an MRI?

can see. Although contrast for MRI does
not contain iodine, it is still important to                                                     RI stands for Magnetic
let your doctor know beforehand if you                                                           Resonance Imaging, a non-
have any specific allergies. In addition,                                                        invasive diagnostic proce-
the technologist may hook you up to an                                                 dure. This is a valuable medical exam
ECG monitor.                                                                           that uses magnetic fields and radio
After your MRI exam.                                                                   frequencies to generate detailed ana-
                                                                                       tomical and functional images.
The radiologist will carefully analyze your
MRI images, review the findings with                                                   MRI scans have been performed safe-
your physician, and provide a report. Your physician will then discuss
the results with you.                                                                  ly and successfully for 20 years. MRI
                                                                                       scans have an advantage over other
The safety of an MRI exam.                                                             forms of scanning because they can
                                                                                       image different types of tissue. More
MRI is a safe and effective diagnostic procedure. It does not use
ionizing radiation like an X-ray. As with many other medical imaging                   traditional forms of imaging, such as
                                        technologies, MRI scanners                     X-rays, are limited in how much tissue
                                        have been cleared by the U.S.                  they can image. MRI scans can image
  Don’t forget to ask your Food and Drug Administration.                               more types of tissue, and without ion-
    health provider three               Additionally, the Signa HD 1.5T                izing radiation.
                                        MR system has been designed
        basic questions!                with your safety and comfort
                                        in mind. The Signa HD 1.5T MR                  MRI exams are performed when
   1. What is my main                   system from GE Healthcare –                    people are ill or injured, or when a
       problem?                         one of the most advanced MR                    doctor suspects a medical problem
                                        scanners of its type – features                that cannot be easily detected with a
   2. What do I need to do?             compactcoils, meaning the
                                        MRI experience is much more                    routine physical examination.
   3. Why is it important for           comfortable. If you have any
       me to do this?                   implants, pacemakers or metal                  If you have any questions concerning
                                        objects in your body, be sure to               your exam, please talk to your physi-
                                        consult with your technologist                 cian or the MRI technologist.
   For more information, visit          prior to the exam.
                                       Source:        Source:

                                                                                  To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 9
         2009 Donor List
                      total gifts & pledges as of July 15, 2009
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         Mary Beth & Andy McKee       Bernadette M. Andrews*     Kimberly A. Finch*           Anne M. Marlowe*        Kimberly M. Rovito*
         Gerald & Mary Rufa           Cathryn M. Andrews         Megan K. Finch*              Julie A. Marshall*      Kay M. Roy*
         Dr. Christian Lamarre &      Donna M. Andrews*          Krista L. Flint*             M. Joann Martell*       Patricia J. Russell*
          Mrs. Brigitte* Fontaine     Zachary C. Arnold*         Dean A. Fountain*            John W. Martin*         Christopher J. Saucier*
         Craig & Heather LaVigne      Tammy M. Aubin*            Gregory E. Freeman*          Susan E. Mathieson*     Deborah E. Sauve*
         David & Sue DeSantis         Paul D. Avery*             Tonny P. French*             Robin L. Mayville*      Beckie K. Scott*
         Carlos & Heidi* Dishman      Michelle L. Babbie*        Elaine M. Gale*              Sheila M. Mayville*     Alfie M. Senajon*
         Jason & Tara Ellis           Megan N. Babcock*          Stacy L. Gallagher*          Alison P. McCarthy*     Jane A. Sevey*
         Francisco Fuentes, DDS       Tonya M. Barnhart*         Hallie L. Garland*
         Paul & Francoise Goodrow     Angela M. Bashaw*          Marilyn C. Gokey*
         Bryan J. Hughes
         Ben & Mary Kelly
                                      Annette T. Beckett*
                                      Marsha L. Benware*
                                                                 Ruth A. Gonyea*
                                                                 Brenda J. Gordon*            Businesses Care Program
         Dick LaVigne                 Joanne M. Bergevin*        Melinda S. Gratton*
         Robert G. Main, Jr.          Janice E. Bilow*           Susan D. Griffin*            A special thank you to the following local
         New Vision Class of 2009     Donna M. Bishop*           Ann E. Hall*                 businesses for their generous support of
                                      Alvin T. Black*            Danielle C. Halley*
         Derek & Jennifer Sprague
                                      Jeremy J. Bombard*         Jon S. Halley*
                                                                                               Alice Hyde Medical Center through our
         PARTNER                      Shirley A. Bombard*        Thomas H. Hamilton*                  Businesses Care Program
         ($250-499)                   Janice L. Boyea*           Michelle A. Harris*
                                      Kayleigh N. Brand*         Suzanne M. Hayes*
         Adirondack Energy
                                      Donna A. Brockway*         Janet M. Hazel*
                                                                                                       Akwesasne Mohawk Casino
          Products, Inc.
         Ginger C. Carriero*          Joshua & Lydia* Brown      Mark A. Helmer*                         B & C Driveway Sealing
         Timothy J. Harmon*           Bernard J. Bruyere*        Donald C. Hill*                            BD Entertainment
                                      Laura L. Burgess*          Holly L. Hiscock*
         Annette* & Brad Marshall
                                      Patsy K. Card*             Deborah R. Holmes*
                                                                                                       Beardsley Design Associates
         Brenda L. Parker*
         Dr. Rajiv Shah               Patrick L. Carrigan*       Leigh A. Hooper*                       Bill’s General Repair, Inc.
         Kurt E. Trautmann*           Bonnie M. Cavanagh         Wendy C. Hooper*                         Boralex, New York LP
                                      Allison M. Champagne*      Robert F. Hosler, Jr.*
         Doug Yando
                                      Francesca M. Chesbrough*   Joyce A. Hurteau*
                                                                                                         Casella Waste Systems
         FRIEND                       Matthew J. Chodat*         Gloria J. Johnson                         Edward Duquette &
         ($100-249)                   Nancy Clark-Gregoire*      Judith A. Johnson*                               Son, Inc.
                                      Jacqueline                 Shelly D. Johnston*
         Kathy L. Avery*
                                       Clookey-Bouissey*         Marcella A. Jones*
                                                                                                           Highline Technology
         Joel P. Benware*
         Justine M. Chodat*           Susan B. Collette*         Ellen D. Koehler*                              H & R Block
         James Donnelly*              Malinda A. Collins*        Darline A. LaBarge*                     Malone Cellular/AT&T
                                      Joann M. Cook*             Barbara A. LaBombard*
         Lawrence H. Elliott*
                                      James Cooley*              Donna M. LaBombard*
                                                                                                        McKee & Associates, Inc.
         Robert & Sherry Gaspar
         Lora Lie M. Gokey*           Diane M. Coryea*           William J. LaBrake*                      NBT Bank of Malone
         Joel W. Hanna*               Joshua A. Craig*           Sherry A. LaFave*                     Northern Adirondack Realty
                                      Cheryl A. Crinklaw*        Deborah L. LaFlesh*
         Sylvain Lafond*
                                      Ada M. Currier*            Gail S. LaFlesh*
                                                                                                             Santa Lucia’s Café
                                                                                                                Sid G. Spear

    To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 10
Joy C. Shaffer*               MedHost                       Brian & Linda McClarigan      Friends & Family             Mac & Beverly Sanders
Julie A. Shantie*             Pizzagalli Construction Co.   Barbara Maguire               Gary & MaryKay Granata       Mr. & Mrs. Dolphus Soulier
John D. Shea*                 Sid G. Spear                                                Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gravel     Dick & Cathy Tavernier
Valerie A. Sherwin*           Sprague Energy                Michael Connors               Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hamilton      Jim & Ann Marie Womble
Dawn M. Smith*                                              John & Beverly Connors        Mr. & Mrs. Harold Lamondie   Mrs. Donna Yurista
Mary A. Smith*                Under $500                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gerald LaPlante
Jeanette P. Snell             Black River Vending           Phil Denny                    Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Malette   Doryce White
Peter C. Snell*                Services, Inc.               Boralex New York LP           Darrell & Millie Manley      Mr. & Mrs. John F. Taylor
Kevin R. Spaulding*           Upstate Linac Services, LLC                                 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Perry
Tammy L. Spinner*                                           Gary Elmer, Sr.
Sherri L. Staib*              In-Kind Donations             Msgt. Steven R. Brown, Ret.
Linda L. St.Denis*
Michelle A. St.Hilaire*
                              Air Products & Chemical
                                                             & Carolyn Brown
                                                            Friends & Family                OUR EMPLOYEES GIVE BACK
Kathryn K. St.Mary*           Symquest                      Rosemary & Gary Racine          Through our employee giving program - ALICE
Melissa M. St.Mary*                                         Staff of Holmes                 Club (A Lasting Investment by Caring Employ-
Michael J. Stone*             HONORING:                      Rehabilitation Department
Shelly R. Stone*              Boyea & Ryan Families         Elizabeth Thompson              ees) - our employees donate a portion of their
Theodore T. Stone*            Gerald & Helen Ryan           Vellano Bros., Inc.             salaries back to the Medical Center to improve
Felix W. Tam*                                               Women of the Moose              the healthcare we deliver to the members of
Shannon C. Tatro*             Mary Kay Tulloch
Terry & Marcella Trudeau      Carolyn L. Gervais            Gladys Hyde                     our community each and every day. 100% of
Kelly T. Trumble*                                           Andy Pickett                    the Senior Management Team participates, in
Linda D. Trumble*             Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pollard                                        addition to more than 225 management and
Mary Kay Tulloch              May Moore-Richards            Julia Kress
Christina M. Tupia*                                         Jarold & Joan Hutchison         staff members. Our employees have already
Jeanette L. Tuttle*           IN MEMORY OF:                                                 contributed more than $15,000 to the Medical
Elizabeth A. Tyson*           Boyea & Ryan Family           Gloria Marsh                    Center this year!
Justinee C. Vanier*            Members                      Bruce & Frances Marsh
Laura A. Walbridge*           Gerald & Helen Ryan
Ann M. White*
Connie L. Whitman*
                                                            Kathy McGee
                                                                                            OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                              Ross Biondo
Sylvia M. Willett*            George & Janet Biondo         Binghamton Material             LEAD THE WAY
Carol A. Wilson*              Jennifer Biondo-Mazurowski     Handling, Inc.                 As a show of their commitment and generos-
Sue E. Zemany                 Jill Biondo-Cassini           Carol Wolfanger
                                                                                            ity, 100% of our board members have pledged
* Denotes AHMC Employee       Arlean Bray                   Andrew Richards                 to the Annual Fund in 2009 in addition to
                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ashline     Co-workers of                   volunteering their time at the many employee
                              Mr. & Mrs. William Delarm      The Malone Telegram
2009 AHMC                                                   Donna M. Hanus                  and community-related events held through-
                              Friends & Family
BENEFIT GOLF                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gravel                                      out the year. We are grateful for their dedica-
TOURNAMENT:                   Mr. & Mrs. Gerald LaPlante    Leota M. Rockhill               tion and tremendous support.
$2,500 & UP                   Mr. & Mrs. Dolphus Soulier    Jim & Barbara Black
Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz,     Mrs. Donna Yurista            Bob & Pat Black
 Edelman & Dicker, LLP                                      John & Mary Byrnes              We extend our sincere thanks to our Board of
                              Maude Breen                   Judy Elmer                      Directors for 100% participation in The Annual
$1500-2,499                   Bob & Laura Bessette          Philip & Nellie Foley
Bond, Schoeneck &                                           Franklin Correctional           Giving Program at Alice Hyde Medical Center for
                              Gary & Candace Breen
 King, PLLC                   Stephen & Carol Breen           Facility Employees            2009.
MedExcel USA, Inc.            Terry Breen                   Friends & Family
Medical Liability             John & Coleen Carter          James & Mary Lou Griffin         Gerald Rufa, Chair              Dean Johnston
 Mutual Insurance Co.         Ronald & Melba Cook           George Guyette
TREO Solutions                Howard &                      Jean W. Jackson                  Dr. Anjni Bhagat                Dr. Ben Kelly
                               Jacqueline Coombs            Barry & Terry Moore              Dr. Morris Browman              Craig LaVigne
$1000-$1499                   Walter & Marlene Dewey        Rita Richards                    Dan Clark                       Dick LaVigne
Akwesasne Mohawk Casino       Friends & Family              Robert & Eleanor Rockhill
Liberty Mutual                Dennis & Dilys Heinssen       Richard & Dorothy Weller         James Coughlin                  Phil Leroux
Manning & Napier              Charles & Maureen Layhee      Lloyd & Alice Wilkerson          Carlos Dishman                  Mary Beth McKee
 Advisors, Inc.               James & Wanda Layhee          Ruth K. Worden                   Richard Ellis                   Terry Trudeau
Mohawk Hospital               Kenneth & Katherine O’Neill
 Equipment, Inc.              Doug & Joan Pelkey            Thelma Welcher                   Paul Goodrow                    Doug Yando
                              Quentin Siddon &              Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Aiken
$500-$999                      Barbara Porter               Mr. & Mrs. Alan Ashline
Beardsley Design Associates   Bruce & Sheila Reynolds       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ashline       NEW VISION STUDENTS
BPA-Harbridge                 Donna M. Romano               Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ashline         Members of the New Vision Health Career
Commonwealth                  Margaret Slingerland          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ashline
 Financial Group              H. Adele Ungerer              Mr. & Mrs. William Delarm       Program recently held a Car Wash and donated
Community Bank, N.A.          Kristine Q. Wezalis           Department of                   the proceeds - more than $500 - to the Medi-
Drs. Anjni Bhagat &                                          Social Services                cal Center. We would like to offer a special
 Dr. Rajiv Shah               William A. Clermont           Mr. & Mrs. Norman Dumont
Highline Technology, LLC      Ralph & Beulah Cardinal       Mrs. Catherine Dunn             thanks to the students for their generous act
Key Bank                      Jack K. & Inge K. Hinman      Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dunn            of philanthropy and wish them well in their
Malone Cellular/AT&T          John & Sally Johnson          Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Duso           future endeavors.

                                                                                      To Your Health | Summer 2009 | Page 11
                                      with Health
                        In Touch wellness programs
AL-ANON                                                 CANCER PATIENT SUPPORT SERVICES                        MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SUPPORT GROUP
Date: every Sunday                                      Support services are available by request              Date: first Wednesday of March, June, Sep-
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.                                  Contact: Amy O’Connor at 518-481-2880                  tember, & December.
Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room                                                                      Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
                                                        CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION 6-WEEK COURSE                     Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room
ALCOHOLICS’ ANONYMOUS                                   Date: call for dates/times (offered regularly)
Date: every Sunday                                      Time: 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.                                 ORGAN DONOR/RECIPIENT
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.                                 Meeting Place: Education Classroom                     SUPPORT GROUP
Date: every Friday                                      Contact: Debbie Merrick at 518-481-2244                Date: first Monday of every March, June,
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.                                                                                         September, & December
Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room               DIABETES EDUCATION 6-WEEK COURSE                       Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
                                                        MANAGING YOUR DIABETES                                 Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room
                                                        Date: call for dates & to pre-register                 Contact: Debbie Warren at 518-481-2247
                                                        Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Date: first Wednesday of every month
                                                        Meeting Place: New Cafeteria Conference Room           SMALL SOULS SUPPORT SERVICES
Time: 7:00 p.m.                                         Contact: Anne McIlhenny at 518-481-2280                A bereavement support group for parents or
Meeting Place: Third Age Adult Center,                                                                         family dealing with fetal or neo-natal death.
24 Fourth Street, Malone                                EYE ON THE COMMUNITY RADIO PROGRAM                     Date: Group meets upon request
Contact: 518-564-3370 or 518-564-3377                   Date: first Sunday & last Saturday of every month      Contact: Family Maternity Center at
                                                        Time: Saturday, 7:00 – 7:30 a.m. on WICY 1490 AM       518-481-2244
ARTHRITIS SELF-HELP 6-WEEK COURSE                       Radio; Sunday, 6:00 – 6:30 a.m. on Wild Country 96.5
Date: call for dates/times                              FM Radio and 94.7 Hits FM Radio                        SMOKING CESSATION SUPPORT
Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room                                                                      SERVICES
Contact: Debbie Warren at 518-481-2247                  HEART-TO-HEART SUPPORT GROUP                           Contact: NYS Smokers’ Quitline at
                                                        Cardiac support services are available by request      1-866-697-8487 or North Country Tobacco
BABYSITTER SAFETY COURSE                                Contact: Sandy Mertz at 518-481-2319                   Cessation Center at 518-481-1592
Date: call for dates/times (offered in Spring & Fall)
Meeting Place: Main Lobby                               HOSPICE BEREAVEMENT SERVICES                           WEIGHT LOSS FOR WELLNESS
Contact: Debbie Warren at 518-481-2247                  Date: call for dates/times                             8-WEEK PROGRAM
                                                        Meeting Place: Throughout Franklin County              Date: call for dates/times
BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP                             Contact: Tammy Crinklaw at 518-483-3200                Contact: Kristin Ellis-Wood at 518-481-2603
Date: second Wednesday of every month
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.                                  KIDNEY DISEASE & DIALYSIS                              WEIGHT WATCHERS
Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room
                                                        SUPPORT GROUP                                          Date: every Tuesday night
                                                        Date: second Thursday of every month                   Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Contact: Debbie Warren at 518-481-2247                  Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.                                 Meeting Place: Cafeteria
                                                        Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room
Date: second Tuesday of every month                     LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE WITH CHRONIC                     *All programs are located at AHMC
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.                                  CONDITIONS 6-WEEK COURSE                               unless stated otherwise.
Meeting Place: Main Floor Conference Room               Date: call for dates/times
Contact: Debbie Merrick at 518-481-2244                 Contact: Debbie Warren at 518-481-2247

     Learn more about AHMC’s In Touch with Health community wellness programs at

                                                                                                                                             Non Profit Org
                                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                              Malone, NY
            P.O. Box 729                                                                                                                         12953
            133 Park Street                                                                                                                  Permit No. 35
            Malone, NY 12953

                                                                        Postal Patron

     To Your Health | Summer 2009

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