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We supply the following HC forklift parts.

7281258         4TH6E Joystick

7470653         MHSTE Pilot supply valve

1.4QN5-800001 Nut

1.4QN5-800008 Connector

10222T-G00      Lift roller

2QD-210001      Nut

30060-G00       Viewfinder

3WG-171-G00 Transmission

40DH-600018 Connector

50DH-010005 Dangerous nameplate

50DHA-610002 Pin

620.01.010.01-G00          F pressure testing connector series

65125L-000-G00             Fstener

6BTA5.9-C185-G00           Diesel engine

80DH-020008 Warn nameplate

80DH-730005 Connector

8M3*304001      Ear ring

8M3*304002      Lock nut

8M3*304004      Cylinder cover

8M3*304005      Adjust shim

8M3*304006      Nylon gasket
8M3*304007    Guide bush

8M3*304009    Piston

8M3*304010    Support ring

8M3-300003    Adjust mat

8M3-302100    Cylinder support

8M3-305000    Pin shaft

8M3-306000    Pin shaft

A-019901-G00 Handrail

AF25270       Outer filter paper

AF25271       Inner filter paper

AF-35-G00     Breather filter

AR3493F5-G00 Dust ring d70

AS568-021-G00 O-ring AS568-021

AS568-214-G00 O-ring AS568-214

AS568-219-G00 O-ring AS568-219

AS568-222-G00 O-ring AS568-222

AS568-228-G00 O-ring AS568-228

AS568-288-G00 O-ring AS568-288

AS568-904-G00 O-ring AS568-904

B1143A-G00    Radiator

BKH-G1/4-G00 Ball valve

CB-2204-2-G00 INsulator

CL0154C2-G00 Dust ring d100

CL0363C0-G00 Dust ring

D2-32-G00     Seal ring d32
D81PL488-NLB-G00        Drive axle

F076-010-G00 Oil-water separator

FD2041A0-G00 Dustproof ring

FL-16-G00      Flange

FQ0064C0-G00 Seal ring

FS12-G00       Flange

FS-16-G00      Flange

FS-20-G00      Flange

FS9842-000-G00          Oil-water separator

FU0424K0-G00 ISI sear ring d35

FU0563L0-G00 OSI rear ring D45

FU0784L0-G00 Seal ring d63

FU0862F0-G00 IDI-seal ring d70

FU0939K0-G00 Seal ring

FU1082K0-G00 ISI-seal ring d100

FU1279H0-G00 ODI-seal ring D130

FU1356L0-G00 O-ring D150

G00    法兰接头

G160-020001-000         Product nameplate

G160-020001-001         Product nameplate

G160-020002-000         Load nameplate

G160-020002-001         Load nameplate

G160-020004-000         Nameplate

G160-020005-000         Hydraulic oil filler nameplate

G160-020006-000         Inch switch nameplate
G160-020006-001   Inch switch nameplate

G160-020007-000   Shift model nameplate

G160-020007-001   Shift model nameplate

G160-020008-000   Tyre pressure nameplate

G160-020011-000   Cab tilting instruction

G160-020013-000   Motor inspect switch nameplate

G160-020013-001   Motor inspect switch nameplate

G160-020014-000   Engine inspect page nameplate

G160-020014-001   Motor inspect page nameplate

G160-020015-W00   Nameplate

G160-100001-000   Pipe

G160-100002-000   Nut

G160-100003-000   Bolt

G160-100004-000   Washer

G160-100005-000   Connector

G160-100006-000   Bolt

G160-100007-000   Bolt

G160-100008-W00   Rubber pipe

G160-100009-W00   Rubber pipe

G160-101000-000   Transmission axle

G160-102000-000   Bracker transmission mounting

G160-103000-000   Wheel rim

G160-104000-G00   Nut

G160-211000-000   Steering wheel assembly

G160-220001-000   Nut
G160-2200015-001   Pin

G160-220002-000    Bolt

G160-220003-000    End cover

G160-220004-000    Gasket

G160-220005-000    Steering hub

G160-220006-001    Cover plate

G160-220007-000    Seal ring

G160-220008-000    SleeveⅠ

G160-220009-000    Dust sleeve

G160-220010-000    Sleeve Ⅱ

G160-220011-000    Tie-rod bar

G160-220012-000    Sleeve Ⅲ

G160-220013-000    Front pin shaft

G160-220014-000    Adjust shim

G160-220016-000    Sleeve Ⅳ

G160-220017-000    Washer

G160-220018-000    Down pin shaft

G160-220019-000    Adjust shim

G160-220020-001    Screw

G160-220021-000    Snap plate

G160-220022-000    Plate

G160-221000-000    Steering tyre assembly

G160-221101-000    Snap ring

G160-221102-000    Wheel rim

G160-221103-000    Spoke
G160-222000-000   Left steering knuckle

G160-223000-000   Steering axle body

G160-224000-000   Steering cylinder

G160-224001-W00   Piston rod

G160-224002-W00   Ring

G160-224003-W00   Piston

G160-224004-W00   Bush

G160-224100-W00   Guide bush

G160-224200-W00   Body cylinder

G160-225000-000   Pin shaft Ⅰ

G160-226000-000   Right steering knuckle

G160-227000-000   Pin shaft Ⅱ

G160-300001-000   Fan shim

G160-300002-000   BLOCK

G160-301000-000   Fan

G160-310000-000   Air inlet system

G160-310001-000   Air inlet rubber pipe

G160-310002-000   Clip

G160-310003-000   Support

G160-310004-000   Air inlet rubber pipe

G160-310005-000   Clip

G160-311000-000   Air cleaner

G160-312000-000   Clip

G160-320000-000   Exhaust system

G160-320001-000   Shim
G160-321000-000   Exhaust pipe

G160-322000-000   Muffler assembly

G160-323000-000   Exhaust pipe

G160-324000-000   Clip

G160-325000-000   Clip

G160-330000-000   Cooling system

G160-330001-000   Rubber pipe for water inlet

G160-330002-000   Rubber pipe

G160-330003-000   connector

G160-330004-000   Rubber shim

G160-330005-000   Bolt

G160-330006-000   Fixed board

G160-330007-000   Stud

G160-330008-000   Shim

G160-330008-W00   Rubber pipeΦ8×Φ16

G160-330009-W00   Rubber pipeΦ25×Φ3

G160-330010-W00   Rubber pipeΦ8×Φ16

G160-331000-000   Radiator assembly

G160-332000-000   Fan shroud assembly

G160-333000-000   Oil radiator assemblyl

G160-334000-000   Radiator assembly

G160-340000-000   Engine fuel system

G160-340001-000   Connector

G160-340002-000   Pad

G160-340003-000   Connector
G160-340003-W00   Rubber hoseΦ12×Φ20

G160-340004-000   Bolt

G160-340004-W00   Rubber hoseΦ8×Φ16.

G160-340005-W00   Rubber hoseΦ12×Φ20

G160-340006-W00   Rubber hoseΦ12×Φ20

G160-340007-W00   Rubber hoseΦ8×Φ16.5

G160-341000-000   Filter element

G160-400001-000   Small pedal

G160-400002-000   Chief counterbalance

G160-400004-000   Buffer

G160-400006-000   Vice counterbalance

G160-400017-000   Cushion block

G160-400018-000   Back plate

G160-400100-000   Rear view mirror assembly

G160-400110-000   Stay bar

G160-400120-000   Bracket

G160-400200-000   Air filter bracket

G160-400400-000   Towing pin

G160-400500-001   Right pedal

G160-400600-001   Left pedal

G160-410000-000   Truck body

G160-420000-000   Oil tank assembly

G160-420001-000   plug

G160-420002-000   Seal pad

G160-420100-000   Hydraulic oil tank body
G160-420200-000   Small oil tank cover

G160-420300-000   Cover assembly

G160-420400-000   Cover

G160-430001-000   Stay bar fixer

G160-430002-000   Spiral stud shaft

G160-430100-000   Cover

G160-440000-000   Fuel tank assembly

G160-440100-000   Fuel tank body

G160-440200-000   Accumulator box cover

G160-450000-000   Small oil tank

G160-450100-000   Small oil tank body

G160-450200-000   Cover assembly

G160-510100-000   Plate

G160-520002-000   Rocker arm

G160-520100-000   Throttle line assembly

G160-520200-000   Bracket

G160-530001-000   Hose assembly

G160-530002-000   Suction pipe

G160-536001-000   Gear pump

G160-600001-000   Low pressure hose

G160-600003-000   Low pressure hose

G160-600004-000   Low pressure hose

G160-601002-000   Connector

G160-601003-000   Connector

G160-601004-000   Connector
G160-601005-000   Connector

G160-601100-000   Connector

G160-602000-000   Hose assembly

G160-603000-000   Hose assembly

G160-610001-000   Low pressure hose

G160-610100-000   Hose assembly

G160-610200-000   Connector

G160-610300-000   Hose assembly

G160-611001-W00   Lower pressure pipe

G160-611002-W00   Lower pressure pipe

G160-611003-000   Connector

G160-611005-W00   Lower pressure pipe

G160-611006-000   Connector

G160-611007-000   Connector

G160-611008-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-611009-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-611200-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-611400-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-611500-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-611600-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-611700-000   Connector

G160-611800-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-611901-000   Valve block

G160-612001-000   Connector

G160-612002-000   Connector
G160-612004-000   Connector

G160-612005-000   Connector

G160-612007-000   Connector

G160-612008-000   Connector

G160-612100-000   Bracket

G160-612300-000   Connector

G160-612400-000   Connector

G160-612500-000   Connector

G160-620100-000   Hose assembly

G160-620200-000   Hose assembly

G160-620300-000   Hose assembly

G160-620400-000   Hose assembly

G160-620500-000   Hose assembly

G160-620600-000   Connector

G160-620700-000   Hose assembly

G160-620801-000   Connector

G160-621001-000   Connector

G160-621003-000   Valve

G160-621004-000   Bolt

G160-622101-000   Connector

G160-630001-W00   Low pressure hose

G160-630002-000   Connector

G160-630003-00    Connector

G160-630004-000   pad

G160-630100-000   Hose assembly
G160-630200-000   Hose assembly

G160-630300-000   Hose assembly

G160-630400-000   Hose assembly

G160-630501-000   Connector

G160-630600-000   Connector

G160-630700-000   Connector

G160-640001-000   Connector

G160-640002-000   Nut

G160-640100-000   Hose assembly

G160-640200-000   Hose assembly

G160-640300-000   Hose assembly

G160-650001-W00   Hose

G160-650002-000   Connector

G160-650004-W00   Low pressure hose

G160-651100-000   Install board

G160-652001-000   Nut

G160-652100-000   Flange

G160-652200-000   Pipe

G160-653000-000   Bracket

G160-904001-000   Bolt

G160-904100-000   Bracket

G160-910000-000   Cab frame

G160-930001-000   Connector

G160-930002-000   Rubber pipe assy

G160-930003-000   Connector
G160-930004-000   One-way throttle valve

G160-930005-000   Connector

G160-930007-000   Connector

G160-930008-W00   Lower pressure pipe

G160-931000-000   cylinder

G160-931001-W00   Ear ring

G160-931002-W00   Nut

G160-931003-W00   Piston rod

G160-931200-W00   Cylinder body

G160-932000-000   Rod

G160-933000-000   Rod

G160-935000-000   Oil tank

G160-936000-000   Gauge

G160-950001-G00   glass

G160-950002-G00   glass

G160-950003-G00   Glass

G160-950004-G00   Windshield

G160-950006-G00   Windshield

G160-950100-G00   Hinge

G160-951000-G00   lock

G160-952000-G00   Right door frame

G160-953000-G00   Rain scraper

G160-956000-G00   Rain scraper

G160-957000-G00   Rain scraper

G160-958000-G00   Left door frame
G160M300-000001-000 Pin shaft

G160M300-000002-000 Plate

G160M300-000003-000 Pin shaft

G160M300-000004-000 Adjust shim

G160M300-000005-000 U-Bolt

G160M300-001000-000 support shim

G160M300-010000-000 chain

G160M300-010002-000 Short chain connector

G160M300-010003-000 Pin shaf

G160M300-010004-000 Long chain connector

G160M300-100000-000 outside mast

G160M300-100001-000 Side rolle support

G160M300-100002-000 Adjust shim

G160M300-100003-000 Side roller

G160M300-100004-000 Side rolle support

G160M300-100005-000 Guide pad

G160M300-100006-000 Adjust shim

G160M300-101000-000 Outside carriage

G160M300-200000-000 inside mast

G160M300-200001-000 Betain plate

G160M300-200002-000 Chain wheel pivot

G160M300-200003-000 Sheath

G160M300-200004-000 Side rolle support

G160M300-200005-000 Side rolle support

G160M300-200006-000 shim
G160M300-201000-000 Inside carriage

G160M300-202000-000 Chain sheave body

G160M300-203000-000 Chain sheave

G160M300-300000-000 Fork shelf

G160M300-300001-000 Shaft

G160M300-300002-000 Plate

G160M300-300003-000 U-Bolt

G160M300-300004-000 Screw

G160M300-301000-000 Fork shelf body

G160M300-302000-000 Right fork

G160M300-302001-000 Fork body

G160M300-302002-000 Slider

G160M300-302003-000 Copper bushing

G160M300-304000-000 Adjust cylinder

G160M300-304001-W00          Piston rod

G160M300-304002-W00          Connector

G160M300-304003-W00          Steel pipe

G160M300-304004-W00          Connector

G160M300-304005-W00          Connector

G160M300-304006-W00          Sleeve

G160M300-304100-W00          Cylinder body

G160M300-400000-000 Tilting cylinder

G160M300-400001-W00          Eye bar

G160M300-400002-W00          Nut M64×3

G160M300-400003-W00          Snap ring
G160M300-400004-W00          Cylinder cover

G160M300-400005-W00          Snap ring

G160M300-400006-W00          Nylon gasket

G160M300-400007-W00          Guide bush

G160M300-400008-W00          Bearing 70×75×60

G160M300-400009-W00          Piston rod

G160M300-400010-W00          Piston

G160M300-400011-W00          Snap ring

G160M300-400012-W00          Support ring

G160M300-400013-W00          Nut M52×2

G160M300-400014-W00          Connector

G160M300-401000-W00          Cylinder body

G160M300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

G160M300-500001-W00          Piston

G160M300-500002-W00          Snap slice

G160M300-500003-W00          Support ring

G160M300-500004-W00          Spacter

G160M300-500005-W00          Piston rod

G160M300-500006-W00          Return oil pipe

G160M300-500007-W00          Bearing seat

G160M300-500008-W00          Bearing 100×105×60

G160M300-500009-W00          Cylinder cover

G160M300-500010-W00          Plug

G160M300-500011-W00          bush

G160M300-501000-W00          Cylinder body,left
G160M300-600000-000 Lift cylinder,right

G160M300-601000-W00           Cylinder body,right

G160M300-700000-000 Lift oil pipe system

G160M300-700001-000 Return oil pipe

G160M300-700002-000 Trim border

G160M300-700003-000 Clip

G160M300-700004-000 Return oil pipe

G160M300-700005-000 Plate

G160M300-700006-000 Tee connector

G160M300-700007-000 Return oil pipe

G160M300-701000-000 Connector body

G160M300-800000-000 Adjust oil pipe system

G160M300-800001-000 Rubber pipe connector

G160M300-800002-000 Rubber pipe connector

G160M300-800003-000 Roller

G160M300-800004-000 Bushing

G160M300-800005-000 Clip

G160M300-800006-000 Clip

G160M300-800007-000 Rubber pipe connector

G160M300-800008-000 Rubber pipe connector

G160M300-800009-000 Rubber pipe connector

G160M300-800011-000 Rubber pipe connector

G160M300-801000-000 Plate

G160M300-802000-000 Support

G160M300-803000-000 Pipe
G160M480-400002-W00        Sleeve

G160M550-400001-W00        Sleeve

G161-100002-000   Washer

G161-301000-G00   Fan

G161-310000-000   Air inlet system

G161-310001-000   Air inlet rubber pipe

G161-310002-000   Connect pipe

G161-310003-000   Connect pipe

G161-320000-000   Exhaust system

G161-321000-000   Exhaust pipe

G161-322000-000   Muffler assembly

G161-330000-000   Cooling system

G161-330001-000   Rubber pipe

G161-330002-000   Rubber pipe for water outet

G161-330003-000   Bolt

G161-330004-000   Shim

G161-330005-000   Rubber pipe

G161-330006-W00   Rubber pipeΦ25×Φ37

G161-330007-W00   Rubber pipeΦ10×Φ18

G161-330100-000   Rubber pipe

G161-331000-000   Radiator assembly

G161-332000-000   Oil radiator assembly

G161-340000-000   Engine fuel system

G161-340001-000   Connector

G161-350000-000   Engine mount
G161-350003-000   Nut

G161-350004-000   Bolt

G161-351000-000   Engine bracket

G161-510001-000   Fork nipple

G161-510002-000   Pull-rod

G161-510003-000   Fork nipple

G161-510004-000   Connecting plate

G161-510005-000   Connecting plate

G161-510006-000   Long spring

G161-510007-000   Thrust bolt

G161-510008-000   Short spring

G161-510009-000   Sleeve

G161-510010-000   Pin

G161-510011-000   Bolt

G161-510100-000   Brake pedal assembly

G161-510200-000   Slight travel pedal

G161-510201-000   Spring

G161-510202-000   Bushing

G161-510203-000   Pin

G161-510210-000   Pedal

G161-510220-000   Seat

G161-510301-000   Bush

G161-510310-000   Rod

G161-510410-000   Rod

G161-510500-000   Plate
G161-510600-000   Shaft

G161-510700-000   Pull-rod

G161-510800-000   Rod

G161-530001-W00   Low pressure

G161-530002-000   Hose assembly

G161-530003-000   Suction pipe

G161-531001-W00   Low pressure hose

G161-531002-W00   Low pressure hose

G161-531003-W00   Hose assembly

G161-531004-W00   Hose assembly

G161-531005-W00   Hose assembly

G161-531006-W00   Low pressure hose

G161-531007-000   Clip

G161-531008-000   Connector

G161-531009-000   Hose assembly

G161-531010-000   Connector

G161-531011-000   Nut

G161-531012-000   Hose assembly

G161-531013-000   Hose assembly

G161-531014-000   Tee connector

G161-531015-000   Tee connector

G161-531016-000   Connector

G161-532001-000   Connector

G161-532002-000   Bolt

G161-532003-000   Rubber pad
G161-532004-000      Clamp

G161-532005-000      Hose assembly

G161-532006-000      Hose assembly

G161-532007-000      Connector

G161-532008-000      Hose assembly

G161-532009-000      Connector

G161-532011-000      Hose assembly

G161-532012-000      Bracket

G161-532013-000      clamp

G161-532014-00       Rubber pad

G161-532015   Connector

G161-532016   Bolt

G161-532017-000      Hose assembly

G161-532018-000      Hose assembly

G161-533001-000      Connector

G161-533002-000      Connector

G161-533100-000      Radiator left bracket

G161-533200-000      Radiator right bracket

G161-534001-W00      Low pressure hose

G161-534002-W00      Low pressure hose

G161-534004-000      Connector

G161-534005-000      Hose assembly

G161-534006-000      Connector

G161-535001-W00      Low pressure hose

G161-535002-W00      Low pressure hose
G161-535003-W00       Low pressure hose

G161-535004-W00       Low pressure hose

G161-535006-000       Bracket

G161-535007-000       Connector

G161-535008-000       Connector

G161-535009-000       Connector

G161-535010-000       Connector

G161-535011-000       Connector

G161-535012-000       Connector

G161-535013-000       connecotr

G161-536001-000       Gear pump

G161-537001-000       Seal pad

G161-537110-000       Installation board assembly

GB/T297-94    Bearing 32022

GB/T301-95    Bearing 51314

GB/T5801-94   Bearing NK70/35

GB/T6074-1995 Leaf chain

GB1152-89     Grease cup

GB1153-89     Grease cup

GB1235-76     O-ring 22×2.4

GB12618-90    Rivet 4×10

GB28-88       Bolt M24×130

GB2981-91     Tyre

GB2982-91     Steering tyre

GB308-89      Steel ball 6
GB3452.1-82   O-ring

GB5782-86     Bolt M12×70

GB5783-86     Bolt

GB5786-86     Bolt M22×1.5×70

GB6170-86     Nut

GB6171-86     Nut M16×1.5

GB6178-86     Nut

GB67-85       Bolt M6x16

GB70-85       Bolt

GB7244-87     Washer 36

GB77-85       Screw M8×16

GB80-85       Screw M10×12

GB812-88      Nut M100×2

GB835-88      Screrw M8×16

GB848-85      Washer 22

GB858-88      Washer 100

GB879-86      Pin 2×10

GB882-86      Pin shaft

GB893.1-86    Snap ring 42

GB893.2-86    Snap ring 105

GB894.1-86    Snap ring 8

GB895.1-86    Snap ring 21

GB895.2-86    Snap ring 70

GB91.7-85     Washer 10

GB9163-90     bearing GE30ES-2RS
GB91-86       Pin

GB93-87       Washer

GB9457-86     Nut M14×1.5

GB9457-88     Nut M22×1.5

GB96-85       Washer10

GB97.1-85     Washer

GDF06-10-00-G00         Check valve

GDF20-00-00-G00         Check valve

GT-710HD-G00 Wire 10×710

H00834-004-G00          Breather filter

HG4-692-67-G00          Oil seal

HK050-621101-000        Connector

HK050-660100-000        Dipstick

HK050-922200-000        Bolt

HK050-922201-000        Bolt

J-21246-1-G00 Cushion

JB982-77      Washer24

JISB2401-P11-G00        O-ring P11

JISB2401-P29-G00        O-ring P29

LH050R010BN/HC          Element

N150-601201-000         Connector

N15M300-400002-W00 Piston

N15M300-400003-W00 Ring

N15M300-400004-W00 Ring

N15M300-402000-W00 Guide sleeve
N163-020004-000     Fuse nameplate

N163-020005-000     Fuel nameplate

N163-020009-000     Dangerous nameplate

N163-020014-000     Operation nameplate 1

N163-020016-000     Warn nameplate

N163-020019-000     Fan ameplate

N163-020020-000     Belt nameplate

N163-030000-000     Chair assembly

N163-340002-000     magnetic iron

N163-340008-000     Plug

N163-341000-G00     Cover of fule case

N163-350003-000     Buffer

N163-350004-000     Pipe

N163-350006-000     Washer

N163-611601-000     Connector

N163-620600-000     Rubber pipe assy

N163-630700-000     Connector

N30M300-700005-000 Tee connector

NXQ-L1/20-A-G00     Accumulator

NXQ-L2.5/31.5-A-G00 Accumulator

PT0301100-T46NA-G00 Ring

Q672-120-G00 Clamp120

Q672-145-G00 Clamp 145

Q672-18-G00   Clamp18

Q672-22-G00   Clamp22
Q672-24-G00   Clamp 24

Q672-28-G00   Clamp 28

Q672-38-G00   Clamp 38

Q672-40-G00   Clamp

Q672-55-G00   Clamp 55

Q672-60-G00   Clamp 60

Q672-65-G00   Clamp 65

Q672-68-G00   Clamp68

Q672-75-G00   Clamp

Q672-95-G00   Clamp95

QC25-290-870/450-G00 Air spring

QC25B-290-870/450-G00          Air spring

QSB6.7-C190-G00       Diesel engine

QUQ2-10×2.5- Breather filter

R900420531    S10A Check vave

R900450850    LT08 Parking brake valve

R900455464    LT06 Accumulator loading vavle

R900953564    4WE6 Solenoid valve

R901042386    M7 Control valve

R902437669/R910995340          A10VO Variable pump

R960-020004-000       Fuse nameplate

R960-020005-000       Fuel nameplate

R960-020007-000       Operation nameplate 1

R960-020009-000       Warn nameplate

R960-020015-000       Dangerous nameplate
R960-020016-000          Anti-icing fluid nameplate

R960-020017-000          Anti-icing fluid nameplate

R960-020018-000          Lift nameplate

RF-500×10F-Y-G00         Filter assembly

S16V450-900020-000       Clip

SB-16-G00      Hand pump

SF-1-3230-G00 Combination bush

SF-2-70×60-G00Greasy lubrication bearing

SF-2-70×70-G00Greasy lubrication bearing

SP-06×10-G00 Oil filter

SPX-06×10      Element

TM450B1-G00 Air breather

TTPG4-320-G00 Clip

VBSN-16A       Balance valve

WJ124-G00      Throttle control assembly

WU-100×180-J-G00         Suction filter

WU-100-180-J-G00         filter

WU-400×100F-J Filter

XSF2-F25L-7T-G00         One-way speed limiting

YWZ-80-G00     Level gauge

230C3-42201    Diode

4WE6D60/SG24N9K4/V Solenoid valve

6QA-150        Battery

AH9049 Preheater

AH9147 Preheater
BX2022-80A×2 Fuse

BX2152-1         Fuse

BX2152-4         Fuse

DJB-24B          Reverse warner

DL224ED          Horn

DT04-3P-P006 120 Ohms terminating resistor

DW-3 Gear selector

EA9027 Start relay

EBT60DA          Brake temperature switch

ED250B-1         Battery switch

EE9128 Alternator

EE9247 Alternator

EST-37A          Control unit

FV9226 Fuel valve

G160-700002-000          Oil quality sensor

G160-741000-000          Instrument unit

G161-741000-000          Instrument unit

JD296 Middle relay

JK338-2HC        Lamplight switch

JK412 Pre-heat & start switch

JN3A   Fuel relay

MZJ-400A/006 Preheat relay

N120   Battery

PMM10ASM10T5AP/CAP3               Brake switch

PS150SCSM10T100AP/CAP13           Accumulator oil pressure switch
PS150SCSM12T100AP/CAP13             Switch feedback parking brake

SB901-E          Engine coolant level sensor


ST9328 Starter

ST9333 Starter

WD100×90         Left head lamp

WD120×120-1 Left lamp

WD150×90-2       Left tail lamp /Reversing light

XB2BD25C         Switch enable inching

XB2BD53C         Cruise control resume/

XH7-4 Left side lamp

XH8-12 Tail lamp

YD201 Time relay

30DH-410014A Knob

JS160-210002-000         Bolt

HDCS20-0101 gear box house

JS161-720010-000         1st line

FU-225A-G00      225AFuse

JS161-720020-000          2nd line

JS161-720030-000          3rd line

JS161-720050-000          5th line

YDQ4.75-4-G01 AC Motor

JS160-521000-000          Acceleration pedal

B7045CP5008-G00           B7-seal ring D45

GB308-84         Ball
GB278-82         Bearing

GE30ES-2RS-G00             Bearing

HLB-3-3030-G00             Bearing

1.4QS1-000006 Block

HDCS20-0007      Board

DCQ15-202        Body

14RH-600005      Bolt

GB5782-86        Bolt

GB70-86          Bolt

YQX25-2002       Bolt

JS160-400002-000           Bracket

JS160-720002-000           Bracket

THN-050A         Bracket

S16N450-001000-000         Chain seat

JS160-540002-000           Clip

JP451-640100-000           Connector

S16M300-400001-W00 Connector

GB91-86          Cotter pin

DCQ15-002        Cover

HDCS20-0006      Cover

22673-72081G Cup, piston

0501007341-G01             DC Motor

SDCS15-102       Dust laps

CL0121C0-G00 Dustproof ring

JS160-320001-500           Flat
THN-101           Grip seat

DCQ15-001         Head

S16M300-200000-             Inside mast

30DH-610008       Knob

N163-610002-000             Knob

N163-610003-000             Knob

THN-060           Lever

THN-900-00        Link

N163-220022-000             Nipple

DCQ15-008         Nut

GB1337-77         Nut

GB6170-86         Nut

GB923-88          Nut

GB9459-88         Nut

GB1152-89         Oil cup

JS160-406000-000            Oil lever stick

SC     Oil seal

N030-220006-000             Pin

N163-220005-000             Pin

25PH-500002       Pin shaft

JS160-610100-000            Pin shaft

3-22-00-03        Piston

22493-71010G Plate

S16B300-900005-000          Plate

744003 Plug
22673-72321    Plug, rubber

4699 209 005   Pressure disc O.T.K.

JS160-513001-000        Push rod

DCQ15-101      Rack

JS160-402000-001        Right pedal

GB812-88       Ring nut

22493-71020G Rivet

30DH-530002    Roller

760211A-G00    Roller

JS160-400008-000        Rubber

N163-520001-000         Screw

JS160-400011-W00        Seal Strip

DCQ15-302      Shaft

JS160-200003-000        Shaft

N15N450-200021-000      Shaft sleeve

N163-010005-000         Shim

N163-110003-000         Shim

0630 501 024   Snap ring

GB895.1-86     Snap ring

JS160-632004-000        Snap ring

25785-52261    Spacer

21233-70390G Spring

22673-72391    Spring

THN-200        Spring

23653-72081    Strut
JS160-200002-000       Support

S16N450-600000-000     Tilt cylinder

30DH-400015A Washer

B5310-00010   Washer

DCQ15-006     Washer

N030-220016-000        Washer

N163-210004-000        Washer

N163-220017-000        Washer

GB93-88       Washer 15

23653-72121   Washer, cup

B5050-00008   Washer, lock

JS160-220001-000       Wheel rim

30DH-610009 Label

30DH-610010 Label

0C11246-14603-30H    brake wire assy -L

JP301-720010-000     1st control line

JP301-720020-000     2nd control line

JP301-720030-000     3rd control line

JS161-720040-000     4th line

JS161-720060-000     6th control line

JP300-646000-000     ⅠControl lever

JS160-615000-000     ⅠControl lever

JS160-619000-000     ⅠLever

JP300-647000-000     ⅡControl lever

JS160-616000-000     ⅡControl lever
JS160-610003-000       ⅡLever

TSP-112/4-90-T-12713-G00          AC Motor

TSP-112/4-90-T-12713-G01          AC Motor

YDQ4.75-4-G00 AC Motor

COPP11-G00     Accelerator

EFP713-G00     Accelerator

HCEFP-712-G00 Accelerator

HCEFP-713-G00 Accelerator

JP151-705000-000       Accelerator wire

JP251-705000- Accelerator wire

JP301-705000- Accelerator wire

JS200-705000-000       Accelerator wire

SDCS15-130     Active Gear

N30M300-000015-000 Adjust shim

S16M300-000007-000 Adjust shim

22493-72030G Adjuster staff

22493-72010G Adjusting cover

1.5N4.5H-100001        Adjusting shim

2025TT-100008 Adjusting shim

30DH-000003 Adjusting shim

30DH-000006 Adjusting shim

N030-220011-000        Adjusting shim

N163-220012-000        Adjusting shim

2.5CDJ32-00-07 Air bleeder plug

N163-603100-000        Air breather
HSD835X280X60-G00        Air spring

3U3A-100002 Ajusting shim

S16V450-300008-000       Ajusting shim

S16V450-300009-000       Ajusting shim

JS160-720001-000         Aluminium plate

JS161-720001-000         Aluminium plate

JP151-720001-000         Aluminum plate

JP250-720001- Aluminum plate

JP255-720001- Aluminum plate

JP300-720001- Aluminum plate

JP301-720001-000         Aluminum plate

JP305-720001- Aluminum plate

4699 309 039   Axial bearing

JP150-114000-000         Axle house

JP300-112000-000         Axle house

B3035BP5008-G00          B3-seal ring d35

JP300-030000-000         Back cover

HC-HZB401-0103           Back cover hood

N30M300-700002-000 Band

4PZS400-G00    Battery

5PZS500-G00    Battery

6PZS600-G00    Battery

D-420-G00      Battery

JP150-730000-000         Battery ass’y

JP250-730000- Battery ass’y
JP300-730000- Battery ass’y

JS130-730000-000         Battery ass’y

D-500-G00      Battery box

D-630B-G00     Battery box

JP150-731000-000         Battery box

JP250-731000- Battery box

JP300-731000- Battery box

JS130-731000-000         Battery box

JS160-731000-000         Battery box

JS200-731000-000         Battery box

JP150-430000-000         Battery cover hood

JP250-430000-000         Battery cover hood

JP300-430000-000         Battery cover hood

JS130-430000-000         Battery Coverhood

JS160-430000-000         Battery Coverhood

JS200-430000-000         Battery Coverhood

JP150-732000-001         Battery power cable

JP250-732000- Battery power cable

JP300-732000- Battery power cable

JS130-732000-000         Battery power cable

JS160-732000-000         Battery power cable

JS200-732000-000         Battery power cable

GE30ES-2RS-    Bearing

N15M300-600002-000 Bearing

GB276-82       Bearing 1000904
GB/T297-94   Bearing 32211

GB301-95     Bearing 51206

GB276-94     Bearing 6305

N163-110100-G00      Bearing 7815

GB4663-94    Bearing 81205

GB9163-90    Bearing GE20ES-2RS

CS0K-00-01   Block

S16N450-200009-000 Block

S16V450-900017-000   Block

S16V450-900019-000   Block

S16V450-300002-000   Block, down

GB5786-86    Blot M8X1X25

JP150-404000-000     Board

JP300-404000-000     Board

JP300-222200-W00     Body cylinder

JP150-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP150-710000-001     Bodywork lines

JP151-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP155-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP250-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP250-710000-001     Bodywork lines

JP251-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP255-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP300-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP300-710000-001     Bodywork lines
JP301-710000-000     Bodywork lines

JP305-710000-000     Bodywork lines

02d-G00       Bolt

25DE-41-2     Bolt

25PH-600009   Bolt

30DH-220003A Bolt

3-60-00-02    Bolt

3-60-00-04    Bolt

B0322-08016   Bolt

CSOS-00-08    Bolt

GB21-76       Bolt

GB5781-86     Bolt

GB5783-86     Bolt

GBH2R-H8R     Bolt

JP150-110006-000     Bolt

JS160-200001-000     Bolt

JS160-210001- Bolt

JS160-210001-000     Bolt

JS160-210002- Bolt

JS160-400006-000     Bolt

N030-110005-000      Bolt

N030-110008-000      Bolt

N030-220010-000      Bolt

N030-221003-000      Bolt

N15N450-000003-000 Bolt
N15N450-000005-000 Bolt

N163-221005-000      Bolt

N30M300-003000-000 Bolt

N30M300-004000-000 Bolt

N30M300-006000-      Bolt

N30M300-006000-000 Bolt

S16M250-200000-000 Bolt

S16M270-200000-000 Bolt

S16M300-000001-      Bolt

S16M300-000001-000 Bolt

S16M300-003000-000 Bolt

S16M330-200000-000 Bolt

S16M350-200000-000 Bolt

S16M360-200000-000 Bolt

S16M400-200000-000 Bolt

S16M430-200000-000 Bolt

S16M450-200000-000 Bolt

S16V450-900001-000   Bolt

YQX30-0101   Bolt

N030-110004-000      Bolt

JP300-110001-000     Bolt 1, Left

JP300-110007-000     Bolt 2

GB9074.17-88 Bolt assembly

N163-420500-000      Bolt assy

GB29.1-88    Bolt M10×25
GB9074.4-88   Bolt M5×40

GB67-85(A)    Bolt M6X12

GB5785-86     Bolt M6X25

GB6190-86     Bolt M6X25

22673-72101   Boots

21235-52171G Bracket

25PH-613000   Bracket

JP300-520002-000        Bracket

JP300-641000-000        Bracket

JP300-642000-000        Bracket

JP300-643000-000        Bracket

JS160-300003- Bracket

JS160-300003-000        Bracket

JS160-407000-000        Bracket

JS160-531000-000        Bracket

JS160-610011-000        Bracket

JS160-611001-000        Bracket

JS160-612000-000        Bracket

JS160-618000-000        Bracket

JS160-791000-000        Bracket

S16B600-900005-000      Bracket

S16M300-000006-000 Bracket

N163-223000-000         Bracket Left

N163-225000-000         Bracket Right

N030-111000-G00         Brake assy, Left
N120-111000-G00        Brake assy, Left

N030-112000-G00        Brake assy, Right

N120-112000-G00        Brake assy, Right

30DHW15-515000         Brake booster

JS160-532000-000       Brake cable, Left

JS160-533000-000       Brake cable, Right

SDCS15-200     Brake components

JP300-110002-000       Brake drum

N030-110006-000        Brake drum

0501 319 755   Brake lever, complete

JP300-521000-000       Brake pedal

JS160-511000-000       Brake pedal

JP300-512000-000       Brake pipe, left

JP300-511000-000       Brake pipe, right

22493-71100G Brake plate

21233-70010G Brake plate ass’y

23653-73021    Brake shoe

JK231 Brake signal switch

JK231-G00      Brake signal switch

0C11246-24603-30H      Brake wire rope assembly(right)

0637 885 613   Breather filter

DBS10-300      Breather filter

2D10-00-01     Buffer block

JP300-400009- 000      Bush

JP300-400009-000       Bush
JPl50-110009-500      Bush

N030-110016-000       Bush

N030-110017-000       Bush

N163-514001-000       Bush

QY110-510001-000      Bush

N163-612001-000       Bushing

DJB-24B-G00   Buzzer 24V

DJB-24C-G00   Buzzer 24V

JP150-700010-G00      Buzzer 24V

OC11246-14603         Cable L.H.

OC11246-24603         Cable R.H.

JP301-640002-000      Cap

1.5U3H-700002B        Cap

24433-76100G Cap bleader

HDCS20-0001 Cap, bearing

YQX25-0101    Cap, bearing

22492-74010G Cap, dust

22673-72141   Cap, screw

YQX25-2102    Case, cross L.H.

YQX25-2101    Case, cross R.H.

GB/T6074-1995 Chain

S16M300-030000-000 Chain

S16N450-030000-000 Chain

S16N450-040000-001 Chain

N15M300-030001-000 Chain connector 1
N15M300-030002-000 Chain connector 2

780708F1-G00 Chain wheel

780708-G00    Chain wheel

JP150-410000-000     Chassis body

JP250-410000-000     Chassis body

JP300-410000-000     Chassis body

JP300-523001-000     CKM3/4-3505015

JP301-621001-000     Clamp

JS160-600003-000     Clamp

Q672-24-G00   Clamp 24

Q672-35-G00   Clamp 35

Q672-42-G00   Clamp 42

Q672-45-G00   Clamp 45

GT-3001-G00   Clamp-band

PKD-180-G00   Clamp-band

1QN5-200004 Clip

CS0R-00-03A   Clip

JP300-600013-000     Clip

JP300-600014-000     Clip

JP300-600015-000     Clip

S16B300-900012-000   Clip

S16B300-900012-001   Clip

S16C300-900004-00    Clip

S16M300-700003-000 Clip

S16M300-700005-000 Clip
S16N450-200005-000 Clip

S16N450-200008-000 Clip

S16V450-900008-000   Clip

S16V450-900013-000   Clip

S16V450-900020-000   Clip

FXK800-HC-G00 Combination switch

FXK800-HC-G01 Combination switch

JP300-770000- Connect wire

JS160-770000- Connect wire

JP300-640001-600     Connecto

JP451-640002-001     Connecto

14RH-600002   Connector

14RH-600004   Connector

14RH-600006   Connector

1D60-00-01    Connector

25PH-600006   Connector

30DH-600001 Connector

30DH-600010 Connector

30DH-600011 Connector

30DH-600012 Connector

3-60-00-01    Connector

3-60-00-03    Connector

CS0G26-00-01 Connector

CS0G26-00-02 Connector

CS0S-00-04    Connector
CS0S-00-05    Connector

CSOC-00-27    Connector

CSOS-00-04    Connector

H2R/H8R-006 Connector

H2R/H8R-007 Connector

JP300-615001-000     Connector

JP300-620001-000     Connector

JP300-630000-000     Connector

JP451-600003-001     Connector

JS160-540001-000     Connector

JS160-611002-000     Connector

JS160-6114001-000    Connector

JS160-611401-000     Connector

JS160-650002-000     Connector

JS160-650003-000     Connector

JS160-660501-000     Connector

N15M300-700010-000 Connector

N163-611801-000      Connector

N163-620701-000      Connector

N163-620800-000      Connector

R960-220101-000      Connector

S16B300-900002-000   Connector

S16B300-900003-000   Connector

S16B300-900011-000   Connector

S16M300-40001-W00 Connector
S16N450-200007-000 Connector

S16N450-202000-000 Connector

S16N450-204000-001 Connector

CS0C-10-00     Connector seat

CS0C-10-00 L   Connector seat

CS0C-10-00 L(15H)     Connector seat

CS0C-10-00(15H)       Connector seat

CS0G26-10-00 Connector seat

CS0G26-50-00 Connector seat

CS0G26-60-00 Connector seat

CS0R-10-00     Connector seat

CS0R-20-00     Connector seat

CS0S-10-00A    Connector seat

CS0S2-50-00    Connector seat

CS0S-50-00A    Connector seat

S16B300-901000-000    Connector seat

S16B300-901000T       Connector seat

S16V450-902000-000    Connector seat

SW180/48V-G00         Contactor

SW180/80V-G00         Contactor

SW200/48V-1-G00       Contactor

SW200/48V-G00         Contactor

JS165-720002-000      Contactor

JP301-720002-000      Contactor seat

JS165-702000-000      Controll wire harness
1238-5401-G00 Controller

1238-5601-G00 Controller

1238-6501-G00 Controller

1244-5551-G00 Controller

1244-5651-G00 Controller

1244-6651-G00 Controller

1254-6651-G00 Controller

ACS4810-G00 Controller

ACS4815-G00 Controller

ACS8015-G00 Controller

ACS8015--G00 Controller

DUAL-SEM2(700)-G00 Controller

EVC255-4803-G00       Controller

EVC255-8001-G00       Controller

VMC20-G00     Controller

JP150-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP150-720000-001      Controller ass’y

JP151-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP155-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP250-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP250-720000-001      Controller ass’y

JP251-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP255-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP300-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP300-720000-001      Controller ass’y
JP301-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP305-720000-000      Controller ass’y

JP301-721000-000      Controller bracket

JS180-001000-000      Counter

JP150-020000-000      Counter weight

JS160-020000-000      Counter weight

JS200-020000-000      Counter weight

25PH-600013   Cover

DCQ15-007     Cover

JP300-613000-000      Cover

JP300-615005-000      Cover

JS160-620001-000      Cover

JS160-620004-000      Cover

N030-220014-000       Cover

N030-220018-000       Cover

N163-220023-000       Cover

N163-603301-000       Cover

NP25G-210004-000      Cover

JS160-000001-000      Cover plate

JS160-030000-000      Cover plate

JP300-410017-500      Cover Plate,LH.

JP300-410018-500      Cover plate,RH

21233-70450G Cover, adjusting hole

24433-76030G Cup

21233-70430G Cup,shoe hold down
JD120-600100-000       cushion

24433-76010G Cylinder

DCQ15-201      Cylinder

CKM3/4-3505011B        Cylinder body

R840-224100-W00        Cylinder Body

S16M300-601000-W00 Cylinder body

S16N450-801000-000 Cylinder body

S16V450-303100-000     Cylinder body

S16N450-501000-W00 Cylinder body, left

S16N450-401000-W00 Cylinder body, right

S16M300-501000-        Cylinder body,left

S16M300-401000-        Cylinder body,right

0631 302 212   Cylinder pin

0631 313 003   Cylinder pin

GB119-88       Cylinder pin

0735 410 704   Cylindrical roller bearing

SDCS15-117-1 Cylindrical roller bearing

0636 101 411   Cylindrical screw

GB70-85        Cylindrical screw

0501007341-G00         DC Motor

CS0R-00-20B    defend board

JS130-400009-000       Downside cover plate

JS160-400009-000       Downside cover plate

JS200-400009-000       Downside cover plate

JP150-110000-000       Drive axle assy
JP180-110000-000     Drive axle assy

JP300-110000-000     Drive axle assy

JP355-110000-000     Drive axle assy

48V-G00       Drive motor

80V -G00      Drive motor

TSP180/4-140-G00     Drive motor

TSP180/4-140--G00    Drive motor

TSP180/4-180- Drive motor

XQ-10.2A-G00 Drive motor

XQ-5-4A-G00   Drive motor

XQ-7A-G00     Drive motor

YDQ11.75-4    Drive motor

YDQ6.8-4-G00 Drive motor

YDQ91.4       Drive motor

JP180-111000-000     Drive wheel assy

JP300-111000-000     Drive wheel assy

JP355-111000-000     Drive wheel assy

N120-211000-000      Drive wheel assy

CK25-G00      Dust proof

N030-220003-000      Dust proof bush

N163-220002-000      Dust proof bush

CL0087C3-G00 Dust proof ring

CK-025-G00    Dustproof

DBS25-006     Dustproof frame

AR2342E5-G00 Dustproof ring
AF035AZ5071-G00        Dustproof ring d35

XB2BT44C-G00 Emergency disconnector

N163-610100-W00        Fastener

4699 300 095   FEY-ring

JP300-614000-000       Filter

JP300-615003-000       Filter element

A-0507003-G00 Filter for horn

30DH-1000004 Fix Board

30DH-500001 Fix Board

4699 300 091   Fixing plate

JP180-111101-W00       Flange, side

JP300-111101-W00       Flange, side

JP355-111101-W00       Flange, side

GR501-701200-000       Flasher

N15M300-010000-W00 Fork assembly

S16M300-301000-002 Fork carriage

S16N450-301000-002 Fork carriage

S16V450-301000-000     Fork carriage

S16M300-300000-        Fork carriage assy’

S16N450-300000-000 Fork carriage assy’

JS160-410000-000       Frame

JS160-751000- Frame for left

JS160-751000-000       Frame for left

JS160-754001- Frame for left combination lamp

JS160-754001-000       Frame for left combination lamp
JS160-752000- Frame for right

JS160-752000-000      Frame for right

JS160-754002- Frame for right combination lamp

JS160-754002-000      Frame for right combination lamp

JS160-754100- Front combination lamp

JS160-420000-000      Front guard

JP300-405000-000      Front pedal

JP300-406000-000      Front pedal

JS160-404000-000      Front pedal

JPl50-41001-500       Front Plate,Left.

JPl50-410017-500      Front Plate,Right.

FU-250A-G00    Fuse

FU-250-G00     Fuse

FU-300A-G00    Fuse

FU-425A-G00    Fuse

FU-355A-G00    Fuse

FU-335A-G00    Fuse 335A

FU-350A-G00    Fuse 350A

BX306-G00      Fuse box

0634 312 624   GAMMA-ring

HSD727X280X50-G00     Gas spring

JP300-403000-000      Gas spring bracket

JP300-100002-000      Gasket

JP300-110005-000      Gasket

N030-110009-000       Gasket
N030-220013-000         Gasket

N30M300-000014-000 Gasket

NP25G-210005-000        Gasket

SDCS15-G00     Gear box

CBTDHE-F16-TLΦ-G00 Gear pump

CBTDHE-F20-TLΦ-G00 Gear pump

CBTDH-F416-ALH4-G00 Gear pump

CBTDH-F420-ALH4-G00 Gear pump

YQX25-2008     Gear shaft (I)

YQX25-2005     Gear shaft (II)

HDCS20-0002 Gear, Counter

HDCS20-0004 Gear, Counter

YQX25-2006     Gear, pinion

YQX25-2009     Gear, side

HDCS20-1001 Gearwheel

JS160-212000-0 Gimbal

JS160-212000-001        Gimbal

PT0200750-     Glydring

GS-12-G00      GRAMMER


GB1152-86      Grease nipple

Q701B45-G00 Grease nipple M10

THN-110        Grip

0635 331 418   Grooved ball bearing

GB276-94       Grooved ball bearing
1.5U3H-700003 Guide bush

JP300-222100-W00       Guide bush

N030-224200-001        Guide bush

S16M300-602000-W01 Guide bush

2025M3-100001          Guide plate

FR5805Q5029-G00        Guide ring

2025N4.5-133002        Guide sleeve

21233-70330G Guide,cable

N15M300-402000-W00 Guider

JP300-110004-000       Half shaft

N030-110012-001        Half shaft

JS160-753000-000       Head lamp

650548 Helical gear

SDCS15-128     Helical gear

DL224ED-G00 Horn 24V

JP300-400008- Horn cap

JP300-400008-000       Horn cap

LA2-G00        Horn switch

JP150-600002-000       Hose

JP150-600004-W00       Hose

JP150-600005-000       Hose

JP150-600011-000       Hose

JP151-600001-000       Hose

JP250-600002-000       Hose

JP250-600004-W00       Hose
JP250-600005-000   Hose

JP250-600011-000   Hose

JP300-600001-000   Hose

JP300-600002-000   Hose

JP300-600002-001   Hose

JP300-600003-000   Hose

JP300-600004-001   Hose

JP300-600004-W00   Hose

JP300-600005-000   Hose

JP300-600007-000   Hose

JP300-600007-001   Hose

JP300-600008-000   Hose

JP300-600008-001   Hose

JP300-600009-000   Hose

JP300-600009-001   Hose

JP300-600010-000   Hose

JP300-600010-001   Hose

JP300-600011-000   Hose

JP300-600016-000   Hose

JP300-600017-000   Hose

JP451-600012-001   Hose

JP451-600013-001   Hose

JS160-600001-000   Hose

JS160-600002-000   Hose

JS160-650001-W00   Hose
JS160-650100-000       Hose

JS160-650200-000       Hose

JS160-650300-000       Hose

JS160-650400-000       Hose

JS160-660100-000       Hose

JS160-660200-000       Hose

JS160-660300-000       Hose

JS160-660400-000       Hose

H2R 679532     Hose Reel

4699 300 093   Housing

SDCS15-109     Housing

4699 309 044   Housing cover

SDCS15-132     Housing cover

DCQ15-004      Hub

0166-40502-018-G00     Hydraulic switch

TM1308-G00     Inching switch

SDCS15-120     Inner clutch dis frame

0501 319 854   Inner clutch disc

SDCS15-125     Inner clutch disc

4699 300 098   Inner disc carrier

S16N450-102000-000 Inner mast

JPl50-211100-500       Inner Rim

JP150-420000-000       Instrument frame

JP300-420000-000       Instrument frame

4699 200 004   Internal gear, cpl.
SDCS15-113       Internal gear, cpl.

FU0619K0-G00 ISI seal ring

FU0849K0-G00 ISI-seal ring

JP300-640005-000         Joint

679994 Junction Block

JK404C-1-G00 Key switch

JK411A-G00       Key switch

N030-220002-000          King pin

N163-220001-000          King pin

K1- Front lift CLD.      Kit of front CLD.

30DH-400014A Knob

JP300-400010-000         Knob

JS160-617000-000         Knob

N163-215000- Knob

N163-215000-000          Knob

N163-610001-000          Knob

JP150-400001-000         Left cover hood

JP250-400001-000         Left cover hood

JP300-400001-000         Left cover hood

JS160-400001-000         Left coverhood

JS200-400001-000         Left coverhood

JP150-401000-000         Left foot pedal

JP300-401000-000         Left foot pedal

JS160-401000-001         Left pedal

N030-220004-000          Left steering knuckle
N163-220003-001       Left steering knuckle

JP150-310000-000      Left support

JP250-310000-000      Left support

JP300-310000-000      Left support

JS130-310000-000      Left support

JS200-310000-000      Left support

1236-5301-LEFT-G00    Left Traction controller

JS161-702000-000      Left traction signal cable

21233-70380G Lever

23653-72151    Lever L.H pole

23653-72071G Lever LH brake

21233-70370G Lever parking

S16N450-500000-000 Lift cylinder, left

S16N450-400000-000 Lift cylinder, right

S16N450-800000-000 Lift cylinder,front

S16M300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

S16M300-400000-000 Lift cylinder,right

JP300-644000-000      Lifting lever

JS160-613000-000      Lifting lever

24433-76060G Link,conneeding

N15M300-020000-       Load bracket

N15M300-020000-002 Load bracket

N030-110010-001       Lock nut

N030-220015-000       Lock nut

N163-110009-000       Lock nut
N163-220016-000        Lock nut

YQX25-0004    Lock washer

NP15C-404000- Locker

N030-110011-001        Locking shim

N163-110011-000        Locking shim

HC-H2B401-0102         Lower cover hood

25DE-5114-8   Magnet

SW180/48-G00 Main contactor

SW200/48-G00 Main contactor

SW200-G00     Main contactor

JP300-525000-000       Master cylinder

Engage Ⅳ-G00 Meter LCD

MDI-G00       Meter LCD

JP150-740000-000       Meter panel Ass’y

JP151-740000-000       Meter panel Ass’y

JS130-740000-000       Meter panel Ass’y

14RH-707000   Micro-switch assy

S16N450-103000-000 Middle mast

H2R/H8R-004 Monnting Broad

H2R/H8R-005 Monnting Broad

H2R-001       Monnting Broad

JP301-622000-000       Motor bracket

JP301-704000- Motor signal wire

H2R/H8R-008 Mounting Block

CDB2-F15DC-02-G00      Multi-way valve
CDB2-F15DC-03-G00     Multi-way valve

CDB2-F15DC-04a-G00 Multi-way valve

CDB2-F15DY-02-G00     Multi-way valve

CDB2-F15DY-03-G00     Multi-way valve

CDB2-F15DY-04a-G00 Multi-way valve

JS160-611100-000      Multi-way valve

25PH-730001    Name plate

0635 303 037   Needle sleeve

GB12764-91     Needle sleeve

0501 319 707   NILOS-ring

1.4QN5-800001 Nut

25DE-41-1      Nut

3-22-00-02     Nut

GB6170-85      Nut

GB802-88       Nut

GB9457-88      Nut

JS160-000002-000      Nut

JS160-632002-000      Nut

N030-220009-000       Nut

GB6173-86      Nut M14X1.5

GB56-88        Nut M16

J25B300-900010-W00 Nylon sleeve

N163-630001-W00       Nylon sleeve

JP300-600018-W00      Nylon(Φ17×1)

GB3452.1-82    O ring 63×3.55
GB7127-86     Oil pipe

S16B300-900001-000       Oil pipe

CS0S-60-00    Oil pipe assy

CSOS*00-06    Oil pipe assy

JB1885-77     Oil pipe assy

JB188-77      Oil pipe assy

S16B300-900004-000       Oil pipe assy

S16B300-900004-001       Oil pipe assy

S16B300-900006-000       Oil pipe assy

S16B300-900009-000       Oil pipe assy

S16B300-900010-000       Oil pipe assy

S16V450-900010-000       Oil pipe assy

S16V450-900011-000       Oil pipe assy

S16V450-900012-001       Oil pipe assy

S16B600-900006-000       Oil pipe assy’

JP300-524001-W00         Oil reservoir

2025N4.5-133001          Oil seal

HG4-692-67    Oil seal

JS160-400012-000         Oil seal

N030-220001-000          Oil seal

N163-220021-000          Oil seal

GB13871-92    Oil seal FB60×90×8

JP300-611000-000         Oil tank

JS160-405000-000         Oil tank cover

OK006300701-G00          OK-seal ring D63
GB1235-76      O-ring

JISB2401-P18- O-ring

2-133N674-G00 O-ring 45.69X2.62

JISB2401-P11-G00        O-Ring P11

JS160-660500-000        O-Ring P11

JISB2401-P14-G00        O-ring P14

JISB2401-P29-G00        O-ring P29

0501 319 853   Outer clutch disc

SDCS15--126    Outer clutch disc

JPl50-211001-500        Outer Rim

SDCS15-104     Output shaft

S16M300-100000-000 Outside mast

S16N450-101000-000 Outside mast

THN-111        Overhead

JP150-340000-000        Overhead guard

JP250-340000-000        Overhead guard

JP300-340000-000        Overhead guard

JS130-320000-000        Overhead guard

JS160-320000-000        Overhead guard

JS200-320000-000        Overhead guard

JP300-610001-000        Packing

PKD-150-G00    Packing belt

JS160-534000-000        Parking brake level assy’

JP300-530000-G00        Parking brake lever

JS160-520001-000        Pedal
N163-512001-000       Pedal gasket

N163-520002-000       Pedal gasket

JP300-407000-000      Pedal pad

JP300-408000-000      Pedal pad

21233-70400G Pin

22493-71030G Pin

GB119-86      Pin

GB882-86      Pin

JS160-300001-000      Pin

N163-220008-001       Pin

THN-070       Pin

GB879-86      Pin 10X55

GB119-86      Pin B6×28

GB120-85      Pin B8×30

1.5M3H-002002         Pin shaft

1QN5-200002 Pin shaft

25DE-71-3     Pin shaft

3E-615000     Pin shaft

3E-616000     Pin shaft

3E-617000     Pin shaft

JS160-400003-000      Pin shaft

S16M300-000003-000 Pin shaft

S16M300-001000-000 Pin shaft

S16M300-002000-000 Pin shaft

22673-72231   Pin, lever
23653-72101     Pin, shoe hold

21233-70150G Pin,shoe &lining ass’y

21233-70420G Pin,shoe hold down

650550 Pinion

HDCS20-0005 Pinion

HDCS20A-0001 Pinion

N030-114002-001          Pipe

N120-114002-000          Pipe

JS160-661000-000         Pipe assy

JS160-662000-000         Pipe assy

JS160-542000-000         Pipe, Left

JS160-543000-000         Pipe, Right

22673-72071     Piston

24433-76020G Piston

N15M300-400002-W00 Piston

S16M300-600007-W00 Piston

SDCS15-122      piston

NP25G-212100-W00         Piston assy

3-22-00-10      Piston ring

N15M300-400001-W00 Piston rod

S16M300-600003-W01 Piston rod

S16N450-400001-W00 Piston rod

S16V450-303200-000       Piston rod

N030-224100-001          Piston rod assy’

4699 300 097    Planet carrier
SDCS15-116     Planet carrier

4699 300 101   Planet gear

SDCS15-115     Planet gear

CS0S-00-03A    Plate

JP301-640001-000       Plate

JS160-400004-000       Plate

JS160-660002-000       Plate

S16M300-000005-000 Plate

S16N450-000001-000 Plate

S16V450-300006-000     Plate

S16V450-900003-000     Plate

S16V450-900006-000     Plate

JP150-110001-000       Plate, Left

JP300-110008-000       Plate, Left

JP150-110002-000       Plate, Right

JP300-110009-000       Plate, Right

21233-70410G Plate, shoe guide

23653-72131    Plate, shoe guide

JP100-020000-000       Plug

JP180-020000-000       Plug

JP200-020000-000       Plug

JP250-020000-000       Plug

JP300-000001-000       Plug

JP300-020000-000       Plug

JP355-020000-000       Plug
N163-110016-000        Plug

N163-110017-000        Plug

N30M300-000009-000 Plug

S16V450-300001-000     Plug

JB1001-77      Plug M14×1.5

S16N450-802000-000 Plunger piston

9832-G00       Potentio meter

M-040107-G00 Potentiometer

2025C3-200006 Press block

2025C3-200009 Press block

4699 309 040   Pressure disc

SDCS15-127     Pressure disc

4699 209 004   Pressure pin O.T.K.

SDCS15-123     Pressure Plate

0632 040 021   Pressure spring

CS0F-00-01     Pulley Bolt

CS0R-00-04     Pulley whee

CS0R-00-04B    Pulley whee

1.4QN5-800016 Pulley wheel

CS0K-00-05D    Pulley wheel

CS0K-00-05F    Pulley wheel

CS0R-00-04A    Pulley wheel

CS0R-00-04C    Pulley wheel

CSOR-00-01     Pulley wheel

N15N450-200010-000 Pulley wheel
S16V450-900014-000    Pulley wheel

S16V450-900015-000    Pulley wheel

S16B300-900008-000    Pulley wheel

HP350-G00     Pump controller

JP156-610000-W00      Pump Motor

JP256-610000-W00      Pump Motor

JP306-610000-W00      Pump Motor

JS160-631000-000      Pump motor

XQD-10-3D-G00 Pump Motor

XQD-8.2-3D-G00        Pump Motor

XQD-8.6-2H-G00        Pump Motor

XQD-8.6-3D-G00        Pump Motor

T-48V-G00     Pump Motor 80V

T-80V-G00     Pump Motor 80V

TSW112/4-150- Pump Motor 80V

TSW112/4-195- Pump Motor 80V

N163-513100-000       Push bracket

JS160-760000-000      Rear combination lamp

30060-G00     Rear view mirror

25PH-211001   Rear wheel rim

25PH-211002   Rear wheel rim (Outside)

N030-221001-000       Rear wheel rim (Outside)

JD201S-G00    Relay

R15-G00       Resistance

24433-70170G Retainer
JP301-640003-000     Retainer

H24C7-50201-G00      Return oil filter

S16M300-700001-000 Return oil pipe

S16M300-700002-000 Return oil pipe

S16M300-700004-000 Return oil pipe

S16N450-200001-000 Return oil pipe

S16N450-200002-000 Return oil pipe

S16N450-200003-000 Return oil pipe

N163-510003-000      Return spring

A-019901-G00 Rider

JP150-400002-000     Right cover hood

JP250-400002-000     Right cover hood

JP300-400002-000     Right cover hood

JS130-400005-000     Right coverhood

JS160-400005-000     Right coverhood

JS200-400005-000     Right coverhood

JP150-402000-000     Right foot pedal

JP300-402000-000     Right foot pedal

JP150-320000-000     Right front support

JP250-320000-000     Right front support

JP300-320000-000     Right front support

JS130-330000-000     Right front support

JS160-330000-000     Right front support

JS200-330000-000     Right front support

JP150-330000-000     Right rear support
JP250-330000-000      Right rear support

JP300-330000-000      Right rear support

JS130-340000-000      Right rear support

JS160-340000-000      Right rear support

JS200-340000-000      Right rear support

N030-220017-000       Right steering knuckle

N163-220025-001       Right steering knuckle

1236-5301-RIGHT-G00 Right traction controller

JS161-703000-000      Right traction signal cable

JP180-111102-W00      Rim

JP300-111102-W00      Rim

JP355-111102-W00      Rim

JS160-110003-W00      rim

JS200-110003-W00      rim

JP180-111100-000      Rim assy

JP300-111100-000      Rim assy

JP355-111100-000      Rim assy

JP300-110002-W00      Rim body, inner

JP300-113101-W00      Rim body, otter

N120-211002-000       Rim, Innerside

N120-211001-000       Rim, Outside

GB896-86       Ring

N15M300-400004-W00 Ring

N15M300-600001-000 Ring

PT0200600-     Ring 60×49×4.2
Q43022 Ring, stopper

THN-600        Rod

22673-72111    Rod, piston

DCQ15-102      rub ring

25PH-400005    Rubber

30DH-322000 Rubber

FXK108-G00     Rubber

JP300-600012-000          Rubber

JP300-621000-000          Rubber

JS160-400007-000          Rubber

N163-620002-000           Rubber

R840-220001-000           Rubber

R960-220001-000           Rubber

2.5N4.5H*200014           Rubber

50W-500002     Rubber cover

N15M300-300005-G00 Rubber cover

CS0G26-40*00 Rubber hose

CS0S-40-00     Rubber hose

CS0S-80-00     Rubber hose

JP300-300001-W00          Rubber hose

JS160-300002-000          Rubber hose

JS160-541000-000          Rubber hose, Left

JS160-544000-000          Rubber hose, Right

JS160-545000-000          Rubber hose, Right

2D10-00-02     Rubber pad
S16N450-200006-000 Rubber pipe

S16M300-701000-000 Rubber pipe assy

S16M300-702000-000 Rubber pipe assy

S16N450-200004-000 Rubber pipe connector

S16N450-201000-000 Rubber pipe connector

JS160-000004-000       Rubber plate

JP300-612001-000       Ruler

JS160-610012-000       S pacer

0636 015 347   Screw

GB2672-86      Screw

GB68-85        Screw

GB75-85        Screw

GB819-85       Screw

N163-220018-000        Screw

N30M300-000016-000 Screw

N30N450-000005-000 Screw

GB5783-2000    Screw

GB818-85       Screw M4X10

GB67-85        Screw M5X20

GB67-87        Screw M6X10

GB828-88       Screw M6X6X2

0636 302 013   Screw plug

JB1000-77      Screw plug

0501 319 149   Screw plug with magnet

SDCS15-111     Screw plug with magnet
22673-72131     Screw, bleeder

24433-76090G Screw,bleader

SAA50 Seal

TC 70 X85 X8    Seal

K1-LIFT CLD.    Seal Kit of Lift Cylinder

K1-Side shifter CLD.    Seal kit of side shifter cylinder

K1-Steering axle        Seal kit of steering axle

K1-TILT CLD.    Seal Kit of Tilt Cylinder

CKG-025-G00     Seal ring

CKS-0250-G00 Seal ring

FU0497K0-G00 Seal ring d40

0634 801 038    Sealing ring

DBS10-014       Sealing ring

RS1300250-T46-G00       Seal-ring d25

S16V450-900018-000      Seat

JS160-512000-000        Seat bracket

24433-76070G Seat, tube

CKM3/4-3505012          Seat, valve

HDCS20-0003 Shaft

JP300-522000-000        Shaft

JS160-510001-000        Shaft

S16V450-300005-000      Shaft

THN-40-00       Shaft

JS160-213000-0 Shaft assy

JS160-213000-000        Shaft assy
DCQ15-301      Shaft Block

0634 502 084   Shaft sea

0634 309 602   Shaft seal

KOK4579KC      Shaft seal

M4782-SC(IE)           Shaft seal

2025N4.3-200004A       Shaft sleelve

2025N4.3-200004        Shaft sleeve

2025N4.3-20004B        Shaft sleeve

3E-610005      Shaft sleeve

S16B300-900007-000     Shaft sleeve

1.5U3H-700001 Shim

22673-72251    Shim

25PH-000003    Shim

DCQ15-005      Shim

JP300-100001-000       Shim

JP300-620002-000       Shim

JS160-632003-000       Shim

N030-110003-000        Shim

N163-220004-000        Shim

4699 200 003   Shim ring O.T.K.

JS160-720003-000       Shorter

80605K-G00     Side roller

1.5M3H-300001          Side roller shaft

1.5N4.5H-100002        Side roller shaft

S16V450-302000-000     Side shift carriage
S16V450-303000-000      Side shift cylinder

S16B300-300000-         Side shifter assy’

S16V450-300000-000      Side shifter assy’

30DH-220004A Sleeve

CSOS-00-07     Sleeve

S16V450-900002-000      Sleeve

S16V450-900005-000      Sleeve

S16V450-900016-000      Sleeve

N15M300-400005-W00 Sleever

CS0S3.3-30-00A Slipping lump

CS0S-30-00A    Slipping lump

CS0SX-20-00    Slipping lump

CSOG26-20-00 Slipping lump

CSOG26-3.3-20-00        Slipping lump

CSOS-20-00A    Slipping lump

CSOS2-10-00    Slipping lump

CSOS2-20-00    Slipping lump

CSOS2-30-00    Slipping lump

CSOS2-40-00    Slipping lump

CSOSX-10-00    Slipping lump

CSOT-20-00B    Slipping lump

CSOT2-10-00    Slipping lump

CSOT2-20-00    Slipping lump

4699 300 102   Slotted nut

GB810-88       Slotted nut
JS150-000001-000       Small counterweight

JP180-111104-W00       Snap ring

JP300-110001-W00       Snap Ring

JP300-111104-W00       Snap ring

N030-224002-001        Snap ring

GB894.1-86    Snap ring 30

GB893.2-86    Snap Ring 35

GB893.1-86    Snap ring 37

JP150-790000-002       Socket ass’y

JP151-790000-002       Socket ass’y

JP250-790000-002       Socket ass’y

JP251-790000-002       Socket ass’y

JP300-790000-001       Socket ass’y

JP301-790000-001       Socket ass’y

JS160-790000-000       Socket ass’y

JS160-610006-000       Spacer

JS160-610008-000       Spacer

JS160-610009-000       Spacer

N15M300-702000-000 Speed limiting valve

JP300-030003-000       sponge

JP300-030004-000       sponge

21233-70320G Spring

21233-70360G Spring

22673-72091   Spring

23653-72051   Spring
23653-72091   Spring

23653-72171   Spring

23673-72261   Spring

JP300-520001-000       Spring

JP301-640004-000       Spring

JS160-610004-000       Spring

JS160-610005-000       Spring

SDCS15-118    spring

24433-76040G Spring

SDCS15-119    Spring Block

SDCS15-114    Spring Collar

21233-70260G Spring&fitting ass’y

21233-70440G Spring, shoe hold down

21233-70350G Spripg shoe

DCQ15-000     Steering axle

JS160-230000-G00       Steering axle

JP300-221000-000       Steering axle body

R840-222000-000        Steering axle body

JP300-222000-000       Steering cylinder

R840-224000-000        Steering cylinder

1028-CD1-G00 Steering gear

423-7982-15-G00        Steering gear

BZZ5-50BA-G00 Steering gear

BZZ5-80BA-G00 Steering gear

JS160-211000- Steering pipe
JS160-211000-000         Steering pipe

JS160-214000-0 Steering pipe

JS160-214000-000         Steering pipe

JS160-211001-0 Steering shaft

JS160-211001-000         Steering shaft

25PH-211000    Steering wheel

JP355-221000-000         Steering wheel

N030-221000-000          Steering wheel

XE-020-G00     Steering wheel

2QD-210001     Steering wheel nut

THN-098A       Stopper

23653-72161    Stopper, pole lever

JS160-640000-000         Strainer

THN-500        Stud

1.5U3H-700004 Support ring

N15M300-400003-W00 Support ring

JS160-720000-000         t

JP300-780000- Tail lamp cable

JS160-780000-000         Tail lamp cable

0750 117 781   Taper roller bearing

GB297-94       Taper roller bearing

N30M300-700005-000 Tee connector

S16M300-703000-000 Tee connector

S16N450-205000-001 Tee connector

S16M300-600000-001 Tilt cylinder
JP300-400007-000      Tilting cylinder hood, Left

JP300-400006-000      Tilting cylinder hood, Right

JP300-645000-000      Tilting lever

JS160-614000-000      Tilting lever

GB10823-96     Tire 15X4.5-8

GB2982-91      Tire23X9-10 (K2)

GB/T10823-1996        Tire23X9-10-18PR

N030-220008-000       Tir-rod bar, Down

NP25G-210002-001      Tir-rod bar, Down

N030-220007-000       Tir-rod bar, Up

NP25G-210001-001      Tir-rod bar, Up

H2406-42072-G00       Tool box

HBR-G00        Tool box

0636 103 198   Torx-Socket head screw

SDCS15-108     Torx-Socket head screw

ACS 4810-G00 Traction controller

JP151-701000-000      Traction motor cable

JP155-701000-000      Traction motor cable

JP251-701000-002      Traction motor cable

JP255-701000-000      Traction motor cable

JP301-701000-000      Traction motor cable

JP305-701000-000      Traction motor cable

JS131-701000-000      Traction motor cable

JS130-702000-000      Traction motor field cable

JP151-703000-000      Traction signal cable
JP155-703000-000         Traction signal cable

JP251-703000-000         Traction signal cable

JP255-703000-000         Traction signal cable

JP301-703000-000         Traction signal cable

JP305-703000-000         Traction signal cable

4699823018-G00           Transmission

JS161-120000-000         Transmission

HDCS20A-G00 Transmission gear box

HDCS20-G00      Transmission gear box

Q672-19-G00     Tube clip

GB2981-91       Tyre 18X7-8

HZB104-G00      Upper cover hood

RSS    U-Seal

RU3000250-Z20-G00        U-seal ring d25

CKM3/4-3505040           Valve, check

Q900-Z1/8-G00 Vented plug

LTD152A-G00 Warning lamp

GB96-85         Waser 12

3E-610006       Washer

DCQ15-003       Washer

GB848-85        Washer

GB859-87        Washer

GB93-870        Washer

GB97.2-87       Washer

JS160-610010-000         Washer
N15M300-030004-000 Washer

N163-210004    Washer

S16V450-900004-000      Washer

SDCS15-133     washer

YQX25-2007     Washer

GB861.1-87     Washer 12

GB95-85        Washer 12

GB97.1-86      Washer 12

JB982-77       Washer 12

GB93-87        Washer 14

GB97.1-85      Washer 8

23653-72111    Washer, cup

23653-72191    Washer, cup

YQX25-2001     Washer, locker

YQX25-2004     Washer, thrust

24433-70160G Washer,lock

4699 300 107   Wheel Bolt

JPl50-110008-500        Wheel Bolt

SDCS15-105     Wheel Bolt

21233-70080G Wheel cylinder ass’y

22673-72041    wheel cylinder assy

JP150-110007-000        Wheel hub

JP300-110003-000        Wheel hub

N030-220012-001         Wheel hub

NP25G-210003-000        Wheel hub
JP300-110100-000       Wheel hub bolt

JP300-110100-500       Wheel hub Bolt

N163-110015-000        Wheel hub nut

N163-220010-000        Wheel nut

4699 300 077   Wheel shaft

JS200-710000-000       Wire harness of body

1.5M3H-002001          connector

80DH-332000      Radiator assembly

50V-332000       Radiator assembly

YQX100-5001     Brake shaft

GR502-330001-000       Connector pipe

GR802-330001-000       Connector pipe

GR505-310001-000       Engine air intake pipe

50DCW18-312000         Intake pipe

GR502-330005-000       Leftt support

GR802-330005-000       Leftt support

N163-620001-000        Plate

50W-411002      Support ring

Q/11AJ03045-92         Support ring 110

DT04-3P-P006 120OHM resistor

80DH-210100 7.00T-20 Wheel Hub assembly

40DH-600200 90°Connector

350826 Accelerator pedal

2402D-381      Adjust nut

51022 Adjust shim
51019 Adjust shim

50W-410008    Adjust shim

50W-410011    Adjust shim

80DH-410004 Adjust shim

2402D-041     Adjust shim

5CY23A-00100 Adjuster

GR501-021001-000     Adjusting shim

N163-010008-000      Adjusting shim

R450-010003-000      Adjusting shim

YQX100-0001   Adjusting washer

JS160-610010-000     Adjusting washer

ZL15· 4-8     Air bleed screw

GR501-311000-000     Air cleaner

GR502-311000-000     Air cleaner

R453-312000-000      Air cleaner

R453-311000-000      Air cleaner bracket

TM450B1-G00 Air filter

GR1002-311000-000    Air filter stent

GR502-312000-000     Air filter stent

GR501-310000-000     Air inlet system

GR1001-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR502-310000-000     Air inlet system

GR802-310000-000     Air inlet system

GR1002-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR1005-310000-000    Air inlet system
GR504-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR503-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR508-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR803-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR506-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR507-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR505-310000-000    Air inlet system

GR501-310002-000    Air intake pipe

GR1001-310001-000   Air intake pipe

GR501-310003-000    Air intake pipe

GR1001-310002-000   Air intake pipe

GR503-310001-000    Air intake pipe

GR803-310001-000    Air intake pipe

GR508-310001-000    Air intake pipe

GR506-310001-000    Air intake pipe

GR504-310001-000    Air intake pipe

GR1005-310001-000   Air intake pipe

GR504-310002-000    Air intake pipe

GR1005-310002-000   Air intake pipe

GR1002-310001-000   Air intake pipe

GR802-310001-000    Air intake pipe

GR502-310001-000    Air intake pipe

GR1002-310002-000   Air intake pipe

GR502-310002-000    Air intake pipe

GR507-310001-000    Air intake pipe
GR507-310002-000      Air intake pipe

GR505-310002-000      Air intake pipe

QC16-180-650/400-G00 Air spring

JK106 Alarm Lamp Switch

LTD152A       Alarm light

LTD152A               Alarm light

JFB2514       Alternator

JFB2312       Alternator

B7713-37010101A       Alternator

JFZ2241       Alternator

EE9247 Alternator

1812003650    Alternator

23100-51H00   Alternator

50W-507002    Angle iron

R960-020016-000       Antifreeze nameplate

R960-020017-000       Antifreeze nameplate

YQX100-4000   Assy,Valve

YQX100-1100   Axle assembly

YQX100-2100   Axle assembly

PR60· 1       Axle assy.

5CY23A-00006 Back plate

50CDA-630009 Ball commector

25DE-642      Ball race

25DE-643      Ball race

3.1750G200bGB         Ball,steel
GB308-77         Ball1/4〃

6-QA-105S        Battery

G31    Battery

6-QA-80C         Battery

GR501-451000-000           Battery box bracket L

GR501-441000-000           Battery box bracket R

GR505-300003-000           Bear

GB283-64         Bearing

GB/T276-94       BEARING

GB/T297-94       Bearing

GB290-82         Bearing

GB278-94         Bearing

GR802-300002-000           Bearing seat

GB297-86         Bearing 2007124

GB297-84         Bearing 7520

YQX100-5005      Bearing cap

51013 Bearing cover

051014A          Bearing seat

2402D-036        Bearing seat

K505820 GB5846-86          Bearing,needle

GB/T301-1995 Bearing,thrust ball

GB297-64         Bearing7514

N163-020020-000            Belt nameplate

2402D-026        Bevel gear,driven

50W-411300       Body cylinder
80DH*411100 Body cylinder

YQXD100-4101 Body,valve

53002 Bolt

3-11-12-03    Bolt

N163-210006-000      Bolt

N163-210003-000      Bolt

GR802-300003-000     Bolt

GR502-340002-000     Bolt

50CDA-340002 Bolt

N163-420500-000      Bolt

N163-420400-000      Bolt

N163-430004-000      Bolt

N163-800005-000      Bolt

H510-100002-000      Bolt

80DH-740004 Bolt

50W-740001    Bolt

50CDA-410009 Bolt ,tyre

JB999-77      Bolt M10×1

GB5785-86     Bolt M10×1.25×50

GB85-88       Bolt M10×1×30

GB21-76       Bolt M10×18-Q

GB5783-86     Bolt M10×30

2402D-356     Bolt M12×1.25

Q1601245      Bolt M12×38

GB30-76       Bolt M12×55
51009 Bolt M12×80

50CDA-200001 Bolt M14

2402D-366    Bolt M14×1.5

GB5786-86    Bolt M14×1.5×45

51006 Bolt M14×1.5-69

51011 Bolt M16×94

2402D-119    Bolt M18

GB27-88      Bolt M24×85

GB5782-86    Bolt M30×100

GB5781-86    Bolt M6×10

1600814      Bolt M8

GB5783-85    Bolt M8×12

GB29.2-88    Bolt M8×30

50DH-618000 Booster cylinder

GR506-531100-000       Brace

N163-213200-000        Bracket

GR501-310001-000       Bracket

GR501-340001-000       Bracket

GR502-340001-000       Bracket

GR501-420003-000       Bracket

GR1001-420003-000      Bracket

GR501-420004-000       Bracket

GR1001-420004-000      Bracket

N163-439100-000)       Bracket

N163-436200-000        Bracket
R960-431300-000          Bracket

50W-616000     Bracket

H502-512000-000          Bracket

80DH-613000 Bracket

50DH-632000 Bracket

N163-532000-000          Bracket

GR506-530002-000         Bracket

GR511-510100-000         Bracket

GR501-630400-000         Bracket

N163-612100-000          Bracket

GR1001-630001-000        Bracket

GR1001-510001-000        Bracket shaft

GR506-100100-000         Bracket transmission mounting LH

GR506-100200-000         Bracket transmission mounting RH

GR501-101000-000         Bracket(left)

GR1001-110000-000        Bracket(left)

GR501-102000-000         Bracket(right)

GR508-120000-000         Bracket(right)

GR1001-130000-000        Bracket(right)

YQX100-5210    Brake assy.

PR60·          Brake disc

YQX100-5002    Brake gear

80DH-610201 Brake oil pipe (left)

80DH-610101 Brake oil pipe (right)

80DH-610203 Brake oil pipe 1
80DH-610204 Brake oil pipe 2

80DH-610205 Brake oil pipe 3

80DH-610102 Brake oil pipe 4

GR501-513100-000        Brake pedal

GR1001-512100-000       Brake pedal

GR501-511000-000        Brake pedal support

GR506-511000-000        Brake pedal support

GR508-511000-000        Brake pedal support

GR1001-511000-000       Brake pedal support

50W-610200    Brake pipe(left)

50W-610100    Brake pipe(rigt)

5CY23A-00004ABrake plate ass’y

5CY23A-00400 Brake shoe

JK231C Brake switch

OBVJ-L25E-000 Brake valve

051030B       Braket parking drake

PR75·         Bush

LYS-Du7560    Bush

CZG100/75.164×2-01/-3            Bush

N163-437000-000         Bush

SF-1-1020-G00 Bush

50W-410010    Bushing

SF-1 6060     Bushing

50W*411102    Bushing

50W-612003    Bushing
50W-615001    Bushing

50W-621001    Bushing

N163-534100-000          Bushing

N163-612001-000          Bushing

N163-534001-000          Bushing

GB62-88       Butterfly nut

N163-433400-000          Cab mounting insulator

50DH-631000 Cable assy-parking

80DH-631000 Cable assy-parking brake

36450 L9000   Cable assy-parking brake

5CY23A-00309 Cap bleader

Q38727 Capstan nut M27×1.5

GR802-300001-000         Carapace of flywheel

53015 Carrier-pinion gear

PR60·         Carrier-pinion gear

51028 Case diferential

2402D-115     Case differential

YQX100-3004   Case,pump

YQX l 00-0010 Case,tor-con

53017 Caver

50DH-010007 CE nameplate

50DH-010012 Characters nameplate

JD296 Check relay

JD196 Check relay

GR501-530100-000         Choke line assmy
R450-561000-000       Choke line assy.

GR501-110003-000      Clamp

PR60· 3-1     Clamp

Q676-108-G00 Clamp

Q676-95-G00   Clamp

Q676-89-G00   Clamp

Q676-83-G00   Clamp

Q676-102-G00 clamp

Q676-76-G00   Clamp

Q676-114-G00 Clamp

11ZH4-9921-G00        Clamp

Q676-127-G00 Clamp

GR802-330008-G00      Clamp

Q676-16-G00   Clamp

Q676-27-G00   Clamp

Q676-64-G00   Clamp

XS9244-G00    CLAMP

Q672-52-G00   Clamp

Q672-16-G00   Clamp

Q672-55-G00   Clamp

Q672-62-G00   Clamp

Q672-32-G00   Clamp

Q672-60-G00   Clamp

Q672-68-G00   Clamp

Q672-18-G00   Clamp
Q672-14-G00   Clamp

R450-630003-000          Clamp

GR501-630001-000         Clamp

No.0-G00      Clamp

Q672-58-G00   Clamp

Q672-30-G00   Clamp 30

Q672-24-G00   Clamp 30

Q672-45-G00   Clamp 45

Q672-50-G00   Clamp 50

30DHB-510001 Clap

GR502-310003-000         Clip

GR503-324000-000         Clip

GR501-326000-000         Clip

GR502-320004-000         Clip

S16M300-700005-000 Clip

N163-540002-000          Clip

R453-310002-000          Clip

G161-531007-000          Clip

YQX100-2000   Clutch F

YQX100-1200   Clutch plate

YQX100-1000   Clutch R

GR501-010002-000         Colour nameplate

N163-212200-000          Conductive cover assembly

50W-640006    Connect rod

GR511-510300-000         Connect rod assmy
80DH-220000 Connect shaft

GR501-510002-000    Connecting rod

GR501-510100-000    Connecting rod

50W-610004   Connecting rod

50W-617000   Connecting rod

H502-513000-000     Connecting rod

80DH-740005 Connector

50DH-740001 Connector

H502-640001-000     Connector

H502-640100-000     Connector

GR802-330011-000    Connector

GR802-330008-000    Connector

GR802-330009-000    Connector

3E-160002    Connector

GR502-340004-000    Connector

GR502-340003-000    Connector

GR502-340005-000    Connector

N150-340001-000     Connector

80DH-610003 Connector

R450-630100-000     Connector

R450-610101-000     connector

50DH-710200 connector

R450-610200-000     connector

50DH-710101 connector

50W-710400   connector
50DH-710301 Connector

80DH-730005 Connector

80DH-720400 Connector

80DH-720500 Connector

80DH-710101 Connector

R450-650002-000      Connector

GR502-330002-000     Connector pipe

GR802-330002-000     Connector pipe

N163-436002-000      Connector plate

80DH-610002 Connector rod

GR1001-513000-000    Connector rod

GR501-521001-000     Connector rod

R450-616000-000      Connector rod

R450-615000-000      Connector rod

R450-614000-000      Connector rod

R450-613000-000      Connector rod

H48C2-40601   Control Box

H24C2-40601   Control Box

SB902-E       Coolant level sensor

GR506-110000-000     Cooling pipe

GR501-330000-000     Cooling system

GR1001-330000-000    Cooling system

GR1005-330000-000    Cooling system

GR504-330000-000     Cooling system

GR503-330000-000     Cooling system
GR803-330000-000      Cooling system

GR804-330000-000      Cooling system

GR506-330000-000      Cooling system

GR505-330000-000      Cooling system

GR501-021000-000      Counter balance

GR502-021000-000      Counter balance

GR601-021000-000      Counter balance

GR602-021000-000      Counter balance

GR701-021000-000      Counter balance

GR702-021000-000      Counter balance

GR801-021000-000      Counter balance

GR1001-021000-000     Counter balance

PR60·         Cover

YQX100-0027   Cover

GR501-430400-000      Cover

GR1001-430400-000     Cover

GR1001-652000-000     Cover

YQXD100-4104 Cover Ⅰ

GR501-341000-000      Cover of fuel case

GR504-341000-000      Cover of fuel case

GR1001-341000-000     Cover of fuel case

GR502-341000-000      Cover of fuel case

GR1002-341000-000     Cover of fuel case

GR1005-341000-000     Cover of fuel case

GR506-341000-000      Cover of fuel case
50W-410001A Cover plate

80DH-410001A Cover plate

R450-430101-000      Cover plate

GR1001-430003-000    Cover plate

GR501-430002-000     Cover plate

GR1001-430002-000    Cover plate

N163-610005-000      Cover plate

N163-610006-000      Cover plate

N163-610007-000      Cover plate

R450-800001-000      Cover plate

5CY23A-00301 Cover,dust

YQXD100-4108 CoverⅡ

XB2BD53C      Cruise control resume switch

5CY23A-00306 Cup,piston

GR501-330200-000     Cushion

GR503-355000-000     cushion

R450-610001-000      cushion

YQX100-4027   Damped plug

50DH-010005 Dangerous nameplate

R960-020015-000      Dangerous nameplate

N163-020009-000      Dangerous nameplate

6205GB/T276-94       Deep groove ball bearing

6209RSGB/T276-94     Deep groove ball bearing

6208GB/T276-94       Deep groove ball bearing

6208N GB/T276-94     Deep groove ball bearing
6309 GB/T276-94        Deep groove ball bearing

7211CGB/T292-94        Deep groove ball bearing

6210GB/T276-94         Deep groove ball bearing

6309GB/T276-94         Deep groove ball bearing

36010 L9000    Device assy-parking brake control

XB2BD25C       Diagnostic test Switch

CY6102BG-2C-G00        Diesel engine

QSB4.5-C110-G00        Diesel engine

YC6108G(B7650)-G00     Diesel engine

LR4108G10YA-G00        Diesel engine

6BG1QP-G00     Diesel engine

LR6108G62-G00          Diesel engine

TD42-G00       Diesel engine

FE6    Diesel engine

51027 Differential

7516   Differential bearing assembly 80×140×35.25

GR501-651001-000       Dipstick

GR1001-651001-000      Dipstick

YQX100-1009    Dished plate

051015B        Driue gear final-drive

51008 Driuen gear final drive

GR501-120000-000       Drive axle

06E0000-G00    Drive axle

PR60.23A       Drive axle

80DH-210000 Drive axle assembly
37005-4K000-G00        Drive shaft assembly

2402D-025     Driving bevel gear

53003 Drum-brake

    20.4· 1-2 Dust cover
PR90·   1·

PR60· 3-2     Dust cover

CL0107C0      Dust ring

CL0127C0      Dust ring d75

YQX100-0021   End cover

50CDA-410013 End cover

GM4.3-G00     Engine

GR501-340000-000       Engine fuel system

GR1001-340000-000      Engine fuel system

GR502-340000-000       Engine fuel system

GR1002-340000-000      Engine fuel system

GR1005-340000-000      Engine fuel system

GR504-340000-000       Engine fuel system

GR804-340000-000       Engine fuel system

GR506-340000-000       Engine fuel system

GR507-340000-000       Engine fuel system

R453-340000-000        Engine fuel system

GR501-433000-000       Engine hood

GR1001-433000-000      Engine hood

GR501-351000-001       Engine left bracket

GR1001-350100-000      Engine left bracket

GR501-350000-001       Engine mount
GR1001-350000-002   Engine mount

GR502-350000-001    Engine mount

GR1002-350000-002   Engine mount

GR1005-350000-002   Engine mount

GR504-350000-000    Engine mount

GR503-350000-001    Engine mount

GR803-350000-002    Engine mount

GR804-350000-002    Engine mount

GR506-350000-001    Engine mount

GR507-350000-001    Engine mount

GR505-350000-001    Engine mount

GR1002-350300-000   engine mount bracket

GR1002-350400-000   engine mount bracket

GR502-350200-000    engine mount bracket

GR1002-350200-000   engine mount bracket

GR502-350100-000    engine mount bracket

GR1002-350100-000   engine mount bracket

GR805-353000-000    engine mount bracket

GR805-351000-000    engine mount bracket

GR805-352000-000    engine mount bracket

GR805-354000-000    engine mount bracket

GR504-353000-000    engine mount bracket

GR504-351000-000    engine mount bracket

GR504-352000-000    engine mount bracket

GR504-354000-000    engine mount bracket
GR503-351000-000    engine mount bracket

GR503-352000-000    engine mount bracket

GR503-354000-000    engine mount bracket

GR503-353000-000    engine mount bracket

GR803-351000-000    engine mount bracket

GR803-352000-000    engine mount bracket

GR803-354000-000    engine mount bracket

GR803-353000-000    engine mount bracket

GR804-353000-000    engine mount bracket

GR804-351000-000    engine mount bracket

GR804-352000-000    engine mount bracket

GR804-354000-000    engine mount bracket

GR506-350100-000    engine mount bracket

GR506-350300-000    engine mount bracket

GR506-350200-000    engine mount bracket

GR507-350100-000    engine mount bracket

GR507-350200-000    engine mount bracket

GR505-350300-000    engine mount bracket

GR505-350100-000    engine mount bracket

GR505-350200-000    engine mount bracket

GR505-350400-001    engine mount bracket

GR501-352000-001    Engine right bracket

GR501-354000-001    Engine right mount bracke

GR1001-350400-000   Engine right mount bracke

GR501-353000-001    Engineleftmountbracket
GR1001-350300-000   Engineleftmountbracket

GR1001-350200-000   Engineright mount bracke

GR503-320100-000    Exhaust pipe

GR501-322000-001    Exhaust pipe

GR501-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR503-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR508-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR803-323000-000    Exhaust pipe

80DH-321000 Exhaust pipe

GR803-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR1003-320100-000   Exhaust pipe

100DH-321000 Exhaust pipe

GR1003-321000-000   Exhaust pipe

GR502-322000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR502-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR1002-323000-000   Exhaust pipe

GR1002-321000-000   Exhaust pipe

GR805-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR1005-321000-000   Exhaust pipe

GR504-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR804-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR1004-321000-000   Exhaust pipe

GR506-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR507-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

GR505-321000-000    Exhaust pipe
GR501-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR1001-320000-000    Exhaust system

GR801-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR502-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR802-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR1002-320000-000    Exhaust system

GR805-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR1005-320000-000    Exhaust system

GR504-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR503-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR508-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR803-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR1003-320000-000    Exhaust system

GR804-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR1004-320000-000    Exhaust system

GR506-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR507-320000-000     Exhaust system

GR505-320000-000     Exhaust system

N163-330100-G00      Expansion water box

YQX100-3005   External gear

GR802-330100-G00     Fan

R453-333000-000      Fan

N163-020019-000      Fan nameplate

80DH-331000 Fan shroud assembly

GR1005-331000-000    Fan shroud assembly
GR505-331000-000          Fan shroud assembly

GR501-331000-000          Fan shroud assembly

GR504-331000-000          Fan shroud assembly

GR507-331000-000          Fan shroud assembly

GR503-331000-000          Fan shroud assembly

80DHW14-331000            Fan shroud assembly

100DHA-331000             Fan shroud assembly

GR506-331000-000          Fan shroud assembly

N163-610100-W000          Fastener

YQX100-0016      Filter cover

051000A          Final drive assembly

PR60· 2          Final drive assembly

3-11-12-05       Final drive benel gear

51003 Finger-lock

50DC-650003      Fixing pin

GR501-530001-000          Fixing plate

GR501-103000-000          Flange

YQX100-5201      Flange

FL-12-G00        Flange

GR501-601100-000          Flange

50DH-751200 Flange

SG252 Flasher

SG-152 Flasher

GR501-431000-000          Floor board,front

GR502-431000-000          Floor board,front
GR1001-431000-000      Floor board,front

GR1002-431000-000      Floor board,front

GR501-432000-000       Floor board,rear

GR1001-432000-000      Floor board,rear

50DH-610008 Fork nipple

    23· 1
PR60· 3·      Friction padding block assy.

27311K Front bearing assembly 55×120×32

YG-2(Z1/4) Fuel pressure warning switch

YG-2(NPT1/4)           Fuel pressure warning switch

YG-2(M14X1.5)          Fuel pressure warning switch

5824100122    Fuel pressure warning switch

25240-89902   Fuel pressure warning switch

BX2080 Fuse

GR502-701000-000       Fuse

50DH-010006 Fuse nameplate

50DH-010011 Fuse nameplate

N163-020004-000        Fuse nameplate

R960-020004-000        Fuse nameplate

YQX100-0028   Gasket

YQX100-0018   Gasket

50CDA-410015 Gasket

50W-410012    Gasket

80DH-410006 Gasket

YQX100-2001   GEAR F2

CBHZA-F30-AFφL         Gear pump
GR501-601300-G00        Gear pump

SGP1-30A1H1-L-G00       Gear pump

SGP1-36A1H1-R-G00       Gear pump

CBHZA-F32-AFφL          Gear pump

YQX100-1003   GEAR R2

53013 Gear ring

YQX100-1015   Gear,F1

YQX100-1016   Gear,reverse

YQXD100H1-G00           Gear-box

YQX100H1-G00 Gear-box

YQXD100HA-G00           Gear-box

Y63180Z-00-G00          Gear-box

53021 Gear-pinion

PR60·         Gear-pinion

2402D-345     Gear-pinion

GB1153-79     Grease cup

50W*411201    Guide bush

80DH*411002 Guide bush

50CDA-213000 Hand brake assembly

N163-215000-000         Handle

GR501-512100-000        Handle

50W-615100    Handle

H502-511000-000         Handle

80DH-612100 Handle

R450-640100-000         Hard pipe assembly
JK-107 head light switch

YQX100-0014    High-speed gear

N163-435000-000        Hinge

R450-430007-W00        Hood insulation blankrt

GR501-430008-W00       Hood insulation blankrt

DL224ED        Horn

DL124ED        Horn

GR502-340008-W00       HOSE

R450-630002-W00        Hose

GR1001-630001-W00      Hose

GR501-650001-000       Hose

GR501-600001-000       Hose

GR501-600004-000       Hose

GR1001-600001-000      Hose

YQX100-0036    Housing

053011B        Hub

PR60·          Hub

50CDA-410011 Hub

80DH-410003 Hub

053000G        Hub drive axle assembly

R960-020011-000        Hydraulic nameplate

YQX100-0006    Idler

YQX100-0008    Idler bracket

YQX100-4014    Inching plunger

YQX100-4003    Inching valve rod
PR60·          Inner gear

GB70-85        Inner hexagon screw M10×18

2402D-060      Inner oil seal

GR501-421000-000       Instrument panel

GR502-421000-000       Instrument panel

GR506-421000-000       Instrument panel

GR1001-421000-000      Instrument panel

GR1002-421000-000      Instrument panel

E0601-1002180-B-G00 Insulator

N163-431002-000        Insulator

N163-431001-000        Insulator

N163-432005-000        Insulator

N163-432004-000        Insulator

N163-436003-000        Insulator

N163-620002-000        Insulator

GR1001-620002-000      Insulator

R450-620002-000        Insulator

50DCW18-310002         Intake pipe

YQX100-3003    Internal gear

YQX100-0003    Key

N163-610003-000        knob,attachement

50W-413000     Left steering knuckle

GR501-430001-000       Left bracket

50CDA-215000 Left brake

51010 Left case differential
R450-211100-000       Left clamp assembly

GR1001-430600-000     Left connect cover

GR501-330004-000      Left connector bracket

GR1001-330001-000     left connector bracket

GR506-330003-000      left connector bracket

GR505-330003-000      left connector bracket

50DH-610009 Left fork nipple

GR501-810000-000      Left pillar assembly

GR801-430200-000      Left roof support

GR1001-430200-000     Left roof support

3-11-12-07    Left sode differential

80DH-413000 Left steering knuckle


5CY23A-00011 Lever

5CY23A-00007 Lever

50DC-650004   Lever

GR501-521100-000      Lever assy-pedal

50DH-010004 Lift nameplate

50DH-010010 Lift nameplate

N163-610001-000       Lifting knob

50MYD-000004 Load nameplate

50MYD-000006 Load nameplate

70DH-010004 Load nameplate

80DH-020004 Load nameplate

100DH-020004 Load nameplate
50MYD-000008          Load nameplate

50MYD-000010          Load nameplate

70DH-010005 Load nameplate

80DH-020005 Load nameplate

50MYD-000005 Load nameplate

50MYD-000007 Load nameplate

70DH-010006 Load nameplate

80DH-020006 Load nameplate

100DH-020006 Load nameplate

50MYD-000009 Load nameplate

50MYD-000011 Load nameplate

70DH-010007 Load nameplate

80DH-020007 Load nameplate

100DH-020007 Load nameplate

R960-431100-000       Lock catch

R960-431200-000       Lock hookr

50CDA-630016 Lock nut

2402D-128      Lock piece

2402C-384      Lock piece

2402D-367      Lock piece

2402D-368      Lock piece

2402D-357      Lock piece

2402D-121      Lock piece

51002 Lock plate

51012 Lock plate
R960-431400-000      Lock wrie assembly

100DH*730004 Lower pressure pipe

GR501-640001-W00     Lower pressure pipe

GR1001-640003-W00    Lower pressure pipe

GR1001-640001-W000 Lower pressure pipe

YQX100-0020   Low-speed gear

R960-020020-000      Lubrication nameplate

R960-020021-000      Lubrication nameplate

1W613M-G00 Maintenance and air filter indicator

1819001372    Motor stopper ASM

GR502-300003-000     Mount plate

N163-431003-000      Mounting insulator

GR501-324000-001     Muffler assembly

GR503-323000-000     Muffler assembly

GR801-322000-000     Muffler assembly

GR803-322000-000     Muffler assembly

GR1001-322000-000    Muffler assembly

GR1003-322000-000    Muffler assembly

GR502-323000-000     Muffler assembly

GR1002-322000-000    Muffler assembly

GR501-610002-000     Multi-way valve

R450-612200-000      Multi-way valve hand

R450-612300-000      Multi-way valve hand

R450-612400-000      Multi-way valve hand

R450-612500-000      Multi-way valve hand
GB309-84       Needle roller

K455325 GB5846-86      Needle roller bearing

JK208A Neutral start switch

53007 Nut

53009 Nut

53010 Nut

53014 Nut

51001 Nut

GB9458-86      Nut

50CDA-410012 Nut

GB6171-86      Nut

GB6177-86      Nut

PR75·          Nut

GB1337-88      Nut

Q34114 Nut M14×1.5

GB6173-86      Nut M16×1.5

Q34112 Nut M12X1.25

GB6170-86      Nut M14

GB6171-86      Nut M14×1.5

GB6176-86      Nut M22×1.5

GB6178-86      Nut M24

GB810-88       Nut M24×1.5

2402D-129      Nut M30×1.5

GB67-85        Nut M5×8

25DE-64-7      Nut M8-left
50CDA-410010 Nut,tyre

GR501-820000-000          Oberhead guard

GR1001-820000-000         Oberhead guard

PR60· 3-4      Oil cylinder cover

PR60· 3-3      Oil cylinder cover

GR501-110001-W00          Oil delivery hose

GR1001-120001-W00         Oil delivery hose

GR501-110002-W00          Oil delivery hose

GR1001-120002-W00         Oil delivery hose

GR508-110001-W00          Oil delivery hose

GR508-110002-W00          Oil delivery hose

YQX100-0039    Oil fill pipe

YQX100-0400    Oil fill pipe

WU-160×180-J-G00          Oil filter

GB1152-89      Oil grease M6

80DH-720300 Oil pipe

80DH-720200 Oil pipe

DR-2HZ Oil quality gauge

R450-700100-000           Oil quality sensor

GR1001-700100-000         Oil quality sensor

100DH-737000 Oil radiator

YQX100-0100    Oil seal

YQX100-5100    Oil seal

YQX100-0300    Oil seal

2402D-056      Oil seal seat
HG4-692-67     Oil seal SG120×150×14

WG-2K(NPT3/8)Oil warning switch

WG-2K(M16×1.5) Oil warning switch

WG-2K(M12×1.5) Oil warning switch

GR501-342000-000        Oil-water separator

30HB-341000    Oil-water separator

FS9920-G00     Oil-water separator

16400-L9060-G00         Oil-water separator

16400-4K000-G00         Oil-water separator

BZZ1-E200BA-G00         Orbitrol

BZZ1-E280BA-G00         Orbitrol

53016 O-ring

YQX100-0011    O-ring

YQX100-0002    O-ring

YQX100-3002    O-ring

GB3452.1-82    O-ring 180×2.65

GQQ1512-12     O-ring 306×3.5

YQX100-0017    O-ring 35×3.1

GBl235-76      O-ring 75×5.7

AS568-214-G00 O-ring AS568-214

JISB2401-P29-G00        O-ring P29

GB1235-76      O-ring105×3.1

2402D-063      Outer oil seal

EQ140-24D-01061         Pad

2402D-053      Pad
N163-700007-000       Pad

5CY23A-00307 Pad

YQXD100-4105 Pad Ⅱ

YQXD100-4109 Pad Ⅱ

YQXD100-4110 Pad Ⅲ

YQXD100-4112 Pad Ⅳ

ZL15· 4-6A    Parallel pin

YQX100-0031   Parallel pin

50W-622000    Pedal assembly

50W-612001    Pedal gasket

GR501-431005-000      Pedal pad

GR1001-431005-000     Pedal pad

50W-620001    Pedal shim

Q5005045      Pin

ZL15· 4-2     Pin

50W-410006A Pin

80DH-410002A Pin

50W-610006    Pin

GR501-520001-000      Pin

5CY23A-00015 Pin

5CY23A-00012 Pin

5CY23A-00016 Pin

5CY23A-00010 Pin

5CY23A-0009A Pin

5CY23A-00002 Pin , shoe hold
GB119-86      Pin 12×32

GB91-86       Pin 5×45

GB879-86      Pin 6×28

50W-410003    Pin shaft

80DH-410005 Pin shaft

GB882-86      Pin shaft

50CDA-630007 Pin shaft

N163-612700-000       Pin shaft

N163-612800-000       Pin shaft

GB119-76      Pin5×10

50CDA-210001 Pipe

YQX100-0500   Pipe

R453-310003-W00       pipe

R453-310004-W00       pipe

R453-320002-000       Pipe

GR501-603000-000      Pipe assembly

GR501-602000-000      Pipe assembly

80DH-750200 Pipe assembly

GR1001-601000-000     Pipe assembly

GR506-602000-000      Pipe assembly

GR506-604000-001      Pipe assembly

GR1001-620300-001     Pipe assembly

GR1001-620200-001     Pipe assembly

GR1001-620100-001     Pipe assembly

GR501-620100-001      Pipe assembly
GR501-640100-000       Pipe assembly

GR1001-641000-000      Pipe assembly

JB998-77      Pipe connector

N163-611800-000        Pipe connector

N163-216000-000        Pipe connector

30DH-514001 Pipe connector

5CY23A-00303 Piston

PR60· 3-5     Piston

YQX100-0026   Piston

YQX100-4023   Piston

YQX100-1300   Piston

50W-411003    Piston

80DH*411004 Piston

YQXD100-4102 Piston Ⅰ

YQXD100-4106 Piston Ⅱ

50W*411101    Piston rod

80DH*411001 Piston rod

3-11-12-04    Planetary pinion differential

PR60·         Planetary shaft

GR501-461000-000       Plank

GR502-461000-000       Plank

GR1001-461000-000      Plank

50W-310002    Plante

53004 Plate

YQX100-0042   Plate
GR505-300005-000      Plate

GR501-323000-000      Plate

80DH-323000 Plate

GR502-320003-000      Plate

GR1002-320001-000     Plate

80DH-611002 Plate

80DH-611004 Plate

50W-630001    Plate

50DH-620001 Plate

50DC-620002   Plate

100DHB-620100         Plate

YQX100-0009   Plate,support

N163-010002-000       Plug

H502-100001-000       Plug

Q61410 Plug

YQX100-0025   Plug

YQXD100-4114 Plug

YQXD100-4115 Plug

YQX100-4021   Plug

YQX100-0024   Plug

YQX100-1010   Plug

N163-340008-000       Plug

Q/8B220-77    Plug M14×1.5

Q/11AJ03066-1998      Plug M16×1.5

ZL30·         Plug M24×1.5
Q61401 Plug Z1/8”-27

YQX100-4006    Plunger

80DH*411003 Position bushing

JK406C Pre-heat & start switch

AH9160 Preheater

1825130430     Preheater

FT226 Pressure adjuster

GR501-010001-000         Product nameplate

GR601-010001-000         Product nameplate

GR701-010001-000         Product nameplate

80DH-020001 Product nameplate

100DH-020001 Product nameplate

GR501-010004-000         Product nameplate

GR601-010004-000         Product nameplate

GR701-010004-000         Product nameplate

80DH-020002 Product nameplate

100DH-020002 Product nameplate

GR501-010003-000         Product nameplate

GR601-010003-000         Product nameplate

GR701-010003-000         Product nameplate

80DH-020003- Product nameplate

100DH-020003 Product nameplate

50W-411001     Protect ring

CZG100/75.164-02         Protect ring

CZG100/75.164-03         Protect ring
50W-507001    Pull rod

N163-535000-000          Pull rod

80DH-416000-G00          Pull-road assembly

48520L9000    Pull-road assembly

YQX100-3000   Pump

5CY23A-00302 Pump body

YQX100-3001   Pump cover

YQX100-0005   Pump drive gear

42307EK       Rear bearing assembly 35×80×21

9630311H00-G00           Rear mirror assembly

80DH-415001 Rear wheel rim

50CDA-630015 Regulating joint

YQX100-1005   Retaining plate

YQX100-1011   Returning spring

DJB-24B       Reverse warner

DJB-12B       Reverse warner

50W-414000    Right steering knuckle

GR501-430100-000         Right Bracket assembly

50CDA-214000 Right brake

N163-213300-000          Right clamp assembly

GR1001-430500-000        Right connect cover

GR501-330003-000         Right connector bracket

GR1001-330002-000        Right connector bracket

GR506-330004-000         Right connector bracket

GR505-330004-000         Right connector bracket
WD100×90       Right head lamp

GR501-830000-000         Right pillar assembly

GR801-430300-000         Right roof support

GR1001-430300-000        Right roof support

QXD160×48      Right side lamp

80DH-414000 Right steering knuckle

GR502-330006-000         Right support

GR802-330006-000         Right support

PR35· 2-5      Rim nut

PR35· 2-6      Rim nut M30×1.5

053006B        Ring

PT0300900-T46NA          Ring

N163-340002-000          Ring magnetic iron

YQX100-0012    Ring,seal

YQX100-1017    Ring,Seal

YQX100-1007    Ring,Seal A

YQX100-1008    Ring,Seal B

80\86.6GB305-89          Ring,stopper

R453-320001-000          Ringlike dampener

3-11-12-01     Ringt side differential

51007 Rinhtcasedifferential

3-11-12-06     Rivet

50DH-633000 Rocker arm

GR501-521300 Rocker arm

N163-436001-000          Rod
50DH-630001 Rod

GR511-510200-000    Rod

5CY23A-00308 Rod,piston

GR501-340002-W00    Rubber hose

GR1001-340002-W00   Rubber hose

GR504-340001-W00    Rubber hose

GR501-340003-W00    Rubber hose

GR504-340002-W00    Rubber hose

GR501-340004-W00    Rubber hose

GR504-340003-W00    Rubber hose

GR502-340007-W00    Rubber hose

GR502-340009-W00    Rubber hose

GR1005-340002-W00   Rubber hose

GR804-340002-W00    Rubber hose

GR1005-340001-W00   Rubber hose

GR804-340001-W00    Rubber hose

GR1005-342000-W00   Rubber hose

GR804-340003-W00    Rubber hose

GR506-340001-W00    Rubber hose

GR506-340002-W00    Rubber hose

GR506-340003-W00    Rubber hose

GR507-340001-W00    Rubber hose

GR507-340002-W00    Rubber hose

GR507-340003-W00    Rubber hose

GR501-630100-000    Rubber hose assembly
R450-631000-000      Rubber hose assembly

GR501-630200-000     Rubber hose assembly

GR801-630100-000     Rubber hose assembly

GR501-630300-000     Rubber hose assembly

GR1001-633000-000    Rubber hose assembly

GR1001-630100-000    Rubber hose assembly

GR1001-630200-000    Rubber hose assembly

R450-632000-000      Rubber hose assembly

GR1001-620001-000    Rubber insulator

GR501-330005-W00     Rubber pipe

GR1001-330005-W00    Rubber pipe

GR1005-330002-W00    Rubber pipe

GR502-33008-W00      Rubber pipe

GR802-3300012-W00    Rubber pipe

GR502-33007-W00      Rubber pipe

GR802-330013-W00     Rubber pipe

GR802-330010-000     Rubber pipe

GR503-330003-W00     Rubber pipe

N163-8000002-000     Rubber pipe

GR501-330001-000     Rubber pipe for inlet

80DH-330001 Rubber pipe for inlet

100DHB-330001        Rubber pipe for inlet

GR502-330003-000     Rubber pipe for inlet

GR802-330003-000     Rubber pipe for inlet

GR504-330001-000     Rubber pipe for inlet
GR507-330001-000      Rubber pipe for inlet

GR503-330002-001      Rubber pipe for inlet

50DHW14-330001        Rubber pipe for inlet

100DHA-330001         Rubber pipe for inlet

GR506-330001-000      Rubber pipe for inlet

GR505-330001-000      Rubber pipe for inlet

GR1005-330001-000     Rubber pipe for outle

GR501-330002-000      Rubber pipe for outlet

80DH-330002 Rubber pipe for outlet

GR502-330004-000      Rubber pipe for outlet

GR802-330004-000      Rubber pipe for outlet

GR507-330002-000      Rubber pipe for outlet

GR503-330001-000      Rubber pipe for outlet

80DHW14-330001        Rubber pipe for outlet

100DHA-330003         Rubber pipe for outlet

GR506-330002-000      Rubber pipe for outlet

5CY23A-00005 Rubber plug

50W-500002    Rubber plug

A-0510008-G00 RUBBER RING

50W-320002    Rubber shim

GR504-330004-000      Rubberpipe for outlet

50W-410009    Screw

N163-420100-000       Screw

GB825-88      Screw M10

GB818-85      Screw M4×6
GB818-85(A)   Screw M5×12

5CY23A-00310 Screw,bleader

GR501-650003-000      Seal pad

FU0746K0      Seal ring

R450-430004-000       Seal strip

R450-430009-000       Seal strip

N163-432007-000       Seal strip

YQX100-0015   Seal washer

YQX100-0004   Seal washer

YQX100-0001   Seal washer

YQX100-0033   Seal washer

GY-TCM-G00            Seat

YQX100-0034   Seat

N163-436100-000       Seat

YQX100-1012   Seat,spring

5CY23A-00312 Seat,tube

PR60·         semi axis

YQX100-1006   Separator

53022 Shaft

50W-614000    Shaft

80DH-615000 Shaft

GR501-104000-000      Shaft assembly

50W-621303    Shaft sleeve

YQX100-0023   Shaft,output

51025 Shaft-pinion mate
2402D-331      Shaft-pinion mate

2402D-317      Shell(left)

2402D-318      Shell(right)

GR506-530001-000        Shift cable

GR511-510001-000        Shift cable

N163-533000-000         Shift handle

51004 Shim

51026 Shim

51018 Shim

50W-320003     Shim

100DHB-320001           Shim

50CDA-320001 Shim

SP9078-G00     Shim

YQXD100-4111 Shim plate

YQXD100-4113 Shim plate

3-11-12-02     Side gear

51005 Side gear

2402D-335      Side gear

53020 Sleeve

N163-210005-000         Sleeve

N163-210001-000         Sleeve

N163-210002-000         Sleeve

N163-210007-000         Sleeve

N163-431004-000         Sleeve

50W-610007(取消)          Sleeve
50W-610007     Sleeve

50DH-613100 Slight travel pedal

50W-613100     Slight travel pedal

H502-514100-000         Slight travel pedal

80DH-616100 Slight travel pedal

50W-410004     Snap plate

50CDA-212001 Snap ring

GB896-86       Snap ring

YQX100-1004    Snap ring

GB895.2-86     Snap ring 12

GB894-76       Snap ring 25

GB893.1-86     Snap ring 30

GB894.1-86     Snap ring 52

B894.1-86      Snap ring,external55

50CDA-410014 Snap washer

53023 Spacer

53018 Spacer

051031B        Spacer

ZL30·          Spacer

2402D-049      Spacer

YQX100-5004    Spacer

YQX100-5007    Spacer

YQX100-4005    Spacer

YQX100-1014    Spacer

YQX100-1002    Spacer
3-11-12-09    Spider differential

YQX100-4004   Spool

YQX100-0029   Spring

YQXD100-4107 Spring

YQX100-4015   Spring

YQX100-4016   Spring

YQX100-4022   Spring

YQX100-4026   Spring

YQX100-4024   Spring

3-53-00-08    Spring

50W-610003    Spring

50W-610005    Spring

50CDA-630017 Spring

3-53-00-14    Spring

5CY23A-00304 Spring



5CY23A-00200 Spring

5CY23A-00018B Spring

YQX100-0030   Spring

YQXD100-4103 Spring

5CY23A-00305 Spring cup

50CDA-650004 Spring hanger

GB93-87.8     Spring lock washer

GB 93-87      Spring lock washer 10
GB859-87         Spring washer10

HXQJ-000         Standly brake valve

JN3A   Start relay

JD295 Start relay

1393315-8        Start relay

JD195 Start relay

QD251 Starter

QD263C           Starter

A7000-3708010A             Starter

QD265G           Starter

ST9318 Starter

11811001411 Starter

23300-06J01      Starter

GB308-84         Steelballφ11/16”

GB308-84         Steelballφ3/8”

50W-412000       Steering axle

80DH-412000 Steering axle

50W-411000       Steering cylinder

80DH-411000 Steering cylinder

N163-212100-000            Steering pipe

N163-212000-001            Steering pipe device

N163-212001-001            Steering shaft

N163-211000-000            Steering wheel assembly

80DH-610202 Stone connector

2402D-383        Stopper
897114-0000   Stopper

25550-00Z00   Stopper

YQX100-0200   Strainer

53008 Stud

2402D-127     Stud

R453-330004-000          Stup

GR501-600003-000         Suction pipe

GR501-600002-000         Suction pipe

GR1001-600003-000        Suction pipe

GR1001-600002-000        Suction pipe

GR506-600001-000         Suction pipe

GR506-600002-000         Suction pipe

PR60·         Sun gear

GR501-325000-000         Support

50W-324000    Support

R9615-320003-000         Support

GR502-325000-000         Support

GR1002-320002-000        Support

GR1002-324000-000        Support

GR506-342000-000         Support

50CDA-631000 Support

50W-620002    Support

2402D-126     Support bush

GR501-510001-000         Support shaft

H502-510001-000          Support shaft
2402D-346     Supporting washer

2402D-336     Supporting washer

25PH-010003CESustained center nameplate

XH8-1 Tail lamp

N163-603301-000       Tank cover

50W-621002    Tension spring

GR501-610001-000      thimble

80DH-620100 Throttle line

100DHA-620100         Throttle line

50DHW14-620100        Throttle line

H1005-620100-000      Throttle line

50W-620100    Throttle line

GR501-521200-000      Throttle support

50DH-620200 Throttle support

50W-610002    Thrust bolt

50W-612002    Thrust collars

889109 GB4605-84      Thrust needle roller bearing

YQX100-1013   Thrust ring A

YQX100-1001   Thrust ring B

AS456501 GB4605-84 Thrust washer

2402D-052     Thrust washer 49

3-11-12-08    Thrust washer differential planetary pinion

3-11-12-10    Thrust washer differential side gear

N163-610002-000       Tilting konb

GR1001-621000-000     Tilting pipe 1
GR501-621000-000      Tilting pipe 1

GR1001-622000-000     Tilting pipe 2

GR501-622000-000      Tilting pipe 2

YD201 Time relay

11067-T6201   Time relay

11069-4K000   Time relay

D-704-1E      Timer

GR501-010005-000      Ton nameplate

GR601-010005-000      Ton nameplate

GR701-010005-000      Ton nameplate

GR801-010005-000      Ton nameplate

GR1001-010005-000     Ton nameplate

GR501-110000-000      Torque converter oil cooling pipe assembly

GR508-110000-000      Torque converter oil cooling pipe assembly

GR1001-120000-000     Torque converter oil cooling pipe assembly

YQX l 00-6000 (YJH315)        Torque-converter

GR501-020100-000      Towing pin

31020-4K100-G00       Transmission

31020-4K000-G00       Transmission

GR501-410000-001      Truck frame

GR502-410000-001      Truck frame

GR505-410000-001      Truck frame

GR506-410000-001      Truck frame

GR507-410000-001      Truck frame

GR508-410000-001      Truck frame
GR801-410000-000        Truck frame

GR802-410000-000        Truck frame

GR804-410000-000        Truck frame

GR1001-410000-000       Truck frame

GR1002-410000-000       Truck frame

GR1004-410000-000       Truck frame

YQX100-0013    Turbine shaft

GR501-703000-000        Turn signal lamp switch

R960-705000-000         Turn signal lamp switch

R963-705000-000         Turn signal lamp switch

GB2982-91      Tyre 8.25-15-14PR

GB2981-91      Tyre 9.00-20

BJ130-2401070 Vent plug

N163-020016-000         Warn nameplate

R960-020009-000         Warn nameplate

80DH-020008 Warn nameplate

CB2204-3-G00 Washer

50CDA-200007 Washer

53019 Washer

2402D-071      Washer

JB982-77       Washer

N163-213001-000         Washer

N163-210004-000         Washer

GB96-85        Washer

50W-320001     Washer
GB97.1-85     Washer

R453-330003-000        Washer

GB93-87       Washer

50CDA-630018 Washer

N163-8000064-000       Washer

YQX100-5008   Washer

GB97.2-85     Washer 10

GB93-86       Washer 10

Q40312 Washer 12

GB93-87       Washer 14

N163-800004-000        Washer 16

50W-640004    Washer 19

JB982-77      Washer 20

50CDA-000004 Washer 30

GB7244-87     Washer 30

80DH-000001 Washer 36

GB92-85       Washer 6

JB1002-77     Washer14

GB93-76       Washer14

53005 Washer-ring gear

5CY23A-00003 Washing cup

DW-2HZA       Water temperature gauge

WG-2(Z3/4) Water temperature sensor

WG-2(NPT3/8) Water temperature sensor

WG-2(M20×1.5)          Water temperature sensor
WG-2(NPT1/2) Water temperature sensor

WG-2(M16×1.5)           Water temperature sensor

WG-2(M12×1.25)          Water temperature sensor

WG-2(NPT 1/2) Water temperature sensor

50DH-010013 Waterproof nameplate

50DH-010014 Waterproof nameplate

23914-40302G Wheel hub

50CDA-212100 Wheel hub

PKD-180-G00    Wire

PKD-150-G00    Wire

CL0077C2-G00 Dust ring d40

GB1235-76      O-ring

40DH-600200 Connector

R960-020012-000         CE nameplate

CKG-025-G00    CKG-seal ring d25

CKS-0250-G00 CKS-seal ring d25

CK-025-G00     CK-dustproof ring d25

FD2831A0-G00 DKI-dustproof ring d50

FU1157K0       ISI-seal ring d110

FU0619K0-G00 ISI-seal ring d50

FU0619K0-G00 ISI-seal ring d50

CL0448C0       Dust ring d110

CL0087C3-G00 Dust proof ring

FU1078L0-G00 OSI-seal ring D100

FU0807L0-G00 OSI-seal ring D65
FU0846L0-G00 OSI-seal ring D70

YDS45.067     O-ring

YDS45.079     O-ring

GB3452.1-92   O-ring

H400-121508-G00        O-ring

JISB2401-P18-G00       O-ring

JISB2401-P24-G00       O-ring

JISB2401-P29-G00       O-ring

RU3100400-Z20-G00      U-seal ring d40

1700J-115     Gear seat

1700J-117     Sliding dag clutch

R45M300-704000-000 Connector

N30M300-700005-000 Tee connector

25783-71470G Lever

R450-220004-000        Tie-rod bar

G160-510003-000        Yoke

R45V450-300002-000 Under slide block

R450-220005-000        Tie-rod bar

G160-510001-000        Yoke

R960-020013-000        No swash nameplate

R960-020014-000        No swashing nameplate

R45N450-102000-000 Middle mast

RX50N450-102000-000 Middle mast

H400-121301-000        Middle shaft

H400-121308-000        Gear
H400-121306-000      Gear

H400-121305-000      Gear

H400-121304-000      Gear

H400-121006-000      Bearing cover

H400-121010-W00      Bearing cover

H400-121302-000      Gear

EQ1092F-G00 Reduction transmission

YDS45.023    Drive bevel gear

YDS45.810    Gear, drive

R450-210004-000      Gasket

R420-020002-000      Product nameplate

R420-020003-000      Product nameplate

R420-020004-000      Product nameplate

R450-020002-000      Product nameplate

R450-020003-000      Product nameplate

R450-020004-000      Product nameplate

R480-020002-000      Product nameplate

R480-020003-000      Product nameplate

R480-020004-000      Product nameplate

R450-421000-000      Instrument frame



R450-361000-000      Shaft

R452-361000-000      Shaft

H510-101000-000      Driving shaft
H400-121507-000        Flange

3-60-00-27A    Connector

R453-310004-W00        pipe

R450-630002-W00        Hose

R450-640001-W00        Hose

R450-100001-W00        Rubber pipe

R450-100002-W00        Rubber pipe

R450-100003-W00        Rubber pipe

30806 Side roller

C2-5   Side roller

40M3.3-101000 Side rollers(Ⅰ)

R45B300-300000-000     Side carriage assy’

R45B300-300000-001     Side carriage assy’

R45C275-300000-000     Side carriage assy’

R45V450-300000-000 Side carriage assy’

RX50B300-300000-000 Side carriage assy’

RX50B300-300000-001 Side carriage assy’

RX50C275-300000-000 Side carriage assy’

RX50V450-300000-000 Side carriage assy’

R45V450-303000-000 Side cylinder

R45V450-302000-000 Side shifting carriage

H400-121007-000        Cover

H400-121008-000        Paper gasket

3E-215005      Protect ring

R45M300-500005-W00 Ring
RX50M300-500005-W00              Ring

R45M300-600003-000 Ring

N163-020004-000         Fuse nameplate

R960-020004-000         Fuse nameplate

BX2080 Fuse

H400-122004-W00         1th reverse speed fork

H400-122007-W00         1th reverse speed fork shaft

H400-121114-000         Gear, forward

H400-121113-000         Gear, forward

H400-121402-000         Gear

H400-121401-000         Gear shaft

DJB-12B         Reverse warner

DJB-24B         Reverse warner

JK611B Switch

JK208A Reverse switch

N163-610002-000         Tilting konb

R45M300-600000-000 Tilt cylinder

R45M430-600000-000 Tilt cylinder

R45N550-600000-000 Tilt cylinder

R450-621000-000         Steal pipe

R450-622000-000         Steal pipe

N171-370000-000         Storage system

YDS45.018       Bolt

3-22-00-02      Nut

R441-531001-W00         Plug
YDS45.041     Inner clutch plate

3-11-50-02    Inside wheel rim

4N4.5F-103000 Inside mast

R45U275-200000-000 Inside mast

R45U275-201000-000 Inside mast

RX50N450-103000-000 Inside mast

R45M300-201000-001 Inside mast

RX50M300-201000-001 Inside mast

R45M300-200000-000 Inside mast

R45M300-200000-001 Inside mast

RX50M300-200000-000 Inside mast

RX50M300-200000-001 Inside mast

R453-330000-000       Cooling system

R441-330000-000       Cooling system

R450-330000-000       Cooling system

R454-330000-000       Cooling system

R452-330000-000       Cooling system

R453-320001-000       Dampener

CB2204-4-G00 Anti-vibration pad

N163-436100-000       Seat

R450-601200-000       Flange

25783-71280G Spring D

24433-76090G Screw,bleeder

24433-76100G Cap,screw

25783-71260G Piston
25783-71300G Rod,piston

25783-76040G Cup,piston

N150-120002-000       Ball-ended supporting stud,

R441-130002-000       Release fork

9688211       Release bearing clutch

R441-131001-000       Clutch release coller

25783-72101G Cover,dust

24433-76070G Seat,tube

AOIC3-72091   Body

R450-114000-000       Brake assey(R.H.)

R450-113000-000       Brake assey(L.H.)

HRAOIC3-704   Brake plate ass’y

JK231C Brake switch

R441-512000-000       Brake pedal

R450-515000-000       Brake pedal

HRAOIC3-705   Brake shoe

R450-511000-000       Connecting set

R450-110004-000       Brake drum

H400-122003-000       1th forward & 2 th reverse fork

H400-122006-W00       1th forward & 2 th reverse shaft

H400-121140-W00       Synchronizer

R441-431100-000       Floor board, front

R450-431100-000       Floor board, front

R450-430100-000       Cover plate, front

CSOR-00-01    Wheel
H400-121112-000       Gear, F1

H400-122002-000       2th & 3th forward speed fork

H400-122005-W00       2th & 3th reverse speed fork

H400-121130-W00       Synchronizer

H400-121109-000       Gear

YDS45.044     Gear,F2

H400-121107-000       Gear, F3

YDS45.037     Gear,F1

RX50N450-002000-000 Chain

4N4.5H-002000 Chain

R450-430007-W00       Hood insulator blanket

YDS30.909     Cup

YDS45.013     Cross shaft

H400-121309-000       Key

R450-110005-000       Half-axle

YDS45.012     Side gear

YDS45.902     Hydraulic clutch(S)

YDS45.806     C1utch carrier

YQX100.070    Snap ring

N163-020002-000       Dangerous nameplate

N163-020009-000       Dangerous nameplate

R960-020015-000       Dangerous nameplate

R450-441000-000       Pressboard

R450-420002-000       Pressure plate

R441-130004-000       Plate
AOIC3-72001   Washing cup

AOIC3-72011   Pin,shoe hold

N163-110019-000          Clamp split-ring

N150-511002-000          Spring

N150-510001-000          Yoke

R45B300-301000-000       Fork carriage

R45B300-301000-001       Fork carriage

R45C275-301000-000       Fork carriage

R45V450-301000-000 Fork carriage

RX50B300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RX50B300-301000-001 Fork carriage

RX50C275-301000-000 Fork carriage

RX50V450-301000-000 Fork carriage

YDS45.029     Oil seal

YDS45.901     Hydraulic clutch(D)

YDS45.805     Clutch carrier

YDS45.005     Bolt

Q672-50-G00   Clamp

Q672-12-G00   Clamp

Q672-14-G00   Clamp

Q672-18-G00   Clamp

Q672-19-G00   Clamp

Q672-24-G00   Clamp

Q672-28-G00   Clamp

Q672-54-G00   Clamp
Q672-52-G00   Clamp

Q672-58-G00   Clamp

Q672-11-G00   Hoop

Q672-32-G00   Clamp

R441-350200-000       Engine left bracket

R453-350200-000       Engine right bracket

R452-350200-000       Engine right bracket

R454-350200-000       Engine right bracket

R441-350000-000       Engine mount

R450-350000-000       Engine mount

R452-350000-000       Engine mount

R453-350000-000       Engine mount

R454-350000-000       Engine mount

R452-350100-000       Engine left bracket

R453-350100-000       Engine left bracket

R454-350100-000       Engine left bracket

R441-310001-000       Air intake pipe

R450-310001-000       Air intake pipe

R452-310001-000       Air intake pipe

R453-310001-000       Air intake pipe

R454-310001-000       Air intake pipe

JF2521A       Alternator

23100-51H00   Alternator

EE30006       Alternator

JF131A Alternator
YDS45.002     Case, tor-con

R441-120000-000      Transmission

H400-122001-000      Cover

H510-102000-000      Mechanical transmission left bracket

H510-103000-000      Mechanical transmission left bracket

H400-121101-000      Shaft,Ⅱ

H400-121000-000      Transmission

R441-530200-000      Brake oil pipe

R450-550100-000      Brake oil pipe

WD100×90      Right head lamp

QXD160×48     Right side lamp

R45M300-400000-000 Lift cylinder,right

R45M300-400000-001 Lift cylinder,right

R45NX-400000-000     Lift cylinder,right

R45U275-400000-000 Lift cylinder,right

RX50M300-400000-001 Lift cylinder,right

RX50NX-400000-000    Lift cylinder,right

JP451-110002-000     Right half-axle

R450-430002-000      Right rear hood

JP451-111003-000     Plug(right)

R450-223400-W00      Right guide bush

YDS45.008     Right side,differential

R450-420004-000      Right cover

R441-110002-000      Plate(right)

R450-110002-000      Plate(right)
R450-840000-000       Right pillar assembly

R450-434000-000       Right bracket assembly

R45U275-401000-W00 Pole stopper rod assembly,right

R45M300-401000-W00 Cylinder body,right

R45NX-401000-W00      Cylinder body,right

RX50M300-401000-W00            Cylinder body,right

RX50NX-401000-W00     Cylinder body,right

R45U275-402000-W00 Cylinder body,right

R450-450002-000       Right pedal

R450-220006-000       Right steering knuckle

N163-225000-000       Plate

H400-121108-000       Gear seat

R450-432000-000       Floor board, rear

R450-430010-000       Cover plate, rear

R453-430001-000       Cover plate, rear

XH8    Tail lamp

XH8-1 Tail lamp

YDS45.036     Gear,reverse

RX50N450-001000-000 Chain

4N4.5H-001000 Chain

R420-020001-000       Ton nameplate

R450-020001-000       Ton nameplate

R480-020001-000       Ton nameplate


R450-601100-000       Flange
R450-651000-000      Filter

R441-600001-000      Suction hose

R450-600002-000      Suction hose

YQS45.807     Pipe

DL124ED       Horn

2X-8-12-G00   Hoop

R960-020010-000      Noise nameplate

R960-431001-000      Spring

R450-600001-000      Hose

R450-600004-000      Hose

R45N450-200009-W00 HOSE

R45N450-200010-W00 HOSE



RX50M300-700002-W00           HOSE

R45M300-700001-W00 HOSE

R45M300-700002-W00 HOSE

R45M300-700003-W00 HOSE

RX50M300-700001-W00           HOSE

RX50N480-200001-000 HOSE

RX50N500-200001-000 HOSE

R45N550-200001-000 HOSE

RX50N550-200001-000 HOSE

R45N600-200001-000 HOSE

RX50N600-200001-000 HOSE
R45N400-200001-000 HOSE

R45N430-200001-000 HOSE

RX50N400-200001-000 HOSE

RX50N430-200001-000 HOSE

R45N480-200001-000 HOSE

R45N500-200001-000 HOSE


4N4.5H×200011          HOSE

YDS45.063    Plate

R450-620002-000        Clip

YDS45.077    Plate

N163-420006-000        Circular seal

R450-420005-000        Circular seal

GB/T283-94   Roller bearing

GB119-86     Pin

GB297-94     Bearing

GB/T297-94   Bearing,taper roller

4M3F-200001 Washer

H50M300-200001-000 Washer

N163-700007-000        Pad

JP451-100001-000       Gasket

N163-350005-000        Washer

N163-350006-000        Washer

N163-521004-000        Washer

R450-010002-000        Washer
N163-210004-000        Washer

YDS45.054    Washer

GB93-87      Washer

YDS45.015    Washer

3-11-00-17   Washer

H400-121510-000        Washer

40DH-100001 Washer

GB97.1-85    Washer

JB982-77     Washer

JB982-77     Washer

GB95-86      Washer

GB97.5-85    Washer

GB7244-87    Washer

GB93-87      Washer

R45V450-300003-000 Washer

GB858-88     Washer

GB96-85      Washer

GB96-87      Washing

GB848-85     Washer

GB97-83      Washer

30HB-330004A Cushion

R450-110009-000        Plate

40DHW19-320002         Gasket

N163-510001-000        Gasket

N163-510004-000        Gasket
R450-320001-000         Gasket

30HB-330003A Washer

50DH-300001 Washer

H400-121403-W00         Washer

H400-123005-W00         Gasket

25783-71390G Washing

H510-100003-000         Gasket

2.5CDJ32-00-01 Plug

25783-71490G Plug,rubber

YDS45.045     Plug

YDS30.006     Plug

N30M300-000009-000 Plug

N163-010002-000         Plug

S16V450-300001-000      Plug

SF-1-2540-G00 Combination bush

SF-1-3545-G00 Combination bush

SF-1-4030-G00 Combination bush

SF-1-5020-G00 Bush

SF-1-5030-G00 Combination bush

SF-1-5050-G00 Bushing

YDS45.040     Outer clutch plate

3-11-50-01    Outside wheel rim

R45M300-100000-001 Outside mast

RX50M300-100000-001 Outside mast

R45U275-100000-000 Out mast
RX50U275-100000-000 Out mast

R45N450-101000-000 Out mast

RX50N450-101000-000 Out mast

R450-610003-000        Valve

R450-612200-000        Multi-way valve hand

R450-612300-000        Multi-way valve hand

R450-612400-000        Multi-way valve hand

R450-612500-000        Multi-way valve hand

JK-107 ead light & signal lamp switch

N163-210005-000        Sleeve

N163-215000-000        Handle

N163-210006-000        Bolt

N163-437000-000        Bush

N163-514001-000        Bushing

N163-521002-000        Bushing

R441-510001-000        Bushing

H400-123006-W00        Bushing

1700J-114      Ring

H400-121111-000        Ring

40N4.5-000005 Sleeve

CSOW-00-03A Sleeve

R453-320002-000        Pipe

N163-431004-000        Sleeve

R450-350101-000        Pipe

R450-610002-000        Thimble
GB893.1-86     Snap ring, internal

50DH-010008 Script nameplate

50DH-010012 Characters nameplate

R453-324000-000           Bracket

YDS45.070      Stator

R450-220009-000           Oil seal

YDS45.066      Seal

YDS45.043      Seal,oil

H400-121404-W00           Seal ring

Q/301 B202-86 Seal, oil

YJH265-2       Washer, seal

N163-603002-000           Seal pad

25783-71270G Washing

N163-432007-000           Seal strip

R450-430004-000           Seal strip

R450-430005-000           Seal strip

R450-430006-000           Seal strip

R450-430009-000           Seal strip

YQX100.057     Ring,seal

YQX100.068     Ring,seal

YQX100.073     Ring,seal

R45M300-500002-W00 Guide sleeve

R45M300-600002-000 Guide sleeve

R45V450-303003-000 Guide sleeve

RX50M300-500002-W00                  Guide sleeve
R45U275-400001-W00 Guide sleeve

40M3.3-100002 Guide board

40N4.5-700002A        Sleeve

4U2.75L-000002        Buffer pad

N163-610003-000       knob,attachement

R441-530100-000       Brake oil pipe

R450-550200-000       Brake oil pipe

R45M300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

R45M300-500000-001 Lift cylinder,left

RX50M300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

RX50M300-500000-001 Lift cylinder,left

R45NX-500000-000      Lift cylinder,left

R45U275-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

RX50NX-500000-000     Lift cylinder,left

JP451-110001-000      Left half-axle

R450-430001-000       Left rear hood

JP451-111002-000      Plug(left)

R450-223300-W00       Left guide bush

YDS45.007     Left side,differential

R450-420003-000       Left cover

R441-110001-000       Plate(left)

R450-110001-000       Plate(left)

R450-830000-000       Left pillar assembly

N163-430002-000       Left bracket

R45U275-501000-W00 Pole stopper rod assembly,left
R45M300-501000-W00 Cylinder body, left

R45NX-501000-W00       Cylinder body, left

RX50M300-501000-W00              Cylinder body, left

RX50NX-501000-W00      Cylinder body, left

R45U275-502000-W00 Cylinder body,left

R450-450001-000        Left pedal

R450-220003-000        Left steering knuckle

N163-223000-000        Plate

YDS45.003     Housing

R420-010001-000        Counter balance

R450-010001-000        Counter balance

R480-010001-000        Counter balance

R441-511000-000        Bracket

R450-512000-000        Bracket

R960-030001-G00        Seat

R969-030001-G00        Seat

GB91-76       Cotter pin

GB91-86       Pin

GB877-86      Pin

H400-121102-W00        Spring ring

50M3A-310004 Spring

N450-510003-000        Spring

R450-510003-000        Spring

YBS5.307      Spring

YBS5.308      Spring
YBS5.311      Spring

YBS5.312      Spring

YDS45.038     Spring

YQX100.088    Spring

YBS5.306      Spring

YDS30.044     Spring

YDS45.006     Spring

YQX100.034    Spring

YQX100.035    Spring

3-12-30-03    Spring

25783-71480G Spring A

25783-71370G Spring B

25783-71360G Spring C

25783-71330G Spring E

25783-71350G Spring F

50CDA-620008 Bracket

YQX 100.063   Seat,spring

YQX100.063    Seat,spring

25783-71210G Spring&fitting ass'y

R450-516000-000         Inching pedal

R450-513000-000         Connecting set

YDS45.051     Inching, valve rod

YDS45.074     Shaft, idler

R450-541000-000         Parking brake

AOIC3-72031   Lever LH brake
R450-114200-000       Cable R.H.

R450-113200-000       Cable L.H.

AOIC3-72051   Strut

50M3A-310001 Knob

N163-610100-W00       Fastener

N163-610100-W000      Fastener

N163-521001-000       Tension spring

4N4.5L×200014 Nylon sleeve

R450-332000-000       Fan shroud assembly

R452-331000-000       Fan shroud assembly

R453-332000-000       Fan shroud assembly

R454-332000-000       Fan shroud assembly

R450-310003-000       Clamp

R450-323000-000       Clamp

R453-310002-000       Clamp

R450-630003-000       Clamp

R450-630001-000       Clamp

40DH-100007 Clamp

R450-600003-000       Clamp

R441-510100-000       Rod

R450-536000-000       Rod

R450-440001-000       Pull rod

50CDA-620007 Spring

50DHA-610002 Pin

N121-510001-000       Pin
N163-430004-000        Bolt

R45V450-300006-000 Suspension hook board

4U2.75L-300001         Snap ring

YQX 100.059   Ring,thrust

YQX 100.062   Ring,thrust

H400-121116-000        Snap ring

YQX l00.059   washer

YQX l00.062   washer

3-12-30-02    Snap ring

N150-120007-000        Snap ring

GB894.1-86    Snap ring

GB895.1-86    Snap shim

GB893.2-86    Snap ring

GB896-86      Snap ring

1.4QS1-000006 Block

3E-123001     Retaining block

4U2.75L-000003         Plate

H400-121009-W00        Plate

R45M300-004000-000 Load bracket

RX50M300-002000-000 Load bracket

RX50M300-002000-001 Load bracket

PKD-100-G00   Wire

H400-123000-000        Shift unit

R441-123120-000        Ball

R441-123110-000        Handle
N163-533000-000    Shift handle

R450-514000-000    Connecting set

R453-325000-000    hose

40DHW19-320001     hose

50DCW19-320002     Gasket

R441-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

R450-321000-001    Exhaust pipe

R452-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

R453-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

R453-323000-000    Exhaust pipe

R454-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

R441-320000-000    Exhaust system

R450-320000-000    Exhaust system

R452-320000-000    Exhaust system

R453-320000-000    Exhaust system

R454-320000-000    Exhaust system

R480-320000-000    Exhaust system

R441-531002-000    Connector

R450-610101-000    Connector

40DH-100009 Connector

40DH-100010 Connector

N163-612600-000    Connector rod

R450-613000-000    Connector rod

R450-614000-000    Connector rod

R450-615000-000    Connector rod
YDS45.903     Control valve

R450-531100-000      Yoke

R450-531200-000      Yoke

R450-534000-000      Rocker

R450-521200-000      Rocker rod assembly

25783-71500G Lever

N163-020014-000      Operation nameplate

R960-020007-000      Operation nameplate

N163-020018-000      Operation nameplate

R960-020008-000      Operation nameplate

YDS45.052     Operating valve rod

R45M300-500004-W00 Support ring

RX50M300-500004-W00            Support ring

40N4.5-700003 Ring

4U2.75L-300003       Support ring

R45M300-600004-W00 Support ring

N163-534100-000      Bushing

40DHW19-340100       Bracket

JP300-520002-000     Bracket

N163-436200-000      Bracket

N163-439100-000      Bracket

N163-532000-000      Bracket

R450-521100-000      Bracket

R450-532000-000      Bracket

R450-340004-000      Bracket
N163-612100-000           Bracket

R450-603000-000           Bracket

H400-123002-000           Bracket

40DH-100006 Bracket

R450-211000-000           Bracket

R960-431300-000           Bracket

R45U275-400002-W00 Plug

2.5CDJ32-00-07 Air bleeder plug

R441-330002-000           Rubber pipe for outle

R450-330002-000           Rubber pipe for outlet

R452-330002-000           Rubber pipe for outlet

R453-330002-000           Rubber pipe for outlet

R454-330002-000           Rubber pipe for outlet

R450-331000-000           Radiator assembly

R453-331000-000           Radiator assembly

30HB-331000A hroud and Radiator assembly

R441-330001-000           Rubber pipe for inlet

R450-330001-000           Rubber pipe for inlet

R452-330001-000           Rubber pipe for inlet

R453-330001-000           Rubber pipe for inlet

R454-330001-000           Rubber pipe for inlet

RS1300400-T46-G00         Seal-ring d40

N163-211000-000           Steering wheel assembly

GB9877.1-88    oil seal

R450-433000-000           Engine hood
R450-430008-W00        Hood insulator blanket

N163-436001-000        Rod

R450-531001-000        Rod

R450-535001-000        Rod

R450-510101-000        Rod

GB/T6074-1995 Leaf chain

498BPG-11-G00 Diesel engine

B3.3T-C80-G00 Diesel engine

LR4108G10Z-G00         Diesel engine

TD42   Diesel engine

R960-020005-000        Diesel nameplate

R450-652001-000        Dipstick

N163-221003-000        Mark

N163-221004-000        Mark

PT0300800-T46NA-G00 Ring

R450-020005-000        Shift nameplate

JP451-111001-000       Axle body

R450-111002-000        Axle body

JD196 Check relay

JD296 Check relay

R450-620001-000        Insulator

N163-432004-000        Insulator

N163-800004-000        Rubber plug

YDS45.021     Thrust washer

50M3A-100002 Check plate
GB305-84      Ring

YQX100.081    Screw

1700J-113     Ring

H400-121110-000          Ring

YDS45.039     Thrust washer

YDS45.014     Washer,thrust

H400-121115-000          Thrust ring

H400-121509-000          Thrust ring

QC20-180-650/500-G00 Air spring

WG-2(M12×1.25)           Water temperature sensor

WG-2(NPT1/2) Water temperature sensor

WG-2(Z3/8)    Water temperature sensor

DW-2HZA       Water temperature gauge

GM4.3-G00     Gas engine

YG-2(Z1/4) Fuel pressure warning switch

R45M300-402000-W00 Nozzle valve assy

RX50M300-502000-W00                 Nozzle valve assy

YDS30.055     Plug

H400-121012-G00          Oil seal

HG4-692-67    Oil seal

HG4-692-97    Seal oil

H400-123007-W00          Rubber ring

HG4-692-67-G00           Oil seal

HG4-692-61-G00           Oil seal

JP300-524001-W00         Oil cup
Q701B45-NPT1/16-G00 Grease nipple

Q701B45-NPT1/8-G00 Grease nipple

Q701B90-NPT1/16-G00 Grease cup assembly

GB1152-89     Oil cup

GB1153-89     Grease ripple

16400-L9060-G00         Oil-water separator

30HB-341000   Oil-water separator

GR501-342000-000        Oil-water separator

R452-340005-000         Bracket

R450-360001-000         Pump bracket

R453-360001-000         Pump bracket

YDS45.906     Pump

WG-2K(RC3/4) Oil warning switch

R45M300-703000-000 Oil pipe assy

N163-603301-000         Cover

R45V450-303100-000 Cylinder body

4M3H-000001 Bolt

R45N450-000001-000 Bolt

R45M300-003000-000 U-Bolt

RX50M300-001000-000 U-Bolt

R45M300-000003-000 Ajust gasket

R45M300-700000-000 Mast piping

R45M300-700000-001 Mast piping

R45N450-200000-000 Mast piping

R45U275-700000-000 Mast piping
RX50M300-700000-000 Mast piping

RX50M300-700000-001 Mast piping

RX50N450-200000-000 Mast piping

R450-700100-000        Oil quality sensor

DR-2HZ Oil quantily gauge

R441-521000-000        Throttle line

R452-521000-000        Throttle line

R453-522000-000        Throttle line

R5611-510001-000       Bracket

R450-520001-000        Bracket

R453-520001-000        Bracket

YDS45.064      Case, pump

R45M300-500003-W00 Piston

R45M300-600005-000 Piston

R45V450-303002-000 Piston

RX50M300-500003-W00              Piston

R45M300-500001-W00 Piston rod

R45M300-600001-000 Piston rod

R45M430-600001-000 Piston rod

R45NX-500001-W00       Piston rod

R45V450-303200-000 Piston rod

RX50M300-500001-W00              Piston rod

RX50NX-500001-W00      Piston rod

4U2.75L-701000         Piston rod

R450-223100-W00        Piston rod
R45V450-303001-000 Piston ring

R483-322000-000          Muffler

R450-322000-000          Muffler assembly

R452-322000-000          Muffler assembly

YDS45.080     Turbine shaft

R960-020020-000          Lubrication system nameplate

R960-020021-000          Lubrication system nameplate

R450-120000-000          Automatic transmission

R441-530001-W00          Hose

YJH315 Torque-converter

40DH-512000 aulic booster brake assembly

R960-020011-000          Hydraulic oil nameplate

YK0812A5-0000-G00        Hydraulic oil filter

YDS45.022     Thrust pin

4N4.5H-200004 Pulley wheel

YDS45.050     Plunger

GB283-94      Bearing

H400-121203-G00          Pin roller

GB5846-86     Bearing

GB5846-86     Bearing,needle

YDS45.808     Strainer

R450-561000-000          Choke line

FV30004       Fuel outoff switch

N163-020005-000          Fuse nameplate

N163-341000-G00          Cover of fuel case
R450-341000-000       Cover of fuel case

R452-341000-000       Cover of fuel case

R454-341000-000       Cover of fuel case

R450-340000-000       Engine fuel system

R452-340000-000       Engine fuel system

R453-340000-000       Engine fuel system

R454-340000-000       Engine fuel system

R450-011000-000       Towing pin

30DH-322000 Cushion

R450-330100-000       Cushion

N163-320100-000       Ringlike pad

N150-511001-000       Spherical nut

50M3A-800002 Nut

JFT147-28B   Pressure adjuster

R450-700200-000       Horn

R450-442000-000       Battery box bracket

R453-442000-000       Battery box bracket

N163-020020-000       Fuse nameplate

H400-123004-000       Cover

R450-220011-001       Cover

R450-800001-000       Cover plate

YDS45.046    Plate

YDS45.055    Plate

YDS45.056    Plate

YQX100.036   Plate
N163-610005-000      Cover plate

N163-610006-000      Cover plate

N163-610007-000      Cover plate

R453-340001-000      Cover of fuel case

N150-340001-000      connector

4N4.5H-200014 Connector

50U2.5-800001 Connector

50U2.5-800002 Connector

4M3H-700003 Connector

N30N450-200003-000 Connector

40DH-600013 Connector

40DH-600016 Connector

R441-601001-000      Connector

R441-501000-000      ooster and cylinder assembly

R453-310003-W00      pipe

N163-420005-000      Rectangular seal

R45U275-600000-000 Lift cylinder,short

R45N450-400000-000 Lift cylinder,short

4N4.5H-000001 Bolt

R450-640100-000      Pipe assembly

R45N450-201000-000 Connector

R450-630100-000      Connector

N163-340002-000      Ring magnetic iron

R441-130000-000      Clutch

XL113C-Z(P1)-G00     Clutch driven disc
XL111Y-ZA(P2)-G00      Press disc and case

R441-130001-000        Clutch cover

YDS45.035     Piston

R441-130005-000        Clutch cover

R441-513000-000        Clutch pedal

TM450B1-G00 Air filter

R441-312000-000        Air cleaner

R450-312000-000        Air cleaner

R453-312000-000        Air cleaner

R450-311000-000        Bracket

R453-311000-000        Bracket

YDS45.042     Plate,end

H400-121003-000        Gasket

H400-121005-000        Gasket

H400-121011-W00        Gasket

H400-121002-000        Bearing cover

2.5N4.5H-200010        Clip

3M3H-700003 Clip

4N4.5H-200002 Clip

4N4.5H-200003 Clip

H50N450-200001-000 Clip

N30M300-700006-000 Clip

S16M300-700003-000 Clip

2.5U3H-600004 Clip

50W-730006    Clamp
N163-540001-000       Clamp

R450-540001-000       Clamp

N163-540002-000       Clip

R45N450-200001-000 Connector

50DH-710101 Connector

50DH-710200 Connector

H400-600101-000       Connector

R450-611000-000       Connector

N163-603003-000       Connector

R450-650002-000       Connector

N163-214000-000       Pipe connector

N163-216000-000       Pipe connector

YDS45.001    Case, mission

H400-121001-000       Housing

YDS45.072    Gasket

YDS45.078    Gasket

YDS45.047    Gasket

  YDS45.047 Gasket

YDS45.057    Gasket

YDS45.071    Gasket

YQX100.037   Gasket

H400-120001-000       Paper gasket

H400-120002-000       Paper gasket

R450-110008-000       Gasket

N163-350003-000       Cushion
50DH-302000 Cushion

N163-431002-000        Insulator

N163-436003-000        Insulator

R450-431001-000        Insulator

R450-610001-000        Amortizing cushion

N163-431003-000        Mounting insulator

N163-433400-000        Cab mounting insulator

YQX100.095    Cushion plunger

R45M300-601000-000 Cylinder body

40N4.5-700001B         Cylinder cover

R45U275-602000-000 Cylinder body

R450-223200-W00        Cylinder body

4M3H-600004 Ear ring

R45M300-600004         Ear ring

N163-436002-000        Connector plate

R441-530002-000        Connector

N163-800002-000        Rubber pipe

R441-500001-W00        Hose

R45M300-701000-000 Oil pipe assy

R45M300-701000-001 Oil pipe assy

R441-602000-000        Rubber pipe assembly

R450-602000-000        Rubber pipe assembly

R441-630100-000        Rubber hose assembly

R450-633000-000        Rubber hose assembly

R450-640200-000        Rubber hose assembly
R450-620300-000        Rubber pipe assembly

R450-620400-000        Rubber pipe assembly

R450-620200-000        Rubber pipe assembly

R450-620100-000        Rubber pipe assembly

R450-630200-000        Rubber hose assembly

R450-631000-000        Rubber hose assembly

R480-630200-000        Rubber hose assembly

R450-630300-000        Rubber hose assembly

R450-632000-000        Rubber hose assembly

4N4.5H-200013 Connector

R45N450-200007-000 Connector

R45N450-200012-000 Connector

R45U275-703000-000 Connector

RX50N450-200007-000 Connector

RX50N450-200012-000 Connector

R45N450-200008-000 Connector

R45U275-701000-000 Connector

RX50N450-200008-000 Connector

N163-330100-G00        Expansion water box

YQX100.011   Plug

6-QA-70C     Battery

6-QA-80      Battery

6-QW-60      Battery

Q676-127-G00 Clamp

Q676B-89-G00 Clamp
GB812-88     Nut

GB5783-86    Bolt

N163-340008-000     Plug

YDS30.102    Plug

YQX100.044   Plug

YQS30.102    Plug

YQX100.045   Plug

3-11-00-16   Plug

N163-110017-000     Plug

JB1000-77    Plug

JB1001-77    Plug

R450-223001-W00     Rod

YDS45.020    Stud

40DH-110003 Stud

H510-110005-000     Stud

GB898-88     Stud

N163-210003-000     Bolt

N163-510002-000     Bolt

R453-360002-000     Bolt

YDS45.009    Bolt

YDS45.010    Bolt

YDS45.053    Bolt

H510-100001-000     Bolt

H510-100002-000     Bolt

N163-110021-000     Bolt
GB5785-86    Bolt

GB5786-86    Bolt

GB5782-86    Bolt

GB5781-86    Bolt

GB45-86      Bolt

GB68-85      Bolt

N30M300-004000-000 Bolt

GB5785-86    Bolt

N30M300-003000-000 Bolt

GB29.2-88    Bolt

N163-420500-000      Bolt

50M3A-800001 Nut

3-11-00-06   Nut

YDS45.028    Nut

H400-121511-000      Nut

R450-110001-500      Nut

R450-110003-500      Nut

GB6170-86    Nut

GB9459-88    Nut

GB6171-86    Nut

GB6173-86    Nut

GB6172-86    Nut

SPL6177.2-2004-G00   Nut

GB6184-86    Nut

20000529     Nut
GB9457-88     Nut

GB6178-86     Nut

GB1337-88     Nut

GB6177-86     Nut

1700C-073-B   Nut

R45M300-000004-000 Screw

CSOW-00-04A Screw

40D-410014    Screw

GB70-85       Screw

GB70-85       Screw

GB5782-86     Screw

N30N450-000005-000 Screw

GB818-85      Screw

GB819-85      Screw

GB75-85       Screw

GB2672-86     Screw

N163-420100-000        Screw

N163-420400-000        Screw

R960-430100-000        Screw

YDS45.011     Gear,pinion

40M3.3-201001 Bush

4M3F-202001 Bushing

50M3A-120003 Bushing

N35M300-400006-W00 Bushing

N163-612001-000        Bush
N163-521003-000       Bushing

N163-534001-000       Bushing

H400-121106-000       Spacer

R441-131002-000       Spacer

SF-1-1020-G00 Bush

YDS45.019     Final driven bevel gear

YDS45.069     Gear, driven

30060-G00     Rear mirror assembly

N163-020016-000       Warm nameplate

R960-020009-000       Warm nameplate

D-704-1E      Timer

25783-71160G Adjusting cover

40M3.3-100003 Ajust shim

40M3.3-100006 Ajust shim

50M3A-120004 Ajust shim

40M3.3-201002 Ajusting shim

40M3.3-201003 Ajusting shim

R45V450-300008-000 Ajusting shim

S16V450-300009-000    Ajusting shim

40M3.3-000002 Ajust shim

40M3.3-000003 Ajust shim

JS160-610010-000      Adjusting washer

N163-010007-000       Adjust shim

R450-010003-000       Adjust shim

N163-220004-000       Adjusting shim
R450-220008-000         Adjusting shim

R450-220013-000         Adjusting shim

YDS45.025     Adjusting washer

YDS45.026     Adjusting washer

H400-121503-000         Adjusting shim

YDS45.016     Adjusting nut

RX50M300-011000-000 Fork

4M3H-010000 Fork assembly

4M3H-010000 Fork assembly

H50M300-010000-000 Fork assembly

RX50M300-010000-000 Fork assembly

R45M300-301000-001 Fork carriage

RX50N450-301000-000 Fork carriage

R45N450-301000-000 Fork carriage

R45U275-301000-000 Fork carriage

RX50M300-301000-001 Fork carriage

RX50U275-301000-000 Fork carriage

R45M300-300000-001 Fork carriage assy’

RX50M300-300000-001 Fork carriage assy’

R45U275-300000-000 Fork carriage assy’

RX50U275-300000-000 Fork carriage assy’

R45N450-300000-000 Fork carriage assy’

RX50N450-300000-000 Fork carriage assy’

23300-06J01   Starter

QD1315A       Starter
QD263E         Starter

ST30002        Starter

1393315-8      Start relay

JD195 Start relay

JD295 Start relay

JN3A   Start relay

N163-610001-000          Lifting knob

10310D-G00     Roller

10310H-G00     Roller

N163-020008-000          Lift nameplate

R960-020019-000          Lift nameplate

N163-512001-000          Pedal pad

N163-520002-000          Pedal pad

R441-430001-000          Pedal pad

R450-430003-000          Pedal pad

R450-523000-000          Pedal assembly

R441-410000-000          Truck frame

R450-410000-000          Truck frame

R452-410000-000          Truck frame

R453-410000-000          Truck frame

R454-410000-000          Truck frame

R470-410000-000          Truck frame

R480-410000-000          Truck frame

R482-410000-000          Truck frame

R483-410000-000          Truck frame
R484-410000-000       Truck frame

R450-221000-000       Steering wheel

BZZ1-E125BA-G00       Orbitrol

R450-222000-001       Steering axle body

R450-223000-000       Steering cylinder

JK801 Turn signal lamp switch

N163-210001-000       Sleeve

N163-210002-000       Sleeve

N163-210007-000       Sleeve

N163-212000-001       Steering pipe device

R450-220010-000       King pin

40D-410003    Steering hub

YQX100.096    Changing plunger

R450-110003-000       Hub

40D-410001    Hub cover

40D-410004    Hub bolt

R450-110002-500       Hub bolt

R450-110007-000       Hub bolt

N163-110015-000       Hub nut

GB2982-91     Tyre

R420-112000-000       Wheel rim

R450-111000-500       Wheel rim

R450-112000-000       Wheel rim

R450-112000-500       Wheel rim

R450-221001-000       Bolt
40D-410002    Gasket

R450-650001-000         Hose

40M3.3-101001 shaft

R45V450-300005-000 Shaft

R450-510001-000         Shaft

H400-123003-000         Shaft

40N4.5-200006 Shaft sleeve

H50N450-200003-000 Shaft sleeve

R450-220012-000         Bush

GB/T276-94    Bearing

GB277-82      Bearing

GB/T301-95    Bearing

GB/T276—94    Bearing

GB/T276-94 Bearing

GB297-84      Bearing

GB283-87      Bearing

GB9163-90     Bearing

GB304.5-81    Bearing

JB/T7918-97   Bearing

YDS45.024     Bearing box

R45M300-000001-000 Bearing cap

YDS45.004     Cap,bearing

R45M300-000002-000 Bearing liner

GB894.1—86    Snap ring,external

GB894.1-86    Snap ring external
R450-111001-000      Bushing

R420-020005-000      Load nameplate

R420-020006-000      Load nameplate

R420-020007-000      Load nameplate

R420-020008-000      Load nameplate

R450-020006-000      Load Nameplate

R450-020007-000      Load nameplate

R450-020009-000      Load nameplate

R480-020005-000      Load nameplate

R480-020006-000      Load nameplate

R480-020007-000      Load nameplate

R480-020008-000      Load nameplate

ME-411/2-0   Plate, input

R441-121201-000      Shaft,input

H400-121004-000      Bearing cover

H400-121504-000      Gear, output

H400-121104-000      Gear ring spring

H400-121505-000      Shaft, output

H400-121501-000      End cover

H400-121506-000      End cover

H400-121502-000      Gasket

YDS45.075    Gear output

R453-330005-W00      Pipe for water inlet

R454-330005-W00      Pipe for water inlet

R452-340001-W00      Rubber hose
R454-340001-W00         Rubber hose

R454-340002-W00         Rubber hose

R454-340003-W00         Rubber hose

R452-340002-W00         Rubber hose

R450-340001-W00         Rubber hose

R450-340002-W00         Rubber hose

R452-340003-W00         Rubber hose

R452-340004-W00         Rubber hose

R450-310002-000         Air intake pipe

R441-310000-000         Air inlet system

R450-310000-000         Air inlet system

R452-310000-000         Air inlet system

R453-310000-000         Air inlet system

R454-310000-000         Air inlet system

YDS45.073     Pipe oil fill

R450-510002-000         Connecting sheet

R45N450-203000-000 Connector

Q900-Z1/8-G00 Vent plug

GT-3001-G00   Clamp-band

R960-020002-000         Color nameplate

GB9972-88     Steel rope

R45U275-702000-000 Connector

R45N450-202000-000 Connector

GB308-89      Ball, steel

GB308-89      Ball,steel
22493-71020G Rivet

GB12618-90    Rivet

3-60-00-30A   Bolt

40DH-100003 Bolt

N163-435000-000       Hinge

R450-010004-000       Foundry letter

RX50N400-002000-000 chain

RX50N430-002000-000 chain

RX50N480-002000-000 chain

RX50N500-002000-000 chain

RX50N550-002000-000 chain

RX50N600-002000-000 chain

RX50N400-001000-000 chain

RX50N430-001000-000 chain

RX50N480-001000-000 chain

RX50N500-001000-000 chain

RX50N550-001000-000 chain

RX50N600-001000-000 chain

R45M250-002000-000 chain

R45M270-002000-000 chain

R45M330-002000-000 chain

R45M350-002000-000 chain

R45M360-002000-000 chain

R45M400-002000-000 chain

R45M430-002000-000 chain
R45M480-002000-000 chain

R45M450-002000-000 chain

R45M500-002000-000 chain

R45U275-011000-000 Chain seet

RX50U275-011000-000 Chain seet

R45C275-002000-000   Chain

R45M300-002000-000 Chain

R45UX-002000-000     Chain

RX50M300-003000-000 Chain

RX50UX-003000-000    Chain

H50U275-003000-000 Chain

40M3.3-800001 Connector

H50M300-002001-000 Connector

4N4.5F-000002 Chain seet

780408 Chain wheel

780408-G00    Chain wheel

CW310-00-G00 Chain wheel

40M3.3-200002 Chain wheel ,shaft

H50M300-200002-000 Chain wheel ,shaft

25783-71430G Pin

25783-71450G Pin

25783-71410G Pin

25783-71460G Pin

GB879-86      Pin

GB120-86      Pin
50M3A-310003 Pin shaft

1QN5-200002B Pin shaft

R45M300-001000-000 Pin shaft

40M3.3-800002 Pin shaft

H50M300-002002-000 Pin shaft

R450-510200-000         Pin

R450-533000-000         Pin

R441-510200-000         Shaft

N163-220005-000         Pin shaft

N163-612700-000         Pin shaft

N163-612800-000         Pin shaft

GB882-86         Pin

R960-431400-000         Lock catch guy wire assembly

R960-431100-000         Lock catch

YDS45.017        P1ate,lock

N163-110011-000         Lock washer

1700C-074-B      Lock nut

R450-110006-000         Lock nut

R960-431200-000         Lock hook

N30M300-700002-000 Band

3M3H-700014 Clip

R45N450-100000-000 Mast

RX50N450-100000-000 Mast

SG-152 Flasher

SG-252 Flasher
YDS45.049      Body, valve

YQX100.033     Spool

R960-020016-000         Antifreeze nameplate

R960-020017-000         Antifreeze nameplate

R450-220007-000         Dust proof bush

R450-420001-000         Dustproof hood

R441-130003-000         Dustproof hood

YQX100.097     Restriction level

15PH-500001    Bolt

N163-220024-000         Bolt

40N4.5-000003 Screw

4M3H-000003 Screw

N163-520001-000         Screw

R45M300-702000-000 Speed limiting valve

4N4.5H-202000 Speed limiting valve

H400-121202-000         Ring

R45N550-600002-000 Sheath

CSOW-00-05 A Sleeve

CSOW-00-05A Sleeve

RX50U275-010001-000 Sleeve

YDS45.027      Spacer

H400-121303-000         Spacer

H400-121307-000         Spacer

R450-440002-000         Heat insulating mattress

R453-440002-000         Heat insulating mattress
R450-820000-000        Overhead guard

H400-123001-000        Yoke

AH30003        Preheater

11067-T6201    Time relay

YD201 Time relay

JK406C Pre-heat & start switch

N163-020019-000        Fan nameplate

R450-110000-000        Drive axle

R441-110000-000        Drive axle

CBHZG-F40-ALH6L        Gear pump

CBQ-F550-AFHL Gear pump

R960-010001-000        Counter?balance

R990-010001-000        Counter?balance

N163-010002-000        Plug

N163-011000-000        Towing?pin

N163-010005-000        Washer

GB7244-87      Spring?washer?30

N163-010003-000        Bolt

N163-010007-000        Adjust?shim

GB97.1-85      Washer?10

GB93-87        Washer?10

GB5783-86      Bolt?M10×20

N163-010008-000        Adjust?shim

R960-010002-000        Foundry?letter

N163-020001-000        Script?nameplate
N163-020002-000   Dangerous?nameplate

N163-020003-000   Tyre?pressure?nameplate

N163-020004-000   Fuse?nameplate

N163-020005-000   Fuel?nameplate

R960-020001-000   Ton?nameplate

R990-020001-000   Ton?nameplate

N163-020008-000   Lift?nameplate

N163-020009-000   Dangerous?nameplate

N163-020010-000   Tilt?nameplate

N163-020011-000   Lift?nameplate

N163-020012-000   Product?nameplate

N180-020003-000   Product?nameplate

N163-020026-000   Product?nameplate

N180-020010-000   Product?nameplate

N163-020027-000   Product?nameplate

N180-020011-000   Product?nameplate

GB/T12618-1990    Rivet?4×10

N163-020013-000   Shift?nameplate

N163-020014-000   Operation?nameplate?1

N163-020015-000   Load?nameplate

N180-020004-000   Load?nameplate

N163-020016-000   Warn?nameplate

R960-020002-000   Colour?nameplate

N163-020018-000   Operation?nameplate?2

N163-020019-000   Fan?nameplate
N163-020020-000    Belt?nameplate

R960-020003-000    Characters?nameplate

R960-020004-000    Fuse?nameplate

R960-020005-000    Diesel?nameplate

R960-020006-000    Gasoline?nameplate

R960-020007-000?   Operation?nameplate?1

R960-020008-000    Operation?nameplate?2

N163-020021-000    Load?nameplate

N180-020005-000    Load?nameplate

N163-020022-000    Load?nameplate

N180-020006-000    Load?nameplate

N163-020023-000    Load?nameplate

N180-020007-000    Load?nameplate

N163-020024-000    Load?nameplate

N180-020008-000    Load?nameplate

N163-020025-000    Load?nameplate

N180-020009-000    Load?nameplate

R960-020009-000    Warn?nameplate

R690-030001-G00    Seat

R969-030001-G00    Seat

N163-110000-000    Drive?axle?assembly

N163-100001-000    Gasket

N163-100002-000    Bolt

3101064K00-G00     Transmission?31010?64K00

GB5782-86    Bolt?M10×50
GB6170-86    Nut?M10

GB5786-86    Bolt?M10×1.25×16

N150-110000-000     Drive?axle?assembly

N150-100001-000     Gasket

GB120-86     Pin?B10×25

JDS30-G00    Mechanical?transmission

N150-100002-000     Gasket

N150-120000-000     Clutch

N152-120000-000     Clutch

YQXD30A-G00 Transmission

YQX30A-G00   Transmission

R561-110000-000     Drive?axle?assembly

Y43160X-000-G00     Transmission

R561-100001-000     Gasket

Y48150Z-00-G00      Host?drive?housing

GB5785-86    Bolt?M10×1.25×50

K91324-00062-G00    Cardan?assembly

R561-130000-G00     Left?shock?pad

K91331-30041-G00    Right?shock?pad

K91324-44300-G00    Bracket

R564-100001-000     Shim

R564-100002-000     Shim

YQXD30-G00   Transmission

YQXD30H-G00 Transmission

N163-114003-000     Pipe
N150-111002-000     Pipe

Q900-Z1/8-G00 Vented?plug?Z1/8Q900

N163-110017-000     Plug

JB982-77     Washer?22

N163-110016-000     Plug

N163-114001-000     Bridge?shell

R561-114001-000     Bridge?shell

N163-114002-000     Pipe

N163-110004-000     Connector?bolt

N163-110001-000     Plate

R561-110001-000     Plate

N163-110002-000     Plate

R561-110002-000     Plate

N163-110003-000     Plate

GB6171-86    Nut?M20×1.5

N163-111000-G00     Left?brake

N163-112000-G00     Right?brake

N163-110005-000     Stud

R561-110004-000     Stud

N163-110006-000     Brake?drum

HG4-692-67   Oil?seal?SD100×140×12

N163-110100-G00     Bearing?7815

N163-110007-000     Wheel?hub

N163-110009-000     Locking?nut

N163-110011-000     Locking?shim
N163-110018-000     Gasket

N163-110012-000     Left?half?shaft

GB119-86     Pin?D12×35

N163-110019-000     Clamp?split-ring

N163-110021-000     Bolt

N163-110013-000     Right?half?shaft

R561-110003-000     half?shaft

N163-114000-000     Drive?axle?body

R561-114000-000     Drive?axle?body

N150-111001-000     Axle

N150-110001-000     Half?shaft

N150-110002-000     Plug

N150-111000-000     Drive?axle?body

N163-110001-500     Hub?bolt

N163-110001-W50     Valve?pipe

N163-111100-500     Outside?rim

N163-113100-500     inside?rim

R960-110003-500     Left?board

R960-110002-500     Right?board

GB2982-91    Tyre?28×9-15-12PR

GB10832-89   Solid?tyre?28×9-15

N163-113000-500     Inside?wheel?ass’y?(Tyre)

N163-111000-500     Outside?wheel?ass’y?(Tyre)

35DH×72000G-L       Back?plate(LH)

35DH×72000G-R       Back?plate(RH)
24433-76000G Wheel?cylinder?ass'y?Inc(2~9)

24433-76010G Cylinder

24433-76040G Spring

24433-76030G Cup

24433-76020G Piston

22673-72101   Boots

24433-76060G Link,conneeding

24433-76100G Cap?bleader

24433-76090G Screw,bleader

24433-71000G-L        Pin,shoe?&?lining?ass’y(LH)

24433-75000G-R        Pin,shoe?&?lining?ass'y(RH)

24433-70080G Guide,cable

24433-73000G Spring&fitting?ass'y

24433-74000G-L        Adjuster(LH)

24433-74000G-R        Adjuster(RH)

24433-70100G-L        Lever(LH)

24433-70100G-R        Lever(RH)

24433-70090G-L        Spring(LH)

24433-70090G-R        Spring(RH)

24433-70070G Spring

24433-70050G Spring?shoe

24433-70140G-L        Lever?parking(LH)

24433-70140G-R        Lever?parking(RH)

24433-70120G-30H-L    Strut(LH)

24433-70120G-30H-R    Strut(RH)
24433-70130G Spring

24433-70160G Washer,lock

24433-70170G Retainer

24433-70060G Plate,shoe?guide

24433-70010G Pin,shoe?hold?down

24433-70020G Cup,shoe?hold?down

24433-70030G Spring,?shoe?hold?down

24433-70040G Cover,?adjusting?hole

N163-111001-000       Brake?wire?rope?assembly(left)

N163-112001-000       Brake?wire?rope?assembly(right)

24433-70150G Pin

24433-70110G Pin

24433-76000G-Kit      Seal?kit?for?brake?wheel?cylinder

N163-113103-000       Snap?ring

N163-110015-000       Hub?nut

N163-113101-000       Rib

N163-113102-000       Hub

N163-110014-000       Hub?bolt

N163-113000-000       wheel?ass’y?(Tyre)

N163-610100-W00       Fastener

N150-120005-000       Plate

N150-120003-000       Dustproof?hood

N163-420100-000       Screw

N150-120004-000       Clutch?cover

N150-120001-000       Clutch?housing
N152-120001-000      Clutch?housing

PKD-100?-G00 Wire?PKD-100

N150-120002-000      Ball-ended?supporting?stud,clutch?release?fork

N152-120002-000      Ball-ended?supporting?stud,clutch?release?fork

N150-120007-000      Snap?ring

N150-120006-000      Release?fork

GB1153-89     Grease?nipple?45°?M6

GB120-85      Pin?10×35

N152-120003-000      Flywheel

N150-121002-000      Bushing

N150-121001-000      Clutch?release?collar

9688211-G00   Release?bearing,?clutch?9688211

N150-122000-000      Clutch?pressure?plate

N150-124000-000      Clutch?pressure?plate

N163-120001-000      Bolt

JB1002-77     Washer?16×22

N163-120100-000      Cooling?pipe?assy

Q672-20-G00   Clamp?20

N163-120004-W00      Rubber?pipe?L=1410

N163-120002-000      Clamp

N163-120003-W00      Rubber?pipe?L=1080

PKD-300-G00   Wire?PKD-300

N160-110002-00       Clamp

N160-110002-W00      Rubber?pipe?L=2350

N160-110003-W00      Rubber?pipe?L=1300
R564-110002-W00        Rubber?pipe?Φ13

N164-110002-W00        Rubber?pipe?L=1800

R564-110001-W00        Rubber?pipe?Φ13

N160-110003-000        Connector

YDS30.801     Case,tor-con

YDS30.909     Pup

YDS30.049     Pipe?oil?fill

YJH265 Torque-converter

YDS30.906     Charging?pump

YDS30.100     Gasket

YDS30.110     Bolt

YDS30.111     Bolt

YDS30.103     Plug

YDS30.104     Plug

YDS30.105     Gasket

GB1235-76     O-ring?15×2.4

YDS30.001     Case,mission

YDS30.072     Bearing?seat

YDS30.089     Bolt,?bearing?cap

YDS30.082     Plate,?lock

YDS30.901     Clutch,?hydraulic

YDS30.025     Shaft,?idler

GB/T276-94    Deep?groove?ball?bearings?6206

YDS30.037     Gear,?idler

GB893.1-86    Snap?ring,?internal?24
YDS30.036     Gear?output

YDS30.002     Shaft,?output

GB/T297-94    Bearing,?taper?rollrt?32208

YDS30.023     Retainer,?oil?seal

12163-82131   Seal,?oil

YDS30.024     Nut,?bearing

YDS30.019     Shim?δ=0.1

YDS30.020     Collapsible

YDS30.022     Shim?δ=0.1

YDS30.021     Plate,?bearing?support

YDS30.808     Strainer

GB894.1-86    Snap?ring?35

YDS30.112     Cover

GB818-85      Screw?M8×10

YQX30D-4001 Cover,?case

YQX30D-4200 Back?pressure?controlled?valve

YDS30.068     Bolt,?set

Q/301B202-86 Seal?ring?8×14×1.5

YDS30.048     Nipple

YBS5.904      Strainer

GB879-86      Pin,?lock?4×15

YDS30.052     Piston

YDS30.050     Spring

YDS30.051     Cup

YDS30.102     Plug
YQX30D-4100 Control?valve

YQX30D-4002 Gasket

YDS30.067     Gasket

YDS30.910     Inching?valve

YDS30.047     Gasket

YDS30.091     Case,?pump

YDS30.092     Bushing

AH2847R       Seal,?oil?B50×68×8

GB3452.1-92   O-ring?145×3.55G

YDS30.095     Support,?starter

YDS30.096     Gear,drive

YDS30.097     Bushing

YDS30.098     Gear,driven

YDS30.802     Shaft,?input

YDS30.007     Gear,?forward

YDS30.008     Gear,?reversee

YDS30.018     Plate,?end

YDS30.009     Spring,?return

YDS30.010     Seat,?spring

YDS30.011     Ring,?thrust?(A)

YDS30.012     Ring,?thrust?(B)

YDS30.005     Piston

YDS30.006     Plug

GB308-89      Ball,?Steel?4.0000G200b

YDS30.013     Disk,?friction
YDS30.014   Spacer

YDS30.015   Ring,?seal?(A)

YDS30.016   Ring,?seal?(B)

YDS30.017   Snap?ring

GB5846-86   Bearing,?needle?K35×42×20

GB78-85     Screws?M8×8

YDS30.902   Piston?ass'y?(inc.9-11)

YDS30.053   Body,?valve

YDS30.054   Selector

YDS30.055   Plug

YDS30.056   Spring

YDS30.057   Piston

YDS30.058   Spring

YDS30.059   Spring

YDS30.060   Plug

YDS30.061   Spool

YDS30.062   Spring

YDS30.063   Spring

YDS30.064   Plug

YDS30.907   control?valve?ass'y?(inc.1-15)

YDS30.120   Body,?valve

YDS30.121   Valve?rod

AE0687A0    Seal?oil

YDS30.124   Spacer

YDS30.043   Spring
YDS30.044    Spring

YDS30.12     Plug

YDS30.122    Plunger

YQX100.092   Plug

YDS30.070    Shaft,?final?pinion?gear

YDS30.071    Gear,?spiral?bevel

YDS30.086    Spacer

YDS30.087    Cover,?bearing

YDS30.090    Shim?δ=0.1

YDS30.073    Gear,?ring

YDS30.077    Bolt

YDS30.088    Plate,?lock

YDS30.074    Case,?cross?R.H

YDS30.075    Case,?cross?L.H

YDS30.080    ShaftⅠ,?pinion

YDS30.081    ShaftⅡ,?pinion

GB119-76     Pin?parallel?B6×30

YDS30.085    Gear,?side

YQX30.079S   Washer?

YDS30.083    Gear,?pinion

YDS30.084    Washer,?thruet

YDS30.076    Bolt

GB6176-86    Nut?M10×1.25-12

YDS30.078    Washer,?lock

JDS30.001    Case,?transmission
JDS30.072     Cap,?bearing

JDS30.050     Air?breather

JDS30.051     Cover

JK208A Switch,?back-lamp

JDS30.048     Cover,?case

JDS30.049     Gasket,?case?cover

JDS30.031     Supporter,?arm?shaft

JDS30.032     Plug

JDS30.027     Bolt,?slide

JDS30.028     Washer

JDS30.033     Rod,?shift

JDS30.044     Fork,?shift

JDS30.045     Spring

JDS30.047     Lever,?shift

GB1099-79     Key,?woodruf?5×19

JDS30.026     Collar

JDS30.025     Shaft,?main?drive

JDS30.024     Reatiner,?bearing

JDS30.073     Seal,?oil

GB893.2-86    Snap?ring?47

JDS30.037     Gear,?input

JDS30.038     Spacer

GB305-89      Ring,?thrust

JDS30.040     Spacer

JDS30.039     Spacer
JDS30.003       Shaft,?main

GB/T283-94      Bearing,?roller?NJ306

Deep?groove?ball?bearings?6207           Snap?ring?30

Ball?,bearings Spacer

Ring,?thrust    Plate,?thrust

Spacer Retainer,?bearing

Snap?ring?35    Snap?ring?72

Snap?ring?80    Sleeve

Shaft,?main     Hub,?clutch

Bearing,?roller?NJ306 Ring,?block

Snap?ring?48    Insert

Snap?ring?30    Spring

Plate,?thrust   Gear,?low?speed

Retainer,?bearing        Gear,?forward

Snap?ring?72    Gear,?reverse

Bearing,?ball?6306       Bearing,?needle

Sleeve Bearing,?needle?K354027

Hub,?clutch     Shaft,?reverse?idler

Ring,?block     Ball,?steel?6.3500G200b

Insert Gear,?reverse,?idler

Spring Bearing,?needle?K354027

Gear,?high?speed         Spacer

Gear,?low?speed          Shaft,?output

Gear,?forward Shim?δ=0.1

Gear,?reverse Shim?δ=0.2
Bearing,?needle          Shim?δ=0.3

Bearing,?needle?K354027            Plate,?thrust

Shaft,?reverse?idler     Plate,?thrust?δ=4

Ball,?steel?6.3500G200b            Plate,?thrust?δ=4.5

Gear,?reverse,?idler     Plate,?thrust?δ=5

JDS30.020       Plate,?thrust?δ=5.5

JDS30.021       Spring?washer

JDS30.075       Nut

JDS30.035       Gear,?cluster

JDS30.034       Spacer

JDS30.036       Spacer

JDS30.023       Gear,?output

JDS30.910       Sychro?nizer?ass'y?(inc.?26-30)

N163-211000-000          Steering?wheel?assembly

GB6173-86       Nut

N163-213001-000          Washer

N163-213300-000          Right?clamp?assembly

N163-213200-000          Bracket

N163-213100-000          Left?clamp?assembly

N163-210006-000          Bolt

N163-210004-000          Washer

N163-210005-000          Sleeve

N163-215000-000          Handle

N163-210003-000          Bolt

N163-210001-000          Sleeve
N163-210002-000     Sleeve

N163-212000-000     Steering?pipe?device

BZZ1-E100BA-G00     Orbitrol

N163-210007-000     Sleeve

N163-611800-000     Pipe?connector

N163-216000-000     Pipe?connector

BZZ1-E100BA-Kit     Seal?kit?for?orbitrol

N163-212002-000     Conducting?ring

N163-212003-000     Top?bush

N163-212004-000     Nylon?bush

N163-212001-001     Steering?shaft

N163-212100-000     Steering?pipe

A-0510008-G00 Rubber?ring?199#

N163-225000-000     Plate

N163-220004-000     Adjusting?shim

N163-223000-000     Plate

H24N4-32451-G00     Shock?absorption?block

R960-222000-000     Steering?axle?body

R960-224000-000     Steering?cylinder

N163-220022-000     Grease?nipple?M6×0.75

N163-220005-000     Pin?shaft

N163-220006-000     Tie-rod?bar

GB9163-90     Bearing?GE20ES-2RS

N163-220007-001     Tie-rod?bar

GB9459-88     Nut?M14×1.5
GB91-86       Pin?3.2×40

N163-220008-001      Pin?shaft

GB13871-92    Oil?seal?FB60×90×8

GB297-94      Bearing?322103DC

N163-220011-000      Bolt

N163-220013-000      Hub

N163-220010-000      Nut

N163-221000-000      Steering?wheel

N163-220016-000      Lock?nut

N163-220017-000      Washer

N163-220014-000      Gasket

N163-220015-000      End?cover

N163-220023-000      Cover

R960-220101-000      Connector

JISB2401-P11-G00     O-ring

N163-220024-000      Bolt

Q701B45-G00 Grease?nipple

N163-220021-000      Oil?seal

GB12764-91    Bearing?HKH3030

GB301-95      Bearing?51206

N163-220002-000      Dustproof?bush

N163-220001-000      Pin

N163-220003-000      Left?Steering?knuckle

N163-220018-000      Screw

N163-220012-000      Adjusting?shim
N163-220025-001        Right?steering?knuckle

N163-221002-000        Inside?wheel?rim

GB2981-91      Tyre?6.50-10-10PR

GB10823-89     Solid?tyre?6.50-10

N163-221001-000        Outside?wheel?rim

N163-221005-000        Bolt

N163-221003-000        Mark

N163-221004-000        Mark

N163-224102-001        Snap?ring

FD2342FO-G00 Dust?proof?ring?40×52×7×10

FU0497K0-G00 Dust?proof?ring?40×50×6

N163-224200-001        Seal?ring

GB79-85        Screw?M8×12

GB3452.1-82    O-ring?58×3.55

R960-224100-000        Body?cylinder

PT0200650-T46NA-G00 Ring

N163-224300-001        Piston?rod

N163-224001-000        Cylinder?connector

R960-224-Kit   Seal?kit?for?steering?cylinder

N163-310000-000        Air?intake?system

R568-310000-000        Air?intake?system

TD27-000-G00 Diesel?engine?TD27

4TNV94L-NHZ-G00        Diesel?engine

N163-330000-000        Cooling?system

R568-330000-000        Cooling?system
N963-320000-000        Exhaust?system

R568-320000-000        Exhaust?system

N163-350000-000        Engine?mount

R568-350000-000        Engine?mount

N963-340000-000        Fuel?system

R568-340000-000        Fuel?system

15208-43G00   Oil?filter

129150-35152 Oil?filter

16405-T9005   Fuel?filter

129907-55800 Fuel?filter

N150-310000-000        Air?intake?system

A490BPG-3-G00          Diesel?engine

A495BPG-3-G00          Diesel?engine

490BPG-64-G00 Diesel?engine

N150-330000-000        Cooling?system

N160-330000-000        Cooling?system

R950-320000-000        Exhaust?system

N150-350000-000        Engine?mount

R960-340000-000        Fuel?system

N161-310000-000        Air?intake?system

R561-310000-000        Air?intake?system

C240PKJ-20-G00         Diesel?engine

N121-330000-000        Cooling?system

N161-330000-000        Cooling?system

R561-330000-000        Cooling?system
R961-320000-000        Exhaust?system

R561-320000-000        Exhaust?system

N121-350000-000        Engine?mount

R531-350000-000        Engine?mount

R961-340000-000        Fuel?system

R531-340000-000        Fuel?system

897049-7080   Oil?filter

894369-2993   Fuel?filter

N152-310000-000        Air?intake?system

4JG2PE-000-G00         Diesel?engine

N152-330000-000        Cooling?system

N162-330000-000        Cooling?system

R962-320000-000        Exhaust?system

N152-350000-000        Engine?mount

R932-340000-000        Fuel?system

897049-7081   Oil?filter

897213-4720   Fuel?filter

H25-000-G00   Peterol?engine

H25KD-000-G00          Peterol?engine

N164-310000-000        Air?intake?system

N165-310000-000        Air?intake?system

R564-310000-000        Air?intake?system

N154-330000-000        Cooling?system

N164-330000-000        Cooling?system

N165-330000-000        Cooling?system
R564-330000-000        Cooling?system

R964-320000-000        Exhaust?system

R965-320000-000        Exhaust?system

R564-320000-000        Exhaust?system

N164-350000-000        Engine?mount

N165-350000-000        Engine?mount

R564-350000-000        Engine?mount

R964-340000-000        Fuel?system

15208-01B01   Oil?filter

16404-78213   Fuel?filter

08120-8751E-G00        Bolt

14064-54T00-G00        Air?intake?shim

08723-15600-G00        Clamp

16575-40K00-G00        Engine?air?intake?pipe

N163-311000-000        Air?cleaner

Q672-56-G00   Clamp?56

N163-310001-000?       Air?intake?pipe

KW1323        Air?filter

N150-311000-000        Air?cleaner

Q672-60-G00   Clamp?60

N150-310001-000        Engine?air?intake?pipe

R568-310001-000        Engine?air?intake?pipe

Q672-70-G00   Clamp?70

N163-310001-000        Air?intake?pipe

R561-310001-000        Engine?air?intake?pipe
N161-310001-000        Engine?air?intake?pipe

Q672-65-G00   Clamp?65

Q672-68-G00   Clamp?68

N152-310001-000        Engine?air?intake?pipe

N164-310001-000        Engine?air?intake?pipe

N165-30001-000         Engine?air?intake?pipe

R564-310001-000        Engine?air?intake?pipe

Q672-75-G00   Clamp?75

R960-800004-500        Air?intake?pipe

R960-801000-500        Air?cleaner

R960-800005-500        Fitting?plate

KYG-KLX       Air?filter

N963-321000-000        Exhaust?pipe

N561-322000-000        Muffler

GB96-85       Washer?8

N163-320100-000        Ringlike?pad

GB1337-88     Nut?M8

QY125-323000-000       Clamp

N950-321000-000        Exhaust?pipe

N150-320001-000        Muffler?left?bracket

R950-322000-000        Muffler?assembly

N150-320002-001        Muffler?right?bracket

R931-321000-000        Exhaust?pipe

R561-321000-000        Exhaust?pipe

R561-322000-000        Muffler?assembly
N121-320001-000     Gasket

R932-321000-000     Exhaust?pipe

N150-320001-001     Muffler?left?bracket

QY125-323000-00     Clamp

R964-321000-000     Exhaust?pipe

R564-321000-000     Exhaust?pipe

R965-321000-000     Exhaust?pipe

R568-321000-000     Muffler?assembly

N163-330100-G00     Expansion?reservoir?tank?21710?40K01

N163-331000-000     Radiator?assembly

N163-330001-W00     Pipe?for?water?inlet

Q672-50-G00   Clamp?50

N163-330001-000     Rubber?pipe?for?inlet

Q672-45-G00   Clamp?45

N163-330002-000     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

N163-333000-000??   Cushion

GB5782-86??? Bolt?M6×30

N163-330003-000??   Seal?strip

N163-332000-000??   Fan?shroud?assembly

N150-331000-000     Radiator?assembly

N160-331000-000     Radiator?assembly

N150-330001-000     Rubber?pipe?for?inlet

N150-330002-001     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

N163-333000-000     Cushion

N163-330003-000     Seal?strip
N150-332000-000     Fan?shroud?assembly

N121-330003-W00     Rubber?pipe?Φ8×Φ12

Q672-42-G00   Clamp?42

N121-330001-000     Rubber?pipe?for?inlet

N152-330001-000     N152-330001-000

R568-330001-000     R568-330001-000

N121-332000-000     N121-332000-000

N152-332000-000     N152-332000-000

R561-332000-000     R561-332000-000

R568-332000-000     R568-332000-000

N121-330002-000     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

N152-330002-000     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

R568-330002-000     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

N164-330001-000     Rubber?pipe?for?inlet

N165-330001-000     Rubber?pipe?for?inlet

R564-330001-000     Rubber?pipe?for?inlet

N164-330002-000     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

N165-330002-000     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

R564-330002-000     Rubber?pipe?for?outlet

N164-332000-000     Fan?shroud?assembly

N165-332000-000     Fan?shroud?assembly

N564-332000-000     Fan?shroud?assembly

R963-341000-000     Cover?of?fuel?case

N163-700007-000     Clamp

Q672-18-G00   Clamp?18
N163-340002-000      Ring?magnetic?iron

R963-340001-W00      Rubber?pipe?Φ6×Φ13.5

R963-340002-W00      Rubber?pipe?Φ6×Φ13.5

N163-341000-G00      Cover?of?fuel?case

Q672-16-G00   Clamp?16

N163-340008-000      Plug

Q672-18-G00?? Clamp?18

R960-340002-W00      Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

R960-340003-W00      Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

N163-341000-G00??    Cover?of?fuel?case

N163-3400002-000     Ring?magnetic?iron

R960-341000-000      Cover?of?fuel?case

R932-340004-W00      Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

N152-340006-000      Bolt

N152-340007-W00      Connector

R932-340001-W00      Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

R932-340002-W00      Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

N152-340002-000      Bracket

N152-341000-G00      Diesel?fule?filter?assembly

N152-342000-G00      Filt?nipple

R932-340003-W00      Rubber?pipe?Φ6×Φ13.6

M163-341000-G00      Cover?of?fuel?case

R964-341000-000      Filter?element

R964-340001-W00      Rubber?pipe?Φ8×Φ16.5

7LK-000-G00   Diesel?fule?filter?assembly
R531-340002-000    Bracket

R961-340003-W00    Rubber?pipe?Φ8×Φ16.5

R961-340001-W00    Rubber?pipe?Φ8×Φ16.5

R568-340001-W00    Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

R568-340003-W00    Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

R568-341000-G00    Oil?-water?separator?YANMAR?

R568-340001-000    Bracket

R568-340002-W00    Rubber?hose?Φ8×Φ16.5

119225-52102 Fuel?feed?pump

GB9457-86    Nut?M14×1.5

N163-350100-000    Engine?left?bracket

N163-350002-000    Washer

N163-350004-000    Pipe

N163-350006-000    washer

N163-350003-000    Cushion

N163-350001-000    Engine?left?mount?plate

N163-350005-000    Washer

N163-350200-000    Engine?right?bracket

N163-350007-000    Engine?right?mount?plate

GB31.3-88    Bolt?M14×1.5×110

N163-350008-000    Adjusting?shim

R564-350100-000    Engine?left?mount?bracket

R531-350100-000    Engine?left?mount?bracket

R564-350500-000    Block

R564-350200-000    Engine?left?bracket
R568-350100-000   Engine?left?bracket

R531-350200-000   Engine?left?bracket

R564-350300-000   Engine?right?bracket

R568-350200-000   Engine?right?bracket

R531-350300-000   Engine?right?bracket

R564-350600-000   Block

R564-350400-000   Engine?rightmount?bracket

R531-350400-000   Engine?rightmount?bracket

N121-350100-000   Engine?left?bracket

N121-350200-000   Engine?right?bracket

N152-350100-000   Engine?left?bracket

N152-350200-000   Engine?right?bracket

N164-350100-000   Engine?left?bracket

N165-350100-000   Engine?left?bracket

N165-350200-000   Engine?right?bracket

R963-410000-000   Truck?frame

R960-410000-000   Truck?frame

R564-410000-000   Truck?frame

R960-450001-000   Left?pedal

R960-450002-000   Right?pedal

N163-442000-000   Battery?box?bracket

N150-442000-000   Battery?box?bracket

N163-441000-000   Angle?iron

N163-440001-000   Pull?rod

R960-421000-000   Instrument?frame
R960-420004-000    Left?cover

N163-420400-000    Screw

R960-420001-000    Right?cover

N163-420006-000    Circular?seal

N163-420005-000    Rectangular?seal

N163-420003-000    Pressure?plate

N163-420200-000    Clamp

N163-420002-000    Dustproof?hood

N163-420500-000    Bolt

R960-420003-000    Left?front?hood

N163-800004-000    Rubber?pulg

R960-420002-000    Right?front?hood

GB29.2-88    Bolt?M8×30

N163-430001-000    Pedal?pad

N150-430001-000    Pedal?pad

N163-431100-000    Floor?board,?front

N150-431100-000    Floor?board,?front

N160-431100-000    Floor?board,?front

R960-432000-000    Floor?board,?rear

R960-433000-000    Engine?hood

N163-430002-000    Left?bracket

N163-430004-000    Bolt

R960-430003-000    Cover?plate

N163-430005-000    Seal?strip

N163-430006-000    Seal?strip
N163-435000-000      Hinge

N163-438000-000      Right?bracket?assembly

GB6177-86     Nut?M8

QC16-200-525/380-G00 Air?spring

N163-431003-000      Mounting?insulator

N163-431004-000      Sleeve

N163-431002-000      Insulator

N163-431001-000      Insulator

N163-432005-000      Insulator?2

N163-432004-000      Insulator?1

N163-433400-000      Cab?mounting?insulator

R960-430005-W00      Hood?insulation?blanket

R960-430006-W00      Hood?insulation?blanket

N163-432007-000      Seal?strip

R960-430004-000      Seal?strip

R960-430001-000      Left?front?hood

R960-430002-000      Right?front?hood

R960-430100-000      Screw

R960-430005-000      Seal?strip

N163-436002-000      Connector

N163-436003-000      Insulator

N163-439100-000      Bracket

N163-436200-000      Bracket

N163-436100-000      Seat

N163-436001-000      Rod
N163-437000-000        Bush

GB896-86     Snap?ring?8

R960-431100-000        Lock?catch

R960-431200-000        lock?hook

SF-1-1020-G00 Bush?1020

R960-431300-000        Bracket

GB882-86     Pin?shaft?B6×18

3-53-00-08   Spring?

R960-431400-000        Lock?catch?guy?wire?assembly

N163-512001-000        Pedal?shim

N163-514100-000        Brake?pedal

GB1152-79    Grease?nipple?M6

N163-510002-000        Bolt

N163-510004-000        Shim

N163-514001-000        Bushing

N163-512002-000        Thrust?ring

N163-510003-000??      Spring

N163-512100-000        Inching?pedal

N163-512003-000        Bush

GB6170-86??? Nut?M6

GB93-87???   Washer?6

N163-510001-000??      Shim

N163-511000-000??      Seat

GB5783-86??? Bolt?M8×30

GB848-85??   Washer?8
GB91-86???   Pin?3.2×16

N163-513100-000     Push?bracket

N163-513001-000     Rod

N163-515000-000     Connector?rod

N561-515100-000     Brake?pedal

N163-510003-000     Spring

R561-514100-000     Inching?pedal

N163-510001-000     Shim

R561-511000-000     Seat

GB848-85     Washer?8

R561-512000-000     Inching?shaft

N160-514100-000     Brake?pedal

N160-511100-000     Inching?pedal

GB6172-86    Nut?M6

N163-511000-001     Seat

N160-515000-000     Bearing

N160-510005-001     Adjusting?rod

N160-516000-000     Bearing

N160-510001-000     Yoke

N160-512000-000     Seat

N160-510002-001     Rod

N160-513000-001     Rocker?arm

N160-510003-000     Bushing

N150-512100-001     Brake?pedal

N150-513000-001     Pull?lod
N150-511002-000     Spring

N150-511001-000     Nut

N150-511100-001     Clutch?pedal?M10×1

GB95-86       Washer?10

N150-510001-000     Yoke

N163-516000-000     Brake?pump?assembly

N163-550210-000     Right?brake?pipe

N163-550201-000     Bushing

N163-550100-000     Left?brake?pipe

N163-516000-Kit     Seal?kit?for?brake?pump

R561-513100-000     Fixed?bracket

R561-513200-000     Upper?plate

SF-1-0806-F-G00     Lubricating?bearing?SF-1?0806

R561-513001-000     Below?plate

N163-523000-000     Pedal?assembly

N163-520002-000     Pedal?shim

N163-521200-000     Rocker?rod?assembly

N163-521100-000     Bracket

N163-521003-000     Bushing

N163-521004-000     Washer

N163-521001-000     Spring

N163-521002-000     Bushing

N163-520001-000     Screw

GB2672-86     GB2672-86

N163-522000-000     N163-522000-000
N163-524000-000     N163-524000-000

PKD-170-G00   PKD-170-G00

N165-511000-000     Throttle?line?assembly

R564-511000-000     Throttle?line?assembly

R564-512000-000     Throttle?line?bracket

N150-521000-000     Throttle?line

50DHA-610002 Guy?wire?pin

N150-522000-000     Thrust?rod?assembly

N121-511000-000     Throttle?line?assembly

N121-510001-000     Guy?wire?pin

R968-510001-000     Bracket

N163-533000-000     N163-533000-000

N163-532000-000     N163-532000-000

N163-534001-000     N163-534001-000

N163-534100-000     N163-534100-000

N163-535000-000     N163-535000-000

N163-531000-000     Shift?cable

N163-536000-000     Bracket

N150-530100-000     Lever,?speed?change

N150-530200-000     Lever,?speed?change

N150-530002-000     Knob,speed?change

N150-530001-000     Knob,speed?change

N160-523000-000     Shift?cable

N160-522000-000     Bracket

N160-521000-000     Rocker?arm
N163-541000-000      Device?assy-parking?brake?control

N163-540001-000      Clip

N163-540002-000      Clip

GB93-87?      Washer?10

GB97.1-85?    Washer?10

N163-601100-000?     Gear?pump

AS568-236-G00 O-ring?AS568-236

N163-604000-000      Oil?pipe?assy

N164-604000-000      Oil?pipe?assy

N163-601201-000?     Pipe?connector

JISB2401-P18-G00     O-ring?P18

Q672-38-G00   Clamp?38

N163-600001-000      Suction?hose

R564-600001-000      Suction?hose

N165-600001-000      Suction?hose

N164-600001-000      Suction?hose

N163-601001-000      Flange

JISB2401-G30-G00     O-ring

N163-601100-Kit      Seal?kit?for?gear?pump

GB5783-86?    Bolt?M10×50?

N150-601100-000      Gear?pump

N152-601100-000      Gear?pump

N150-601201-000      ?connector

JISB2401-P29-G00     O-ring?P29

N150-604000-000      Oil?pipe?assy
N163-601201-000     Pipe?connector

JISB2401-P18-G00?   O-ring?P18

N150-600001-000     Suction?hose

N150-601100-Kit     Seal?kit?for?gear?pump

N152-601100-Kit     Seal?kit?for?gear?pump

CBHZG-F30-ALΦL-G00 Gear?pump

N121-601201-000     Connector

N161-601000-000     Oil?pipe?assy

R561-601000-000     Oil?pipe?assy

N121-601101-000     Connector

R561-600001-000     Suction?hose

N161-600001-000     Suction?hose

R568-600001-000     Suction?hose

CBHZG-F30-ALΦL?-Kit Seal?kit?for?gear?pump

N163-602001-001     Hose

N163-602004-001     Hose

N163-602200-001     Pipe

N163-602003-001     Hose

N163-603102-000     Cover

N163-603103-000     Filter?element

N163-603101-000     Holder

N163-603100-000??   Breather?assy-hydraulic?tank

N163-603200-000     Pipe?connector

Q672-24-G00   Clamp?24

N163-603001-000     Pipe
N163-603301-000   Cover

N163-603302-000   Dipstick

N163-603002-000   Seal?pad

N163-603400-000   Suction?filter

N163-611000-001   Multi-way?valve?assy

N163-610008-000   Pin?shaft

N163-612600-000   Connector?rod

N163-612700-000   Pin?shaft

N163-612800-000   Pin?shaft

N163-612100-000   Bracket

N163-612200-000   Multi-way?valve?hand?1

N163-612300-000   Multi-way?valve?hand?2

N163-612400-000   Multi-way?valve?hand?3

N163-612500-000   Multi-way?valve?hand?4

N163-612001-000   Bush

N163-610001-000   Lifting?Knob

N163-610002-000   Tilting?knob

N163-610003-000   Knob,?attachment

N163-610005-000   Cover?plate

N163-610006-000   Cover?plate

N163-610007-000   Cover?plate

N163-612002-000   Shaft?collar

N163-611100-001   2?spool?valve

N163-611200-001   3?spool?valve

N163-611300-001   4?spool?valve
GB898-88      Stud?M10×1.25×28

N163-611801-000     Connector

N163-611701-000     Connector

N163-611501-000     Connector

N163-611601-000     Connector

N163-611200-Kit     Seal?kit?for?multi-way?valve

N163-620801-W00     Connector

N163-620802-W00     Locking?nut

N163-620803-W00     Snap?ring

N163-620300-000     Rubber?pipe?assy

N163-620400-000     Rubber?pipe?assy

N163-620002-000     Insulator

N163-620001-000     Clamp

N163-620200-000     Tilting?oil?pipe

N163-620100-000     Tilting?oil?pipe

N163-620500-000     Rubber?pipe

N163-620600-000     Rubber?pipe

N163-630700-000??   Connector

N163-663001-W00     Protective?jacket

N163-630003-000     Lower?pressure?pipe

N163-630005-000     Hose

N163-630006-000     Lower?pressure?pipe

N163-630600-001     Rubber?pipe?assy

N163-630300-000     Clamp

GB5781-86     Bolt?M8×30
N163-630200-000       Rubber?pipe?assy

N163-630100-000       Rubber?pipe?assy

N163-630400-000       Rubber?pipe?assy

N150-630400-000       Rubber?pipe?assy

N163-630500-000       Rubber?pipe?assy

N150-630500-000       Rubber?pipe?assy

WD100×90      Right?head?lamp

QXD?160×48    Right?side?lamp

JK406C Pre-head&start?switch

JK801 Turn?signal?lamp?switch

SG-124G       Fuse

JK-107 Head?light?&signal?lamp?switch

JD196 Check?relay

DR-2HZ Oil?quantily?guage

D-704-1E      Timer

DW-2HZA       Water?temerature?gauge

BX2080 Fuse

11069-51K00   Time?relay

JD195 Preheat?relay

DL124ED       Horn

25080-40K01   Oil?warning?switch

32005-40K10   Reverse?switch

JK231C Brake?switch

31918-50K10   Neutral?start?switch

23100-02N61   Alternator
11065-43G01   Preheater

WG-2?(M12×1.25)         Water?temperature?sensor

XH8    Tail?lamp

DJB-12 Reverse?warner

R-Hron?push-button      Horn?button

16412-10H00   Sensor

16450-L1105   Detector

16870-R8100   Fuel?outoff?switch

25240-89911   Oil?pressure?warning?switch

23300-80G00   Starter

6-QW-100C     Battery

RG-5   Oil?quantity?sensor


KNG-8-G00     Resistor

YD101 Time?relay

JFT147-14B    Pressure?adjuster

30112A00AD    Oil?warning?switch

QD1315A       Starter

JF131A Alternator

YG-2?(Z1/4)   Oil?pressure?warning?switch

WG-2?(Z3/8)   Water?temperature?sensor

R960-705000-000         Switch

WG-2?(Z3/8") Water?temperature?sensor

H24C2-40601   Control?box

JD195???      Preheat?relay
DL124ED???    Horn

5812003411    Alternator?12V-35A

8943197002    Preheater

WG-2?(M16×1.5)          Water?temperature?sensor

5824100122    Fuel?pressure?warning?switch

8944532120    Starter?12V-2KW

8972283180    Alternator?12V-50A

8970437440    Preheater

WG-2(M16×1.5)           Water?temperature?sensor

8970429972    Starter?12V-2.2KW

22020-55K10   lanition?winding

23100-50K10   Alternator

22401-W8914 Spark?plug

WG-2?(M12×1.5)          Water?temperature?sensor

22100-60K10   Current?separator

23300-K9160   Starter

JD131 Starter?relay

6-QW-60       Battery

RG-3   oil?quality?sensor

JD131???      Starter?relay

119005-77050 Preheater

119836-77201 Alternator?12V-40A

114250-39450 Fuel?pressure?warning?switch

129211-77920 Time?relay?12V

119233-77930 Shut-down?electromagnet?12V
230C2-42201   Diode

123900-77010 Starter?12V-3KW

LTD152A       Lamp

R960-820000-000       Overhead?guard

N163-800002-000       Rubber?pipe

No.0-G00      Clamp

96303116100-G00       Rear?mirror?assembly

N163-800001-000       Cover?plate

GB818-85(A)   Screw?M5×12

R960-840000-000       Left?pillar?assembly

R960-830000-000       Right?pillar?assembly

N163-800005-000       Bolt

N163-800006-000       Washer

R30M300-200000-000 Inside?mast

R35M300-200000-000 Inside?mast

R30M300-100000-000 Outside?mast

R35M300-100000-000 Outside?mast

R30M300-030000-000 Chain

R35M300-030000-000 Chain

GB5783-96     Bolt?M12×40

2025C3-100002 Adjust?gasket

N30N450-000005-000 Screw?M20×53

N30M300-500000-000 Left?lifting?cylinder

N35M300-500000-000 Left?lifting?cylinder

N30M300-400000-000 Right?lifting?cylinder
N35M300-400000-000 Right?lifting?cylinder

R30M300-000001-000 U-bolt

R35M300-000001-000 U-bolt


N30M300-020000-000 Load?bracket

N30M300-010000-W00?           Fork?assembly

N35M300-010000-W00?           Fork?assembly

R30M300-300000-000 Fork?carriage?assembly

R35M300-300000-000 Fork?carriage?assembly

N30N450-001000-000 Pin?shaft

N30M300-004000-000 Bolt?M10×1.25×20

N30M300-006000-000 Bolt?M14×1.5×30

N30M300-000009-000 Pulg

780309K-G00   Chain?wheel

780709H-G00 Chain?wheel

GB5783-986    Bolt?M12×25

GB68-85       Screw?M8×16

2025M3-100001        Guide?board

2025TT-100008 Adjust?gasket

N30M300-000006-000 Bearing?liner

N30M300-000005-000 Bearing?cap

N30M300-005000-000 Bolt?M18×1.5×55

GB70-85       Screw?M10×30

N30M300-001000-000 Pin?shaft

GB/T6074-1995 Chain?LH1623×77
2030TT-104002 Pin?shaft

3.5M3H-002002          Pin?shaft

3M3C-002001A Connector

3.5M3H-002001          Connector

760311Y1 或 Y2-G00      Roller?Φ121.5

80511K2-G00    Roller?55×120×34

2025TT-100011 Adjust?gasket

2025TT-100012 Press?cover

2025C3-100001 Side?roller?shaft

80505K-G00     Side?roller?25×80×22

GB895.1-86     Snap?ring?25

2025M3-100005          Screw

R30M300-301000-000 Fork?shelf

R35M300-301000-000 Fork?shelf

N30M300-300005-G00 Rubber?cover

N30M300-300009-000 Seat

N30M300-300008-000 Adjusting?shim

N30M300-300007-000 Adjusting?shim

80511Y1 或 Y2-G00       Cross?roller?55×121.5×34

N30M300-300006-000 Press?Cover

N30M300-000011-000 Washer

N30M300-000010-000 Adjusting?shim

CN-17-G00      Side?roller

N30M300-400002-W00 Piston

N35M300-400002-W00 Piston
N30M300-400003-W00 Ring

N35M300-400003-W00 Ring

N30M300-400004-W00 Ring

N35M300-400004-W00 Ring

FU2144L0-G00 OSI-seal?ring?D56

FU0784L0-G00 OSI-seal?ring?D63

N30M300-400005-W00 Sleeve

N35M300-400005-W00 Sleeve

N30M300-401000-W00 Cylinder?body,?right

N35M300-401000-W00 Cylinder?body,?right

N30M300-501000-W00 Cylinder?body,?left

N35M300-501000-W00 Cylinder?body,?left

FD2633A0-G00 Dustproof?ring?d45

FU0567K0-G00 ISI-seal?ring?d45

N30M300-402000-W00 Guide?sleeve

N35M300-402000-W00 Guide?sleeve

N30M300-400001-W00 Piston?rod

N35M300-400001-W00 Piston?rod

N30M300-403000-W00 Nozzle?valve?assy

JISB2401-P14-G00     O-ring?P18

N30M300-4/5-Kit      Seal?kit?for?lifting?cylinder

N35M300-4/5-Kit      Seal?kit?for?lifting?cylinder

R30M300-600002-000 Ear?ring

N30M300-600002-W00 Bearing

GB1152-89     Grease?nipple?M6
D30-G00        Dustproof?ring?D30×38×5×6.5

N30M300-602000-000 Guide?sleeve

N35M300-602000-000 Guide?sleeve

RU3000300-Z20-G00      U-seal?ring?D30

RS1300300-T46NA-G00 Seal?ring?D30

R30M300-601000-000 Cylinder?body

R35M300-601000-000 Cylinder?body

FU0846K0-G00 OSI-seal?ring?D70

Guide?sleeve   OSI-seal?ring?D80

O-ring?75×3.1 Snap?ring?70×60×2.5

O-ring?85×3.1 Snap?ring?80×70×2.5

U-seal?ring?D30        O-ring?35×3.1

Seal?ring?D30 Snap?ring

O-ring?70×5.7 Snap?ring

O-ring?80×5.7 Ring

Cylinder?body Ring?80×75×16

OSI-seal?ring?D70      Pin?5×45

SF-1-3545-G00 Combination?bush?3545

N30M300-600006-000 Ring?70×61×2.5

N35M300-600001-W00 Ring?80×71×2.5

R30M300-6-Kit Seal?kit?for?tilting?cylinder

GT-3001-G00    Clamp-band

N30M300-700002-000 Band

N30M300-700001-000 Return?oil?pipe?Φ14.5/Φ9.5

N30M330-700001-000 Return?oil?pipe?Φ14.5/Φ9.5
S16M300-700003-000 Clip

N30M300-003000-000 Bolt?M8×1.25×16

N30M300-700004-000 Return?oil?pipe?Φ14.5/Φ9.5

N30M330-700004-000 Return?oil?pipe?Φ14.5/Φ9.5

N30M300-700005-000 Tee?connector

N30M300-700008-000 Clip

N30M300-701000-000 Oil?pipe?assy

N30M300-702000-000 Nnidirectional?speed?limiting?valve

JISB2401-P24-G00      O-ring?P24

N25M300-704000-000 Tee?connector

N30M300-700007-000 Return?oil?pipe

N30M300-700009-000 Cover,oil?pipe

N30M300-703000-000 Oil?pipe

CS0K-00-05F   Pulley?wheel

GB97.2-87     Washer?14

CS0F-00-01    Pulley?Bolt

CS0K-00-01    Block

30DH-1000004 Fix?Board

JB1885-77     Oil?pipe?assy?10I-300A/A

CSOS-00-04    Connector

1D60-00-01    Connector

CS0C-10-00    Connector?seat

30DH-600012 Connector

3-60-00-02    Bolt

30DH-600010 Connector
3-60-00-04    Bolt

J25B300-900010-W00 Nylon?sleeve(φ17×1)

CS0C-10-00L   Connector?seat

30DH-500001 Fix?Board

N30U300-100000-001 Outside?mast

N35U300-100000-000 Outside?mast

N30U300-200000-001 Inside?mast

N35U300-200000-000 Inside?mast

N30U300-700000-001 Mast?piping

N30U300-000002-000 Washer

N35U300-0000001-000 Washer

N30N450-000013-000 Washer?8

R30M300-600000-000 Tilting?cylinder

R35M300-600000-000 Tilting?cylinder

R30M300-300000-001 Fork?carriage?assembly

R35M300-300000-001 Fork?carriage?assembly

2025N4.3-000004       Sleeve

2025N4.3-003100       Chain?wheel?seat

N30U300-000006-000 U-Bolt

N30M300-000016-000 Screw

N30U300-500000-001 Lift?cylinder,?left

N35U300-500000-001 Lift?cylinder,?left

N30U300-400000-001 Lift?cylinder,?right

N35U300-400000-001 Lift?cylinder,?right

2025C3-000004 Bolt
3.5N4.5H-000001        Bolt

N30U300-040000-001 Chain

3.5U3H-001000 Chain

N30U300-800000-001 Lift?cylinder,?short

N35U300-800000-000 Lift?cylinder,?short

GB75-85       Screw?M6×12

1QN5-200002 Pin?shaft

CSOR-00-01    Wheel

CSOR-00-07    Sleeve

CSOR-00-08    Screw

N30U300-040001-001 Connector

N30U300-000004-000 Buffer?pad

N30U300-000003-000 Adjust?shim

N30U300-000005-000 Plate

GB65-85       Screw?M6×14

GB5782-96     Bolt?M12×40

3U3A-101000 Side?roller

3U3A-100002 Adjust?shim

N30U300-301000-000 Fork?carriage?assembly

N35U300-301000-000 Fork?carriage?assembly

Fork?carriage?assembly Bolt?M8×20

Roller?Φ121.5 Adjusting?shim

Press?Cover   Side?roller

Seat   Washer?10

Adjusting?shim Bolt?M10×50
Cross?roller?55×121.5×34         Washer?12

Washer?8        Adjust?shim

N35U300-400000-000 Lift?cylinder,?right

N35U300-500000-000 Lift?cylinder,?left

2.5DCJ32-00-05 Support?ring

N30U300-401000-W01 Cylinder?body

N35U300-401000-W00 Cylinder?body

GB822-88        Screw?M8×10

N30U300-400001-W01 Pole?stopper?rod?assembly,?right

N35U300-400006-W00 Pole?stopper?rod?assembly,?right

N30U300-501000-W01 Pole?stopper?rod?assembly,?left

N35U300-502000-W00 Pole?stopper?rod?assembly,?left

2.5CDJ-32-00-07         Plug

CL0077C2-G00 Dust?seal?ring?d40

CL0085C0-G00 Dust?seal?ring?d45

2.5CDJ32-00-02B         Cylinder?cover

3.5U3H-400001 Cylinder?cover

2.5CDJ32-00-03B         Sleeve

3.5U3H-400002 Sleeve

FU049K0-G00 ISI-seal?ring?d40

2.5CDJ-32/33-Kit        Seal?kit?for?lifting?cylinder

3.5U3H-4/5-Kit Seal?kit?for?lifting?cylinder

2.5CDJ-34-00-04A        Support?ring

3.5N4.5H-500003         Support?ring

N30U300-801000-W00 Cylinder?body
N35U300-801000-W00 Cylinder?body

D2-85B-G00     Yx-seal?ring?d85

FU1051K0-G00 ISI-seal?ring?d95

N30U300-802000-W00 Pole?stopper?rod?assembly

N35U300-802000-W00 Piston?rod

CL0142C0-G00 LBH-dust?seal?ring?d85

CL0152C0-G00 LBH-dust?seal?ring?d95

2.5CDJ-34-00-01C        Cylinder?cover

3.5N4.5H*500001         Cylinder?cover

2.5CDJ-34-00-02C        Guide?bush

3.5N4.5H*500002A        Guide?bush

2025N4.3-7-Kit Seal?kit?for?short?cylinder

3.5U3H-7-Kit   Seal?kit?for?short?cylinder

3M3H-700001 Bolt

N30U300-700002-000 Connector

N30U300-700003-001 Oil?pipe?assy

N30U300-701000-001 Oil?pipe?assy

2.5U3H-600004 Clip

N30N450-200003-000 Connector

N30U300-700005-W00 Rubber?pipe

3M3H-700011 Connector

N30U300-700007-000 Plug

CSOS-00-07     Sleeve

CSOS-00-08     Bolt

CS0S-40-00     Rubber?hose

CS0S-30-00A   Slipping?lump

CS0SX-20-00   Slipping?lump

2025C3-200006 Press?block

2025C3-200009 Press?block

1QN5-200004 Clip

GB97.1-86     Washer?10

CSOS-20-00A   Slipping?lump


CS0S-00-04    Connector

CS0S-50-00A   Connector?seat

CS0S-00-05    Connector

CS0S-00-03A   Plate

CS0S-10-00A   Connector?seat

CSOS*00-06    Oil?pipe?assy?6I-1840G/G

3-60-00-01    Connector

3-60-00-03    ConnectorOil?pipe?assy

H2R/H8R-007 Connector

H2R/H8R-006 Connector

GBH2R-H8R     Bolt?M12×90

H2R/H8R-008 Mounting?Block

H2R-001       Monnting?Broad

H8R-001       Monnting?Broad

H2R679532     Hose?Reel

H8R679534     Hose?Reel
H2R/H8R-004 Monnting?Broad

H2R/H8R-005 Monnting?Broad

679994 Junction?Block

GB6170-85     Nut?M8

CS0S2-50-00   Connector?seat

CSOS-00-05    Connector

CSOS2-30-00   Slipping?lump(Left)

CSOS2-40-00   Slipping?lump(Right)

CS0R-00-20B   defend?board

2025N4.3-20004B         Shaft?sleeve

CS0R-00-04C   Pulley?wheel

GB97.1-87     Washer?14

JB188-77      Oil?pipe?assy

CS0S-60-00    Oil?pipe?assy

CS0G26-60-00 Connector?seat

N30N450-100000-000 Mast

N35N450-100000-000 Mast

N30N450-200000-000 Mast?piping

N35N450-200000-000 Mast?piping

780408-G00    Chain?wheel

780408H-G00 Chain?wheel

3M3-00-00-01 Washer

N30N450-000007-000 Rubber?sleeve

3N4.5-001000 Chain

3.5N4.5H-001000         Chain
R30M430-600000-000 Tilt?cylinder

R35M430-600000-000 Tilt?cylinder

R30M450-300000-000 Fork?carriage?assembly

R35M450-300000-000 Fork?carriage?assembly

R30M450-000005-000 U-Bolt

R35M450-000005-000 U-Bolt

2025N4.3-00006         Chain?seat

N30M300-010000-W00 Fork?assembly

N35M300-010000-W00 Fork?assembly

3M3H-400000A Lift?cylinder,left

3.5N4.5H-400000A       Lift?cylinder,?left

3M3H-500000A Lift?cylinder,?right

3.5N4.5H-300000A       Lift?cylinder,?right

3.5N3H-001000 Bolt

3N4.5-002000 Chain

3N4.5H-400000 Lift?cylinder,?short

3.5N4.5H-500000        Lift?cylinder,?short

N30N450-102000-000 Outside?mast

N35N450-102000-000 Outside?mast

N30N450-101000-000 Inside?mast

N35N450-101000-000 Inside?mast

N30N450-103000-000 Middle?mast

N35N450-103000-000 Middle?mast

760311K/K1-G00         Roller?Φ120

N35N450-301000-000 Fork?carriage
3M3H-010001 Fork

3.5M3H-010001          Fork

3M3H-010102 Pin?shaft

3M3H-010104 Spring

3M3H-010101 Knob

3M3H-401000A Cylinder?body,?right

3M3H-501000A Cylinder?body,?left

3M3H*400005A           Piston?rod

3M3H-4/5-Kit Seal?kit?for?lifting?cylinder

3.5M3H-300000A         Lift?cylinder,?right

3.5M3H-400000A         Lift?cylinder,?left

3M3H-400001 Plug

3M3H-400002 Plug

GB74-85        Screw?M8×10

3.5M3H-400001A         Guide?sleeve

3M3H-400009 Bushing

3.5M3H-400002A         Bush

3.5M3H-400005A         Adjusting?washer

3N4.5H-300001 Piston?rod

3M3H-400010 Connector

2.5M3H-400005          Ring

3.5M3H-400004A         Ring

3.5M3H-400003A         Piston

3M3H-400008 Snap?shim

FU0743H0-G00 ODI-seal?ring?D60
3N4.5H-301000 Cylinder?body

3.5M3H-4/5-Kit Seal?kit?for?lifting?cylinder

3N4.5H-500000A          Lift?cylinder,?short

3.5N4.5H*5000003        Ring

3N4.5H-401000 Cylinder?body

3.5N4.5H*5020000        Cylinder?body

2.5CDJ-34-10-00B        Piston?rod

3.5N4.5H*501000         Piston?rod

3N4.5H-200005 Oil?pipe?assy

N30N450-201000-000 Connector

N30N450-200004-000 Clip

J30N450-200005-W00 Return?oil?pipe?Φ8×Φ11×2800

N30N450-200005-000 Oil?pipe?assy?

XSF2-F16L-3T-G00        Speed?limiting?valve

2025N4.3-200005         Connector

N30N450-200023-000 Tee?connector

2X-8-12-G00     Hose?clamps

2025N4.3-200004         Shaft?sleeve

N30N450-200019-W00 Return?oil?pipe?Φ8×Φ11×870

N30N450-200007-W00 Oil?pipe?assy?13Ⅱ-3235

N35N450-200007-W00 Oil?pipe?assy?13Ⅱ-3435

2.5N4.5H-200012         Clip

2025N4.3-200003         Pulley?wheel

N30N450-200020-W00 Return?oil?pipe?Φ8×Φ11×1290

3N4.5H-200001 Connector
3M3H-700014 Clip

2.5N4.5H-200002        Connector

2.5N4.5H-200003        Bolt

N30N450-200013-W00 Oil?pipe?assy?13Ⅱ-550

2.5N4.5H-200010        Clip

2.5N4.5H-200001A       Connector

3N4.5H-200003 Connector

3N4.5H-200004 Bolt

2.5N4.5H*200014        Nylon?sleeve(Φ17×1)

CS0R-00-04    Pulley?wheel

CS0R-00-04B   Pulley?wheel

CS0R-00-03A   Clip

CS0R-20-00    Connector?seat

CS0G26-00-02 Connector

CS0G26-00-01 Connector

20JB/T982-1977         Washer

22373-72041   Wheel cylinder ass'y

22492-74010G Cap,dust

22493-71010G PLATE

22493-71020G Rivet

22493-71030G Pin

22493-72030G Adjuster staff

22673-72061a Body

22673-72071   Piston

22673-72081G Cup,piston
22673-72091   Spring

22673-72101   Cover,dust

22673-72111   Rod,piston

22673-72131   Screw,bleeder

22673-72141   Cap,screw

22673-72231   Pin,lever

22673-72251   Shim

22673-72321   Plug,rubber

2353-72171    Spring

23653-72041   Adjusting cover

23653-72051   Spring

23653-72071C Lever LH brake

23653-72081   Strut

23653-72091   Spring

23653-72101   Pin,shoe hold

23653-72111   Washer,cup

23653-72121   Washer,cup

23653-72131   Plate,shoe guide

23653-72151   Lever L.H pole

23653-72161   Stopper,pole lever

23653-72191   Washer,cup

23653-73011   Brake plate ass'y

23653-73021   Brake shoe

23673-72261   Spring,shoe return

23673-72391   Spring
24433-70010G Spring parking

24433-70020G Spring seating

24433-70030G Spring

24433-70040G Cove adjusting hole

24433-70050G Spring

24433-70060G Oriented block

24433-70070G Spring

24433-70080G Oriented block

24433-70090G Spring

24433-70100G Lever

24433-70120G-30H      Lever pushing

24433-70130G Spring

24433-70140G Lever parking

24433-70150G Pin

24433-70160G Spring shim

24433-70170G Retainer

24433-70411-30N       Brake ass'y,(L.H.)

24433-70412-30N       Brake ass'y,(R.H.)

24433-71000G Brake shoe

24433-73000G Spring fitting assembly

24433-74000G Adjusting fitting assembly

24433-75000G Brake shoe

24433-76000G Wheel cylinder ass'y(2~9)

24433-76010G Body

24433-76020G Piston
24433-76030G Cup,piston

24433-76040G Spring

24433-76060G Stopper,pole lever

24433-76070G Seat,tube

24433-76090G Screw,bleeder

24433-76100G Cap,screw

35DH×72000G Brake plate ass'y

B5310-00010   Washer

GB/T119-86-6h Pin

GB/T276-94    Deep groove ball bearings

GB/T297-94    Bearing,taper rollrt

GB/T70.1-2000 Bolt

GB/T879.1-2000         Pin

GB119-76      Pin parallel

GB119-86      Pin,parallel

GB120-85      Pin

GB1235-76     O-ring

GB308-89      Ball,steel

GB3452.1-92   O-ring

GB5780-86     Bolt

GB5781-86     Bolt

GB5782-86     Bolt M8×16

GB5783-86     Bolt

GB5783-96     Bolt

GB5786-86     Bolt
GB5846-86     Bearing,needle

GB6171-86     Nut

GB6176-86     Nut

GB6181-86     Nut

GB70-85       Bolt

GB7244-87     Washer

GB78-85       Screws

GB818-85      Nut

GB859-76      Washer

GB893.1-86    Snap ring,internal

GB894.1-86    Snap ring

GB91-86       Screw

GB93-86       Washer,lock

GB93-87       Washer

GB9877.1-88   Seal,oil

GB9877.2-88   Seal oil

HG4-692-67    Oil seal

JB/ZQ4446-86 Plug

JB1000-77     Plug

JB982-77      Washer

N040-110001-000          Bolt

N040-110100-000          Connector

N120-100001-000          Gasket

N120-110001-000          Plate

N120-110002-000          Plate
N120-111000-G00         Left brake

N120-112000-G00         Right brake

N150-100001-000         Gasket

N163-110001-000         Plate

N163-110002-000         Plate

N163-110003-000         Plate

N163-110005-000         Stud

N163-110009-000         Lock nut

N163-110011-000         Locking shim

N163-110016-000         Plug

N163-110017-000         Plug

N163-110018-000         Gasket

N163-110019-000         Clamp split-ring

N163-110021-000         Nut

N163-110100-G00         Bearing

N163-111000-G00         Left brake

N163-111001-000         Cable L.H.

N163-112000-G00         Right brake

N163-120002-000         Clamp

N63-110004-000          Bolt

Q/301 B202-86 Combined sealing washer

Q/ZB285         Plug

Q23-03 Washer

Q672-20-G00     Clamp

Q903-Z 1/8-G00Vented plug
R9615-100001-000       Bolt

RC250-110000-000       Drive axle assy

RC250-110001-000       Hub

RC250-110002-000       Half shaft

RC250-110003-000       Hub nut

RC250-112001-000       Axle

RC250-112002-000       Plug

RC250-120000-000       oilcoolingpipeassembly

RC250-120001-W00       Rubber pipe

RC250-120002-W00       Rubber pipe

RC301-110000-000       Drive axle assy

RC301-110001-000       Hub

RC301-110002-000       Half shaft

RC301-110003-000       Hub nut

RC301-112001-000       Axle

RC301-112002-000       Plug

RC301-120000-000       oilcoolingpipeassembly

RC301-120001-W00       Rubber pipe

RC301-120002-W00       Rubber pipe

REF000560×L   Brake ass'y,(L.H.)

REF000560×R Brake ass'y,(R.H.)

YDS30.051     Cover

YDS30-0010    Gasket

YQX25-0001    Shaft,output

YQX25-0003    Gear,sprial bevel
YQX25-0004   Plate,lock

YQX25-0101   Bearing seat

YQX25-0102   Case,mission

YQX25-2001   Washer,lock

YQX25-2002   Bolt

YQX25-2004   Washer,thrust

YQX25-2005   Shaft,pinion 2

YQX25-2006   Gear,pinion

YQX25-2007   Washer

YQX25-2008   Shaft,pinion 1

YQX25-2009   Gear,side

YQX25-2101   Case,cross R,H

YQX25-2102   Case,cross L,H

YQX30.0007   Pipe oil fill

YQX30-0001   Retainer,oil seal

YQX30-0002   Shim

YQX30-0003   Collapsible

YQX30-0005   Seal,oil

YQX30-0009   Gasket

YQX30-0011   Shaft,output

YQX30-0012   Gear output

YQX30-0013   Gear,idler

YQX30-0014   Nut,bearing

YQX30-0015   Shaft,idler

YQX30-0016   Shim
YQX30-0017   Shim

YQX30-0019   Spacer

YQX30-0020   Gear,sprial bevel

YQX30-0021   Cover,bearing

YQX30-0022   Gasket

YQX30-0023   Plate,lock

YQX30-0101   Bolt,bearing cap

YQX30-0202   Cover

YQX30-0300   Strainer

YQX30-0400   Cup

YQX30-0401   Handle

YQX30-0402   Filter elment

YQX30-0403   Gasket

YQX30-0404   Blank panels

YQX30-0405   Dipstick

YQX30-1000   Hydraulic clutch ass'y

YQX30-1001   Plate,end

YQX30-1002   Piston

YQX30-1003   Gear,forward

YQX30-1004   Spring,return

YQX30-1005   Gear,reverse

YQX30-1006   Ring,seal

YQX30-1007   Ring,thrust

YQX30-1008   Ring,thrust

YQX30-1009   Seat,spring
YQX30-1010   Plug

YQX30-1011   Ring,seal

YQX30-1012   Spacer

YQX30-1013   Disk,friction

YQX30-1014   Snap ring

YQX30-1100   Shaft,input

YQX30-1101   Shaft input

YQX30-1102   Hydraulic clutch case

YQX30-2001   Washer,lock

YQX30-2002   Bolt

YQX30-2004   Washer,thrust

YQX30-2005   Shaft,pinion 2

YQX30-2006   Gear,pinion

YQX30-2007   Washer

YQX30-2008   Shaft,pinion 1

YQX30-2009   Gear,side

YQX30-2101   Case,cross R,H

YQX30-2102   Case,cross L,H

YQX30-2103   Washer,lock

YQX30-2104   Bolt

YQX30-3000   Charging pump

YQX30-3001   Bushing

YQX30-3002   Plug

YQX30-3003   Gear,drive

YQX30-3004   Bushing
YQX30-3005   Gear,driven

YQX30-3006   SUPPORT

YQX30-3007   Case,pump

YQX30-4001   Washer

YQX30-4003   Spring

YQX30-4005   Pipe fitting

YQX30-4103   Plug

YQX30-4104   Spring

YQX30-4105   Plug

YQX30-4106   Spring

YQX30-4107   Spring

YQX30-4108   Piston

YQX30-4111   Spring

YQX30-4112   Balsa

YQX30-5000   Inching valve

YQX30-5001   Plug

YQX30-5002   Spring

YQX30-5003   Plug

YQX30-5004   Spool

YQX30-5005   Spring

YQX30-5006   Spacer

YQX30-5007   Body,valve

YQX30-5008   Plunger

YQX30-6000   Torque-converter

YQX30AS-0101 Case,mission
YQX30AS-0501 Seat

YQX30AS-0502 Screw

YQX30AS-0503 Gasket

YQX30AS-0510 Strainer

YQX30D-4112 Piston

YQX30D-4120 Valve body

YQX30D-4200 Cover control valve

YQX30G1-0200 Case,tor-con

YQX30G1-6000 Torque-converter

YQXC25-0002 Shaft,final pinion gear

YQXC25-2003 Gear,ring

YQXC30-0018 Shaft,final pinion gear

YQXC30-2003 Gear,ring

YQXCD25C-G00 Hydraulic transmission boy

YQXCD25G1-G00            Hydraulic transmission boy

YQXCD30G1-G00            Hydraulic transmission boy

YQXD30-4112 Cover

N163-220008-001          Pin shaft

GB9163-90     Bearing

GB13871-92    Oil seal

GB297-94      Bearing

RC250-221000-000         Steering wheel assembly

N163-220016-000          Lock nut

N163-220017-000          Washer

N163-220014-000          Gasket
N163-220015-000         End cover

GB2673-86     Screw M6×12

N163-220023-002         Cover

N163-220026-001         Plate

R960-220101-000         Connector

JISB2401-P11-G00        O-ring

Q701B45-NPT1/8-G00 Grease nipple

N163-220021-000         Oil seal

JB/T7918-95   Bearing

GB301-95      Bearing

N163-220002-000         Dustproof bush

RC250-220003-000        Pin

RC250-220001-000        Left steering knuckle

N163-220027-000         Bolt

N163-220012-000         Adjusting shim

RC250-220006-000        Right steering knuckle

RC250-220002-000        Sleeve

RC250-220007-000        Sleeve

N163-211000-000         Steering wheel assembly

GB6173-86     Nut M16×1.5

GB6184-86     Nut M10

N163-213001-000         Washer

N163-213300-000         Right clamp assembly

N163-213200-000         Bracket

N163-213100-000         Left clamp assembly
N163-210006-000      Bolt

N163-210004-000      Washer

N163-210005-000      Sleeve

N163-215000-001      Handle

N163-210003-000      Bolt

N163-210001-000      Sleeve

N163-210002-000      Sleeve

N163-212000-001      Steering pipe device

102S-5T-125-09-B-G00 Orbitrol

N163-210007-000      Sleeve

N163-214000-000      Pipe connector

N163-216000-000      Pipe connector

5OW-423003A Conductive cover

N163-212006-000      Sleeve

N163-212005-000      Steering shaft

N163-212300-000      Steering pipe assembly

50W-423005A Sleeve

GB71-85       Screw M3×8

GB73-85       Screw M5×8

N163-212007-W00      Sleeve

GB9328-88     Line

DJ3011A-4-11-G00     Plug

DJ211-4B-G00 Plug

3E-215005     Ring

CL0087C3-G00 Dustproof ring
FU0619K0-G00 Seal ring

PT0300800-T46NA-G00 Ring

RC250-223001-W00        Guide bush

RC250-223200-W00        Body cylinder

SF-1-4025-G00 Bushing

GB893.2-86    SNAP RING 35

GB9459-88     Nut M4×1.5

N030-220005-000         Adjusting shim

N030-223000-000         Plate

N163-220005-000         PIN


R960-220001-000          Shock absorption block

RC250-220004-000        TIE-ROD BAR

RC250-220005-000        TIE-ROD BAR

RC250-222000-000        STEERING AXLE BODY

RC250-223000-000        STEERING CYLINDER

GB1099-79     Key

GB12732-1996 BELT WHEEL

GB1337-88     Nut

GB276-94      bearing

GB278-94      BEARING

GB6170-86     Nut

GB6178-86     Nut

GB96-85       Washer

GB97.1-85     Washer
GM3.0-SIIIRB-G00      Gasoline engine

N150-350100-000       Cushion

N163-320100-000       Ringlike dampene

N163-330003-000       Seal strip

N163-330100-G00       Radiator assembly

N163-333000-000       Cushion

N163-340008-000       Pulg

N163-700007-000       Pad

N171-370000-000       AIR STORAGE SYSTEM

N171-371000-000       LPG TANK BRACKET ASSY

N171-372000-000       LPG TANK

Q672-12-G00   Clamp

Q672-16-G00   Clamp

Q672-45-G00   Clamp

Q672-50-G00   Clamp

Q672-56-G00   Clamp

Q676-76-G00   Clamp

R453-340000-000       Fuel system

R453-340001-000       Filter element

R5611-301000-000      FAN

R9615-300001-000      Flywheel housing

R9615-300002-000      SLEEVES

R9615-300003-000      Seal

R9615-310001-000      Air intake pipe

R9615-310002-000      Bracket
R9615-311000-000   Air cleaner

R9615-320001-000   Bolt

R9615-330002-000   Inlet pipe

R9615-330003-W00   Pipe

R9615-340001-G00   Support

R9615-340002-G00   connector

R9615-340003-G00   connector

R9615-341000-G00   Pipe

R9615-342000-G00   connector

R9615-343000-G00   Pipe

R9615-360000-000   Fan and strap

R9615-360001-000   Bolt

R9615-360002-000   Pipe

R9615-360003-000   BELT WHEEL

R9615-360004-000   SEAT

R9615-360005-000   Pipe

R9615-360006-000   SEAT

R9615-360007-000   Washer

R9615-360008-000   axes

R9615-360009-000   Bolt

R9615-360010-000   BELT WHEEL

R9615-361000-000   Support

R9615-362000-G00   WHEEL

R9615-371000-000   transmission shaft

R9616-310000-000   Air intake system
R9616-310001-000    Engine air intake pipe

R9616-310001-W00    Pipe

R9616-320001-000    Gasket

R9616-320002-000    Gasket

R9616-322000-000    Muffler assembly

R9616-341000-G00    filter

R9621-330001-000    Intlet pipe

R9621-331000-000    Radiator assembly

RC251-320000-000    Exhaust system

RC251-321000-000    Exhaust pipe

RC251-322000-000    Exhaust pipe

RC251-330000-000    Cooling system

RC251-330001-000    Left support

RC251-332000-000    Fan shroud assembly

RC251-340000-000    Fuel pipe

RC251-340001-000    Support

RC251-340002-000    Support

RC251-350000-000    Engine mount

RC251-350100-000    Engine left bracket

RC251-350200-000    Engine right bracket


RC251-360001-000    Support


RC301-360001-000    Support

30060-G00    Rear mirror
3-53-00-08   Spring

GB12618-90   Rivet

GB29.2-88    Bolt

GB6177-86    Nut

GB882-86     Pin shaft

GB896-86     Snap ring

GB9074.14-88 Bolt M8×16

GR601-010005-000      Ton nameplate

N090-020004-000       Load nameplate

N090-020005-000       Load nameplate

N090-020006-000       Load nameplate

N120-020004-000       Load nameplate

N120-020005-000       Load nameplate

N120-020006-000       Load nameplate

N163-010002-000       Plug

N163-010003-000       Bolt

N163-010005-000       Washer

N163-010007-000       Adjust shim

N163-010008-000       Adjust shim

N163-011000-000       Towing pin

N163-020001-000       Script nameplate

N163-020002-000       Dangerous nameplate

N163-020004-000       Fuse nameplate

N163-020005-000       Fuse nameplate

N163-020008-000       Lift nameplate
N163-020009-000   Dangerous nameplate

N163-020013-000   Shift nameplate

N163-020014-000   Operation nameplate

N163-020015-000   Load nameplate

N163-020016-000   Warn nameplate

N163-020018-000   Operation nameplate

N163-020019-000   Fan nameplate

N163-020020-000   Belt nameplate

N163-020021-000   Load nameplate

N163-020022-000   Load nameplate

N163-420002-000   Dustproof hood

N163-420003-000   Pressure plate

N163-420005-000   Rectangular seal

N163-420100-000   Screw

N163-420200-000   Clamp

N163-420400-000   Screw

N163-420500-000   Bolt

N163-430002-000   Left bracket

N163-430004-000   Bolt

N163-430005-000   Seal strip

N163-430006-000   Seal strip

N163-431001-000   Insulator

N163-431002-000   Insulator

N163-431003-000   Mounting insulator

N163-431004-000   Sleeve
N163-432004-000       Insulator

N163-432005-000       Insulator

N163-432007-000       Seal strip

N163-433400-000       Cab mounting

N163-435000-000       Hinge

N163-436001-000       Rod

N163-436002-000       Connector plate

N163-436003-000       Insulator

N163-436100-000       Seat

N163-436200-000       Bracket

N163-437000-000       Bush

N163-438000-000       Right bracket

N163-439100-000       Bracket

N163-440001-000       Pull rod

N163-610100-W00       Fastener

N163-800001-000       Cover plate

N163-800002-000       Rubber pipe

N163-800004-000       Rubber plug

N163-800005-000       Bolt

N163-800006-000       Washer

No.0-G00      Clamp

QC16-200-525/380-G00 Air spring

R420-020001-000       Ton nameplate

R450-420005-000       Cireular seal

R450-450001-000       Left pedal
R450-450002-000   Right pedal

R480-020001-000   Ton nameplate

R840-441000-000   Angle iron

R960-020003-000   Characters nameplate

R960-020004-000   Fuse nameplate

R960-020005-000   Diesel nameplate

R960-020007-000   Operation nameplate

R960-020008-000   Operation nameplate

R960-020009-000   Warn nameplate

R960-020010-000   Noise nameplate

R960-020011-000   Hydraulic oil nameplate

R960-020012-000   CE nameplate

R960-020013-000   No swashing nameplate

R960-020014-000   No swashing nameplate

R960-020015-000   Dangeroue nameplate

R960-020016-000   Antifreeze nameplate

R960-020017-000   Antifreeze nameplate

R960-020018-000   Lift nameplate

R960-020019-000   Lift nameplate

R960-020020-000   Lubrication system nameplate

R960-020021-000   Lubrication system nameplate

R960-030001-G00   Seat

R960-430001-000   Left rear hood

R960-430002-000   Right rear hood

R960-430004-000   Seal strip
R960-430005-000    Seal strip

R960-430006-W00    Hood insulation blanket

R960-430008-W00    Hood insulation

R960-430100-000    Screw

R960-431100-000    Lock catch

R960-431200-00     Lock hook

R960-431300-000    Bracket

R960-431400-000    Lock catch guy wire assembly

R960-433000-000    Hood assembly

R960-434000-000    Floor board,rear

R971-430001-000    Cover plate

RC201-010001-000   Counter balance

RC201-020001-000   Product nameplate

RC201-020002-000   Product nameplate

RC201-020003-000   Product nameplate

RC201-020004-000   Load nameplate

RC201-020005-000   Load nameplate

RC201-020006-000   Load nameplate

RC250-010001-000   Counter balance

RC250-010002-000   Foundry letter

RC250-011001-000   Counter balance cover

RC250-011003-000   Counter balance cover

RC250-020001-000   Product nameplate

RC250-020002-000   Product nameplate

RC250-020003-000   Product nameplate
RC250-020004-000   Load nameplate

RC250-020005-000   Load nameplate

RC250-020006-000   Load nameplate

RC250-020007-000   Colour nameplate

RC250-401000-000   Beam assembly

RC250-420001-000   Left cover

RC250-420002-000   Right cover

RC250-421000-000   Instrument frame

RC250-430001-000   Pedal pad

RC250-431000-000   Floor board,front

RC250-441000-000   Battery box bracket

RC250-800001-000   Left sponge

RC250-800002-000   Right sponge

RC250-810000-000   Overhead guard

RC250-820000-000   Left pillar assembly

RC250-830000-000   Right pillar assembly

RC251-410000-000   Truck frame

RC301-010001-000   Counter balance

RC301-020001-000   Product nameplate

RC301-020002-000   Product nameplate

RC301-020003-000   Product nameplate

RC301-020004-000   Load nameplate

RC301-020005-000   Load nameplate

RC301-020006-000   Load nameplate

RC301-410000-000   Truck frame
RC321-010001-000     Counter balance

RC321-020001-000     Ton nameplate

RC321-020002-000     Product nameplate

RC321-020003-000     Product nameplate

RC321-020004-000     Product nameplate

RC321-020005-000     Load nameplate

RC321-020006-000     Load nameplate

RC321-020007-000     Load nameplate

RC321-020008-000     Load nameplate

RC321-020009-000     Load nameplate

RC321-020010-000     Load nameplate

SF-1-1020-G00 Bush

GB1152-79    Oil grease

GB6172-86    Nut

GB848-85     Washer 8

N130-510001-000      Adjusting rod

N160-510003-000      Bushing

N160-511100-000      Inching pedal

N160-512000-000      Seat

N160-513000-001      Rocker arm

N160-514100-000      Brake peda

N160-514100-001      Brake pedal

N160-515000-000      Bearing

N160-516000-000      Bearing

N160-517000-001      Rod
N163-510001-000       Pad

N163-510002-000       Bolt

N163-510003-000       Spring

N163-510004-000       Shim

N163-51100-000        Seat

N163-511000-001       Seat

N163-512001-000       Pedal pad

N163-512002-000       Thrust ring

N163-512003-000       Bushing

N163-513001-000       Thrust rod

N163-513100-000       Push bracket

N163-514001-000       Bushing

N163-516000-000       Brake pump assembly

N163-540001-000       Clip

N163-540002-000       Clip

N163-541000-000       Device assy-parking brake control

N163-550201-000       Bushing

RC250-510100-000      Left brake pipe

RC250-510210-W00      Right brake pipe

RC301-510001-000      Adjusting rod

23457-52222   Suction filter

AS568-908-G00 O-Ring AS568-908

AS568-910-G00 O-Ring AS568-910

AS56-904-G00 O-Ring AS568-904

CBT-F430-AFH6L        Gear pump
G160-601004-000      Connector

GB1235-765    O-Ring 13×1.9

GB5785-86     Bolt M10×1.25×40

GB9074.17-88 Bolt M8×25

JB98-77 Washer 8

JISB2401-G30-G00     O-ring JISB2401-G30

JISB2401-P29-G00     O-ring P29

N163-340002-000      Ring magnetic iron

N163-603003-000      Pipe connector

N163-603101-000      Holder

N163-603102-000      Cover

N163-603103-000      Filter element

N163-603200-000      Pipe connector

N163-603301-000      Cover

N163-610001-000      Lifting knob

N163-610002-000      Tilting knob

N163-610003-000      Knob attachment

N163-610005-000      Cover plate

N163-610006-000      Cover plate

N163-610007-000      Cover plate

N163-610008-000      Pin shaft

N163-610100-W000     Fastener

N163-611501-000      Connector

N163-611601-000      Connector

N163-611801-000      Connector
N163-612001-000       Bush

N163-612002-000       Shaft collar

N163-612100-000       Bracket

N163-612200-000       Multi-way valve hand

N163-612300-000       Multi-way valve hand

N163-612400-000       Multi-way valve hand

N163-612500-000       Multi-way valve hand

N163-612700-000       Pin shaft

N163-612800-000       Pin shaft

N163-620001-000       Clamp

N163-620002-000       Insulator

N163-620300-000       Rubber pipe assembly

N163-620400-000       Rubber pipe assembly

N163-620500-000       Rubber pipe

N163-620600-000       Rubber pipe

N163-620801-W00       Connector

N163-620802-W00       Locking nut

N163-620803-W00       Snap ring

N163-630001-W00       Sleeve(φ17×1)

N163-630700-000       Connector

OLS80-G00     Priority vave

PKD-150-G00   Wire

PKD180-G00    Line

Q672-18-G00   Clamp

Q672-24-G00   Clamp 24
R450-610001-000    Cushion

R450-630001-000    Clamp

R450-630003-000    Clamp

R9615-603001-000   Pipe

RC250-600001-000   Suction hose

RC250-600002-000   Hose

RC250-600003-000   Hose

RC250-600004-000   Hose

RC250-600005-000   Clamp

RC250-601100-000   Flange

RC250-602100-000   Multi-way valve assy

RC250-602101-000   Pipe

RC250-602102-000   Connector

RC250-602120-000   2 spool valve

RC250-602130-000   3 spool valve

RC250-602140-000   4 spool valve

RC250-602210-000   Connector rod

RC250-603100-000   Tilting iron pipe

RC250-603200-000   Tilting iron pipe

RC250-604002-W00   Lower pressure pipe

RC250-604100-000   Steering rubber pipe

RC250-604200-000   Steering rubber pipe

RC250-604300-000   Rubber pipe assembly

RC250-604400-000   Rubber pipe assembly

RC250-604500-000   Rubber pipe assembly
RC250-605001-000         Seal pad

RC250-605200-000         Cover plate assembly

RC250-605301-000         Dipstick

RC250-606001-000         Connector

RC250-606003-000         Connector

RC250-606100-000         Rubber pipe assembly

RC250-606200-000         Rubber pipe assembly

RC250-606400-000         Rubber pipe assembly

RC250-612000-000         Suction pipe assembly

5812003411     Alternator

8944532120     Starter

6-QW-60        Battery

A007T03277A Alternator

BX2080 Fuse

D-704-1E       Timer

DJB-12 Reverse warner

DL124ED        Horn

DR-2HZ Oil quantity gauge

DW-2HZA        Water temperature gauge

H24C2-40601    Control box

JD195 Start relay

JD196 Check relay

JK-107 Head light & signal lamps witch

JK231C Brake switch

JK406C Pre-heat & start switch
M000T92581       Starter

QXD160×48        Right side lamp

R960-705000-000            switch

RC250-721000-000           Left tail lamp

RC250-722000-000           Right tail lamp

SG-152 Flasher

WD100×90         Right head lamp

WG-2K(RC1/2) Oil warning switch

1.4QS1-000006 Block

2.5CDJ-32-00-07            Plug

2.5M3H-004000B             cylinder’s support

2.5U3H-400001A             Snap ring

2.5U3H-400004 Support ring

2.5U3H-600004 Clip

2.5U3H-600006A             Connector

2.5U3H-601000A             Oil pipe

2025M3-100002              Seat

2025M3-100003              Rubber cover

2025M3-100004              Ajusting shim

2025N4.3-200003            Pulley wheel

2025N4.3-200004            Shaft sleeve

2025N4.3-200005            Connector

2025TT-100011 Ajusting shim

2025TT-100012 Press cover

2030TT-104002 Pin shaft
3.5M3H-002002          Pin shaft

3.5M3H-002003          Connector

3.5M3H-002004          Connector

3M3-10-50-04 Shaft

3M3-10-50-05 Side roller

3M3-10-50-06 Bush,side roller

3M3H-004000C cylinder’s support

3M3H-302000C Complex rolle

3N4.5H-200001 Connector

780309K-G00    Chin wheel

780408-G00     Chain wheel

780408H-G00 Chain wheel

780709H-G00 Chin wheel

80511K/K2-G00 Cross roller55×119×34

80511K2-G00    Cross roller55×120×34

CL0066C1-G00 Dust seal ring d35

CL0077C0-G00 Dust seal ring d40

CL0107C0-G00 LBH-dustproof ring d60

CL0121C0-G00 LBH-dustproof ring d70

FU0424K0-G00 ISI-seal rin g d35

FU0497K0-G00 ISI-seal rin g d40

FU0746K0-G00 ISI-seal ring d60

FU0850F0-G00 ISI-seal ring d70

FU0897L0-G00 OSI-seal ring

FU0979L0-G00 OSI-seal ring
GB/T6074-1995 chain

GB1152-89     Oil cup

GB68-85       Screw

GB783-86      Bolt M8×20

GB895.1-86    Snap shim26

GB923-88      Nut

GT-3001-G00   Clamp-band

GW0021P1-G00Anti-rubs the link

GW0030P1-G00Anti-rubs the link

JISB2401-P14-G00        O-ring

JISB2401-P18-G00        O-ring

JISB2401-P24-G00        O-ring

N25M300-010000-W00 Fork assembly

N25M300-400000-000 Lift cylinder,right

N25M300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

N25M300-704000-000 Tee connector

N25N450-000004-001 Bolt

N30M300-000005-000 Bearing cap

N30M300-000005-001 Bearing cap

N30M300-000006-000 Bearing liner

N30M300-000010-000 Ajusting shim

N30M300-000011-000 Washer

N30M300-000012-000 Ajust gasket

N30M300-000014-000 Guide board

N30M300-000015-000 Ajust shim
N30M300-003000-000 Bolt

N30M300-004000-000 Bolt

N30M300-005000-000 Bolt

N30M300-006000-000 Bolt

N30M300-010000-W00 Fork assembly

N30M300-400000-000 Lift cylinder,right

N30M300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

N30M300-700002-000 Band

N30M300-700005-000 Tee connector

N30M300-700007-000 Return oil pipe

N30M300-700008-000 Clip

N30M300-704000-000 Tee connector

N30N450-000004-001 Bolt

N30N450-000005-001 Screw

N30N450-200003-000 Connector

N30N450-200005-000 Rubber pipe

N30U300-700007-000 plug

R30C300-301000-000    Fork carriage

R30M300-302100-002 Cross roller

RC25B300-300000-000 Side shifter assy’

RC25B300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC25C300-300000-000 Side shifter assy’

RC25C300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC25M300-001000-000 Pin shaft

RC25M300-020000-000 Load bracket
RC25M300-030000-000 Chain

RC25M300-030001-000 Connector

RC25M300-030002-000 Connector

RC25M300-100000-000 Outside mast

RC25M300-200000-000 Inside mast

RC25M300-300000-000 Fork shelf assembly

RC25M300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC25M300-600000-000 Tilt cylinder

RC25M300-700000-000 Oil pipe system

RC25M300-703000-000 Oil pipe assy

RC25N450-000001-000 Plate

RC25N450-001000-000 Protection board

RC25N450-003000-000 Chain wheel seat

RC25N450-101000-000 Out mast

RC25N450-102000-000 Inside mast

RC25N450-103000-000 Middle mast

RC25N450-200001-000 Connector

RC25N450-200002-000 Rubber pipe

RC25N450-200003-000 Rubber pipe

RC25N450-200004-000 Return oil pipe

RC25N450-200005-000 Return oil pipe

RC25N450-201000-000 Connector

RC25N450-202000-000 Oil pipe assy’

RC25N450-203000-000 Connector

RC25N450-300000-000 Fork shelf assembly
RC25N450-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC25N450-600000-000 Tilt cylinder

RC25N450-800000-000 Lift cylinder,short

RC25N450-800001-W00Piston rod




RC25N450-801000-W00Cylinder body

RC25U300-040000-000 Chain

RC25U300-100000-000 Outside mast

RC25U300-200000-000 Inside mast

RC25U300-300000-000 Fork carriage assy’

RC25U300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC25U300-400000-000 Lift cylinder,right

RC25U300-400001-W00Cylinder cover




RC25U300-400005-W00Pole stopper rod assembly ,right

RC25U300-402000-W00Cylinder body

RC25U300-403000-W00The module of safety valve

RC25U300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

RC25U300-501000-W00Pole stopper rod Assembly,left

RC25U300-700000-000 Mast piping

RC25U300-700001-000 hose
RC25U300-700002-000 connector

RC25U300-701000-000 Oil pipe assy

RC25U300-703000-000 Oil pipe assy

RC25U300-704000-000 Connector

RC25V450-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC25V450-302000-000 Side shift carriage

RC30B300-300000-000 Side shifter assy’

RC30B300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC30C300-300000-000 Side shifter assy’

RC30M300-020000-000 Load bracket

RC30M300-030000-000 Chain

RC30M300-300000-000 Fork shelf assembly

RC30M300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC30M300-700000-000 Oil pipe system

RC30M300-703000-000 Oil pipe assy

RC30N450-000001-000 Plate

RC30N450-102000-000 Inside mast

RC30N450-200001-000 Connector

RC30N450-300000-000 Fork shelf assembly

RC30N450-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC30N450-800000-000 Lift cylinder,short

RC30N450-800001-W00Piston rod



RC30N450-801000-W00Cylinder body

RC30U300-040000-000 Chain

RC30U300-100000-000 Outside mast

RC30U300-200000-000 Inside mast

RC30U300-300000-000 Fork carriage assy’

RC30U300-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC30U300-400000-000 Lift cylinder,right

RC30U300-400001-W00Cylinder cover


RC30U300-400005-W00Pole stopper rod assembly ,right

RC30U300-400006-W00Snap ring

RC30U300-402000-W00Cylinder body

RC30U300-500000-000 Lift cylinder,left

RC30U300-501000-W00Pole stopper rod Assembly,left

RC30U300-700000-000 Mast piping

RC30U300-700001-000 hose

RC30V450-301000-000 Fork carriage

RC30V450-302000-000 Side shift carriage

S16M300-700003-000 Clip

S16V450-300001-000     Plug

S16V450-300002-000     Block,down

S16V450-300005-000     Shaft

S16V450-300006-000     Plate

S16V450-300008-000     Ajusting shim

S16V450-303000-000     Side shift cylinder
SF-1-6535-G00 Guide bush

XSF2-F16L-2T-G00        Speed limiting valve

XSF2-F16L-3T-G00        Speed limiting valve

N25M300-400002-W00 Piston

N30M300-400002-W00 Piston

N25M300-400003-W00 Support ring

N30M300-400003-W00 Support ring

N25M300-400004-W00 Ring

N30M300-400004-W00 Ring

FU0613L0-G00 OSI-seal ring D50

FU2144L0-G00 OSI-seal ring D56

N25M300-400005-W00 Sleeve

N30M300-400005-W00 Sleeve

N25M300-401000-W00 Cylinder body,right

N30M300-401000-W00 Cylinder body,right

N25M300-501000-W00 Cylinder body,left

N30M300-501000-W00 Cylinder body,left

FD2342A0-G00 LBH-dustproof ring d40

FD2633A0-G00 DKI-dustproof ring d45

FU0567K0-G00 ISI-seal ring d45

N25M300-402000-W00 Guide sleeve

N30M300-402000-W00 Guide sleeve

GB3452.1-82    O-ring

N25M300-400001-W00 Piston rod

N30M300-400001-W00 Piston rod
N25M300-403000-W00 Nozzle valve assy

N30M300-403000-W00 Nozzle valve assy

RC25M300-600001-000 Ear ring

N30M300-600002-000 Bearing

RC25M300-600003-000 Piston rod

d35-G00       Dust ring d30

RC25M300-602000-W00            Guide sleeve

RU3000350-Z20-G00     U-seal ring d35

RS1300350-T46NA-G00 Seal-ring d35

R35M300-601000-W00 Cylinder body

FU0936L0-G00 OSI-seal ring D80

R35M300-600001-W00 Snap ring

RC25M300-600007-W00            Piston

R35M300-600003-W00 Support ring

SF-1-3545-G00 Combination bush

N35M300-600001-W00 Ring

RC25M300-600002-000 Bush

N30M300-700001-000 Return oil pipe

N30M300-700004-000 Return oil pipe

N15M300-701000-000 Oil pipe assy

N25M300-702000-000 Speed limiting valve

N30M300-702000-000 Speed limiting valve

RC25N450-600003-000 Piston rod

RC25N450-600002-000 Bush

11243-82141   Disk,friction
116H3-82361a Washer

12163-82131   Seal,oil

123S3-82111   Spacer

15583-82411a Spring

15583-83362   Valve body

20JB/T982-1977           Washer

22373-72041   Wheel cylinder ass'y

22492-74010G Cap,dust

22493-71010G Plate

22493-71020G Rivet

22493-71030G Pin

22493-72030G Adjuster staff

22673-72061a Body

22673-72071   Piston

22673-72081G Cup,piston

22673-72091   Spring

22673-72101   Cover,dust

22673-72111   Rod,piston

22673-72131   Screw,bleeder

22673-72141   Cap,screw

22673-72231   Pin,lever

22673-72251   Shim

22673-72321   Plug,rubber

2353-72171    Spring

23653-72041   Adjusting cover
23653-72051   Spring

23653-72071C Lever LH brake

23653-72081   Strut

23653-72091   Spring

23653-72101   Pin,shoe hold

23653-72111   Washer,cup

23653-72121   Washer,cup

23653-72131   Plate,shoe guide

23653-72151   Lever L.H pole

23653-72161   Stopper,pole lever

23653-72191   Washer,cup

23653-73011   Brake plate ass'y

23653-73021   Brake shoe

23673-72261   Spring,shoe return

23673-72391   Spring

24433-70160G Spring shim

24433-76070G Seat,tube

30HBG32-121000           Clutch pressure plate

30HBG32-122000           Clutch pressure plate

3101064K00-G00           Transmission

9.00×1.80     seal

9688211-G00   Release bearing clutch

AE0687A0      Seal oil

AH2847R       Seal,oil

B5310-00010   Washer
GB/T119.1-2000         Pin,paraller

GB/T119.1-2000-6h8×18          Pin

GB/T276-94    Deep groove ball bearings

GB/T297-94    Bearing,taper roller

GB/T5783-86   Bolt

GB/T70.1-2000 Bolt

GB/T879.1-2000         Pin

GB/T93-1987-8 Washer

GB1099-79     Key,woodruf

GB1153-89     Grease nipple

GB119-76      Pin parallel

GB119-86      Pin

GB120-85      Pin

GB120-86      Pin

GB1235-76     O-ring

GB276/T-94    Bearing,ball

GB283/T-94    Bearing,roller

GB2982-91     Tyre

GB305-89      Ring,thrust

GB308-89      Ball,steel

GB3452.1-1992 o-ring

GB3452.1-92   O-ring

GB5782-86     Bolt

GB5783-86     Bolt

GB5785-86     Bolt
GB5786-86    Bolt

GB5846-86    Bearing,needle

GB6170-86    Nut

GB6171-86    Nut

GB6176-86    Nut

GB7244-87    Washer

GB78-85      Screws

GB818-85     Screw

GB879-86     Pin,lock

GB893.1-86   Snap ring,internal

GB893.2-86   Snap ring

GB894.1-86   Snap ring

GB894-86     Snap ring

GB93-86      Washer,lock

GB93-87      Washer

GB97.1-85    Washer

GB982-77     Washer

HG4-692-67   Oil seal

JB1000-77    Plug

JB1002-77    Washer

JB982-77     Washer

JDS25.001    Case,transmission

JDS25.002    Cap,bearing

JDS25.041    Shaft,output

JDS25-G00    Mechanical transmission
JDS30.002    Gear,high speed

JDS30.003    Shaft,main

JDS30.004    Gear,low speed

JDS30.005    Gear,reverse

JDS30.006    Shaft,reverse idler

JDS30.007    Hub,clutch

JDS30.008    idler

JDS30.009    Spacer

JDS30.010    Sleeve

JDS30.011    Insert

JDS30.012    Spring

JDS30.013    Ring,block

JDS30.014    Gear,forward

JDS30.015W   Bearing,needle

JDS30.017    Plate,thrust

JDS30.018    Spacer

JDS30.019    Retainer,bearing

JDS30.020    Plate,thrust

JDS30.021    Spring washer

JDS30.023    Gear,output

JDS30.024    Retainer,bearing

JDS30.025    Shaft,main drive

JDS30.026    Collar

JDS30.027    bolt

JDS30.028    Washer
JDS30.031     Supporter,arm shaft

JDS30.032     Plug

JDS30.033     Rod,shift

JDS30.034     Spacer

JDS30.035     Gear,cluster

JDS30.036     Spacer

JDS30.037     Gear,innut

JDS30.038     Spacer

JDS30.039     Spacer

JDS30.040     Spacer

JDS30.042     Plate,thrust

JDS30.043     Shim

JDS30.044     Fork,shift

JDS30.045     Spring

JDS30.047     Lever,shift

JDS30.048     Cover,case

JDS30.049     Gasket,case cover

JDS30.050     Air breather

JDS30.051     Cover

JDS30.073     Seal,oil

JDS30.075     Nut

JDS30.910     Sychro nizer ass'y

JK208A Switch,back-lamp

K91331-30031-G00         Left shock pad

K91331-30041-G00         Right shock pad
M152-120003-000   Flywheel

N120-100001-000   Gasket

N120-110000-000   Drive axle assembly

N120-110001-000   Plate

N120-110001-500   Hub bolt

N120-110002-000   Plate

N120-110002-500   Ring

N120-110003-000   Brake drum

N120-110004-000   Half shaft

N120-110005-000   Hub

N120-110006-000   Hub bolt

N120-111000-G00   Left brake

N120-111102-500   Hub

N120-112000-G00   Right brake

N120-113101-000   Hub

N120-113101-W00   Snap ring

N120-113102-000   Rib

N120-113102-500   Rib

N120-113102-W00   Hub

N120-113103-000   Snap ring

N120-114001-000   Axle

N120-114002-000   Plug

N133-110000-000   Drive axle

N150-100002-000   Gasket

N150-111002-000   Pipe
N150-120000-000   Clutch

N150-120001-000   Clutch housing

N150-120003-000   Dustproof hood

N150-120004-000   Clutch cover

N150-120005-000   Plate

N150-120006-000   Release fork

N150-120007-000   Snap ring

N150-121000-000   Clutch relesae coller

N150-121002-000   bushing

N150-122000-000   Clutch pressure plate

N150-124000-000   Clutch pressure plate

N152-120000-000   Clutch

N152-120001-000   Clutch housing

N152-120002-000   clutch release fork

N160-110001-000   Rubber pipe

N160-110002-000   Clamp

N160-110002-W00   Rubber pipe

N163-100001-000   Gasket

N163-100002-000   Bolt

N163-110003-000   Plate

N163-110004-000   Bolt

N163-110009-000   Lock nut

N163-110011-000   Locking shim

N163-110012-000   Left half shaft

N163-110013-000   Right half shaft
N163-110015-000       Hub nut

N163-110016-000       Plug

N163-110017-000       Plug

N163-110018-000       Gasket

N163-110019-000       Clamp split-ring

N163-110021-000       Bolt

N163-110100-G00       Bearing

N163-111001-000       Cable L.H.

N163-114001-000       Axle

N163-114002-000       Pipe

N163-114003-000       Pipe

N163-120001-000       Bolt

N163-120002-000       Clamp

N163-120003-W00       Rubber pipe

N163-120004-W00       Rubber pipe

N163-120100-000       Cooling pipe assy

N163-420100-000       Screw

N163-610100-W00       Fastener

N164-110002-W00       Rubber pipe

N164-110003-W00       Rubber pipe

PKD-100-G00   Wire

PKD-300-G00   Wire

Q/301B202-86 Seal ring

Q/ZB285       Plug

Q672-20-G00   Clamp
Q903-Z1/8-G00 Vented plug

R531-110000-000          Drive axle assembly

R531-110001-000          Plate

R531-110002-000          Plate

R531-110003-000          Bolt

R531-111000-G00          Right brake

R531-114001-000          Axle

R561-100001-000          Gasket

R561-101000-000          Bracket

R561-110003-000          Half shaft

R561-130000-000          Cardan assembly

R564-100001-000          Shim

R564-100002-000          Shim

R564-110001-W00          Rubber pipe

R564-110002-W00          Rubber pipe

R836-120000-000          Clutch

R836-120001-000          Clutch housing

R9217-110001-000         clutch release fork

R9615-100001-000         Bolt

REF000560×L   Brake ass'y,(L.H.)

REF000560×R Brake ass'y,(R.H.)

Y43160X-000-G00          Transmission

Y48140X-000-G00          Host drive housing

YBS5.904      Strainer

YDS25.002     Bearing seat
YDS25.003   Plate,lock

YDS25.004   Case,cross R,H

YDS25.005   Case,cross L,H

YDS25.006   Washer,thrust

YDS25.007   Gear,pinion

YDS25.009   Shaft,pinion 2

YDS25.010   Gear,ring

YDS25.011   Gear,side

YDS25.012   Washer

YDS25.013   Bolt

YDS25.014   Washer,lock

YDS25.015   Gear,sprial bevel

YDS25.017   Shaft,output

YDS25.018   Case,mission

YDS30.005   Piston

YDS30.006   Plug

YDS30.007   Gear,forward

YDS30.008   Gear,reverse

YDS30.009   Spring,return

YDS30.010   Seat,spring

YDS30.011   Ring,thrust

YDS30.012   Ring,thrust

YDS30.015   Ring,seal

YDS30.016   Ring,seal

YDS30.017   Snap ring
YDS30.018   Plate,end

YDS30.019   Shim

YDS30.020   Collapsible

YDS30.021   Plate,bearing support

YDS30.022   Shim

YDS30.023   Retainer,oil seal

YDS30.024   Nut,bearing

YDS30.025   Shaft,idler

YDS30.032   Shaft,shift arm

YDS30.033   Arm,shift

YDS30.034   Plug

YDS30.035   Case,tor-con

YDS30.036   Gear output

YDS30.037   Gear,idler

YDS30.038   Gasket

YDS30.043   Spring

YDS30.044   Spring

YDS30.047   Gasket

YDS30.048   Nipple

YDS30.049   Pipe oil fill

YDS30.050   Spring

YDS30.051   Cover

YDS30.052   Piston

YDS30.053   Body,valve

YDS30.054   Selector
YDS30.055   Plug

YDS30.056   Spring

YDS30.057   Piston

YDS30.058   Spring

YDS30.059   Spring

YDS30.060   Plug

YDS30.061   Balsa

YDS30.062   Spring

YDS30.063   Spring

YDS30.064   Plug

YDS30.065   Gasket

YDS30.066   Cover,case

YDS30.067   Gasket

YDS30.068   Bolt,set

YDS30.086   Spacer

YDS30.087   Cover,bearing

YDS30.089   Bolt

YDS30.090   Shim

YDS30.091   Case,pump

YDS30.092   Bushing

YDS30.095   support base

YDS30.096   Gear,drive

YDS30.097   Bushing

YDS30.098   Gear,driven

YDS30.100   Gasket
YDS30.102     Plug

YDS30.103     Plug

YDS30.104     Plug

YDS30.110     Bolt

YDS30.111     Bolt

YDS30.112     Cover

YDS30.120     Body,valve

YDS30.121     Spool

YDS30.122     Plunger

YDS30.123     Plug

YDS30.124     Spacer

YDS30.802     Shaft,input

YDS30.808     Strainer

YDS30.901     Clutch,hydraulic

YDS30.902     Piston ass'y

YDS30.904     Control valve

YDS30.906     Charging pump

YDS30.907     Control valve ass'y

YDS30.909     Cup

YDS30.910     Inching valve

YJH265 Torque-converter

YQX100.092    Plug

YQX25A-G00    Transminssion

YQX30-4005    Pipe fitting

YQX30D-4200 Cover control valve
YQXD25A-G00 Transminssion

YQXD25-G00     Transmission

YQXD25G1-G00 Hydraulic transmission boy

YQXD25H1-G00 Transmission

YQXD25H-G00 Transmission

YQXD30-4112 Cover

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